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April 15, 2016

A Government run by popularity



Jeremiah 5-31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?


I do not think much good about the family where the children make all the decisions


2 Timothy 4:10 For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica;


A demagogue /ˈdɛməɡɒɡ/ (from Greek dēmagōgos, dēmos ‘the people’ + agōgos ‘leading’)[1] according to Webster’s Universal College Dictionary is a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power by arousing people’s desires, emotions and prejudices. Demagogues appealed directly to the  uninformed masses, pursuing power, telling lies  exploiting  the  popular  likes and dislikes  as he is more interested in advancing himself over making good decisions for all the people.


Justin Trudeau’s highest priorities are irreconcilable with the essential moral teachings of the Christian, Catholic faith he claims to profess, so common amongst the Liberals too.


Justin  Trudeau  is the front or face of  the  foolish, repackaged Liberal nonsense . After about 15 years of bad federal Liberal Governments, we do not want to go back to those days.  If you voted for a Liberal your voting for increased  corruption, immorality. The only time you can trust the federal Liberal Party is when they don’t have a majority — ‘Can You Trust Justin Trudeau? of course not..


Justin Trudeau just may be Canada’s most dangerous man for if Justin stands for anything, it’s selling out Canada’s moral values by his willingness to shape-shift his policies into whatever form advisers tell him will track best politically for the Liberals.Real leadership means standing up for,  fighting for real , valid principles, even when they’re unpopular. Justin Trudeau does none of these things.


Justin Trudeau’s basic decisions, values   are wrong — on drugs, euthanasia, abortions, gays,  divorce, and  even on terrorism,   honour killings, on extremist groups. but even scarier than his own values are those of his advisers. It sure is too bad that the majority of  people couldn’t of realized what an evil man Justin,  unqualified , a flake like his mom is before they voted for him.


His father Pierre ruined us and now Justin will do far worse. He learned from the worst of the worst. Those who forget history, are likely to repeat it… Justin   will fulfill his father’s dictatorial dreams if he can ..Thanks to all the sheep who voted in another useless, bottom feeding parasite.


The Liberal leader will try “to foist upon the country social change that will include expanded abortion, permissive euthanasia, easy access to drugs, and other departures from moral sanity and our cultural tradition, all under the guise of promoting Canadian values and the Charter of Rights,”


Trudeau twice visited Montreal mosques that were later discovered to have links to terror groups, in March 2011 and September 2014 and in the latter case, played “the victim” to a Muslim crowd: “Regardless of the attacks on me, be it for attending RIS [Revival of Islamic Spirit], or simply visiting a mosque in my riding, I want you to know that I will always stand up to the politics of division.”

.MUSLIM ISIS  (2).jpg

Despite the existence of a past  Pierre  Trudeau’s personality cult,   the important issues were   frequently left in substantially worse shape by Canada’s third-longest-serving prime minister. On democratic governance, the economy, immigration, foreign affairs, social justice and national unity, the reality of Mr. Trudeau’s accomplishments are frequently far more dismal than the lies, myths that prevail still.  For those who revere Trudeau as the statesman he still was certainly no stranger to cronyism, political skullduggery and self-interest. Pierre left the country with an unimaginably massive debt that successive governments of whatever party have had a burden to deal with. Trudeau the constitutionalist, condemning the country to a decade of wrangling over amending formulas and opt-out clauses  that Nullified Canadian Unity. There is NOTHING in his achievements that made him great. There are a lot of things in his achievements that made him hated especially in the west.  Pierre Trudeau was almost universally hated  Canada wide and even in his home province  of Quebec.


1 John 2-15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.
1 John 3-1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

1 John 4-1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.



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March 9, 2016

The RCMP -Before & After

Before – The Propaganda, the spin
Peacekeepers prepare for deployment to Haiti.  RCMP officer go to  Haiti for a nine-month tour helping to train the national police force as part of a United Nations mission.  “These men and women have left the comfort of their homes and families to dedicate themselves to providing a better future to one of the poorest countries in this hemisphere.”  RCMP officers are  part of the 82-officer contingent deployed under UN command in Haiti.
After – The reality
2 Cdn cops accused of sex abuse during UN missions; 1 fathered child  Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale asked the RCMP, which manages foreign deployment of Canadian officers from two dozen services across the country to deal with it  RCMP policy bans any kind of sexual relations between deployed officers and citizens of mission countries,  The Canadian officer was found after a 55-day investigation to have fathered a child, was pulled back from the country involved, and suspended for nine days. What a joke..
“The secretary-general remains distressed by continuing instances of sexual exploitation and abuse but resolute in ensuring ever more effective means to prevent and address the profound betrayal through such acts by United Nations personnel against the people they are charged with protecting,” the UN report states and special measures for citizens protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse by soldiers and police personnel serving as peacekeepers taken UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
The Past
Alleged victim testifies in RCMP sex-assault trial A Yukon Supreme Court judge has heard testimony from a woman who claims two off-duty RCMP officers raped her a year ago. The woman, who cannot be identified under a publication ban, has testified that constables Graham Belak, 30, and Shawn McLaughlin, 33, sexually assaulted her in the early-morning hours of March 8, 2009, in the southern Yukon town of Watson Lake. Belak and McLaughlin were both suspended from the RCMP with pay after the charges were laid. They have since moved out of Watson Lake, as has the woman. … the woman said she met the off-duty officers at a house party. The three went back to Belak’s house, where, the woman alleged, McLaughlin held her down on the floor while Belak raped her. The woman said she could not move or speak during the alleged assault and that she blacked out a couple of times before she woke up around 6 a.m. to find she was naked from the waist down

OTTAWA — Canda’s public safety minister  Ralph Goodale says he has expressed outrage to the country’s top Mountie over the latest allegations of sexual harassment within the police force.  “All RCMP members, trainees and employees should feel safe and respected among their colleagues and superiors. Canadians expect professional and exemplary conduct from their national police service.” Ralph Goodale  also said that  he told RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson  that  he expects a comprehensive, transparent investigation, strong discipline, support for victims and a plan to end what he calls “this toxic workplace behaviour.” after the recent  News reported allegations of unwanted sexual touching, bullying and rampant nudity in the workplace at the explosives training unit of the Canadian Police College in Ottawa.   The RCMP  has STILL been beset by numerous cases of sexual harassment and bullying of both women and men. The RCMP is to insure still a healthy workplace free from harassment and sexual violence.


The  RCMP pattern of poor treatment of  RCMP employees was justifiable  to rattle public confidence and tarnish the force’s reputation as “Harassment has no place in the RCMP.” “This is the national police force, this is an icon of the nation and it’s got to be remedied very quickly to Canadian satisfaction.  Canadians will not tolerate any half measures in the response here,” Ralph Goodale said. “It’s got to stop. It’s got to be properly disciplined,”  Goodale


CBC News REPORTS THAT  the high-profile Mountie who first spoke out against sexual harassment in the national police force is suing her employer, alleging years of “persistent and ongoing” sexual harassment and bullying.  In a notice of claim obtained by CBC News Wednesday, Cpl. Catherine Galliford alleges she was sexually assaulted, harassed and bullied during her 16 years on the force.

A pair of basement-dwelling, recovering drug addicts with few resources, Nuttall and Korody were found guilty of terrorism-related crimes by a B.C. Supreme Court jury last year. No convictions have been entered, because their defence lawyers claim the pair was entrapped, that authorities seized on the couple unfairly, pulling them into a police-contrived plot to detonate three homemade pressure cooker bombs at the B.C. legislature on Canada Day, 2013 .    .The RCMP spent just over $900,000 in overtime pay over the course of a five-month undercover operation that led to the arrests of two terrorism suspects in British Columbia. The RCMP declined comment on its anti-terrorism operations.


The RCMP fails in all it does again..
A $16-million RCMP project to help keep dangerous refugees out of Canada has turned out to be an expensive security flop. An internal evaluation says the screening project delivered information too late, strayed beyond its mandate, and in the end did almost nothing to catch refugees who might be linked to criminal or terrorist groups.Meanwhile, 30 Mounties were tied up for four years on duties that did little to enhance Canada’s security.Under the pilot project, the RCMP vetted potential refugees already in Canada — the names were provided by the Canada Border Services Agency — by checking domestic police databases for links to criminal or terrorist organizations, among other things.But the auditors found a raft of problems:The cost per screening skyrocketed from a planned $425 to $1,026, on average.The RCMP delivered screening checks to the border agency too late about a third of the time, rendering them useless The RCMP reported only 85 of 4,085 names as potential problem refugees,the RCMP’s work over four years likely had no bearing on the vetting carried out by border agency officers





March 7, 2016

Racism in Canada

racism (1)

Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. Racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear or hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns. Racism is a well known issue. From racial profiling to other issues such as affirmative action, police brutality against minorities and the history of slavery and the rising resentment against immigrants.


There are notable records of racism, slavery in Canada from Canada’s early days, even the 17th century. More than half of all Canadian slaves were aboriginal and the United Empire Loyalists brought their slaves with them after leaving what became the United States. In 1793 the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe, passed the Act Against Slavery making it illegal to bring slaves into the colony, and mandating the gradual emancipation of all slaves in Upper Canada. In 1834 slavery was outlawed in Canada but not racism.


  Rasicm  is alive and well in our Canadian Justice system”   Under this regime, Black and First Nations don’t just go to the back of the bus, they go under it.” Only the non-white officers are held accountable. The white RCMP officers get off scot-free, even though they did exactly the same thing as their less white colleagues.   Now why are the clearly foolish Canadian  justice ministers, cops, so foolish still  that they do now even think that they can turn the clock backwards and continue again doing the very same bad things now that they all have even been exposed for what they really are world wide even.. they are bad people who abuse citizens and obstruct justice and do need to be put into prison themselves. You know I get a kick out of those lying spin  doctors,  police officers, bad cops, union representatives, police lovers, bad PERSONS   who STILL DO say that ALL OF  bad people, INCLUDING the ALCOHOLICS, the bad cops and their bad supervisors too they  can always be rehabilitated, retrained.. and how many millions of them now has this happened to them.. almost none.. a bad apple tends to get worse.. The RCMP maximum 10 days punishment is always absurd, permanent dismissal is what is always needed with the bad cops and their clearly bad superiors who had managed and hired them too.. Bad solicitor generals and bad Justice Ministers, bad Premiers, bad Prime Ministers as well should all be fired ASAP.   Canadian Justice is too often an empty one. The establishment cover ups for it’s own and prevails.


Alberta has become the devil’s belt and it is no longer the Bible Belt or God’s country, already has long been known to be a racist, red necked province that too readily hates others.. it also still has a high misrepresentation of natives arrested now as well.. It’s letter of the law oriented  law enforcement community, justice systems  are known to be bigoted as well even in my own direct experiences.  Incompetent, want-a-be Police rejects looking for a raise, promotion is too typical of the bad police enforcements in Alberta.. and so many of them too.. Stay away from Alberta!!!


Racism often is accidental  but not always. It seems that many people who join supremacist groups do so at a young age, and a lot of recruiting by these various hate groups are targeted at children. And racism exusts often at the heart of the police force, in the US I traffic violation stops is the most common ways to raise police funds through fines, 90 per cent of those who received a ticket and 93 per cent of people arrested were black. The police routinely breached residents’ constitutional rights by stopping them without reasonable suspicion, arresting them without probable cause, and using unreasonable force against them.


Today, people of colour still face racism and stereotypes. .The North American Indian has experienced a great deal of racism. Although many people overlook or excuse the behavior it is still wrong. Even the justice system does not tend to care for its native sons and daughters. Most crimes against Native still go unpunished. Natives remain among the most economically disadvantaged groups in the country, and also do suffer from high levels of alcoholism and suicide.


OTTAWA — Aboriginal inmates in Canada make up too high a percentage of Canada’s prison population and tend to get harsher sentences and less programming, a report from the country’s prison watchdog said . More than 70 per cent of inmates in Manitoba are in provincial facilities. Statistics Canada reports 66 per cent of Manitoba inmates on remand and 69 per cent in sentenced custody are aboriginal. The OCI report also notes aboriginal offenders are less likely than non-aboriginal offenders to be granted parole, more likely to be in segregation, more likely to have been in prison before, are classified as higher risk and are more likely to reoffend after they are released. The statistics, says the report, are a sign of the corrections’ service failure to ensure aboriginal prisoners are getting the help they need. Aboriginals are severely overrepresented in federal jails: they account for 17.3 per cent of inmates but make up only four per cent of the Canadian adult population Predictions are that the numbers will go on as they have over the past decade – 131 per cent in the case of aboriginal women.

racism (2)

Chinese people are assumed to be smart, intelligent, short, and “yellow.” Having small eyes would have people automatically assuming you’re Chinese (or Asian). Young Black boys are assumed to be aggressive, dangerous and up to no good. This is an example of a stereotype Black people go through. They are assumed to be “dangerous.” White people are always assumed to be rich. Blonde girls are assumed to be dumb. We have all heard of the Polish, Newfies jokes.. One  main group of people that often faced with racism and discrimination are Gypsies. In Europe they have been persecuted to a similar extent as the Jews throughout history, including World War II and even now they are largely mistreated or ignored. The internet can also be a breeding ground harboring hatred. This is very serious as the number of hate sites that have sprung up in the recent years is shocking and also increasing at an alarming rate.

Racism has always been both an instrument of discrimination and a tool of exploitation. Even though it may be impossible to entirely prevent the amount of racism and discrimination that the people of colour receive, all racism is still unacceptable. Colored persons themselves are often racists too.

There is a systemic racism in health care as well. “People don’t like to see if there’s racism existing in the health-care system, but there definitely is.” During French and British Imperial days , racial bias was ingrained within the culture itself. The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission has recommended that all levels of government augment “cultural competency training” in medical schools and the health system itself. A 2015 Auditor-General’s report highlighted disparities in health care provided to First Nations people in remote areas. It found about 400 nurses serve roughly 95,000 First Nations people in 85 indigenous health facilities in Ontario and Manitoba. The report found some facilities were in substandard states and that nurses were not thoroughly trained to deal with the needs of certain communities. Of 45 nurses interviewed, only one had completed compulsory courses in indigenous health offered by Health Canada.

And I am not convinced that our too often rather incompetent, racist , cost ineffective  national police, security forces, RCMP included now are capable of dealing with the Muslims terrorists especially  since they clearly cannot speak Russian or Arabic or any other foreign languages  for the most part still. A pair of basement-dwelling, recovering drug addicts with few resources, Nuttall and Korody were found guilty of terrorism-related crimes by a B.C. Supreme Court jury last year. No convictions have been entered, because their defence lawyers claim the pair was entrapped, that authorities seized on the couple unfairly, pulling them into a police-contrived plot to detonate three homemade pressure cooker bombs at the B.C. legislature on Canada Day, 2013 . THIS RCMP  OPERATION COST 900 THOUSAND DOLLARS



February 28, 2016

Infections- old problems in Hospitals

Too many people  are too indifferent cause they falsely do think it is someone else job to deal with it.


The University of Regina is warning about an increase in gastrointestinal illnesses, often associated with food poisonings, dirty unwashed hands,  and very contagious next,  on campus. The university said Friday it is taking the matter seriously and working with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region in light of the increase in cases. Extra cleaning by housekeeping and custodial staff is underway around campus to stop the illness from spreading. People who have experienced nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches are being asked to stay away from public places for 48 hours after their symptoms have cleared. For people working where food is served, they are asked to stay home for 72 hours after recovering from symptoms.


Gastritis means inflammation of mucus lining of the stomach.

Gastritis is a common medical problem. Up to 10% of people who come to a hospital emergency department with abdominal pain have gastritis and yet most hospitals still tend to respond very poorly to it. Why?


Gastritis is a very troublesome disease and can give rise to many life threatening problems, if it is not treated in time.  There are several causes of gastritis. The most common causes of gastritis are: Aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, Potassium supplements, Iron tablets, which may explain why many elderly patients have it too. Infections with bacteria, viruses, or fungi can cause gastritis. Worldwide, the most common cause of gastritis is infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Viral or fungal gastritis may develop in people who have had a prolonged illness or an impaired immune system. For some people, a drug allergy or food poisoning can cause gastritis.
Atrophic gastritis is a form of gastritis found particularly in the elderly, where stomach cells are destroyed, potentially leading to pernicious anemia.The main symptoms of gastritis are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness. There is pain and discomfort in the region of the stomach. Other symptoms are a coated tongue, foul breath, bad taste in the mouth, increased flow of saliva, scanty urination, a general feeling of uneasiness, and mental depression. In more chronic cases, the patient complaints of heartburn and a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, especially after meals. Generally, treatment for gastritis involves antacids and other medications aimed at reducing stomach acid, relieving symptoms, and promoting the healing of the stomach lining, as acid irritates the inflamed tissue.
Gastroenteritis (also known as gastro, gastric flu, tummy bug   and stomach flu, (although unrelated to influenza) is inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, involving both the stomach and the small intestine (see also gastritis and enteritis) and resulting in acute diarrhea or by severe vomiting.. Infectious gastroenteritis which can often be seasonally common even in Hospitals now too may be caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites. And it is important to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections in regard to the treatment as well.. Bacteria, and parasites  can be treated with antibiotics but Viruses do not respond to antibiotics .  Noroviruses are the leading cause of foodborne disease outbreaks worldwide, and may soon eclipse rotaviruses as the most common cause of severe pediatric gastroenteritis. Norovirus gastroenteritis can cause significant morbidity and mortality among children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised. Also rotavirus, norovirus, gastritis, gastroenteritis, C-DIFFICILE, ARE ALL VERY QUICKLY SPREAD BUT NOT SO EASILY CURED and what many media fail to report is that both doctors and nurses themselves are too often the biggest carriers.  


A hospital emergency room might not be the best place for the sick  and elderly. The risk of acute infection – mostly respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses – following a trip to the emergency room is three times higher among the  elderly.. Long-term care patients who spent a few hours in an emergency facility were  more likely to get sick in two to seven days after returning to their nursing  homes.


Now  a St Luc Hospital nurse too easily  quarantined my mother as having a contagious disease in the hospital as a merely hunch, prevention medicine, a bad nurse practicing medicine, being a doctor without a license. So when I personally  next asked the nurse what specific disease my mother  had that  she was caring, curing her for, was it a Novavirus? Next the nurse  had  replied that she did not know, and she did not read the charts,  and what was she treating my mother then for? Merely going through the pretentious motions of caring for the patient again and again?  So next  I had asked the visiting Gastritis doctor as to what proof he had that my mother was sick with a contagious disease and  what the disease was called and he next replied to me that was a good question, he needed to look into it for he did not know himself.. The doctor next lifted the quarantine.   What about getting real medical care.


It is also very unacceptable that the Canadian federal government is so readily to take credit for any of it’s programs but it falsely passes the buck when it has to be held accountable especially for medical inadequacies, or  the police inadequacies too.


Which now reminds  me when was the last time actually that a medical administrator,  doctor, nurse, hospital worker was charged with criminal abuse of a sick person too?




February 26, 2016

Canada Cartoons


These are the sunjects that got the most views in 2015.  .

Some of the most popular posts were written before 2015 and are popular for years showing the citizens  same  continual  concerns and evidence of the useless governments.. These  writings have staying power! 

A picture  is worth a thousand words

February 21, 2016


Most ostrich alcoholic  drinkers rarely admit they are alcoholics , that they are heavy drinkers or that they will suffer any negatives side effects such as cancer due to their drinking. In other words  Most ostrich alcoholic  drinkers are liars.


Most Canadians drink alcohol but they really do not know health risks:  At least 3.1 million Canadians drank enough to be at risk for immediate injury and harm, with at least 4.4 million at risk for chronic health effects, such as liver cirrhosis and some cancers.  Alcohol is a known carcinogen, and the Canadian Cancer Society says there is no safe limit when it comes to cancer prevention.  Heavy drinking increases the risk for oral, pharyngeal and esophageal cancers by five times, for laryngeal cancer by 2 1/2 times, and colorectal and breast cancers by 50 per cent.. Alcohol affects and damages our cells, and  this can cause the cells in our bodies to develop into cancer..  There are seven types of cancer linked to alcohol – bowel, oesophageal (food pipe), larynx (voice box), mouth, pharynx (upper throat), breast (in women), and liver. There’s also mounting evidence that heavy drinking might be linked to pancreatic cancer.  .The risk of liver cirrhosis, brain damage and heart disease due to alcohol are all greater in women than men. Women are advised to drink less alcohol than men because they are much more vulnerable to alcohol’s harmful effects ,  if a woman has more than one drink a day, she increases her risk of car accidents and other traumatic injuries. Her risk of high blood pressure, stroke, suicide and breast cancer goes up. And drinking more than one drink a day also increases the risk that she will go on to abuse or become dependent on alcohol. And   alcohol remains at higher concentrations for longer periods of time in a woman’s body. This exposes her brain and other organs to more alcohol. So alcohol remains at higher concentrations for longer periods of time in a woman’s body. This exposes her brain and other organs to more alcohol. Binge drinking can cause alcohol poisoning, which can cause death.

The most common cancers caused by alcohol  are breast and bowel, although head and neck remain the higher risk and the biggest impact for men was bowel cancer, where one in 12 total cases (100) every year were caused by alcohol.

  Two-thirds of deaths in were men and statisticians noted that alcohol-related death rates were highest among 55- to 64-year-olds.


Alcohol’s negative health impacts are undeniable. So visit the website at,  or call the Canadian Cancer Society Community Office.

Every year in Canada there are approximately 3,000 babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome disorder and there are approximately 330,000 Canadians living with FASD today.

Impaired driving is the leading cause of criminal death in the country.

“Alcohol harms individuals, families and communities and it’s crucial that, alongside effective local interventions and treatment for those that need it, we look more widely at what affects drinking behaviour in this country, such as marketing and pricing. “ “Unless we start taking this seriously and acknowledge the health risks that too much alcohol can cause the situation will only get worse.”

The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report on the State of Public Health in Canada, 2015: Alcohol Consumption in Canada


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February 20, 2016

RCMP stil a bad force.


A Saskatchewan RCMP officer Const. Aiden Pratchett has been found guilty by the court of accessing and possessing child pornography.


OTTAWA — Canda’s public safety minister  Ralph Goodale says he has expressed outrage to the country’s top Mountie over the latest allegations of sexual harassment within the police force.  “All RCMP members, trainees and employees should feel safe and respected among their colleagues and superiors. Canadians expect professional and exemplary conduct from their national police service.” Ralph Goodale  also said that  he told RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson  that  he expects a comprehensive, transparent investigation, strong discipline, support for victims and a plan to end what he calls “this toxic workplace behaviour.” after the recent  News reported allegations of unwanted sexual touching, bullying and rampant nudity in the workplace at the explosives training unit of the Canadian Police College in Ottawa.   The RCMP  has STILL been beset by numerous cases of sexual harassment and bullying of both women and men. The RCMP is to insure still a healthy workplace free from harassment and sexual violence.


The  RCMP pattern of poor treatment of  RCMP employees was justifiable  to rattle public confidence and tarnish the force’s reputation as “Harassment has no place in the RCMP.” “This is the national police force, this is an icon of the nation and it’s got to be remedied very quickly to Canadian satisfaction.  Canadians will not tolerate any half measures in the response here,” Ralph Goodale said. “It’s got to stop. It’s got to be properly disciplined,” Goodale .


It is time for a massive transformation in the way the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) conducts its internal business, says the Mounted Police Professional Association (MPPAC), following the latest harassment allegations reported. This latest revelation is only the most recent in what appears to be an unending litany of bungled decision-making by those charged with the responsibility of care for who promised to root out the “dark-hearted” behaviour.. One has only to ask two very important questions:

  1. How has this culture of mismanagement within the RCMP been allowed to persist?
  2. Why do we rarely, if ever, hear about such truly egregious behaviour in municipal or provincial police departments?


“Three years ago, the watchdog over the RCMP said the force must take “swift and effective action” on complaints of workplace bullying and harassment to restore the shaken confidence of both members and the public. It called for a more independent process, strict timelines for responding to accusations and force-wide training on the issue.”  The RCMP has already carried out three reviews of inappropriate behaviour at the police college, but complainants have said the RCMP investigators did not want to hear fulsome accounts.

In 2012, after a long investigation, the RCMP public complaints commission found rampant bullying in the force. It unearthed 718 complaints filed by employees between 2005 and 2011, and found almost half were from men.

rcmp taser (2)


 I too rightfuly  have 5 major complaints about the Police in Canada based on my decades of experiences:



  Under the police act any professional policeman can be fired from his job for any of his bad behavior, even for anything he or she does after working hours, if his personal acts specially bring ill repute to the police force in general, and that includes adultery, alcoholism, drunken driving, abusive behavior now too.. and for sure should include stealing, expense account abuses, lying to his superiors and others.. for the RCMP as well.  We also still do  need better police managers, better Justice Ministers Canada wide too

.rcmp taser (1)

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February 19, 2016

Major price gougers are still at it

The mobile phone carriers make  money – lots and lots of money and it’s simply too easy for them to get more greedy with the easy money

00 ER (1)

CRTC rejects plea from small internet providers seeking wireless access.  CRTC shuts down appeal on wireless access filed by smaller ISPs Ruling means cellphone bills likely to remain high. The CRTC  has been facing the usual complaints about carrier collusion, as well as hearing arguments from smaller Internet service providers about a lack of competition in the wireless industry.

Do you think your cellphone bill is too high? it is about to get much higher. and it’s going to stay that way thanks to a CRTC decision that nixes the possibility of dozens of new wireless carriers springing up, consumer advocates say. Not the first time the CRTC is in bed with the Canada’s big communication industries

Canadians typically pay about $46 US per month for wireless service, or nearly double the $25 average among 22 developed nations, according to a 2015 report from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Canadian wireless carriers are also exceptionally profitable, and ranked near the top of the survey in earnings.


The previous Conservative government fought an at-times vocal war against the big carriers, and attempted to inject new competition into the market through special auctions of wireless spectrum. Up to the useless Lieberals  now to do something about continually increasing wireless bills — the Big Three all recently announced price hikes —  ” We need relief for consumers and businesses who are being hit hard,” CRTC’s Rejection Of Access To Big Telcos’ Networks ‘A Licence For Price-Gouging,’ OpenMedia Says “In effect, this amounts to a licence for price-gouging, as our telecom giants can continue to block new providers and charge Canadians exorbitant prices,”


CRTC is showing inconsistency in its approaches to wired broadband versus wireless. There is much bigger profit in the wireless sector..


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February 15, 2016


000 1t1

PM Justin Trudeau back tracks on pledge to balance the federal government’s books before the next election, eliminating Canada’s deficit by 2019. The  Liberal campaign promise, to put Ottawa’s books in balance by 2019, is no longer operative.

We are too embarressed to admit that we have been lied to, taken as suckers, hood winked by  the new  federal Liberalgovernment and their now clearly empty promises.. After the election day, all those  liberal promises began to quickly broken. The Liberal party of Canada won a majority in parliament after the longest election campaign in modern Canadian history. Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau with his lies, false promises was able to come back from a third place in polls at the beginning of the race to a win that seemed unlikely given the 2011 elections that left the party decimated. The Liberal platform was built on false promises of  working fiscal stimulus 0canada-2

The economic recovery in Canada was to be the main empahsis, and they now admit they do not know how to deal worth it. You could have elected anyone  for that job..

Canadians have lost faith in the economy in the wake of the oil price dropping some more so the economy is facing “real challenges.”   The price of oil, a major Canadian export, has fallen more than 70 percent since mid-2014.    A large part of Canada’s US dollar income comes from the sale of energy-based goods to the rest of the world and to the USA in particular. and the US has loads of oil.

Over the last 30 years, the Canadian dollar had  fallen below US$0.70 only once, from 1998 to 2002.

Also the   the real concern and the real story is going to be what’s going on in the global economy as the world economy is weak. Japan is struggling, as are parts of Europe. The European, Chinese and the Russian  economies are slowing. But we knew all that before the Liberal election.

The Trudeau government’s promised $60-billion infrastructure program will not, even solve Canada’s growth problems as it only will help the  selected rich to get richer.   It also will not Canada’s record-high household debt load




And in the near-term, a small risk of a deeper  recession  still can not even be ruled ou. The past  low borrowing costs have already nearly doubled house prices over the past decade eliciting warnings of a housing crash .

Canada’s economic uncertainty is real but it’s leaders are not… The Canadian economy is facing real multiple headwinds.

January 29, 2016


Toronto looks to photo radar to cut cop costs , Toronto s MAYOR  John Tory asks Wynne to bring back photo-radar to catch speeders..  Toronto’s request comes as municipalities across the province are trying to rein in ballooning police budgets. HOW ABSURD, CUT POLICE COSTS, LAY OFF MORE USELESS COPS..


Answer the  question: Does photo radar save lives? Does it reduce collisions and increase safety? Or  does photo radar provide a steady stream of income for the municipalities who use it? Initially, photo radar was always going to be used for school and construction zones.  The one answer  that is without question.  It makes money – lots and lots of money and it’s simply too easy for municipalities to get drunk with easy money..


The oppressive police enforcement of revenue generating speeding tickets enforcement is still  basically economically beneficial   to a very small, isolated segment of society, the related cops, judges, lawyers, and it is false  job security approach for them, stealing the taxpayers money, a false hidden tax. Speeding is not the major cause of car accidents, related deaths but Drunk driving, impaired, drive, road rage and texting are. Photo Radars do not address this as well.


The Calgary  police vehicles photographed with a speed on green camera or red light camera are reviewed separately. The Police driver of the vehicle then fills out a Driver Response Form, where they must justify their actions unlike ordinary citizens. Lying justifications can include a pursuit of a suspect as well or  responding to emergency calls. “Everyone will be working off the same playbook,” cops only not citizens. “So, there will be consistent accountability as well as standards of Police discipline.” in theory not in practice all police officers are subject to the criminal code when appropriate.  They  mostly get a Paid vacation and no criminal charges – and the outcome is always the same. It sure is good to be a cop these days, they get a good pay, they get away with everything including speeding and drunk driving. Lucky ducks.


Citizens are still calling for change in   local speed traps. I think over the years they have just tacked on additional fines, or put up red light cameras, or doing one thing or another to try and generate revenue for their city.  Cities falsely are using traffic citations to fund city government.  Some cities it’s upwards of 8% to 10% of their revenue instead of .5 percent  is generated by fines and fees.    Many cities   have used fines and fees to fund a large portion of their budget, police budgets included . Too many Police Department  even have an illegal quota system that requires  officers to write three traffic tickets per day and make at least one arrest every two days. A  quota encourages officers to ticket people regardless of whether motorists’ behaviour is actually endangering the public or could be corrected with a warning. Traffic fines affect the poor and are ineffective against those they are to be really targeting, the rich. Most   cops saw their fellow residents less as citizens to protect than as “potential offenders and sources of revenue.”  Causing  “breakdown of trust” between people, police, governments and courts.  Missouri cities can no longer treat their citizens like ATMs,  as the state’s governor signed a bill capping how much money local governments can collect from traffic tickets and fines.” For people who have lived in these communities that fear they are going to be pulled over and harassed because that city needs money, that’s going to change,”
CALGARY an other  city gone mad with revenue generating traffic tickets. While Automobile traffic accidents are the number one cause of death for Americans, Canadians  ages 3 to 33 and while Automobile traffic accidents are the most common source of personal injury the reality is that   SPEEDING NOT THE MAIN CAUSE OF ACCIDENTS,  What is then the cause of major car accidents? Drunk driving, road rage, impaired driving, distracted while driving…. and what the revenue generating traffic division has not gone after all this mostly instead yet too? and why Not?
The insurance industry itself too  often sleeps with legislators, cops because it wants to make loads of money by finding out reasons not to pay out as well.. they support traffic tickets even though they do not reduce the car accidents significantly cause it gives more money to the insurance firms,  this is immoral gouging of consumers too often rather too.. now what about having some honest watchdogs and legislators rather. Go after the drunk drivers, raise the price of the booze firstly..


Police often do calls for tougher rules on others but not upon themselves. Such real hypocrites now still too. .   Do what I say over do what I do is part of the hypocrisy now existing too often too at all levels, federal, provincial, municipal, in cops as well and not just in many preacher’s lives now as well..
Wrongful inactions, Cover ups, False denial of bad politicians, bad cops, bad persons, false pastors, false priests are much too common in Canada too.

David McQueen, 53, was suffering from depression, was killed  in an armed Calgary police standoff in northwest Calgary after police were called after shots were being fired indiscriminately from the home, including one that struck a Calgary Transit bus and nearly hit the driver.McQueen, who got around in a wheelchair after becoming paralyzed in a diving accident in the early 1990s, was deeply unhappy with the healthcare system, the police and the government, whom he blamed for not giving him the help he needed, which he detailed in his Facebook posts. So the police officers and 911 dispatchers will receive enhanced training on interacting with people in crisis, particularly those with mental illness


The Mental Health Police Advisory Committee was formed and is currently working on developing a “comprehensive, standardized police mental health training model for Alberta,” said provincial spokeswoman Lisa Shankaruk.That includes ensuring police officers’ mental health is a priority, developing a two-day training model where officers can receive training and resources from experts, and building relationships with partner agencies.  So the Police officers and 911 dispatchers will receive enhanced training on interacting with people in crisis, particularly those with mental illness .You are dumb if you think a two day course or a course will change any bad cop.. dismissal is rather needed.


According to the police anyone who does not respect the Police is a mental case too.


It’s all very simple: obey the laws.  You broke the law, accept the consequences, and if that hypocritical, absurd, extreme statement was the reality, the truth, everyone would next be in jail, all of the politicians, civil and public servants, cops firstly..
A Calgary police officer CPS constable Stephen Baker. who had a patrol rifle stolen from his car last year “will not be charged criminally in connection with the case,”  The officer went to a restaurant on Crowfoot Terrace N.W. and left the rifle in his personal vehicle inside a locked hard cover carrying case. Inside the case there were also two magazines containing 28 rounds each. He had been taking the rifle home  while off duty ,” The Calgary officer was in violation of the Police’s own rules…he had no business removing the gun from the station gets off scott free… The justice  finding reinforces the widely-held belief that police forces are FULL OF CORRUPTION and COVER UPS. but what else di did we expect? That’s it!….  The Police keep eroding the public confidence in police services with one law for the citizens , another for cops.  This case underscores the corruption of the Canadian legal system. Anyone else would have been criminally charged.


The Public remains generally skeptical about police investigating other police. Still an arm’s length investigation takes a step towards correcting the perception that there is a bias in favour of police in such investigations, all such investigations will have to be overseen by a civilian body, as recommended. We pay the police to handle all matters in a professional manner firstly.   And no more  . “No paid vacations”  for the cops awaiting trials..  All it takes for the bad guys to continue to do bad things is for the others wrongfully  to do nothing about it.


Canada wide the hiring of and the continued employment of bad police officers with records bearing patterns of even alleged violent misconduct, brutality, falsely signifies a high level of tolerance for corruption and brutality in the forces. These patterns tell you that you have bad orchards, not just a bad apple. It’s difficult to change institutions, as they are set in their bad ways. Police are still out there doing the same bad things and so are their supervisors, politicans,  attorneys and judges. “How has anything changed?” All government officials  do fail to deal with the much needed police reforms. 
By Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday, December 14, 2013Hamilton police arrest video goes viralA citizen’s video of Hamilton police subduing a screaming female suspect, while using minimal force, has gone lightly viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views since being posted Wednesday.”Honest Cops” was posted on You Tube and then linked to a popular reposting site. YouTube video link: quickly sparked thousands of comments and was closing in on 400,000 views by Thursday night.In the nearly 8-minute-long video, shot outside The Source store on Mohawk Road near Upper Gage, Hamilton constables Mark Morelli and Chantelle Wilson are shown first subduing and then arresting an out-of-control suspect in what police say was “a domestic related” incident. The arrest took place Sunday.The woman can be heard screaming and seen thrashing about on the sidewalk in front of the store, ignoring Morelli and Wilson’s commands to stop resisting and to put her hands behind her back. Seemingly hysterical, she claims “I can’t breathe” repeatedly, and complains that her chin is cut and she’s lost a tooth.For several minutes the officers struggle to control and cuff her and take her to the waiting patrol car. They treat her sternly, but with evident restraint, employing force only to contain her, not hurt her. Eventually Wilson and Morelli succeed in placing the 21-year-old Hamilton resident in the waiting cruiser.During the arrest and afterwards Morelli, aware they are being videotaped, attempts to answer the complaints of the videographer and other bystanders, explaining what they are doing and what the law permits them to do.”You can’t do that … she’s only a weak girl” the videographer admonishes the officers repeatedly as they struggle to cuff the woman.”I’ll explain it to you in a second,” Morelli says, holding up one hand in a “wait there” gesture.True to his word when the woman is finally securely in the rear seat of the cruiser, he catches his wind and proceeds to explain the law and the use of force choices they made during the arrest.Hamilton media relations officer Debbie McGreal-Dinning would offer no information on the arrest, citing the service’s policies against commenting on ‘domestic incidents.’ (Source: Hamilton Spectator)

January 21, 2016


medicare-canada (1)

We can all easily know that Canada has a Medicare system that is now supposed to provide free, full medical services Canada wide to all persons irrespective of age, gender, position in life. In reality now this pretentious Medicare system firstly does not deliver it’s responsibilities Canada wide.. 

Secondly no one in reality enforces the health act, not the federal government, not the provincial governments.
Thirdly the Medical professionals themselves here do act as God and they are the ones solely who decide who lives and who dies, and who gets treated and who does not as well.
 Many persons who are fed up with the APPARENT INADEQUACIES even in the socialized medicine would like us to believe that a private medical system is better… and that is mere wishful thinking.. for even in a private system there are too often the same inadequacies, even for the same reasons, the apparent lack of supervision of medical personnel and services,
 In addition there’s not only still an inadequate number of family doctors available to all of the sick patients, but  even too many existing family doctors are firstly overworked, thus they are not giving proper time, attention to all of their patients even. Many patients are waiting too  long of a time  to see a doctor too. And just cause you have a family doctor it still does not mean he or she are doing a good job now even  as well.

Canada’s health-care system compared to other public systems world-wide is a let down and the US private system also doesn’t score very well internationally.. There are many , many reasons for a start


Doctors  who are putting patients in danger,  have a lack of accountability , are over-billing for work ARE ALL always still unacceptable too.







January 20, 2016

PM Justin Trudeau, many missed you

Radical Muslims  are misogynic fundamentalists, who justify marital rape and other forms of gender violence.



60% Germans Think their  Country Can’t Manage the Muslim Refugee Influx, 70% Say Crime Will Go Up.The dramatic change in the numbers is attributed to the Muslim rapes, sexual attacks in Cologne and other German cities on New Years Eve. The total number of complaints filed with Cologne police now stands is 653, with 331 of those involving sexual assault, and several of those assaults reported as rape. Germany’s current leaders, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, stand accused of “betraying their own people to a future of bloodshed and committing national suicide” after they tacitly conspired to hide the rape jihad being waged by Muslim migrants on their women folk. Blaming the Non Muslims, the women for these crimes, rapes is absurdity too.


“In Egypt, victims of sexual harassment have been repeatedly denounced and blamed for the actions of their attackers.. A prominent member of another Salafist party, al-Asala, said something similar, claiming that women “sometimes cause rape upon themselves through putting themselves in a position which makes them subject to rape.” In fact, women around the world face brutal punishment — often sexualized — for having been victims of sexual violence. In Saudi Arabia, victims of gang rape face hundreds of lashes. In India, gang rape has been used to punish women for the crimes of men. All of this fits a pattern, whereby those in power use sexual violence as a political tool to control the movements of those whom they falsely see as the true source of chaos in society: women. Blaming victims of sexual assault sends  false  acceptability around the abusers’ actions by implying that the responsibility lies with the victim rather than the attacker.”


More than 70% of Canadians don’t support taking in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, according to a new poll from the Angus Reid Institute. About two in five respondents (42%) think Canada should stop taking in Syrian refugees immediately. As of Tuesday, more than 21,000 refugees had arrived in Canada, according to the government’s website. The government is working to meet its target of 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February.

Immigration Minister John McCallum recently promised the Liberals would exceed their original commitment and accept between 35,000 and 50,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016. The Angus Reid poll suggests this is at odds with what the majority of Canadians want. Support for exceeding the 25,000 benchmark is lowest in the Prairies and Quebec, where less than a quarter of respondents were in favour, and tops out in B.C., where roughly two in five respondents were in favour.


The United States has approved the settlement of 483 Syrian refugees since the Paris terror attacks last November heightened concerns about potential security risks in the refugee admission program – and only one of them (0.2 percent) is a Christian. The sole Christian among the 483 is identified in State Department Refugee Processing Center data as an adherent of the Greek Orthodox Church. IS IT DIFERRENT IN Canada?ISIS  (08)

Six humanitarian workers from Lac-Beauport, a suburb of Quebec City, were killed last Friday in Burkina Faso’s capital in attacks claimed by a group known as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The day before, another Quebecker, Tahar Amer-Ouali, was killed in a terrorist attack by the Islamic State in Jakarta. Not since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have so many Canadians died in terrorist attacks. Terrorism doesn’t fit into Justin Trudeau’s sunny views. The Prime Minister didn’t see fit to join the hundreds of Quebeckers who gathered on Monday to honour the memory of the six Quebeckers killed by Islamist terrorists in Ouagadougou, although the day before he made a point of visiting a mosque in Peterborough, Ont., that had been damaged by arson. Apparently, the Prime Minister’s Office didn’t see the point in changing Mr. Trudeau’s schedule so that he could attend the grieving ceremony in Lac-Beauport on Monday. The least he could have done would have been to express a bit of emotion and anger. “Instead,” wrote La Presse columnist Vincent Marissal, “what we had were a mild condemnation and empty words, and nothing about the government’s plan to fight terrorism.”



PM Justin Trudeau, this is still a professing Christian nation, and do not think falsely that many had  not  missed you,  for many had asked where you where, why  do you prefer Muslims over Christians,  and many had on the net  stated that they were sorry they had voted for you


The mostly Ungodly western media reports how many Muslims are being killed while neglecting to write about how many Christians are also being killed in the same Islamic Countries. Hollywood actor John Rhys-Davies has accused Western leaders of losing their “moral compass” by failing to cast judgment on Islamic extremism and turning a blind eye to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Africa. Canada is a professing Christian country yet the CBC bashes the Christians and  falsely promotes gays and unacceptable talks very little about Christianity even which for the last 2000 years has rightfully opposed gays and gay marriages.. The CBC is FALSELY anti Christian or  why then  is the CBC giving so much publicity, programming rather  to the  Jews, Muslims too as  even the CBC spy series X Company is full of  Jewish Propaganda, where they have to bash US ALL  with the Jews being persecuted over and over on our heads , but  how many non Jews, the Christians  were killed by the NAZIS, Jews  and are still being killed by the  Muslims today.  DOES THE CBC HAVE A MAJOR  SHOW ON THIS TOO . CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS? NO!


“Muslim refugees do “bully, persecute and harass” Christians, who came to German refugee camps from the Middle East in search of a better life . Christian asylum seekers from Syria, Eritrea and elsewhere suffer bullying, persecution and harassment at the hands of their Muslim neighbors in refugee camps.  Sometimes, bullying ends in injuries and death threats,”  Muslims, who converted to Christianity, as the group that runs the highest risk of being abused. “They should fear for their life,” he warned, “since Muslim radicals treat ‘apostates’ as if they have no right to live.””

“Too many Muslim clerics  also do  preach violence and terrorism. The local mosques and clerics thus will continue to produce people who will be attracted to the message of radicals. And as long as the governments of Muslim countries do not stand against radical factors and principles prevalent in their own societies, and the clerics who preach it, such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey,  etc.,  ISIS  and other Muslim terrorist  groups will continue to find a  breeding ground for their recruits.”

Arab countries should take in the  Muslim migrants but won’t. “And they’re going to try to convince us in the West that they’re peace-loving?”  “And they won’t even take their own people. Are you kidding me?”

Muslim cleric iTarik Chadlioui n Belgium incited Paris jihad murderer to kill unbelievers. Anjem Choudary Charged With Supporting Islamic State and Incitement in UK . Mustafa Kamel Mustafa or simply Abu Hamza, is an Egyptian cleric who was the imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in London, England, where he preached Islamic fundamentalism and militant Islamism. .Sheik Terra.with a Koran in one hand and pistol in the other, calls for the murder of non-Muslims, including several world leaders, on a videotape., he preaches Violence in England… Australian Muslim cleric Feiz Muhammad.has called for the beheading of Dutch anti-Islamic politician .. Bakri Sunni hadiths portray prophet Mohammad as as a violent torturer .. Egyptian cleric Fadel Soliman allows violence as he tours British universities . Another Islamic Hate Cleric uses UK as base to incite to violence and preach support for jihad savagery

Poll: Half of British Muslims Support Muslim Clerics Preaching Violence – 

Pew Research recently showed that a tiny minority in many of  the  Muslim  majority  countries do now hold a favourable view of ISIS, and all of them turn out to be alarmingly high numbers  that even  provides a breeding ground for Muslim terrorism.


A ban on saying prayers in the street, a practice by French Muslims  has come into effect in the capital, Paris.  Far right protests at the “Islamisation” of the Goutte d’Or district began last year and in December the leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, accused Muslim fundamentalists of using prayers for political ends.

Islam is not primarily a religion but a political control system for economic and territorial domination. It is fascism exactly like Hitler or Stalin that seeks to take over the world. A Muslim proverb says: “First we will wipe out the Saturday people and then we will eliminate the Sunday people. What is the Islamists’ highest goal? It is without doubt to be martyred in a physical battle for Allah in extending his sovereignty or the rule of his law on the Earth. and to have more sex. The highest and greatest reward for Muslim men is to go to heaven where he will have 72 bashful dark eyed virgins (houris) at his sexual disposal and whim.  The description of heaven is exactly what a 7th century Arab male would find appealing in the physical sense only: 80,000 servants, 72 beautiful sex slaves, wine and booze, fruit, shade, fine clothing and jewelry, carpets made of silk, music etc. .The systematic rapes of women  by Muslim men could be yet another consequence of the  mass Muslim migration.

Mass recent Immigration is bringing Islamic norms, and Islamic attitudes towards women, to the West, and it is making all free women less free, and safe women less safe. ” Now mobs of Arab, African  men descending on a European cathedral to rape Christian women , rape a common Muslim  punishment, was too much now. German police are hunting a group of up to 1,000 men after hundreds of women reported vile sex attacks in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve . The majority of those arrested so far are indeed Muslim refugees, asylum seekers. When these Muslim refugees arrive in Western countries, they bring with them violent and sexist  Muslim cultural attitudes that contributed in part to the mess they fled. Most Muslims tend yo have a deep-seated hatred of all things Western .Thus there is a Rising Anti-Muslim Backlash In  America and Europe today.”

“A great many Muslims around the world are for Sharia law. You know what is in Sharia laws. Cutting off the hands for thievery. Putting women to death for adultery. Putting people to death for leaving their religion. Women are not equal citizens. These are not criminal activities in Muslim society, these are their normal activities. “Under sharia, it’s OK to rape Norwegian and Swedish women because they are considered ‘infidels.’”Sharia law, a law based on Islam, is uniquely terrible to women. Her testimony is worth half of a man’s, she has little to no rights over her children, her husband is permitted to hit her if she is disobedient, and she has no unilateral right to divorce.”

The Imam of a Salafist Cologne mosque has said the victims of the New Year’s Eve attacks in that city were themselves responsible for their sex assault, by dressing inappropriately and wearing perfume.It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire. Justin are these type o[people your good friends still?


Syrian Nun, Relief Leader: ‘Whoever Says ISIS Has No Connection to Islam … Is a Liar — ISIS is Islam, Islam is ISIS’  and that the goal of ISIS is to convert the world to the Islamic religion.”There have been 12,000 kidnapped at the hands of ISIS – Yazidi [women] alone,” she said. “What is going on here, what I was hearing, is the highest barbarism on Earth in history through today.”


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