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February 18, 2015

Cop charged:breach of trust, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance,


OPP union investigated for fraud, theft.A RCMP warrant executed at the headquarters of the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) alleges there is evidence of criminal fraud, theft and laundering the proceeds of crime, the union has confirmed to its members. WHO CAN YOU TRUST?


EDMONTON – A lengthy investigation into the trafficking of steroids within the Edmonton Police Service has resulted in charges and suspensions against two veteran officers, while six others have been removed from their current duties. “Edmontonians expect their police officers to be honest and ethical, and answer to a higher standard,”   “Behaviour contrary to these expectations brings reputational damage to our police service and violates the public trust.”


VANCOUVER — Many years later the RCMP officer who stunned Robert Dziekanski with a Taser at Vancouver’s airport lied at a public inquiry into the Polish immigrant’s death, a judge ruled. Const. Kwesi Millington fired his Taser multiple times after he and three other officers were summoned to Vancouver’s airport in October 2007. Dziekanski, who spoke no English, had been throwing furniture in the international terminal.  Millington’s verdict marks the first time a judge has concluded that one of the officers lied. Another Mountie, Const. Bill Bentley, was acquitted in 2013, while two other cases have not yet concluded.  The Crown alleged the officers colluded on a story to tell homicide investigators and write in their police notes in an attempt to heighten the threat that Dziekianski posed. Prosecutors argued the officers’ statements and notes all contained similar errors, proving they worked together. The Crown further alleged the officers met in the Vancouver area in the days or weeks before testifying at the inquiry in early 2009 to plan their testimony. A witness, whose ex-husband is Bentley’s cousin, told the court the officers met at her home, but the defence presented telephone records, credit card receipts and other evidence to cast doubt on her testimony. The judge  noted that the officer’s errors all exaggerated the threat Dziekanski posed.


A Quebec  SQ officer is facing charges of falsifying evidence. Constable Sebastien Grenier was suspended with pay last April while police investigated allegations that the officer had handed out bogus speeding tickets in the Eastern Townships. Grenier will appear in court only on  March 27th. His status with the police force is expected to be re-evaluated in the coming days. Meanwhile he gets fully pay..


A constable with B.C.’s Abbotsford Police Department has been criminally charged and 16 other officers are under investigation for allegations related to the integrity of statements used in a number of criminal cases to obtain search warrants. Const. Christopher Nicholson has been charged with  breach of trust, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance, the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner (OPCC) said in a statement released Wednesday.  During the Vancouver Police Department investigation, it says it uncovered further allegations of misconduct against 16 other members of the APD and a total of 148 accusations of misconduct against seventeen members of the Abbotsford Police Department. The accusations include corrupt practice, deceit, and neglect of duty. The OPCC says it has not been able to adequately determine the extent to which prosecutions may have been compromised “due to the lack of adequate disclosure from the police. Deputy Police Complaint Commissioner Rollie Woods says the officers are accused of making up information to secure search warrants. “The concerns raised have an impact of the interplay between key institutional stakeholders within the criminal justice system which include the federal prosecution service, judicial officers and the police. Furthermore, what remains an active concern to the OPCC is the extent to which the search warrants in issue may have contributed to potentially unsafe prosecutions,” reads a statement from the office.

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February 8, 2015

Canada’s revenue agency is not just a tax collector, but also as a criminal investigator.



If you are worried about the Canadian government keeping a secret file on you, stop worrying it has been doing that for decades by various means, in various places. Such as the Post Office.


OTTAWA — The federal revenue agency can now hand the police possible evidence of serious crime — including terrorist activity — that it happens to come across while reviewing taxpayer files. The Canada Revenue Agency gained the little-noticed new authority, which does not require a judicial warrant, through an amendment tucked into the government’s most recent omnibus budget bill. Previously, confidentiality provisions in the law prevented the agency from handing information about suspected wrongdoing, on its own initiative, to law enforcement. The exception was information that pointed to tax-related crimes.  The new provisions apply to offences including breaking and entering, vehicle theft, arson, corruption and kidnapping. They also allow authorities to pass along information about any offence with a minimum prison term, or one with a maximum sentence of 14 years.The list of offences is disturbingly broad and amounts to a fundamental change in allowing the agency to hand information to police without a court-ordered warrant — even when the alleged crimes have nothing to do with taxes


If you are worried about Revenue Canada’s effectiveness too, stop here too, they are not even capable to catch most of the people working under the table and not paying taxes even.


Quebec too has always wrongfully been soft on what collared abuses, crimes. 


Everyone can and should be held accountable even for their acts and their words now too.. no matter who you are too.  Accountability needs to start with the politicians, civil and public servants firstly and not just the ordinary folks..  And do not forget the Federal Conservatives. You know, the people who had  claimed many years ago they were going to clean up Ottawa and end entitlements and misspending and were going to show us all a better way.. and now next  they did the same bad thing as all the others.. they even falsely still refuse to be accountiable for their expense accounts .. they clearly also  now have  much too many unacceptable liars still. We all tend to know by now that the crooks on their own do falsely  deny any guilt or wrong doings now  too. Water unrestrained runs down hill, so do self supervised Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Cops, Mayors, Civil and Public Servants, RCMP,  Business persons  now too..  and self supervision does not work as  it tends to be only masturbation and not the real thing still too. The existing justice system has been the subject of persistent criticism from those who charge  that even the police are biased in favour of their fellow officers, establishment  and there is no  guarantee of impartiality, fairness. Civil liberty groups, student federations and social, human rights  activists have been rightfully calling even for an open,  full public inquiry into what they call excessive force against the Quebec Students by the police last spring and summer. An estimated 3,000 people were arrested or abused  during more than four months of widespread Quebec protests, social unrest. The other unacceptable Malaise of sweeping refuse, shit under the rug.. the civil servant managers serious, personal failure to deal with ther unacceptable, crooked, dishonest, thieving subordinates rather than disposing of them, firing them, putting then into the garbage bins is still needed as some people only learn to do good the hard way, when they feel real negative repercussions. I strongly suggest we get rid of these bad managers, firstly, immediately, all bad cops included..


A suspicious number of federal contracts for goods and services appear rigged to favour one bidder, suggests another  survey. The report, from the contracting watchdog at Public Works, provides further evidence of problems even with the Harper government’s credibility.. Remember when full accountability was the once promised word for His election?


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April 23, 2014

What at the Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s residence ?


OTTAWA – An intoxicated 18-year-old woman was taken to hospital early Sunday morning, Easter Morning,  after she was found on the driveway at 24 Sussex Dr. The RCMP say paramedics were called to the prime minister’s official residence on the weekend in response to a medical call. The call came in the “early morning hours” of Sunday, April 20. So the woman had been attending a party at 24 Sussex that night?

Report says underage woman treated for potential alcohol poisoning

The Prime Minister Stephen Harper had   professed to be an evangelical Christian, and evangelical Christians they do not serve or drink Alcohol..

The Prime Minister’s Office refused to state whether Stephen or Laureen Harper were present during the party, and whether this was a celebration of Ben’s 18th birthday.

Look how many of the Canadian News Media lies and spins the story, many try to say that the girl was not in the Home, residence.. but  the RCMP guards the gate to the property so they knew she was there.. so  is this how the Prime Minister’s Christian family celebrates Easter, having a drunken orgy?

Does MP Dian Ablonczy also drink alcohol? She is a professing Christian evangelical now too.. do other evangelical Conservatives MPs drink Alcohol?


Want to know why Harper appointed so many bad senators too? He often had initial meetings with them at the Happy hour, bar


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January 4, 2014

The problem of doing your own thing

stop G

The problem of doing your own thing, sadly can too often mean also that it is harmful to yourself and still  also  next to the others. but there will be always the 30 percent hard core persons who will still vigorously support it..
For example: there is the false reasoning that the supposedly positive   benefits that “the increase use of  Marijuana might largely displace alcohol use, producing little or no net increase in intoxication but producing a safer society overall since pot is less damaging than alcohol”, is faulty at it’s core since Pot undeniable cause irreversible brain damages, leads to not just to an addiction too it like alcohol, but also similarly cause mental retardation in both cases.. Alcohol is still a basic  “stepping-stone drug” to other immoral acts, bad drug usages.. even if it is legal, cheap, potent. The people who take pot still tend to not stop consuming alcohol.. and other bad drugs too.. People who approve of their usages are stoned, or  then they must be just plain stupid! The myth that  people who use it cause no harm to other people is a myth still too..  The negative side effects of alcohol and bad drugs  are well know already…the false supposedly positive statements is an ostrich approach that  still neglects all of the other real negative realities.

A world-renowned hacker, New Zealand-born Barnaby Jack who died in San Francisco in July, overdosed on a mix of heroin, cocaine and other drugs, a coroner’s report shows. An autopsy revealed that “acute mixed drug intoxication” led to his death, San Francisco’s medical examiner said. The report also had said Mr Jack’s girlfriend had found him lying in bed unresponsive, with “multiple bottles of beer and champagne in the garbage can“.




Most headlines about moderate alcohol consumption are still misleading ones —such as a drink or two a day is good for your heart, your soul, and may even extend your lifespan! But a  new study finds that regularly consuming even moderate amounts of alcohol can cause a decrease in brain plasticity, or the brain’s ability to generate new cells.  It rather kills even existing brain cells..


There is always still the reality of the  warnings of the health risks of marijuana and alcohol usage, rightful warnings that cannot be ignored or dreamed away. .I can’t, for the life of me, understand how any normal, honest, rational person can, in good conscience, support the legal availability of alcohol, or any extremely harmful drug  as It’s quite baffling, contrary to good personal health care. in any case with the human tendency to excess like with anything, too much of  any thing can be still really  bad, harmful  to you  Smoking pot is different here too. . Even plain cigarette smoking is harmful to you as we all can know.


Everyone who drink or use pot  will suffer brain injury but the Youths who drink or use pot are more likely than others to suffer  traumatic  brain injury. Alcohol and drugs can damage a teen’s brain in more ways than people think.  Their negative Symptoms include loss of consciousness, dizziness, headaches, moodiness, difficulty concentrating and increased sensitivity to light and sounds. Teens who reported having 40 or more drinks in the past year had more than five times the odds of suffering a traumatic brain injury than youths who abstained. Those who smoked pot 10 or more times in the past year were more than three times as likely to report a brain injury. But booze and pot can also make people dizzy and disoriented and alter their perception of distance and space.  We already do know from adult studies just how devastating some of these   drinking alcohol  or   pot use injuries can be on all of the people’s quality of life, their ability to hold steady employment, their relationships, substance use and mental health.


Yes all of the persons who take bad drugs and alcohol suffer undeniably irreversible brain damage, death of brain cells, become more and more mentally  retarded. Believe it or not Accept it or not!  Most headlines about moderate alcohol consumption are still misleading ones —such as a drink or two a day is good for your heart, your soul, and may even extend your lifespan! But a  new study finds that regularly consuming even moderate amounts of alcohol can cause a decrease in brain plasticity, or the brain’s ability to generate new cells.  It rather kills even existing brain cells.. 

Once the alcohol is absorbed into the tissue, it affects your mind and body.  Blood alcohol concentration can rise up to 20 minutes after having a drink. After alcohol is absorbed it leaves the body in three ways: the kidneys, lungs, and liver. Alcohol is not a stimulant, it is actually a sedative-depressant of the central nervous-system, it is capable of rupturing blood capillaries and veins, it does not warm you up; in fact it makes you colder by increasing perspiration and causing body heat loss, it damages the branched end of nerve cells that bring messages into the cell, causing disruptions to brain function. It depletes the body of many essential nutrients such as all the B vitamins, especially B1, B2, B3,B6, B12, folic acid, vitamins C and K, zinc, magnesium and potassium. It can hamper the liver’s ability to process fat. It can lead to liver toxicity and disease. The high sugar content of alcoholic drinks can lead to hypoglycemia and predispose to diabetes. Drinking alcohol regularly can lead to its dependence. Drinking alcohol damages the liver, kidneys, and lungs
Alcohol consumption has previously been linked to a reduced bone mineral density (BMD), or osteoporosis, and increases the risk of fractures especially since  bone fractures can be the result of falls, and   one in three adults over 65 will experience a fall each year, this is a serious issue. And too much booze can cause people to age prematurely. It impairs your driving now too no matter how old you are.  Some of the wider known effects of alcohol include diminished performance, mental impairment, possible addiction, diabetes and liver disease. Now  there   a very few people, though, who can  have one small drink  too.. Yes too many have ended up dying from alcohol abuse, and as well there are those whose alcoholism led them to stop taking care of themselves.  Alcoholism certainly can increase the risk of many different diseases occurring, especially as an individual grows older, and most of   the negative effects are irreversible as well.
“As alcohol is a by-product of yeast digestion, it can have an irritating effect on the lining of the stomach and gradually weaken the kidneys and liver, leading to serious health problems and can prove fatal in extreme cases. When the stomach is weakened it becomes less efficient at digesting food, which inevitably interferes with a healthy metabolism and positive weight loss. Also, after alcohol is consumed it is then the first energy supply to be used up by your body when combined with carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which postpone the fat-burning process. As a result this can lead to greater fat storage, meaning that whenever you drink you will not be burning away your fat stores in the near future. Another shocking fact is that alcohol supplies almost twice as many calories as proteins and carbohydrates, seven calories per gram! And as all of these extra calories you are getting from alcohol contain zero nutrients, they accelerate fat storage while also having a negative effect on a healthy metabolism.”
 Now every drop of alcohol you drink, every bad drug you take, kills your brain cell, and you become more and more brain dead.. retarded and Recent medical studies also do indicate that young Men who take marijuana, drugs are also twice as likely to get testicular cancer next before the age of 35 even
Statistics which show an increase of in the number of people   binge drinking, getting drunk  and that the statistics also show that we still have a long way to deal with this major problem. 81% of people who choose to drink are still exceeding the recommended daily limits. The cost of alcohol misuse to our society is very real. In just over 10 years, there has been a startling 86% increase in the numbers of people dying due to alcohol related harm. The harsh reality is that although alcohol misuse is known to be damaging and harmful to health and well-being, many people still drink to excess. This must change,
If you drink 2 martinis at lunch time or supper time  for a start  you are definitely an alcoholic. Now besides the negative effect of alcohol in the private sector they do not booze it up as much as our civil and public servants, politicians  have and do for sure. Politicians, civil and there  Public servants Pigging out, living high on the hog, or getting drunk, and patronistic hiring practices, are clearly an unacceptable abuse.
 “One of the risks to seniors of drinking alcohol is that as human bodies age, they lose muscle mass and their body functions slow down, meaning it takes less alcohol for them to become more intoxicated or suffer other ill effects, such as bone loss or cerebral atrophy.  Another problem  that alcohol often  interacts negatively with medication, which older people too often are be taking a significant amount of, depending on their health.” Alcohol may seriously increase your risk of health problems and even seriously now damage your heart.  Although some would say it may offer some very marginal health benefits,  for your heart. Are you willing to take the risks  of bad health associated with the consumption of alcohol still then?


December 13, 2013

Too big for their britches..


Look the citizens are busy working, paying their taxes and they have elected Ministers to look after them instead.. It amazes me thus next that now for years and years  one of the obvious major Citizens complaint in Canada that is still around is about the bad Bell phone company and why does it takes so long for the CRTC and the governments, ministers to  even deal with it too.. and the other very often complaint still is about the bad cops getting away with abuses and murders.. Don’t believe me see how very  popular my posts are about bad Bell and bad cops still are… almost as much  as the bad comments about the bad PM… and bad alcoholics, divorce.


The useless CTRC does so little and so late..



The CRTC said it is concerned that “some wireless companies” are making it difficult for smaller mobile operators  that do not operate a national network to compete in the marketplaceThe Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has launched a deeper investigation on wholesale wireless roaming rates in the country with the goal of determining in the country’s big three wireless carriers are charging excessive rates to smaller providers for use of their networks.Based on information obtained by the CRTC, some of the large providers are charging or proposing to charge, their smaller Canadian competitors significantly higher wholesale roaming rates than those charged to U.S.-based wireless companies, a statement from the telecom regulator said. Higher wholesale rates can impact the retail rates that smaller companies charge their customers.:


Investigators shielded officers in police shooting of Montreal teen, coroner’s   A Quebec coroner’s report into the police shooting of a teenager that led to a riot in Montreal has found investigators failed to follow proper procedure and went out of their way to shield the officers involved from scrutiny.

Fredy Villanueva coroner report criticizes police practices.. Villanueva, 18, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, 2008, by Const. Jean-Loup Lapointe of Montreal police, after the young man was found playing an illegal game of dice with his brother and three friends in Montreal’s Henri-Bourassa Park.

“The death of M. Villanueva is the result of a multitude of human nature factors, which, if considered on their own, would not have logically justified this result,” the report states.

“Each year, thousands of infractions as trivial as playing dice in the park are the subject of police interventions that go well, even when police and members of the public disagree.”

The coroner’s report, released Tuesday morning, made about 20 recommendations, which focus mainly on police practices.





copy to  Minister of Public Safety

November 27, 2013

The pretentious, useless, cost ineffective RCMP


Not much has changed since his September 2014 study for the Fraser Institute found a key cost driver to be the rising number of officers in Canada per 100,000 population. According to his analysis, per capita police expenditures rose more than 45% between 1986 and 2012, while Criminal Code incidents per officer declined by almost 37% .  Call volumes to police remained stable between 2002 and 2012, but provincial expenditures on security grew at an average annual rate almost double the GDP growth. An arbitration system some feel consistently awards salary increases to police without regard to  their productivity.  is part of the problem.  There is a need for a “consistent and rigorous” review of internal police operations to ensure services are efficient and are deploying officers appropriately. Communities across the country grapple with police budgets that in some cases are eating up to 50% of their operating budgets. Most attempts at cost-cutting to date have amounted to tinkering around the edges. Many communities are over-policed, laying off officers is   the best way to save money.

The RCMP gas spent over 4 million dollars per year for 500 police officers  against terrorism and has  yet to catch one major terrorist in Canada.

The pretentious, useless, cost ineffective RCMP is not something new even if the Canadian Auditor General now says the same thing… Several major federal departments have failed to fix previously identified weaknesses in safeguarding taxpayers’ dollars and are dragging their heels on long-overdue changes, the federal auditor general says in a new report. Some people who pose a threat to Canadians’ security managed by the RCMP  have managed to enter the country illegally because of lax border entry controls. Auditor General Michael Ferguson said he was “very concerned that our audit found too many examples of controls not working.”

The auditor general’s report found gaps in security at Canada’s entry points, which have allowed some dangerous people to slip into the country.“We know in one sample of 49 that two people were successful getting into the country, people with serious criminal backgrounds,” Ferguson said.“In the sample, the numbers don’t sound large, but these samples were over a short period of time and if you extrapolate that over a longer period of time and the number of people trying to get into the country, the results are concerning.”

Useless Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney said his government will accept the AG’s recommendations.”I have asked and can confirm that both CBSA and the RCMP are implementing…the findings and recommendations the Office of the Auditor General,”   and who believes these liars, I do not.. RCMP still cannot say for sure what percentage of people get nabbed when they try to sneak across the border between regular ports of entry.



The Canada Border Services Agency and the RCMP need to tighten border security work and take steps to better measure how effective they are at keeping illegals out.  “However, our audit found that the controls are not working as intended at and between ports of entry,” she said. “We recommended that the (CBSA) and RCMP collect and use information on the performance of their border controls, so that they know the extent to which controls are working, at which locations and what needs to be improved.”

Really the RCMP should focus on their jobs a little more instead of the political theatre they are so often engaged.


Why doesn’t The RCMP admit that more than a  few RCMP rogues might just be complicit with facilitating crime at the border?  Including neglecting to record data about it.  We need the corruption cleaned up!

” Sounds like some Canadian officials are complicit with these border breaches.  Maybe start by putting under secret surveillance those RCMP who neglect to record data.  Then check out who among police are not only neglecting to keep records but who also record falsehoods about what happens.  You might be surprised just how much of that is going on in police services, not just RCMP but provincial and municipal police as well.  Two officers, separate police forces, each told me they are keeping two sets of records, one for the official record and one to rely on in the event they are ever required to bear witness about what is really happening.  One of them said she keeps the second record in a safe she bolted to the floor at her home.:”

According to the audit, the Canada Border Services Agency has made “little progress” in terms of its monitoring of so-called “lookouts”: individuals or shipments headed for Canada that intelligence has determined may pose a threat.

Dangerous people have slipped into Canada because of insufficient border controls, according to a report by the auditor general. The audit  raised concerns about the RCMP’s success in intercepting illegal migrants between ports of entry.

Ferguson also slammed the Mounties for how they monitor efforts to stop illegal Canada-U.S. border crossings between ports of entry. In an audit of cases from 2011 to 2013, the RCMP intercepted only half of the illegal land border crosses, and about 80% of the marine crossings.

Useless Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney  said his department will work with the CBSA and the RCMP to see how they can improve the exchange of information.

“Unfortunately, Conservatives have become so mired in scandal, and so focused on their well-connected friends, that they are neglecting their basic responsibilities. Their attempts to cut corners are putting Canadians at risk.”

You can read the full report here.

Look the RCMP even had known   for years specifics details by wire tapping about the Corruption in the Quebec city halls and they next still did nothing good about it..

Yes  the   RCMP again  have lost much more respect over the past two years as well as embarrassing Canada again world-wide.

Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year ..

Fire the bad cops And don’t try to give us all  the crap that any  bad police officers can be next still retrained, reformed .. the police themselves tend not to believe that any of the bad guys can be reformed

As the RCMP deny all this,  they continue to tap my phone, monitor my posts, emails?


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September 17, 2012

We know or should know about the too common grotesque abuse of the taxpayers in all governments.

where even the supervisors now can be part of the abuse.. and we need to continually be vigilant here. It was recently revealed in Alberta that the man who was hired, ironically, to keep a watch on the  expenses and costs of others, was living high on the hog with taxpayers’ money   Follow the money.. include the bad emplyees severance pay, costs of  re-hiring and pension payouts. Fire all those fpersons who have or do approve any outrageous expense claims, like lavish meals, gasoline, car allowance, car washes, car insurance, a new  windshield for his Mercedes and some six packs of beer for “meals at home.”

Sadly the Tax payers are still to often abused. And here I am not just talking about the long costly almost daily entertainment lunches with Wine and Beverages, and  those too often out of town, even out of the country mostly personal trips charged to the taxpayers. Or the city hall employee who while on paid services goes to the airport to pick up his mother in law, or the employee who takes the cultivated flowers from city hall for his own use in his own yard.


We need to call into question the sick spending practices of current  and former and the current   service executives, managers, supervsiors civil servants, cops too. Even the posting of all   expense records for all, board members, executive members, is not enough for the  Posting of the expenses of direct reports to all of executives is also now very important, since without that, some unscrupulous executives could ask their assistants to pick up the tab to be approved by them later.

Critics are calling for tighter oversight on how cabinet ministers submit their  expenses, saying they should at least be held to the same standards as MPs. The system in place for ministers is too lax, they say, and allows for  too many questionable expenses to slip through.”We’ve had a number of  spending scandals with ministers, so you’d expect the red flag to be raised and  have some measure of accountability,” But it seems to go on and on and on.” ” it sometimes seems as if minister’s expense sheets receive the rubber stamp. 
  Global News | Critics call for more oversight on ministers’ expenses

A taxpayer watchdog group says MPs should be forced to publish spending details online .Current rules outlined by the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy enable MPs to spend 3% of their budgets, or up to $10,734, on hospitality. Details of MP spending is not publicly available.


September 3, 2012

The other unacceptable Malaise

Unless we are deliberate ostriches by now we all should know about shit disease.. what happens when people, doctors and nurses do not wash their hands in hospitals.. people die. 

The other unacceptable Malaise is sweeping refuse, shit under the rug.. the civil servant managers serious, personal failure to deal with ther unacceptable, crooked, dishonest, thieving subordinates rather than disposing of them, firing them, putting then into the garbage bins is still needed as some people only learn to do good the hard way, when they feel real negative repercussions. I strongly suggest we get rid of these bad managers, firstly, immediately, all bad cops included..

– Canada Border Services Agency is merely  documenting cases of travellers complaints of  enduring rude behaviour and lengthy interrogations, as well as one case where someone was falsely identified as a person “with criminal ties but here too real action is needed ASAP too..

– A suspicious number of federal contracts for goods and services appear rigged to favour one bidder, suggests another  survey. The report, from the contracting watchdog at Public Works, provides further evidence of problems even with the Harper government’s credibility.. Remember when full accountability was the once promised word for His election?

–  Niagara Police need to effectively  deal with serious allegations of steroid use and drug smuggling involving their own officers in the wake of an arrest of one constable  Const. Geoff Purdie, a decorated 13-year veteran of the force and a former police instructor at a local college by U.S. authorities in April. A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent charged Purdie with conspiracy to export and distribute controlled substances after tracking Purdie’s repeated trips from Fort Erie into Niagara Falls, N.Y., to pick up packages which, according to U.S. investigators, were sent to a private mail box filled with drugs.

and the list  goes on and on..

The Conservative government has quietly given Canada’s national police force and  the federal border agency the authority to use and share information that was  likely extracted through torture well they should listen also  to the citizens complaints.


August 2, 2012

The Conservatives are really now no better over the Liberals in Canada

This is getting ridiculous.  When it comes to punishment for criminal, unacceptable bad  acts Canada, it’s government for the last 50 years even has double standards, one for the ordinary Joe Blow and one for the Professionals, the  Professionals – Doctors and Nurses, CEO’s, Managers, Accountants, Police they  all  tend to get off Scott free, rewarded even..
For example do take the case of the Hamilton hospital shit disease where people got sick an died no one got punished for neglecting to clean properly the toilets, hospitals again.. or take the case where Alberta health system CFO quits, after his lavish spending revealed and supposedly will get a full severance package too.. Employee gets fired for misconduct and doesn’t even qualify for UI. If an Executive gets fired for misconduct, and so what they next do get to keep the villa, the Lexus and also get   a fat severance package.
Even in Alberta  the feeling of entitlement with the too often western separatists is  similar to those facts also we hear about often happening  in Quebec, Ontario as well. Recently in Quebec at the Concordia University many professionals got ridiculous severance packages all at tax payer’s expense too, where “two long-time donors to Concordia University announced   they are no longer giving money to the school, in protest of what they consider financial mismanagement.” “Accusations of internal, university financial mismanagement have dogged not only Concordia, but other Quebec institutions in recent years as well. It has been an issue of contention in the ongoing tuition hike debate, with student leaders and researchers arguing that if institutions managed their public funding more responsibly, universities would not be “underfunded,” or in such dire financial straits.
Notable examples include the failed Université du Québec à Montréal Îlot Voyageur project of 2005 – which involved the resignation of rector Roch Denis with a $173,000 severance package, a $200 million loan in-trust from the Quebec government, and more than $185 million in cost overruns – as well as a McGill’s 2009 $321,471 severance package to former VP Ann Dowsett Johnston. Since 2000, Concordia has paid out millions in settlements to departing administrators, dismissing two presidents since 2007. In 2010, Judith Woodsworth, received a $703,000 separation package two years into her five-year term as university president. Read more: 
When are these absurd  big severance packages going to stop too? Also now if Joe Blow had stolen from the company at work he in contrast shortly would go to jail or at the very least get fired quickly  with no compensation.  This resignation of Allaudin Merali in Alberta  even came just weeks after he was hired by Alberta Health Services. Now firstly  how someone like this can get hired when he left Ontario under similar circumstances?The bad managers who continue to hire these bad individuals  need now also to be held to account and fired too.
Also how can someone get severance when they have only been with an organization for three weeks?    It’s not the first high-profile departure   Three years ago, he had even left the  Ontario’s health system apparently under a similar dark cloud.In the fall of 2010, then-CEO Stephen Duckett and the same agency had parted ways after he rebuffed reporters at an emergency meeting by saying he was busy eating a cookie. Alberta Health Services later revealed his severance amounted to more than $735,000.
*** update***  The former CFO of Alberta Health Services will not receive a severance  after his contract was terminated when details of his expenses were exposed. AHS now plans to publicly post the expenses of the CEO and other senior  officials.

“OTTAWA — Members of Parliament aren’t able to properly scrutinize the government’s spending plans and are effectively rubber-stamping billions of dollars in proposed spending without due diligence, a new report says. The issue, the all-party parliamentary report explains, is MPs are expected to perform detailed scrutiny of the government’s spending plans, or “estimates,” but the committees receive little opportunity to review them and are only giving them “perfunctory attention” at best. “


Even the protection of abused seniors in Hospitals, old age homes in Quebec as well  is also always non existent because they also do have a pretentious ombudsman, Ministers.


They all do need in principle, to stop rewarding bad behavior and seriously manage our money a lot better.


All clearly even another example of the Conservative government’s immoral double standard now as well and not just the Liberals…


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June 28, 2012






April 17, 2012

The governments, Politicians cares about own good welfare firstly, the best joke of the year too

The Governments, Politicians supposedly caring  about own good welfare firstly, is the best joke of the year too, in reality rather they are working realy hard everyday too looking first after themselves , and undeniably clearly living high on the hog at our expense, and that even includes too many of our bad civil and public servants too now.. WHERE ARE THE POLICE HERE TOO WHEN YOU NEED THEM??? And accountability, openness, transparency are more Stephen Harper’s conservative government lies that need to be prosecuted as well.. Under the new  federal Conservatives the civil an public servants are not being managed any better and they still too often waste, abuse our tax dollars and this is unacceptable. Mostly Pretentious and  useless RCMP,  Consumer Protection, Health Canada, and Revenue Canada need to really shape up still now too

Even deal with the much too many still bogus refugees  who now do receive better care than Canadian taxpayers because they do not hesitate to cheat, lie, steal, commit tax evasions, abuse our goodness and it is still unacceptable.


And what about still dealing with our elected political members, civil and public servants who too often have abused the tax payers generosity now as well, they also seem still to get away with it..
And all of this is just as bad as the provinces, municipalities steal and abuse some of the federal money designated to help the citizens directly but they still did not fool me though too

Need I say more?

None of it is acceptable.


April 9, 2012

Canadian issues

OVER YEARS I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT IMPORTANT ISSUES ON BEHALF OF ALL CANADIANS, issues that the government and the news media have not done enough about, and issues that I have had firsthand related experiences, knowledge about including the undeniable reality that

1 We have much too many crooked pastors, bad church elders in the Canadian Churches, non profitable organization such as the Salvation Army included now, bad persons who abuse the flock and misuse the donations…  not acceptable

2: We have too many bad cops, bad police supervisors in Canada, RCMP now included who have wrongfully not been dismissed from their jobs and have been allowed to be unpunished.. my recommendation to deal with this tend to be the same firstly public exposure and next cut off their budgets significantly until they do something about it.

3: Our medicare and the related care of the elderly persons also still needs much significant improvement.. Now about the Shit disease found in hospitals too often still, , the new media covers up the story by using fancy Latin names, but it is the same sickness that kills patients while none falsely has yet to be punished for it.. yes we have too many bad Nurses, bad Doctor, bad supervisors in Canada, bad persons, money hungry or lazy persons who have wrongfully not been dismissed from their jobs and have been allowed to be unpunished.. my own recommendation to deal with this tend to be the same firstly public exposure and next cut off their budgets significantly until they do something about it… plus my own personal solution to the problem was to change doctors and even change hospitals…   not acceptable

4: Justice and the courts.. I do my best to stay out of courts, cause I cannot trust anyone not even the judges or the lawyers.. sadly it is a well know and unacceptable fact that many lawyers are just big liars, and the related law societies falsely allows the lawyers to lie on behalf of their clients, bad judges now included…  not acceptable

5: Bad politicians and bad political parties.. Face we falsely tend to continue to elect the liars.. Most people too readily accept liars and their lies, and the bigger the easier it seems too. Even the news medias do lie and spin the truth too often….  not acceptable

Just read a news story from different sources and you tend to get very different results.. one news media reported on a story that no one had died, and another read said seven had died and six other persons were missing for example..  not acceptable

6: No doubt about it even big unions succeed falsely in silencing the truth, and falsely hinder the punishment of the guilty persons.. not acceptable

7: Massive welfare, social assistance and tax evasion is a major unacceptable very active Canadian event practised by old Canadians and new Canadians and the pretentious governments realy do fail to address the issues effectively still…  not acceptable

8: How can I now also even  leave out all those price gouging, abusive corporations like the oil firms, the monoplistic and bad telecommunication firms such as Rogers, Bell, Virgin, and the greedy, self centered major food grocery stores, pharmacies  now too…  not acceptable


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