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April 9, 2010

The Conservative Party that firstly promised to be different 2010

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not a real Evangelical Christian

 The Conservative C what it now stands for Cons or Corruption still?
Rahim Jaffer removes party logo from website amid influence allegations
Helena Guergis claims shoes, clothing, jogging outfits as campaign expenses
The corruption even of false influence peddling. It is a fact of life that too many immoral people do try to short circuit the existing  system of decency and honesty and they falsely do try to push their way forward into the waiting lines even in politics, not just in banks, bus stops.. some persons now  do try to buy their way forward too.. and there is those immoral persons who do try to help them now to do it as well. Corrupted politics is nothing new but is still never acceptable now too even in the case where the former Canadian MP Rahim Jaffer, whose acquittal for cocaine possession last month led to a political uproar in Canada, has next also created a fresh controversy for the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper by Rahim Jaffer’s alleged shady business dealings where Jaffer now was supposedly promising to get business deals done through his influence with the prime minister’s office and who knows what else now too, what other corruptions for  in for a inch often means in for a mile now too. What has also been clearly noticeable is also the recent  questionable behaviors of decency by his wife who is still an MP too a cabinet minister for woman affairs, Helena Guergis. Jaffer, who is an Ismaili Muslim of Gujarati origin, became Canada’s youngest non-white MP at the age of 25 in 1997. He served four terms till his loss in the 2008 parliamentary elections. This  38-year-old former MP is married to 41-year-old women affairs minister Helena Guergis who herself is in the thick controversies for various reasons. Status of Women Minister Helena Guergis is facing a call for her resignation after she allowed her husband Rahim Jaffer to use a House of Commons BlackBerry and a parliamentary e-mail address linked to her account. Both apples seem to be coming from the same bad tree.  According to the Toronto Star investigative report, Jaffer was now also using his minister wife’s office email address to conduct his private business and still handing out his parliamentary business cards despite ceasing to be an MP.  A QMI study last fall of MP spending on telephone and wireless devices found that Guergis was the 17th highest spender, with her office racking up a bill of $18,931. The  Conservative Party now has also asked Jaffer to remove its logo from his personal website which he currently uses to promote his new consulting firm Green Power Generation Corporation.
The leader of Canada’s official opposition party Michael Ignatieff said, “These are very serious allegations that go to the heart of the integrity of the Conservative Party government. The question is, ‘Who did Mr. Jaffer see in the Conservative government, what promises did Mr. Jaffer make, what did he propose to deliver to his clients?” How many more persons now are like him in the Conservative Party that was firstly promised to be different from the other parties now too?
Helena Guergis, the minister of state for the status of women, may face new political peril after revelations emerged Thursday that her husband, former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer, was using one of her taxpayer-funded parliamentary BlackBerrys and that he had boasted of his connections to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office to further his private business interests. Harper believes Guergis is doing “a good job” in her role as minister. But a growing number of Conservatives are now saying privately that Harper will have difficulty sustaining that view. “It’s no longer about her judgment anymore. It’s now about the prime minister’s judgment,” came to light that Guergis is attempting to claim shoes, clothing and jogging outfits as personal campaign expenses for the 2008 election. Guergis’s campaign return is still being reviewed by Elections Canada auditors, but if they accept her claims for $977 in the “other” category of candidate personal expenses, taxpayers will pay 60 per cent of the cost
Guergis made headlines earlier this year when she apologized for comments made during an alleged temper tantrum at the Charlottetown airport. 

Guergis scandal explodes: Harper calls in Mounties, turfs her from caucus The Canadian Press – Fri Apr 9, 6:23 PM  OTTAWA – What kind of allegation would spur a prime minister to call in the Mounties on one of his own cabinet ministers and immediately turf her from caucus?

Ottawa glamour couple Guergis and Jaffer plummet into PM’s purgatory The Canadian Press –  OTTAWA – What’s next, a reality TV appearance? Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer, once one of Ottawa’s most glamorous, up-and-coming political couples, have tumbled so far and so fast in the capital’s nebulous influence index that a date on Wife Swap would not seem outside their current trajectory. It’s a stunning fall from grace.

The two Rahim Jaffer and Helena Guergis appeared to be the quintessential political power couple How did they sink from their status as the Harper government’s golden couple to problem couple in just a few years? She was one of the few women to make it past the backbenches, securing her first junior cabinet post in January 2007, entitling her to perks and profile that few women on the hill enjoy. But it was her personal life, her reputation as a brittle boss, and her gaffe-prone nature that trumped her professional accomplishments. But she was also known for her bristly nature, and she was voted in a Hill Times poll as one of the “biggest scrooges” to work for on Parliament Hill.

If the Star’s ace reporter, Kevin Donovan, was able to find out all he did about events surrounding Mr. Jaffer’s arrest and “business” dealings, why couldn’t the government? Wouldn’t you think that government lawyers or even some of that huge communications bureau in the PMO would high-tail it down to Southern Ontario and ask some questions of their own? Like — “Is there anything here that could hurt the government?” It has been seven or so months since Jaffer’s arrest. Couldn’t someone have taken some time out of all that recalibrating, proroguing, etc. to see whether institutional interests had been compromised? It all begs the larger question of due diligence from a government that has constantly shown an obsession with controlling the message — at least superficially. Someone, though, was clearly too preoccupied or maybe too confident in PMO spin abilities to seriously look into matters in this affair that had direct bearing on the government. Or maybe they’ve forgotten the first rule of politics — it isn’t your enemies who will do you in, it’s your friends.

Jaffer, Guergis cleared by RCMP: lawyers Helena Guergis responds to a question in the House of Commons in March. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press) The RCMP has ended its inquiries into MP and former cabinet minister Helena Guergis and her husband, Rahim Jaffer all 102 articles »

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