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March 31, 2009





  • Canada expresses outrage over Afghan women’s law   The Canadian Press  OTTAWA – Canadian officials contacted the Afghan government Tuesday to express concern about controversial new legislation that would reportedly allow men to rape their wives.  The Canadian government reacted with outrage following reports that the Karzai administration has approved a wide-ranging family law for the country’s Shia minority. Various reports say the legislation would make it illegal for Shia women to refuse their husbands sex, leave the house without their permission, or have custody of children.  Canadian officials contacted the office of President Hamid Karzai, and Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon spoke to two Afghan cabinet ministers Tuesday seeking clarification. Karzai’s office has so far refused to comment on the legislation, which has been criticized by some Afghan parliamentarians and a UN women’s agency but has not yet been published. Critics say Hamid Karzai’s government approved it in a hurry to win support in the upcoming election from ethnic Hazaras – a Shia Muslim minority that constitutes a crucial block of swing voters. Canada, which has lost 116 soldiers in Afghanistan and spent up to $10 billion propping up the Karzai government, has demanded more information about the law.“If these reports are true, this will create serious problems for Canada,” said International Trade Minister Stockwell Day.“The onus is on the government of Afghanistan to live up to its responsibilities for human rights, absolutely including rights of women. . . “If there’s any wavering on this point from the government of Afghanistan, this will create serious problems and be a serious disappointment for us.” Day was fielding questions in the House of Commons about the reported law while his colleague, Cannon, was in Europe attending an international summit on Afghanistan. Cannon asked for more information from Afghan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta and Interior Minister Mohammad Atmar. Late Tuesday, Canadian officials said they had learned the law was not yet in effect but that they remained “very concerned.” The Afghan constitution guarantees equal rights for women, but also allows the Shia to have separate family law based on religious tradition. Some international monitors have avoided discussing the issue, for fear of feeding the impression that exists among Afghans that their government takes its marching orders from the West. But female parliamentarians in Afghanistan have condemned the legislation, as has the United Nations Development Fund for Women. They were joined Tuesday by the NDP, which has opposed the Afghan military mission. “How can we say that our soldiers are there to protect women’s rights when the Western-backed leader of this nation pushes through laws like this?” said NDP MP Dawn Black. “Allowing women to be treated like a piece of property . . . is this what we’re fighting for? Is this what our people are dying for in Afghanistan?”
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  • Commons Speaker threatens to suspend Tory MP  OTTAWA – The Speaker of the House of Commons is threatening to suspend a Conservative MP if he continues launching personal attacks against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. Kory Teneycke, communication director for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, gave no indication that Tory MPs will let up in their attacks on Mr. Ignatieff..
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  • Liberals call on government to help CBC (press release) – “Destroying CBC Radio-Canada has been part of Stephen Harper’s ideological agenda for over a decade..



  • ‘One of their own’ Child-porn sweep nets ex-RCMP officer  . A Gander man charged last week in a Canada-wide crackdown on child pornography happens to be a retired RCMP officer. ” Very sad that the people we pay to protect the most vunerable and exploited in our society is part of the problem. “  

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    March 30, 2009

    the Liberals are now ahead in Canada..


    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – Canada’s Liberal Party, which has been climbing in recent opinion polls, is also regaining its financial footing and the political unity it needs to fight a new election, leader Michael Ignatieff said on Thursday. But Ignatieff added he was still in no rush to force an election so soon after last October’s vote, and told party activists they still had hard work to do to regain the Liberals’ standing as a “national institution” that could elect candidates in all parts of the country.. “We have a unified party. We have a party out of debt. And we have a party basically ready to fight an election,” he told reporters in Vancouver at the start of the Liberal’s Party national convention.

      April 8, 2009  The political survey shows that the Liberals lead the Conservatives nationally, 34 per cent to 32 per cent, after trailing the Tories last month, 35 to 31. The most startling results are in Ontario, where the Liberals have jumped eight points to 45 per cent of decided voters, while the Tories have dropped to 32 per cent, from 41 per cent. While the national numbers are a virtual tie – and within the margin of error –  “the trend line since the election has been bad news for the Conservatives and good news for the Liberals.” The Conservatives continue to lag in Quebec, with 15 per cent support compared to 29 per cent for the Liberals and 41 per cent for the Bloc Québécois. The Tories continue to dominate the West, with 46 per cent, compared to the Liberals at 24 and the NDP at 19. .. it appears as though Mr. Harper continues to be punished for attacking the Bloc during the debate over the creation of a Liberal/NDP coalition, backed by the BQ.

    Ontarians are the gloomiest of all Canadians, with 86 per cent saying the economy is in decline, compared to 77 per cent in Quebec and 79 per cent in the Prairies. Overall, 82 per cent of Canadians say the economy will turn down. Consumers are also battening down the hatches, with 64 per cent of Canadians saying they are spending less these days, compared to 78 per cent of Americans who say the same thing.


    MARCH 2009 Canada opposition Liberals take slight lead – poll  Reuters – The Liberals have continually attacked Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not doing enough to tackle the economic crisis. The survey showed that 41 percent Canada’s opposition Liberals have gained a slight lead in popular support over the ruling Conservatives amid increasing unhappiness over how the government is tackling the economic crisis, according to a poll published on Monday,.The Leger Marketing poll for the French-language Le Devoir newspaper put the Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff, at 35 percent popular support, compared with 34 percent for the Conservatives, who won a strengthened minority in the general election held last October. The survey showed that 41 percent of Canadians said Ignatieff had the best ideas for fixing the economy, compared with just 32 percent for Harper.”There is no good news at all in this poll for the Conservatives. A government always has difficulties during an economic crisis and this is confirmed (by the survey),” Leger pollster Jean-Marc Leger told Le Devoir.Most polls since the election have put the Conservatives ahead, although the gap has narrowed since Ignatieff took over from previous leader Stephane Dion in December. 01pmtaser5 Almost half of those polled by Leger — 48 percent — said they were unhappy or very unhappy with what Harper had done so far to mitigate the effects of the recession. Only 40 percent said they were happy or very happy.The Leger poll of 1,508 adults was carried out between March 18 and 23  WE NEED NO MORE IMMIGRANTS KILLED TOO… ed-82Now watch next a Conservative biassed media come with a different poll..0media 


    the fools in Ottawa

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    October 14, 2008

    Health Canada approves preservative that could lead to ListeriaTHE CANADIAN PRESS

    TORONTO – Maple Leaf Foods is assessing a recently approved preservative for meat products that inhibits the growth of Listeria following a deadly outbreak linked to one of its plants that’s claimed 20 lives across the country.

    Health Canada gave the go-ahead on Sept. 20 for food processors in Canada to use sodium diacetate as a preservative in meat, poultry and fish products. When used in combination with sodium lactate, the preservative can curb the growth of Listeria monocytogenes.

    Spokeswoman Linda Smith said Maple Leaf (TSX:MFI) is aware of the approval and is “assessing it.”

    The iconic food producer shut down a meat processing plant in Toronto on Aug. 20 after Listeria contamination was detected and linked to the nationwide listeriosis outbreak.

    The plant underwent an intensive sanitization and production resumed on Sept. 17. Initial product runs were still being tested and not shipped to the public for consumption when, on Wednesday, more Listeria was detected.

    CEO Michael McCain held a press conference the following day to stress the prevalence of Listeria, after the most recent positive findings. It’s everywhere, he said, and reasonable to assume most people consume it every day.

    It is however dangerous in very high levels, and food scientists say should low levels of Listeria exist on equipment in processing plants the preservatives could ensure it never multiplies to dangerously high levels.

    Food scientist Martin Wiedmann said sodium diacetate can completely prevent the growth of Listeria or slow it down, depending on several factors such as the type of food. But he cautioned against viewing it as a “magic bullet” solution.

    “It’s one piece of an effective total strategy to reduce the risk of Listeria contamination,” he said.

    Wiedmann is a food science professor at Cornell University and researches Listeria contamination on ready-to-eat products. Tests he has conducted have found Listeria on sidewalks, wheels of carts in supermarkets, in playgrounds and in rivers – in short, everywhere.

    “(People) usually expect food to be free of bacteria. Well, no, you shouldn’t,” he said. “You can’t. We’ve evolved over millions of years to co-exist with bacteria and we have defence mechanisms against it.”

    However, there are ways for food processes to protect, as best they can, against Listeria contamination, he said. The first is trying to ensure as little as possible enters the facility.

    Wiedmann said some plants have people walk through sanitizers or antimicrobial foam to kill bacteria on shoes, some have people change their shoes or even their clothing.

    Companies also conduct tests to detect Listeria and have sanitization processes. Some problems arise there, Wiedmann said, because of issues with the equipment.

    Maple Leaf believes the “most likely” explanation for the deadly Listeria contamination in the summer was an accumulation of bacteria deep within its meat slicing equipment. Wiedmann said it’s a common problem.

    “We’ve seen issues with slicing machines before in the U.S. and all over the world…if you do research on slicers and Listeria it’s endless,” he said.

    There are several ways food processes can reformulate food, such as adding sodium diacetate and sodium lactate, to slow the growth of any bacteria that may have made it onto the food.

    Irradiation briefly exposes food to gamma rays or electron beams and can kill harmful bacteria. It is approved for use on meat and poultry in the United States, but in Canada is limited to onions, potatoes, wheat, flour, whole wheat flour, and whole or ground spices and dehydrated seasonings.

    Lowering the pH, therefore increasing acidity, also controls Listeria, as would heat-treating the final product, Wiedmann said.

    “It’s not one thing,” he said. “You can’t look at one plant saying, ‘You didn’t do your job.”‘

    Once it leaves the company’s control and is purchased by a consumer, Wiedmann said it’s up to individuals to ensure they don’t do anything to encourage bacterial growth.

    Listeria does continue to grow in refrigerated food, but lower temperatures are still ideal. Wiedmann said under 4 C is preferable.

    “To you and me it might not sound like a big difference if they refrigerate it at seven degrees or at three degrees – to Listeria it makes a big difference,” he said.

    Outside of a fridge on a hot day Listeria can double every 30 minutes, Wiedmann said. If that same food is stored at 4 C, it takes 24 hours to double.

    March 29, 2009

    No such thing as a little bit pregnant


    A criminal probe of perverse OPP Chief’s Fantino’s abuse of tax payers money is in order. If things do not go the way he wants in court, he merely appeals and appeals and appeals cause it costs him nothing, and he knows the taxpayers will pay for it.

    OPP chief ordered to retake witness stand Globe and Mail – ‎Nov 13, 2009‎  Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino has been ordered to go back to the witness stand and pay $20,000 in costs to two officers in whose disciplinary hearing the commissioner had been subpoenaed to testify.  Commissioner Fantino had been in the unusual position of being cross-examined about allegations that he used the internal OPP disciplinary process to wage a vendetta against a high-ranking officer. The allegations were made in the disciplinary hearing of two OPP internal affairs officers, Superintendent Ken MacDonald and Inspector Alison Jevons. Already, the legal saga has cost nearly $500,000 in public money, according to documents that Supt. MacDonald and Insp. Jevons obtained through Freedom of Information requests, said their lawyer, Julian Falconer. The bill is assumed by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, an OPP spokesman said. Commissioner Fantino’s cross-examination had been halted after he alleged that the adjudicator in the disciplinary case, retired judge Leonard Montgomery, was biased. But in a unanimous ruling today, three judges of the Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed the commissioner’s claim. “The events in this case fall far short of the type of conduct that would give rise to a reasonable apprehension of bias,” the judgment said. The court ordered the commissioner awarded $20,000 in legal costs for the two officers. According to testimony at the disciplinary case, Commissioner Fantino wrongly suspected Supt. MacDonald of leaking information to local municipal politicians. Mr. Falconer alleged in court filings that, as a result , the commissioner pursued a vendetta against Supt. MacDonald by charging him and Insp. Jevons in an unrelated disciplinary matter relating to their investigation of another officer’s acts in a domestic dispute.

    Criminal probe of defence witness sparks new allegation Fantino abused power  TORONTO – The latest round in Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino’s fight to have an adjudicator removed from a disciplinary hearing goes before the courts Monday amid fresh allegations that the province’s top cop abused his power and acted unlawfully. 
    The new allegations, contained in filings with the Ontario Court of Appeal, stem from a criminal probe into a police officer who was a defence witness at the misconduct hearing Fantino initiated against two other senior officers.The criminal investigation began in January, three months after now-retired provincial police Insp. Keith Messham inadvertently disclosed a privileged document during the discipline process. “The commissioner, in commencing a criminal investigation of (ret.) Insp. Messham, has again attempted to punish a defence witness,” according to the defence’s factum filed with Appeal Court. The document also shows the probe prompted the two other officers to complain about Fantino’s behaviour to the deputy minister of community safety and the province’s integrity commissioner.The complaint, which has not been proven, alleges Fantino “engaged in unlawful acts of reprisals against defence witnesses,” according to the factum.
    The Messham probe came as a Divisional Court panel was still weighing a Fantino request to force retired justice Leonard Montgomery to step down as adjudicator in the misconduct case. In a letter to the lead investigator filed with the Appeal Court, Messham’s lawyer Scott Fenton called the probe of his client a “gross misuse” of criminal investigative power. “The decision to direct a criminal investigation against Insp. Messham (ret.) appears to be part of a broader pattern of misuse of authority by the commissioner of the OPP against current and former senior officers who the commissioner perceives are disloyal, recalcitrant or disrespectful of his authority and his particular methods of enforcing discipline,” Fenton wrote.On Monday, the Appeal Court hears yet another attempt by Fantino to have the hearings put on hold while he fights to have Montgomery removed as adjudicator.The disciplinary case arose when the high-profile commissioner charged Supt. Ken MacDonald and Insp. Alison Jevons, formerly with the provincial force’s internal standards branch, with misconduct and deceit under the Police Services Act.The two officers had reviewed how police responded to a domestic dispute involving yet another officer in 2004 and concluded proper process was not followed.Messham, who served with the provincial police force for three decades until retiring in January, found no issue with how MacDonald and Jevons had acted. Their lawyer, Julian Falconer, called him as a defence witness.Falconer had been arguing before Montgomery that Fantino was vindictive and politically motivated in charging the pair. He has previously argued Fantino tried to transfer another officer who co-operated with the defence. As a result, he expressed concern that Messham would face sanction for the inadvertent disclosure, and even won agreement from Fantino’s lawyer that none was warranted. Three months later, however, Messham found himself under criminal investigation.”It is apparent that the very concern with respect to reprisal by the commissioner against a witness has now occurred,” Falconer said in a recent letter to Fantino’s current lawyer, Tom Curry. Curry was not immediately available to comment. Fantino, who was under cross-examination by Falconer when his lawyer raised the bias accusation against Montgomery in November, wants a stay of the disciplinary proceedings while he tries to appeal two Divisional Court rulings that went against him. He insists Montgomery, who expressed concerns after Fantino changed his evidence, has shown a pattern of bias that undermines his impartiality. “Commissioner Fantino’s credibility . . . is of importance and the adjudicator expressed unwarranted conclusions about (his) credibility and conduct in the midst of his evidence,” Curry states in his factum.The commissioner will suffer “irreparable harm” if a stay is not granted, he says. For his part, Falconer wants the Appeal Court to deny a stay, arguing Fantino is seeking the hiatus for “an improper motive or purpose.””   AND WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS all still?
    Next ” TORONTO – An attempt by Ontario’s top police officer to put a stop to a murky disciplinary hearing has been put on hold. An Appeal Court judge on Monday pressed the two sides to come to a deal rather than have him rule on granting a stay. Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino argues the adjudicator should be thrown off the discipline case because he is biased against him. Lower courts have ruled against Fantino and he wanted the court to halt proceedings until it decides whether to hear his appeal. Instead, the hearings will likely now be scheduled to go ahead toward the end of April. By that time, however, the Appeal Court will have decided whether it will hear Fantino’s case. The disciplinary hearing involves two senior provincial police officers Fantino accuses of misconduct and deceit. The two officers had reviewed how police responded to a domestic dispute involving another officer in 2004 and concluded proper process was not followed. However, Fantino himself has become embroiled in controversy amid defence allegations that the charges against the pair were politically motivated and vindictive. The hearings ground to a halt as Fantino argued the adjudicator he appointed to hear the case was biased and had to be removed.  In new filings with the Ontario Court of Appeal, their lawyer makes fresh claims that the blunt-speaking officer has abused his authority by initiating a criminal investigation against a defence witness.  “
     These are serious charges, likely the tip of an iceberg, a full scale investigation is needed here by an independent judicial body.. for there is not such thing as a little bit pregnant likely here too.
    and what this is the same person who had lied about the main causes of  car  accidents in Ontario now as well? Most accidents are not caused by speeding but by drunk drivers rather firstly..
    The police board and the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner must acknowledge that there is a high threshold of public accountability for a chief of police. Any misconduct or inappropriate behaviour resulting in the removal of a chief should have an expectation of full disclosure. see also
      police cartoons

    March 28, 2009
















    Canada’s building permits down 16% in Feb. –  Canadian companies took out 16 per cent fewer building permits in February, according to new numbers released Monday. Statistics Canada said the dollar value of permits issued by municipalities reached $3.7 billion in the second month of the year,



    RCMP likely needs to be totally disbanded



      If what we have been told about the fatal shooting of a Vancouver man by a female police officer is true, it appears front-line cops have learned little from the Robert Dziekanski incident at Vancouver International Airport in 2007. It is ironic this happened just days before the Braidwood inquiry resumed with testimony from the RCMP officer in charge the night Dziekanski died. There are striking similarities to both incidents.   In both cases, we have a witness who disputes the official police version of what happened. And in both cases, a witness apparently caught the incident on camera. Adam Smolcic claims police seized the cellphone he used to record the fatal shooting. He also alleges that police deleted the video capture. In the Dziekanski incident, Paul Pritchard also had his video camera seized by police, and only got it back after he threatened a lawsuit. (Police say they needed to hang onto it until all other evidence they were looking for was in their possession.) Smolcic is making some pretty serious allegations: that police shot and killed someone who could have been subdued with pepper spray or a baton, and that police then tried to cover their backsides by tampering with evidence. Abbotsford Police have now been tasked with investigating the shooting. That investigation should also delve into Smolcic’s allegations. Smolcic is reported to be a marijuana activist. In the past, the word of a pot advocate wouldn’t have counted for much when weighed against the word of a police officer. Sadly, it may be easier for the public to believe Smolcic than the police. That’s how badly the Dziekanski incident has shaken the public’s trust in the police.
    DIRTY RCMP AND their  lawyers still misrepresenting Tasered Dziekanski ..
    “VANCOUVER — A neighbour of the Polish immigrant who was Tasered at the Vancouver International Airport accused lawyers at the inquiry investigating his death of trying to “make a bad person out of him.”Iwona Kosowska, who lived in the same apartment building as Robert Dziekanski before he left for Canada in October 2007, clashed numerous times with lawyers representing the RCMP officers involved in his Tasering when they suggested Dziekanski was an alcoholic or prone to violence. “You’re trying to make a bad person out of him which means you can kill a bad person because he was not good,” Kosowska said via video link from Poland. “You guys made a mistake and now you’re trying to turn everything around.” Kosowska said her neighbour was terrified of flying and didn’t sleep for 48 hours before flying to Canada to see his mother who lives in Kamloops. B.C. The inquiry, headed by retired judge Thomas Braidwood, previously heard that Dziekanski became agitated after spending more than 24 hours travelling and 10 hours stranded at the airport when he and his mother failed to meet up. He died after being hit five times with a Taser by one of the four RCMP officers called to the scene, while a bystander filmed the encounter with his cellphone.  Through an interpreter, Kosowska accused the lawyers of trying to attack Dziekanski’s character, describing him as a friendly neighbour who was interested in geography — “his great passion” — and was looking forward to starting a new life in Canada with his mother. Kosowska, who lives in the southern Polish city of Gliwice, had known Dziekanski for more than 20 years. She threatened to stop answering questions if they continued to portray him as a violent alcoholic. Kosowska defended her friend after watching the video of his death, saying that he was only “asking for help.” “I’m trying to tell you . . . he is from a foreign country without any knowledge of the language, without having a cigarette on him, without having water to drink and nobody paid any attention to him, they didn’t help him. So what kind of reaction are you expecting?” she asked. Due to a growing gap between the RCMP version of events and video evidence, the Polish-Canadian community is demanding that a “special independent prosecutor” be appointed to investigate Dziekanski’s death. The inquiry heard last week that the lead Mountie, Cpl. Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, admitted he asked to “change” his evidence after viewing the bystander’s video of the death. In his initial report, Robinson claimed 12 times that the Polish immigrant swung a stapler at the officers, the inquiry heard. This report, along with those of his fellow officers, was proved wrong by the video of Dziekanski’s death. “I was mistaken but I was telling the truth. I sort of blended the whole interaction with him,” Robinson told the inquiry last week. None of the four Mounties involved in Dziekanski’s death have been charged. Robinson also told the inquiry that the Polish immigrant “didn’t give us the opportunity” to warn him before he was Tasered, as per RCMP policy. “It wasn’t tactically possible,” Robinson said last week. Robinson said that Dziekanski grabbed a stapler and threatened the officers. When the man took a step toward police, Robinson told his colleague to fire a Taser. “I thought he was going to hit me with the stapler,” Robinson said. When asked why he told another officer to deploy his Taser less than 30 seconds after the officers arrived at the scene, Robinson again cited time constraints. ”
    When William Elliott was appointed RCMP commissioner in 2007, the challenges ahead were monumental.   It fell to Elliott, a career civil servant, to rebuild the tattered remains of our once-proud national police force, and restore public trust in an institution that had badly fallen into disrepute. The 24,000-member force was “horribly broken,” according to an independent review at the time. Less than two years later, the force is even worse off, and Elliott has failed to deliver. He needs to step aside –or be fired–so someone more effective and trustworthy can again try to restore accountability, transparency and integrity to our damaged Mounties. Elliott has proven he’s as much out of touch as was his predecessor, Giuliano Zaccardelli. Canadians are rightly outraged by the persistent culture of arrogance, overzealous policing and coverups that have for too long been the norm.

    -An independent body of civilians is needed to investigate homicides involving police. It’s obvious that police investigating themselves isn’t working. There have been too many coverups, and the public has lost trust.

    -A new commissioner is needed. Elliott has to go. He has lost credibility and can no longer lead this troubled organization back to health.

    The iconic tradition of Canada’s Mounties dates back to May 23, 1873. The red serge of their uniforms has come to represent honour, order and a proud past. But red is also the colour of shame. Without drastic change, that will be the sad legacy of this once meaningful organization.
    I agree, but I think it more likely needs to be totally disbanded, for  it is broken beyond repair. 
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    Robert Dziekanski weilds a folding table at the Vancouver International Airport Oct. 14, 2007 in this screen grab during a Taser incident at Vancouver International Airport that killed him. The Polish immigrant's neighbour testifed Monday he was "terrified" of flying and hadn't slept before his flight.


    Dziekanski nervous, hadn’t slept before boarding plane to Cda The Canadian Press –  VANCOUVER, BC — Robert Dziekanski was nervous about flying and hadn’t slept for two days before setting off on his long journey to Canada, one of his neighbours in Poland told a public inquiry Monday. And the neighbour angrily admonished lawyers for  

    RCMP lawyers misrepresenting Tasered immigrant: Friend The Gazette (Montreal) –   , Vancouver Province March 30, 2009 8:37 PM Robert Dziekanski weilds a folding table at the Vancouver International Airport Oct. 14, 2007 in this screen grab during a Taser incident at Vancouver International Airport that killed him.


    Taser inquiry sees RCMP officers’ lawyers clash with Polish woman –  Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski is seen in the arrivals area of the Vancouver airport in this video footage October 14, 2007. VANCOUVER — A Polish neighbour of Robert Dziekanski clashed numerous times with two lawyers representing RCMP officers


    Polish group asks for probe of RCMP –  The Polish-Canadian community is demanding that a “special independent prosecutor” be appointed to investigate the Tasering of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport after the inquiry into his death revealed a growing gap between the RCMP version


    Neighbour says Dziekanski Nervous Before Trip 580 CFRA Radio –  One of Robert Dziekanski’s neighbours in Poland told a Public Inquiry that the man was nervous about flying. Iwona Kosowska added Dziekanski hadn’t slept for two days before departing on his trip to Ottawa. But Kosowaska angrily admonished lawyers for


    Mountie didn’t admit to 5 shots –  By GERRY BELLETT, Canwest News ServiceMarch 27, 2009 A paramedic called to the Vancouver International Airport after Robert Dziekanski became unconscious said the lead RCMP officer told him the Polish immigrant was tasered only once.


    Canadians in Warsaw fearful after taser death Globe and Mail –  VANCOUVER — The Canadian embassy in Warsaw was so concerned about a backlash from outraged Poles after Robert Dziekanski’s 2007 death in a confrontation with four Mounties it warned staff about being identified on the streets as Canadians,


    Canadian diplomats feared for safety in Poland News1130 –  VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Canadian diplomats feared for their safety in Poland, according to a new document that shows they felt a backlash because of the Robert Dziekanski incident. The Canadian embassy in the Polish capital was so worried about a


    Braidwood Inquiry: Neighbour of Robert Dziekanski defends News1130 – VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A visibly angry and frustrated friend of Robert Dziekanski is testifying via an Internet video feed from Poland at the Braidwood Inquiry. Iwona Kosowska, who lived in the same apartment building as Dziekanski in Gliwice, Poland,


    Be very afraid Globe and Mail –  Toronto — Sheila White suggests that if the amateur video of Robert Dziekanski’s tasering did not exist, Mr. Dziekanski would have been the “villain” and the real truth would never have been known. She calls this a “scary thought” (Don’t Even Go There


    Shocked, repeatedly Ottawa Citizen –  When police Taser someone, they are administering force — physically interfering with the suspect’s body. Sometimes this is what police have to do, and they have a variety of instruments with which to do it — not just a Taser but, depending on the


    Mounties collective memory lapse gves impression of coverup Prince George Citizen – At what point do errors and inaccuracies become lies and criminal behaviour? That is the question Canadians should be asking the RCMP and our politicians for their investigation of the Robert Dziekanski homicide. If four highly trained officers have


    Polish neighbour defends Dziekanski at inquiry The Province – Emotions ran high at the Braidwood inquiry Monday as a friend and neighbour of Robert Dziekanski — testifying by videolink from Poland — accused lawyers of trying to discredit him to justify the RCMP handling of the case. Iwona Kosowska, who said she


    Dziekanski hadn’t slept for two days before boarding plane to Cda CFTKTV –  VANCOUVER, BC – One of Robert Dziekanski’s neighbours in Poland says the man was nervous about flying and hadn’t slept for two days before boarding a plane to Vancouver. Dziekanski had been travelling for more than a day and was in Vancouver’s airport

    – It is still now totally unacceptable , despicable that the RCMP abuses the citizens, next  they do  get full pay while they are suspended during an investigations, and on top of that their lawyers are also now all paid for at the tax payers expenses.. but still the majority of taxpayers do not  have such luxury , benefits now as well. The RCMP likely needs to be totally disbanded

    – On top of all this the RCMP  Dziekanski affair has now also given world wide a real bad name to Canada, it has made Canada now a world wide laughing stock of Police brutality, cover-ups, injustices, police lies..



    In busy Toronto, police say  Drunk driving and careless turning are the main culprits for serious accidents in intersections and red light cameras are not used because of the fear of public backlash..  So why are Calgary drivers such chronic lead-foots? or is the question why is it the Calgary city fathers are so money hungry? The  police services are  implementing the   speed cameras as a way of adding to their coffers.. ‘Speed on green’ cameras linked to rear-end crashes.  Arizona cities, one of the first cities to bring in such technology says the cameras decrease speeding and dangerous collisions, but can increase the number of rear-end crashes. But of course the money hungry police of Calgary had denied this.
    ANOTHER CASH GRAB.. The Calgary Parking Authority is expanding its hold on the inner city by starting to charge for parking on more than 20 blocks of the Beltline.
    Anyone who thinks the cops here are being honest, serving the public is a fool..
      No  matter how that dirty RCMP weasel spins the facts, tries to weasel out of the truth, the RCMP was clearly wrong on many counts in the Taser death of a polish immigrant at the Vancouver airport.. they were uncompassionate, inconsiderate, used more restraining force than was necessary, and they next also clearly lied to cover-up their own immoral acts, and many times as well, They slander a good man in the process as well.. and so none of this was, is acceptable or forgivable.. none  of it.
    Now the RCMP is so ready to monitor others it firstly cannot monitor itself.. how absurd and hypocritical still too

    Most reasonable and reasoning people have seen the folly of speed cameras for decades now too.    
    Here is what I found amazing and worth while examining now  in much more detail.. insurance companies in Canada do not mind gouging Canadian consumers in their greed to make more profits..  and we all know that accumulating speeding , traffic infractions, will cause your car insurance costs to go up significantly…   and yet here is what I find surprising, neither the insurance companies, the provincial government, nor the federal government, the police have real, valid detailed statistics on the causes of traffic accidents: such as how many were caused my alcoholic drivers, how many were caused by speeding, how many were caused by poor road conditions, lousy snow clearing as well, etc not even in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, BC as well.. …. so what do the insurance companies do with all the extra money they collect, certainly they of all persons should have firstly the best statistics on traffic accidents now in the first place, or how do they determine their rates??? Even Canada’s police chiefs have to rely on accident statistics from other countries, such as Australia, Great Britain, the US..

    March 27, 2009

    Ontario judge orders website to reveal identity – Hate, Libel, slander on the web

    An Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered a pair of website owners to turn over identifying information about eight people being accused of defamation after posting anonymous comments. Kershman cited a 2004 case that said privacy cannot be used to protect a person from the application of civil or criminal liability, and that privacy rights must be balanced against the rights of other interests and the public interest. He also cited a 2008 child pornography case, in which a judge ruled that a person’s name, address and the name of their spouse are not information that one would expect to keep private from the state under such circumstances.University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist,   said the court must ensure that a proper balance is struck between the rights of a plaintiff and the privacy and free speech rights of an anonymous poster. In order to do that, it must set a high bar for plaintiffs to meet in order to justify overriding the poster’s rights. Warman is in the process of suing the Fourniers, alleging they “falsely and maliciously published and circulated” information on the site that claimed Warman had posted hateful, racist words. The allegations have not been proven in court.   “In my view, the defendants are under an obligation to disclose all documents in their power and control,” Justice Stanley Kershman said in a ruling delivered Monday to defendants Connie Wilkins-Fournier and Mark Fournier of Kingston, Ont., who run the website Free Dominion.Kershman also ordered the couple to pay $5,000 in costs to the plaintiff in the case, Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman, described by Kershman as an “anti-hate speech advocate.”   Warman had requested, for use in a court action, access to documents that would assist in identifying the anonymous posters and their locations, such as: Email addresses and all personal information. The IP addresses of their computers. Documents concerning the establishment and operation of the website, such as hosting agreements, billing information, and website registrant names.  The Fourniers had argued that people using the message boards do so with the expectation of anonymity and may make statements or provide information that they wouldn’t normally with family, friends or co-workers.
    It is still up to the courts or the Human Rights commissions  firstly to confirm, to define what is actually libelous, slanderous, a hate email message..  and someone’s else’s  statement and opinions  on the subject does not count. But to be on the safe side if you want to avoid court costs, ligation, if you are unsure if what you write is libel, slanderous, prosecutable better not post it on the net. Wrongfully accusing someone of posting a hate message or being a racists clearly can  be challenged in courts as a hate message itself and prosecutable.  
    Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the unrepentant  guilty persons serves everyone’s best interest
    We ALSO do  still need to understand, define what abuse and what hate is, and an abuse is to deny a person’s legal, human rights, and hate is the clear opposite of love, meaning an unloving act.. Hate and  Verbal abuse unrestrained often next do lead to physical abuse in reality too.  And both hate and verbal, physical abuses are  all unacceptable at all times too no matter who you are or who you think you are too. .
    but honestly critiquing  NOW certain individuals for their own unacceptable bad act is not always HATE. .
    It is a false statement that if one makes any negative statement about Jews, Muslims, Arabs, white people, natives , etc., that one is  a racist or promoting hatred.. one can be  merely exercising one’s appropriate right of free speech, thought..
    Now I had witnessed a Person committing immoral, illegal acts many times and when I rightfully reported it next to to the proper authorities, the clearly  guilty  person next  had distorted the truths and lying had said I was promoting hatred towards him and his family, which clearly now was not so. I was a witness of the immoral acts still, unacceptable wrong doings. 
    Also I do not believe that everyone sets out to be a deliberate racist, it seems to be often merely a poorly thought out stupid mistake for 70 percent of the persons who do it, and many people once they realize what they have done next do even admit their errors and stop it, unfortunately there are the remaining few hate mongers who still do get carried away with their hatred, sins, who need to be incarcerated for their crimes so they can stop and learn not to do it..
    (Rev 2:4 KJV)  Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.
    (Rev 3:19 KJV)  As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
    Cops too  seem to have it too easy in Canada, they do what they want, they abuse citizens and tend to get away with it too. Too many COPS, persons distort  the LAW. it’s meaning still too. 
    “about the liars, thieves, ABUSERS, bullies, thugs, proud oppressors, war mongers “
    First you merely ask the guilty, bad persons personally to repent twice, the first time without a witness, the second time with witnesses THAT you have asked them to repent.. and  detail  proof, substantiation is NOT required.. after you have done that you can next post it openly on the net, tell all the others.
    Next God also is now fully free to deal with the unrepentant guilty offenders and believe me he will.. I have now been doing for decades too..

    This too is not a hate message – “I would like to recommend an excellent book by Stephen Sizer, entitled ’Christian Zionism, Road Map To Armageddon?, which I believe, will shed a great deal of light on the topic of Christian Zionism. Many millions have been bamboozled and deceived by this cultish movement, and few will ever utter a word against the State of Israel as a result. In the book ’Christian Zionism: Road Map To Armageddon’ Stephen Sizer goes into great detail in exposing the historical roots of Christian Zionism. Mr Sizer talks about things such as the Balfour declaration, CI Scofield and the Scofield Bible, and the influence that it has had in the world. The names of the people who have been associated with this cultish teaching are very well known, people such as John Darby, D.L Moody, Hal Lindsey,  and Pat Robertson, just to name a few. ” JERUSALEM – Israel’s military on Thursday ordered a criminal inquiry into its own soldiers’ reports that some troops killed Palestinian civilians, including children, during the Gaza war by hastily opening fire, confident that relaxed rules of engagement would protect them.Their accounts, published in a military institute’s newsletter, echo Palestinian allegations and feed into human-rights groups’ contention that Israel violated the laws of war. Soldiers also reported the wanton destruction of civilian property.   READ THE FULL MSNBC ARTICLE HERE

    Clearly just  because something someone writes offends someone else does not mean firstly that it is even “hate”, immediately prosecutable by law, the courts or the Human Rights Commission. There is still a separation between appropriate speech and inappropriate speech, a separation between freedom of speech, expressing one’s views, opinions and the delivered, deliberate conscious propagation of hatred towards a specific group or person.

    OTTAWA — A ruling from a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member says a controversial law banning Internet hate messages is unconstitutional because it violates free speech protections. Athanasios Hadjis ruled Wednesday that section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act violates Charter protections. While this decision doesn’t throw out the law – that’s something for the courts – it did let accused hatemonger Marc Lemire off the hook, because Hadjis refused to penalize him or order him to stop posting his messages on the net. on his site.   Lemire was accused of posting anti-Semitic and anti-gay material on web sites in a complaint brought by Ottawa lawyer Richard Warman. Warman has become an Internet watchdog for such material and the main section 13 complainant before the tribunal. He had asked for a cease-and-desist order against Lemire and a $7,500 fine. Canadian Jewish Congress was quick to call for an appeal of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member   Hadjis ruling. “We strongly disagree with his decision not to impose a cease-and-desist order,” said Joel Richler, an honorary legal counsel to the congress.  The congress said other tribunal members have found the section to be constitutional and the courts should be asked to clarify the matter.

    The Ruling from a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal member says a controversial law banning Internet hate messages is unconstitutional because it violates free speech protections. Refrence the human rights act section 13.1, which says it is a violation to disseminate material on the Internet that is “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt”  If the example is followed by other tribunal members, it could mean an end to section 13 cases.  In a special report issued in June, the commission asked Parliament to change the law to eliminate the fines and provide a clear, legal definition of what constitutes prohibited hatred. The section has been controversial, with some claiming it spreads too wide a net. The Supreme Court of Canada has said legal action should be reserved only for the most extreme forms of hate.   None of this in any way affects the hate-speech provisions of the Canadian Criminal Code which is completely different legislation, with higher standards of proof and evidence .  Hate accusations can be also  filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. If it finds them valid, they are then taken before the tribunal, which can order people to stop posting material on the web or impose fines of up to $10,000. 



    March 25, 2009

    Liars- Mounties ‘misleading everyone’



    You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors, from police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers  who say that bad people, bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. The hypocrtical police tend not to believe that bad cons can be helped only bad cops… and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. The RCMP maximum 10 days punishment is always absurd, permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad cops and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too..

    Now why are the clearly foolish Canadian  justice ministers, cops, so foolish still  that they do now even think that they can turn the clock backwards and continue again doing the very same bad things now that they all have even been exposed for what they realy are world wide even.. they are bad people who abuse citizens and obstruct justice and do need to be put into prison themselves.

    It would be easy to form the impression that the four Richmond RCMP officers involved were the only ones to blame for the tragedy at Vancouver International Airport on Oct. 14, 2007.But as the lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother has astutely observed, that’s only because the RCMP’s spectacularly bad PR has stolen the spotlight. RCMP brass and the federal government could have pre-empted a damning report from Thomas Braidwood by stepping up with a genuine mea culpa and an announcement that a major overhaul of the RCMP and CBSA was already in the works. That hasn’t happened. Now, given how much has been exposed in this inquiry, it is hard to believe a few people won’t be held to account.

    that includes the and justice ministers, solicitor generals at the federal and provincial levels now too and who is going to hold them all accountable? not the bad PM for sure. 


    Here is what I know for sure in Canada proper policing, management ,  supervision  human rights commissions are a real fact of life, society, in schools, life,  in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too,  and elsewhere, even on the net,  for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie  , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws, Self  regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians now as well..

    Alberta should not renew RCMP contract

    “And the RCMP has changed, for the worse. At the headquarters level there hasn’t been a good report in years. Various inquiries have found incompetence, poor training, poor discipline, poor co-ordination and communication, and outright dishonesty. Those inquiries have used phrases like “horribly broken,” “often flawed,” “not justified” and so on.

    News reports made it clear that RCMP investigations into embarrassing and fatal actions of their own members were inadequate to the point of being a coverup. At the field level there were many reports of highly dubious shootings by RCMP members, and criminal investigations into the conduct of members when off duty. Former RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli resigned in disgrace after giving conflicting statements to a Parliamentary committee. ” 

    This is not a new revelation I myself now had detailed to you about 25 years ago my own experience in Canmore Alberta with the perverse RCMP where I got 2 speeding tickets on the same spot years apart and how the RCMP next also had covered up for it’s pervere buddies, and I had also entered my complaint about their perverse acts into the Canmore Queens court record as well now.


      One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a cop  is really like, is work with him  just for one whole day,.. and   what   you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..


    The actual needless number of times the arriving polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski  was shocked by the RCMP in the Vancouver Airport  , as well as the actual speed with which the Taser was deployed, have also been issues at the ongoing BC RCMP -Robert Dziekanski   inquiry, along with the clearly VERY POOR  manner in which next the stunned Robert Dziekanski  was monitored and treated by the RCMP after his collapse. 


    The Braidwood Inquiry into the Taser-related death of Robert Dziekanski has been blown up and left in ruins by the revelation a key RCMP e-mail was withheld from the commission. After months of outrage about the conduct of the four Mounties who responded to Vancouver Airport Oct. 14, 2007, who can believe that at the last minute, a federal lawyer would produce what many would consider a smoking gun — an e-mail saying the officers decided to use the Taser before confronting the Polish immigrant? If true, the Nov. 5, 2007, e-mail titled “Media strategy — release of the YVR video,” from RCMP Chief Supt. Dick Bent to assistant commissioner Al McIntyre, establishes the four have been lying through their teeth. This critical document suggests the four officers committed perjury and that senior officers sat silent while they did so. Worse, it seems there are many other documents that have not been turned over that may be relevant. This e-mail was one of 260 documents on a CD sent by the RCMP to the justice department last April, yet the federal lawyers didn’t open the CD until last week.. Commissioner William Elliott’s carefully parsed press release was equally unbelievable: “This was simply an oversight. Unfortunately in an exercise of this magnitude, such an oversight can occur.” Bollocks. No one but a moron overlooks the import of an e-mail like this. The officers deny the explosive content is true and Roberts says Bent was wrong in what he said. But their protestations ring hollow after almost 18 months of bluster and denial. So does Elliott’s threadbare these-things-happen excuse. The situation is as bad as the most virulent critics of the Mounties feared. This is no longer about four officers who made mistakes in judgment: It’s about an organization that thinks it is above the law.  .It is time to thank commissioner Braidwood for his excellent work in bringing these unsettling facts to light and it’s time to appoint a special prosecutor.  The B.C. Law Society should also begin an investigation into the conduct of Roberts and any other federal lawyer involved in this staggering lack of disclosure. That was not an “oversight.” It was professional incompetence or a cover-up.
    RCMP management clearly lied, also to blame.. Mounties read through 1,000 internal e-mails preparing for inquiry
    “RCMP’s communication strategy ultimately failed. The force did not publicly correct inaccuracies or defend its role in the case, fearing that information might alter witnesses’ recollection of events. Police also believed, the report said, that public opinion would switch to supporting the RCMP after all the facts were known. We found neither argument valid,” the report said. “For deeply rooted systemic reasons and long-held views regarding the importance of due process, the RCMP’s management of issues and communications were lacking and caused many of the problems the organization was trying to avoid.”We therefore recommend that clear, precise guidelines about what can be released, and at what point in the investigation, be developed, and that these guidelines be based on a liberal view of releasing information.”


    VANCOUVER, B.C. – Dziekanski would still be alive if not for RCMP confrontation: said a pathologist.  Robert Dziekanski would likely still be alive if he hadn’t been stunned multiple times with a Taser and restrained on the floor of Vancouver’s airport by four RCMP officers, said  an expert pathologist.   Dr. John Butt, who has served as chief medical examiner in Alberta and Nova Scotia, told a public inquiry into Dziekanski’s death that the stress of the confrontation – including the use of the Taser – likely caused the Polish man’s heart to stop.  He said it was a death that could have been avoided.  “Is it fair to say that, in your opinion, had Mr. Dziekanski not been Tasered, not been restrained on the floor, that he would still be alive today?” asked Walter Kosteckyj, the lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother.  “I suspect that, yes,” Butt replied during his testimony Wednesday. “Is that a strong opinion?” asked Kosteckyj.  “Yes,” replied Butt.  he said he could find no evidence that Dziekanski’s heart was damaged due to chronic alcoholism. That’s a contributing factor listed in the autopsy report.  Butt said  . “I don’t think there is alcoholic heart disease so I don’t think that it has any role (in Dziekanski’s death).” A lawyer for the federal government told the inquiry Dziekanski may have been on heart medication, however Butt said there was no indication of that in his medical records, including from a mandatory health exam required to immigrate to Canada. Butt, who worked on a report about Tasers for the B.C. Police Complaints Commission four years ago, said he was also concerned the autopsy report barely mentions the fact that Dziekanski was stunned with a Taser. Dr. Charles Lee, who conducted the autopsy, told the inquiry earlier in the week that the Taser may have contributed to Dziekanski’s death. But his report makes one mention of the weapon, only to explain marks on Dziekanski’s body. “I don’t see how one could possibly not mention the Taser in the commentary in this case,” said Butt. “Whether or not that’s going to say that it’s hugely relevant to the cause of death, it’s enormously relevant to the events in this case.”  Lee has told the inquiry that while he knew Dziekanski had been shocked by a Taser, he was not aware he was shocked multiple times.

    Mounties accused of ‘cooking up’ story Toronto Star – ‎  VANCOUVER–Four Mounties “collaborated to fabricate” their story to justify their conduct when Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski died while in their custody, a lawyer told a public inquiry yesterday. The lawyer added that inadequate medical procedures by the Mounties after Dziekanski, 41, received five Taser jolts were “a contributing factor” in his death.  In wrapping up questioning of Cpl. Benjamin “Monty” Robinson – who was in charge when Dziekanski died at the Vancouver airport Oct. 14, 2007 – Rosenbloom posited the Mounties were “fast at work at the scene, cooking up the story” and continued to collaborate on it at the detachment.Robinson made six modifications to earlier facts in a March 2 letter from his lawyer, almost six weeks after the inquiry began in January. For example, he changed earlier statements Dziekanski was “swinging” a stapler at the Mounties in a threatening manner and had been unresponsive to their commands.Walter Kosteckyj, lawyer for Dziekanski’s mother, Zofia Cisowski, called the officers’ actions that night “a training film for how not to handle a situation from beginning to end.”  Robinson insisted he gave instructions to Dziekanski to calm down and place his hands on an airport counter in the arrivals area, adding hand gestures to make his points. “Calm down, put your hands on the counter,” he said he told the Polish immigrant. Noted Rosenbloom: “You know that was meaningless in terms of a man without English?” “Yes,” replied Robinson Although testimony from the Mounties involved ended yesterday, there are still 30 to 40 witnesses to appear at the commission.  


     Robert Dziekanski was lying dead on the floor of Vancouver’s airport, his entire face blue, 90 seconds after RCMP officers who shocked him with a Taser say he was alive and breathing, a paramedic told a public inquiry Thursday.– A paramedic called to the Vancouver International Airport after Robert Dziekanski went unconscious said the lead RCMP officer told him the Polish immigrant was Tasered only once. Allan Maciak told the Braidwood inquiry, which is investigating Mr. Dziekanski’s October 2007 death, that RCMP Cpl. Monty Robinson didn’t tell him that the Polish immigrant had been hit by a Taser five times. Mr. Maciak said Thursday he could clearly see that Mr. Dziekanski had turned blue as he lay on the floor surrounded by RCMP officers and Richmond firefighters. The Polish immigrant was dead when he arrived at the scene, Mr. Maciak said. 


    Mounties ‘misleading everyone’: Polish group Ottawa Citizen – VANCOUVER — The Polish-Canadian community is demanding that a “special independent prosecutor” be appointed to investigate the Tasering of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport after the inquiry into his death revealed a growing gap between the RCMP version of events and video evidence.RCMP Cpl. Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, the officer in charge at the time and the last of four Mounties to testify at the Braidwood inquiry, admitted he asked to “change” his evidence after viewing a video of the death shot by a bystander.



    Another RCMP officer retracts statements at Dziekanski inquiry The Canadian Press  VANCOUVER, B.C. — Robert Dziekanski was not, as he has been portrayed in the past, the agitated man who withstood the shock from a Taser and swung a stapler at police, the most senior RCMP officer admits. In the hours and days after Dziekanski collapsed and died on the floor of Vancouver’s airport in October 2007, the four RCMP officers involved told investigators he was an aggressive threat to public safety, even after he took the first shock from an RCMP Taser.The officers said they had to wrestle Dziekanski to the ground – evidence disputed by a witness video of Dziekanski’s dying moments.Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson told a public inquiry into Dziekanski’s death Wednesday that he made erroneous statements to those homicide investigators.


    Police should re-open investigation of Dziekanski incident, say Vancouver Sun  Vancouver – A West Vancouver man who was one of the founders of the Solidarity movement in Poland called for police to re-open its investigation into the death of Polish citizen in 2007. Zygmunt Riddle, said he “absolutely” believes the police handling of Robert Dziekanski should be reinvestigated, in light of the testmony that has emerged at the Braidwood Inquiry. “The testimony of the RCMP officers involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski at the Braidwood inquiry raises serious questions about the integrity and honesty all four officers involved in the Tasering incident,” Riddle said in a letter he sent Wednesday to Attorney General Wally Oppal. Riddle handed out copies of the letter to reporters attending the Braidwood inquiry, which is probing Dziekanski’s death at Vancouver International Airport after 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 14, 2007. Riddle told reporters that he also set up a Facebook group, which has 10,000 members, asking for the attorney general to review other criminal cases the four officers were involved to make sure there wasn’t a miscarriage of justice. He said the four officers have now shown that they made false police statements, which the officers only changed after seeing a video taken by a bystander at the airport.The inquiry has heard that the police statements of the officers were riddled with errors.


    “The “Wayne” to whom Chief Supt. Bent presumably is referring in the e-mail is Supt. Wayne Rideout, the head of the integrated homicide investigation team into Mr. Dziekanski’s death who admitted under oath at the commission that he had lied to public as to the circumstances of the incident. Supt. Rideout publicly claimed that Mr. Dzienkanski had been Tasered twice, when in fact the man had been hit with the stun gun at least five times. He also claimed the officers had to wrestle the man to the ground because the first shot had no discernible effect, when in fact video evidence is clear that the distraught would-be immigrant from Poland fell quickly after he was first zapped.  The absolutely sickening thing about this entire episode is that were it not for a bystander with a camera phone who had the presence of mind to videotape the conduct of the four officers, their lies, evasions and concocted story might have worked to let Mr. Dziekanski’s death be explained away.  Commission counsel Art Vertlieb is absolutely justified when he observed Friday that this delayed disclosure raises questions about whether the RCMP has actually shared everything in its files that Mr. Braidwood needs to do the job.”


    Saskatchewan RCMP officer charged with perjury in drunk driving case , GRAVELBOURG, Sask. – A Saskatchewan RCMP officer has been charged with perjury in a drunk driving case.

    RCMP  Canada  CarToons




    The employed ALL SEEM not to be able to see the recession and tend not to care about the unemployed till they get laid off.. sad isn’t it..
    THE EMPLOYED CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER HAD  PROMISED NO RECESSION IN CANADA ONCE Budget officer says jobs disappearing faster than stimulus can create

    OTTAWA – Canada’s economy has deteriorated so badly since the federal government introduced its budget that more jobs have already vanished than the $40-billion stimulus was intended to create, the parliamentary budget officer says.


    Canadian Lawyers, Pastors, Judges, Politicians do not  hestiate to recommend divorce too




     Prime Minister Stephen Harper found himself vigorously defending his government’s economic forecasts Thursday, shortly after announcing new infrastructure spending for Quebec.  “We don’t pull our projections out of the air,” Harper told a news conference in Levis, across the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City.  “We arrive at our projections based on a survey of the best private-sector forecasters across the country.”  Harper said Canada is in a period of enormous uncertainty where forecasts are changing rapidly.  His remarks came a day after the country’s parliamentary budget officer said Canada’s economy has deteriorated so much since Ottawa introduced its budget that more jobs have already vanished than the $40-billion stimulus package was intended to create.  Kevin Page’s latest report shows an economy that plummeted in the first quarter of this year and erased most of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s projections when he tabled the budget in January.

    I had already not only stated beforehand that using a federal stimulus program that gives dollars to the Municipalities monies  to spend  was a wasteful and ineffective approach, even under the previous federal governments and most citizens still do think this has not been a effective program. Survey say stimulus cash had little impact and Stimulus cash didn’t create many jobs, budget watchdog concludes .



    Judges cop out..



    Judges reject role in child-custody bill  The  Ontario government over a scheme aimed at preventing a repeat of the shocking death of a Toronto child last year  would require judges to play the  role of “investigators” in child-custody applications launched by non-parents.  The judges who do not hesiate to aks for a raise too condemned the   provisions as imporper, “an unwieldy and intrusive scheme” that will force judges to assemble a welter of evidence involving prior child protection proceedings, family law proceedings and criminal record checks. “It is improper for judges to assume this role,” they said. “A court is not equipped to administer a scheme of this nature, nor are judges equipped to conduct the kind of investigations contemplated, assumed, promised, etc., The Judges only pretend they work it seems.



    Canada admits war criminal Straight Goods –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Attorney General Rob Nicholson and other responsible ministers were notified on March 11 of specific evidence clearly


    Police probe cyber attack on Liberals Toronto Star –  Toronto police are investigating an alleged attempt by a Progressive Conservative to hack into the Ontario Liberal party’s website. 
    Life after John Tory Globe and Mail

    295,000 Canadian job losses

    While Statistics Canada reported on Tuesday March 24, 2009 that 560,400 Canadians were getting regular employment insurance benefits in January, 104,000 more or 22.8 per cent more than 11 months earlier and 23,700 more than in December. Opposition parties demanded Tuesday that the government improve benefits to the unemployed, saying the current program covers less than half of the unemployed. He noted that of the 1.3 million officially unemployed, only 560,000 are collecting benefits. Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, said 80 per cent of individuals who pay into the system qualify for benefits. Many part-time workers and the self-employed do not qualify for EI and of course, there are cases where they do not have sufficient hours,” 295,000 job losses of the past four months are just the beginning and that more Canadians will be thrown out of work this year. Every member of Parliament has been flooded with calls from constituents complaining about delays in receiving their benefits. Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois MPs attacked the government for failing to prepare adequately for the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs in the past four months and hundreds of thousands more expected to join the ranks of the unemployed this year. They have called for major changes to the system because many part-time workers and self-employed workers are not eligible for benefits. But while the government expanded unemployment benefits a maximum of five weeks during the Jan. 28 budget, it is clear it did not foresee jobs disappearing as quickly as they have. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said   “Obviously, the unemployment numbers are getting worse.”
    ALL THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT  CHANGE FROM HARPER’S ORIGINAL PAST STATEMENT THAT THERE WILL BE NO MAJOR RECESSION IN CANADA MONTHS AGO. Opposition parties say thousands of Canadians are being denied needed employment insurance benefits because the federal government was slow in getting the system ready for the massive demand. Stephen Harper and the  federal Conservatives themselves have been unacceptably  very slow to deal with the negative impact of the recession in Canada in reality.



    Flood of EI claims overwhelms staff Toronto Star –  OTTAWA – Employment insurance claims jumped by almost 24000 in January, a spike that has sent the Conservative government scrambling to hire more staff to handle the flood of claims.






    Vancouver remains Canada’s wealthiest city

    March 24, 2009


    (Eph 5:5 KJV)  For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. 6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.7 Be not ye therefore partakers with them. 8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:
    Mountie had ‘no plan’ when approaching Dziekanski Most experienced RCMP  officer involved in fatal confrontation says he ordered tasering, but concedes he was not ‘current’ on weapon. Cpl. Robinson said he was trained in the use of tasers in 2003, but did not go through refresher training until a month after the incident. He was suspended with pay from that post after an October auto accident INVOLVING DUI.‘I was mistaken,’ Mountie testifies after recanting statement at
    Robert Dziekanski’s distraught mother tried Monday to confront the RCMP officer who was in charge the night her son was Tasered and died at the Vancouver airport. “I have only one question for this man: Where is my son now?” she asked outside the Braidwood inquiry into Taser use and Dziekanski’s death. Zofia Cisowski said she was no more impressed with RCMP Cpl. Benjamin “Monty” Robinson than she was with his three predecessors, nor did she accept an apology he offered on the stand. “He tells the same story as the other police. His words are empty,” Cisowski said.


    RCMP acknowledges public trust eroded after Dziekanski incident  Vancouver Sun –  By Neal Hall, Vancouver SunMarch 24, 2009 VANCOUVER – The RCMP realizes the level of public trust in the force has dropped as a result of evidence emerging at the Braidwood inquiry, which is probing the death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport


    Mountie fails to have driving ban lifted The Province – By Keith Fraser, The ProvinceMarch 4, 2009 One of the four Mounties at the scene of the fatal Tasering of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver International Airport has lost his bid to overturn a driving ban he received after he was involved in a fatal


    Cop not certified with Taser  24 Hours Vancouver –  By IRWIN LOY, 24 HOURS The RCMP officer who gave the order to jolt Robert Dziekanski with a Taser stun gun lacked the proper certification to fire the weapon himself, the inquiry into the Polish immigrant’s death has heard. RCMP Cpl. Benjamin ‘Monty’


    Unbelievable testimony; unknowable pain Globe and Mail –  Just days after the head of the RCMP asked the Canadian public to “walk a mile in the shoes” of his officers, the mother of Robert Dziekanski attempted to get a member of the force to do exactly the same thing with her. The moment occurred yesterday as






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