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September 28, 2009

gross vehicular manslaughter while texting


 Imagine that going  to jail now next for murder cause you used your phone in a car…  MURDER

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – An Orange County man accused of texting while driving and hitting and killing a pedestrian has been ordered to stand trial for gross vehicular manslaughter.
When other drivers, police do  see you yakking on your cell phone, they  become immediately enraged by your obvious disregard for traffic safety, but they’ll be absolutely livid if they catch you texting while driving and it can lead to serious court charges too. It was all predictable before hand now as well

Texting While Driving Banned for Federal Workers New York Times – Federal employees will no longer be allowed to send text messages while driving government vehicles or when driving their own cars and using cellphones paid for by the government, according to an executive order signed Wednesday night

Gov’t seeks ban on texting truckers, bus drivers The Associated Press   families of victims of accidents caused by distracted driving, who urged the government to take a strong stance against cell phone use in vehicles, whether it includes a handsfree device or not. They said technologies that prevent the mobile device from receiving e-mails or phone calls while the vehicle is in motion could help address the problem. “Everyone our age thinks we’re invincible,” said Nicole Meredith, 18, of Louisville, Ky., who totaled her car because she was texting while driving.

EDMONTON — When Tammy Henkel hits the road in Edmonton, she turns off her cellphone and stores it in the trunk until she arrives at her destination. That wasn’t always the case for the interior designer, but became a new, urgent, self-imposed rule in 2007 after her 70-year-old mother was hit and killed by an Edmonton Transit driver while she was crossing on a green walk light near the Edmonton Journal at 101st Street and Macdonald Drive. A court witness said the bus driver had been talking on her cellphone minutes before she made a right-hand turn directly into Norah Tomlin Henkel. The driver was fined $2,000, had her driver’s licence suspended for three months and was found guilty of careless driving and failing to yield to a pedestrian. 
Together, Liberal British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec speak for three-quarters of Canadians.
Deborah Matis-Engle, 49, of Shingletown, was sentenced Friday to six years in prison for gross vehicular manslaughter for ramming into the back of a car in 2007 while she was texting on a cell phone. The collision lead to the death of Petra Monika WinnNathan Morgan/Record Searchlight

The B. C. government announced Tuesday that it plans to ban texting while driving. The new law will also prohibit new drivers from talking on their cellphones, while experienced drivers would be limited to the use of hands-free telephones, the Liberals said. “There’s lots of distractions in motor vehicles and we need to limit those distractions,” Solicitor General Kash Heed. Four provinces have banned the use of hand-held cellphones while driving: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and Ontario

Washington Post – Computerworld – driving while distracted from using a cell phone or texting is “personally irresponsible and socially unacceptable behavior, but in the end we won’t make the problem go away by just passing laws … We cannot legislate behavior to get results to improve road safety.” All Laws also have to be enforced…
Los Angeles Times – NewsHour  About a third of texting teens in the U.S. admit to texting behind the wheel, even though some said they thought it could hinder their ability to drive, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. The study by Washington, D.C.-based Pew polled 800 youth and found 82 per cent of those aged 16 to 17 have a cellphone and 76 per cent text. The poll suggests that overall, 34 per cent of teen texters aged 16 to 17 have texted while driving. The survey has an accuracy of plus or minus 3.8 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Thankfully there’s a simple answer to this problem for anyone with an Android phone, like the T-Mobile MyTouch, a program called Textecution.

Textecution is a program that runs on Android phones and uses the onboard GPS to know how fast the phone is moving. If it detects the phone traveling at speeds that indicate it is in a car, Textecution disables the texting functions of the phone.
But mooooom, your kid is sure to complain when you install this little application on their phone, “I need to be able to text when I am riding the bus to my soccer game! This isn’t fair!” That’s where Textecution moves from handy way to prevent teen texting to ingenious.

If your teen is moving too fast, but not the driver, they can send a request for access which will alert you and let you enable their text messaging functions with a simple text reply.

With more states putting texting while driving laws on the books, having a text addicted teen driver could get costly very quickly. Fines commonly start close to $100 and several states are trying to get laws passed that would make fines hundreds of dollars for a single offense.

On top of fines, a single accident can easily cost a few hundred for a fender bender to several thousand for a crash, not to mention the increased insurance cost for years to come.

Even though there’s nothing in place to stop your kid from removing Textecution from their phone, other than you knowing later, it is a useful tool for preventing texting while driving and keeping your kid safe and focused when they are behind the wheel.

If you don’t have an Android phone to use Textecution with perhaps you should just sit your kid down to watch this, very graphic, PSA from the UK that explains the dangers of texting while driving in an unforgettable manner.

Drink Alcohol and Die « The non conformer’s Canadian Weblog   Drink Alcohol and Die or Kill is fast becoming Canada’s preoccupation, main goal, slogan.. Alcohol and alcoholics the unacceptable main cause of vehicular  accidents, domestic violence, and so many other ills… DRUNK DRIVING  KILLS AT LEAST 5 TIMES MORE PERSONS OVER SPEEDING FIRSTLY
Haste makes waste: cutting speed boosts drivers’ life expectancy: study
Most accidents are caused by drunk driving and the doctor does not mention this still?? what was that? he was paid by the liquor industry not to? or was PAID BY MONEY MAKING REVENUE COPS TO SAY SPEED ALONE MAINLY KILLS.. HOW ABSURD.. THIS Canadian doctor.. and not a Canadian Traffic engineer uses now US statistics ONLY to say speed alone kills? and he what HE THUS HAD considered also the number of drunk, impaired, road rage  drivers, that seem to increase very year as a fact for most of the deaths NO MATTER WHAT THE SPEED?  or what this did not bother him.. only the number of people who speed?  SPEED IS A MAIN FACTOR IN 5 TO 15 PERCENT OF THE ACCIDENTS.. AND WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE ACCIDENTS? THE 85 PERCENT.. it SEEMS THE DOCTORS IN UNITED KINGDOM CONTRADICT THIS CANADIAN DOCTOR IN THEIR TRAFFIC ACCIDENT STUDIES TOO.. SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW?  Preposterous COOKED results.. NOW get real..

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