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February 23, 2012

Join the RCMP and have sex in a government supplied police car too


Mountie who had police-car sex with her superior shouldn’t lose her job; Her boss and his superiors rather should

VANCOUVER – An RCMP officer who had an on-going affair with her boss — including having sex in a police car —shouldn’t lose her job while her superior simply loses 10 days pay, her lawyer told an RCMP panel. Larry McGonigal told the panel Wednesday it would be inappropriate and disconcerting for Const. Susan Gastaldo to be fired after the panel found her guilty of disgraceful conduct. Her superior officer, Staff Sgt. Travis Pearson, has already been reprimanded and docked 10 days pay by the same panel after admitting to the affair and using a Blackberry to exchange suggestive emails.

February 21, 2012

We know that Doctors, Professionals, lawyers, pastors, politicians, news media, politicians lie

Not surprising when the average person lies once every 8 minutes as well.. but that does not mean we have to accept the lies and put up with it.. especially when it comes to our health..

Now i have been for years writing here on the net about the much too many abusive, charge card happy doctors, with their false billings even for tests not required.. and the neglect of seniors in Hospitals, old age homes as I saw firsthand..

The Ostrich news media and the politicians, doctors seem to treat this all as new NEWS to them… LIARS..

Sent: Monday, February 20, 2012 6:13 PM
Subject: Bolduc under fire for surgeons comment | CTV Montreal
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2012 6:12 PM
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ministre.deleguee@msss.gouv.qc.cA ;
Subject: Bolduc under fire for surgeons comment | CTV Montreal

MONTREAL — Premier Jean Charest was on the defensive on Monday morning after Health Minister Yves Bolduc claimed over the weekend that the province’s surgeons were creating delays to pressure patients to use money-making clinics. With both men inaugurating a new cancer centre in Laval, the health minister remained combative and called for the College of Physicians to investigate the situation.

Look I have been detailing for the last decade even the too often useless medical services being provided to me, my father, my mother by family doctors in Montreal on the net.. and I have asked the governments to deal with it openly.. I have seen lately my family doctor try to send me and my mother to private clinics for unnecessary test even. I saw this first had happened also at the McGill Victoria hospital with Dr Ho and I detailed it on the net.. .
Medicare is not the place to help doctors make more money but a place to help the sick citizens
Look I am getting realy tired of those too many bad pretentious family doctors, charge card happy quacks is what I call them. Those especially pretentious doctors who especially get a kickback from the local pharmacy that gives them a subsidized rent, and more kickbacks even on how much drug they had prescribed. The doctors even get a report from the pharmacy telling the doctor when the patients prescriptions are about to expire so they the Doctors can call their patients. Then these same doctor make money from the referral fees to other doctors and yes to the private clinics..All this would not be do disastrously immoral if the doctor could have helped me in the first place, but rather mostly too often the doctor did not know what was wrong with me and he or she wanted to do a series of test at a the private clinic, most test were not needed even, tests done mainly to increase his or her earnings, test not realy to help me, when rather next all I had to realy do was go to good triage at the local hospital and they did it all one place now too. I have said it before if you have an abnormal, serious medical problem do not waste your time going to the local family doctor, charge card happy doctor for sure. No wonder medicare is so costly these days..
Many bad North American professionals tend to behave unprofessional, abuse their clients, citizens cause
1: They personally do not have enough love for others
2; The love of money motivates them, the love of which is the root of all evil
3: they tend to reflect societies poor moral values
4: they all do need to be still continually supervised in reality

February 16, 2012

Sad when you cannot trust anyone in government, corporations to look after our own good welfare

“This is big. Powerful lobbyists, working with their allies in government, have put forward what amounts to an unavoidable choke point for your Internet use: two bills aimed at Internet users, and a government decision about the future of Internet access.

If we don’t stop this set-up, you’ll have to deal with bigger bills, widespread warrantless surveillance, and restricted choice

Now you helped push back against new Internet restrictions and Big Telecom price-gouging. But these new challenges require more resources than ever to fight.

These three imminent threats will create an Internet choke point for Canadians, and they’re unfolding right now:

Online Spying: The government has tabled their invasive spying plan (Bill C-30) to mandate that every Internet provider must hand “authorities” access to the private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant1. Despite appearances the contrary, they are still pushing this through parliament.

The Internet Lockdown: Through Bill C-11, Big Media lobbyists are seeking the power2 to compel telecom providers (who will now have surveillance capabilities) to cut Internet access for no good reason, remove or hide vast swaths of the Internet, and lock users out of their own services.

According to copyright experts, giant media conglomerates are lobbying for Internet lockdown powers allowing them to cut Internet access for no good reason, remove or hide vast swaths of the Internet, and lock users out of their own services.

Taken together, these new powers would fundamentally change the Internet, severely limit free expression, and hogtie innovators. And all to supposedly protect Big Media’s content assets.

We can convince the government to stand up to lobbyist pressure if we raise our voices together. Please send the government a message now.

A similar scheme in the US led to a huge public outcry forcing Big Media lobbyists to back off from their plan to impose the now-infamous SOPA and PIPA1 legislation.

Now, those lobbyists are turning to Canada through copyright legislation like Bill C-11 and trade agreements called ACTA2 and TPP3. Internet law expert Michael Geist recently revealed that behind-the-scenes Big Media lobbyists are pushing for powers such as website blocking4, Internet termination for people that threaten their business interests5, and huge threats for sites that host user-generated content (like YouTube)6, in addition to the “most restrictive digital lock provisions in the world,”7 which are already in Bill C-11.

Canadians are not taking this lying down. Across the country, online and off, Canadians are standing up against this Internet lockdown. Protests are being held in several cities today8; at the same time thousands of people are getting active online, using the Internet to say no to the Internet lockdown.

Let’s do our part today ..and make the Internet scream.

Politicians and policymakers have an opportunity to put Canada on the map as a leader in Internet openness and affordability. But they have to know that we’re behind them if they stand up to megacorporate lobbyists. Their approach is backwards: it suffocates online choice and it’s patently unfair.

Let’s kick up some dust. Tell the Prime Minister and the Industry Minister to say no to the Internet lockdown.

The Cell Phone Squeeze: Big Telecom giants are lobbying the government to turn over control of mobile communications—which experts say are the future of Internet access—to just three giant companies3. This will lead to rising prices, even worse customer service, and more easily controlled surveillance.

The Big Three are ripping us off and using the money to manipulate Canadians and the government.

As we’ve been saying, the Big Three cell phone companies have a plan to price-gouge Canadians by shutting out small competitors1. Now they’re unleashing a misinformation campaign to muzzle your voice.

For example,

  1. Rogers recently bought and paid for a trumped-up study2 that wrongly implies Canadians (you) can afford to pay more for telecom services.
  2. Rogers just took to the courts to argue that Canada’s false advertising rules violate the telecom giant’s freedom of expression! This after being caught red-handed and fined $10,000,000 dollars for misleading cell phone advertising.3

Will you let them get away with it?

With these two acts of extreme arrogance, Rogers has demonstrated that they will go to ridiculous lengths to tighten their stranglehold on communications and raise prices.

here’s some more detailed background information:

  1. Cell phone companies require low-frequency wireless spectrum to deliver the latest mobile devices to customers. There is a new block of 700 MHZ spectrum that will be available for use through an auction later this year and the government is about to decide who will have access to the spectrum.The Big Three providers are sitting on more than enough spectrum to do deliver their services to Canadians (including those in rural areas). They want the government to take a do nothing approach and allow the Big hree to control essential spectrum and shut out independent competitors. You can also check out CTV News coverage of this issue here.
  2. Lemay Yates recently released a report, bought and paid for by Rogers, that suggests Canadians have better Internet speed, availability and pricing than our global counterparts. But this research directly contradicts many other independent reports (from the OECD, Harvard, the New America Foundation, Akamai, and more) that show Canada falling woefully behind on key metrics like price and speed.
  3. According to the Vancouver Sun: “Rogers Communications Inc. is asking an Ontario court to strike down part of a federal law requiring a company to have ‘adequate and proper’ tests of a product’s performance before advertising claims about the product — on the grounds that it violates its freedom of expression.”

Now that you know the details, it’s time to act.

February 15, 2012


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CANADA’S BC Health Minister Mike de Jong detailed the plan on improving services such as home and community care and assisted living for seniors, and he announced a series of broad changes, such as the creation of a seniors’ advocate and the creation of a toll-free phone line to help seniors and their families get information or report concerns about a person’s care. “The advocate will provide information, support, referrals,” he said, outlining some of the general parameters. “It will be a place that seniors or their families can go when they encounter difficulties in their relationship with the state, or in some circumstances, challenges that they may be confronted by in private-sector relationships.”

New Democratic Party seniors’ critic Katrine Conroy slammed the government for its approach, calling it a thin response to a serious issue.”It’s been 11 years of seniors being abused and neglected in this province and we have this report that shows proof of that,” she said, referring to the Liberals’ term in office.

 Quebec government allows the abuse of the seniors, the Quebec Liberal government is undeniably soft on crimes, frauds, drug abuse, tax evasions, bad civil and bad public servants, bad cops, bad medical workers, bad hospitals.. The Lassiez faire attitude of theirs stinks

I have been posting about the unacceptable seniors abuses in Quebec’s old age homes, hospitals , for 2 years to no avail. The too often lazy, immoral, pretentious Police themselves do not want any responsibility in the matter. Unenforced laws are still bullshit as a result..


February 13, 2012

Once in power rules and money saving applies only to the opposition members.

Stephen Harper’s senior bureaucrats have been racking up some hefty airfares at a time of government restraint and controversy over travel.

Travel expenses recently posted for the final quarter of 2011 show executives at the Privy Council Office, the prime minister’s own department, paid costly fares last year on some of the most competitive routes to Europe and elsewhere.

Return airfare to Great Britain cost taxpayers $6,855 for Rennie Marcoux, assistant secretary to cabinet, to attend a week-long “cyber” conference in London last October.

The clerk of the Privy Council, Wayne Wouters, paid almost as much for a round-trip flight to London – $6,625 – for a public-service summit in November.

William Pentney, deputy secretary to cabinet, spent $3,566 on airfare to attend another international summit in London last June.

Paris, another popular European destination with plenty of airline competition, was also a favoured spot for Privy Council bureaucrats, who paid sky-high prices to get there.

Yvan Roy, legal counsel to Mr. Wouters, billed taxpayers $4,607 for a round-trip flight to Paris last October. The posted expense report does not explain the purpose of the trip or provide related costs, but a spokesman said it was for a conference hosted by the French government.

Another senior public servant in Mr. Harper’s department – Joseph Wild, assistant secretary to cabinet – spent $4,367 on airfare to an OECD conference in Paris.

The Irish capital of Dublin was also the destination for another hefty fare – $5,117, paid by Kristina Namiesniowski, assistant secretary to the cabinet. She was there to learn about “e-government.”

The jetsetters at Privy Council Office racked up other pricey airfares for several multi-stop trips overseas, making it difficult to compare prices directly.

Ward Elcock billed a whopping $15,278 to fly to four cities in Australia and New Zealand last October for two weeks of “meetings.” Elcock was travelling as the prime minister’s special adviser on human smuggling.

Mr. Harper’s national security adviser, Stephen Rigby, was a frequent flyer last year – a five-day visit to Singapore in June set taxpayers back $10,719 in airfare alone.

And Mr. Rigby’s week-long visit to Munich and London cost the treasury $6,733 in airline tickets.

All these travellers were public servants flying commercial, rather than the political staff who work inside the Prime Minister’s Office, which is part of the Privy Council Office.

Mr. Harper and his political staff typically fly on government-owned aircraft, rather than commercial airlines, largely for security and logistical reasons.

The Harper government was embroiled in several travel-related controversies in 2011. CTV News reported in September that the chief of defence staff, Gen. Walter Natynczyk, spent almost $1.5-million since 2008 flying on government-owned Challenger aircraft, once to a Caribbean holiday.

And late last year, it was revealed Defence Minister Peter MacKay called in a military search-and-rescue chopper to take him from a vacation at a Newfoundland fishing camp to a nearby airport, from which he flew to a government announcement in Ontario.

Conservative hypocrisy.. Once in power rules and money saving applies only to the opposition members.

February 12, 2012


Smoking pot doubles car accident risk

Smoking marijuana a couple of hours before you drive almost doubles your chances of having a serious car crash, say Canadian researchers.

The study led by Associate Professor Mark Asbridge from Dalhousie University in Halifax, is the first to review of data from drivers who had been treated for serious injuries or died in car accidents.

The level of impairment from smoking pot might not be as severe as alcohol intoxication, but it does require a public health response, a researcher says. (Noah Berger/Associated Press)“To our knowledge this meta-analysis is the first to examine the association between acute cannabis use and the risk of motor vehicle collisions in real life,” the researchers write in the latest issue of the British Medical Journal.

The researchers reviewed nine observational studies with a total sample of 49,411 accident victims. To rule out the effects of alcohol or other drugs the researchers calculated the odds for cases where cannabis — but no alcohol or other drugs — was detected in blood test or the driver had reported smoking three hours before crash.

They found that smoking cannabis three hours before driving nearly doubled a driver’s risk of having a motor vehicle accident.

But the level of tetrahydrocannabionol (THC) — the active compound in marijauna — in the blood that leads to impairment is unclear as most of the studies just measured for the presence of THC in the blood.

Marijuana, alcohol impairment compared Australian Broadcasting Corporation

February 1, 2012

How can I speed up or improve my Home PC Microsoft computer Performance overall

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1  >   My Computer acts sluggish, slow. My computer is even stalling in receiving messages – it has been in an idle position because it’s slow.  I know I need to get a new computer soon.  In the meantime, because you are the king of computers – can you suggest something I could do to speed things up? Right now it is trying to receive 69 messages and  besides a bad ISP connection,  too much mail.  I have been on the phone for over 2 hours now with my  internet,  web server people.  They said that because my junk mail and inbox was overloaded (too full), this was causing the emails to backup and not come through.  They set me up with Mozilla Thunderbird email account so I am using this now (until I can clean out my other accounts)
As you know there are 2 ways to access your emails..
– One way is directly on your home pc..
– and the second one is at the remote server initially..
at leasy a few times what you may want to do is screen the email at the remote server first and next the screened  mail you like let it come to your home pc.
Next I use at least 4 different emails..
-I use one my main contact one..
-I use one solely  where I know that the people will send me junk mail..
-I use one for the close, personal persons, a confidential one
-I have one as a spare, for rare important contacts..
It also could be that your existing email software is corrupted.. reinstall it..
2 How can I speed up or improve my Home PC Microsoft computer Performance overall 
Do  see
More free advice..
1 Slow computer… check your internet  service and do see how fast  it really is..  do a speed test – measure it..  see or or  and first make sure no other programs are running in the background..
Many Internet service providers really do not give you their full advertised, promised speed.. or they falsely slow down your speed, cap it during peak periods..  if that is the case phone and complain to them
2 Slow computer..  the number one reason the average person  has about 300 virus on their computer still and no one program removes them all…. try this free program
3 Slow computer..  increase your memory on the motherboard
4 Slow computer,,,   another good way to speed your computer is install a USB stick flash drive.SD Memory  and use it to increase your memory
5 Slow computer..   add a larger and faster hard drive .. preferably an external one, they are almost the same price these days.
6 Slow computer..   as for “Can I go into Perhaps   into tools or do something so the speed is sufficient, could I  get a program  such as a TuneUp Utilities  system  optimzation utilities suite;  In my own view all this mostly is a myth, it does snot really improve much,  and it is not possible or practical at all.. for me this is mostly a rip off, many of the software that claims to fix it or it really tends to do you harm your computer rather  as well if you do not know what you are doing.. so do use with caution..   Here you can try these  free programs  or or or or

8 You can also for sure try running a Microsoft  troubleshooter to diagnose and fix some of the common problems .


To run a  troubleshooter..

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