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October 29, 2011

NO MORE police surveillance powers

The Harper government intends to make it easier for police to monitor Canadians’ Internet and smartphone activity – but Canada’s privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says she has “deep concerns” about potential legislation that would boost police surveillance powers and access to private information. Stoddart expressed particular concerns about a proposal in the previous legislation that would have required internet service providers to give subscriber data to police and national security agencies without a warrant, including names, unlisted phone numbers and IP addresses. “Canadian authorities have yet to provide the public with evidence to suggest that CSIS or Canadian police cannot perform their duties under the current regime,” she wrote.

In addition to the provision allowing police to obtain internet subscriber information without a warrant, the previous lawful access bills also would have:

-Forced internet providers and other makers of technology to provide a “back door” to make communications accessible to police.

-Allowed police to get warrants to obtain information transmitted over the internet and data related to its transmission, including locations of individuals and transactions.

-Allowed courts to compel other parties to preserve electronic evidence.

Don’t get the wrong idea we can trust the police in Canada, or trust the police too often masturbating reviews of wrong doings by the police which mostly still tends to find the cops innocent of any wrong doings.

SQ wraps probe into bystander police shooting – Quebec provincial police have completed their probe of a Montreal police shooting that left two people dead last June, including an innocent bystander. In a case that made national headlines and prompted an angry anti-police march in Montreal, local officers shot a homeless man during a public disturbance and their gunfire also struck a man who was arriving for work at a nearby hospital. Provincial police said in a statement released Wednesday that the file has been handed over to Quebec’s director of criminal prosecutions. It will be up to that office to determine whether charges are laid against the police officers.

The June 7 shooting was one of a number of serious incidents involving police last summer, and reignited the debate surrounding how those incidents are investigated in Quebec. Currently, when members of a police force kill or injure citizens, another force takes over the investigation. In the days and weeks following the deaths opponents of that system renewed their calls for the creation of a civilian review board to handle such cases, saying it’s the only way to eliminate bias and ensure the credibility of the final reports.

Support full gun control

October 26, 2011


Quebec. The Quebec and federal governments are facing off over the federal long-gun registry’s Quebec data, which are to be trashed along with the rest of the long-gun registry under a bill proposed this week by the Conservative government in Ottawa.In Quebec, the information is largely collected by the Sûreté du Québec.But Ottawa’s control of the electronic database could mean sudden death for Quebec’s goal of keeping the information collected for more than a decade on nearly half-a-million Quebec gun owners, many of them hunters and farmers.“We will oppose, with all of Quebec society, that this data be destroyed and which would prevent us from re-creating our own registry,” Public Security Minister Robert Dutil vowed Wednesday in the National Assembly.Yves Francoeur, head of the 4,600-member Montreal Police Brotherhood, acknowledged that unregistered guns are a big part of gun violence, but said the long-gun registry is a crucial tool.Long-guns are more easily accessible to those who commit acts of conjugal violence and suicide, he noted. Police use the registry to help determine how many guns a suspect may have access to.Francoeur was one of the first officers on the scene at the mass shooting at the École Polytechnique in 1989, when 14 women were killed. The shooter used a Ruger Mini 14, one of the non-restricted weapons that would no longer need to be registered under the newly proposed law.Francoeur said Montreal police officers have many reasons to want as much control as possible over hunting rifles. “Fourteen of the last 16 murders of police officers were with rifles,” he said

Don’t scrap gun registry, Quebec MNAs urge Montreal Gazette –  With the pending demise of the federal long-gun registry, many question where to go from here. QUEBEC — All members of the Quebec National Assembly joined Thursday in voting unanimously for a motion calling on Ottawa to rethink its plans to end long-gun registration and destroy the database.




Former Lethbridge police officer charged in connection with alleged gun … Calgary Herald – ‎ CALGARY – A retired Lethbridge police officer was arrested by Calgary police Wednesday and is facing charges in connection with an alleged gun-trafficking ring. Daniel Francis Bennett, 63, has been charged with nine counts of weapons trafficking.Police said the charges are in connection with 16 guns seized by Calgary police in June 2010 — including a machine gun and eight handguns, which are restricted weapons.Investigators said the serial numbers on some of the weapons had been tampered with in an attempt to conceal their origin.


DO NOT SUPPORT MURDER OR NO GUN CONTROLS. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s law-and-order Conservatives have no valid reason to kill off Canada’s rifle and shotgun registry, machine gun and submachine gun (both classified as “long guns”), beyond pandering to their rural constituencies.



McGill administrators likley run their hospitals the same way

The McGill administration’s conduct doesn’t match its lofty words The strike by McGill University’s non-academic workers (members of the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association) has been the subject the news media attention lately . In both internal and public communications about the strike, the university’s senior administrators have been at pains to insist that they welcome an open debate. In a recent internal email, principal Heather Munroe-Blum said: “I urge all of us to move forward in our long-standing McGill tradition of respectful and civil discourse, where people are free to speak, to disagree and voice their views without harassment, intimidation and insult.” I would like to take up this invitation. The McGill administration’s tactic has rather been intimidating and harassing and breaks those basic rules of ethical conduct. The strike has been overwhelmingly peaceful, so the administration’s frequent public complaints about supposed harassment and violence create a false impression that the strikers are out of control. Vice-principal Di Grappa’s expression of surprise is disingenuous, at least, and a blatant admission of the administration’s failure to understand and address the root causes of MUN-ACA dissatisfaction. If the vice-principal wants to be less astonished, he might compare the low-end MUNACA annual salary of $29,594 that he quoted in this newspaper (Oct. 18) with the salaries paid to some of his senior administration colleagues, such as the former dean of medicine, who was paid approximately 17 times that amount. Meanwhile, as the administration seeks to silence the striking workers, it uses the bully pulpit of McGill’s internal communication system to present its one-sided view of events. At every opportunity, the administration trumpets McGill’s standing as a worldclass university – a university that, in the principal’s oft-used phrase, punches above its weight. Why then is it not attempting to pay its workers a world-class salary, The spin doctors in Mc-Gill’s administration have cast the workers as the villains and themselves as the pure defenders of all that is good about the university. This is the same administration that took a decade and two task forces to address inequities between salaries for non-tenured academic staff at McGill For many of us at McGill, the current administration has been considerably less than world-class in its performance. Its attempts to discredit striking workers are shameful. Read more:


Threats, injunctions and allegations fly. What’s next? Two members of McGill University’s student government face a disciplinary hearing related to a rally in favour of striking support staff. One of them says he wasn’t even there…. the pair is accused of contravening two sections of the university’s code of conduct, which state: “No student shall, by action, threat, or otherwise, knowingly obstruct University activities,” and, “No student shall, contrary to express instructions or with intent to damage, destroy or steal University property or without just cause knowingly enter or remain in any University building, facility, room, or office.” Both dispute the charges.



It seems all the McGill adminstrators, negotiators can do is to make problems worse or call the Police


The McGill  administrators in reality very likely run their hospitals and patients the same way.. very poorly and inadequate.


McGill University Health Centre has made public information on medical accidents and incidents. MUHC “microsite” is mum on the types of accidents that have happened – whether they might be medication errors, accidental falls, hospital-acquired infections or surgical mistakes. What’s more, the MUHC is silent on the severity of accidents and whether some patients might have died as a result of a medical error. It notes that the number of reported accidents increased from 5,528 in 2008-09 to 5,658 in 2010-11. That works out to an average of 15 medical accidents a day.In 2004, a study published in the Canadian Medical Associal Journal estimated that between 9,000 and 24,000 patients die each year from “adverse events,” the term for a medical accident.


Canada’s spy watchdog mired in controversyAn oncologist and hospital administrator federally appointed to head Canada’s Security and Intelligence Review Committee was reportedly involved in a business deal with a Montrealer allegedly connected to coup plots and arms deals in developing countries, the Globe and Mail reported on Tuesday. SIRC’s chairman Arthur Porter allegedly wired $200,000 to Montreal-based consultant Ari Ben-Menashe for him to secure millions of dollars in infrastructure investments in Porter’s native Sierra Leone. Though the deal is neither illegal not an obvious conflict of interest, it does reflect at least bad judgement by a federal appointee with access to highly classified information held by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. In a further development bound to raise eyebrows in Ottawa, the National Post reported today that Dr. Porter offered Canadian Senator David Angus the position of honorary consul general to Sierra Leone in casual conversations. Angus is chairman of the McGill University Health Centre, a role that essentially puts him a notch above Porter, who is the organization’s chief executive.


McGill University Health Centre to hold emergency meeting on Arthur Porter’s  Montreal  Gazette

The decision to hold the meeting comes amid concerns about the financial  health of the MUHC as well as revelations reported in The Gazette this week  about Porter’s increasing absences from the 12-000 employee organization. On Thursday, Porter resigned as head of Canada’s Security Intelligence Review  Committee (SIRC) after two reports in the National Post disclosed his business  relations with an international lobbyist based in Montreal for an infrastructure  agreement in his native Sierra Leone that ultimately fell through‎


Spy watchdog’s business dealings raise eyebrows Globe and Mail A doctor appointed by the Conservatives to scrutinize Canada’s spy service admits he didn’t do his homework before entering into a business arrangement with a Montrealer infamous for alleged roles in coup plots and arms deals.  Opposition politicians say the arrangement raises questions about judgment. “This is casting a shadow on the agency,” said NDP public safety critic Jasbir Sandhu. He said it falls upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper to order an investigation into the SIRC chair’s business dealings.

Vancouver SunCBC.caToronto SunAFP


Wife pleads guilty to laundering money for former spy watchdog Arthur Porter

The wife of Arthur Porter, the accused fraudster and former head of the federal spy watchdog, has admitted to laundering millions of dollars stolen from the public purse. Yet Dr.  Arthur Porter, and Dr. P. Couillard,  still insist the whole event is a lie, perverse fabrication, they are  not guilty of any wrong doing…

Hundreds rally at  Montreal’s McGill University to decry use of riot police Montreal  Gazette -MONTREAL — Shame on McGill University. That was the message as hundreds of students and staff gathered outside the  James Administration building at McGill University in downtown Montreal on  Monday afternoon to denounce the administration’s perceived heavy-handedness  during a standoff on campus last week. Last Thursday, riot police were called after a group of students ended a  provincial demonstration against tuition-fee hikes by occupying McGill’s  administration building. Students and staff described an ugly scene, charging  that violence and pepper spray were unnecessarily used on students during the  confrontation. “There’s never been anything like this here in recent memory,” said doctoral  student and course lecturer Lilian Radovac. “There have been a number of moves  to limit people’s freedom of expression and it just reached a boiling  point.”

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.. they clearly lack people skills.. THE LOVE OF MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

October 25, 2011

Rogers throttling

Rogers throttling may breach net neutrality rules.. Rogers throttles file-sharing traffic from BitTorrent more than any other internet provider in North America and may be violating Canadian net neutrality guidelines, a U.S. researcher says. “So I think consumers would have a basis to complain and the CRTC would have a basis to act.” He suggested that perhaps the Canadian regulator is “a bit too cozy” with large Canadian telecommunications companies. “I think they do give too much weight to Bell Canada and some of these heavyweight operators,” he said. “I think that’s starting to change now that they’re starting to look more carefully at the use of this throttling.”

In Canada, all large ISPs have admitted to slowing down BitTorrent traffic, and some do so to a great extent. Since the start of the measurements Rogers has continuously throttled more than three-quarter of all BitTorrent traffic, and there are no signs that this will stop. During the first quarter of 2010 the two other large Canadian ISPs, Bell and Shaw, were throttling 16 and 14 percent respectively. Videotron on the other hand has never slowed down more than 7 percent, and only 3 percent during the last

 CRTC’s internet traffic management or “net neutrality” rules.
Those rules state that technology to manage internet traffic:
Must be designed to address “a defined need and nothing more.”
Should be neither “unjustly discriminatory nor unduly preferential.”

Syracuse University information studies researcher Milton Mueller he thinks consumers should choose internet providers who use internet traffic management technology that targets points of congestion rather than singling out particular applications.

Mueller said his future research will examine whether other protocols besides BitTorrent are being throttled by ISPs and will look into the use of deep packet inspection for other purposes such as copyright policing, placing ads, government surveillance and censorship.

Canadians—gamers in particular—have been furious with Rogers over its Internet throttling practices, which were recently exposed as being the worst in the entire world. Today, progress was made in the Canadian Gamers Organization’s battle against the Toronto-headquatered telco. The CGO sent a letter to the CRTC complaining that Rogers was violating Canada’s Internet openness rules. The CRTC has now stated that it will move the complaint into its enforcement division, implying further action and the high possibility of a penalty against Rogers. However, the CRTC is not able to punish companies financially, so the damage must be dealt in other ways“Earlier this week, Rogers told the CBC that it is within full compliance with CRTC policy and guidelines,” CGO co-founder Jason Koblovsky says. “We are now certain that’s not the case.”“In violating these rules, Rogers has shown that it values its own narrow commercial interests over that of its customers and Canada’s digital economy,” adds Steve Anderson, OpenMedia’s Executive Director. “Big Telecom is out of control and they need to be reined in before they damage our innovation economy further.”
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October 24, 2011

as to how bad the nurses are in Quebec presently and in the past.


Hey you have often read it here as to how bad the nurses are in Quebec presently and in the past.

Gyslaine Desrosiers, president of the Quebec Order of Nurses, has now admitted that there there is a gap between the education required in Quebec the rest of Canada. The Quebec Nurses Training has remained at the same level since the 1970s, and Quebec now even lags 10 years behind other Canadian provinces. Quebec’s nurses thus have voted overwhelmingly to revamp education requirements calling for a mandatory university degree rather than the current college certificate. There is a gap between the education required in Quebec the rest of Canada and the United States. “We’re way behind everybody else in the world,” said another Quebec Nurse.


This is more proof that the Government Quebec has been hiding the reality about poor nursing care in the province and it has so far not been caring enough to deal with this issue.

We need real medicare and not a pretend one..

The Quebec government itself now for decades is also too soft on crime and is wrongfully reluctant to punish any of the bad guys, even bad doctors and bad nurses too,  cause they would likely have to start also with themselves.



.. we need government members, Hospital adminstrators, medical personnel  that realy care about the citizens good welfare and where are they now?

October 22, 2011


Majority of Quebecers now are still good persons. Corruption in Quebec is often  no worse over the corruptions being allowed in many other provinces, places, even like Alberta, but the Quebec politicians, bad cops  have for decades even now gone out of their way not to do much good about it. Obviously they profited from the corruptions?

A report from Quebec’s anti-collusion unit warns of dire consequences if the province doesn’t clean up the construction industry..

CLEAN UP THE WHOLE PROVINCE NOW TOO, much too many frauds,  tax evaders, bad civil and public servants, bad docotrs and nurses, bad hospital managers included

Finally, the inquiry this province needs so much

Charest’s inquiry: The critics aren’t raving

Construction probe has shaky foundation‎ National Post

Quebec opposition parties favour probing corruption openly‎

Corruption stories hurting Quebec government: poll

Ex-Montreal top cop calls for inquiry in construction rot‎ CANOE

DECADES LATER Montreal borough’s mayor denounces mafia role in construction

Quebec’s rising political star set to launch new party


For many persons the main reason Quebec did not get any portion of the recent federal ship building contract was the Quebec leaders, Premiers and Mayors included, past and present clear failure even now for decades to deal with the vast, rampant corruptions in the Construction industry and clearly elsewhere.

Two things:

–First, it’s not for the judge to go around asking for subpoena powers, grants of immunity or the status of a full public inquiry. It’s up to the government to determine the parameters of her mandate, and appoint her.

–And second, the premier can’t go around changing his message every day.

This isn’t a question of corruption. It’s a question of competence, a core attribute of governing. This week the Liberals don’t look like a gang; they look like a gang that can’t shoot straight. Read more:

The present limited QUEBEC hearings on corruption is still a farce, more of another cover-up is stil how many persons still do see it.

“The costs are justified,” Charest told reporters after participating in Remembrance Day ceremonies in Quebec City. Sylvie Roy, the Action democratique du Quebec legislator who first called in 2009 for a public inquiry into corruption in Quebec’s construction industry, obtained through an access to information request documents from the Quebec transport department detailing $140 million in “extras.” The starting date is November 2009 because that is when extra charges, worth 10 per cent or more of the initial contract, had to be approved by Quebec’s deputy transport minister. That practice was introduced following a report by Auditor-General Renaud Lachance, who called on the department to tighten up on the extra payments. Lachance has been named to the Charbonneau Commission, now re-constituted under Quebec’s public inquiries act, with a two-year mandate to probe all aspects of corruption and collusion in public-sector construction contracts.  In his report on collusion to rig bids on transport department contracts, former Montreal police chief Jacques Duchesneau detailed the practice of contractors making low bids to win contracts, then returning to the department seeking extra amounts to cover factors they say they did not know about when they made their bids. Roy told reporters. “The situation is pathetic. Nothing has changed.”

.. what about real justice here and elsewhere?

Quebec Premier Jean Charest made an about-face and placed the probe into corruption and collusion in the construction industry under the Public Inquiry Commissions Act, which grants it full constraining powers to conduct its investigation. 

October 21, 2011

Starved to death in a Hospital


WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is investigating a complaint from a woman who says her elderly mother was improperly deprived of food and water for 14 days in hospital. Rozalynde McKibbin said Thursday her mother was malnourished for two weeks and left without a bath for 36 days before she died at Seven Oaks Hospital two years ago. “Representatives of Seven Oaks and the Region are hoping to meet with Ms. McKibbin when the review is finished to discuss her concerns,” WRHA spokeswoman Heidi Graham said. Anne Rostecki, 98, died Aug. 31, 2009, 45 days after she was admitted for treatment of a stroke.Three days after the elderly woman was admitted she accidentally swallowed some food and it lodged in her lungs. “They had to pump out her lungs and that’s when the problems . . . began,” McKibbin said, saying medical staff concluded her mother’s ability to swallow was impaired and she could not eat solid food any longer.The adult children said they believed hospital staff would then insert a feeding tube but, on their daily visits, they noticed their mother was steadily losing weight.A flurry of complaints followed, including at least one meeting with the patient care team manager, and a feeding tube was inserted.There were other problems. The family claims the elderly woman was not bathed until 36 days after she was admitted. They claim a bed sore on her tailbone was allowed to putrefy until it was gangrenous.After her death, the family pressed their complaints and obtained Rostecki’s medical records.McKibbin said she was shocked when the records appeared to document the malnourishment and lack of hygienic care in her mother’s medical chart.The authority, meanwhile, offered two independent investigations by senior doctors, both of which McKibbin said she were rejected outright.”That’s not an independent investigation, using your own doctors,” McKibbin said Thursday.”I want them to admit our mother was starved; that she wasn’t kept clean; that she had a wound on her tailbone that was getting worse. . . . The care they give is not quality care and I want them to change things,” McKibbin said

I have even seen and witnessed the same thing in two Montreal Hospitals, West Island Hospital, Montreal and Montreal St Luc Hospital, and I detailed it, even on the net and yet no one investigated my complaints..


October 18, 2011

How to deal with the bad doctors

People often complain to me they received poor medical care from a bad charge card happy doctor, and I know it is true, cause I have experienced it many times.


There are many good ways to deal with this issue:
– One of the best thing you can do is to take someone else with you, a loud mouthed friend to see the doctor, he or she  likley will not abuse or neglect you in front of a witness.
– Most doctors also do want to be well respected in the community and they are associated with a local pharmacy.. so I have often gone to the local pharmacy and told them directly that  such and such a doctor is incompetent and he or she had provided me a very poor medical services.. the pharmacy employees do gossip as well.. and it eventually gets back to the bad doctor and he is made ashamed
– I often tell the doctor face to that when I leave his office I do write a letter to the health minister stating what kind of medical services I got from him, and in one case the medical services next improved ten fold.
– Or I tell the doctors staff that I truly will write a report on the net about my experiences with the doctor… that works well for me too.


I even do lodge in writing many complaint against hospitals all the time still. I WRITE A LETTER OF COMPLAINT AND I HAND DELIVER TO THE HOSPITAL OMBUDSMAN and I also so mail them to to every legislative member and to every MP, major news editor stating that I cannot get the proper medical care.. for in Canada medical care is a right and according to the doctors oath they cannot refuse to treat you..

I disregard everything anyone says to me, on the phone included, I put my complaint in writing..

I still wrote a letter to the Quebec Ombudsman and they appointed a lawyer to review the matter..

Incidental they have a security guard in every hospital and I hand delivered the letter of complaint to him and he passed it on to the right party.

Now somehow I seem to be able to get by all the obstacles, cause I persist  it in writing!

We all do deserve to get better and to get real medical services.







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.. now lets get real medicare

PS: If a doctor now cannot get adequate medical treatment in Ontario then how about everyone else?

The Ottawa doctor at the centre of a public health investigation that has thousands of patients wondering if they inadvertently contracted hepatitis or HIV under her care is the plaintiff in $3.3-million lawsuit claiming she has “limited ability” do her job because of chronic back pain. Dr. Christiane Farazli and her spouse allege wrongdoing by the Ottawa Hospital, two other doctors and a nurse.She claims the medical staff misdiagnosed back pain she was experiencing starting in December 2007. The statement of claim was filed in Ottawa Superior Court in 2009 and amended this year.

October 17, 2011

besides the police undeniably a new breed of killers and murderers have now emerged

It used to be that impaired driving, driving drunk, or in rage, or under the influence of drugs caused the majority of traffic deaths.. but undeniably a new breed of killers and murderers have now emerged on the highway.. the people who talk and drive..

Neither the Telephone companies will discourage the use of phones, nor will the people who make beer or alcohol try realy to discourage the booze drinker so it is the role of the government, for public safety and the good of us all to deal with it effectively.

and both impaired, drunk drivers, cellphone users while driving, all should be prosecuted the year around

Speeding still is not the main cause of highway deaths, or vehicular accidents

the continually bad RCMP

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None!  We as taxpayers do even pay a significant part of the Policeman’s education, Development, Training and then they too do  falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances. 

I recognize that God is not the abuser; the bad people who misuse their authority are the unacceptable abusers and they all should be directly punished for it now and ASAP. I do not even accept any personal, domestic abuses quietly and rightfully as well…

The abuser too often tries to make the victim look as they are guilty ones, and that too is always unacceptable

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None! If you are being abused do not hesitate ASAP to call the police, human rights courts, news media.

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. (1 Cor 13:3 KJV)

Matt 32:29 You shall love your neighbour as yourself.. and that means you will do him no harm now too.

And who else now are these too often and unacceptable abusers? why is is that they so readily abuse others now too? They tend to be persons who have their own value system, and clearly also a lack of love for others, and a lack of love for their jobs now as well. In case you did not notice it I do not accept any physical, verbal, mental, human rights abuses by anyone of anyone and I rightfully do instead demand their full, open exposure and public prosecution now as well and no matter who they are, Prime Minister, Premier, MP, MNA, MLA, MPP, Doctors, lawyers, cops, pastors, etc..

One does now have to fight for one’s rights to be respected , rather you have to complain loudly to all about the unacceptable abuses that you got. Unfortunately complaining once about the bad governmental or police services, courts does not seem to help for too often now it seems they are permanently corrupt, inadequate so many persons do have to even complain many times and world wide now too..

The RCMP itself now here by their own poor actions are again guilty of racial profiling and of homicide, aiding and abetting a murderous act… and the RCMP should now be fully prosecuted by the law for it. I do not accept the abuse of even one persons rights quietly and rightfully now as well. The related RCMP managements itself should be fired, removed from their job as a direct result too.

“On Sept. 18, 2008, a 911 operator received a report of shots fired inside a rural Mission home. A transcript indicated that when the dispatcher relayed the information to the local RCMP detachment, the officer on duty, Constable Mike White, responded, “Six gunshots in a row and a crash,” and then was heard laughing.Constable White went to the home – and three minutes later left without even getting out of his car. (Another RCMP officer and an auxiliary member also attended in a separate vehicle, but did not get out of their car either).Four days later, the Mounties were called to the home again. Inside, they found one man dead and a woman alive but barely clinging to life. She died en route to hospital.The parents of the dead woman, Mark and Rosemarie Surakka, lodged a complaint with the RCMP concerning the conduct of the senior investigating officer – Constable White. They contended that their daughter, Lisa Dudley, would likely be alive today had the officer done his job properly and gone inside the house the night the shots were fired.The officer, now a corporal – he was promoted less than a month after the incident – faced a disciplinary hearing this year for his actions in 2008. The hearing came about mostly because of pressure put on the Mounties by the Surakkas. It lasted less than an hour. The officer was formally reprimanded and docked a day’s pay. And that was it.”

The death of a citizen clearly does not matter to the RCMP unacceptably, and clearly the bad police were, are afraid of gunshots, so they do not act.. but still the constable could have saved a life had he just done his job.. he did not do his job so he should be along with the others be dismissed from his job permanently

Self Masturbation are still the main approach of RCMP internal reviews.The RCMP must still go!

October 12, 2011

Exemplary Pubic exposure and prosecution of the guilty

What has now oftem amazed me is that I have often met not only immoral professionals, bad civil and public servants but visible crooks who would regulary attend a church now too and for whatever reason.. Crooks are all around us and they do need to be stopped.

Follow the money trail and you will get to a supposedly another previously unseen big iceberg of lies, thefts, deception.. the vices are all much more common over what we are lead to believe clearly as well.. for too many people do often steal to get richer by any means they can.. even executives, business persons, corporations, professionals and housewives it seems.. and the civil and public servants, politicians are not excluded here.

No such thing as a little bit pregnant when it comes to taxpayers money abuses now as well..

Exemplary Pubic exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest, it may help to reform the crooks as well.


 Most marriages tend to end up in divorce becaue of one spouses inability to forgive, laziness, unrealistic expecations, uncontrolled sexual lust amongst other things.. These days it is very likley that you get divorced as likley as you will get cancer or a heart disease.. and many divorces are ALSO caused even by outside influences.. such by the input of bad persons too… demons such as lawyers, bad judges, relatives and the  bad pastors too..

Civilians should probe police shootings: activists Montreal Gazette – MONTREAL – Police shootings in Quebec should be investigated by a review board composed entirely of civilians, say Quebec’s Ligue des droits et libertés and an organization that protects the rights of the homeless.The call for an end to one police force being assigned to probe shootings committed by another comes four months after a homeless man and passerby were fatally shot by Montreal police in a failed attempt to subdue the former. Ligue co-ordinator Nicole Filion said that while Public Security Minister Robert Dutil was open to changing the present system of investigating police shootings, the suggestion that a review board include police and civilians was off the mark. Filion argued that lawyers could serve on the board and not be a part of “the blue brotherhood.” “It could be (staffed by) lawyers … but civilians could also be trained. If police can be trained to conduct investigations, civilians can, as well.” The Sûreté du Québec investigated the shooting. Its findings were turned over to the province’s bureau of criminal prosecutions two weeks ago and are being studied to determine whether charges are warranted.

Ex-PMO aide Carson left Calgary school with debt.‎ Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former senior adviser, Bruce Carson, charged thousands of dollars in personal expenses to the federally funded think-tank he headed for just over two years. Carson is already under investigation for possible influence-peddling and illegal lobbying last year in a failed attempt to land federal contracts for a shady company employing his then girlfriend, a former escort. While no one is saying exactly what personal expenses got Carson into hot water, one source says a lot of the charges to the credit card were for travel.Documents show Carson owned homes in Ontario with various girlfriends most of the time he was working at the Calgary-based institute. Carson’s history of money problems dates back more than 30 years.A lawyer until the early 1980s, he was convicted of defrauding clients, disbarred and sent to jail. He was convicted again in 1990, that time for defrauding a rental car company, and given a suspended sentence.He declared personal bankruptcy in the early 1990s, and was in serious trouble with creditors almost continuously over most of the past three decades. It remains a mystery how someone with that kind of track record could make it through all the security screening ordinarily required to become one of the prime minister’s closest advisers

Quebec ex-family minister charged with fraud‎., the former family minister in Premier Jean Charest’s Quebec cabinet, The Montreal-area legislator who was the most scandal-prone minister in Charest’s scandal-plagued government, has been slapped with three criminal charges in the latest ethics embarrassment to befall the government. Tony Tomassi faces charges of fraud and breach of trust. They stem from accusations that he accepted material rewards from a company that had received government money. Last year, he was forced to resign amid accusations that he had been using a credit card supplied to him by a private security firm — a firm that had received millions in government grants. In the weeks before his departure, Tomassi had also been battered with allegations of cronyism in the awarding of contracts for public day-care permits. The charges against Tomassi stemmed from the work of that provincial anti-corruption unit,

and how many thousand more are there now too..

It is a very low proportion of medical personnel that are disciplined




It was interesting to me to read the various news spins being done on a report done by the researchers at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital about our bad doctors. Supposedly another tip of the iceberg, as there are very low proportion of doctors that are disciplined even because it a serious obstacle course where doctors are not allowed to complain about the other doctors, and ordinary persons, others they are are not qualified to make any medical, professional judgments.

 No such thing as a little bit pregnant, and I am sure that it is same doctors who commit sexual transgressions are also guilty of other major immoral acts such as tax evasions.

I have laid complaints directly against 5 bad Canadian doctors and none were ever properly dealt with.

Undisciplined Doctors, like Policeman, Nurses do now get complacent with daily routine and forget how to act properly. More attention is needed for safeguard. Present “Discipline means nothing.If you bring a complaint of fraud,cover up,concealment,abuse and report anything that is in violation of the health act don’t be surprised if things aren’t covered up.The fact that 98 percent of patients never receive a penny in compensation is a little more telling.24,000 people die every year in Canada due to medical mistakes. 87,500 patients admitted annually to Canadian acute care hospitals report an adverse event.5.2 million people according to the CIHI reported an adverse event(preventable medical error). The serious stuff that is reported is not made public so people have no idea what is being covered up. ”

TORONTO — One-fifth of doctor disciplinary cases in the last decade involved repeat offenders, suggesting a need for greater monitoring, researchers at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital have concluded. The researchers looked at the cases of doctors who were disciplined by their provincial medical licensing bodies between 2000 and 2009. Of the 606 cases in total, they found that 92 per cent of those doctors were men and that a majority were family physicians who had been practising for a long time. “It’s a very low proportion of doctors that are disciplined.” But of the doctors who are disciplined, there are many repeat offenders, the research found. Fifty-one doctors committed 64 repeat offences, or 19 per cent of the total offences. Seven of the doctors had been disciplined three times and two had been disciplined four times. The most common violation was sexual misconduct, which accounted for 20 per cent of the cases. Those offences, as well as standard-of-care issues and unprofessional conduct, made up more than half of the violations. Most of the doctors who were disciplined by their local medical licensing authorities over the last 10 years were family doctors who had been practising a long time, a new study finds. The most common penalties in the disciplinary cases were fines, imposed in 27 per cent of the incidents. That was followed by suspensions, which occurred 19 per cent of the time. The median fine amount was $4,000 and the median suspension length was four months.Doctors had their licences revoked in six per cent of the cases. The study appears in the journal Open Medicine. The study did not include the three territories where such information is not publicly available.

And the study also exposes how little standardization there is in Canada when it comes to publicly reporting disciplinary action against doctors, and how much remains unknown about the true scope of complaints against physicians. For instance, some information about disciplinary action against doctors was incomplete on various provincial websites and no information was publicly available from the territories. Chaim Bell, lead author of the study, physician at St. Michael’s Hospital and associate professor in medicine and health policy, management and evaluation at the University of Toronto, said the findings indicate the need for a national system that can allow improved public access to information about disciplinary action against doctors. The study was conducted by gathering publicly-available data from various Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada, which are medical licensing authorities and conduct disciplinary hearings when there are complaints against doctors. The problem is that complaints against doctors remain confidential unless it leads to a formal disciplinary hearing. While the study notes that cases of negligence, sexual abuse or concerns over professionalism are serious and usually lead to disciplinary action, there are questions about complaints against doctors that may never be released publicly. For that reason, it’s also unclear what the exact number of complaints against doctors is in Canada.It’s also difficult to get information from certain years from various provincial medical bodies, Dr. Bell said.It’s a problem that highlights the need for improved transparency as it relates to complaints against doctors, he said.

A national database should be created to make it easier for patients to monitor bad doctors, says the author of a recent study tracking physicians who have been disciplined.


Viciously we need a consumer evaluation system, such as the ones in some universities where you graded your own professor annually, even for the doctors and the hospitals.. And we still do need to have much better hospital ombudsman who will incorporate real changes.. so things can change for the better…

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