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July 7, 2009

CRTC’s Farcical hearings on Internet speed control


Ten things your internet provider does not want you to know.
First  test your Internet connection.
The smartphones demand  has clearly surged, but they use as much as 30 times as much bandwidth as regular mobile phones to run the applications, or “apps,” that make them so popular. This  surge in traffic triggered by video and other apps has led to more dropped calls and choppy service. As video on smartphones becomes more popular, it is leading to more congestion, and forcing the reluctant carriers to spend billions to upgrade their antiquated networks and also to  buy more wireless spectrum. Kind explains why Bell also had to dishonestly cap the regular downloads capabilities on it’s networks to make way for the smart phones. And why Apple’s phones, ipods  are reluctant to  to use video, cameras ..  Just cause you got a Smartphone does not mean it is going to work properly.

Many Other citizens have agreed with the truths that I have written even  that the ISP providers themselves are the main reasons the internet is congested and that they the ISPs are also guilty of false, misleading advertising to get customers too.   “They would rather lower your speeds than spend the cash to upgrade their crappy networks and just bank the cash as profit.” I have often wondered as to why so many communication corporations are so stupid unrealistically gambling, thinking they can abuse their customers and they will come back for more? Believe me most customers will do without next or look for a better alternative instead.   
Ministers ignoring the near-monopoly state of the market. Where customers rarely have more than one or two choices, ISPs can behave with impunity, raising rates, providing lousy support, and — yes — discriminating against content they disfavor. After all, consumers have nowhere else to turn. Only rigorous government intervention can ensure that Internet service providers serve the public good by maintaining the Internet as a free-flowing marketplace of ideas. And only a free and open Internet can protect our democracy in an age of frightening media consolidation.
Harper’s staff, civil and public servants do not reply to the citizens letters any better over the lieberals too. Prior to the introduction of the copyrights bill, there was already substantial public consultations about copyright issues but the bill Moore introduced ignored many of the public’s stated concerns and why was that? No Doubt whose bed the Minister is sleeping in.. Asking for Consolations when it is quite clear he has already made up his mind where it will go is ludicrous approach, a big lie still.. ” He basically chucks out the result of public consultations in favor of a bill written by the entertainment industry, and he calls OTHERS absolutists” Useless, pretentious Minister Minister James Moore’s remarks demonstrate yet again the Harper government’s disdain for the Citizens of Canada. The Lieberals are not any better. It is the same reasons the telecommunications services are poor, and the prices are high in Canada, they all favour big business being allowed to be greedy, over valid consumer protection, concerns. Such immoral, double standard, law and order concerned MPs hypocritically of course would also not want, allow their expense account checked for the lies, dishonesty. By the way Hollywood who is asking for protection is already known for it’s tax evasions but who cares what they do? No political parties in Canada thus will have a majority government if they continue to cleanly show their lack of concerns for the citizens over and over again too.
While the pretentious Canadian Liberal and Conservatives governments, are presently engulfed in the  Quebec mafia scandals too, hiding the MP expenses,  while they  clearly do not care about the average citizens, about their consumer protection, yes the ordinary citizens  concerns too, but they all  wrongfully it seems to care only about big businesses making  more money at any costs, the reality of this is all  evident by the fact this  page has become the most read post of mine.. and do see also 
Canada must follow Europe’s example and implement open-access rules that will force internet network owners to share their infrastructure with smaller competitors if the country is to compete in the digital age and greedy, immoral, lying, price gouging Bell itself must be forced to diverge itself of any of  the internet business which is clearly a conflict of interest here too.  Their infrastructure was paid for by the taxpayers through government subsidies and grants. In other words, they are a PUBLIC UTILITY and must be shared freely for everyone’s benefit. And  it’s really sad that Estonia has better digital infrastructure than we do.  Read more:  
 Canadian broadband blasted by Harvard study – Canada has some of the poorest high-speed internet service in the developed world and is an example of what not to do from a policy perspective, according to a study by Harvard University.   Canada was 22nd overall out of 30 countries surveyed by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Canada ranked 16th on broadband adoption, 20th on speed and capacity, and 25th on price. Japan, Sweden and South Korea headed up Harvard’s rankings, while the United States placed above Canada at 13th overall… we have been paying the big ISPs “boat loads” of money for a decade, yet they have spent little on upgrading and maintaining their networks. with rogers i paid about $50 a month for a 5MB down 800KB up connection which was then traffic shaped down to a 200KB down 50KB up connection; you don’t see a problem with this? this is because rogers, bell, etc. have spent only a fraction of their profits on upgrading their networks. they pocket most of the profits and spend the rest on massive advertising campaigns telling us how great they are. this lack of investment on infrastructure means they are unable to actually provide the speeds which they advertise, hence traffic shaping must be employed… And I always thought that the CRTC was adopted to protect Canadians. I guess the truth is finally coming out. Finally, confirmation that all Canadians are being screwed by the CRTC, cable companies and telco’s. No competition, no choice from tv signal service providers (DTV), dictatorial CRTC regulators, throttled networks and ridiculous pricing is screwed the Canadian consumer out of $$ billions $$ of dollars every year. Excuse me, I have to go now and watch the 500th re-run of Top Gun and Tommy Boy now. Nothing else on. Canadians are being charged for the same unimmaginative repetitious programming over and over and over again. It’s sad, corrupt and theft as far as I’m concerned. Bell Canada bribes customers who threaten to leave.  Bell Canada throttles customers (their own AND the Indie ISPs customers).  CRTC gave Bell Canada permission to implement Usage Based Billing, not just on their own customers, but on the customers of the Independents.  This means the Independent ISPs will only be able to offer Bell Canada pricing. The same service we get now will cost about double when UBB is implemented. Canada will lead the world with the highest priced service.

FCC Study: Open Access Spurs Broadband Growth eWeek

WHO REALLY LOOKS AFTER ALL OF THE CITIZENS BEST INTEREST IN REALITY.. CERTAINLY NOT HARPER AND HIS CROONIES!   Canada is  far behind the rest of the world in providing affordable broadband to the majority of its populace and here the definition of affordable depends solely on the greedy big 5 Shaw, Rogers, Telus, Bell,  Videotron, and it still  does not relate to the internet actual service or actual speed now as well.  The false, misleading advertised internet service and speeds  are still never attained in fact firstly. Canada  lags in broadband innovation because the Corporate shareholders  are greedy for profits.  While the wire line, wireless and satellite broadband is available to  most of the country and most subscribers have a choice of only a few providers the prices are clearly rigged, fixed, colluded for they are all nearly the same high prices with the same extras too. They all sleep in the same bed, pig stall, and all try to gouge the customer for all  they can   Only 70 per cent of households are signed up for broadband. and 30 per cent of Canadian households not on the Internet? Price Affordability…
 AS TO WHAT BELL DOES NOT TELL YOU WHEN IT LIES WHEN THEY TRY TO SELL YOU THEIR SERVICES.  “Canada has some of the poorest-quality broadband among advanced countries, according to a study of global internet infrastructure. Canada placed 25th out of 34 countries in the University of Oxford’s ranking of innovation economies, far behind top-rated South Korea and just ahead of Australia and the United States. This is because the Companies (Bell & Rogers) are far more interested in profit than service to their CUSTOMERS.  No kidding and the CRTC hasn’t been any help whatsoever so what are they there for when they have impeded the country in becoming wired.” This is what happens when something as vital as communication is left to the private sector with it interest in high profits rather than service. A Canada wide hi speed broad band network should be considered in our national interest!  Both the Liberals and Conservatives have dropped the ball on this one 

Canadian broadband  : ISP-funded report. I can not  believe the report from the people who cannot straighten out my cable bill after over a *year* of repeated phone calls and escalations and also the people who think it’s OK to charge for incoming text messages, think that system access fees are fair and that 100GB internet usage per month is terribly  excessive. This is quite a pathetic attempt to counter the non-biased  study done by Oxford. Who do they think is going to fall for this one? “About 30 per cent of households still have not chosen to take up  broadband, a phenomenon that the report says cannot be fully explained as of yet.” They can explain it, they just don’t want to say that prices are too high for the crap service they give. If these internet providers  had “world-class broadband” there would be no need for their ridiculous  traffic shaping practices. So which is it?  ‘ll bet the CRTC is backing this study too. We pay more than most other countries for service that  doesn’t begin to reach the same speeds. Yea, Rogers started offering 100  MBPS, but actual line tests really provide only 40 MBPS, and the cost is  nearly $150/month. Same service in the US is almost half that price. We need some regulation in the market to stop the 2 ISP’s in Canada from continuing to rip us off. In other news…  Major IPS  firms say Canada  is doing very well in broadband availability,  AND Tobacco companies say  smoking is good for you! THEY BOTH ARE KNOWN TO BE LIARS

First check your actual ISP speed  check for the blatant theft-corruption on a daily basis and complain to your ISP
Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Shaw, Telus all only care about one thing.. maximum profits.. motivated by maximum greed.. finding an excuse to charge the customer for more.. and that they have done with their regulating, capping… and no one cares about what the consumer thinks, the Conservatives, Liberals, the CRTC included.  Do send a copy to
The truth the news media does not publish. A few years ago, Canada was ahead in the internet field. Then Bell and the CRTC sat back and let the world pass us by, while the Conservatives lacked the will, vision to notice, admit  this was even a problem. Harper’s Conservatives, DO NOTHING! 
Canadians are also now still paying some of the most expensive internet prices in the world. We should be in the Guinness book of records for internet fees. Many  say let American companies provide full, unlimited internet services in Canada for under $25.00 a month, provide real competition in this country. We pay way to much for all telecommunications here compared to Europe or almost anywhere. Many see very little difference between the government, CRTC, Bell, Rogers, Telus and organized crime still! “these flipping companies are the same ones who also monopolize telephone, mobile, and television services, and they make BILLIONS a year on them.  It’s clear Bell and Telus have friends in the government and CRTC.” Bell I hope all of people now can see how poorly in reality you care about your customers, consumers.   There are only 3 general options available from them all  to customers , and they’ve all made their plans/deals nearly the same. Yes the same services, same price. That is called price rigging, restricted and unfair  business practices, price gouging.   Collusion and bribery are only a crimes in other countries; but in Canada, it seems it is considered good business practice in Canada by our law and order federal Conservative government now too. Who is being fooled by all of this now too? Not many Canadians. ”If it wasn’t for the fact I have no choice (either deal with them or be without the services I need) I would have jumped ship quite some time ago. Somebody needs to dismantle these huge corporations who’s monopolies span over SEVERAL INDUSTRIES in order for this to stop. Bell owns TV, Satellite, Mobile, AND internet. And so does Telus in the west.” Do get real competition in Canada now here too. “Get rid of the pimp CRTC who are there only to protect the large telecoms/cable companies not the people.”
Many many people who use computers heavily now are upset, not the politicians though and why is that? Many people are upset that there email has slowed down, their downloads have also slowed down, but not most of the politicians now and why is that still too? They mostly still don’t use the computer, all they care about wrongfully is their money, their income it seems. They the politicians tell you they care about you only at election time and in reality really act like they do not give a dam about you the rest of the time. That is why this post is so popular  cause it tells the whole truth to all. All the federal government does is fight amongst themselves about meaningless smear campaigns while the REAL issues of this country, the citizens and their concerns  are ignored.

We need “legitimate” regulations.  It is pathetic that  the likes of Bell, Rogers & Telus only want de-regulation as long as the rules are only in their favour and not rather  the citizens, consumers favour.     

Australia to split up phone giant Telstra but here in Canada we prop up monopolies. This should have been done with Bell, Roger’s and Telus years ago.  Australians are ripped off blind, left right and centre by “Telstra” and it comes from a monopoly who uses police like powers to charge exorbitant rates. Australians are charged outrageous amounts for internet and mobile phone.   – the government of Australia exists to benefit the people of Australia, not shareholders of some monopoly. Yes, ending monopolies hurts rich people who benefit from them, so what? That’s not a compelling argument against breaking up the monopoly.,,, imagine if the government legislated Bell, Rogers and Telus into separately owned phone, cell phone, Internet and cable operations?
MTS Allstream is petitioning the CRTC to scrap an order that will allow Bell Canada to bill internet customers based on how much they download each month. Rogers already does this. I was charged extra for downloading too much on my “Unlimited” account.
MTS, small ISP take internet fight with Bell to court – MTS Allstream and independent broadband provider Acanac are asking a court to overturn a CRTC decision that grants Bell Canada the right to impose new internet charges on wholesale customers. MTS Allstream says the CRTC made an error in law by allowing Bell to charge wholesale internet customers by how much bandwidth they use. In their filing, MTS and Acanac say the CRTC is bound by the Telecommunications Act to ensure that rates for services it regulates are just and reasonable at all times. But since Bell doesn’t have to pay itself those rates, the filing says, they are in fact unfair.  MTS and Acanac are part of a campaign started last week to overturn another CRTC decision, which limits wholesale competitors’ access to the broadband infrastructure owned by the likes of Bell and Telus. MTS is looking to have that decision, which the CRTC made last December, overturned by cabinet. The Coalition for Competitive Broadband seeks to muster public support for the appeal, which cabinet must act on by Dec. 11. The government can overturn the CRTC’s decision, and send it back to the regulator for a review, or reject the appeal… The CRTC is beyond corrupt and the Harper government is in the back pocket of the Telcos. Bring on the election so we can take back Canada for the people instead of corporate industry. Harper’s government with the corrupt Tony Clement as Industry Minister is destroying Canada for Canadians. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!Make this an Election Issue ! sign the petition
Many many people who use computers heavily now are upset, not the government though and why is that? Citizens are naturally here to be abused? Canadians are also now still paying some of the most expensive internet prices in the world. It is unbelievable how the CRTC tries to increase a monopolistic corporate  service, rather with a no win solution..
The government of Australia works to split up phone giant Telstra but here in Canada we prop up monopolies. A split up in Canada  should have been done with Bell, Roger’s and Telus years ago.  yes the government  exists to benefit the people and  not shareholders of some monopoly. Yes, ending the monopolies hurts solely the rich people who benefit from them, so what? That’s not a compelling argument against breaking up the monopoly.  Imagine if the government now had rightfully legislated Bell, Rogers and Telus into separately owned phone, cell phone, Internet and cable operations? 
That  is the negative realty of these relationships as well MTS Allstream and independent broadband provider Acanac cannot provide real positive services to the consumer in the first place, cause they are at the mercy of Bell or Telus. Any customer of ACANAC has to still deal with Bell and Bell can still lie again, by saying  the whole problem is in Acanac’s supplied  modem, when it is not for sure.. Bell now  itself had previously changed my modem 8 times and I still had bad download capacity , and so Bell also  refuses falsely  to deal with the problem, and basically all ACANAC can do now mainly is still nothing? Just like big bad Bell mostly did as well..
Any buck passing, false diversionary proposed solutions by anyone in reality have clearly nothing to do with the clearly evident, stated problem of Bell’s oresent traffic shaping and Traffic capping..   
My related years of experience tells me that again too.. posting my complaint in full next on the net for all to read seems to work better  next.. some how this always gets them all motivated to actually deal with it.. funny!   A bad usless Conservative MP now is no use to us anymore than a bad usless  Liberal MP too..

CRTC not enforcing internet ruling A CRTC order issued nine months ago that requires phone companies to give wholesale customers access to faster internet speeds is in limbo as the regulator is still puzzling out whether or not it should be enforced.  The order, issued on Dec. 11, 2008 in response to a complaint from Cybersurf, a small internet provider based in Calgary, required big phone firms such as Bell and Telus to make all the internet speeds they offer to retail customers available to wholesale companies as well, if requested.  Those wholesale companies, which are typically smaller internet providers such as Cybersurf, Teksavvy and Acanac, rent parts of the phone firms’ networks to provide their own customers with service.  The CRTC gave the phone firms 45 days from the issuing of that order to file the fees they intended to charge wholesale companies for the faster speeds. The prices were to reflect the actual cost of the service, plus a reasonable markup.  The CRTC has received at least two separate requests to obtain a court order to enforce its decision and is effectively giving Bell and Telus a free pass, he added. The regulator, however, doesn’t want to take the matter to the courts until it rules on requests from Bell and Telus for a stay on the order. “We’d rather deal with the stay before going into enforcement,” Carmel said.  Chris Peirce, head of regulatory affairs for MTS, said the CRTC is showing a pattern of giving in to “bullying” from the likes of Bell and Telus.   This is simply one more proof that CRTC is a complete failure.   Telco’s that won’t supply equal speeds for resellers should be sued. There’s no need for a CRTC ruling.  The CRTC seems woefully technically incapable of understanding the very industry they are regulating. This leaves them open to the usual snowjob by big telco. One more reason that some radical but necessary change is required at this commission. Solution is simple. Write the rules of the game (price with corresponding service value) and enforce them by reasonable date: January 01, March 31 or June 30, 2010.  Claim by Bell and Telus that destruction of small ISP’s is required in order to compete with Cable companies may be true if not for a fact that Cable companies also must provide access to their networks to small ISP’s.  Destroying small ISP’s will only slow the development of new technologies and would surely lead to increase of prices to the end user.  Australia just forced Telstra (their equivalent of Bell) to break up its wholesale and retail operations to stop exactly this kind of bullsh*t. We should do the same. Oh, and Rogers too. CRTC’s role as a regulator looking out for the public’s interest, but that support is now fading fast.  Right now, you are giving Bell the opportunity to use predatory tactics to protect its de facto monopoly, you seem to have no respect for the standard of net neutrality (with your support of throttling practices), and you are allowing mobile phone companies to charge the highest rates in the world. What is the CRTC doing to help the Canadian Public? Nothing!  Why make rules if they are not enforced?  Disband the CRTC now. It does absolutely nothing in the way of helping consumers. 



The Conservative Government and the CRTC has obviously lost touch with the people they’re supposed to represent and the people they’re supposed to regulate. They are clearly in Bell’s pocket and likely just as much in Rogers’ pocket. They not only need to be knocked down a peg, but removed entirely from the equation.  Do these Bell crooks expect us to forget that the TAXPAYER paid for this infrastructure ages ago, only to have the big business flunkies in gov’t sell it to private interest for a song? Do they also think we are so stupid not to know that most of problems we’re having now stem from spending money on shareholder profits INSTEAD of upgrading said infrastructure?  Upcoming election who and what now? Which one of the candidates is making a stand on this?
Canada is one of the most expensive place on the planet for cell phone and internet access. this must change. The solution:  1. Regulate internet access price  2. Nationalize ALL telcom infrastructure (phone line and cable)  3. Resell access to ISP, everyone gets a competetive  price 

Five Questions to Ask Your ISP
1.) What is the contention ratio in my neighborhood?

 2.) Does your ISP’s exchange point with other providers get saturated?

 3.) Does your provider give preferential treatment to speed test sites?

 4.) Are file-sharing queries confined to your provider network?

 5.) Does your provider perform any usage-based throttling?

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