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April 29, 2010

April 28, 2010

in regard to toughest impaired-driving laws in the country


New laws target drinking drivers Victoria Times Colonist -Victoria, BC – The BC government moved Tuesday to establish what it says are the toughest impaired-driving laws in the country. Under legislation that critics say will “decriminalize” drunk driving, police will have new discretion to immediately ban a person from driving and impose a fine — even if their blood-alcohol level doesn’t break any criminal laws. People who blow a “warn” on a roadside screening device will face a $200 fine and a three-day driving ban. At present, they would only receive a 24-hour suspension for registering a blood-alcohol level between .05 and .08 per cent, the level at which it becomes a criminal offence to get behind the wheel. The new penalties escalate to a $300 fine and a seven-day ban for the second “warn” in five years, and $400 and a 30-day ban for the third.  Those drivers who “fail” a roadside test because their blood-alcohol level is over .08 could now receive an immediate 90-day driving ban and a $500 fine in addition to any criminal charges. There is currently no administrative penalty and the driving ban doesn’t take effect for three weeks.

BC to up drunk driving costs Metro Canada – Vancouver Montreal Gazette – Global BC – News1130 – 24 Hours Vancouver
and why is there here too no single cohesive drunk driving law for all of Canada, not just piece meal laws in every different province? A national approach  would be much more effective than 10 provinces all trying to cut their own laws.  The federal government has been strangely quiet on this subject too. It’s time that changed. Tell them so now too.
Majority of accidents are caused by the drunk drivers firstly still. Police do not regularly, actively, year around purse them and why?  More people die from alcohol, drugs, hospital neglect, and yet more money is being paid on catching mainly the  speeders.. Police do not mind harassing still the ordinary folks with revenue generating  traffic, parking, speeding tickets though

April 26, 2010

About time too the court strikes blow to Wal-Mart in sex bias suit


Even why up to 30 Somalis murdered in Alberta

Alberta has become the devil’s belt and it is no longer the Bible Belt or God’s country, already has long been known to be a racist, red necked province that too readily hates others.. it also still has a high misrepresentation of natives arrested now as well.. It’s letter of the law oriented  law enforcement community, justice systems  are known to be bigoted as well even in my own direct experiences.  Incompetent, want-a-be Police rejects looking for a raise, promotion is too typical of the bad police enforcements in Alberta.. and so many of them too.. Stay away from Alberta!!!

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FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. – Alberta’s Somali community is which is mostly Muslim is  accusing the province’s justice minister of playing political games by refusing to set up a task force to find out why so many young Somali-Canadians have died violently in the province. A 19-year-old who was facing drug charges became the latest Somali murder victim on the weekend in the oilsands town of Fort McMurray, a hotbed for the illegal drug trade.  Abdinasir Ali had moved to the province from Toronto to find work in the oilpatch. Police have identified him by a different name: Abdinasir Abdulkadir Dirie. The Canadian Somali Congress has partnered with Edmonton’s Alberta Somali Community Centre to push for a province-led task force to investigate up to 30 Somali deaths in Alberta since 2005. But Mahamad Accord, director of the Somali Community Centre, says  “How much are the lives of 30 people worth?” “There is a political game being played here.”  plans to continue a campaign to pressure the Alberta government to change its position. So far, 1,500 signatures have been collected on a petition calling for a task force and Accord says demonstrations and legal action are also being considered.    A second part of their petition demands that more police and judicial resources be put towards solving “all the outstanding cases before they turn cold. Community members say that not all of the people slain had criminal connections, though drugs are suspected to be at the root of some of the slayings. Over and over again, Canadians of Somali descent have ended up dead in Alberta as a result of violence. The fact that most of these persons of Somali descent are also Muslims may have a bearing on it too..   Freedom of religion does not apply to Islam, cause it is a cult, it demands blind loyalty, obedience to it’s false teachings. FORT McMURRAY, Alta used to be one of the friendliest  places in Canada, I know as I  had worked there too..


“what do expect from Texas oil country north, a land that has lost most of its social fabric to greed and individual pursuit of a God given right to profiteer from the Earth. Same government tried to denounce a doctor concerned about high rare cancer rates north of the tar sands in Fort Chip”


So vehicular  speeding is no the major cause of accidents, deaths but drugs and impaired driving and yet the Alberta police like to go after speeders, over the drunk drivers still and why was that?


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Briefly: Oilsands a ‘black eye,’ says James Cameron Toronto Star

April 25, 2010



 The spate of  several allegations over potentially illegal fundraising dogging the Charest government, allvery embarrassing scandals has already   sent the Liberal Quebec Premier Jean Charest’s popularity spiraling downward in recent months.The opposition  want a public inquiry that would examine the fundraising of a governing Liberal party they call corrupt. They also want more details on the $75,000 separate salary that the Liberal party has paid Charest for years, including information about how that money is raised. The Opposition says the premier should earn his living from the government alone – and not from party donors. One reporter, during a news conference  , asked what the difference was between the Quebec family minister  MNA Tony Tomassi using a corporate credit card and Charest collecting a separate salary that the Liberal party raises from donors.
Embattled Quebec Premier Jean Charest and his bad government are embroiled in a series of controversies over influence-peddling now have held a rare all smoke and mirrors Sunday cabinet meeting to officially adopt a  false austerity measures, even to clearly try shift debate away from the too many  scandals that have plagued this Quebec government . By 2013-2014. the government said it will cut operations and administrative costs by 10 per cent in departments and agencies. It will also immediately slash advertising, training and travel costs by 25 per cent. The meeting took place amid rumours of an impending cabinet shuffle. The also still useless province’s economic development minister Clement Gignac, my own local MLA has yet to even reply to a single related mail of mine.. Several recent polls have shown the Quebec’s government’s approval ratings rigthfully as hitting  rock bottom, due  also to  the allegations by former justice minister Marc Bellemare that Liberal fundraisers had a say in nominating provincial judges and Jean Charest ‘s  party’s bad  ties to the construction industry scandals, corruptions still and the Quebec’s government’s allocation of subsidized day-care spots, which the Opposition claims tends to favour Liberal donors. Immoral Quebec Liberal Finance Minister Raymond Bachand has promised the Quebec government will be raising revenues through a series of tax and fee hikes, including a $200 annual health deductible making the poor people pay heavily for this Government’s ministers poor acts, incompetence.
 Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty is one of the best approach serving everyone’s best interest too.  
People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks. Too many police officers are now too often guilty of their most serious neglect of public trust and their duty. The related truth is that neither an independent police investigation, a new police commissioner,  a promised provincial or federal investigation, or just more politicians promises too often still   will not bring the much needed justice. All of the governments can prohibit the initial and further employment of any known racists for any jobs, and can  punish them for their racists acts, views. Police managers continue to promise the reforming of bad cops and the bad cops keep killing, abusing  innocent persons. The possible retaining of bad  police officers is always anyway a false myth. What thus is always needed is the real  the dismissal, criminal prosecution, of the guilty cops. So where is it? Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year
Besides the interns, medical doctors and nurses in training the rest of the doctors and nurses are never supervised, they tend to be free to do what they want and are rarely held accountable or cost effective by the hospital administrators themselves who do too readily give themselves even large raises and perks, nice offices.. and then the government says it is concerned about the rising health care costs, that are for sure running away, when the clearly still useless Health Minister, in Quebec as well,  all he can do, suggest is to raise taxes again and again.. AND this is what is definitely known as really bad management, the governments putting more money into pail full of holes still!

MONTREAL – A police probe into Quebec’s construction industry has made its biggest arrests so far. Three people were detained today — including the former mayor of the Montreal borough of Outremont. The accused face a variety of charges including fraud, breach of trust, falsifying documents and conspiracy. Among them is Stephane Harbour who resigned as Outremont’s mayor in 2007 after a spending scandal. Police say the alleged crimes occurred between 2005 and 2008.The accused must appear in court March 6. Quebec has been rocked by allegations of criminal collusion in a scandal that involves the construction industry, politicians, and the Mafia.Premier Jean Charest’s refusal to call a public inquiry is one of the reasons his popularity has taken a beating. 

 Since I clearly, openly do not write to win political or any popularity support I know you will also  find some shocking truths in my expose of Canadian Life in reality even how the immoral, cheap  Quebec government wrongfully  allows elderly patients to die by not force feeding them or providing them any depression counseling.
I personally in Montreal Quebec now  have the last 4 months dealt directly with the Quebec social service workers, in regard to even my elderly senior father and real workers and you cannot call them that at all, try useless functionaries, fraud artists, incompetents, pretenders..
“Shortly before her death in 2004, retired music teacher and Richmond resident Phyllis Taylor had Lawyer David William Blinkhorn draw up a will to distribute her $260,000 estate.A niece was supposed to get $5,000, while a second person, a young woman, was to benefit from a $25,000 education trust fund. The rest of the money was to be shared between the Richmond Hospital Foundation, the SPCA, the Salvation Army and a scholarship fund for students “of British, Scottish or Irish descent who reside in Richmond. ”The Phyllis Taylor Scholarship Fund, as it was to be named, was supposed to be funded with a minimum of $100,000 from the estate. Instead, according to the audit, most of the money ended up in Blinkhorn’s own bank accounts. The two people named in her will got what they were entitled to and the hospital foundation received $25,000. However, it appears there was no money for the scholarship fund, the SPCA or the Salvation Army. By January of 2006, there was only $6.62 left in the Taylor trust account. When a divorcing couple deposited $58,000 from the sale of the family home in a trust fund controlled by Blinkhorn, he used the money to pay himself and other clients instead.  A teenager who suffered disfiguring scars in a motor vehicle accident never got the $21,000 in ICBC settlement money from a Blinkhorn-controlled trust fund.  Blinkhorn also took money from a visually impaired client, $9,000 that was supposed to help pay a loan for renovations to make the client’s home safer for a blind person.”
Lawyer David William Blinkhorn,   has been disbarred,  banned from being a lawyer and fined $37,000 for professional misconduct, taking money,   stealing from clients,  from HIS client accounts AND for  lying. tHE  Law Society of B.C., the body that regulates and licenses all lawyers in the province, calls Blinkhorn’s conduct “disgraceful and dishonourable.” The law society panel  also said Blinkhorn admitted he knew what he was doing when he did it, and that he knew it was wrong.Over a period of seven years from 1999 to 2006, Blinkhorn moved money from client bank accounts without telling them and without keeping records of the transactions, the society ruling report says.    A forensic accounting audit ordered by the society shows several client accounts were repeatedly raided by Blinkhorn. “…stealing and lying is exactly what he did, repetitively, for an extended period of time,” BUT DID HE STILL RETURN THE STOLEN MONEY?
AND WHAT ABOUT THE HEALTH MINISTERS, PREMIERS WHO DO ALSO Allow our taxpayer’s money to be abused still AND should they not be banned too ASAP? WELL?

Two more arrests in corruption probe  Montreal Gazette – A police task force probing corruption in the province yesterday arrested two Montreal-area businessmen who are alleged to have tried to bribe a city worker to grant construction permits.

Quebec corruption probe nets 2 more arrests

 Quebec minister denies she’s focus of funding probe
Vancouver Sun – – CJAD

Quebec’s elections chief probing Liberal Party contributions Globe and Mail – Quebec Transport Minister Julie Boulet reacts to the auditor general’s report, Wednesday, Nov.18, 2009 at the Quebec legislature in Quebec City.

Charest Liberals now face fundraising probes
Quebec’s Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis trying to fight off the attacks of the Parti Québécois and the Action démocratique du Québec opposition over the opposition accusations of him interfering with provincial police , allegations he helped a generous Liberal Party contributor, BCIA Inc., the private security, to  acquire a firearms licence by agreeing to meet the BCIA  owner Luigi Coretti after the Sûreté du Québec refused Coretti a permit to carry a handgun in 2008. Coretti gave about $8,000 to the Liberals in recent years.  After a meeting with Dupuis, then with the minister’s chief of staff Jocelyn Turcotte, and a phone call from Turcotte to the provincial police force, Coretti did get his handgun permit.  Dupuis said that as minister of public security,  he did not know Coretti had government contracts and didn’t know why Coretti wanted to meet with him. Sounds like a very poor security minister even. As I know firsthand even my local Quebec Liberal MNA often gives priority to the  business persons too.. The disgraced former Quebec Liberal minister Tony Tomassi  himself was fired by Charest for using a credit card furnished by the BCIA security firm. Police are now investigating whether Mr. Tomassi received an allowance from the National Assembly for travel expenses while at the same time having the expenses covered by the BCIA-owned credit card.  BCIA filed for bankruptcy last month. It had received several million dollars in government agency contracts and subsidies since 2008.
Finance Minister Raymond Bachand found himself answering questions about his hard-to-miss appearance at Monday night’s Canadiens-Penguins nail-biter playoff game. Bachand was right behind the Habs bench, a guest of club president Pierre Boivin. Seated beside Bachand, who is minister responsible for Montreal, was one of the country’s most influential bankers, BMO president Jacques Ménard. It seemed the whole world noticed
HOW MUCH OF A FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION DO I first still now HAVE TO MAKE TO THE LIBERAL PARTY FIRST FOR THEM MY MNA Clément Gignac also now as well as the justice minister TO REPLY TO ME? and to adequately deal with the issues detailed to him? As I know firsthand even my local Quebec Liberal MNA often gives priority to the  business persons too..

All pharmacists do note – Why do we pay so much for drugs?


 Even if for billing purposes they too often do lie here the reality that is, the too often inadequate, pretentious  doctor or a pharmacist or a nurse, a medical technician as them now supposedly  being  all knowing, experts too but still they  are not infallible, and they can only help you now according their their judgment call which is limited by the amount of direct knowledge,  direct experience, expertise that they  do have. 
Now I have had a skin rashes  on my hand and I have been to 2 hospital emergency departments within the last many months and yet none of them were able to help me, I had consulted even a pharmacist often in the matter. So what had helped me the most next was was off the counter medicine that  I get in a dollar store, by reading the labels on the medication I was able to choose myself an appropriate medicine.
 Now we all know how cumbersome and costly the Medicare- pharmacy system  are.. One doctor has to refer me to another doctor who tend makes a costly  prescription for two weeks and I have to return back to the doctor… and the medical establishment,end basically here was the sole one that prospered the most..More medicine should be available off the counter in non pharmacists stores.. since we can  all  know that the pharmacists too get rich with their price gouging profit   margins of 1200 percent or more.. 
 Those price gouging, pretentious pharmacies crying wolf, crying that they are not getting enough profit.. and what a ridiculous approach. When you are a senior like me who has learned that if you take your medicine you will next live longer, and who has also learned that in real life we cannot hope to live adequately without medicine and doctors, I also have had plenty of time to shop in too many drug stores too. I thus  have undeniably have noticed the serious, big price differences for the same items in tpp many stores. And I know that my local pharmacy has often a 700 percent price mark up on many of  their goods .. yes kinda of  greedy..  I heard the owner recently  of a pharmacy bragging that he was buying medical accessories for 7 dollars and selling them from 70 dollars in his store.

Generic drug costs can be cut: report – Canadians spend too much for generic drugs but there are ways to reduce the costs, according to a report released Friday. The Health Council of Canada’s discussion paper calls for greater transparency on generic drug pricing as provincial governments

Canadians pay too much for generic drugs: report Vancouver Sun

Reforms will make drugs more affordable Standard Freeholder

Canada NewsWire (press release) – Irish Times – Irish Health – Irish Independent

Why is Ontario, the largest buyer of drugs in Canada, one of the largest in the world, paying the highest prices? When I go home, and talk to my neighbours — many of them seniors on pensions who’ve worked hard for thier money all their lives — they too do want to know. Why do we pay so much for drugs?  Here’s an example: Ranitidine. Ontario pays 40 cents per unit wholesale. In the United States 18 cents. Metformin, for diabetics, nine cents in Ontario, one cent in the United States. When you compare our prices with Europe, it’s the same story. Where’s the logic? So what does Shoppers Drug Mart — which by the way made half a billion in profits last year — do? They very strategically target London, home of Deb Matthews, Minister of Health, and they curtail drug store hours. I call that holding patients hostage. Sandra Pupatello  MPP for Windsor West and Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development .

 No one denies that innovative pharmaceutical products play a key role in ensuring improvements in our health. We’re talking about the price. Is it possible to get the same or better outcomes while spending less?  Quebec, too, has a problem with high-priced medications. There are reasons to be sceptical about the high prices charged by the companies which develop our new medications, but there are even more reasons to wonder why copy-cat companies, which pay for no R&D, should charge so much for their versions. Prescription drugs now make up the second-largest element in health spending in Canada, reaching 16.4 per cent, or $30 billion last year. Drug pricing is complicated, especially in Quebec. This province has made special concessions to the pharmaceutical industry – including buying full-price brand-name drugs for the first 15 years a drug is on the market, not the usual 10 years. In return, Quebec-based pharmaceutical companies carry out up to 45 per cent of all Canadian research on and development of prescription drugs. 

All pharmacists do note it’s important always to talk  about reasonable, fair drug prices and to work with us all to determine better prices for all consumers.

Generics now are prescription medications whose patent has expired. They can usually be produced for a few cents per dose.  In most parts of Canada pharmacies charge huge markups on these products WITH NO JUSTIFICATION TOO.. And  whatever the technique, the results are the same. We THE CITIZENS get hosed with greed and high pricing..  The real scandal is why all this need price control by the governments now   has taken so long. There have been calls to action for more than a decade, but falsely still very precious little to show for them. In 1987, the federal government established the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. The agency controls the prices of all patent (i.e., brand-name) drugs in Canada. And it does a great job. Canada’s patent medicine prices are the envy of our neighbours. That’s why so many Americans shop for drugs here. But the board is only mandated to control brand-name products. It is not allowed to regulate generics. I should be as well. A national approach along those lines would be much more effective than 10 provinces all trying to cut their own deals.  The federal government has been strangely quiet on this file. It’s time that changed. Tell them so now too. A billion and a half dollars saved to the taxpayer is scarcely chump change. And stop now  all those kickbacks too. 


While an acrimonious showdown between Ontario and its pharmacists over ending generic drug rebates continues to fester, other provinces are watching, curious whether a similar prescription could help them control drug costs. Health ministers across Canada will watch what happens in Ontario, Manitoba Health Minister Theresa Oswald said in an interview yesterday. “In the absence of a national strategy, as provinces are trying to find their way in controlling prices, we’re going to be looking at what others are doing.” Quebec has mused about following suit with a similar policy of its own on generic drugs. A spokesman for the B.C. Ministry of Health Services wrote in an email that British Columbia is in negotiations with generic drug makers, and added, “British Columbia appreciates Ontario’s efforts to share information and keep other jurisdictions aware of developments in Ontario.” At least some provinces are blaming the federal government for a breakdown in a multi-year effort to create a National Pharmaceutical Strategy. While that process is stalled, provinces are talking at the regional level about how to join together and force drug prices down. The Western provinces are working on a common purchasing plan, while the Atlantic provinces have begun discussions of their own with regard to a co-ordinated drug buying strategy.  And the provinces must target the price of drugs in general, and not just generics.

  Mon May 3, 7:57 PM CALGARY (CBC) – An appointee to an Alberta advisory committee on health has stepped down following revelations she is a registered lobbyist for drug company, Eli Lilly.  On April 29, the province announced the start of consultation on the province’s new Alberta Health Act and named the nine advisory committee members who would assist the chairman, Fred Horne, a Edmonton Progressive Conservative MLA. In the news release, Patricia Bayne was identified as a “community member” but did not disclose that she is the senior manager for policy and government affairs with Eli Lilly. Last Thursday, the Alberta NDP announced it had also found Bayne’s name on the province’s lobbyist website. On Monday, the party took credit for forcing her to resign. Mason called the government “deceptive” for not disclosing Bayne’s affiliation and said her inclusion was part of a push to privatize the province’s health care system. Bayne was also a member of the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Health last fall.

April 22, 2010

Police working hard to keep up their reputation as bad guys

Officer fired after being charged The Province – A Vancouver police officer was fired within hours of being arrested and charged with four criminal offences, including drug dealing while on the job, said Chief Const.    Chu said Peter Hodson was arrested at police headquarters Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. and “charged with trafficking in marijuana, two counts of breach of trust, one for selling drugs and the other for the illegal use of a police database. In addition, he was charged with break-and-enter with the intent to commit extortion.” Chu noted that Hodson was arrested and charged with impaired driving as well as driving with a blood-alcohol level exceeding 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood while off duty in November. Those charges are still before the court.


British Columbia. officer fired for drug trafficking Ottawa Citizen

BC cop sacked after pot charges Toronto Sun

Vancouver Sun – – News1130
and how many more are there now still like him too Canada wide?

Why do the police not prosecute the drunk drivers all year more consistently now too? “Of the 645 sexual assaults that were reported to our service in 2009, more than 40 per cent were alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults,” A sexual assault is never the fault of the victim. She said no means no the first time, and another drink can’t change that.“ We need people to understand that consent cannot be given if the person is impaired by alcohol: If they’re passed out, if they’re unconscious, if they’re sleeping,”  Supt. Danielle Campbell,   head of the Edmonton Police Criminal Investigations Division. It seems most alcohol-facilitated sexual assault doesn’t seem to be about miscommunication, or misconceptions of consent.  Rather, it is about men who use alcohol to incapacitate women for the purpose of raping them, and who do it over and over again like they know what they ‘re doing and are doing it on purpose. Do even the police do the same thing as well?

see also

April 19, 2010

Just cause you got a Smartphone

MANUFACTURERS TO launch A NEW PHONE   by Christmas?  or their new tablet and likley touch screen against the ipad.. don’t you hate it when you just spend loads of money for a new gadget it is already ready to become shortly obsolete again too.

“Buying a phone is becoming harder and harder these days. There are so many different options on smartphones that it is hard to keep up with all the latest technology. With phones and tablets almost completely relying on touchscreen interfaces, the screens on these devices are easily the most important part of modern day devices. There are several different technologies behind these screens, and we aim to explain what some of these terms mean. If you’ve ever wondered what AMOLED, LCD, IPS, or TFT mean, you’re reading the right article.
These days you really only have two choices of screens when you are buying a smartphone or tablet, LCD or AMOLED. Many of you probably can’t tell the difference between the two screen types, but both technologies have inherent strengths and weaknesses. LCD has been around for a while, but AMOLED phones are gaining popularity thanks to Samsung and other manufacturers. There isn’t a clear winner at this point in time
The smartphones demand  has clearly surged, but they use as much as 30 times as much bandwidth as regular mobile phones to run the applications, or “apps,” that make them so popular. This  surge in traffic triggered by video and other apps has led to more dropped calls and choppy service. As video on smartphones becomes more popular, it is leading to more congestion, and forcing the reluctant carriers to spend billions to upgrade their antiquated networks and also to  buy more wireless spectrum. Kind explains why Bell also had to dishonestly cap the regular downloads capabilities on it’s networks to make way for the smart phones. And why Apple’s phones, ipods  are reluctant to  to use video, cameras ..  Just cause you got a Smartphone does not mean it is going to work properly. 
Now if a user is asked to choose between an tablet and a netbook, the tablet isn’t an adequate substitute and as smartphones become more powerful, and move closer to PCs, the need for a tablet is greatly reduced.
The iPad Cons
-There isn’t a camera , there’s no  Skype, with all of that power there is no camera on this device.
-No on board memory card support. You must purchase an optional adapter.
-The iPad will have many books to download and also other cool apps, but what if I want to listen to some music on Pandora, while I read, or work on my iPad I can’t. With all the crazy things I mentioned before about all the powerful things  it is quipped with, those powerful components  run hand and hand with the current iPhone OS (Version 3.2). Therefore even on the iPad you can do no multi-tasking at all. I believe it’s a big setback for the device.
-The battery’s life is great as we spoke about, but if the battery dies completely there’s no way of getting at it to replace, its built in.
iPad does not come with Flash.
Adobe CEO states Flash is coming to Android, Blackberry and WebOS. So video  it is already presenting a big challenge to networks.  “If you think that today’s 3G as a browsing experience is a challenge to these data networks, imagine what a video streaming or download experience is going to be as these screens start to look like HD televisions in terms of resolutions.” There is some amazing technologies for compressing everything from web content, documents, and video but all that in reality is still a long way off.
By the way for all those Hollywood companies complaining that their films are being stolen, pirated by others, on the internet before I would even bother to listen to their complaints, I would like to have them all fully reviewed for their too often known, numerous  tax evasions firstly.
Want to read more?
Bell is a large organization that lacks willingness to connect with its customes but doe snot hesitate  to abuse them

THE RELEASE of the Apple  Iphone 3GS has sparked a wave  on the world wide web lately.  As SFGate hack Mark Morford points out, people have suddenly stopped moaning about the fact that the phone lacks a microSD card reader, enterprise capabilities, support for multiple codecs, background processing and a real time GPS, and that it’s slow syncing and has pathetic video upload, a pants camera and a silly single-core processor. Instead TOO MANY FALSE spin stories about the Iphone 3GS “being perfect” have started to become currency. No product however good it is has ever been perfect. The fact that people can say such nonsense is part of the reason I think that the Apple media control machine is worse than any atrocity that Microsoft or Intel ever dreamed up.  The Apple dream is one where ‘perfection’ is defined for you. You buy a slice of that perfection every time you buy a product. It will be perfect until the upgrade comes out and you will have to keep buying or you will not be perfect. This bizarre relationship only exists with Apple and its fans. Microsoft users expect the Vole’s products to go wrong, it is like a running joke. Linux is based on the idea that if something goes wrong the user might be able to fix it. And lots of people have been reporting that their smartphones seem to get too warm if you run GPS stuff on   them.  Moaning that Google will not provide Apple users with its products while at the same time claiming the Apple version is perfect and original really shows up the psychological flaws in most fanboys’ argument. If Safari is so good and perfect why would you want Chrome?  Reality Apple is never perfect..  Apple is a minority operating system. It is bigger in the US, which is a country famous for having more money than sense, and even there only five percent of people use it.   Apple fanboys need to wake up to the fact that they are solidly in the minority and any action from a major IT company to provide them with software and services for their bizarrely obscure proprietary operating system is done out of indulgent charity rather than from any compelling business case.

April 16, 2010

How about 10 -20 years in prison



Now we know already that Canada has a two tiered justice system too often, wrongfully, one set of justice for the ordinary citizen where they like to throw the whole law book on them, and there also is another set of justice for the professionals, such as bad cops, where they falsely do try to make justifications, excuses for their clearly still inescapable, immoral behaviour too. Ever notice how the judges hesitate wrongfully to find an alcoholic cop guilty of drunk driving, DUI!


Calgary cop cleared of drunk-driving charge after judge tosses breathalyzer results A Calgary police officer has been acquitted of impaired driving — the third criminal charge he’s faced in as many years National PostApr 17 1:38 PM 

Yes  there are in Canada much too many crooked professionals, cops, priests, lawyers, accountants, doctors, nurses, etc. too often their wrong doings get overlooked because having a title as a Professional now what makes them a God? and makes them perfect, unaccountable? Dream on! Mainly because self regulation is often mere masturbation and it is not the real thing ..
And there is also still much too many spin doctors, the lying spin doctors.. for example as soon as some real, negative truth is posted out there about the reality of a major political party, the spin doctors now go to work trying to destroy, tarnish the truth, and we have seen loads of this crap not just in Politics, but also now done by the RCMP, the local police too .
Now I  have personally met a lot, much too many   crooked pastors, crooked Realtors and bad cops too and  not just bad politicians and their bad subordinates, bad civil and public servants  in Canada.
Just another tip of the iceberg field too… Beaconsfield Quebec civil servant was charged with breach of trust and municipal corruption Thursday when he gave himself up to Sûreté du Québec officers who arrived at his St. Lazare home with an arrest warrant in hand. A search of the home was one among several conducted since September, when task force Operation Hammer was set up to look into collusion and corruption in the Quebec construction industry. SQ Sgt. Martine Isabelle said Mario Villeneuve, 49, allegedly accepted bribes in 2007 and 2008 when he worked for the municipality. Villeneuve, as public works foreman from May 31, 2004, to Feb. 9, 2007, was in charge of maintenance of municipal buildings.
Speaking of crap did you still not notice that on weekends, evenings and nights they put the worst caliber of nurse, medical workers in hospitals, nursing homes generally still too.. This is also unsuitable as well.

Former Alberta bureaucrat Lloyd Carr was sentenced Friday in Edmonton to 3½ years in prison for defrauding the provincial government of $634000.

Lloyd Carr, a former executive director in charge of anti-tobacco and anti-gambling programs at the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, a fraudster had  funnelled almost $634,000 of government money into personal bank accounts from 2003-06.   His ridiculous  lawyer now had suggested Carr should receive a two-year conditional sentence to be served in the community, along with 240 hours of community service because meanwhile he had become a Christian.  Crown prosecutor Greg Lepp argued that Carr should be incarcerated for three to five years. The aggravating factors in the case include the enormous sum of money, the fact the crime took extensive planning and deliberation, that Carr tried to pin the blame for the fraud on an innocent colleague during a civil case, and that there was a breach of trust, Lepp said. How about 10 -20 years and this should discourage also  the too many crooks we still do have in the civil and public services..   

Canadian families spend more than two-fifths of their total income on taxes. The Fraser Institute says its annual Canadian Consumer Tax Index calculated that taxes ate up 41.7 per cent of the average family’s income in 2009.  That’s up from 1981 when taxes accounted for 40.8 per cent of a family’s income, or 33.5 per cent in 1961 when the Fraser Institute first compiled the index. And we all mostly tend to be still very critical of government spending policies for we have noticed we now even get worse police, governmental and medical services now too.. and now we have more hidden governmental taxes too…

 Now also even  asking more money for the CBC, Doctors, Nurses, RCMP civil and public servants,  etc., Putting more money into pails full of holes is absurdity..  Our governments and the courts clearly are firstly very slow to enforce prosecutions of the really clearly bad persons such as the bad cops, bad civil and public servants, too many tax evaders, thieves, tax payer’s money abusers

Further more it is a sad estimated fact that less than 1/3 of medical workers do actually a full day’s pay of real, valid work. Doctors and Nurses, Hospital workers, cops, civil and public servants are too often left unsupervised still


Let’s face it there is a lot of unacceptable crap that I too now do not have to accept that firstly gets circulated as supposedly valid justice, or acceptable reality even in our courts or in the news media.

Cash grab and not a serious attempt on improving safety on the road


There should be a uniform national Canadian standard on road safety and related laws  including DRUNK DRIVING and CELLPHONES. Impaired driving, and also Talking on the phone while driving creates a condition known as “inattention blindness,” meaning drivers “see things before them, but it won’t register that they’re a danger.”, “studies show no difference between the distraction presented by a hands-free cellphone compared to a hand-held one.” Both are leading causes of vehicular accidents now too.. “It’s the conversation that’s the distracter. And the conversation with the passenger is actually very different than the conversation you’re having with someone that doesn’t see the traffic conditions you’re in,”  Dr. Louis Francescutti, a professor in the department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Alberta. The legislation should have included higher fines, demerit points and a ban on hands-free cellphone use, he said. “If the province is actually going to expect that there’s going to be less collisions by doing this, studies tell us that there’s not going to be less collisions. You need a total ban.”  Cellphone usage wile driving fines without a demerit points are merely just a cash grab and not a serious attempt on improving safety on the road.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), people who talk on cell phones and drive are six times more likely to be involved in an accident than the average driver. That rate goes up to 23 times more likely for those who text and drive.

Drink Alcohol and Die « The non conformer’s Canadian Weblog   Drink Alcohol and Die or Kill is fast becoming Canada’s preoccupation, main goal, slogan.. Alcohol and alcoholics the unacceptable main cause of vehicular  accidents, domestic violence, and so many other ills… DRUNK DRIVING  KILLS AT LEAST 5 TIMES MORE PERSONS OVER SPEEDING FIRSTLY  Most deaths and accidents are caused by drunk driving, and followed by cell phone usages.. Drunk driving is not monitored all year by the police, only duing 2 months.. Unacceptable

April 13, 2010

The way normal Governmental business is supposedly being carried out in Canada



 Predictably too now  since neither main parties tend to still look after the real good welfare of all Canadians but tend still to mainly look after their own good welfare mostly.. OTTAWA – Canadians are looking more favourably at the NDP as they become increasingly disenchanted with the two main political parties, a new poll suggests. The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicates support for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives slipped to 29 per cent amid the furor over the Guergis-Jaffer affair. That’s the first time in a year that the governing party has dipped below the 30 per cent threshold. But the beneficiary this time was not the Liberals — who usually gain when Tories lose ground and vice versa. Indeed, the Liberals were stalled at 27 per cent. Rather, it was the New Democrats who rose three points to 20 per cent — a level of support the party hasn’t enjoyed since shortly after the last election in October 2008.

Too many persons are complaining even on the net that there seems to be Abundance of Liars, Imposters, Pretenders in our governments, civil and public services too.. and thus it is no wonder no federal political party can even expect to have a majority.. even because of the too many really bad justice ministers..

I really do love now all my wordpress blogs for they not only do  they allow me to exercise my own right of free speech, and allow my right to be heard by others too now!

Canada gets ‘black eye’ Montreal Gazette – Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, have cut their financial support to a tobacco-control program run by a federal crown corporation because its chairperson was a director of Imperial

Grant lost over chairwoman’s tobacco links Toronto Sun

Gates charity miffed by alleged conflict-of-interest involving federal official The Canadian Press

New York Times – Seattle Times

So the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s partner on the project is Canada’s International Development Research Centre, a federally funded agency whose chairman is former Tory external affairs minister Barbara McDougall. When the Gates group now found out that Ms. McDougall was until last month on the board of directors of Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd., it promptly pulled the remaining funds from its initial $5.2-million (U.S.) grant. The foundation said in a statement that it is “deeply disappointed” that Ms. McDougall held both roles, and “this conflict is unacceptable as we work to support meaningful tobacco control programs in Africa.” Barbara McDougall another Coinservative Con job and one of PM Stephen Harper’s own job appointees too.

The way normal business is supposedly being carried on also by by the Liberals in Quebec, is no wonder my local Liberal MLA and the others too never write  back to me or acknowledge  any of my serious, critical, important letters  to them still. So what I  too do now have to first give a large donation to the Liberal party before my MLA will next consider reading any of my complaints?  It sure seems so!!!


MONTREAL – A former Quebec justice minister has levelled a stream of bombshell allegations against Premier Jean Charest’s government, accusing it of serious ethics violations. Marc Bellemare says the Liberal premier was well aware of them.  Bellemare suggested the governing Liberals routinely flouted fundraising laws and also took orders from party bagmen on whom to appoint as judges.  He says he was pressured, on three occasions, to name a judge requested by influential donors. Bellemare also says stacks of cash were forked over by construction company bosses and funnelled into party coffers.  In the interview, Bellemare never used the word ‘illegal’ to describe the practices, preferring to describe them as ‘irregular.’ But Quebec’s landmark fundraising law, introduced by Rene Levesque’s Parti Quebecois government in the 1970s, forbids donations over $3,000.  Bellemare says he warned the premier after witnessing those big cash transactions – and says he was ignored.  He says he also confronted the premier twice – in the fall of 2003 and the spring of 2004 – when pressured by influential financiers to make appointments, including judgeships.  “I asked, ‘Who names judges? The justice minister – or this guy and that guy who’d raised lots of money,”‘ Bellemare said in the interview.  He says he ultimately wound up naming those judges.  “Because it was an order by the big moneymen of the party – and the premier was in agreement with it,” he said.  “I complained to the premier. But that, apparently, was the way things went.”
In yet another allegation, Bellemare says even the government’s legislative agenda was shaped by its fundraisers. He says certain bills were killed at their request.  Bellemare says influential moneymen “expected payback” for all the cash they pumped into the Liberal party. The premier’s popularity has plummeted spectacularly in recent months, partly due to allegations of ethics violations.
An unpopular budget loaded with tax hikes compounded those problems, with tens of thousands of protesters now regularly taking to the streets. Two newspapers had front-page pictures Monday of protesters holding up signs saying, “Damned liar.”  One poll listed dissatisfaction with the Charest government at a whopping 77 per cent. Just a few months ago, Charest was seemingly on cruise control, basking in the height of his popularity and frequently being cited as a possible future prime minister of Canada. That was before the first controversies broke. The troubles began with a scandal about Mafia involvement in the construction industry, and that industry’s influence over political fundraising at the Montreal municipal level. Radio-Canada reported that construction companies colluded to jack up the cost of public works contracts, shared their profits with the Mob, and intimidated rivals. Word that those same construction companies had helped raise money for political parties rocked Montreal’s mayoral race last fall. But Charest steadfastly refused demands for a public inquiry, when almost every major player in the province was asking for one.
Bellemare left politics only one year after the Charest Liberals were first elected. He says his abrupt exit stemmed from those ethics violations. “It disgusted me – and that’s why I left in the spring of 2004.” As for rampant rumours that construction bosses illegally pumped cash into Liberal party coffers, Bellemare says the allegations are true. The premier shouldn’t feign surprise today at word of fundraising irregularities, Bellemare said. “I can tell you he (Charest) was very well informed.”
Even  Ignatieff flip-flops on health-care user fees amid Liberal grassroots revolt The  brewing liberal young people grassroots revolt prompted an abrupt about-face from Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on Quebec’s proposal to impose health-care user fees. After first declaring Quebec’s plan legal, Ignatieff has reaffirmed the long-standing Liberal position that user fees are a violation of the Canada Health Act. “I want to make it very clear that our party, and I personally, am a passionate defender of the Canada Health Act,”  “If the government of any province were to introduce user fees, it is our belief that that would be in contravention to the Canada Health Act and we would oppose it.” Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. The act now  something of a sacred cow for Liberals since it was introduced by the Trudeau government in 1984 does explicitly prohibits user fees and empowers the federal government to financially penalize provinces that impose them. Ignatieff’s about face comments were in stark contrast to the initial thumbs up the Liberal leader appeared to give Quebec’s plan to charge $25 for each visit to a doctor’s office.  His response  infuriated many rank and file Liberals . Samuel Lavoie, president of the Young Liberals, fired off a letter to party president Alf Apps, expressing his “shock” and “disappointment” over the leader’s embrace of the “obscene” user fee proposal.and he said that    the proposed fee amounts to an “utterly immoral” tax on disease. He said it would unfairly penalize the poor and chronically ill and potentially risk the lives of those who put off seeing a doctor to avoid paying the fee.  Moreover, Lavoie noted that support for Premier Jean Charest’s government has nose-dived since the budget was unveiled. He questioned why the federal Liberal party would want to embrace “the most unpopular measure of a very unpopular budget,”   Lavoie spearheaded a motion, approved unanimously Tuesday by the Young Liberals’ national executive, urging the party to “vigorously oppose health care user fees and any other actions which violate the law, purpose and spirit of the Canada Health Act.” The same motion was adopted Tuesday night by the executive of the British Columbia wing of the party and various other party groups were considering following suit. 
Isn’t nice that according to the Canadian Charter of rights I too now can write to absolutely now any one I want to  still, all news editors, all politicians too,  and that if they  do not want to read my emails they  can just delete them too.. or they  can first take their  email of the net and stop requesting people to write to them. I would have thought that they too  knew that by now too.. funny.. What do any of them still think they or you are the only one who can tell, write and post the truths even on the net still? and the rest of us cannot?
It seems you cannot trust the federal or the provincial, municipal  governments in Canada still..  do  we all do these days too do keep on getting media revelations of abuses, corruptions, lies etc..
I do also  have to say I was amazed so readily myself. How in my last few decades of Canadian experiences how quickly the too apparent crooks it seems are the first ones who threaten to or do  sue, even how they do try to shut up the truth from the public exposure, a subject that I  have often written about.. 
Free speech is still only mostly available to the BIG crooks or the the people with loads of money, influential  friends, or the persons who hold a political office  it seems, and for the cops as well.. and by the way for all the liars as well it seems..
Our governments and the courts clearly are firstly very slow to enforce prosecutions of the really clearly bad persons such as the bad cops, bad civil and public servants, too many tax evaders, thieves, tax payer’s money abusers    and undeniably as well but what the very apparent crooks can too readily sue the others.. ..  falsely can attempt to suppress, obstruct  justice from being carried out?
And there are  still too many for my liking in Canada  crooked professionals such as even crooked realtors, bad Real estate firms, bad Accountants, bad lawyers, bad Pastors and priests now too, bad cops, bad medical workers, bad civil and public servants, too many tax evaders, even too many  bad telecommunication, internet firms guilty of false, misleading advertising and customer abuses too such as Bell..
When the bad guys generally in a state of denial, shock at the public exposure of their wrong doings cannot face the truth now they next do try to resort to false suppression, false personal attacks on the author, put unnatural pressure on persons around him and so forth, all showing still their own incomplete repentance, and their false reactions.  Police falsely still like to investigate first their accusers, and/or delete their blogs.. RCMP included.
Free speech too often is a right mainly for the rich, the bad guys, crooks, not the decent folks. I also do I know that bad guys and gals such as the crooked cops, crooked pastors, crooked politicians,  crooked anyone do not like me to use my right of free speech.. too bad for them.. Clearly just  because some thing someone writes offends someone else does not mean firstly that it is even “hate”, immediately prosecutable by law, the courts or the Human Rights Commission. There is still a separation between appropriate speech and inappropriate speech, a separation between freedom of speech, expressing one’s views, opinions and the delivered, deliberate conscious propagation of hatred towards a specific group or person.
Mon May 3, 7:57 PM CALGARY (CBC) – An appointee to an Alberta advisory committee on health has stepped down following revelations she is a registered lobbyist for drug company, Eli Lilly.  On April 29, the province announced the start of consultation on the province’s new Alberta Health Act and named the nine advisory committee members who would assist the chairman, Fred Horne, a Edmonton Progressive Conservative MLA. In the news release, Patricia Bayne was identified as a “community member” but did not disclose that she is the senior manager for policy and government affairs with Eli Lilly. Last Thursday, the Alberta NDP announced it had also found Bayne’s name on the province’s lobbyist website. On Monday, the party took credit for forcing her to resign. Mason called the government “deceptive” for not disclosing Bayne’s affiliation and said her inclusion was part of a push to privatize the province’s health care system. Bayne was also a member of the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Health last fall.

April 11, 2010

Poor people and the unemploynment rate in Alberta

 What happened in Alberta is no surprise to the honest, decent folks. Socialists elected in Canada’s oil patch.    A study says shrinking budgets in the oil and gas industry could lead to as many as 185,000 direct and indirect job losses this year in Canada.  In the one horse province  Alberta would be the hardest hit .  Loonie plunges as oil’s slide continues; One-in-four oil, gas jobs could be lost in 2015 but for decades the Politicians did not plan ahead for the rainy days..  Bleak numbers showing that Canada’s economy shrank in the first three months of 2015 have already created a torrent of downgraded economic projections on how the rest of the year will unfold.

Alberta unemployment rate highest in 14 years CBC – Sat Apr 10, 7:03 PM EDMONTON (CBC) – Alberta’s unemployment rate ( falsely adjusted too – it is a lot higher now for the true rate would have  included all people out of work, those who had as a result left the province, and those persons now on social aid too) rose to 7.5 per cent in March, the highest level since 1996, according to figures released Friday by Statistics Canada.The rate climbed 0.6 percentage points from February. The federal agency attributed the increase to a higher number of people entering the work force an increase of 9,700 in Alberta. “The main reason for what we’re seeing is the fact that we are still not fully recovered from recession,” said Thomas Lukaszuk, Alberta’s minister of employment and immigration.
Ha ha ha try rather try Alberta government’s  mismanagement
Calgary EI figure rises more than 60% Calgary Herald – The number of Calgarians receiving regular employment insurance benefits in February has jumped 63 per cent from a year ago, says Statistics Canada.
 all 174 articles »

Booze, gambling revenues now worth more than gas royalties to Stelmach government   PM Stephen Harper’s province…

System failing city’s poor, critics say The Ottawa Sun – Sat Apr 10, 9:04 PM  For those fighting poverty in the city, the outlook is bleak.  Fractured families, unemployment, minimum-wage jobs and a tide of immigrants lacking language skills threaten to further inflate the already staggering numbers of people wrestling with the question of whether to buy food or pay rent. Single parents  83% of them women  now lead one in every four families in Ottawa. Because they rely on a single income, these families tend to earn the least and experience higher levels of poverty than two-parent families. Worse, many working women with children have jobs that are precarious, with irregular or part-time hours, lower wages and limited benefits. A recent report from the Social Planning Council of Ottawa illustrates a disturbing trend. Households and Families in Ottawa — which is based on 2006 census data  warns of increasing child poverty and immigrant unemployment that could continue for generations to come. In 2006, 32,853 children under 18 in Ottawa lived below the poverty line.  “That was in 2006 and before the recent economic crisis hit,” said poverty council research director Clara Jimeno. “And immigrant women with children younger than six had an unemployment rate of 30% before the recession as well.”  The Overbrook-Forbes Community Resource Centre is one of the organizations that stands on the front lines in the war on poverty, with 14 branches servicing low-income communities across the city. Anti-poverty community co-ordinator Dominique Paris-MacKay said the situation has become dire.  “The gap between the rich and poor is growing, and that’s because the poor are getting poorer. Food banks don’t have enough food and the fact we have them at all is a failure of our system.”
These 2 items were, are related
Alberta and it’s past premier were  known for it’s despisements  of all of the  poor people, those persons on social aid.. so it is not surprisingly they have to also now next walk in the footstep of the poor so next time that can manifest now more real, valid  compassion
The rest of Canada would take heed to this too less they also experience the same thing.. “Poverty is not a choice that people make and it can happen to anybody. One economic downturn can turn someone who was stable to someone who’s homeless.”
Good news the oppressive bad cops in Alberta are  likely to face more lay offs.. Imagine this job creation absurdity, one third of the annual Calgary city hall budget is used to support the police services.. fire 85 percent of them for they are too often slackers, pretenders anyway

(Rom 12:3 KJV)  For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

(Prov 20:26 KJV)  A wise king scattereth the wicked, and bringeth the wheel over them.
(Prov 28:15 KJV)  As a roaring lion, and a ranging bear; so is a wicked ruler over the poor people.
The popularity of Robin Hood even centuries later personifies some great simple truths about what bad rulers do and do not do.. at both the federal and provincial levels. A good ruler runs the wheel over the wicked persons, even bad cops, those who abuse their offices, who live high on the hog too,  but also does  care  about the welfare of all the persons, the poor included.. Interesting that not only the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper but now also the Liberal premier of three Provinces BC, Quebec and Ontario, and the Conservative Premier of Alberta  clearly are unpopular these days with the citizens cause they fall short in this areas
(Job 15:31 KJV)  Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompense.
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