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April 21, 2012

Quebec’s realy dumb Premier Jean Charest badly joked about the student protesters outside


The striking college and university students who are learning to disrespect more and more a Quebec Liberal government and a Premier who does not care to support them now the students will next upon graduation will not hesitate to leave the province and go elsewhere.. sad but true. Ironic that many Ontario university, college students are now also threatening to strike against the Liberal Ontario government next as well.. Liberals do not make great Dads it seems..



Quebec Premier Charest’s true Achilles heel: the Quebec Civil service, construction corruptions- ethics scandals,  for he Jean Charest is   cracking down on Quebec students, acting tough with the weak, defenseless Quebec’s youth while he neglected, avoided dealing with the municipal, party kickbacks, bribes, the Mafia, the real big crooks.. Our premier also   has been much to soft on these municipal crimes even for years too.. and too soft on bad cops, bad doctors and nurses..

The Quebec PM Jean Charest should have firstly noted the first rule of government was, is that student must go back to school at all costs, especially if Quebecers want to get ahead of the rest of the world now too.

The PM of Quebec keeps on missing this reality. The  dumb premier has clearly put dumb, useless  people into his cabinet.Quebec PM Jean Charest and his lack of understanding, compassion, and his poor advisors are already costing presently even literally millions of dollars to the Quebec taxpayer, all for an education tax hike in fees which now hardly compares to the wasted overtime dollars that our futile police is also costing us.

Yet, he the PM continues to try to salvage his lost leadership when next the majority clearly will not elect such a poor Liberal manager and strategist. The PM he is losing ground more and more managerial creditability each day and the reality it seems now still too is this costly leftist- rightist struggle will continue, to cause him to lose support of others, with the striking students still being hurt more and more in the process..

Rule number two is that the unemployed students do not and will not pay taxes and will rather go on social aid.. all due to the poorly smarting move by a Conservative oriented Quebec premier which will rather end up costing us more and more money wasted now as a result too.. 


“A responsible father doesn’t call the police when he has to settle a family matter with his children. A good father talks to his kids,”  “A negotiated deal is better than an imposed deal. A special law would have a negative impact on the social climate right now in Quebec. It would create more violence, more tensions, and everyone wants to avoid this.” President of the Quebec federation of college students, Léo Bureau-Blouin.


MONTREAL — The student movement to abolish university tuition fees and overhaul the administration of post-secondary institutions in Quebec shows no signs of abating. The Concordia Student Union has voted in a meeting Tuesday night to reject the tentative deal reached between student groups and the government over the weekend. Tue May. 08 2012 The big significance of this is this is an english speaking university rather…


Students at UQAM   voted against the tentative agreement to end the deadlock with the government over university tuition fees.  So far, the deal has been largely rejected by student associations across the province. To date, only students at CEGEP de Gaspe have found it acceptable, with other CEGEP and university departments rejecting the deal en masse



Quebec Premier Jean Charest   badly  joked about the student protesters outside  rightfuly protesting the major provincial  hike in Educational costs the next few years as he gave a speech about his legacy project, Plan Nord, a proposal to spend billions developing northern Quebec.

“Maybe those knocking on the door this morning, we can offer them jobs,” he said, to laughter. “In the north, if possible.”

A realy dumb Liberal Premier is unwisely now making a great mistake  in making thousands of  the students his enemies..

Amnesty International, Canadian branch of the human-rights organization has asked the QUEBEC government to call for a toning down of police measures that, it said, are unduly aggressive and might potentially smother students’ right to free expression. In a news release the group also urged the province to find a peaceful solution to the 11 weeks of sometimes rowdy demonstrations. “Amnesty reaffirms its concern regarding the tuition increases, which would undermine the progression to access to university for all,” 

 MEANWHILE ANOTHER REALY DUMB AND STUPID LIBERAL CLEARLY SEEKING REVENGE FOR HIS PAST POLITICAL FIASCOS Michael Ignatieff warns that Quebec separation likely‎  BUT NEXT THE Former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff backpedalled  from THE VERY controversial  comments he made during an interview with the BBC that Quebec will “eventually”  become an independent country IS RATHER SAYING NOW  “Since I passionately want Quebec to remain part of the Canadian fabric, and  since these friends have defended this idea with courage and pride, it causes me  pain to think that anything I said could be used against a cause – the national  unity of my country – that they and I hold dear,” HIS SEPERATION VIEWS WERE CONTRADICTED BY poll on Quebecers’ attitudes,   in  the Montreal La Presse newspaper.It pegs support for independence at 36 per cent — well below the historic  highs of the early 1990s and even lower than the level in the first sovereignty  referendum, more than three decades ago. Dumb and Stupid Liberal again. No wonder they are on the way out.

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April 17, 2012

The governments, Politicians cares about own good welfare firstly, the best joke of the year too

The Governments, Politicians supposedly caring  about own good welfare firstly, is the best joke of the year too, in reality rather they are working realy hard everyday too looking first after themselves , and undeniably clearly living high on the hog at our expense, and that even includes too many of our bad civil and public servants too now.. WHERE ARE THE POLICE HERE TOO WHEN YOU NEED THEM??? And accountability, openness, transparency are more Stephen Harper’s conservative government lies that need to be prosecuted as well.. Under the new  federal Conservatives the civil an public servants are not being managed any better and they still too often waste, abuse our tax dollars and this is unacceptable. Mostly Pretentious and  useless RCMP,  Consumer Protection, Health Canada, and Revenue Canada need to really shape up still now too

Even deal with the much too many still bogus refugees  who now do receive better care than Canadian taxpayers because they do not hesitate to cheat, lie, steal, commit tax evasions, abuse our goodness and it is still unacceptable.


And what about still dealing with our elected political members, civil and public servants who too often have abused the tax payers generosity now as well, they also seem still to get away with it..
And all of this is just as bad as the provinces, municipalities steal and abuse some of the federal money designated to help the citizens directly but they still did not fool me though too

Need I say more?

None of it is acceptable.


April 9, 2012

Canadian issues

OVER YEARS I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT IMPORTANT ISSUES ON BEHALF OF ALL CANADIANS, issues that the government and the news media have not done enough about, and issues that I have had firsthand related experiences, knowledge about including the undeniable reality that

1 We have much too many crooked pastors, bad church elders in the Canadian Churches, non profitable organization such as the Salvation Army included now, bad persons who abuse the flock and misuse the donations…  not acceptable

2: We have too many bad cops, bad police supervisors in Canada, RCMP now included who have wrongfully not been dismissed from their jobs and have been allowed to be unpunished.. my recommendation to deal with this tend to be the same firstly public exposure and next cut off their budgets significantly until they do something about it.

3: Our medicare and the related care of the elderly persons also still needs much significant improvement.. Now about the Shit disease found in hospitals too often still, , the new media covers up the story by using fancy Latin names, but it is the same sickness that kills patients while none falsely has yet to be punished for it.. yes we have too many bad Nurses, bad Doctor, bad supervisors in Canada, bad persons, money hungry or lazy persons who have wrongfully not been dismissed from their jobs and have been allowed to be unpunished.. my own recommendation to deal with this tend to be the same firstly public exposure and next cut off their budgets significantly until they do something about it… plus my own personal solution to the problem was to change doctors and even change hospitals…   not acceptable

4: Justice and the courts.. I do my best to stay out of courts, cause I cannot trust anyone not even the judges or the lawyers.. sadly it is a well know and unacceptable fact that many lawyers are just big liars, and the related law societies falsely allows the lawyers to lie on behalf of their clients, bad judges now included…  not acceptable

5: Bad politicians and bad political parties.. Face we falsely tend to continue to elect the liars.. Most people too readily accept liars and their lies, and the bigger the easier it seems too. Even the news medias do lie and spin the truth too often….  not acceptable

Just read a news story from different sources and you tend to get very different results.. one news media reported on a story that no one had died, and another read said seven had died and six other persons were missing for example..  not acceptable

6: No doubt about it even big unions succeed falsely in silencing the truth, and falsely hinder the punishment of the guilty persons.. not acceptable

7: Massive welfare, social assistance and tax evasion is a major unacceptable very active Canadian event practised by old Canadians and new Canadians and the pretentious governments realy do fail to address the issues effectively still…  not acceptable

8: How can I now also even  leave out all those price gouging, abusive corporations like the oil firms, the monoplistic and bad telecommunication firms such as Rogers, Bell, Virgin, and the greedy, self centered major food grocery stores, pharmacies  now too…  not acceptable


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April 3, 2012

Most persons now would live much longer on average if

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Most persons now would live  much longer on average if they could collectively overcome five unhealthy habits: smoking, excess alcohol consumption, poor diet, sedentary behaviour and stressing out. Doing nothing about it will not help you.

Let’s first be fair to ourselves and others and do note that no one thing specifically causes all the cancers, diabetic sick persons, heart problems in the world, rather it is a combination of several different factors starting with our personal ignorance, and the false neglect of   our Bodies.
We also all do still now need to learn to deal effectively and not by an ostrich approach towards one’s health and with unresolved stress, life’s problems,
To Help with many person’s medical symptoms of their diseases, depressions too  often we may still  have to deal with the root causes of the sicknesses too.. including the hypertensions,  stresses, anxieties, and our past wrong values, ignorance,  wrong doings too.
Hypertension is another  main, leading personal cause of heart attacks, strokes and other major medical problems. For most North Americans even if you don’t have high blood pressure now, you need to make a serious lifestyle, food  adjustments now to avoid personal health problems, especially Cancer and Heart diseases next in one’s future. A person is considered hypertensive with a blood-pressure reading of 140/90 millimetres of mercury (mmHg) or higher. Healthy adults should have a blood pressure in the range of 120/80 mmHg, although that target varies with age and other health conditions. There are many DIFFERENT factors that contribute to high blood pressure, including first the type of one’s food consumption, too much read meat, not enough fruit and vegetables,  being overweight, a lack of physical activity, excessive sodium consumption and aging. Hypertension, while it has few obvious symptoms, is a leading risk factor for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.
Majority of persons,  patients still lie to themselves when they do now falsely think they will not reap what they have personally sowed and thus they are committing personal suicide as a result. Lack of sleep is still a killer.. so is not eating properly.. so is unresolved stress…
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