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April 11, 2010

Poor people and the unemploynment rate in Alberta

 What happened in Alberta is no surprise to the honest, decent folks. Socialists elected in Canada’s oil patch.    A study says shrinking budgets in the oil and gas industry could lead to as many as 185,000 direct and indirect job losses this year in Canada.  In the one horse province  Alberta would be the hardest hit .  Loonie plunges as oil’s slide continues; One-in-four oil, gas jobs could be lost in 2015 but for decades the Politicians did not plan ahead for the rainy days..  Bleak numbers showing that Canada’s economy shrank in the first three months of 2015 have already created a torrent of downgraded economic projections on how the rest of the year will unfold.

Alberta unemployment rate highest in 14 years CBC – Sat Apr 10, 7:03 PM EDMONTON (CBC) – Alberta’s unemployment rate ( falsely adjusted too – it is a lot higher now for the true rate would have  included all people out of work, those who had as a result left the province, and those persons now on social aid too) rose to 7.5 per cent in March, the highest level since 1996, according to figures released Friday by Statistics Canada.The rate climbed 0.6 percentage points from February. The federal agency attributed the increase to a higher number of people entering the work force an increase of 9,700 in Alberta. “The main reason for what we’re seeing is the fact that we are still not fully recovered from recession,” said Thomas Lukaszuk, Alberta’s minister of employment and immigration.
Ha ha ha try rather try Alberta government’s  mismanagement
Calgary EI figure rises more than 60% Calgary Herald – The number of Calgarians receiving regular employment insurance benefits in February has jumped 63 per cent from a year ago, says Statistics Canada.
 all 174 articles »

Booze, gambling revenues now worth more than gas royalties to Stelmach government   PM Stephen Harper’s province…

System failing city’s poor, critics say The Ottawa Sun – Sat Apr 10, 9:04 PM  For those fighting poverty in the city, the outlook is bleak.  Fractured families, unemployment, minimum-wage jobs and a tide of immigrants lacking language skills threaten to further inflate the already staggering numbers of people wrestling with the question of whether to buy food or pay rent. Single parents  83% of them women  now lead one in every four families in Ottawa. Because they rely on a single income, these families tend to earn the least and experience higher levels of poverty than two-parent families. Worse, many working women with children have jobs that are precarious, with irregular or part-time hours, lower wages and limited benefits. A recent report from the Social Planning Council of Ottawa illustrates a disturbing trend. Households and Families in Ottawa — which is based on 2006 census data  warns of increasing child poverty and immigrant unemployment that could continue for generations to come. In 2006, 32,853 children under 18 in Ottawa lived below the poverty line.  “That was in 2006 and before the recent economic crisis hit,” said poverty council research director Clara Jimeno. “And immigrant women with children younger than six had an unemployment rate of 30% before the recession as well.”  The Overbrook-Forbes Community Resource Centre is one of the organizations that stands on the front lines in the war on poverty, with 14 branches servicing low-income communities across the city. Anti-poverty community co-ordinator Dominique Paris-MacKay said the situation has become dire.  “The gap between the rich and poor is growing, and that’s because the poor are getting poorer. Food banks don’t have enough food and the fact we have them at all is a failure of our system.”
These 2 items were, are related
Alberta and it’s past premier were  known for it’s despisements  of all of the  poor people, those persons on social aid.. so it is not surprisingly they have to also now next walk in the footstep of the poor so next time that can manifest now more real, valid  compassion
The rest of Canada would take heed to this too less they also experience the same thing.. “Poverty is not a choice that people make and it can happen to anybody. One economic downturn can turn someone who was stable to someone who’s homeless.”
Good news the oppressive bad cops in Alberta are  likely to face more lay offs.. Imagine this job creation absurdity, one third of the annual Calgary city hall budget is used to support the police services.. fire 85 percent of them for they are too often slackers, pretenders anyway

(Rom 12:3 KJV)  For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

(Prov 20:26 KJV)  A wise king scattereth the wicked, and bringeth the wheel over them.
(Prov 28:15 KJV)  As a roaring lion, and a ranging bear; so is a wicked ruler over the poor people.
The popularity of Robin Hood even centuries later personifies some great simple truths about what bad rulers do and do not do.. at both the federal and provincial levels. A good ruler runs the wheel over the wicked persons, even bad cops, those who abuse their offices, who live high on the hog too,  but also does  care  about the welfare of all the persons, the poor included.. Interesting that not only the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper but now also the Liberal premier of three Provinces BC, Quebec and Ontario, and the Conservative Premier of Alberta  clearly are unpopular these days with the citizens cause they fall short in this areas
(Job 15:31 KJV)  Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompense.

December 31, 2009

PM Stephen Harper wastes taxpayer’s money again and again.


 Liberal Party radio and print ads say Prime Minister Stephen Harper has “something to hide” and that’s why he decided to shut down Parliament.  Harper government draws fire for suspending Parliament  and how many times have I rightfully said that the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s managerial skills are one step forward and two steps backwards, and I can always count on him to shoot himself and his party in the foot.  PM Stephen  Harper has to shut down Parliament costing us taxpayers their salary while they are on vacation because he says he needs to think about what to do next, clearly his leadership is  unsatisfactory. Some of the Conservative MPs have given different reasons than “resetting the agenda” – from needing a majority to senate to needing the time off to spend at the Olympics. Their Boss the PM keeps them in the dark too cause he does not trust them now as well to do the right thing so he also gives them time off from work. Everyone needs to go to work tomorrow and tell their boss that they need 2 months vacation time to set your own work schedule for the next year…. and there would be no wonder as to what your boss would say.. he would give you the pink slip.. fire you. FIRE  HARPER  RIGHTFULLY NOW TOO.


Vent outrage at your local MP Toronto Star –  People are asking what they can do to counter Stephen Harper’s decision to suspend Parliament. … Demand instead that he or she vote against the government when Parliament resumes in March and bring Harper down.

Linda Harris is unimpressed with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s move to prorogue Parliament. Harris is one of 64,000 individuals who have joined a group on the Internet social networking site Facebook protesting the move and urging MPs to return to work as scheduled.The page, entitled Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, started Dec. 30 and has gained nation-wide attention with thousands joining each day.

Proroguing is for children (and Stephen Harper) Globe and Mail We elect these men and women to travel to Ottawa and represent us in the House of Commons. Our Parliament has been suspended for no other reason than the Prime Minister simply can’t be bothered with the relentless checks and balances that democracy affords us. He doesn’t want to have to stand in the House of Commons and hear anyone question him on any subject. The problem is, he is the one who appointed cabinet and like it or not, they are supposed to be accountable. A minister’s job is not to hide in his or her riding; it is to be accountable in Ottawa – or at least that was the promise.   This Prime Minister has gone from the promise of an open, accessible and accountable government to a government that is simply closed.

‘They’re not fooling anyone’ Globe and Mail –  If it had been just another Wednesday afternoon, Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament until the beginning of March would … Le Devoir, Manon Cornellier agreed that although “Mr. Harper has not broken any rules, [….] he nevertheless has shown a disregard for our democratic institutions.” Ms. Cornellier called Mr. Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament an attempt to avoid having to submit to the “constraints of democracy.” She accused the Prime Minister of trying to avoid “such disagreeable tasks as being accountable and transparent, and respecting the will of the majority of parliament.” Ms. Cornellier went on to contend that, if Canadians read an article about the leader of another country behaving in a similar manner, “we would conclude that the country was an autocratic state or a banana republic.”


Opposition parties object to postponement of Parliament for 2 months The Gazette (Montreal) Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided to shut down Parliament for two months, a move swiftly condemned by opposition parties as a way to halt investigations into the torture of Afghan detainees. Bloc Quebecois house leader Michel Guimond said Harper had no legitimate reason to suspend Parliament and the decision constitutes an affront to democracy.


 Readers upset with Harper government’s decision to prorogue Parliament Daily Gleaner With Harper proroguing the government for two years in a row, there is little doubt the Canadian taxpayer has paid a whole year of salaries and incidental costs for a Canadian government and a Canadian Senate which has essentially accomplished nothing.Or maybe better said, anything which was accomplished was just wiped out by Stephen Harper with the closing of government.

National Post – Toronto Sun
 Eroding democracy Hamilton Spectator – There is no doubt the Stephen Harper government’s strategic move to prorogue Parliament until after the Olympics is nothing short of self-serving. It is not about what is good for Canada, for democracy, or even for the Olympics. It is only about what Harper has decided is good for his federal Tories. Even sober second thought cannot cast a positive light on his decision to interfere with democracy
“Parliament shutdown wasteful, undemocratic   January 3, 2010   I urge all MPs to return to work on the scheduled date of Jan. 25. If the doors are locked, march right down to Rideau Hall and demand access to Parliament. This is our house. The Harper Conservatives are in defiance of the law. They seek to shut down Parliament to suppress information needed by the parliamentary committee to get to the truth behind the torture of Afghan citizens. They accuse anyone who seeks this information of failure to support the troops. No one has accused the troops of anything. Accused are Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay and other political figures. All of the work currently pending in Parliament will be lost. That means we just paid top dollar for the “best and brightest” to accomplish nothing — all so Harper can attend the Olympics and no one can ask questions about the degradation of our democracy, the continued concentration of power in the Prime Minister’s Office, the corruption of the RCMP and the throttling of freedom of information. Kim Poirier Victoria”

“It’s almost despotic,” Tories trying to ‘shut down democracy,’ “Three times in three years and twice within one year, the prime minister takes this extraordinary step to muzzle Parliament. This time it’s a cover-up of what the Conservatives knew, and when they knew it, about torture in Afghanistan. So their solution is not to answer the questions but, rather, to padlock Parliament and shut down democracy.” Liberal MP Goodale says.. What a bunch of manipulative cowards.  Proroguing parliament until March? Unbelievable and certainly not in the interest of the country. But since when did this government do anything in the interest of the country? They only look out for themselves and their friends in high places (i.e. big business). Harper He is over due for a permanent Vacation.  He makes the mere mention of the word Democracy sound dirty.



For the second time in 12 months, Stephen Harper is successfully brushing aside an inconvenient, embarrassing opposition  Parliament. Last year it was suspended to save his government from the almost certain coalition defeat. Now it’s to provide paid view of  the winter games, the  Vancouver Olympics but more  basically   to obstruct the further parliamentary probing of the very politically damaging Afghanistan prisoner abuse. The Prime Minister won’t be facing those very  awkward questions anytime soon.

Harper simply telephoned his own puppet, the person he hired, the pretentious Governor-General Michaëlle Jean with his next granted prorogue request and so our  Parliament will be closed for much of 2010’s first quarter, proving that Harper’s  own standards of parliamentary  accountability and democracy are a big, unacceptable sham too……

Canada’s minority government Prime Minister Stephen Harper is too happy to play games with the taxpayer’s money and Parliament, for while he now shuts down the opposition for a few months again, note this they all still do get paid, for restaurants, their travelling, their too  often phony expenses..

and imagine that  free  all paid vacations 5 months  happening next  in the private sector too? Never you say? Why do you all allow it in Ottawa then?

Grassroots fury greets shuttered Parliament Toronto Star -OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament for the next two months is facing a growing public uprising, which is building on social networks across Canada and is set to spill over in dozens of protest rallies this month.

20000 join anti-prorogation Facebook group

Prorogation won’t halt bill to scrap gun registry

Globe and Mail – The Barrie Examiner – The Gateway Online – Cape Breton Post

Prorogue ‘slap in the face’: Rudd Belleville Intelligencer – The Liberal candidate running in Quinte West in the next federal election has slammed a move by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to prorogue Parliament until March.

NDP slams Parliament suspension Peterborough Examiner

Harper’s way a ‘dark way’ Orillia Packet & Times

Edmonton Sun – Toronto Star – The Canadian Press – Sault Star

Harper prorogues Parliament, Canadians sigh –  Amidst crumpled wrapping paper, Christmas pudding and stocking stuffers, Prime Minister Stephen Harper pulled his very own Christmas cracker on Canadians …


‘Should the PM have the Power of Kings?’ – MP Hyer  Net Newsledger  In what is becoming an annual tradition, Stephen Harper has chosen to unilaterally prorogue (suspend) Parliament until March. …


This prime minister is thoroughly partisan  The Kingston Whig-Standard –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s unprecedented action in proroguing Parliament for the second time in a year means that some 35 pieces of pending legislation …


Used, abused and confused: jargon ’09  Edmonton Sun  “Prorogue” was forced into Canadians’ consciousness 12 months ago, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper had to force Parliament to take a time out for having …


Critics say anger is growing over PM’s ‘imperial’ style Toronto Star –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to once again suspend Parliament is being regarded by critics as a self-serving attempt to sidestep opposition …


Travers: Stephen Harper’s dark democracy creates dangerous legacy  Toronto Star –  Stephen Harper understood that in opposition. As a Reformer he preached the gospel of parliamentary primacy. As a Conservative leader using memories of …


Harper undermining democracy at home Victoria Times Colonist We Canadians have spent billions bringing democracy to Afghanistan. When we asked our elected representatives to make inquiries as to exactly what was going on in Afghanistan, Stephen Harper closed Parliament. What sort of democracy is this? Harper was so contemptuous of Parliament that he stopped his MPs from even attending the committee struck to enquire about the treatment of Afghan citizens after Canadian troops handed them over to Afghan authorities. Now he has closed Parliament to stop the truth emerging. This is our country, not his private club.


Only you can stop the political plunge Victoria Times Colonist –  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament for his own partisan convenience — no more nasty questions about Afghan detainees, no more challenges from a “Liberal-dominated Senate” — is shocking, but hardly surprising. It is an expression of this prime minister’s contempt not just for Parliament, but for government. So much for those urgent Tory crime measures that will die on the order paper; so much for an adult debate on the deficit, or pension reform or Afghanistan after 2011.


Will public stand for parliamentary holiday? Burnaby Now –  There’s already a perception that work in Ottawa happens at a snail’s pace, and, after last year’s prorogation to avoid a non-confidence vote, it’s looking more and more like Harper makes decisions about Parliament based on what works best for him, not for Canada. Slipping this decision in over the holiday – when many Canadians are too busy travelling or celebrating to pay much attention to the news – may have avoided some public consternation over the delay. But as the rest of the country gets back to business, the question is now being raised: Why aren’t our MPs back at work, too?


Suspending Parliament ‘deplorable’: Julian  Burnaby Now – “This is the fourth time he has shut down Parliament in four years. He seems to have a casual disregard for the work of Parliament, and the reality is he’s now killing 35 government bills in doing this,”


December 27, 2009

top Subjects read by my readers 2009


Actual  top Subjects read by my readers this year.. in order..
1 Divorce And Remarriage In The Christian  Church 
2 CRTC’s Farcical hearings on Internet speed 
3 2009 CANADIAN Political EDITORIAL -Politicians performances
4 l care.. CANADIAN HEALTH CARE issues
5 Canada’s oil sands  – Environmental
6 Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church Lawsuit
7 QUEBEC the second largest PROVINCE in Canada
8 Christian and Missionary Alliance Corporation. PM Church
9 It is getting worse for the RCMP,  RCMP ALCOHOLICS
10 swine flu – influenza A (H1N1) 
11 Speeding is not the major cause of car accidents
12 Basic Contract law related to cell phones, ISP, bad Bell
14 Skype, Magic Jack
15 Drunk driving arrests -Canada wide
16 Canadian  2009 Federal Budget- Recession  
17 Provincial Liberals no better over the Conservative
18  Stephen Harper, Conservative liars
The Canadian News Headlines  Selection of top stories below now differs from my own real site statistics. My statistics are more accurate over mere Canadian Press polls too. I have thousands of readers. And why DOES  THE Canadian Press survey AND THEIR SELECTION  DIFFER SO MUCH FROM MY SITE STATISTICS? THE Canadian Press survey It was, is just a personal survey OF EDITORS and not actual facts, or real statistics   still.. No wonder many people believe many of the big news media in Canada have lost credibility and they do not buy now their newspapers, or watch their TV news..  and why so many news media are facing great finiancial  losses too.
H1N1 flu virus voted top news story of 2009 in Canadian Press survey  was number ten on my site.  The Canadian Press  TORONTO – An influenza virus that scientists believe migrated from pigs to people before touching off a global pandemic was the runaway selection for the top Canadian news story of 2009. The H1N1 virus was chosen by 70 per cent of the newspaper editors and broadcast news directors in the annual year-end survey of newsrooms conducted by The Canadian Press.    “There isn’t a Canadian out there who isn’t affected by or interested in the virus and how it may affect their families,” said Sandy Heimlich-Hall, assistant news director at CFJC-TV in Kamloops, B.C.    “It was a coast-to-coast story that people followed with interest no matter where they lived in Canada,” agreed Lesley Sheppard, managing editor of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald, in Moose Jaw, Sask.   H1N1, also known as swine flu, was the runaway pick as the issue that made the most headlines over the last year.
The inquiry into the tragic death of Robert Dziekanski, who died after being Tasered by RCMP officers at Vancouver International Airport, came a distant second with just nine per cent of the vote. But it got a lot of negative emotional reaction against the RCMP and the real, negative Consequences are still going to be felt for a lifetime too

Overall Results of the annual survey of newspaper editors and broadcasters conducted by The Canadian Press to determine Canada’s top news story of the year for 2009:

– H1N1 (swine) flu: 70 per cent

– Dziekanski inquiry: 9 per cent

– Afghanistan mission: 7 per cent

– Economy bounces back: 6 per cent

– Corruption in Montreal: 3 per cent

– Liberal party woes: 2 per cent

– NHL off-ice battles, Obama visits Canada, Olympic fever, Vancouver gang wars: all less than 1 per cent 

There are  other stories that seriously caught the a significant amount of Canadian’s interest though since my own site statistics show it too. Understandably   the mostly upper, middle class news editors tend to be out of touch with a lot of the majority poor Canadian’s concerns..

– The Conservative federal Budget and what it was doing specifically to help the unemployed..

– The CRTC hearing on Bell throttling the internet speeds.. This was the second most popular topic read on my sites.

– Divorce in the Christian Church.. was by far the most popular topic read on my sites.

– The New Entries into the Canadian Cell phone market and cell texting rip offs, related new laws

– Canada wide  Police abuse, Corruptions and the realted too often useless internal reviews

– Health care inadequacies, Shit diseases, Food poisonings, Food recall

– Equal pay for women now too


– the Ontario and BC tax grabs.. condemned by many as the biggest cash grab in the province’s history, the harmonized sales tax

– Quebec buying out New Brunswick hydro..

– The Alberta recession and the electric transmission upgrades too.

– Suspension of freedom of speech in BC during the winter Olympics

-“The Treatment of Canadians Abroad Suaad Hagi Mohamud’s despicable treatment by the Canadian High Commission in Kenya was in the headlines for weeks. When asked what Canada was doing to secure Mohamud’s return, Harper admitted that he had only recently learned about Mohamud’s case.”

“Harper’s Patronage Appointments For a man who has long expressed loathing toward patronage, Harper seems to actually delight in appointing Conservative Party apparatchiks. In 2008, Harper made at least 148 party faithful appointments to federal boards and agencies. In 2009, he continued to reward friends and insiders and even upped the ante. In November 2009, the Liberals revealed that since Harper was re-elected, he appointed 233 “former Tory MPs, cabinet ministers, campaign workers, past candidates and top donors…to the Senate, courts and government boards and agencies…” This year, Harper appointed another nine Conservative Senators (he appointed 18 Conservative Senators last December), including his former campaign chair (Doug Finley, husband of Conservative cabinet minister Diane Finley), a communications assistant (Carolyn Stewart-Olsen) and the president of the Conservative Party of Canada (Don Plett). Since December 2008, Harper has appointed 27 Senators; the most appointments in one year by any Canadian Prime Minister. Impressive for a man who once thundered: “They are ashamed the Prime Minister continues the disgraceful, undemocratic appointment of undemocratic Liberals to the undemocratic Senate to pass all too often undemocratic legislation.” (Stephen Harper, Hansard, March 7, 1996).”

“Torture of Afghan Detainees Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin testified that Canadian soldiers handed over Afghan detainees to be tortured, the Conservatives launched into personal attacks on Colvin. The Harper government next falsey smared  Colvin and denied the charges, plyus it firthermore suspended parliamentary hearings into detainee abuse (worth mentioning: Colvin states that most detainees were innocent) and had ignored a special order of Parliament to release uncensored documents pertaining to the transfer of detainees.  The Opposition MPs and commenta­tors  think Stephen Harper should fire Peter MacKay as de­fence minister for his handling of the Afghan detainee issue, but senior Tories say Mr. MacKay can relax. He’s not going to be fired,” for Stephen Harper does not apply accountability to how own. Harper needs a liar he can trust to do his dirty work


Funny but deliberate spelling mistakes and poor grammar are proven undeniable techniques to get many a readers attention and response now too.. over a politically correct, perfect grammar presentation often too.


I daily have read many news presentations and have tried to present The most accurate accounts of key, critical Canadian issues, events.. As many Canadians do also know what has too often passed on as journalism in Canada in the last year has been too often unacceptably more spins, lies, distortions, contradictory presentations and unsupported  facts, very unprofessional now too,  where different news media  media often do differ significantly in their accounts of the same event.. Just cause someone is being quoted as saying something does not make their statement a  valid truth even. A good example of this was the issue of speeding and car accidents. For a long time the news reporters in Canada were falsely quoting the police in saying that an accident was caused by speeding, when we all can know that in the majority of cases speeding is not the main cause of accidents, but rather impaired, drunken driving is the most significant factor still even Canada wide.
ANOTHER GOOD recent EXAMPLE OF FALSE SENSATIONALIZING NEW Reporting was when some some reporters tried to make a big issue over BlackBerry Users Suffer Two Outages in a Week  neglecting at the same time falsely to also now mention to all that  that in Canada Bell’s iphones, email system was also affected, and Bell’s internet services were greatly reduced..
Then you can clearly note how the various  news media do  differ on the subject of recession, Real estate and also the stock market. One news media says the recession is over and another one at the same time says it is still ongoing.. One must be a Conservative biased news media, and the other one a Liberal one. One news media says it is good time to buy a home, and others say it is dangerous, a wrong time to buy a home.. and similarly one says it is a good time to invest in the stock market and another one says it is a bad time.. of course realtors, stock brokers, loan managers, always say it is a good time to buy for that is how they make their money, even by lying, conning people to buy.
and who can you really believe these days still seems to be the main question, issue here too.
In passing the subjects surrounding   Israel and Arabs clearly still does not generate much Canadian interest..

December 26, 2009

Canadian-editorial-cartoons VI

Give them an inch and the crooks next take a mile, including bad pastors, bad civil and public servants, bad business persons, bad professionals. Now Health care, Justice, Police, Consumers affairs, are the last places I accept any of their wrong doings quietly now as well.

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that generally most people still are not to be trusted, they always do need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well. Here is what I know for sure in Canada that the proper policing, management , supervision human rights commissions are a real fact of life, in our society, in schools, life, in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too, and elsewhere, even on the net, for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws. Self regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians, pastors now as well.

for more see cartoons

December 9, 2009

New Conservative Accountabiility report


One of the too many false reasons too many patients die in Hospitals is that almost none of the medical staff feel any personal, real, negative repercussions themselves.  That also includes the too many bad cops we seem to have now too, and bad civil and public servants too, bad politicians..
One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a  person is really like, is work with him  just for one whole day,.. and   what   you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..

Just another bunch of thugs and crooks? Conservatives hold only slim lead: poll  The Conservatives have retained just a slim margin over the Liberal Party, according to a Nanos poll released on Monday.  The survey has the Conservative lead shrinking in the eight prior weeks from more than 9 percentage points to 1.7 points. Other polls have shown the Liberals slightly ahead. The Conservatives had been as much as 15 points ahead in the autumn, after the Liberals tried to bring down the government and force an early election. When the Liberals backed down, the margin began to shrink and then it virtually collapsed when Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper arranged at the end of December for the temporary suspension of Parliament until after the Vancouver Olympics. The opposition charged that he was trying to evade accountability.

” Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has paid out nearly $7 million to political staffers who have left their jobs over the past two years. The amount of “separation pay” that was doled out at the discretion of cabinet ministers is more than twice the amount of “severance pay” the Conservatives were obliged to pay departing political aides under government guidelines.

Under the government’s guidelines for ministers’ offices, political staffers are entitled to two weeks of severance pay for each year of service — regardless of whether they resigned, were laid off or dismissed.


Those who had previously worked for a member of Parliament or for the public service could be entitled to an extra week of severance pay for each year of service in those roles.

However, cabinet ministers also have the discretion to pay departing staffers separation pay of up to four months salary on top of their severance pay.

“When they are letting go staff, they are treating the public purse like it was a Conservative candy store,” he said. Liberal finance critic John McCallum, a former cabinet minister who posed the original written question to the government, also found the total high.

Kevin Gaudet, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, called for the government to scrap the system of discretionary separation pay.

“It’s a sugaring-off account because the staff know where the bodies are buried.” “
Harper’s Conservatives had promised they  would be better than the previous parties.. they now are  certainly better at abusing the tax payer’s money on their  friends, associates too…. this is what was elected.. another bunch of thugs and crooks?

I get a big chuckle of the hypocritical Albertan, Western party, Reform- Conservative supporters, who  loudly advocate democracy, more freedom of speech, less censorship,  less human rights prosecution too… meaning they still do delete negative anti Conservative, Anti Harper messages on their sites… so much for the free  speech right of others.. typical police state Conservatives still..
 Conservatives for me tend to be imbalanced persons,  the Bullies, the persons overly assertive, and unsubmissive


December 7, 2009

Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin No. 50,


Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin No. 50,

In this issue:
1. More on police in schools
2. 2010 police budget
3. Compressed work week, new schedule?
4. New complaints procedures in Ontario
5. New rules for tasers
6. Subscribe to the Bulletin

1. More on police in schools

There’s a well known Canadian tradition that looks hard at American social policy, waits until the Americans realize it doesn’t work or shows perverse results, then puts that policy in place here in Canada. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is in the thick of this practice as it brings in new laws and policies to put more people in jail longer, just as California realizes the folly of ever having done this in the first place.

The Toronto police force, with the active support of Toronto school boards, is now following the same tradition by putting police in most Toronto high schools.

Police have been in New York schools for more than a decade, and there are problems. An editorial (titled `Over-Punishment in Schools) in the New York Times on Sunday November 29, 2009, states Juvenile justice advocates across the country are rightly worried about policies under which children are sometimes arrested and criminalized for behavior that was once dealt with by principals or guidance counselors working with a student’s parents. It notes that children who are arrested or suspended tend to be disproportionately black and Hispanic and often have emotional problems or learning disabilities, and says School officials in several cities have identified over-policing as a problem in itself.

One can expect these problems to become more evident in Toronto. The incident at Northern Secondary School in October fits the profile too well: a black student apparently insulted a police officer who is seen on the video arresting the student, who was charged with assaulting policing and resisting arrest, then suspended. If the police had not been present in the school and the student insulted a teacher, he would have received a detention. Put police in schools in Toronto, and youth actions will be criminalized just as they have been in American schools. And those criminalized the most will certainly be from minority groups.

A study by the Annenberg Institute for Social Reform and the New York Civil Liberties Union titled `Safety with Dignity: Alternatives to the Over-Policing of Schools recommends sweeping changes. It says The number of police personnel patrolling New York City’s schools should be reduced significantly. This should generate financial savings that can be applied to expand guidance, social work, and other support services to respond to disciplinary issues in ways that strengthen the educational environment and avoid excessive reliance on law enforcement tactics and the juvenile and criminal justice systems. It recommends that disciplinary responsibilities be returned to educators, and that alternatives to harsh penalties be instituted. The study can be found at .

But here in Toronto, we are just settling into the program of police acting as School Resource Officers in high schools. A self-administered student survey concluded that most everyone is happy with the situation and relations between students and officers might even be improving. The report does concluded, strangely, that overall student perception of safety in their school and in the neighbourhood surrounding the school did not improve, a conclusion which throws the whole experiment into confusion. The press release accompanying the survey evaluation states airily The main goal of the School Resource Officer Program has always been to build relationships, provide mentoring, leadership, and develop extracurricular opportunities for the students. That is revisionist history: the goal when police were placed in schools in 2008 was never spelled out, but it was done in response to a fear of more violence in schools, and most people assumed that that’s why police were going in.

Related to this is the recently published 2010-2011 list of police priorities, goals and strategies, including the development of a “prevention and education initiative . . . relating to child and youth victimization in the areas of bullying and cyber bullying. Surely this instruction on bullying is more appropriately (and less expensively) accomplished by ordinary teachers or by social workers. This is the problem with putting the police in schools: their policing skills are rarely needed so they look around for something, anything, that might justify their presence. Tax dollars would be better spent on additional teachers and social workers whose skills fit squarely into the curriculum and the classroom.

Most worrisome is the statement School Resource Officers felt more part of the school management team at the end of the school year than at the start. In short, the police are playing a solid role in managing schools. What does this have to do with the new goal, which is to improve relations with youth?

Sounds like Toronto schools with police are headed down the same road as the American schools with police. Our children deserve better from school trustees, from teachers and principals, and from the police.

TPAC has wondered why more parents are not speaking up. We concluded that most middleclass parents think their children will never be on the receiving end of police action so they think they don’t need to speak up. Parents of minority children and those living in poverty don’t speak up because they fear they will be penalized if they do, or because they don’t have the resources to do so. It is no different than the fact that there is no constituency to speak up against the extraordinary number of people who are in jail before they have been found guilty of anything. Inequality in society hits those at the bottom very harshly.

2. 2010 police operating budget

On November 23 the Toronto Police Service Board released the 2010 operating budget that will be presented to the Board for approval on December 17. It asks that net spending increase from $842 million in 2009 to $899 million next year.

The Board asked for public comments by November 30. TPAC said that allowing just a week for comments was ridiculously short, making it almost impossible for individuals and organizations to provide meaningful comments. We submitted a draft letter by that date. Our final letter includes the following comments:

`We understand the city budget chief, Shelley Carroll, has asked the police department, as well as other city departments and agencies to cut their 2010 budget request by 5 per cent from last year. That would mean a 2010 budget of $812 million, or almost $90 million less than the 2010 operating budget request as it now stands, at $899.1 million.

`It is fair to say that kind of cut will not be achieved. But we believe a large cut must be made to the request so that the city has the funds needed to ensure there are programs available to reduce crime.

`Board members are surely aware that the best thinking currently available is that the best way to reduce crime among youth  and youth violence and safety is claimed in the 2010 police operating budget overview (page 4) as the leading priority for the police – is to spend more money on recreation and support programs for youth.

`The 2008 report by Roy McMurtry and Alvin Curling, `Roots of Youth Violence, makes it clear that spending more money on policing is not part of the solution – in fact the report shows that too much provincial money directed towards justice services to youth in trouble is eaten by police and is not available for the social programs that are needed.

`That report asks for a number of changes including: repairing the social context with programs which are created for youth; creating a youth policy framework to replace the patchwork of programs now available; creating strong communities out of weak suburban subdivisions and housing projects; and finding ways that government can actually exercise its oversight functions. These programs cost money, and if a great deal of that money is spent on police services, then that money is not available for those programs. That is the current problem in Toronto, as the city is not able to reasonably fund programs for youth. Constraining the increase in the police budget will permit funds to be available for reducing youth crime and violence.

`It is our opinion that the Board must make a clear commitment to reducing youth crime and violence and that will only happen by ensuring that the police budget does not gobble up the $899.1 million proposed in the 2010 budget request.

`We suggest that as a target the Board agree to request no more net funds than in 2009, that is, that the Operating Budget request for 2010 be no more than $845 million, and further that the Board ask the city to devote funds to youth programs in keeping with the McMurtry/Curling report.

`We suggest three ways of controlling the budget increase.

`1. Do not increase the staff complement from the 2009 request.

`As set out on pages 16 – 18 of last year’s budget overview, the 2009 target was to fund 5477 officers and 2021 full-time civilians. The 2010 target (pages 13  4 of the 2010 overview) is 5576 officers and 2056 full time civilians. That is an increase of 134 staff. The Board should decide not to increase staff.

`2. Do not hire new officers to replace those who leave the force during 2010.

`The budget overview estimates that 250 officers will resign or retire during 2010 (page 13), but it also assumes they will all be replaced. This year they should not be replaced, but a smaller force should be asked to do more.

`There are four reasons for advancing this position. First, crime continues to decline. As the overview points out (page 28), major crime (murder, sexual assault, robbery, break and enter, theft over $5000) is down 10 per cent from the same time last year, and last year was down 9 per cent from the year before. At the same time, the number of calls for service that police responded to, the number of arrests, the number of gun calls, and the number of traffic tickets issued have all continued to fall (pages 29  30). Police clearly have less work to do.

`Second, the 2008 Environmental Scan argued that police officers were spending considerably more time at each call for service than in the past. (see , pages 155, 156, 179.) It seems that productivity can be increased substantially, without a reduction in service to the public, by simply having officers reduce the time spent at each call.

`Third, the cost per officer is now considerably in excess of $100,000. The wage settlement agreed to by the Board last year pays officers very very well compared with other public employees. A recruit in training is now paid the equivalent of $51,000 a year. Once the recruit joins the force, the pay jumps to $57,000 for the first year and $81,000 for the fourth year (page 14). Benefits are worth another 25 per cent (page 15). These officers should be expected to work harder for this money, and in any case the public simply cannot afford to pay more and more staff at higher and higher wages.

`Fourth, we believe the current strategy of the police force widening its net to try to become all things to all people is inappropriate. Two examples of this are putting police officers in high schools (apparently to improve relations with youth) and assuming surveillance duties on the transit system (for reasons that remain ill-defined.) These initiatives are not useful ways to prevent crime, nor do they assist in obtaining convictions. It would be better if the police force decided to use its resources to become better at what they are expected to do. For example, we believe it would be more appropriate if some resources were used to ensure that police are adequately trained in Charter procedures so that charges are not thrown out for Charter reasons, and in ensuring that cases proceed in a timely manner, rather than being challenged for dragging on for many years. Bringing more focus to police work is more important that the police expanding into areas that have little impact on crime and safety issues.

`3. New compressed work week schedule

`We have seen the press release on the new compressed work week schedule, and we ask the Board to make public the actual changes agreed to so we can actually see what it proposes. Apparently the result is that at long last the number of officers on duty will bear some relationship to the calls for service rather than being spread almost equally through the whole 24 hour cycle.

`Assuming this interpretation is fair  we need to see the agreement to be sure of our reading of the matter – then the force should be able to operate with fewer officers. We suspect this change could mean that three or four fewer officers will be needed in each division during each shift, and that should result in reducing the force by a further 100 officers.

For the first year, the Board has posted the full operating budget for 2010 on the web site, . It is long  815 pages  and takes forever to download, but it contains interesting commentary on a unit-by-unit basis for those who like to wallow in detail.

3. Compressed work week, new schedule?

The Toronto Police Services Board and Toronto Police Association issued a joint press release in late November saying they had reached an agreement on a new compressed work week. This is a matter they have been bargaining on for the last few years, at considerable cost.

The agreement apparently says that the new compressed work week schedule will be tried on one or two divisions staring next March, but won’t be fully implemented for a year or two. Unfortunately, no further details are available  the Board has yet to release the agreement.

The current arrangement certainly has it flaws. For one thing, three are three platoons working every day (the other two platoons are off) working shifts of 10, 10 and 8 hours. That means that we pay for 28 hours of policing for every 24 hour period. (Other police forces in the GTA work two twelve hour shifts in a 24 hour period, which is much less costly. The extra four hours a day in Toronto adds 12 per cent to salary costs for the Toronto force, or about $80 million a year.) None of the overlap in the three shifts occurs during peak time for police service needs, that is, the early evening  the overlap occurs during non-peak periods so Toronto residents get none of the benefit of these extra on-duty officers.

Does the new compressed work week schedule address either of these problems? We have not been provided with the details to know, and when information is not made available, one fears for the worst.

4. New complaints procedure in Ontario.

The new complaints office, Office of the Independent Police Review, is now up and running. The web site is , and you can file a complaint on line.

But There’s a big problem you face as you begin to fill out the on-line form, namely the following statement: The information in this form will be forwarded to the appropriate police complaints authority for consideration. This includes a professional standards department or police authority of the relevant police service.

Obviously, the intention is to simply shift the complaint over to the police force you are complaining about, and that is bound to send shivers down the spine of many who think of making a complaint. There is nothing said about how this new provincial agency is there to protect your interest as a complainant and ensure that you are treated fairly, or that the police will be held to account. This is a significant oversight if this new agency is to be effective.

On the subject of complaints, one should note that Paul Kennedy, who has been the complaints officer with the RCMP, and who has urged that a better and more transparent complaints system be instituted by the RCMP, has not been reappointed by the federal government. The interpretation by the media and most others is that the feds don’t like having someone this reasonable within the bosom of the government’s police department.

5. New rules for tasers

Taser International announced in mid October that its stun gun should not be aimed at the heart  not that there were any real problems, but just in case, whatever. Toronto police (and other police forces) immediately came out with new policies recommending that officers aim lower.

One wonders when it will be suggested that the genitals isn’t a good area to aim at either.

6. Subscribe to the Bulletin

To subscribe or unsubscribe to this Bulletin, please send a note to with the instructions in the subject line or in the text of the message. Our e-mail list is confidential and will not be made available to others. There is no charge for the Bulletin. Our website is

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December 07 2009

1. More on police in schools
2. 2010 police budget
3. Compressed work week, new schedule?
4. New complaints procedures in Ontario
5. New rules for tasers

Toronto Police Accountability Bulletin No. 50, December 7, 2009.

This Bulletin is published by the Toronto Police Accountability Coalition, a group of individuals and organizations in Toronto interested in police policies and procedures, and in making police more accountable to the community they are committed to serving. Our website is

Toronto Police Officer Charged MISSISSAUGA, ON, Dec. 22 /CNW/ – The Director of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), Ian Scott, has reasonable grounds to believe that an officer with the Toronto Police Service (TPS) committed criminal offences in relation to an incident involving a 21-year-old man. Director Scott has caused charges to be laid against the officer.  The SIU was contacted on September 8, 2009, regarding a complaint of a sexual nature against one officer with the TPS. The alleged incident occurred six days prior, on September 2, 2009. The SIU was notified that on this date, the 21-year-old man was stopped for driving infractions. There was an interaction, and as a result, the man sustained injuries.  As a result of the SIU investigation, Constable Salameh Marji of the TPS is facing one charge of Sexual Assault, contrary to s. 271 of the Criminal Code of Canada and one charge of Assault, contrary to s. 266 of the Criminal Code of Canada.  A summons was served on the officer today, and he is compelled to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice at College Park Courthouse in Toronto on January 18, 2010. The Justice Prosecutions branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General will have carriage of the prosecution.  As this matter is now before the courts, and in consideration of the fair trial interests of the charged officer and the community, the SIU will make no further comment pertaining to this investigation.  The SIU is a civilian agency that investigates cases of serious injuries (including allegations of sexual assault) and deaths involving the police. Pursuant to section 113 of the Police Services Act, the Director of the SIU is mandated to consider whether a criminal offence has been committed by an officer(s) in connection with the incident under investigation and, where warranted by the evidence, to cause a criminal charge or charges to be laid against the officer(s). The Director reports the results of investigations to the Attorney General.  For further information: Monica Hudon, SIU Communications/Service des communications, UES, Telephone/No de telephone: (416) 622-2342 or/ou 1-800-787-8529
It is billed by the London Police Department Chief as “the best (shooting) range in Ontario.” At $22 million, it is certainly modern but one of the features might sit poorly with judges and civil libertarians.  While police can shoot a fleeing suspect that presents an imminent threat to the public, it is relatively rare in most crimes and raises obvious questions under Tennessee v. Garner. The entire project will ultimately cost $32 million and the facility’s gun range is billed as training officers to do a range of shooting,  

Meanwhile  a Toronto doctor is facing a disciplinary hearing over allegations he approved special meal allowances for people on welfare and disability programs according to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.  Dr. Roland Wong,  said he continues to approve applications for the special diet but only if he believes patients have an underlying medical condition that qualifies them for the financial supplement.  “Today, I signed maybe five, four,” he said. “Sometimes more, depends.”  He accused the auditor general of having a very “slanted view” of the program, and suggested he should be looking instead at the woefully inadequate support payments paid to people in need.  Wong said he wasn’t overly concerned about the disciplinary hearing because it was based on a complaint laid against him by a municipal councillor.  “This is a case of politicians against a physician, not the patient against the physician,” he said.  The Special Diet Allowance provides up to $250 per month to a person on social assistance who requires special foods for such conditions as diabetes.  Councillor Doug Holyday said  . “This can’t go on.”     Quebec and other provinces have no such adequate help program and why?

  Next we will shoot any person on social welfare as well? the sick too?

Medical Errors are also still a  leading cause of Deaths. More and more people die from medical mistakes each year than from highway accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS. And bad pharmaceutical drugs kill more people every year than are killed in traffic accidents. Many hospitalized patients suffered a serious adverse drug reaction (ADR)  and died as a result. The researchers found that over 75 per cent of these ADRs were dose-dependent, which suggests they were due to the inherent toxicity of the drugs rather than to allergic reactions. The researchers concluded that ADRs are now the fourth leading cause of death  after heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Any deaths   from  misdiagnosis of the ailment , deaths from unnecessary surgery;  from medication errors in hospitals;  deaths from other errors in hospitals;  deaths from infections in hospitals;  deaths from  adverse effects of medications, or from adverse drug reactions used to treat the illness, they  are all always still unacceptable! 
It is always the same old problem, Professionals, civil and Public servants, Doctors and medical staff continual indifference to the need of others, Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well. Hospital costs savings so the Doctors can get more money, even bad who Doctors fail to define the sicknesses soon enough. Law suits and the related bad publicity have been proven to be one of the most effective weapons in dealing with medical inadequacies.

A serious warning for Quebec’s Premier Jean Charest too.

UNPROSECUTED BAD CRIMMINALS ABOUND IN QUEBEC  CAUSE CLEARLY OUR BAD LEADERS, ADMINSTRATORS THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROSECUTE THEIR BAD ASSOCIATES.Ongoing Montreal Corruptions while the Police , RCMP and the Federal, Quebec Governments did nothing about it.. Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces, churches, ALL GOVERNMENTS  as well it seems too.


Jean Charest the bad Quebec Premier did not listen to good advice so he lost his relection, and even lost his own seat.

Quebec is known to be too soft on white collared crimes,

Racial profiling  also is a serious problem in Quebec and more needs to be done to address it, the province’s human rights commission said.  A recent investigation, focusing mainly on young people’s experiences, was launched after the commission said it had received 100 complaints involving allegations of racial profiling since 2005. More than half of the cases involved police — and seven of those are currently before the province’s Human Rights Tribunal.


It is not just what you do that next can haunt you, but also what you had wrongfully failed to do as well. Things can change rapidly for the worse as well now.. Many, many people falsely still do think that bad things happen only to the others and will not happen to them next as well. The federal Liberals had in the past failed to adequately deal with the issues of adequate law and order and paid a big, big price for it, and who is next now?  The bigger they are the harder they next can fall as well…Seriously note this law and order alone is not enough, it has to be supplemented by decency as well. Indecent law and order leads to a police state, something the New Conservatives are rather like .. and here is what many politicians, crooks seem to fail to see as well, the problem with public exposure with wrong doings, is that you cannot take it back after it has been dispersed, and some people have long memories next too.

Follow the money. It’s the oldest rule in journalism. The truth? It’s all about money, as it always generally is.  Together, Liberal British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec speak for three-quarters of Canadians OR FOR 100 PERCENT OF THE BIG CORPORATIONS?

  The latest survey of voter intentions, conducted in November by the Léger Marketing firm, showed the Parti Québécois pulling ahead of the Liberals in popular support.. The Léger poll, commissioned by Le Devoir, had the PQ up to 41 per cent support to 37 per cent for the Liberals, the best PQ showing in more than two years. It was consistent with a survey by the rival, and equally esteemed, CROP firm at the end of October, which also had the PQ ahead, though with a slimmer margin of 40 per cent to 39 for the Liberals.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest,   seemingly impenetrable ship has been taking on water in recent weeks.  Charest’s headaches began with shocking allegations of corruption involving construction companies, municipal politicians and the Italian Mafia.  Those scandals didn’t involve his government but they became his problem when, in the face of widespread demands for a public inquiry, Charest steadfastly declined to call one and sustained daily attacks for his refusal.  Attacks on his government intensified this week, when an opposition investigation suggested the province’s iconic $7-a-day childcare plan was being used in a pay-for-play scheme to benefit his Liberal party.  The Parti Quebecois found an astounding number of contracts — up to 70 per cent in one region — had gone to registered Liberal donors, and in some cases these people only became contributors after getting a daycare permit.  There was also a provincial auditor’s report that found Quebec’s regional venture-capital funds hadn’t complied with conflict-of-interest rules.  Instead of an inquiry, Charest has moved to tighten rules for political fundraising and construction contracts, and has created a $26.8-million police investigation unit. With the legislature now on its winter break, his Liberals will soon discover whether the daily demands for a probe might die down.
The pot calling the Kettle Black. The new federal consumer government being concerned about Consumer protection, only when it suits them undeniably certainly has not done anything about the  undeniable false misleading advertisements by Rogers, TELUS and Bell  or the bad RCMP for that matter or the two tier health care system with have in Canada.. Nor have the Liberals
Health Minister pushing for consumer protection  Toronto Sun –  OTTAWA – Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is turning up the heat in her battle to reform Canada’s consumer protection law, accusing senators of siding with industry over consumers.


 and don’t you dare get sick and go to a Hospital you might have to find out what the doctors, nurses, hospital and Medicare are really like now too 

For a start see also


Emergency  Wards in Hospitals can be a deadly place.. many people pick up all kinds of sicknesses there too.. shit disease included..

My local Quebec MLA’s seem to be so busy chasing the mighty dollar they say they are too busy to talk to me and seem too often to forget about me often, they had not even replied my last letter to them about bad Bell Canada now too,  and in the process they now had by their poor management even lost 30 percent of the Quebecers  pension fund.
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 12:38 PM
Subject: Problems with Quebec’s health care systems
Attention: Clement Gignac Ministre du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation Député de Marguerite-Bourgeoys
 It is unbelievable that after I had written about it now to our Quebec even Health Ministers, Premiers, major news media too,  too even for many years later 15 years even  I can go to most local Hospitals or Convalescent homes in Montreal Quebec and there too easily see the typical and mostly poorly supervised doctors, nurse, medical care workers and when I write to you my own member of the legislature too about it, ( hand delivered it as well)  what neither you or your staff now  do not even bother to acknowledge  my emails, correspondences, never mind act upon it and why is that? She was today again too busy to talk to me.. my local MLA’s representative
Do I really now have to write to everyone, all the news editors too,  about his next too and post it it on the net before I will now get a satisfactory result too from you? RSVP
 Now no one by now, absolutely  still no one should underestimate me or get complacent with me as  I do not hesitate to fully expose to all, to demand full prosecution of all the guilty absolves persons I do run into still to all. I do not accept inappropriate actions lightly too.. It should be obvious to  all also that I merely do not  write to you too now for the fun of it and not only do I  also   post my unresolved complaints eventually on the internet even for the whole world to read, and I have been doing this for the last few decades too. I do expect seriously, full appropriate actions on the matter of all of my complaints,  and so I do send copies of all of my complaints to key members of Parliament to all of  Canada’s major news editors as well now for their further notice and appropriate actions too.

Post-budget Liberals plummet in popularity Montreal Gazette –  A Léger Marketing poll conducted for Le Devoir and published yesterday establishes the level of dissatisfaction with Premier Jean Charest’s government at a record high of 77 per cent.

MONTREAL – A former Quebec justice minister has levelled a stream of bombshell allegations against Premier Jean Charest’s government, accusing it of serious ethics violations. Marc Bellemare says the Liberal premier was well aware of them.  Bellemare suggested the governing Liberals routinely flouted fundraising laws and also took orders from party bagmen on whom to appoint as judges.  He says he was pressured, on three occasions, to name a judge requested by influential donors. Bellemare also says stacks of cash were forked over by construction company bosses and funnelled into party coffers.  In the interview, Bellemare never used the word ‘illegal’ to describe the practices, preferring to describe them as ‘irregular.’ But Quebec’s landmark fundraising law, introduced by Rene Levesque’s Parti Quebecois government in the 1970s, forbids donations over $3,000.  Bellemare says he warned the premier after witnessing those big cash transactions – and says he was ignored.  He says he also confronted the premier twice – in the fall of 2003 and the spring of 2004 – when pressured by influential financiers to make appointments, including judgeships.  “I asked, ‘Who names judges? The justice minister – or this guy and that guy who’d raised lots of money,”‘ Bellemare said in the interview.  He says he ultimately wound up naming those judges.  “Because it was an order by the big moneymen of the party – and the premier was in agreement with it,” he said.  “I complained to the premier. But that, apparently, was the way things went.”

In yet another allegation, Bellemare says even the government’s legislative agenda was shaped by its fundraisers. He says certain bills were killed at their request.  Bellemare says influential moneymen “expected payback” for all the cash they pumped into the Liberal party. The premier’s popularity has plummeted spectacularly in recent months, partly due to allegations of ethics violations.

An unpopular budget loaded with tax hikes compounded those problems, with tens of thousands of protesters now regularly taking to the streets. Two newspapers had front-page pictures Monday of protesters holding up signs saying, “Damned liar.”  One poll listed dissatisfaction with the Charest government at a whopping 77 per cent. Just a few months ago, Charest was seemingly on cruise control, basking in the height of his popularity and frequently being cited as a possible future prime minister of Canada. That was before the first controversies broke. The troubles began with a scandal about Mafia involvement in the construction industry, and that industry’s influence over political fundraising at the Montreal municipal level. Radio-Canada reported that construction companies colluded to jack up the cost of public works contracts, shared their profits with the Mob, and intimidated rivals. Word that those same construction companies had helped raise money for political parties rocked Montreal’s mayoral race last fall. But Charest steadfastly refused demands for a public inquiry, when almost every major player in the province was asking for one.

Bellemare left politics only one year after the Charest Liberals were first elected. He says his abrupt exit stemmed from those ethics violations. “It disgusted me – and that’s why I left in the spring of 2004.” As for rampant rumours that construction bosses illegally pumped cash into Liberal party coffers, Bellemare says the allegations are true. The premier shouldn’t feign surprise today at word of fundraising irregularities, Bellemare said. “I can tell you he (Charest) was very well informed.”

The way normal business is supposedly being carried on also by by the Liberals in Quebec, it is no wonder my local Liberal MLA and the others too never write  back to me or acknowledge  any of my serious, critical, important letters  to them still. So what I  too do now have to first give a large donation to the Liberal party before my MLA will next consider reading any of my complaints?  It sure seems so!!!

December 2, 2009



Canada’s economy goes into reverse Montreal Gazette –  Canada’s economy declined in July for the first time in more than a year as the country’s recovery faltered

( Bring down the price of rent; food; down. Stop taking raising the taxes and maybe they will have a chance. With Toronto’s David Miller taxing us to death to support his ill concived plans and fattening the unions, and Dalton McGuinty wasting that money on bribing unionized teachers, ehalth etc, and the rest of the governments with fat and overpaid bureaucracy what money is left for others? there will be A LOT more poor families in Ontario. )
Here is what the Canadian Press reports too
Canadian Stocks Post Biggest Drop Among Developed Markets on Gold’s Plunge
Almost all stimulus cash committed: Harper CBC Prime Minister Stephen Harper released the government’s fourth quarterly report on its economic recovery plan to reporters shortly after arriving in China on Wednesday On Monday, Statistics Canada reported that the economy expanded 0.1 per cent in the third quarter, the first quarterly gain since the third quarter of 2008. The 0.1 per cent figure reported by Statistics Canada is in quarterly terms. On an annualized basis, the economy grew at a 0.4 per cent pace in the July-September quarter. More like $62-billion shot in dark. Building bridges only give contractors jobs. Building water-mains and sewers only gives contractors jobs. Building roads and infrastructure only gives contractors jobs and civil, public servants.. but what about the rest of us? Committed does not mean SPENT! Time and time again we’ve seen governments promise to do something and even make provisions for it in the budget, but fail to carry through and actually do something. and how much of that stimulus money is going to non CON ridings.. only $ 18 Billion at most ( if all spent ) is  stimulus. The other $ 40 Billion is Harper  cutting GST & corporate income taxes and his  general mismanagement of public funds.  All of the news should report some real facts along with the PMO press releases they merely parrot.What I don’t understand is why more people are not more alarmed by his refusal to explain how much has been put out the door. He only ever comments on how much is committed, and refuses to give numbers on the amount spent.He even refuses to give the numbers on the amount spent to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the man Harper appointed to examine this kind of program to ensure that it was being done efficiently and in a transparent manner.Just another example about how the Conservative “accountable and transparent” only refers to other people. I sure hope that the 850 thousand that are unemployment get jobs …Over the past few weeks many more have also become unemployed …..Lots of worries for these folks ..
The Canadian economy in reality supposedly crawled out of the so called by the Conservatives a  no recession in the third quarter of this  year but remains weaker than most had  been falsely predicted, expected and the jobless rate is expected to continue rising for months to come. The Canadian government spending pledged after the economy dropped into recession is a  two-year C$47 billion  stimulus package, and infrastructure projects  account for C$16 billion of the total If all funding for these initiatives has not been allocated by this date, the government will reallocate funding to other initiatives or allow funds to lapse,” the Department of Finance said in its report. It did not say what other projects the money might be spent on. Funds have been committed on more than 12,000 projects, and of those, 8,000 have begun, it said. The government considers a project underway as soon as it has been put up for tender; it does not mean work has physically begun. The Liberals say that, as of September, only about 12 per cent of the stimulus projects had actually started. The federal government must negotiate funding with provincial and municipal governments and estimates that when all levels of government spending are included, the funding committed for stimulus measures will total C$62 billion per year for 2 years. ,” Liberal finance critic John McCallum said  that “The government won’t tell us how many jobs have been created … presumably because with only 7 pct of the projects under way, very few jobs have been created, “Just because over 90 per cent of the money has been committed, doesn’t mean people are actually at work,”  “They do not tell us how many jobs have been created. We know they know, because the municipalities are required to submit that information, but they won’t tell us.”  Government officials have said they do not track the number of jobs created by the stimulus program, even though one of the key goals of the program is to put people back to work. But the Liberals have produced documents showing that the government does collect such data – it just hasn’t released it. The federal stimulus program is comprised of some permanent measures such as tax cuts, along with temporary ones such as infrastructure spending and providing liquidity to unlisted financial institutions. An independent investigation by The Canadian Press has shown that stimulus money was not targeted at areas of high unemployment. Rather, it has favoured ridings held by Tory MPs. The Harper administration has staked its fiscal reputation on the ability of the stimulus plan to quickly create or maintain almost 200,000 jobs across Canada but most of these will be in the civil services firstly  it seems.. Under an agreement negotiated with the Liberals last spring, Conservative Finance Minister Flaherty is obliged to submit quarterly updates on how the stimulus program is working.   But the parliamentary budget officer has complained that the updates released so far are so lacking in detail and inconsistent in their format that they are not very useful.


Stop. Note. Being unemployed in today’s recession is still a very serious issue, it means  a possible loss of one’s health next as well, it means spending one’s savings, it means hardships in reality.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of jobless Ontarians, Albertans, etc. struggling on inadequate employment insurance and welfare benefits … One in eight Ontario children live in families that can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables every day, or can’t afford to replace a broken appliance or share the occasional meal with friends or family.

Rise of EI claims in BC among highest in Canada Vancouver Sun – The number of beneficiaries collecting employment insurance in B.C. in September jumped by 11,280, or 12.8 per cent, to 99,360. That total number of recipients is now 130 per cent above this time last year, the second-biggest rise in the country, according to a report released Tuesday by Statistics Canada. Nationally, the number of people collecting EI jumped more than seven per cent in September. Regular EI recipients grew by 54,300 to 818,020 during the month, with biggest increases coming in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario. EI beneficiaries in Ontario increased by 22,520, or nine per cent, to 271,680,. National and provincial data is seasonally adjusted, while data from cities is not. The national September total is up 63.5 per cent since peak employment in October 2008. The biggest increases in September EI benefits were among young people under 25. Since October 2008, Canada has lost 400,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate has risen to 8.6 per cent.  Employment started to grow again in August and September — adding a total of 57,700 positions — but that growth came to an abrupt end last month when another 43,200 jobs were chopped.NUMBER OF EI RECIPIENTSTraditionally the  lay offs tend to be around Christmas, at year ends, before the next years’ Corporate budget is started. The actual unemployment rate is higher, since the new people on social aid are not included as unemployed..

Beneficiaries as of September, with increase from August:

British Columbia 99,360 +12.8%

Alberta 71,910 +25.0%

Saskatchewan 14,580 +12.3%

Manitoba 16,630 +14.0%

Ontario 271,680 +9.0%

Quebec 209,840 +1.1%

New Brunswick 37,740 +1.3%

Nova Scotia 34,450 +1.4%

P.E.I. 8,800 +1.6%

N.L. 43,410 unchanged

Canada 818,020 +7.1%

Source: Statistics Canada
Yes, actions speak louder than words. It’s time we stopped pretending that Stephen Harper is a “Conservative” like Canada’s authentic traditional “Tories.” They are not behaving at all like the party of John A. Macdonald, John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield or even Brian Mulroney.  In fact, they are an oil company-sponsored adaptation of Alberta’s Reform Party with a few former “Progressive” Conservatives (REJECTS) who had no where else to go.  Canada’s genuine Progressive Conservatives would never sabotage a global climate change agreement or try to remove equal funding for other parties. They believed in a vibrant democracy and a Canada that is truly a “model for the World.” ” D.S. Barclay, Georgetown

“The federal Conservative Party and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario have both shown a distain for their respective houses that has reached an all time low. Let’s look at the prime minister first. We have the possible torture of Afghan prisoners after we handed them over to the Afghans. Instead of taking a serious look at what was happening, the government decided to attack and discredit the messenger. It went on a campaign to smear the reputation of Richard Colvin who was brave enough to report his concerns. Stephen Harper also went after opposition parties, accusing them of not supporting the troops because they dared to question the government over these allegations. This is when they hit an all-time low. Harper is quoted as saying (while talking to some troops surrounded by Canadian flags), “when some in the political arena do not hesitate before throwing the most serious of allegations at our men and women in uniform, based on the most flimsy of evidence, remember Canadians from coast to coast are proud of you, I am proud of you and I stand beside you.”  So, if you dare to question the government on its handling of issues in Afghanistan, you don’t support the troops? He is ducking behind the troops, using them to make his tenuous point, trying to deflect us from the issue at hand. It is a disgraceful, cowardly way to make a point.” I hold faint hope that we will return to the days of all parties being concerned about Canadians, instead of their antics to maintain and get power at all costs. It’s disheartening.

PM represents a fundamental shift in priorities – Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a “values” and fiscal conservative, shares the Thatcher-Reagan goal of reducing any and all forms of taxation on business. The goal is to use the state/corporate nexus to generate rather than redistribute wealth even if this results in ballooning deficits and debts. What is at stake over the HST is the redistribution of taxing powers between the federal and provincial governments. Harper’s goal is to reduce federal spending on health and social programs by transferring full control over these programs along with taxing revenues to the provinces. Ottawa will then use its reduced taxing and spending powers to focus on defence, infrastructure renewal, and to fund the expansion of corporate Canada. This is a clear example of this neoconservative shift of priorities from the well-being of individual Canadians to the well-being of corporate Canada.




October 31, 2009

Canada and the recession


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will to do the public’s business in a transparent and accountable way, as he rode to power in 2006 on a wave of promises to govern differently from the entitlement-minded Liberals who’d worn out their welcome with Canadians over the ad scam fiasco but what happened next? But with Mr. Harper’s second-term Conservative government going even further than its predecessors to erect an opaque barrier between itself and citizens employing  a “communications stranglehold” on the bureaucracy clearly to suppress accountability and transparency rather. It’s no wonder that groups that range from the Canadian Newspaper Association to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Association take now serious issue with Harper and his cronies.  Opposition parties  rightfully now also accuse the Conservatives of spending more time and money on partisan stimulus advertising than informing Canadians about H1N1 or ensuring a smooth, adequate vaccine supply. Awkward as well as revealing is the fact that the federal payroll is growing many times faster than inflation to try to compensate for the clearly inadequate, pretentious civil and public servants now as well. Following a decade-long unacceptable  trend, the number of public employees grew even under the Conservatives last year by 4.5 per cent, or about 9,000 jobs. But it’s still also unacceptably evident too that  this Conservative government and civil servants weren’t properly prepared for the fore known H1N1 flu even. Still upset to the recent flack around Conservative MPs affixing the party logo to oversized government cheques for photo ops, many taxpayers are taking issue with Conservatives continuing unnecessary mail-out flyers too. All a clear indications of a rather really bad Conservative management. Not what we had been let to believe we would have now instead. The Conservative reality stinks. “Recession still rippling through businesses.” This Conservative government is far better at announcing programs than in following them up and ensuring valid results.. cause they are bad, bad managers.   Doing one’s best and falling is never good enough.. real competency is always needed still.
Reality! What real governing skills does it take for anyone merely to spend the taxpayers money? None! But now also making sure it is properly spend and not stolen firstly still requires valid managerial skills.  The civil and public servants remain remarkably unruffled, even as Ottawa and the provinces rack up close to $100-billion in new debt this year also. For the Public and civil servants in Ottawa but also those   in Ontario remember their   raises profoundly but not rather more the poor work they too often do . For most of them, it was the raise they alone also  do  think still they deserve the raise. If you’re a Stephen  Harper fan or Dalton McGuinty government , yes you’ve seen them given more money to public employees at a time of deflation, fear, market panic and widespread carnage in the private sector  Most of Ottawa’s Ontario’s budget winds up in the hands of municipalities, school boards and hospitals and health authorities, which makes it harder to track who’s getting it too and to know now know much of it was rather abused too.. Anyone reading the news lately has heard not just about the too often useless civil and public servants but also about the mafia connections on porkjects that raises the taxpayers costs up to 40 percent now as well even in Quebec. We all already  could be facing much more taxes, severe service cuts as a direct result while  the federal  and provincial governments  do brace  some more for a “long, slow grind” to economic recovery that included already unacceptable government wastes,  high deficits that even will take years to overcome. All, all of this is unacceptable!


Rather  also now what real effort has been made to work with the private sector to stimulate more valid, effective new job creations programs, that just do not benefit the often corrupt, incompetent municipalities and related contractors?
The Conservative government’s economic stimulus spending spree that is pouring billions of tax dollars into road construction projects and infrastructure is just not good enough.. Real employment, and  our actual economic outputs are the much better, practical  gauge of Canada’s, our present well-being.
 What about having  a valid,  real Federal economic development, job creation programs instead?  for  It is not surprising that the same Civil servants under the federal  Liberal government had suggested next again  a federal job creation program that would provide cash stimulant firstly now to their fellow buddies, the civil and public servants at the provincial , municipal levels, but what was rather surprising that the Conservative politicians had gone along with it.
And it is also an undeniable fact now  that too many Politicians in Canada, both Members of the provincial legislatures, and members of parliament, do lie, they make false claims that they the servants of the people, they thus are mainly looking after the needs, concerns of the citizens of Canada  but mainly instead wrongfully do now use tax payer’s money, do use governmental resources and personnel  to distribute  unsolicited material to others to promote firstly their own re-ELECTION and TO PROMOTE  their own political party as we clearly all have seen the New Conservative Ministers wrongfully also now doing OFTEN NOW as well. 

 Our real employment, and  our actual economic outputs are the much better, practical  gauge of Canada’s, our present well-being.  In reality to judge by the latest economic data out of Canada , this country is creating very few long term, well paying jobs, and even shows  little recovery of economic growth but what else is new . But to get elected and re-elected in politics, the liars know you have to lie, to tell the people what they want to hear still..


The incompetent economic analysts, the spin doctors, the false prophets, the Conservative cons do still abundantly  abound in Canada during this major recession now still.. Now the Bank of Canada  being itself Confident that the recession in Canada ended in the summer, the central bank last week raised its economic forecast for the July to September months. But its rosy prediction that the Canadian economy will grow at a 2-per-cent pace for the third quarter seems increasingly at odds with reality again. A monthly report from Statistics Canada, released Friday, showed that the gross domestic product, a measure of all goods and services produced by the economy, posted a decline of 0.1 per cent for August. That followed a flat result for July. All of it was unexpected and disappointing. What also the clearly false and bad  analysts had projected, expected now this to be Canada’s turnaround quarter from recession to growth now seems fated to be again vanishing,  very weakly evident. Canada, now also with a rising dollar and heavy dependence on the sickly auto sector, has seen our exports fall, and we see still the sluggishness in petroleum and mining. Manufacturing was also weak, down 0.7 per cent .  A decline in manufacturing and wholesaling also led to a drop in the trucking industry.  Over the coming months, however, the likely growth rate of Canada cannot be accurately predicted. It’s all still a worrisome trend, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he’s concerned that private sector isn’t doing enough  to boost Canada’s economy, and  Canada’s Finance Minister Flaherty now says any improvement in the economy so far is “fragile and tentative”. The Canadian economy is still in recession and needs tens of billions in stimulus spending during the next few years to recover, so the Conservatives continue to try to justify their giving  more of our tax money to the Conservative ridings,  and their friends, supporters.. But what about using the tax money to create real lasting  jobs, or what no one still knows how to do it in Ottawa?  In contrast, the third-quarter U.S. data,  this week showed their healthy economic growth of 3.5 per cent, suggesting that conditions south of the border are much more robust than here even though our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper had once predicted that Canada would lead the recovery.. Canada’s recession has been much worse than originally believed and may last longer than the too many had before forecasted, or rather mainly lied. It looks as if Canada’s economy is still not exiting the recession. No Surprise here.

“We are still in recession. It’s not a question of weak recovery or slow recovery. There ain’t a recovery,” said Jim Stanford, economist for the Canadian Auto Workers. “That has all the implications for employment, consumer sentiment, for government finances. If we’re waiting for business to kick back in to pull us out of recession, I think we’re going to be waiting a long time.”

But here is one thing you know for sure, the Police, RCMP, public and civil servants, politicians will cry they are underpaid even for the little good they do and will demand more money.. count on it..
The federal government preaches accountability, but is being only selectively transparent about its own spending activities.  Compare this cloaking to Stephen Harper’s boasting about his stimulus package. Even here, there is less transparency than meets the eye. Considerable work by opposition parties and the media, including this newspaper, have shown patterns of spending to favour Conservative ridings, and suggest that less money has flowed to actual construction projects than the government would like the public to believe.
It really causes us to think as to what is the federal Conservative government wrongfully hiding here from us all as well… The Conservative government was accused Thursday of playing an elaborate shell game to prevent Canadians from following the billions of dollars being spent on federal infrastructure stimulus. New Democrat Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) told a parliamentary committee the government has done everything possible to hide how much of the $12 billion earmarked for infrastructure has been spent or how many jobs created.–tories-blasted-for-secrecy-on-stimulus-cash?bn=1 
Liberals and New Democrats together could unseat Harper   The Prime Minister’s divisive partisan tactics have diminished the public’s respect for politicians in general. In just four years, he has changed the tone of media coverage and public discourse, shifting the mood of the nation toward cynicism and selfishness.
The more simple, practical solution is to arrest Prime Minister rightfully on abusing the taxpayer’s money.. many world wide prime ministers have been successfully tried and convicted for their wrong doings  world wide.

Forget the crap that the Canadian Governments, especially municipalities are serving the public, including all of their civil and public servants, in reality they are mostly self serving, and basically not at all trying to control the tax payer’s costs, as a result major rampant uncontrolled money abuses, thefts,  corruptions,  etc continues occur Canada wide too..

October 28, 2009

Why the Conservatives too act like, and support the Mafia in Canada?


Reality! What real governing skills does it take for anyone merely to spend the taxpayers monies wastefully .. any fool can spend it and any fool can make budget cuts.. Conservative or Liberal ones too.
 But now also making sure it is properly spend and not stolen firstly still requires valid managerial skills.  The civil and public servants remain remarkably unruffled, even as Ottawa and the provinces rack up close to $100-billion in new debt this year also. For the Public and civil servants in Ottawa but also those   in Ontario remember their   raises profoundly but not rather more the poor work they too often do . For most of them, it was the raise they alone also  do  think still they deserve the raise. If you’re a Stephen  Harper fan or Dalton McGuinty government , yes you’ve seen them given more money to public employees at a time of deflation, fear, market panic and widespread carnage in the private sector  Most of Ottawa’s Ontario’s budget winds up in the hands of municipalities, school boards and hospitals and health authorities, which makes it harder to track who’s getting it too and to know now know much of it was rather abused too.. Anyone reading the news lately has heard not just about the too often useless civil and public servants but also about the mafia connections on porkjects that raises the taxpayers costs up to 40 percent now as well even in Quebec. We all already  could be facing much more taxes, severe service cuts as a direct result while  the federal  and provincial governments  do brace  some more for a “long, slow grind” to economic recovery that included already unacceptable government wastes,  high deficits that even will take years to overcome. All, all of this is unacceptable!!
 Here is what also rightfully bothers me, it is an undeniable fact now  that too many Politicians in Canada, both Members of the provincial legislatures, and members of parliament, do lie, they make false claims that they the servants of the people, they thus are mainly looking after the needs, concerns of the citizens of Canada  but mainly instead wrongfully do now use tax payer’s money, do use governmental resources and personnel  to distribute  unsolicited material to others to promote firstly their own re-ELECTION and TO PROMOTE  their own political party as we clearly all have seen the New Conservative Ministers wrongfully also now doing OFTEN NOW as well. 
Now on top of that some perverse politician would dare write back  to me and ask me not to write my concerns to him any more? Unbelievable and unacceptable.  Who in the hell does he think he is? God?
Canadians believe Tories biased on stimulus funding: poll   OTTAWA – A new poll suggests the Harper government’s multimillion-dollar, taxpayer-funded ad blitz to promote its stimulus plan doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect.


The Conservative government’s economic stimulus spending spree that is pouring billions of tax dollars into road construction projects may turn out to be an offer the Mafia couldn’t refuse.  Even as Stephen Harper and his ministers are racing around the country showering public funds on just about every project with a cement mixer, Quebec is engulfed in a growing scandal over Mafia control of infrastructure projects.  In some excellent investigative reporting by the CBC, a credible government insider-turned-whistleblower claims Montreal’s Italian Mafia controls 80% of the contracts for road construction in the city, much of which is certain to involve federal stimulus money.  The CBC report included detailed descriptions of bid-rigging of contracts, a practice that dramatically inflates overall project costs borne by taxpayers.  One published expert on the Italian Mafia cautions that the phenomenon is not limited to Quebec, that the tentacles of organized crime are into major construction projects in other provinces across the country.  The fact that organized crime in Quebec is nothing new will likely be cold comfort to the taxpayers from Victoria to Gander who are now at risk of being fleeced by Luigi the Enforcer.  Even the parliamentary budget officer, Kevin Page, complains that the Harper government is fogging its spending on infrastructure and other economic stimulus programs beyond the point of accounting recognition.  Whatever the figure, it is a huge amount of loot that is being poured into roads, bridges and other government construction mega-projects.  The Conservative government’s latest economic update report, for instance, boasts that since the beginning of this year, more than $7.6 billion in funding has been committed as the federal share of provincial and municipal infrastructure projects worth over $21 billion. So far, the Harper government is refusing to get involved in the growing Quebec construction fiasco, claiming it is a provincial issue.  But those whose money is at risk may beg to differ.  The next time some shameless Conservative cabinet minister shows up at an infrastructure announcement with one of those giant novelty cheques signed by the prime minister, taxpayers might be excused for asking how much of the real cash might be going to the Mob.


OTTAWA – A $50-million federal fund set up to build infrastructure for next June’s G8 summit is being spent partly on projects that are far from the summit site and with tenuous links to the high-powered meeting.    Industry Minister Tony Clement announced the low-profile fund last February, explaining that the fund was being “provided for G8 Summit related infrastructure, including a G8 Centre in Huntsville.”    Huntsville, Ont., will host the meeting. The town of 18,000 is in Clement’s riding, about 215 kilometres north of Toronto, and is best known for being at the heart of prime cottage country for Toronto’s wealthier class.    Huntsville has received the largest share of the money, mainly $16.7 million for a new G8 Centre, $9 million for a summit management office and $2.4 million for improvements to the road by the resort where the meeting is to take place.


But a partial list of the fund’s projects, and a series of news releases, shows that many of the towns in Clement’s riding are receiving money from the fund to build band shells, plant gardens and put up signs and lights.    Research on the spending was carried out independently by The Canadian Press alone, but the Liberal party said it would release its own analysis after being contacted for comment on numbers.    One news release announced $1.1 million to upgrade a street and replace trees in Parry Sound, Ont., some 80 kilometres away from the summit site.   Clement also announced $194,000 for a large “welcome granite stone” and new lighting for a concert stage, also in Parry Sound.    The area just south of Parry Sound is receiving $745,000 for signs, fencing and landscaping in the towns of Rosseau, Humphrey and Orrville.    The towns of Port Severn and South River, many kilometres from the summit, are each getting $65,000 for signs and landscaping, too.    “They’re somewhat disconnected (from the summit), for sure, Parry Sound and Port Severn,” said Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty.  Bala Falls Road, a small road about 50 kilometres from the summit via another back road, is getting $400,000 for improvements.  “How is this justified? In what way is this going to improve the G8?” said Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy, who said he has completed a separate analysis of the G8 fund, with similar conclusions.


There are rumblings that, despite the $50 million set aside for in summit infrastructure, the region can’t handle such a large meeting, and that Toronto would be far more convenient.  It’s also uncertain whether the leaders and their delegations will stick with their original plan of getting to Huntsville by flying to North Bay, Ont. The city is about 100 kilometres north of Huntsville.   The airport there is receiving $5 million from the G8 Infrastructure Fund. But there are concerns that, with only one runway, it won’t be big enough to handle so many foreign dignitaries, and that Toronto’s airport is better equipped and more secure, sources said.


Clement’s riding is already the subject of scrutiny for receiving funding for dozens and dozens of projects through the federal government’s array of stimulus packages. According to an analysis released by the Prime Minister’s Office, his Parry Sound-Muskoka riding received $3.2 million for 33 projects under the Recreational Infrastructure program.   A list of other infrastructure funds posted on the Transport Canada website points to at least 42 other building projects worth more than $28 million, sprinkled throughout the riding as a form of stimulus. Those numbers were compiled by The Canadian Press.   And even though the area has a fairly low unemployment rate, it has also received millions from the Community Adjustment Fund, set up to help struggling small towns adapt to the global economic crisis.   The G8 Infrastructure Fund is in addition to that money. There is no central spot on the government’s websites to find a list of projects paid for by the fund, nor is there a list of criteria.


Again, why are taxpayers paying for   Stephen Harper’s campaign sites too? and it  falsely goes on and on the citizen paid PC advertisement ..

The Federal Government, the Quebec Government and the Mayor of Montreal have all rejected calls for a public inquiry even though the citizens demand it.. so what are the big 3 sacred of? hiding? Sin.


We will all pay later for the Conservatives‘ wasterful spending Harper, with the likes of Tony Clement, Stockwell Day, Jim Flaherty, John Baird, and all of his other cabinet ministers campaigned on the point they would not run a deficit. While at the time each and every one of these unscrupulous politicians knew they were running a deficit of $5.8 billion dollars! Everything from there on has been a neo-right political lie. Two hundred photo ops showing the completely unethical use of the Conservative Party logo is by no means a small indication of what lengths and deceit this crew will go to, to advance their extremely flawed political ideology. The waste of this neo-right fiasco will show up down the road and it will be the biggest financial scandal in Canadian history! How do I know this? Simple. Harper is spending more money and running the largest deficit in Canadian history and he is a politician who cannot be trusted!


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October 27, 2009

About the governmental civil liberties threats during the 2010 Olympics

Anti-Olympic signs could mean jail: rights group..  A proposed B.C. law would allow municipal officials to enter homes to seize unauthorized and possibly anti-Olympic signs on short notice, civil libertarians say.  Violators could be fined up to $10,000 a day and jailed up to six months, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association said Friday. The proposed law was introduced Thursday as a bill to amend the Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act. The government said in a statement that the changes will “provide the municipalities of Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler with temporary enforcement powers to enable them to swiftly remove illegal signs and graffiti during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.” “Telling people who exercise free speech that local authorities may barge in, rip down signs inside your property, fine you or throw you in jail will underscore the growing impression that our governments care more about their own camera appearances at Olympic events than about people’s rights,”  The B.C. Civil Liberties Association  earlier this week, the association helped two anti-Olympics activists launch a legal challenge of Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics bylaw in B.C. Supreme Court, claiming it was an unconstitutional restriction on free speech.  Wow, this is Canada? Welcome to the People’s Republic of Canada. Welcome to Canada: Where our Government doesn’t want us to have free speech either! Does anyone still believe we live in a democracy?  Yet another reason to totally dislike the Olympics. Now it turns any city in infects into a fascist dictatorship. What about democracy and our rights to demonstrate when we do not agree with the government. This law is a total disregard for human rights. What is the government afraid of? Police state is getting closer. I think I finally understand the reason some are anti-Olympics. This is truly disgusting.

There are  some people in this country who rightfully are not looking forward to the Olympic Games, many of whom have announced their intention to protest and demonstrate against them when the time arrives. and there are also those who would stifle the opinions of these demonstrators and protesters.   Civil rights should not be traded away for 2010 Olympics. Canada is founded on the constitutional right to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. When anyone violate those principles is at expense of us all..  Now in  Canada  freedom of speech and expression is considered a fundamental right. Section 2 of our charter of rights specifically describes our freedom of speech and assembly in unequivocal terms. But  the B.C. Liberal government’s Bill 13,   includes amendments to the Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act, that do run counter to these basic principles of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly . Now proposed  BC governmental “Amendments will provide the municipalities of Vancouver, Richmond and Whistler with temporary enforcement powers to enable them to swiftly remove illegal signs and graffiti during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The legislation does not change the existing scope of authority to regulate signs and graffiti. Rather, it provides, on a temporary basis, wrongfully a faster way of removing signs and graffiti that violate municipal bylaws during the short period the Games are underway. ” Not only does the amendment effectively call for the banning of dissenting opinion, it would allow municipal officers to enter private property to remove illegal signs with only 24 hours notice This  idea of creating a law which would encourage the removal of politically dissenting signs, even temporarily, is till rightfully  an affront to all of our basic Canadian liberties a there are no provisions for a “temporary” suspension of inherent rights in our Constitution. Many Canadian persons, Political parties, government instead tend to believe  in two kinds of rights: those which further the interests of their political party into more  power, and those which do not. I do   not support any actions in the name of security that would stifle political free expression”..  I  believe  that our fundamental rights and freedoms are inalienable, and beyond the purview of government—any government—to manipulate, trade away, or infringe upon even for any personal, political purposes. I  rightfully also do reject the infringement of private property rights and the curtailment of free speech, free assembly, and basic civil liberties for political expedience.  All opposition politicians not in power often do  state the same thing. But often next when they get into power, they mysteriously tend to change their minds, fail to keep their promises.. the Conservatives included as we know..


Olympic security follows protester’s friend,  A Langara College student says she was shocked to be approached outside class by Olympic security officers and questioned about her friendship with a high-profile opponent of the 2010 Winter Games. Danika Surm says she has nothing to do with the Olympic resistance movement, and her only connection is a friendship with protester and UBC professor Chris Shaw. Surm said she was on her way to class at the south Vancouver campus last week when she was approached by two plainclothes police officers with the Integrated Security Unit, the force in charge of Olympic security.  Opponents of the Games have been complaining for months that they and their families, friends and employers are being harassed and intimidated by the security unit. We complained about human rights and lack of democracy in China, and seem to trying to perpetuate that condition here in our own country. It is not a crime to oppose the Olympics, and it is not a crime to protest them either. Freedom of speech is a right in this country. Now we have “Olympic security officers” harassing citizens. What is this, the Soviet Union ? People died for opposing the Nazis and other regimes, helping put in place the laws of free speech which are now being trampled! Do not go down this slippery slope! Do not let our rights erode away!
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It is an undeniable historical  fact of life that if you try to tell the bad people what they do not want to hear, or what they do not want others to know they next often will try to suppress your right of free speech, by any means, by your false oppression now as well, and that yes includes crooked persons, bad cops, bad politicians, bad elders, bad pastors.. even in a democracy.


October 24, 2009

Canada’s Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper

” Everybody?”  With all due respect  , even if it was  true, which we all know it is not , that doesn’t make it right still. The Conservatives often say that “Everybody has done it, everybody is doing it ” is firstly still basically, really not true for  I am not doing it. Many of us are basically cynical now about the  politicians and the political games they play. For example, they always promise not to play games and promise to keep all of their promises too . In reality Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no valid job creation, economic recovery vision and is instead using public funds to secure Tory seats.  Prime Minister now also acts  like a Liberal, talks like a Liberal and spends money like a Liberal, so really what is he ? A non Conservative.. but meanwhile the Conservatives say that  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff,  will raise taxes if he is  elected and so next what is the difference anyway  now under Harper, who in spite of whatever he say will have to cut back on our social programs and raise our taxes sooner or later.. so which federal leader “is on the right track to keep taxes low? reality, none of them..” And based on the present actual economic recovery it  is very unlikely  the economic growth will be enough to pay off the deficits..  As fixated as politicians are on balanced budgets, no Canadian political leader, not even Stephen Harper, is going to be able to keep from raising taxes with a projected $100-billion federal deficit”   It is time the Conservative politicians, all those other Conservative MPs who, at photo-op cheque presentations have repeatedly given the impression Government of Canada economic stimulus money is coming from them personally, and not the government, and   including Prime Minister Stephen Harper  started coming clean and honest with all Canadians. For  to make sure Canadians know about their poor in reality “economic action plan,” the Harper Conservatives have now even wasted  millions of dollars – millions of tax dollars – on a massive advertising campaign, including TV commercials and billboards. ” These ads, of course, do not change the reality that tens of thousands of Canadian workers are running out of employment insurance benefits, their workplaces closed down and their pensions gone up in smoke. ” Despite  the Conservatives Government claiming  to be good fiscal managers, and now still next best qualified to manage the economy. Billions of dollars in past Liberal surpluses evaporated under Harper – even before the real  recession hit Canada. Reality “This government’s stimulus package has failed, “Stimulus funds are not going into areas that need it — the forestry and manufacturing sectors and into places with high unemployment”, for  “what they wanted to do was keep the money up in Ottawa and dole it out to Conservative ridings and their friends, “says Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff   too.
And will the Western Conservatives outrage falsely be   be muted, because this time around,   the Conservatives are the ones mainly benefiting from the false political games being played with public money?

 The alleged mafia has been doing it’s business for decades  under the various governments noses, both under Conservatives and Liberals., so why should it be stopped now? Better late than never!
OTTAWA – The Harper government risks being sucked into a political scandal raging in Quebec with the revelation that a top Conservative organizer and senator had ties to key players.  The Canadian Press has learned that Tory Senator Leo Housakos worked politically with now-disgraced Montreal politician Benoit Labonte from about August 2008 to February 2009.  Labonte has alleged that there was an elaborate kick-back scheme to finance Montreal municipal political parties. He insists he never did anything illegal, but acknowledged he made ethical lapses while in city politics.  There is no suggestion Housakos knew of any wrongdoing, but he has now been linked to Labonte and controversial construction magnate Tony Accurso.
OTTAWA — The Harper government says there was no political interference in a $1.4-million contract that was awarded last month to a consortium that included a firm which employed a Tory fundraiser and senator. But the government was forced to defend itself on Monday as opposition politicians went on the attack over new revelations about the contract, awarded on Sept. 22 for a preliminary study about replacing Montreal’s Champlain Bridge. The Crown corporation that manages federal bridges says the bidding process was strictly done with outside observers, but it will still examine why two of its directors, Paul Kefalas and Serge Martel, attended a cocktail event that preceded a Conservative party fundraiser last May with members of the firm and the consortium.

Stimulus dollars could be lining Mob pockets London Free Press –  Even as Stephen Harper and his ministers are racing around the country showering public funds on just about every project with a cement mixer,

Quebec now is Dealing only with one leaking hole of many in a bucket full of holes even Canada wide .. issues of ethics, integrity and just who is calling the shots at ALL city halls, provinces,  and what about the rest of the iceberg too… Ongoing Cover ups -Construction firms colluded to boost prices: report ,
No role for Ottawa in Quebec Mafia investigation: Nicholson  OTTAWA – The buck passing Ostrich Justice Minister Rob Nicholson insists the federal government will not get involved in Quebec’s investigation into Mafia corruption in the construction industry. The Prime Minister is still Canada’s chief Justice Minister.
Just a Small Detail.. CBC contacted the office of Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt to ask about the lobbyist who helped organize a fundraiser on her behalf on Sept. 24.  Michael B. McSweeney is vice-president of the Cement Association of Canada.   Both he and the association are registered with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada.  And a search of the registry shows that on Sept. 24, the Cement Association reported having lobbied Raitt directly.   In an email to Raitt’s new communications wrangler Jocelyne Turner, CBC News asked for more information about McSweeney’s involvement in the fundraiser, as well as whether McSweeney was paid for his services.  “Minister Raitt is committed to working with the Ethics Commissioner and is cooperating fully. The Minister will abide by any ruling by the Commissioner.   “The issue is now being examined by the Ethics Commissioner and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.”
and is this related to the Quebec, Constructions corruptions scandals going on presently as well.. after all some of the biggest cement companies are in Montreal.. Lafarge Cement included.. and is this why the Conservative federal government does not want to get into Quebec’s legal affairs too?
Ignatieff rejects calls for public inquiry into Quebec construction scandal Tue Oct 27, 2:34 PM  MONTREAL – Michael Ignatieff is the latest politician to brush off calls for a public inquiry into an alleged corruption scheme involving politicians, construction companies.. and now what are they all hiding, covering up in reality, kickbacks of course..
Quebec’s auditor general pours fuel on construction-scandal fire  QUEBEC – Quebec’s auditor general lambasted the province’s handling of the construction industry Wednesday, fuelling a scandal that has already prompted numerous demands for a public inquiry  The public watchdog accused the government of several shortcomings – like not properly vetting contracts, not following up on apparent industry collusion, and not doing enough to improve a shoddy tendering process.  Those failures are all part of a system wrought with cost overruns in public-works projects, Renaud Lachance declared in a report tabled in the national assembly on Wednesday.

The federal government preaches accountability, but is being only selectively transparent about its own spending activities.  Compare this cloaking to Stephen Harper’s boasting about his stimulus package. Even here, there is less transparency than meets the eye. Considerable work by opposition parties and the media, including this newspaper, have shown patterns of spending to favour Conservative ridings, and suggest that less money has flowed to actual construction projects than the government would like the public to believe.

The parliamentary ethics commissioner will formally look into opposition complaints about Tory MPs putting their own names and party logo on economic stimulus cheques.

Quebec Justice Minister Kathleen Weil said last month she is also looking at the possibility of initiating civil action against  the ex-Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault who pleaded not guilty to fraud. Thibault had said she spent the money on security and transportation  had a lso said it was natural for taxpayers to foot the bill for her personal trips, meals she had with friends, office parties and the ski and golf lessons.

Vaunted reforms to fast track skilled immigrants and quickly plug gaps in Canada’s labour force have not lived up to advance billing, says Auditor General Sheila Fraser. When the Harper government introduced the controversial reforms in 2008, it argued they were necessary to eliminate the backlog of more than 600,000 skilled-worker applications and reduce wait times of up to seven years.  But in her latest report, Fraser says the changes have done little to cut the number of new applications pouring in or put a dent in the backlog.  Moreover, she says the majority of occupations chosen by the minister for priority treatment are regulated professions. Yet she points out that immigrants admitted to fill professional occupations often find their foreign credentials are not recognized in Canada.  As part of the efforts to streamline the process, the government set up centralized intake office for skilled worker applications in Sydney, N.S. It was to receive and pre-screen initial applications, collect processing fees and forward eligible applications to Canadian missions abroad for more detailed processing.  Fraser questions the relevance of the centralized office given that most applications so far have wound up being forwarded to missions for processing.   Fraser’s annual audit also looked at the temporary foreign worker program and found that it is open to abuse.  There is no systematic assessment to ensure the jobs being offered are genuine or that employers live up to their commitments to provide adequate wages and accommodations, Fraser says. “The issues … pose significant risks to the integrity of the program and could leave many foreign workers in a vulnerable position, particularly those who are physically or linguistically isolated from the general community or are unaware of their rights.” 

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