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February 11, 2018

Sexual Harassment


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The RCMP Is Facing More than 2,400 Harassment Claims from Former and Current Employees. 1,500 claims were expected in a massive class-action settlement, but roughly 2,400 have been filed to date—and a lawyer involved in the case suggests that number could still rise dramatically. An Extension was made for women filing claims in historic RCMP sexual harassment settlement.

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A Federal Court judge has granted an extension for women who were sexually harassed while working for the RCMP to file their claims for compensation. Both former and current employees of the RCMP—have come forward with claims of gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment during their time on the force, with more expected to emerge in the coming weeks. RCMP management has let the woman down. “instead of succeeding and thriving in a supportive and inclusive workplace, many women have suffered careers scarred by gender and sexual discrimination, bullying and harassment.” The RCMP has now acknowledged it has a problem with gender and sexual discrimination


Judge Ann Marie McDonald extended the deadline from today to May 22 for primary class members with exceptional circumstances. Last May, McDonald approved the unprecedented settlement that will pay up to $220,000 to the women who worked for the national force over the past 40 years .

A former RCMP constable Heli Kijanen—and she’s the single mother who spearheaded the initiative in 2011 that what would soon become the class-action lawsuits related to harassment and gender-based discrimination within the force, initiated with counsel Alexander (Sandy) Zaitzeff, a Thunder Bay lawyer. “It was an old boys’ club, and they didn’t want a single mom there—at least, that’s how I was made to feel.” The harassment made me feel like a useless human being who didn’t deserve to take up any space,” she says. “I went into the RCMP to protect and serve my community, but I was made to feel helpless and vulnerable. Who’s supposed to protect the person whose job it is to protect others? ” Wwll they all failed at it.. “Her advice for women facing harassment in the workplace? “Do not remain silent. Don’t try to fight it on your own. Be strong, open up, ask for help and don’t stop until you find someone who will listen. And feel free to come and talk to me. I’m always here to help.”


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Police in two provinces investigate a growing number of sexual misconduct allegations against RCMP doctors also , a high-ranking member of the federal government says he’s keeping a close eye on the cases. So what! Woman says RCMP doctor ‘violated’ her during exam for potential recruits. “Lawyer David Klein, whose firm is one of two representing female RCMP employees in a sexual harassment class action, said several clients had informed him the Halifax physician was nicknamed “Dr. Fingers.” He said several clients told him the doctor gave them unneeded rectal exams, inserted his fingers into their vaginas without good reason and spent unusually long periods rubbing their breasts with his hands.” Source:

Survivors of sexual harassment and assault in the Canadian Armed Forces in two proposed class action lawsuits against the Government of Canada served their evidence this week responding to Canada’s attempt to strike their claims. These class actions seek compensation for the Government’s failure to protect them from sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination during their service. The Government’s approach to this lawsuit runs counter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent statements regarding the obligations of Government . “It’s frustrating to read Prime Minister Trudeau’s comments given that the Government is taking the opposite approach to our litigation”, said Amy Graham, a plaintiff in the proposed class action. “By trying to stop us from proceeding through a class action, the Government wants to force each of us to go forward alone, preventing us from resolving this issue and putting it behind us.”


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