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August 30, 2012

Quebec Taxpayers money and Brain Drain from Quebec

55 per cent of McGill MDs who finished their residency in 2009 were practising in Quebec as of July 2011, according to figures from the Canadian Medical Association. That compares with 91 per cent of Laval University medical grads who were still in province, 90 per cent from the University of Montreal and 76 per cent of Sherbrooke University trainees. The largest portion of departing McGill MDs — nearly half of those who left Quebec — went to Ontario. Tuition is heavily subsidized at the province’s universities, with the Quebec Education Ministry estimating it costs taxpayers upward of $160,000 to train each doctor.

A Quebec government under the Coalition Avenir Québec party would use the long-dormant notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to try to keep doctors who get trained in the province from leaving, CAQ leader François Legault says. “It doesn’t make sense that from McGill, after five years, half the doctors have left Quebec.”Legault, also has said med students from McGill University are especially guilty of exiting Quebec once they’ve finished their education. McGill makes money from Med students for foreign students that taxpayers pay for.

The question as to why they leave Quebec? is answered by the fact they basically had no initial intention of staying here, they used McGill’s reputation as a stepping stone for their career elsewhere.We should thus stop subsidizing their education.  François Legault had gotten copies of my blog too..

By the way we still need better supervision still of all of our doctors and nurses in Quebec too, and stop the illegal 2 tiered medical care system now too.

We all do deserve to get better and to get real medical services. People often complain to me they received poor medical care from a bad charge card happy doctor, and I know it is true, cause I have experienced it many times.

I have often seen it myself, too many nurses and McGill doctors wrongfully in no hurry to help the really sick persons. Now some of these clearly bad persons who still cannot face the negative reality about themselves, the ongoing especially bad nurses and doctors, lie and try to divert my truth by saying I hate doctors and nurses, so well let me make it very clear I do rightfully hate all bad, pretentious, lazy, no good doctors and nurses who are not doing their jobs properly and are causing other people to continue to suffer as a result.. so should we all.. and they should always be fired ASAP.. Hospital administrators included. Is that clear enough for them now? That includes now also all bad cops, bad politicians, bad church pastors, bad news reporters now too..
The McGill Montreal General Hospital cardiac Unit is a good caregiver but I tend to always to get better services at the University of Montreal Hospitals over the other McGill Hospitals.

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.. too many at McGill they clearly lack people skills due to the LOVE OF MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

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August 21, 2012

QUEBEC is continualy DIRTY



It has been an undeniable known fact that for decades and decades too many of the Quebec’s politicians and all of the related political parties now have wrongfully been too soft on crime, criminals even  in the municipal. provincial, federal governments, and above all even amongst themselves, and even at the professional levels.. We have had perversity involved even in building a Montreal Hospital, even in the Mayor’s own executive office. Bad management of resources and personnel is an unacceptable  sad fact of life here even in Hospitals, and with the Police, not just in the governments, and no one cared to deal with it. Tax evasion is an ongoing fact of life too.


MONTREAL—Montreal city council approved a series of projects worth $36 million on Monday night, including three contracts to firms connected to construction magnate Tony Accurso. Deemed “urgent” by the mayor, the work was approved despite strong resistance from the opposition. “It was a heartbreaking ethical dilemma,” said Olivier Lapierre, the spokesman for Louise Harel. “Some of those companies have been recognized guilty of fraud.” At the city council meeting on Monday, Harel objected vehemently to the votes being brought to the floor despite a provincial law requiring public bodies to stop doing work with firms found guilty of fraud.“We cannot accept being forced to vote knowing that certain legal moves were used to skirt the law,” said Harel on the council floor. According to Bill 35, the province’s construction regulator is required to strip firms of the right to bid for contracts after directors are found guilty of corruption. To circumvent the law, companies either remove offending directors or operate at arms-length from parties found guilty of fraud.One of Quebec’s richest men, Accurso has been arrested by both provincial and federal investigators on two separate occasions over the past six months. Operating over a dozen companies, the Surete du Quebec has identified a complex structure whereby Accurso indirectly runs companies registered in the names of family members.The Vision Montreal leader called for the mayor to join her in asking the provincial government to close the loophole that allowed for the contracts to go to Accurso-connected firms on Monday.According to Harel, Mayor Gerald Tremblay only complained about the loophole in June after a letter was sent from her office to Municipal Affairs Minister Laurent Lessard. “There is an urgency about contracts now, but the mayor was slow to move during the entire year,” said Lapierre. “Why did he wait?”


Proper medical care and not pretentious Medicare is still our Canadian right. And anyone who denies it needs to be incarcerated! Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, Premiers, Ministers included. We pay a significant part of the Doctors, Nurse education, development , Training  and then they falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances.  If you are a medical professional, a medical administrator, or a health minister and you had now failed to prevent the death of one persons even, or had specialty failed to properly treat their medical condition then that certainly is a prosecutable criminal offence and for certainty you need to be incarcerated for your coldness,, indifference towards others now too..

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August 12, 2012

The Alberta newspapers, News Media they now themselves too are perverts, patronizing criminal accomplices


Now you yourself can quickly note the dual morality of the Alberta News media, their hypocrisy, for they do not oppose   speeding tickets, but were quick to cry foul about the drunk drivers getting arrested and losing the use of their  cars.

Between Friday and Monday, Alberta authorities issued 5,140 tickets for a variety roadway offences ranging from impaired driving to speeding. The previous year, about 3,290 tickets were handed out.  Only 250 were related to drug and alcohol related charges


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The Alberta newspapers, News Media and Governments too they now themselves too are perverts, patronizing criminal accomplices when they agree with Alberta’s false, high money generating traffic quotas, money grab agenda.
Imagine this Canada’s clearly perverse Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Alberta Ministers go along with this perversity, teh false letter of the law approach in the very sad province. They all under they pretense of caring about highway safety the money hungry, promotional oriented, perverse cops do now go overboard in Alberta even for decades, they are criminals, vultures in fact..
It’s undeniable that even minor traffic tickets can lead to very significant  higher insurance premiums very profitable for the insurance industry.  
But in reality still  it is an undeniable fact that speeding causes less than 15 percent of serious accidents, but impaired driving causes the majority of the accidents, 70 percent, .. Now  if the majority of the accidents are caused by drunk, impaired drivers then the majority of the tickets should have been failry  issued to them now too..
by the way how many drunk cops were also arrested for  driving home drunk for the tavern, an undeniable continuous occurrence too… what none?
copy to:; ; ; ;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ;
 .. who says crime does not pay???
Short yellow light times at intersections have been shown to increase the number of traffic violations and accidents. Conversely, increasing the yellow light duration can dramatically reduce red-light violations at an intersection.Some local governments have ignored the safety benefit of increasing the yellow light time and decided to install red-light cameras, shorten the yellow light duration, and collect the profits instead. AND WHAT JUST BY ACCIDENT ONE OF THE CITIES WOULD BE IN ALBERTA TOO?

August 6, 2012

Quebec election: No money AVAILABLE for university students


Ironically and hypocritically  while the  Liberal Quebec Premier Jean Charest faced even still very numerous QUEBEC STUDENT PROTESTS about his plans to RAISE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION COSTS SIGNIFICANTLY and now also  faced  a new political  candidacy, the  anti-corruption hero Jacques Duchesneau, who had just  announced Sunday he is running for the Coalition Avenir Québec party , yes all while  the anti-corruption platform is also still  dominating too  headlines issue  in the Quebec province throughout the early days of this  QUEBEC  PROVINCIAL  ELECTION Campaign,  the same JEAN CHAREST HAD NOW  ALSO  NEXT HAD CLEARLY INDULGED in more corruption  by trying to BUY  VOTES, when he said, would  give $100 per child every year to families with children in public elementary schools. The initiative would begin in 2013 and would cost an estimated $45 million a year, assuming 450,000 eligible children. No money AVAILABLE  for university students Jean Charest  and his Liberals HAD CLEARLY said before his threat of clearly losing the election ehh..

A hero was born last September, when Jacques Duchesneau’s report for the  Quebec transport department on construction collusion was leaked to the media  (by Duchesneau himself, he recently revealed.) After Duchesneau concluded testifying on the pervasiveness of “dirty money”  in Quebec politics last June before the Charbonneau Commission, created as a  result of his leak, people approached him in public to encourage him to run for  office.They got their wish on Sunday, when François Legault introduced the  anti-corruption crusader as a candidate for Legault’s fledgling Coalition Avenir  Québec party.


Jacques Duchesneau presently states that the Quebec government, the Parti Quebecois and the City of Montreal lawyers are all now corrupted, bad but why did he leave out his fellow police offciers who had let the corruption go on the last 50 years at least

A report by French-language Radio-Canada said provincial police cancelled a surveillance operation , the report cited anonymous sources suggesting police get cold feet when an operation gets too close to the government. Read more:


so this is why corruption in Quebec continued for such a long time? and is this so now in other provinces as well?


According to PQ MNA Bernard Drainville, a questionable real estate deal  involving a piece of land on the south shore could link the Liberals with the  controversial Catania Construction company. He claims that at least $40,000 in political contributions from Catania was  rewarded with the $600,000 sale of land by the Riverside School Board to the  company. According to Drainville, the deal was approved without public tender by then  Education Minister Michelle Courchesne. At the time of the announcement, the Liberals also pledged $3.8 million in  public funds to support the project. The community centre was never built.  Instead, the company re-sold the land, to a condo developer for about $1.5  million. The PQ alleged that Catania made $1 million in profit. “It is not normal again that the Liberal interest is more important than the  public interest. It is not normal that Catania is making $1 million in less than  a year, while our school boards are crying for money and the south shore  community is asking for a new community centre,” said PQ MNA Bernard  Drainville.“Why is it yet again that the friends of the Liberal Party are cashing in on  public money while all these public needs that need to be fulfilled.”


What this not the first time Jean Charest’s government was accused of favoritism?  Similar allegations were made in a damning report by Jacques Duchesneau, the  former head of anti-corruption squad. All of those allegations are before a public inquiry being led by Justice  France Charbonneau. The findings from that commission will be released about two  weeks after Quebecers vote-in a new government. The Liberal timing of  of the election took this into account?

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August 5, 2012

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August 2, 2012

The Conservatives are really now no better over the Liberals in Canada

This is getting ridiculous.  When it comes to punishment for criminal, unacceptable bad  acts Canada for the last 50 years even has double standards, one for the ordinary Joe Blow and one for the Professionals, the  Professionals – Doctors and Nurses, CEO’s, Managers, Accountants, Police they  all  tend to get off Scott free, rewarded even..
For example do take the case of the Hamilton hospital shit disease where people got sick an died no one got punished for neglecting to clean properly the toilets, hospitals again.. or take the case where Alberta health system CFO quits, after his lavish spending revealed and supposedly will get a full severance package too.. Employee gets fired for misconduct and doesn’t even qualify for UI. If an Executive gets fired for misconduct, and so what they next do get to keep the villa, the Lexus and also get   a fat severance package. 
Even in Alberta  the feeling of entitlement with the too often western separatists is  similar to those facts also we hear about often happening  in Quebec, Ontario as well. Recently in Quebec at the Concordia University many professionals got ridiculous severance packages all at tax payer’s expense too, where “two long-time donors to Concordia University announced   they are no longer giving money to the school, in protest of what they consider financial mismanagement.” “Accusations of internal, university financial mismanagement have dogged not only Concordia, but other Quebec institutions in recent years as well. It has been an issue of contention in the ongoing tuition hike debate, with student leaders and researchers arguing that if institutions managed their public funding more responsibly, universities would not be “underfunded,” or in such dire financial straits. Notable examples include the failed Université du Québec à Montréal Îlot Voyageur project of 2005 – which involved the resignation of rector Roch Denis with a $173,000 severance package, a $200 million loan in-trust from the Quebec government, and more than $185 million in cost overruns – as well as a McGill’s 2009 $321,471 severance package to former VP Ann Dowsett Johnston. Since 2000, Concordia has paid out millions in settlements to departing administrators, dismissing two presidents since 2007. In 2010, Judith Woodsworth, received a $703,000 separation package two years into her five-year term as university president. Read more: 
When are these absurd  big severance packages going to stop too? Also now if Joe Blow had stolen from the company at work he in contrast shortly would go to jail or at the very least get fired quickly  with no compensation.  This resignation of Allaudin Merali in Alberta  even came just weeks after he was hired by Alberta Health Services. Now firstly  how someone like this can get hired when he left Ontario under similar circumstances?The bad managers who continue to hire these bad individuals  need now also to be held to account and fired too.    Also how can someone get severance when they have only been with an organization for three weeks?    It’s not the first high-profile departure   Three years ago, he had even left the  Ontario’s health system apparently under a similar dark cloud.In the fall of 2010, then-CEO Stephen Duckett and the same agency had parted ways after he rebuffed reporters at an emergency meeting by saying he was busy eating a cookie. Alberta Health Services later revealed his severance amounted to more than $735,000.
*** update***  The former CFO of Alberta Health Services will not receive a severance  after his contract was terminated when details of his expenses were exposed. AHS now plans to publicly post the expenses of the CEO and other senior  officials.

“OTTAWA — Members of Parliament aren’t able to properly scrutinize the government’s spending plans and are effectively rubber-stamping billions of dollars in proposed spending without due diligence, a new report says. The issue, the all-party parliamentary report explains, is MPs are expected to perform detailed scrutiny of the government’s spending plans, or “estimates,” but the committees receive little opportunity to review them and are only giving them “perfunctory attention” at best. “

Even the protection of abused seniors in Hospitals, old age homes in Quebec as well  is also non existent cause they also do have a pretentious ombudman, Ministers

They all do need in principle, to stop rewarding bad behavior and seriously manage our money a lot better. All clearly even another example of the Conservative government’s immoral double standard now as well and not just the Liberals…


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