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October 16, 2009

Ongoing Cover ups -Construction firms colluded to boost prices: report



A pretentious government is never enough no matter what the excuse. Construction corruptions is decades old still too Canada wide

Corruptions –Construction firms colluded to boost prices: report  A small number of construction firms are colluding to control bidding and keep prices high on major municipal infrastructure projects in the greater Montreal region, with taxpayers footing the higher costs, an ongoing Radio-Canada investigation suggests… several whistleblowers have come forward to say a small group of contractors has cornered many of the contracts. The report suggests taxpayers are paying up to 35 per cent too much. several whistleblowers have come forward to say a small group of contractors has cornered many of the contracts. The report suggests taxpayers are paying up to 35 per cent too much. The federal Competition Bureau suggests collusion in the construction industry can jack up prices 20 per cent and more. The office of Quebec’s Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis said the government would wait for the results of police investigations before deciding whether further action is needed. But the opposition parties at the national assembly said it is time for the government to launch a public inquiry. “It is urgent,” “We need a public inquiry before the all the money that we want to invest in our infrastructure — $43 billion — is spent,” it cost 43% more to build a road in Quebec than the rest of Canada.
” MONTREAL – Reports of extensive Mafia control over infrastructure spending is prompting calls for a public inquiry into ties between government, business, and organized crime.  A prominent expert on the Italian mob says he hopes Ottawa will be moved to act by riveting accounts of how the Mafia gobbles up public money in Montreal, because he says the problem exists nationwide. The report comes as Ottawa and provincial governments embark on a multibillion-dollar flurry of infrastructure spending that is the most expensive in the country’s history. Quebec’s opposition parties are calling for an inquiry at the provincial level, and municipal politicians also say one might be necessary if police confirm allegations of rampant corruption.   Despite all the public money at stake, the author of several books on the Mafia said he doubts any government in Canada, at any level, will delve into the organized-crime issue.   Antonio Nicaso told The Canadian Press that no Canadian government has ever shown a desire to look into “this grey area where criminals, politicians and businessmen get together.” “I don’t think in Canada there is political will or commitment to fight organized crime,” Nicaso said. “The problem has been here for so long and they’ve never taken action or addressed the problem in the right way.” Early reactions proved him right. The federal NDP refused to comment on the issue. Two spokespeople for the federal Liberals never returned a call and email. And the governing Tories refused to get involved. ”
Decades of such crimminal  practices continue also in Quebec, not just in other provinces  like Alberta and Ontario now too  cause the leaders wrongfully do not do much about it still cause they clearly benefit from government kickbacks, corrupt supporters..   It is a common joke to refiniance a provincial  election just issue some road contracts..
 Face it the Canadian Queen’s Courts Canada wide too are more often now filled firstly with divorce, speeding, parking, bylaw infractions while even under the Conservatives the major criminals, white collared crime criminals, tax payer’s money thefts, abusers,  are often, falsely too,  not investigated, or successfully prosecuted neither by the police or the governments in reality and none of this is ever acceptable, not even in Canada..

What about having  a valid,  real Federal economic development, job creation programs instead?  for  It is not surprising that the same Civil servants under the federal  Liberal government had suggested next again  a federal job creation program that would provide cash stimulant firstly now to their fellow buddies, the civil and public servants at the provincial , municipal levels, but what was rather surprising that the Conservative politicians had gone along with it. There are two rightful reasons for a start that I do rightfully object to all of the major taxpayer’s money abuses in the governments and their related agencies, services, personnel. The first is that the wrong does undeniably will not stop their major corruptions but rather they rather will  to escalate  it next at a significant costs to the tax payers too. Secondly to compensate for the increase costs it is   the services to the poor and sic k people that tend to suffer the most as a result next as well.. for  it is their programs that wrongfully tend to be cut  firstly rather


Gomery wants new inquiry – this one into alleged mob, construction, politics ties  MONTREAL – The man who led a historic inquiry into political corruption thinks another one is necessary amid allegations of criminal acitivity in the construction industry and municipal politics. Mafia experts describe such corruption as a national occurence but so far governments at the federal, provincial, and municipal level have been resistant to the idea of a probe. The retired judge said large donors wield too much influence when it comes to the awarding of municipal contracts, and that an inquiry could explore those links.. Quebec’s highways cost 11 per cent more per kilometre than in Ontario and 43 per cent more than in the rest of Canada… Curbing corruption could save several hundred million dollars every year.. adds 20 to 35 per cent to the cost of public works projects… the savings would pay for better repairs to, and snow removal from, streets and sidewalks. It would reduce pressure on raising property taxes, parking-meter fees, and bus fares. And it would make tram lines (which cost $40 million per kilometre) more affordable. 


Why does more corruption happen in Quebec. Ah yes, a post-Christian society? Hypocritical, It is basically no different from the crooked government contractors, consultants in BC, Alberta or or Ontario now too . Look where much of the Alberta’s Heritage money  was wasted also and why? .  
In Canada commercial and taxpayer’s money abuses are rarely prosecuted by the RCMP, the government’s master’s watch dogs, and the police cause they tend to envy the crooks, and the RCMP itself is known to abuse the tax payer’s money as well.  I know cause I reported commercial crime myself that I had personally witnessed to the RCMP, Police  and it still never was adequately dealt with. Holding anyone Accountable also means them now being open and transparent. Governments and institutions, civil and public servants, RCMP as well. 
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