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May 31, 2011

Healthy eating and healthy living


Too many persons still do falsely still do think they can eat whatever they want, or do what they want personally and next they will not reap any negative Karma, they will not reap what they had sowed. Dream on! Guess why so many people are next sick now too..


In Canada hundreds of thousands of persons do annually die from heart diseases, cancer, diabetes still and why Is that? is it from smoking cigarettes and their  drinking alcohol too much? or what else?

The reality is that most people are still busy even doing their own thing, the professionals, doctors and nurses included now, they themselves do know very little about healthy food, healthy eating, or what basically causes cancer, heart diseases, diabetes. etc…

And too many persons still ignorant do mainly and wrongfully attribute diabetes solely to sugar consumption neglecting many other essential factors as well. The most common nutrition myth is probably that sugar causes diabetes. The main risk factors for Type 2 diabetes are not eating regularly, not eating smaller portions of food more often, or a diet high in calories, being overweight, and an inactive lifestyle. If you have diabetes, you still do need to watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake, with the help of your Registered Dietitian, to properly manage your blood sugar level. Fortunately, the complications of diabetes can be prevented, delayed, or slowed by controlling blood glucose levels to as close to the normal range as possible and this still does involves eating more regularly, and eating more proper foods as well.For all persons even a diabetic skipping meals is a bad disruption. It is important to not skip meals because it disrupts the blood sugar regulation. Some oral diabetes medications (like Metformin a first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes ) should always also be taken with meals. Since most oral diabetes medications don’t work immediately (like for example a pain medication), but rather they have a cumulative effect to be therapeutic. It has been shown that keeping blood sugars as near to normal as possible helps reduce the long-term complications of diabetes. As a diabetic, you should not skip meals nut should take the oral diabetes medication everyday at approximately the same time. By skipping one’s medications as well, one is not getting the full benefit of them. Not skipping meals allows the body to achieve a steady blood sugar level in the body. For example, if a diabetic skips a meal their blood sugar could drop, which is called hypoglycemia which can lead to more serious medical aspects too..

In reality Canada’s major personal sicknesses, major causes of personal deaths are still mainly related to even the  basics of one’s bad food intake, or to one’s  lack of sleep, or a lack of exercise and even due to taking  bad drugs and one’s alcohol consumption plus also one’s personal failure to reduce or to deal properly with ones inadequate negative personal stresses that we all do too often encounter in real life.

10 Diet & Nutrition Myths Debunked
1 The most common nutrition myth is probably that sugar that mainly causes diabetes, first look elsewhere rather..
2 Myth- All Fats are bad It’s a long-held nutrition myth that all fats are bad. But the fact is, we all need fat.
3 Myth- Brown Sugar is better than White Sugar. The brown sugar sold at grocery stores is actually white granulated sugar with added molasses.
4 Myth- Brown Eggs are more nutritious than White Eggs Contrary to a widely believed nutrition myth, eggshell color has nothing to do with the quality, flavor, nutritive value, cooking characteristics, or shell thickness of an egg
5 Myth- Avoid seafood to lower blood cholesterol In fact, the dietary cholesterol found in seafood and other meats has little effect on blood cholesterol in most people.
6 Myth- Avoid carbohydrate to lose weight or that the carbohydrates promote insulin production
7 Myth- Avoid nuts as they are fattening, but if you can restrain yourself from overeating them, nuts can be a part of a healthy diet.
8 Myth- Eating for 2 is necessary during pregnancy
9 Myth- Skipping meals can help lose weight. The People who think skipping meals means weight loss do not understand how our bodies work.
A better approach is to eat smaller frequent healthy meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar balanced.
10 Myth- Red meat is bad for health. It is true that some studies have linked red meat with increased risk of heart disease, partly due to the saturated fat content. In fact, even chicken can contain as much saturated fat as lean cuts of beef or pork. Instead of excluding red meats, choose leaner cuts of beef and pork. For beef, choose eye of round, top round roast, top sirloin and flank; for pork, choose tenderloin and loin chops.

Myth 11 Brown sugar is healthier over white sugar.. basicaly they are the same.

Here is another sad truth, if you do not want to listen to the common sense, established health facts you can always find a liar who  will support your views but nevertheless you will reap what you sow in your health now still too

In a new report, a large group of American doctors urge kids and  teens to avoid energy drinks and only consume sports drinks in limited  amount. Florida pediatricians described cases of seizures, delusions, heart problems and kidney or liver damage in people who had drunk one or more  non-alcoholic energy drinks — including brands like Red Bull, Spike Shooter and Redline.

While it is true that all people do need to be energetic and not hyperactive, melancholy rather as well but first when we have learned to help ourselves we next can also help others.

Here are some more  important truths related to being healthy

1 Good food and good eating habits will even let you sleep better, and also help you you get a proper night sleep. Too many persons now do suffer as a result of their lack of sleep which affects negatively their health  and bery serioulsy

2 In the real world and in the ideal world your own mother, and not someone else firstly should have taught you how too even eat the proper food, plus as to what food is good and appropriate for you to eat, and even how to properly prepare it. Unfortunately as it is too often the case if your mother is not a good dietician or a great cook and/or she is also very ignorant on the subject so next will the rest of the family unacceptably be as well.

Now also our general education system itself still often fails to deal with the topic of staying healthy, what is good food, on good eating habits as well adequately. Kind of explains why so many doctors, nurses, professionals themselves do not eat the healthy, or proper food.

And we are next left to governments and big corporations, the big money hungry corporations who too often have hidden agendas and as a result they do present half or distorted truth, health facts and do not tell is all that we personally do need to know.

Ezek 34:4 The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them. 5 And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered. 6 My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them.

3 Too many persons also do fail to understand, fail to realize the importance of a proper, adequately working food digestion system now as well. They firstly do fail to realize the importance of basic water consumptions in helping all of our food intake to digest and they do not drink enough water, or wrongfully consume caffeine, alcohol that causes more dehydration even, as well which leads to both digestion and heart, cancer problems often too. Knowing how your digestive system is supposed to work will help you.

Even before you eat, when you smell a tasty food, see it, or think about it, digestion begins. Saliva (say: suh-lye-vuh), or spit, begins to form in your mouth. Your digestive system started working even before you took the first bite of your food. And the digestive system will be busy at work on your chewed-up lfood  for the next few hours — or sometimes days, depending upon what you’ve eaten. This process, called digestion, allows your body to get the nutrients and energy it needs from the food you eat. So let’s find out what’s happening to that pizza, orange, and milk. When you do eat, the saliva breaks down the chemicals in the food a bit, which helps make the food mushy and easy to swallow.

Now also next we have to understand what products do cause dehydration, such as coffee, alcohol, the products that do affect the stomach juices and one’s ability to properly digest foods and rather which can have a very negative effect on our heart, health.

4 Now add to this the fact that too many people fail to understand what is that it leads to one having diabetes next as well.. and the issue is not just your sugar consumptions. I am shocked as to how ignorant people are when it comes to the aspect of sugar consumption and how overboard they do also go..

Most People also do still fail to see  also still that salt is bad for you since it retains water in the blood  and increases one’s heart stress as a direct result.

5 Next we relatedly too often have the religious inclined discussions, and a lack of understanding on the danger or benefit of fat, meat, good and bad cholesterol.. or vegetarians versus non vegetarians. Here is the reality skinny persons too often die as much as fat people due to the major sicknesses too.. You need fats to survive and be healthy, but you need to choose the right ones.

There are also both good and bad fats and good and bad sugars. Also Sugar alone does not lead to diabetes, but rather one’s poor eating habits, eating meals irregularly or skipping them ..

Fat vs. Sugar – Which Is Worse?

The website for the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois states that fat is crucial for “normal growth and development, energy, absorbing certain vitamins, and maintaining cell membranes.” The United States Department of Agriculture now recommends that fat make up 20 percent to 35 percent of daily calorie intake, and some nutritionists encourage an even higher percentage of fat consumption. Heather Fleming, a nutrition consultant for Conscious Nutrition, recommends two servings of healthy fat per meal, for a total of six servings per day. Ms. Fleming says that healthy fats are essential and are like “oil for the body…Our cells are made of phospholipids, and that’s where the healthy fats…go to reenergize the cells.”

Still we all do need to deal personally with all these aspects and to get, have a proper understanding here now still as well and not just absurdly say Any fat or Sugar Is Ruining Your Health or say that one can eat whatever one wants.

also do see my health blog for more info.. or

.. get a healthy life and not a sick one.

Three of the clearly sad aspects of Medicare, medical care in Canada too often are that
1: Too many of the sick patients have spend a lifetime getting sick and they seem next to want an immediate instant, permanent cure, even without any effort, work , inconvenience,pain or fuss on their own parts. Here they do too often unrealistically expect rather the pretentious ambulance doctor to even come to their home and find, and next to deliver an instant medical cure for their major ailment.
2: Also they do all mostly fail to realize that the family doctor he or she cannot basically help them when they develop a major sickness, in the 20 minutes allotted to him or her every 3 months for he or she firstly basically cannot realistically help the patient, they thus really cannot discover their major sickness for he or she does not have the time, resources to do so. Hiring more nurses receptionists helps nothing here
3: Only the overcrowded already major hospitals have the staff, resources, equipment to help people who have a serious sickness and they tend to have their own schedules, priorities. They work weekdays 9-4 only.

And Fourthly even the generally over priced price gouging, often not fully medically competent pharmacist, pharmacies, and the dermatologist included are basically no help in what they recommend, prescribe if you have a major illness to.. for example a major unknown foot disease..

Now with Canada rapidly aging seniors population medical care will certainly only get worse based on how pretentions and our still mostly useless our health ministers, politicians too tend to ne in all this too.
Canada is already known for having bad pretentious civil and public servants that do not care about others good health too.  


PS: Doctors are not Gods.  Even the good Doctors are not Gods, they do not  know it all, some are rather still stupid when it comes to effectively  helping  a sick person.The professional quality of a medical doctors lies not just in his university and clinical training but it also lies in the degree of his or her  actual  field experience and   being kept updated with the medical advancements. Kinda of explains while some doctors have not been initially able to  help me with my severe medical problems and thus they have too often wrongfully forced me to seek the expertise of many other doctors next too. Doctors are not Gods, some rather are still  very bad sinners who do for billing purposes now  lie and pretend that they are good doctors still too. Self regulation of the bad doctors too often is still mere masturbations. We need an enforced  federal Bill that will tighten the  regulation of doctors and clarify the obligations of the medical and law-enforcement communities to report, communicate, act upon all of the suspected physician misconduct and patient neglect,  abuse.


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May 23, 2011

Liars still is what we seem to know describes too many of our politicians, civil and public servants, police and RCMP included and not just the phone companies

It seems clear to me we have in too many places even in the Canadian governments now have  hired too many realy bad and incompetent managers, supervisors, all those persons now  who are too stupid to do a good job, for anyone who foolishly, stupidly  tries now to tells me that more money and more employee training will solve their employees ineffectiveness has already missed the boat and has now undeniably too hired already really bad people firstly  to start of with, these  same unacceptably  bad people who should all be fired and replaced with good workers immediately.

Liars and even alcoholics unacceptably too still is what we seem to know describes too many of our  politicians, civil and public servants, police and RCMP included!

I really do get rightfully upset when some no good immoral employee at a phone company lies and tries to blame me for not paying my monthly bill on time, or tries to screw me with their false CONTRACT DEMANDS,  or some civil servant lyingly tries to avoid work or falsely blame me for the delay in their work of looking after me.. as it has even happened to me too many times this year alone.

While it is true still that many of the  cops, civil and public servants, politicians, divorcees, priests and pastors  included now,  are still now mostly liars claiming to be REALY here to serve the good welfare of the people, even caring about their own  family too and yet they are rather still mainly building up their own castle, their own welfare, doing their ownthing, took the job mostly to get more wealth, but they will not find a full satisfaction, reward in what they do  rather   will likely learn is as  per (Proverbs 22:1 KJV)  A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. (Ecclesiastes 7:1 KJV)  A good name is better than precious ointment; and the Day of death than the day of one’s birth.

THESE PERVESE PERSONS Expecting personally blessings, rewards,regards, honours like Haman in Esther 7:10  instead they are reaping the shame, exposures of their own bad doings.. and do see and the creditor has come..

We all can now too readily by know about the RCMP officers who gave their lying version even to the Queens courts as to why they had murdered an innocent Polish Immigrant Robert Dziekanski, 40 at the Vancouver airport.. read RCMP, police services, Revenue Canada, Civil and public servants

Many of us also do too readily know that too many of our politicians, public and civil servants  do lie and they do not even try to keep their original election promises too..

In the last year alone I have had major problems myself in getting decent, valid tangible services from Bell, Virgin Mobile Canada, Roger and Primus customer support and billing representatives just for a start.

Now months later I am even still waiting now even for too many months for a promised final updated accurate cell phone billing and related refund from my cell phone company Bell – Virgin Mobile Canada as well even though the Quebec law, Bill states that I should have it within 15 days

and yes there are some good persons, but not in the big corporations, churches, politics or in the governments it seems these days

I happened to also rightfully believe that some of the most stupid, immoral politicians are those who legalize / make gambling, divorce, alcohol, immoralities, euthanasia more easily neglecting eventualy the high overall costs next to taxpayers, societies as a result..


May 22, 2011

The people with a past big clout in Canada 2011

Even a sword is really still a useless weapon if you do not use it , use it properly too.. Both the federal and provincial governments, as well as the news media can make significant positive changes, when they want too.. but the federal government’s power is Canada wide..
The Office of the Prime Minister   
The federal Cabinet  includes
The Honourable Bernard Valcourt Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
–  The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
–  The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson Minister of National Defence
–  The Honourable Rona Ambrose  Minister of Health
The Honourable Diane Finley Minister of Public Works and Government Services  .
The Honourable Tony Clement President of the Treasury Board
The Honourable James Michael Flaherty Minister of Finance
The Honourable Jason Kenney Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism
The Honourable John Baird  Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird;
The Honourable Christian Paradis Minister of International Development and Minister for La Francophonie
The Honourable James Moore Minister of Industry
The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq Minister of the Environment, Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
and Minister for the Arctic Council
The Honourable Lisa Raitt Minister of Transport
The Honourable Gail Shea Minister of Fisheries and Oceans
The Honourable Julian Fantino Minister of Veterans Affairs
The Honourable Steven Blaney Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness,
The Honourable Edward Fast Minister of International Trade
– The Honourable Gerry Ritz Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
The Honourable Joe Oliver Minister of Natural Resources
The Honourable Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay Minister of National Revenue
The Honourable Shelly Glover Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
The Honourable Chris Alexander Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
The Honourable Kellie Leitch Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women
The Honourable Maxime Bernier Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism, and Agriculture)
The Honourable Lynne Yelich Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular)
–  The Honourable Gary Goodyear Minister of State (Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario)
–  The Honourable Rob Moore Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)
–  The Honourable Tim Uppal Minister of State (Multiculturalism)
The Honourable Alice Wong Minister of State (Seniors
The Honourable Bal Gosal Minister of State (Sport)
The Honourable John DuncanMinister of State and Chief Government Whip
The Honourable Kevin Sorenson Minister of State (Finance)
The Honourable Denis Lebel Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs
and Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec
The Honourable Pierre Poilievre Minister of State (Democratic Reform)
–  The Honourable Candice Bergen Minister of State (Social Development)
The Honourable Greg RickfordMinister of State (Science and Technology,
and Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario)
The Honourable Michelle Rempel Minister of State (Western Economic Diversification)
The Honourable Peter Van Loan Leader of the Government in the House of Commons
Imagine how many Liberals supporters will next lose their jobs  now and be replaced with the Conservatives friends too. History repeats itself. The Liberals had though contributed to their own demise even by their false arrogance.
Now they too do clearly now do need better managers and better employees.. Canada’s main hiring problems is that too often the general manager tends to hire friends or friends of friends as subordinate managers.. all meaning next that you cannot discipline or manage any of them, or fire them.. so the subordinate employees also tend to be aware of it too.. they also next tend to do the minimum amount of work that they can get away with and not be blamed for.. so the firm’s or department whole productivity is next at an all time low and eventually all of these now bad firms, departments next do pay for it, their reputation goes down, even their stock prices go down, and their profitability as well, etc. Firing now next the general manager does shake up the pecking order and it tends to get an increase of the profitability, productivity
Note this that Opposition Leader Jack Layton said he will name his shadow cabinet after his biggest-ever 103-member caucus meets in person for the first time early next week. While he wouldn’t give any names, he did signal that women would play a major part of his front bench — unlike the cabinet Harper unveiled Wednesday, which gave 10 of 39 appointments to women. The NDP has 42 female MPs, the largest percentage of women MPs of any caucus..

.. Possible next election issues such as –

– the big telecommunication firms such as Bell, Rogers that have many customers complaints that are abusing , price gouging their customers, behaving in a dictatorial manner

– the need for a new and more effective homeland security , police force to the replace the inadequate RCMP and the inadequate CISS. they all are a big joke…

– Policing in all of Canada is a big farce, a big pretence, with too many bad and abusive cops hired firstly

– the rather too often ostrich health ministers still do generally refuse to basically address the clearly still inadequate Medicare, health system and it’s serious shortcomings.

Many persons in this decade in Canada are still also getting a hospital acquired sickness and many are even dying from it still too.. It is really unbelievable that many people are dying in hospitals even because of the shit disease, c-difficile still.. a common sickness spread and escalated even because the hospital’s bathrooms also are not being cleaned adequately still and so this sickness it next spreads easily. Lazy Hospital employees are gossiping, goofing off, socializing, having a good time while patients die as a direct result now too. Poor house cleaning in hospitals is never ever acceptable. And absolutely o one gets punished for it, not the health ministers, not the hospital administrators as well and this also is never ever acceptable.

Did you ever notice how the rather too often ostrich health ministers still do generally refuse to basically address the clearly still inadequate Medicare, health system and it’s serious shortcomings. Medicare which is like a an old, run downed, over used,vehicle that now needs long delays, loads of money , continually repair, and very expensive maintenance. You also do find out how the bad, 9-5 Medicare system even in the major cities now is when you do go to use it, when you really do need it. You also find out the common long delays to even try to get adequate medical treatments for your minor or serious problems, serious sicknesses and you also do find out firsthand that Medicare is not fully covered, not fully available readily for all your Medicare needs and you do find out that it is short staffed in optometrists, dermatologists, cardiologists, in many of the areas that your general practioner, family doctor generally refuses to touch, get involved in, mostly because he or she is incompetent to deal with these areas. None of this perverse, pretense Medicare, Ministers are acceptable.

A person shared with me recently the too common fact that the “customer relationship” departments or even the “hospital ombudsmen”, “provincial ombudsman” for that fact now, they are now a too often are perverse public relationship affair, or the institution’s lies or the spin doctors, bullies, mostly who are liars, con artists and truly they are not there at all to serve the best interest of the citizens, customers. These rather too often price gougers too still do seem falsely to like to find any excuse to stick more charges to the customers even

In Canada today it is a well known and documented fact that the majority of our major telecommunication firm’s customer care and/or billing departments even those of Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, Primus are still now very abusive too often towards the customers , they are too often useless, pretentious, immoral even, and the words “customer care” here clearly are misleading, false, they rather are paid company employees who look after the customer’s sole interest who quote the firms own policies, rights, demands.. These same mostly self serving firms and department, persons tend to disrespect even the federal and provincial laws, the consumer protection laws included as ai have found out myself many times now too. They all tend to firstly really not care about any of the customer’s personal abuses, hardships, losses, pains, concerns for almost all of these corporations solely care only about the firm’s own profitability, and their sole, bottom line for them is making more of the almighty buck not matter what the costs, even to the customers.

Did you also not notice how they all tend to lie and make openly a public claim that they have the best, have the fastest speeds, have a good customer services now as well.. for they all seem to have to advertise falsely what is thus clearly not visible to many.. they seem to have to continually advertise for new customers cause they have a hard time keeping many of the old ones..

Speaking of the too often unacceptable corporate false misleading adverting’s, distortions of the realities even the pharmaceutical firms are also of the this when the use terms like the best, number one, fast relief, extra strong, rapid release, tested which is not true for every sickness or for every sick person.. all this is an ongoing false play on words misleading the average consumers and not helping them to get the medical relief they want, need.

The law already clearly specifies that to be valid a contract between two parties has to be also fair to both of the parties involved, but sadly almost all OF Canada’s telecommunications firms have a grossly one sided contract terms, definitions that mainly dictates out the rights of the firms only and not the customers rights, and this is grossly both illegal and immoral. Public exposure and prosecution of the liars, bullies, abusers, guilty firms serves everyone’s best interest.

Now I had called the customer care department at Primus to confirm my cancellation of their Primus phone services, because they had lied when they had promised now to all the lowest phone bill, and I had asked them Primus if they would confirm the cancellation to me in writing, but they Primus had replied that there was no need to since they Primus had a record of my phone conversation and the details, Now anyway I next immediately confirmed the cancellation date as well to them Primus in writing, and the Quebec law required they Primus give me a full billing balance statement and a full refund within 15 days. But next Primus disregarded my requests, and the Quebec law, and they Primus had next falsely had continued with the cancellation as per their own way as they Primus saw fit to do so, as per their own Primus policies. When I had called the Primus customer care back, had even spoken next to the Primus immediate supervisor, to confirm my objection of their Primus poor actions, abuse of my personal rights, they Primus told me that they themselves Primus had now no right to deal here with my issues, objections, concerns matters and I should contact instead their Primus legal department.. what a useless and immoral, pretentious Primus customer care department now as well. It seems that even the majority of the major telecommunication firms customer care departments they are are useless, , pretentious, immoral even, bullies. The too often perverse internal self regulation by these firms is just more unacceptable masturbation.

Clearly as per here too Primus and even most of these big corporations falsely and unacceptably do still believe that they are still above giving accountability to anyone and they do nor have to respect even the provincial laws.

The RCMP commercial crime division itself does not care if the citizens get robbed, abused by these major firms cause it is a known fact that the RCMP itself has abused the taxpayers, their money too and RCMP is also known to be cost infective, abusive, pretentious and it the RCMP as well needs to be full prosecuted and disbanded too.

Many persons in this decade in Canada are still also getting a hospital acquired sickness and many are even dying from it still too.. It is really unbelievable that many people are dying in hospitals even because of the shit disease, c-difficile still.. a common sickness spread and escalated even because the hospital’s bathrooms also are not being cleaned adequately still and so this sickness it next spreads easily. Lazy Hospital employees are gossiping, goofing off, socializing, having a good time while patients die as a direct result now too. Poor house cleaning in hospitals is never ever acceptable. And absolutely o one gets punished for it, not the health ministers, not the hospital administrators as well and this also is never ever acceptable.

Did you ever notice how the rather too often ostrich health ministers still do generally refuse to basically address the clearly still inadequate Medicare, health system and it’s serious shortcomings. Medicare which is like a an old, run downed, over used,vehicle that now needs long delays, loads of money , continually repair, and very expensive maintenance.

You also do find out how the bad, 9-5 Medicare system even in the major cities now is when you do go to use it, when you really do need it. You also find out the common long delays to even try to get adequate medical treatments for your minor or serious problems, serious sicknesses . And you also do find out firsthand that Medicare is not fully covered, not fully available readily for all your Medicare needs and you do find out that it is short staffed in optometrists, dermatologists, cardiologists, in many of the areas that your general practioner, family doctor generally refuses to touch, get involved in, mostly because he or she is incompetent to deal with these areas.

It is also an undeniable fact that too many seniors are poor, the do not spend enough money on food and thus get sick more easier, as well as one ages one has less strength to do house cleaning, especially elderly seniors and as a result they too easily pick up infections at home as a result as well and do pass it on to many others as well.


None of this perverse, pretense Medicare, Ministers are acceptable.


May 18, 2011

RCMP, police services, Revenue Canada, Civil and public servants

Today corruption. INCLUDING WHITE COLLARED CRIMES, is one of the world’s most talked about social problem. It is also very positive that people around the world are demanding more accountability from the  Governments , Civil and public servants, professionals too  All of our Public institutions such as Parliament, provincial legislatures and councils must  also seriously play their managerial, oversight role to ensure that all  public resources are properly accounted, allocated and thus insure always that there is efficient, honest  spending and value for money.  Accountability in the public service was, is  as important as full  Human Resource Management insuring that the public sector is working to a higher, decent  levels of performance, effectiveness and accountability, as the prosperity of societies are depended on the ethical, efficient, dedicated and well-trained civil service but that falsely  is still too often not the case.


Sin, abuse, corruption is a local and world wide on going event.. so everyone needs to be supervised, even cops, pastors, civil and public servants, teachers, accountants, lawyers and professionals.. The federal government is the biggest employer in Canada and  fails to properly mage them still.  There is an ongoing essential big need still of enforcing the code of conduct for public servants to ensure the highest degree of responsibility, transparency and accountability in managing public funds. The governments  should visibly  guarantee justice is enforced  in all of the distribution of  taxpayer’s money, resources and that more anti-corruption efforts are expedited Canada wide too. Those who are proven involved in graft should be tried before the judiciary. Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the guilty persons serves everyone’s best interests.   The reputation of public servants and the governments are  not great especially at this particular point in time. “There’s no moral high ground for anyone.” The general cynicism of the public,   is being fed by the corruptions exposures in Quebec, and by a steady diet of the too often  unnecessary labour strife,  as sadly some public-service unions have adopted ill advised, increasingly provocative tactics.  More of the even too often really bad civil and public servants, federal workers across the country need to face  spending cuts and layoffs. Cops and RCMP included. 


Most government budget cuts falsely hit front-line services not the self serving, public and civil service personnel, back room waste, budget watchdog says  “There are significant reductions that could have potential service level impacts,”  About 85 per cent of these false  savings appear to come from programs for Canadians




The Government in Ottawa wants better productivity, so why not now even measure its own? as  it only fair that these ministers also thus be judged on their own exemplary productivity  performance, and that of the ministries they represent.  As Unfortunately, no mechanism still exists to measure productivity in the public sector  the way it’s measured in the private sector. Yes the public sector has a massive impact on the productivity performance of  the country. The federal service alone employs 400,000 people and the public  sector (factoring in all levels of government and not-for-profit organizations)  represents 25% of Canada’s total GDP. So, why hasn’t the development of a  productivity measurement tool become a priority? Canadians often associate productivity in the public sector with service  efficiency. In other words, if one has to stand in line for only 10 minutes to  get a passport application processed, rather than 45 minutes, then government is  being more productive.  And an increase in  the number of poorly managed, poorly selected civil servants would not improve productivity performance. The  growing ranks of poorly managed  too often immoral, buck passing  public and civil -sector workers don’t   translate into a better  front-line service delivery.


There are about 19,200 regular members and another 3,760 civilians in the RCMP. RCMP racks up $800M in overtime in 5 years The total does not include extra duty pay for standby or operational readiness.

When the Liberals were in power, they now had managed  the RCMP more effectively

It is a well known fact that the RCMP as well are not cost  effective. AND THAT THEY do not try to save  THE TAXPAYERS MONEY.- Ottawa riot cops who answered a midnight call and raced to make it to Toronto by Sunday morning each billed $2,079.99 for a single  day’s work. Three police officers from the tiny township of Stirling-Rawdon made more than $25,997.66 in overtime pay alone. One Hamilton cop earned $31,590.27 in six weeks. These are three examples of the premium payouts the RCMP made to out-of-town police officers to patrol last summer’s G8/G20 summits in Huntsville and Toronto. The Mounties’ contracts with “partner” police agencies, obtained by the CBC through Freedom of Information laws   detail how hundreds of police officers from outside the GTA drew lucrative contracts laden with overtime and vacation bonuses.–out-of-town-cops-reaped-millions-for-g20-work?
From the hosting of the APEC conference in Vancouver in 1997 to the more recent events surrounding the G20 summit in Toronto in June 2010, the perception was left that the Mounties put government and economic interests ahead of the safety of citizens.
It is ALSO undeniable that  the RCMP, police services, Revenue Canada, Civil and public servants in Canada are too often a pretentious force Canada wide too even in my own direct experiences, that last many decades, but the RCMP did too often give me in 4 provinces undeserved speeding tickets.. since that seems to be another good profit generating revenue source. Meanwhile some civil servant is now even giving me false problems about my retirement pension still too?
All professionals the Cops, RCMP, judges, doctors, lawyers are to be held to a higher exemplary standard and not a lower one..
Another Citizen extremely disappointed with the RCMP regarding even Wade Cahill a break and enter on his boat, and theft “Last year my boat was broken into the same day as this individual was arrested outside Superstore. In fact, the constable who came to my boat told me they had him in custody.At the time, I lost more than $2,000 of items including a brand new Mac laptop, two passports and other pieces of identification. I see this as a failure of the RCMP to understand that break and enters are just as important as other crimes and maybe they should spend more time investigating them. This is especially the case where an individual who had been breaking into boats and was caught within 500 metres of my boat in the Discovery Harbour Marina. I feel I have been victimized by the criminal and by the RCMP on their failure to conduct a thorough investigation. I would like a response as to why fingerprints were not taken and also if this individual was ever investigated for my break and enter? I was, at one time, a supporter of the RCMP and police in general, but I am starting to believe many of the items we read about in the media and some of the antics members of the force have been up to. The constable who investigated my break and enter did not seem to care and, generally, was not interested. Also, when I came to the RCMP station to drop off a list of the stolen items, the civilian member at the counter was rude and abrasive to me. This seems to be the typical response to policing in this town as I have never lived in a town where I see so many drunken adults or stoned drug addicts every day. Jim Spowart, Campbell River BC”
Certainly still all those small prolific criminal offenders, tax evaders, drug users, those completely intoxicated persons, committing break ins, thefts, vandalizing, committing public fornication, and driving drunk and doing all those things that nobody in the community wants to see, they still should all receive adequate police attention and not just those with the major profit generating criminal, acts
Meanwhile the BC RCMP’s Federal Integrated Proceeds of Crime (IPOC) unit is putting new meaning to the old adage that crime doesn’t pay with almost $16 million worth of assets for 2010 currently being contested in the court system, and the IPOC says they have even bigger numbers in the works for 2011.In 2010, IPOC’s Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU) referred 145 cases to the British Columbia Civil Forfeiture Office for civil action.
But none of this is big news even for decades as the RCMP and Canada’s police forces too often do concentrates on big cases and neglects the smaller criminals. Canada’s major crooked business persons and tax evaders.

Canadian civil servants cashing in on sick days. A report says public sector employees take an average of 12.9 days a year. The private sector businesses; firms with fewer than 20 people take 6.7 days off while those with more than 500 use 9.1 days. CFIB President Dan Kelly says civil servants have adopted a culture of entitlement in taking extra time off. “It drives Canadians crazy that those supported by their tax dollars… that they feel somehow more entitled to take more time off than they can themselves.” Some civil servants are even allowed to bank their unused sick days. Kelly calls it a perverse idea and unfair to other Canadians. “Sometimes people are retiring six months early or getting cheques for several thousands of dollars for their retirement, and I think that’s just converted straight into an entitlement for civil servants,” he explains. Our federal employees are the worst culprits, using on average 15.2 days a year.  “We think sick days should be used only when you’re sick,” says Kelly.–canadian-civil-servants-cashing-in-on-sick-days
The Public Service Commission’s disciplinary boards have even investigated selected  violations of the estacode by civil servants who carried out undeclared private work,  leading to direct sanctions. But not enough is being done even here.
THE  FALSE MONEY REVENUE. AS A parking officer single-handedly  COLLECTED  $4 million  FINES 
Meanwhile an auditor at the Montreal Canada Revenue Agency received $150000 from the president of a company shortly after it got a favourable tax ruling, a recent RCMP search warrant says. Quebec tends to be soft on crime
And the governments should also stop subsidizing with social aid the too often bad cops and and civil and public servants we do now have in Canada
-The study also proposes to eliminate the family class of immigrants — a group that consists in large part of parents and grandparents with scant language or job skills (and who likley commit income tax evasion..) . Under the new rules, only spouses and dependents could immigrate; as an exception, the study proposes that parents and grandparents might be sponsored through an annuity program funded by their younger relatives. The argument here is that older, unemployed immigrants do use our health-care system, benefits but don’t ( or did not) pay the taxes that fund it.
The governments in addition they realy should establish a policy anyone caught making a profit from a crime, or tax evasion in Canada who is not a Canadian citizen should be deported immediately.

Now in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others…  immigration rules will have to be amended to “tilt the balance” and make it more difficult for foreign criminals to argue against deportation in court.

The foreign nationals can be deported when they:

• Are convicted of a criminal offence.

• Have breached immigration rules.

• Have established a family .. while living in the country illegally.

• Have to rely on benefits to house their family.

and this should apply ASAP to all new immigrants to Canada who now have committed major tax evasions and had lied about their true economic status while applying for a pension supplemental..
 ..what about real justice in Canada and not more pretend ones..

May 17, 2011

It is about time but still not enough


BC civilian to be in charge of investigating when police are accused Winnipeg Free Press – ‎VICTORIA – The BC government has introduced legislation to appoint a civilian to oversee investigations when police officers are accused of wrongdoing.

“B.C.’s office will investigate a broader range of police-involved incidents than Ontario’s model and be more independent than Alberta’s, reporting to the attorney general rather than the minister responsible for policing,” Solicitor General Shirley Bond told the legislature in introducing the bill.
.. what we still do need is real justice in the courts as well..

Ever notice how Hospital ombudsmen, Self regulation society, health ministers they tend not to reply to your letters of concerns


Now for over one year I have been writing to the appropriate federal and provincial parties , such as health Ministers, Ministers for seniors, Hospital Ombudsmen, health boards, ombudsman ABOUT THE DEFINITE INADEQUACIES I HAVE SEEN IN TOO MANY LOCAL MONTREAL HOSPITALS and I even posted my complaints on the net, in all that time did one person every reply, adequately deal with any of it.. not at all. all these realted definate political  liars seem only to be caring about me only when it is election time.. Unacceptable.
More competent doctors are needed and not more useless nurses or more beds
But guess what I did get 2 letters of reply from the Prime Minister office of Stephen Harper at least in regard to bad Bell Canada and also about my retirement pension..
..reality bites

the false prophets, self serving liars, spin doctors


You know that in the daily real life now there are a major amount of significant portion of people in the population that that are unacceptable major liars, OR SPIN DOCTORS, PERSONS WHO HAVE A HIDDEN AGENDA, sometimes not that well hidden, and that often now even includes ; too many politicians , business persons, professionals even such as pastors nurses, doctors, cops, civil servants, too many of those who do make a claim they are here to serve you when in fact the are basically still self serving, looking mainly after number one and that is themselves.
In real life yes there are much too many false prophets, self serving liars, spin doctors that we all do need to look out for, and not just the bad car salesmen or the bad car mechanics.
One of the very unacceptable lies that some spin doctors falsely try to promote as being the truth is that anyone consuming alcohol in moderation is acceptable, even good for you.. and in reality nothing can be further from the truth for in reality alcohol damages your brain cells even every single time you consume it. (Prov 20:1 KJV) Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.
Do see Alcohol..

Binge drinking affects long-term memory: study Toronto Sun – Thane Burnett – ‎There may be a longer-term impact on Canadian youth who binge drink than just how crappy they feel in the morning. It’s likely robbing some of long-term memories, new research has found.

And here is another one of those too common, unacceptable lies you do hear from more spin doctors.. one you do hear often from the cell and phone companies.. they have done their own surveys and found out that most customers are satisfied with their phone services, customer billing services, only a small percentage of persons are dissatisfied.. Do see Virgin Mobile
and note this the city of Montreal has approved a supposedly great economic plan  of a $108-million bailout package for the Montreal  Bixi bike-sharing program. City council had voted 35-25  in favour of the package, initially proposed by mayor Gérald Tremblay. The package includes $37-million to cover Bixi’s deficit, and another $71-million in loan guarantees to export and develop the system abroad. But  how in the world can these guys now even next still make money when they rent the Bikes for 5 dollars  day and they say it costs about $7,500 per bike to purchase,manufacture, install  the bike and related services.. in the end so who is serving whom? 85 percent of the Montreal  citizens surveyed had opposed this economic package too.
And here are some more unacceptable spin doctors lies we often do now encounter too;
– Most people are basically good and honest… our civil and public servants, professionals included now
– All religions are basically the same.. It does not matter what you believe in as long as you do believe in something … dream on..
– We are here to serve you -Do see ..“We’re here to help. Contact us.” and For sure They will make it worse.
– Gambling is not harmful to you..
– Bad cops can be retrained.. The bad RCMP
– Self regulation works well, self regulation of firms, professionals, cops included or is immoral masturbation too often?
Medicare cannot be improved without injecting more money- Do see
– All of the medicines available in pharmacies these days have been accepted, tested and have no dangerous side effects- ha ha ha All pharmacists do note – Why do we pay so much for drugs?
– We need to legalize marijuana do see Don’t be stupid and try pot or decriminalize marijuana
– The government cares and now has done all that it can do to help the citizens, consumers,and there is nothing more it can do.
…in real life you always have to be careful

May 10, 2011

More competent doctors are needed and not more useless nurses or more beds

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I also do watch the medical news on TV and the net about medicare and it seems they are firstly  more interested in attracting readers and not being of service to the citizens by helping to work towards viable solutions, and by their sensationalized, often distorted reporting it seems some of the news media they and I live in two different worlds. My view is simple Medicare was, is here  to help all Canadians all the time as well.. and anyone who stands in the way of any of this should be both exposed and prosecuted now!


CANADA’S TOO OFTEN POLITICALLY CORRECT NEWS MEDIA LIES, AVOIDS AND DISTORTS THE TRUTH about Canada’s Canada wide poor medicare system especially when it says now that we need to  have more money to hire more nurses and now having also more hospital beds and more nurses  is the answer.. when any nurse will even tell you the doctors are the first ones that firstly do need to be properly supervised, and the nurses too are useless since the nurses are just basic bed pan changers and not any serious medical practioners.


Now take this recent example.. Overcrowding at the Montreal Pointe Claire West Island General hospital emergency ward. Lazy, pretentious Nurses wrongfully walk off the job, refuse to work last week at the emergency at the Montreal west pointe Claire General hospital while the ongoing  dishonest, pretentious hospital administrator says in reply that the main problem is a nursing staff shortage..but the reality is that this hospital and the managing Quebec government have mis-advertised and overbooked, over sold its medical services. This is an inadequate, pretentious hospital firstly that is not adequately equipped, staffed. Yes  this still too small hospital undeniably still has firstly even a definite shortage off adequate doctors, proper medical equipment and facilities for a long time now too as I had even detailed all last year now too. And according to an informal CFCF TV poll 54 percent of the persons believed the nurses were wrong to have walked off the job.
It is no surprise that the emergency wards in Hospitals tend to be overcrowded since doctors tend to work mostly 9-5 weekdays while sick people are sick 7 days a week, 24 hours per day and a hospital is the best place you are likley to get help for a serious sickness too.
100 nurses will still not make even one competent doctor nor 25 pharmacists too .
Here is another example of the too often useless nurses, I personally had a serious foot infection, a foot disease and the local pharmacists were unable to help me, and since the skin specialists tend to be busy, hard to access I next had visited a local CLSC nursing center, the main nurse asked me fully appropriate medical questions in detail, and wrote a full report on my condition .and after she had wasted an hour she recommended next that I instead do visit a local medical clinic and see a doctor right away. Which I next had done so. The doctor did not even look at the nursing report, he instead looked at my  foot and immediacy prescribed a appropriate antibiotic cream, pills as well. The useless nurse was a complete waste of my time. In 8 years after my seeing 8 doctors none of them were able to help me, but a two week bathing in the warm ocean water healed it.
Three of the clearly sad aspects of Medicare, medical  care in Canada too often are that 
1: Too many of the sick patients have spend a lifetime getting sick and they seem next to want an immediate instant, permanent  cure, even without any effort, work , inconvenience,pain  or fuss on their own parts. Here they do too often unrealistically expect rather the pretentious ambulance doctor to even come to their home and find, and next to deliver  an instant medical cure for their major ailment.
2: Also  they do all mostly  fail to realize that the family doctor he or she cannot basically help them when they develop a major sickness,  in the 20 minutes allotted to him or her every 3 months for he or she firstly basically cannot realistically help the patient, they thus really cannot discover their major sickness for he or she does not have the time, resources to do so. Hiring more nurses   receptionists helps nothing here
3: Only the overcrowded already major hospitals have the staff, resources, equipment to help people who have a serious sickness and they tend to have their own schedules, priorities. They work weekdays 9-4 only.
4: And Fourthly even the generally over priced  price gouging, often not fully medically competent pharmacist, pharmacies, and the dermatologist  included are basically no help in what they recommend,prescribe if you have a major illness to.. for example a major unknown foot disease..
Now with Canada rapidly aging seniors population their medical care will certainly only get worse based on how pretentions and our still mostly useless our health ministers, politicians too  tend to be in all this too..

Canada is already known for having bad pretentious civil and public servants that do not care about others good health too.


For example Walkerton is a relatively small community located in Ontario. The water supply for the town of Walkerton was operated by the Walkerton Public Utilities Commission, with Stan Koebel as manager and Frank Koebel as water foreman both retaining their jobs through three decades of on-the-job experience. The water supply became contaminated with the highly dangerous O157:H7 strain of E. coli bacteria, from farm runoff into an adjacent well that was known for years to be vulnerable to contamination. At least seven people died directly from drinking the E. coli contaminated water, who might have been saved if the Walkerton Public Utilities Commission had admitted to contaminated water sooner, and about 2,500 became ill. During the time of the tragedy, both Stan and Frank Koebel denied any wrongdoing and firmly held that the water at Walkerton was safe to drink. However, as the tragedy grew in severity the two were eventually part of the criminal investigation into the tragedy, and, as a result, both would eventually plead guilty to a charge of common nuisance through a plea bargain. In their plea, they admitted to falsifying reports and Frank admitted to drinking on the job. They were both formally sentenced on December 21, 2004, with Stan receiving a year in jail and Frank nine months of house arrest.


Here is another example- Curtis David Paradee, 42, was arrested   after the US Department of  Homeland Security contacted police in Canada about contact being  made with a young American girl over social media. This chairman of the police commission in Taber, south of Calgary, has been arrested and charged with child pornography offences,  Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) had said. Investigators allege Paradee posed as a teenage boy to interact via various social media with a 15-year-old girl in the New York area. He is accused of asking the girl to perform sexual acts on live video chats. The offences are alleged to have happened between July and October 2010.

Canada’s ridiculous Health care system is now also very poorly managed, in fact it is mismanaged for decades too, just like all of the federal and civil public servants, RCMP, cops, now are as well and all now undeniably too..


OTTAWA –The Harper Government has failed to provide national leadership on tacking the critical issues facing Canada’s health care system, says New Democrat Health Critic Libby Davies.  Davies was reacting to conclusions outlined in today’s Canada Health Council’s report.“Canadians are concerned about the future of their health care system. Simply throwing more money at it will not solve the current challenges, you need better leadership,” said Davies.   The report confirms the Conservative government has failed to provide leadership on health care, including on important initiatives like a national pharmaceutical strategy, hiring more frontline health care professionals, expanded home care supports, shortened wait times, and an electronic health records system. ““Prescription drugs are one of the most expensive components of our healthcare system,” Davies said.  “The 2004 accord was supposed to implement a pharmaceutical strategy to reduce prescription drug costs. But because of the lack of federal leadership, this has not happened.” The report also brings into question whether the Conservative’s can properly negotiate the 2014 Health Care Accords.“While health care delivery is under provincial jurisdiction, the federal government still has an important role to play. The federal government must bring together the provinces and territories and set measureable targets and outcomes.  Only by doing this can the government ensure that every Canadian, no matter where he or she lives, can have access to high quality and timely health care services,” concluded Davies.


It’s been seven years and billions of dollars, but Canada’s health-care system has only made incremental progress toward goals its own leaders set out for it  with much fanfare in 2004. While maybe the prrovincial governments are making significant progress on the promises made in 2004 to improve health care, but there’s still a lot of work to do, according to the Health Council of Canada. Now the 10-year health accord struck in 2004. Progress Report 2011 focuses on wait times, telephone health advice services, electronic health records, pharmaceuticals and innovation but it does so at the expense of many other  basic medical care as well now. The Canadian health care system has moved very slowly — when it has not stalled  completely — towards meeting goals political leaders proclaimed would fix the  system for a generation. Pumping more cash into the health-care system won’t fix it without better planning , clear goals, plus  a lot better management  and managers now too.


All you have to do is to read and hear the Canadian news and you will know continually how the incompetent, pretentious the federal, provincial and municipal governments are and how they now do a really bad job of managing our tax dollars, and our civil and public servants and thus you will thus never be surprised as to why a major significant portion of your hard earned money continues wrongfully to go to taxes even under the new Conservative government.
Putting more of your tax dollars to cover the poor , pretentious, inadequate work of our politicians, civil and public savants is a continual waste, an attempt to fill a bucket full of large draining holes.
Even undeniably the Police and the RCMP are cost ineffective, not properly managed and that now also includes even our medicare system.
Once elected the elected representative and their staff tend to unreachable, uncaring and the only time you tend to hear from these now arrogant, uncaring, indifferent persons is at the next election times where they tend to make more lying promises not likely to be met again.
At re-election times they all do make promises, and once elected they even do make some laws, but they also do tend to pass the buck next generally as well. That is the unacceptable general problem with Canada’s pretentious politicians, consumer affairs Ministers, Health and justice ministers, Civil and public servants, the RCMP police included too often now as well who like to dump, dumb you, leave you on your own as quick as possible. Civil and public servants, and Phone cell companies employees are all very much the same,, they seem too often to lie claiming they will do a good job to get a pay but when it comes to delivering the work effectiveness promises they start to quote established polices.. buck passing excuses.
It is no surprise that the RCMP too often cannot catch the bad guys cause the RCMP management cannot even properly manage it’s bad RCMP officers effectively too. More revenue generating traffic tickets offenders is what the cops are only good at catching mostly still  too..


Canada is known for having incompetent managers for the most parts, because of the the tendency of the bad patronistic hiring practices where you put your friends into the top management job, AND YOU CANNOT FIRE, CHASTISE, REPLACE A FRIEND, YOU RATHER COVER UP FOR THEM. How many friends did our prime Minister Stephen Harper give jobs too like he did with Preston Manning now as well..


Face it also that the pretend local family doctor, general medical practioner cannot even help you when you do have a serious medical problem firstly, especially if you are a senior, a person over 45 years of age and you start to have many medical problems thus, for on his own all he or she the doctor can do is only deal with simple medical problems and he next does buck pass  everything else to someone else who likley will also pass it to someone else and that is firstly why so many people end up in the Hospital triage, urgency wards cause they are the only ones who tend to have the needed medical equipment who can actually help them but often still refuse to do so.
If you are seriously sick, do not have a minor ailment, most doctors still do really need proper medical testing equipment to find out what is wrong with you  which they do not have and  r and most of the basic prescribed medical tests as well now are  still pretentious, useless,  basic medical dinosaurs tests being carried out too often will not help you even still..
What we need is larger emergency rooms in Hospitals staffed with competent staff  and not more local useless and pretend, charge card happy local doctors..



I ALSO DO know for a definite fact that a Quebec provincial civil servant will not contact on your behalf a federal civil servant and vice versa.. and so how can you even expect a federally managed popper health care system.


More competent properly supervised, managed doctors are now needed and not more useless nurses or more beds..
Do now Hire more and more Nurses and fill the hospital bed for 6 weeks even and likely nothing good will still next happen to the sick patients rather, they may even get sicker, Nurses these days are too often pill dispensers, a job they   the Nurse s even often also Nurses cannot do right, and Nurses do even give wrong pills to the patients, a fact a Nurse recently admitted to me, for basically the rather often not satisfactory Nurse all she can do is to take the patient to the washroom, and leaves the sick person there. and next the Nurse even forgets where the patient is , the Nurse does looks for her, and the same Nurse even had forgotten about her in a washroom for 30 minutes as I saw firsthand this week. Because the Nurse is never ever firstly a competent doctor, the Nurse doctoring is like giving the Nurse a key to a pharmacy, and now the Nurse may basically know how to dispense the medicine but the Nurse does not know firstly what medicines even to prescribe ever and or how much.. or what the negative side effects are, so the Nurse here is still really useless.
All Nurses for a start today must have a university degree to be of some REAL use to the RECOVERY OF the sick patients basically.
Now here is another interesting facts I have too often now observed about being able to effectively help more people in them not getting sick even in the first place. It is a known, proven fact that the poor people do have more sickness and health problems , as well as seniors, over the others. One of the reasons for this is directly related to the quality of food that they do eat and purchase too. Many of these persons do now try to save money on food and they do try to use the saved money elsewhere, on what they personally do determine to be the more essential priorities, the poor and elderly persons now included. Some elderly people are saving money for their burial costs at the expense of their food, while many others are even trying to help financially their own relatives who supposedly are in need. As a direct undeniable result of them themselves now not eating proper meals regularly many of these same persons they do develop now even cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, kidney and liver problems as well, and they next do thus place a big physical and financial burden on our health care systems. One simple approach in dealing with this inadequacies is to issue to both the social welfare recipients and the seniors on supplemental pensions is non transferable food vouchers over giving them straight cash. I also do know that many care guardians do have to regularly inspect and dispose of bad or outdated food from refrigerators in a seniors place of residence.
More and more people I talk to agree with me that there are now much too many indifferent doctors and nurses, social welfare workers now too who all need to be held criminally responsible for their false, past neglect, abuse of their patients, people in their care in reality. I agree. I rightfully do now demand it.

May 9, 2011

Canada is already well known for having a perverse two tiered justice system


White persons and civil and public servants get false breaks, even in Quebec over the others…

Four Royal Canadian Mounted police officers who used a Taser on a Polish immigrant who died at Vancouver’s airport are facing perjury charges for their testimony at a public inquiry. The decision Friday came nearly a year after members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were lambasted by a commission examining the death of Robert Dziekanski, 40.But Richard Peck, a special prosecutor appointed to look into the case, declined to recommend charges against the officers relating to Robert Dziekanski’s death itself. Dziekanski died at Vancouver International Airport after being shocked five times with a Taser stun gun by police in 2007 in an incident that was widely seen around the world after the release of a witness’ amateur video. Polish Embassy officials said they’re disappointed that criminal charges aren’t recommended against the four police officers involved in the Taser related death of Robert Dziekanski. Commissioner Thomas Braidwood earlier had said that police were not justified in using the Taser on Dziekanski, and said the use of the stun gun and the physical struggle “contributed substantially to Mr. Dziekanski’s death.” The commission mandate prevented Braidwood from issuing a finding of criminal negligence, but he told reporters that accounts of the incident which the four officers gave under oath were not believable.  The police response was “shameful … they approached it like a pub brawl,” Braidwood said.
Canada is already well known for having a perverse two tiered justice system and the farce, circus gos on and one.. The various officers involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski and resulting RCMP management scandal should   be seen as representative of the entire RCMP, as the tip of the iceberg.. To address the obvious  yes there are problems within the RCMP, some very serious problems,  they lie, are not cost effective, abuse others for they are the Really Crazy Mounted Police..
hypocrites with a double standards.. and what else is new?

May 4, 2011

Killing one more major terrorist is it adequate, or enough? True or false?



Bin Laden has been brought to Justice. When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper  received the news of Osama Bin Laden’s killing with “sober satisfaction” he said it has brought justice to 24 Canadians who died in the 9/11

 Conservative leader Stephen Harper does now also say that  “it’s a very good thing and a measure of justice” that Osama Bin Laden is dead. However he says Bin Laden’s death won’t make terror threats go away because “there are too many people willing to fill his shoes.


Bin Laden Death Means Most 9/11 Conspirators Tracked Down


“”In the sense that the one who was responsible for the mass murder of 9/11 has been brought to justice, yes, we celebrate that,” the Pakistani imam of a suburban house of prayer told me. “Bin Laden is dead, that branch of al-Qaida is finished, the backbone has been broken. “But nothing will change. Thousands of madrassahs are teaching hatred against the West, and many of them are right in European countries. You go to a madrassah in Southall, London, and you won’t see any difference from a madrassah in Peshawar. “The killing of one Osama will not make a difference unless you eliminate all the breeding grounds of the madrassahs, and it is 25 years too late for that.” This was Nassem Mahdi, the spiritual leader of the Baitur Rahman Mosque in the suburbs of Washington, and formerly a longtime resident of Ontario. It was under his direction that the largest Muslim prayer hall in North America was erected in the suburbs of Toronto, a record that was broken only when the Imam built an even larger shrine in Calgary.”

No doubt about it some past promised 911 Justtice here had been served upon the 911 Muslim terrorists now.. but is it now really enough? or do we have to continue to be at war? For too many Muslims even in Canada sadly Bin Laden was a hero.. Bin Laden’s death removes but one head of the al-Qaida hydra. The death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on Sunday marks an important milestone in the global war against radical Islam. It may even represent a key point in that long struggle. But the conflict is far from over.It is highly unlikely that bin Laden’s death represents the turning point in the war against the Taliban and al-Qaida, but the death of the movement’s inspiration and figurehead is regarded here as a positive development. Winston Churchill perhaps captured the sentiment best when he said in 1942: “Now is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” ..

There will aways be wars.. religious wars too..

May 3, 2011

The Liberals in Quebec undeniably are known to be too soft on abusers, criminals, bad doctors and bad nurses, bad civil and bad public servants as well

Medical error alone affects nearly 25% of Canadians.
MONTREAL— The Health Ministry wants to know more about medical errors that occur in Quebec, so is setting up a central registry to track mistakes.  Since April 2009 all medical institutions in Quebec have had to keep tabs on accidents, but they have not had to account for the errors. The number of medical errors committed in Quebec each year is not known, but it’s estimated to be several thousand. And what else are the Hopsital medical staff, adminstrators hiding, the numbers of people murdered in Quebec Hopsitals, or old age homes, patients neglected, or had got a new  sickness in the hopsitals..
Look at this ridiculous act of the Quebec government.. The government has open a registry where any doctor  can post his or her  sins, specifically their medical errors, but the same Doctors, related Hospital, regional boards, administrators they still  are not obligated to do so and they will not be prosecuted if they do not do so.. so what shear ludicrously.. and what about the bad nurses now too?


The Cleary pretentious and visibly stupid Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc falsely still thinks that doctors on their own will readily admit to their medical errors so they can be next  sued and have their insurance costs go up? Not a chance..
We pay a significant part of the Doctors, Nurse education, development , Training  and then they falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances.
Now where is the immediate rightful real action on this whole related issues from all our elected officials, justice ministers, hospital administrators, health ministers?
Any ombudsman in response who now merely offers me a cup of cold tea when she should be immediately instead offering truckloads of acceptable medical services is a very unacceptable approach now as well

The Canadian citizens in 2011 have elected the federal government and the opposition party they wanted


IT WAS ALSO NDP Jack Layton himself now also who had  HELPED TO destroy  the Bloc Québécois in Quebec AND WHO  by splitting the vote with Liberals in Ontario, had also allowed the Conservatives to slip up the middle and win more seats in Central Canada to NOW be able to form a Conservative Majority government. And it was the VOTE anything but the BQ or the Conservatives voters plus NDP Jack Layton directly who had helped to turn Gilles Duceppe into the now removed Progressive Conservative party and the now gone Kim Campbell of the devastated BQ. It was also the NDP Jack Layton himself now who had helped to  kick the federal  Liberals into third place -the Liberal party’s worst election result ever.

With 99 per cent of polls reporting, the New Conservatives thus had won a majority government with 167 seats, for the first time followed by the NDP with 102 seats, the NDP is the new official oppostion party are also falsely known as the left leaning evil socialists, and the Liberals with 34 seats Canada wide, a great wipe out suffered their biggest historic defeat,

and the useless Bloc Québécois with 4 seats, now became an almost a non existent  devastated political party but  also the CONSERVATIVES IN QUEBEC GOT STILL ONLY 6 SEATS while the Liberals only got only 7 seats in Quebec, compared to the NDP 58 seats in Quebec, and the Green Party got only 1 seat in Canada.
Any Canadian federal party needs to capture 155 seats to win a majority in the Canadian House of Commons.
The clearly Christian Pretender and even a pretender Conservative Stephen Harper who acts basically as a Liberal even  finally getting a majority at any costs, by him clearly even not keeping his past election  promises, by his pork barrreling, by hiring friends, by lying, bullying, and abusing many others  in the process still now, was and  is one the saddest day in Canada. The Conservatives who only now got 40 percent of the votes and so they  didn’t even get 60% of the vote is a reality as to how many Canadians  do still dislike them..
Too bad that so little of those Canadian people that voted for him do not even  know what potential  harm they have done again to their country and their own families. These sadly more money hungry, clearly monetary led  misled people of Canada are still just the ordinary sheep  who will vote for anyone who tells them the lies they want to hear, and promises them more wealth, and more personal economic prosperity and also thus still will vote for anyone that smells of oil wealth .. even regardless of the actuall unacceptable  horrors associated with less gun controls, or that do even now befall the wildlife in the Alberta tar sands, or the related water pollution that was  used to extract their oil an own poison. Of course the Conservative spin doctors will point you to other facts,  causes..
Even the NDP offical opposition party party might have some difficulties balancing its fresh contingent of MPs from Quebec, who ran also on a program of strong Quebec nationalism, with the NDP grassroots supporters outside of the province. The NDP leader Jack Layton’s  will now have to satisfy his Quebec suporters without also upsetting his past  support base as the party will have to become somewhat more significantly Quebec-centred,
The NDP will need to work also  on how  to deliver their promises related to the desires, hopes and aspirations of Quebecers and helping to improve Canada’s troubled medicare, Canada’s health-care system – and the still burgeoning costs that do go with it – is a  major concern. Now  after five years in office and with the increasing anxiety among a majority of Canadians about our health care, the Conservatives now still have not made a single major policy initiative in an effort to mend it, improve it.
Liberal MP Justin Trudeau said he was pleased to see Quebecers jump ship from the separatist Bloc Quebecois, even if it wasn’t to join the Liberals. “(Quebecers) have stopped saying, ‘OK let’s just sit on the sidelines,'” he said. “I think we’ll look at a very different country in the coming years with Quebec playing a major role.”
The Conservatives gained 23 seats, mostly in Ontario, while the Liberals suffered overall a 43-seat drop. But the NDP, who nearly tripled their seat count, made a major breakthrough and mainly in Quebec, mostly at the expense of the Bloc,by the NDP  gaining 67 seats. The unexpected  loss of 45 Bloc seats in the province prompted party leader Gilles Duceppe to announce he would resign in days.

 No conservatives were elected on the island of Montreal..

1 BQ was elected on the island of Montreal only
7 Liberals were elected on the island of Montreal only
NDP was the dominant choice in Montreal, and in Quebec
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Clearly there was a great different voting pattern between the English and French speaking Canadians. The still disappointed majority Conservative government now still does not even have any major foothold in Quebec since they were and are completely out of touch with the needs, and the aspirations of the more socially concious French speaking Quebecers.
Stock Market plunges despite Conservative majority victory The Toronto Stock Exchange closed Tuesday’s trading session with its biggest one-day loss in almost two months. The Toronto stock market closed down more than 240 points Tuesday as commodities sold off after a long run-up in prices. The election of the Conservatives as a majority government did little to cushion the fall. Harper win touted to stabilize markets
“In tough times, we need an honest, trustworthy and transparent government. Mr. Harper and the Conservatives have consistently fallen short on this count, making honesty an expendable virtue more than a few times in the past several years.
More recently, and most disturbingly, Bev Oda thought it perfectly acceptable to alter the intended meaning of a legal document by 180 degrees after it had been signed. Most Canadians know that if they did such a thing while on the job, they would be out of one. Mr. Harper stood by her, effectively condoning such an act. This dishonesty transcends the kind of white lies that people expect of politicians; it suggests hostility toward the truth. Indeed, in some of the government’s stranger moments, the Conservatives appear to have lost touch with reality altogether, blinded by ideology while caught in their own spin cycle. Witness their response to being the first government in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament. To the Tories, this was a mere difference of opinion.

Conservatives often speak of having respect for law and order, an issue that resonates with all Canadians and crosses party lines. Why, then, did Mr. Harper choose to ignore the police report on the long-gun registry, which clearly describes the registry as a crucial weapon in fighting crime and gang violence?

Canada will face serious challenges in the years ahead. Like many Canadians, I’m convinced that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are not up to the job. My alternative endorsement echoes the now-famous one by Newfoundland and Labrador’s former premier, Danny Williams, during the last election: Anything But Conservative. Both Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton have given us far more reason to believe they are trustworthy, honest leaders who have a grip on the reality Canadians face. ”

Meanwhile even the Children in Canadian hospitals spend too much time on surgery wait lists, and it could negatively affect them for the rest of their lives, a new study says.

Canadian kids waiting too long for surgery: Study Toronto Sun – Children in Canadian hospitals spend too much time on surgery wait lists, and it could negatively affect them for the rest of their lives, a new study says.

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