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November 29, 2010

Playing Power politics with the citizens




A useless , no good, bad Conservative politician  is not any better for any of us over a useless , no good, bad Liberal  politician in Canada now too.

 Politicians pretending to care about the citizens overall all good welfare leads still to their  utilities price increases in both Alberta and in Ontario now as well..

The McGuinty government has succeeding in the doubling of electricity rates in Ontario to a level higher than in most U.S. states.  Clearly it is certain that Ontario  electricity rates will go up 46 per cent in the next five years.

Ontario’s former industrial utilities rate advantage now has also disappeared, while the government is falsely still pretending that nothing is wrong.

In Alberta the same thing now  had happened before too  with the new higher cost added to their  hydro bill. The citizens in both provinces are paying for an ever-increasing hydro bill.

Also the major costly investments required for wind and solar power, hidden in the  hydro bill, actually produces very little cost effective energy too. Note this that  a 2008 report from the Ontario Power Authority that already  said wind and solar will never be more than a niche supply for the Ontario system. Spending money in this area was,  is not a sound investment.  

Are any of our three major Ontario political parties even capable of producing a power plan that will keep the lights on for an affordable price? Both the Liberals and the PCs show enthusiasm for engaging in a depressing debate over who is responsible for Ontario’s power system not being in better shape than it is today. Does it matter? This is an issue about the future and the only relevant question should be: what is the best way to generate electricity at the lowest cost and with the lowest environmental impact? 

“Earlier this week, the McGuinty Liberals announced once again the decision to convert the Thunder Bay thermal generating station to natural gas. What they didn’t mention is that only four years earlier, in 2006, the same McGuinty Liberals cancelled the conversion of the Thunder Bay thermal generating station to natural gas and wasted $13 million of the people’s money in the process. Nor did they mention the decision to cancel the Oakville natural gas plant, which also wasted a reported $100 million of the people’s money. This is another example of the McGuinty Liberals making up their hydro plan on the back of an envelope and changing it every second week with the most recent opinion polls. But what isn’t changing is the fact that increasingly, ordinary people—whether they live in Thunder Bay or elsewhere in northwestern Ontario, or anywhere in Ontario—find it more and more difficult to pay the monthly hydro bill. People increasingly ask, “What kind of government would blow $113 million of the people’s money because it can’t make up its mind if it’s going to convert to natural gas generating stations or not?” But the price keeps on going up.”

What no one seems to want to admit is how politicians tend to not just too often to be  liars but even  bad managers cause they too often seem to  make their short term decision based on their getting corporate donations, and being reelected mostly and not cause they care about the long term  citizens good welfare. It seems in both Provinces now too they managed the health care system expenditures very badly as well.


55% hike in Hydro bills to cover ‘much-needed projects’ The Province – The cost of electricity in BC homes — powering things such as heating, cooking and lighting — is projected to rise by as much as 55 per cent over five years, BC Hydro forecasts.

BC Hydro bills could increase 30% by 2014 Business in Vancouver


April 29, 2010

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