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April 1, 2010

and it was long overdue… now the lingering resentment

RCMP money settlement with Dziekanski’s mother will remain mystery   The Canadian Press –  RICHMOND, B.C. – An apology from the RCMP, a financial settlement and a geography scholarship in her dead son’s name will allow Robert Dziekanski’s mother finally to sleep at night, she says.

And all  this does not  in any way compensates for what happened in the RCMP Dziekanski affair. Serious loss of public confidence into the RCMP has occurred too for they’ve dragged the Dziekanski family and indeed all of Canada  through 2½ years of investigation and inquiry before they finally fess up, and what about millions of tax payers money spent on court costs here already, the Braidwood Inquiry, which looked into the officers’ conduct, and the cost of the  lawyers’ fees for all parties involved is enormous, and what about all those bad RCMP guys and also  why are they not in jail still? The bad RCMP officers repeatedly used a Taser to subdue 40-year-old Dziekanski and then pinned him down for several minutes just before he died next tried to cover it all up by their false reports, denials too. The  months-long judicial inquiry headed by Justice Robert Braidwood focusing  on the RCMP excessive use of force in dealing with Dziekanski. Braidwood’s findings have not yet been made public.

RCMP tarnished by Dziekanski case: It’s going to take more than money and an apology to redeem the RCMP’s image following the Robert Dziekanski case. Most people, news media, politicians, ministers too  still only like to support winners, not exposed exemplary losers. and in Canada they all tend to quickly bury the wounded losers EARLY still too in reality.

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