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January 27, 2011

Those Nerds in Ottawa, Bell and the CRTC


Surprise, suprise.. not really

Consumer backlash grows over usage billing Vancouver Sun – The CRTC’s decision this week to give small Internet service providers a slight break on pricing has failed to quell a growing consumer backlash over usage-based billing.
Usage-based Internet ruling draws fire Globe and Mail

Internet usage fees draw anger Montreal Gazette

Reuters – The Wire Report – National Post (registration) – Ars Technica

The CRTC’s decision to allow large internet providers to charge for excessive bandwidth use, while granting independent internet service providers a small discount, fails to safeguard affordable access to the internet, an internet advocacy group said Tuesday.

The first thing we Canadians need to do is get rid of the CRTC . They serve no purpose at all for us Canadians , its tell to get rid of them . As a Unix systems developer for many years I can attest to how much expensive bandwidth has hurt individual Canadian developers. These companies are making billions of dollars in profits every quarter, and nickel and diming, and overcharging their customers to boot! When will we get these fat cats out of the CRTC and get someone in there that cares about ordinary Canadians instead of big business. This is a terrible decision and will cement Canada’s position among the most expensive and inferior serviced internet in the world. For us ordinary Canadians, let the milking begin. This country used to be one of the best-connected in the world; thanks to a CRTC which is owned by Bell and Rogers, we are now near the bottom of the list, with some of the slowest, most expensive Internet access on Earth — and still falling. Rather than invest in infrastructure, Bell and Rogers have simply pocketed their profits and let the infrastructure wither.This is so disappointing. Once again, the CRTC is ensuring that Canada comes dead LAST in the development of the information age.
I am disappointed at CRTC, they have failed in this country miserably, they don’t like to have open market and allow better service and pricing , rather they help monopoly to strive , I am going to call every government to abolish CRTC and remove it from power , it is useless company that helps only rich.
Now is the time to let our voices heard by those that we elect, they are supposed to serve the people and not theit interests. Please take action email your mps right away, sign the petition on face book and

I have just emailed my letter to all the mps in the list:

letter is in this format:

I’m writing to you because I am rather concerned about many of the recent rulings made by the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission. From my understanding, the CRTC was set up to regulate the market and provide at least some protection to consumers. Now, however, it appears as though they exist solely to shill for the consortium of large ISP’s such as Rogers, Bell and Cogeco, especially in the province of Ontario. Rulings such as allowing smaller ISPs to be subject to overuse fees and the more recent one regarding metered internet further demonstrate that the CRTC has no interest in consumer protection, especially when referring to internet usage.

Myself and many others believe that it is time something be done about this problem. You might have noticed a recent article by the Globe and Mail among other newspapers focusing on such issues, and Michael Geist frequently comments on such topics in his column in the Toronto Star and other newspapers as well. What I have yet to see, however, is any uproar about this in the House of Commons. Where is the intervention from our elected representatives? I assure you that many have rather strong opinions on this issue, and acting (or failing to act) on such an issue will not be forgotten come election time.


The CRTC should exist to PROTECT Canadians from big, greedy, money-hungry telecom companies, not pander to them.

 This immoral price gouging internet download billing demand by Bell, Rogers, Telus exceeds all decency and it is time that the Government kills it and the governments should not subsidize at all these greedy telecommunications corporations ..       

“Only one in 20 Canadian Internet users would be affected by the CRTC’s decision to impose usage-based billing on independent Internet service providers, yet Prime Minister Stephen Harper tweeted his reservations as soon as controversy erupted.“We’re very concerned about CRTC’s decision on usage-based billing and its impact on consumers. I’ve asked for a review of the decision,” Harper tweeted Tuesday.It’s easy to see why Harper jumped into this flap with both thumbs blazing. He saw a chance to tap into widespread public anger at the country’s major telecommunications companies, which charge top-of-the-world prices in return for bottom-of-the-barrel service.

Telecommunications guru Michael Geist of the University of Ottawa told a Senate committee two years ago that Canada’s “relatively expensive” broadband-Internet plans provided “slow” Internet service, with Canada ranking near the bottom of developed countries for Internet speed. When price and speed were evaluated together, Canada ranked 28th out of 30 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries in price per megabyte. “As consumers, we pay more for less,”

Canadians are right to worry that as they continue to use more bandwidth for such purposes as downloading Netflix movies, they’ll pay higher and higher prices. The Harper government has promised to quash the CRTC ruling  Usage-based pricing isn’t itself the problem. The problem is how much money major telecommunications companies are sucking from their customers. Telus, for instance, usually pulls in around $1 billion in profit per year, and in 2009 four of its executives made more than $2 million each, including $6.9 million for CEO Darren Entwhistle, according to the Vancouver Sun’s report on executive pay. Shaw Communications made about a half-billion dollars in profit in each of the past two years, and its top three executives pulled in a total of more than $32 million in compensation in 2009, the Calgary Herald reported. Outrageous corporate profiteering and executive pay are ALSO significant issues for average Canadians than usage-based Internet billing.  ”  

How B.C. activists fought off the Internet billing plan Vancouver Sun –  Steve Anderson reflects on his battle with the CRTC over Internet billing. The CRTC has announced it will review plans. A little over a week ago, most Canadians had never heard of usage-based BILLING As the campaign spread from Vancouver to Halifax, it garnered thousands of hits on YouTube, millions of posts on everything from Twitter, to Facebook, to blogs, and it’s attracting the attention of international Internet commentators. And while its proponents were cheering Friday, the CRTC only announced it will delay implementing its decision while it conducts its own review.

Gov’t won’t accept CRTC’s Internet billing stance Edmonton Journal

CRTC vows to reassess ruling on user-based billing National Post –  CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein agreed Thursday to give a controversial ruling on user-based Internet billing a fresh look, but told a committee of MPs he stands by the underlying principle that ordinary Canadians shouldn’t subsidize heavy downloaders…  The Conservative government, however, said it would ignore any improvements the Canadian Radiotelevision and Telecommunications Commission has to offer unless the regulator abandons attempts to put caps on Internet use.

Bits, bytes, bills and Bell (and Rogers and Shaw and Telus …) Globe and Mail


Assurances demanded in BCE takeover of CTV Toronto Sun – QMI Agency Stakeholders in Canada’s television industry voiced their concerns of BCE Inc.’s proposed takeover of CTV to the country’s telecommunications regulator for a third day Thursday.

Industry quarrel continues over BCE’s use of benefits for satellite TV upgrade The Wire Report

 The CRTC must reverse its decision that ends unlimited internet access plans offered by smaller internet providers or the federal government will intervene, Industry Minister Tony Clement says. Clement told reporters Thursday that he and Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent a clear signal Wednesday night “that we do expect the CRTC to reverse its decision and to basically go back to the drawing board on this issue, and if they do not do this, we wanted to make it clear cabinet would take its responsiblites to do the same.” Clement said he heard from Canadians on the issue. It’s a huge issue for a country that wants to move forward on the internet for jobs, for creativity, for innovation,” he said. “[We] felt the CRTC ruling would have a huge impact on consumers and would hurt small businesses, would hurt innovators and creators.”

Media support is essential for reelections




The losers cannot afford the cost of advertising, or the costs of denying a visibly bad, exposed News media  image so they will lose a reelection. We already know that 2/3 of Canadians think that or Prime Minister Harper and his bunch of cons are no good persons, losers, and no matter what they may say otherwise.


On top of that I have often rightfully said that they in reality are self serving and they  for a long time   realy do  not care about serving the citizens public, their needs.


Feds spend more to monitor media, less to poll public Vancouver Sun – Government data show that the Harper government has spent more money on media monitoring than on public opinion research, according to an analysis by the Ottawa Citizen.


Harper can dream on of he thinks he will win a majority.. three strikes and he will be out hopefully too..

January 19, 2011

The unacceptable realities, lies included..

It is not only the big corporations who lie and tell us that they are serving the public, and the citizens effectively now too.. We all already tend to know that when it comes to serving the good welfare of the citizens themselves as to what big liars, pretenders too many of our civil and public servants, politicians and their representatives are like.. not just the corporations for  they rather still   tend to falsely go their old ways,   one that isself  mainly helping, solely serving themselves.. and that unacceptable behavior, approach also still tends to include all of of our major political parties now as well.. nut next  they now also keep on talking about re-elections.. they falsely are  hoping to get a majority government all while wrongfully neglecting to fully look after us all still too..
Primus Telecommunications Canada Incorporated Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. (“Primus Canada”) offers the widest selection of consumer and business telecommunications services available nationwide, including Long Distance & Local Phone Service, TalkBroadband (VoIP), Wireless service, and Internet services (High Speed DSL & Dial-up). Primus Canada now serves over 1 million customers across its suite of services. As a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Canada, Primus Canada has over 100,000 Internet subscribers accessing 46 national points-of-presence across Canada. Founded in 1997, Primus Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated, has offices across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Oakville, London, Windsor, Montreal, and Edmundston, and has grown to over 850 employees. Controlled service quality … HA HA HA




Wind Mobile calls for better consumer protection  Globe and Mail – Wireless company Wind Mobile wants the federal and provincial governments to provide better consumer protection for cellphone users, including reducing early contract termination fees.

Wind mobile calls for increased consumer protection The Wire Report

Wireless Nightmare: A Wind Mobile Review Digital Home

Toronto Sun – Prince Albert Daily Herald – – (press release)
Recently I had to contact a Primus customer representative, her manager, and also next the vice president of Primus , whose motto now  is “go for more”, more trouble is what they actually do now mean too, because they were threatening to either disconnect my mother’s phone or to take her to court for her supposedly unpaid phone bills of 111 dollars  .. meanwhile they all falsely had even refused to talk to me claiming it was all my mother’s fault when in reality she had even beforehand had paid all of her phone bills for months now too..  The main problem arose because Primus had taken over recently Roger’s landline phone services, and the associated billings got messed up in the process.  Now here in my own undeniable witness, experience  this phone company Primus also lied when it says it is serving the public.. they do not care about the public in reality.. for I had to spend over six hours on the phone talking to them and others and finally next I went to the news media to exposé the unacceptable matter fully as well.. they all did not like that..  I was shocked here  to witness the open lies, false cover-ups, false games played by the various related Rogers, Primus corporate members too.. it ws, is all unacceptable as well. They are both as bad as Bell  When I had also phoned the CRTC to complain about the poor services I was getting from Rogers & Primus, they now had informed me that they were already aware from other customers about problems here too.. but what good did they the CRTC do about it? Nothing good as usual?


    Where is the Consumer  Affairs Minister when you need him? Playing Golf with the bad guys?


See also    



January 4, 2011



Now without a shadow of doubt as many seniors do already know our Medicare system undeiably in Montreal Canada falsely is a superficial,  pretentious one  both starting with  the family doctors and the hopspitals, clinics, triages too. The family doctor takes the extra pay for being a family doctor but he or she  is generally still never versed in the patients actual medical history, or when it is too late as well. The same thing happens in Hospitals too often who tend to give you also  a quick heave out of the door.. while they all do get paid for it too. Never acceptable.
Outbreaks are inevitable, secrecy isn’t . January 4, 2011  What we learned the last time that Nanaimo Regional General Hospital had an outbreak of Clostridium difficile is not to be surprised about the outbreak, but how it was handled.  C. diff. has been plaguing hospitals in North America for years now, along with other nasty bugs resistant to antibiotics. Vancouver Island Health Authority  had to learn was this: to put the proper resources into cleaning and infection control rather than public relations. What we know from the last outbreak was that poorly paid and poorly trained cleaning staff were not doing a good enough job.  While that was bad enough, VIHA was trying to hide those facts and that these problems among cleaning staff led in part to the last C. diff. outbreak. Of interest here is that this outbreak is related to a hand washing issue. Translated, that means someone wasn’t washing their hands as required. We recall that about two years ago that VIHA spent a considerable amount on a hand washing campaign.  and the scientific fact that handwashing is the most effective part of infection control — No one is so naive as to think that any hospital can create a cordon sanitaire so effective as to prevent outbreaks.  But we do want NRGH and VIHA to have a response that is effective, accountable and transparent.  Again, with such high stakes the necessity of being transparent and accountable is necessary for the community. Unfortunately VIHA has not done very well in those areas. 
– NOW THE LAXITY IN HAND WASHING IS APPARENT IN TOO MANY HOSPITALS, laxity still by all concerned, the medical, support staff, patients and visitors. Many patients still do now eat without washing their hands firstly.
– Also a useless administrative, hospital policy of a local Quarantining, or babysitting a possibly sick  patient when the medical staff firstly do not know the cause or the name  of the sickness as it also too often done is realy absurd and it also does not help the patient or fully prevent effectively the spread of the disease.
– Rather  the immediate prevention of the spread of the disease would help as well by essentially having a QUICK LABORATORY RESULTS TO DETERMINE IF ANY PATIENT NOW  IS REALLY AFFECTED, AND EVEN AFFECTED BY WHAT.
As in the past MOST Doctors and nurses WHO will still no longer be held accountable, for any of their lies, errors, omissions, incompetence IS STILL NEVER ACCETPABLE
My own Mother was recently admitted for a 3 week stay at the Montreal St Luc hospital without it next being fully confirmed to us as to what her medical problem now actually was.. likley gastritis..
She was next even quarantined 3 separate times in her room, because each time the Nurses had on their own quarantined my mother the gastritis doctor had next  removed the quarantine even because she basically was not contagious.. for gastritis itself  is a symptom and not a specific contagious sickness.
and the clear miscommunications between doctors and nurses is too apparent too often a cause of them all not being able to help the patients now effectively as well. Nurses here still  too often diagnosed medical problems that they are not qualified to do so cause they are not doctors..
And here  just one continual example of bad Medicare as I now had taken my mother to the emergency ward for a simple problem of gastritis and she was admitted of the hospital next.. it clearly appeared that they next had not been effective in dealing with her original medical problem because they were too quickly looking into other possible medical problems she may or may not have as well such as kidney, or  liver failure, Hepatitis,  and cancers… all great diversions??
We both had here clearly noted that it is hard to get admitted to a hospital bed but next just as hard to be discharged as well.
In the process while they at St Luc had  tried to solve one medical problem it clearly was apparent next they had even also caused an other one by a doctor even prescribing inappropriate medications next for her supposedly having now constipation apparently while in reality  mother had loose stools in fact, Next a CLSC Home follow up nurse  had recommend my mother not take the medicine even..
It seems too many medical people here were, are doing too many things and not doing one effectively and as a direct result too many persons have to return to the hospitals for medical treatments that they likley still do not properly get, and you call this proper Medicare?
and it has been my experience  that Nurses too often due to their limited medical knowledge they also tend to exaggerate their own expertise, importance  too, and the seriousness of many items and they do also exaggerate basic medical facts.. for example fsuch as a Nurse now making the statements that ANYONE NOT WASHING ONE’S HANDS WILL LEAD TO ONE’S PERSONAL NEGATIVE HEALTH CONSEQUENCES, for while it is a good general practice to do so but the actual negative consequences they rather all   still depends  on the actual environment, one’s age, one’ health.. but it is also not a gaurantee that if you neglect to wash your hands occasionaly that you will suffer..


Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 5:21 PM
Subject: Medicare for seniors
Attention Government of Canada
The right Honourable Member of Parliament Julian Fantino Minister of state for seniors

It is my privilege to write to you as the right Honourable  Minister for seniors, for you  having the necessary background, experiences you certainly are qualified to put now into  prison now the much too many bad, abusive medical workers who wrongfully too often neglect, abuse  seniors starting even with your own riding too. The abuse and neglect of any medical aid to any senior person  is a criminal act,  Further to my many past detailed writings on the subject already too and send to many now, posted on the internet clearly there  still is a serious need to do so.
So also how many medical workers in Canada  have been rightfully now  incarcerated for abusing seniors in the last year?
Now  my own undeniable, too often very common experiences of bad nurses in Quebec in  the last year with those too often clearly still  pretentious nurses, basically still mainly merely bed pan nurses,  those still self centered nurses too preoccupied with the degree of their own self importance, an over inflated ego, and who were too preoccupied with insignificant basic matters because they clearly  deliberately  had still lacked clearly the more detailed important medical knowledge was very disturbing rightfully to me too..
Yes the same  nurses who too often do shriek at a field mouse while neglecting the raging bull.
Imagine this I had received 5 different,  even conflicting instructions from 5 separate nurses correcting me as to how to properly, simply  give an insulin needle. 
And their often not too well hidden wrong emphasis, agendas of coffee breaks, rest periods and getting more money was, with their bad excuses for not doing a good job was, is still also disgusting.
Many of them were now next unable to answer  my  still simple medical questions related to the patients, my mother and father respectively, that they were serving, ministering to, answers that I had myself had already acquired valid answers for from the internet, others, they the nurses now  had failed to do so because it would have required some degree of work,  effort on their part, a degree of real interest now as well. Rather they seem to  be able still to observe only  the  basic simple data and, such as date, time, temperature, blood pressure,  but do  like to report, maliciously squeal on others in writing.
Most of them had never bothered to read the patient’s actual  history, charts, reports, file even cause they did not even know firstly  their patient’s name. It is no wonder they too often do misdiagnose the patients medical need, medical problems and even give them the wrong medicines.
The clear lack of serious personal responsibility, accountability of all of the doctors and nurses is disgusting. They do mostly get the same pay whether they do a good job or a bad one now too.  It is time all bad nurses, bad doctors  be held legally responsible for their poor work performances especially amongst the seniors, and all others too. Too many hospitals deaths now in fact are wrongfully due to the negligence of doctors and nurses as I have too often witnessed myself even. I often have rightfully wondered even as to how they wrongfully got into their job in the first place. And  the initial training of them was wrongfully too a big unacceptable waste of the taxpayer’s money.
Do please next tell us all what real good you have done about this all too now. Thank you.

 see also

Now we al all do know that our too often well paid civil and public servants, medical professionals mostly do not get any public sympathy for being underpaid but they still do have to be exemplary in nature, behavior, work outputs and showed be severely exemplary held accountable,  punished when they are not.
Secondly by the unacceptable, deliberate, very poor selection, hiring  process our police officers tend to be thugs, villains themselves too often and cops as such are one of the highest percentages of alcoholics, drunks, drunk drivers, car speeders, abusers, wife hitters as well as is too often reported in the news media too.
Now a good friend would not let his friend drive drunk but cops often do still too, even driving home drunk after work from a visit to the police taverns.
So how many cops in the last month now were arrested for drunk driving or speeding in reality still too?

Albertan solicitor general attempts to quash the citizens democratic rights to complain.

PORT COQUITLAM, B.C. — Two members of the Coquitlam RCMP traffic services section have been charged with assault following an investigation into a traffic stop last summer. Const. Marko Duran, 38, and Const. Trevor Doylend, 33, have each been charged with one count of assault over the June 17, 2010 incident, a police statement said Tuesday. The two were conducting radar enforcement in Port Coquitlam at the time. “Const. Duran flagged a vehicle over and issued a violation ticket. During this process, an altercation ensued and the driver was removed from the vehicle and arrested . . . with assistance from Const. Doylend,” the statement said. Police said a review of the tape from the police cruiser’s in-car camera led to a criminal investigation and the charges. The driver never made a complaint.  



It seems that both politicians and cops have much in common, they both are pretentious, lie often, and both are also often alcoholics too.

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