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November 8, 2009

Bell’s lies vs reality again




 I can’t believe it decades later some sick control fool still tries to give me orders, tries to enslave me, walk over me, and why do they think they can even do it… My logo name alone should have warned them –  thenonconformer. The best way to deal with any of these false slave drivers is to shout rape loudly to all persons, and let everyone know what is being done. the News media is not the only one that can shout sins across the housetops, so can we  all with the internet now too. The past once nobodies like Apostle Paul, Marlin Luther, Martin Luther King all had learned the pen is mightier than the sword.. once the truth is exposed, the proper informed persons tend to deal with the matter, and with those involved next anyway.. but too bad the bad guys did not repent when they had a chance, for next it is often really too late to avoid their coming  real negative  consequences..  Now I have been OFTEN writing to news editors for the last 30 years.. MAILED OUT EMAIL TO THOUSANDS EVERY MONTH TOO,   in all that time less than a dozen important people asked me not to write to them any  more, and less than a handful news editors now too.. many of these politicians who  how had written to me had lost reelection next.. and do note that all of the news editors that wrote to me and said do not write to me anymore their firms are financially broke today, and even some gone out of business.. like the Montreal CFCF. You see they broke the first law of successful management.. you do not despise, mistreat, abuse others and hope to get their vote, support,  but  now they also broke the other rules next.. and you do not abuse others for you do not know who their  friends are now  are too.. These bad CONTROL FREAKS WHO TRY TO ENSLAVE, DOMINATE OTHERS ARE SICK PEOPLE NEEDING still PROFESSIONAL HELP IN REALITY.. We also do all know that most persons  still  tend to take an ostrich denial approach to their own faults, shortcomings still and thus hasten their own downfall as a result too.. When a business’s profitability is severely reducing, dropping, the top  management often fails to admit the truth, the real reasons as to why,  and they also tend to falsely among many other things
– lie some more
– raise their prices to try to try to increase their profitability, making themselves more uncompetitive
– cut back on customer services, clearly making matters even worse
– resort to costly, false, misleading advertisements again
– blame their employees , and have a high employee turnover, making matters worse
– blame other facts for their own management failures,
– really do not provide a positive, competitive  service
– generally fail to replace all of the bad top executive, middle managers with good personnel
 Many can see clearly that Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Shaw, Telus all only care about one thing.. maximum profits.. motivated by maximum greed..  mostly finding an excuse to charge the customer even for more.. and yes that they have done with their lies, distortions … and no one cares about integrity or  the citizens, consumer, the CRTC or the governments now included. 
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons seems to be most effective way that works for everyone’s benefit in dealing with the bad acts of others still.

Bell launched their HSPA network on Tuesday and 3 days after we’ve been informed that an new issue has popped up. It’s regarding select Canadian customers on their HSPA network who are getting billed for roaming while in Canada. Apparently, as experienced with EVDO devices, the HSPA devices may be picked up by a U.S. cell tower and those customers are being billed US roaming rates.

The spin doctors, liars were at it again, also telling you that iphones sales were recession proof and that many, many people in Canada were buying the cell phones now,  but the real reality was, is that Canadian Mobile Phone Market had stalled in Q3, thoid quarter of the year.  The projected  Canadian mobile phone market growth now  did not occur again. The market rather receded 8% in the third quarter of 2009 (3Q09), which also had marked the third straight sequential decline, according to preliminary results from IDC Canada’s Mobile Phone Tracker. Handset makers had also shipped 4% fewer units to wireless service providers and other channel partners in the third quarter when compared to the same quarter last year. Some analysts  now  attribute  the weaker-than-projected  performance to the actual tepid Canadian economy, which is still in a recession, and the shrinking traditional phone segment, plus whatever. It’s all also a step backwards when compared to the market performance in the second quarter of this year – the third quarter shipments had declined 1.7% compared to 2Q09.. reality contradicts the liars again.

Now here is something most active computer internet users do also know and have also complained about.. Did you also now  notice that none of the Canadian news media will confront Bell or the CRTC about any of this, Bell’s immoral acts and now why is that? Do tell us all. They want to get Bell’s advertisements? or they too have something to hide? which one is it?  Well when you do rightfully tell the real truth like I  do, next there is nothing to try to hide, to deny, to cover up, and  it makes life much more easier too. I do not have to threaten anyone or threathen falsey to sue them now too.

False misleading advertising has long time been made by Telus, Rogers, Bell and others in Canada whole the Ostrich federal consumer dperantmt, government did nothing.. I even wrote to you about THIS ISSUE  too and what it takes the courts to deal with everything now, AND so why do we need the  government 

CBC did not mind writing about New conflict unearthed at Ontario Health … but what about the other bad guys like Bell now too? If you have a tip, please send us an email at yournews@cbc. 
 Firstly real Life mainly is not about the Government, the news media, anyone else to be here to help  the selected few, big business mostly to make more money and to get richer in fact. Life it is about all of us helping to meet the basic, essential needs of all Canadians, note all, young and old, male and female, white collared or blue collared, professionals, unprofessional, natives or non natives too.
It is an established, undeniable fact that at least 40 percent off Bell’s present, past customers have  been dissatisfied with the actual customer support they have received in Canada relating to cell phones, internet services, billings, etc. That is why many of them have gone elsewhere even to Videotron, Acanac, etc.
Bell spin
Bell’s New Network Fastest And Most Reliable  MONTRÉAL – Canadians can now access the country’s largest, fastest and most reliable wireless network with Bell Mobility’s launch this week of its highly anticipated HSPA network and a range of new HSPA smartphones and turbo sticks.
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The bigger they think they are the harder they do fall next too.. It is really not what you think you are that counts, but rather how the other people mostly do see you now.. they are sadly what laughing at you too? People always do watch how you do treat others, cause they know they likely will be treated the same way next too. Do you treat everyone else the  way you treat me too?

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Do also  Note the bad CRTC is my number 2 most read post to date …
My Top posts the last few years..

Divorce And Remarriage In The Christian Church
CRTC’s Farcical hearings on Internet speed Internet
l care.. CANADIAN HEALTH CARE medical Health care
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church
Christian and Missionary Alliance Corporation

I do not need to pay for a Poll to know what many Canadians are interested in…
Now as a CBC publicly owned  investigative reporter are you willing to take a full closer look at how big bad actually Bell operates now and abuses many of it’s customers undeniably, if not why not?

From: paul kambulow
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Subject: Re: bell-sipport.jpg
Will you please get another job  first.. for the CBC is also still Canadian tax payer’s supported..
Our personal  free speech right to now write to any news editor in Canada is undeniable now too,
or do you now want to specially debate that now with me on the whole net for the whole world to see and read? I gladly will discuss it,
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>>> “paul kambulow”  11/9/2009 2:54 PM >>>
Please confirm your present job status at the CBC and who your immediate supervisor now is as well.  After all the CBC is now also to be transparent and accountable. Thank you

From: paul kambulow
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I learned long time ago that merely telling the truth to some people will not work, they have their false idols, false lies they still want to handle, and they will take the Ostrich approach to the truth, but hopefully the truth will next still help some people.”

Please do first reply to me, please do answer the question or quit the CBC first.. it is as simple as that.. you like to write about corrupt eHealth officials but not about corrupt Bell employees? I do not work for you, I do not take your orders.. you work for me, all the Canadian citizens.. I send out hundreds of these to elected representatives, others  and only one, you did not like it… why was that?

Remind your Boss also in full I have a right of free speech in Canada, whether you likese  it or admits it or not.. and don’t bother sending the police to my home about my letters, cause they have come and gone many times, sent by other crooked political masters too,  and yes many of whom next lost their re-election next too, and I am still writing the last 3 decades even  to all..

Now I would rather you deal with the issues I write about and rightfully now too

Paul Kambulow
Copy to the net too..

Bell does not discriminate, show partiality, it seems ready to abuse anyone.. ROGERS AS WELL NOW FOR THAT MATTER
Telus sues Rogers over advertised claims    Telus Communications Co. is suing Rogers Communications Inc., claiming Rogers no longer has the right to call itself “Canada’s most reliable” or “Canada’s fastest” network.  So if Rogers wants to continue with this claim, they should cover all of Canada and all their customers. Not just the ones that happen to live in a major city centre. Nationwide coverage??? Not even close.    I currently have Telus “high speed” Internet service. On numerous occasions, this Telus service has been slower than my old 56K dial-up service. That is why I am canceling my Telus service as of next week and going with the competition (just to see if they are any better).   Telus is in no position to be taking legal action based on Rogers engaging in misleading advertising. Telus does it too, with its advertised claims of high speed internet access. If Telus is advertising high-speed Internet service, it should be high speed 24/7, and not just when the network is not busy.   And this is not just my computer or modem being slow, as I have had numerous others tell me that their Telus “high speed” Internet service is very slow at times.   A perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black   Just another couple of corporate crybabies looking to gouge the customer.
Telus Communications Inc. (T-T33.500.200.60%) launches legal action against Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B-T33.00-0.14-0.42%) for allegedly misleading ads claiming Rogers provides “Canada’s fastest network.”  In documents filed in B.C. supreme court, Telus says that since a Nov. 5 upgrade, a network run by Bell (BCE-T27.640.431.58%) and Telus offers faster and more reliable service than the Rogers network.  Telus says Rogers advertisements introduced in 2007 and continuing after Nov. 5 that claim Rogers provides “Canada’s fastest network: two times faster than any other,” are now false and misleading.  Telus also claims similar advertisements that Rogers provides “Canada’s most reliable network,” have also been false since Telus’ upgrade.  Telus is seeking a declaration from Rogers that its advertisements breached Canada’s Competition Act, in addition to injunction from distributing the ads, damages and compensation. Canada’s wireless telecommunications industry, in which Telus, Bell and Rogers control about 90 per cent of the market, is set to become more competitive as Telus and Bell introduce Apple’s coveted iPhone, which Rogers has offered for more than a year.


Telecom New Zealand’s Australian arm, AAPT hails as Australia’s first ISP to launch an ADSL 2+ plan with limitless downloads, no capping and no throttling. It has initiated with the offering of unlimited ADSL2+ broadband service to customers who are interested to sign-up for two years for around a $99.95 per month. However, a dozen ISPs offer unlimited downloads as part of their broadband Internet plans, but most of them facilitate reduced speeds while others charge fees for extra downloads. AAPT Chief Executive Paul Broad quoted, “As consumers, we all have a moral responsibility to ensure recording artists receive the royalties they rightly deserve and by offering our Entertainment Bundle we’re encouraging Australians to do the right thing”. In addition, AAPT has also undergone a deal with music label EMI to facilitate an online music service with the offer which will include $50 worth of song downloads and unlimited streamed content.
Quebec-based internet service provider Cogeco Inc. has stopped advertising its services as the fastest in in two Quebec cities after the Competition Bureau ruled the ads were misleading. The federal agency said the misleading claims about Cogeco’s services services in Drummondville and St-Hyacinthe had been clarified, but didn’t didn’t provide details on when the ads ran or say if its probe was spurred by a consumer complaint. The bureau said consumers had no way to compare the speed of Cogeco’s services with those of all of its competitors in the two cities, and it was therefore impossible for Cogeco to claim that they offered “the fastest” service. Cogeco’s CEO Louis Audet defended the ad campaign, saying the firm at the time had used an internet site that rates broadband speeds globally.  Cogeco is now using another method to compare speeds with them. Audet said he considers the Competition Bureau’s investigation to be minor. “I think what we were doing was rather benign. We advertised ourselves as the ‘fastest’ which is really the platform that we use across all of our territories where we compete with Bell and Telus,” he said


Claims about speed and reliability are becoming issues of dispute among Canada’s major wireless companies, too. They are fighting legal battles over those issues as they position themselves for more competition as more players enter the cellphone market. On Wednesday, a B.C. court ruled that Bell Mobility could not claim it was Canada’s “most reliable network” after Rogers challenged Bell’s ads as misleading.  Last month, a B.C. court brought an injunction to force Rogers Communications to stop claiming it was Canada’s most reliable network. That was the result of a complaint by Telus.

As the CBC’s Lynn Burgess knows first hand I seriously challenged Bell’s claim of being the most reliable network, as I have often posted on my sites this fact as to how unreliable they rather were . I have often rightfully said it is a very common unacceptable Canadian practice to lie in business and we keep on getting new news media evidence of this now as well..



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