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October 22, 2009

Dealing only with one leaking hole of many in

Quebec now is Dealing only with one leaking hole of many in a bucket full of holes even Canada wide .. issues of ethics, integrity and just who is calling the shots at ALL city halls, provinces,  and what about the rest of the iceberg too… Ongoing Cover ups -Construction firms colluded to boost prices: report ,
No role for Ottawa in Quebec Mafia investigation: Nicholson  Quebec announces new unit to examine shady dealings in construction industry  The Canadian Press  MONTREAL – The Quebec government has formed an investigations unit to examine allegations of collusion and corruption in the province’s construction industry.  The unit will only oversee “Operation Hammer” and will include members of Quebec provincial police, Crown prosecutors and Mounties, Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis told a news conference Thursday.  “As we’ve already said, the current situation is worrisome and unacceptable,” Dupuis said. “And that’s why we’re taking the necessary steps to make sure this kind of behavior stops.” The move comes amid reports that companies linked to the Italian Mafia have dabbled in political affairs and essentially created a construction cartel that works to drive up the cost of building projects.  Mafia experts say the practice exists elsewhere in Canada and is particularly worrisome now that Ottawa and the provinces are embarking on the most expensive infrastructure program in Canadian history. Quebec has been rocked by reports that Mafia-linked construction companies have colluded to drive up the price of public-works projects by 35 per cent in the Montreal area. But so has the rest of Canada now as well  Earlier in the day, the Quebec government brushed off widespread calls for a public inquiry into the murky world where politics, the Mafia, and the construction But an online poll suggested that a majority of Quebecers wanted a sweeping public inquiry.  Leger Marketing said 76 per cent of respondents indicated support for an inquiry, while only 17 per cent did not. Guy Chevrette, a retired PQ minister who was also part of the Cliche Commission in the 1970s that investigated Quebec’s construction industry of the day, says a public inquiry is necessary.  “There (are a) number of subjects that warrant study by experts,” Chevrette said.  Without answers and recommendations to change the culture, the problem is likely to persist, Chevrette said.  “Police will de-mask the fraudsters,” Chevrette said.  “But (police investigations) don’t offer the dimension of finding solutions and alternatives.”  Those sentiments were also brought up this week by retired judge John Gomery, who headed the famous inquiry into the federal sponsorship scandal.  Gomery said large donors wield too much influence in the awarding of municipal contracts and that a public inquiry could serve to explore those ties.
OTTAWA – The clearly buck passing also, Ostrich Justice Minister Rob Nicholson insists the federal government will not get involved in Quebec’s investigation into Mafia corruption in the construction industry. The Prime Minister is still Canada’s chief Justice Minister.
Got caught with chocolate stains on their faces and both hands in the cookie jar again?  Quebec forms squad to investigate construction industry  Opération Marteau to hammer away at allegations involving public works contracts   Goons investigating goons? That’s about 40 years late. Now who will investigate the investigators? Yup…and that “squad” will be paid off by the corrupt system and nothing will be changed…  SLAP ON THE WRIST ONLY.. Corruption is so deeply entrenched in politics that I can only imagine that this squad has been created to calm the public and perhaps ‘arrest’ those who do not play by the mafia rules. Seriously! How many MPs do you think have mafia ties regardless of their political stripe. The day that politicians stop representing organized crime or special interest groups for big business (same thing) is the day that voting might make a real difference. “The government has rejected calls for a public inquiry into allegations of widespread collusion and the alleged involvement of politicians.” Better that there be a permanent investigation squad that examines all contracts and all relationship to organized crime as well as political connections.  Further, this needs to extend to post-contractual phases to ensure that works are performed to specification (in all respects, esp. material and condition) to ensure that there is no collusion with inspectors who sign off on the work. 
 and how we already often know that many of the crooks on Canada often next use the lawyers, courts to deny their guilt.. “Montreal tycoon sues Radio-Canada, denies political’s not like it was a revelation, was it? The truth offends… he is a fine gentleman with a lot of the tax payers he wants more… Sues for privacy invasion by bringing more attention to it? And the reports probably true anyways?  What the $91 million for the cancelled water meter contract wasn’t enough?   Throw this bum in jail already! and Who else was on that yacht? It might also explain the poor quality of many construction projects, like bridges collapsing on motorists and buildings falling apart. Perhaps the civic inspectors were on the take as well. Thieves usually go on the offensive when you catch them doing something wrong in this case he is suing, I hope he loses his shirt and is sent to jail for a long time for his crimes when he is charged and convicted, thieves are extremely arrogant that is why they get away with things so long, people are scared to oppose them. Where there is smoke……” 
 Potatoe, tomatoe can’t tell the difference between crooks anymore, So the political system is rotten and politicians are corrupt. What’s new? Every level of government and public service in Canada is corrupt to the core, federal, provincial, RCMP, the whole works. Nothing shocks me anymore. I have lost faith and respect for the whole system.   it becomes clear that half the taxes paid by Montrealers would best be described as a “corruption tax”.  But we cannot expect the Quebec government to step in. They’re every bit as corrupt, regardless of whether or not it’s the Liberals or the PQ in power.  Maybe the feds can help? Still the same problem, only this time, it’s either the Conservatives or the Liberals doing it….  the main expense that keeps the economy from functioning properly is corruption. Without that cost, we would all have enough cash in our pockets to kick-start unprecedented economic growth.  Why do we keep putting up with this  ?
History will repeat itself. We saw how Quebec dealt with the unexpected loss of money in the Quebec’s pension fund, the useless, pretentious Quebec MLA, Liberal Minister of finance Monique Forget, who seemed to always forget about me, she next resigned, everything was forgotten and business went on as usual.. all just swept under he floor rug again and again.. and next door to her we had also lost Liberal Paul Martin MP and not one noticed too or cared….
 Tory ridings get more stimulus money: Chrétien was known to dish out government money to Liberal-held ridings. But Harper he promised to do things differently.  “Promised to do things differently.”  Is there anything Harper has ever said that is true? Are Harper and his Cons Politically Corrupt? I say Yes! Worth noting is the Cons hold 46% of all ridings. 46% of ridings getting 60% of funds suggests something more then coincidence The depth of the sheer partisanship and dunious ethics of the cons never ceases to amaze me Pretty obvious political maneuvering.
Just a Small Detail.. CBC contacted the office of Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt to ask about the lobbyist who helped organize a fundraiser on her behalf on Sept. 24.  Michael B. McSweeney is vice-president of the Cement Association of Canada.   Both he and the association are registered with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada.  And a search of the registry shows that on Sept. 24, the Cement Association reported having lobbied Raitt directly.   In an email to Raitt’s new communications wrangler Jocelyne Turner, CBC News asked for more information about McSweeney’s involvement in the fundraiser, as well as whether McSweeney was paid for his services.  “Minister Raitt is committed to working with the Ethics Commissioner and is cooperating fully. The Minister will abide by any ruling by the Commissioner.   “The issue is now being examined by the Ethics Commissioner and therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.”
and is this related to the Quebec corruptions scandals going on presently as well.. after all some of  of the biggest cement companies are in Montreal.. Lafarge Cement included?.. and is this why the Conservative federal government does not want to get into Quebec’s legal affairs too? 
Transport Minister Julie Boulet is the third minister in the Charest government subject to a “verification” by the chief electoral officer, after suggesting that companies are financing the Quebec Liberal Party. Boulet, like Education Minister Michelle Courchesne and Norman MacMillan, the junior transport minister, said the Quebec Liberal Party does accept financial contributions from companies. Québécois leader Pauline Marois called for an investigation into how the Liberals raise campaign money when she heard the news about Boulet. “One slip of the tongue is okay, two slips is okay, three slips, it starts to get worrisome,” Marois said. “It’s against the law.” Quebec’s 1977 party financing law established the principle that only Quebec voters may give to a political party, setting the maximum contribution at $3,000. That means companies, unions or people living outside the province may not give to Quebec parties.
 Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the guilty serves every one’s best interest, the guilty persons included now.


In spite of the often mere Public relationship news releases do Face it that basically crime, theft, tax evasions, tax payer’s money abuses are still now rampant for decades too in CANADA and Canada wide  even because the too often pretentious civil and public servants, related  police are firstly are not doing their jobs, they are not only incompetent, but indifferent even mainly cause their political masters would not let them do it as well.. the RCMP included now.. Instead the police spend most of their time and energy on revenue generating traffic tickets, which are not even the major causes of accidents too.


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