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January 11, 2010

the best iphone to buy or to use?

Wish you had an easy way to find out whether there’s a coffee shop or an Apple store nearby?Well, if you’re using an iPhone or an Android cell phone, now you can open up a window in the browser to find out. Google Inc.  announced “Near Me Now“, a local mobile app that can display search results on mobile phones that show the locations of nearby businesses.Last November, Google announced Google Latitude, an upgrade to Google Maps that finds the location of friends’ residences. The Google Latitude tool lets users contact friends via SMS, Google Talk or Gmail.
Meanwhile Microsoft has released a new version of Windows Live for Windows phones running Windows Mobile Professional and Standard operating systems. This new version   brings lots of new changes which includes new and improved UI which is finger friendly, Bing search bar, complete integration of Windows Live Home and lots more and so far the experience has been quite satisfying to some.
Google Android is a brand new operating system that has been developed  to run on the next generation of smartphones.  Google has chosen to support the Android OS with a place where you can get a whole host of third-party tools and apps.The Google  Android has been developed to be scaling. This means the interface will be able to support a wide range of screen sizes, both in portrait and landscape. It also means that 3D graphics are supported, as long as there is hardware acceleration built into the backend of the devices. This all boils down to being able to deliver content,  a great online experience. So, whether it’s video, webcams, news feeds, or simply email or getting the football results, the platform is based around delivering it as smoothly as possible. Also the Android is capable of supporting the most common forms of communication.  Android is very much an open platform, as it allows developers to quickly and easily create applications that plug seamlessly in with Google’s other services. Android Market , a place where users and developers can swap and share ideas and apps and also an easy way to get new applications onto your device??
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” Nexus One rivals the Motorola Droid as the premier Android device of the iphone moment”?  Nexus One is a direct challenge to Apple’s hugely successful iPhone, which, despite being over 3 years old, still cannot support multitasking. In fact, users of Android-based devices can do lots of things on their Android handsets that they are unable to do on an iPhone: say, for example running applications in the background, allowing them to get instant alerts whenever a friend updates their Facebook page or Twitter profile; listening to music on  while writing an email; and threading conversations by person etc. Nexus One also provides of higher memory speed (512MB RAM) than iPhone (256MB RAM), better WiFi support and it comes with a microUSB port. Nexus One’s browser will support Javascript and Flash-based webpages but iPhone browser does not. Nexus One offers a larger screen (a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen with 800×480 pixel resolution display and better camera , while iPhone includes 3.5-inch capacitive multitouch screen with 480×320 pixel resolution display). Additionally, unlike iPhone which offers internal storage, Nexus One has a microSD card slot (expandable up to 32GB and will ship with 4GB card).

” I’ve used an iPhone every day of my life since it first came out in addition to every BlackBerry ever available simultaneously, and I actually had an open mind about the Nexus One possibly replacing my iPhone.” I felt like maybe I wanted more “freedom” and “flexibility” and not have to deal with Apple’s ridiculous ecosystem. “But in the end, I found that the lack of any meaningful applications for Android really made it a no go from the beginning. I’m talking about quality — re-read the word quality — applications, here. The best VNC and RDP applications on Android are a joke. There’s not a single enjoyable Twitter application, and any application that’s on Android that is available on the iPhone pales in comparison.  BlackBerry’s email application is flawless. Apple’s web browser is flawless. But there’s not a single application on Android that doesn’t have carbon spots in it.” “There are/were a lot of things I could list that are missing with the iPhone OS for my own personal uses also, but the iPhone platform has obviously had much time to mature since it’s inception, certainly more time than Android. Android has made good strides in the short time it has been in the market, and it obviously isn’t going to shut down anytime soon, ” ” I like Android better than my old iPhone 3G. Maybe because I don’t know (or care) about the inner workings of the OS and maybe all of the potholes it has in it. I love my Droid, I feel more attached to it than I ever did an iPhone or Blackberry.” ” Google isn’t out to beat the iPhone with this phone, it’s out to outsell the iPhone with the Android platform. Google’s just trying to shine light on one of the iPhone weakness (AT&T)  and make sure anyone who wants a quality Android phone can get one that they can use with any carrier.”

 Remember when WordPerfect word Processor was king, or Corel Draw the graphics software and where are they today? and why did they next lose their number one status, appeal, no longer an industry standard? Or why did MS IBM personal computer out beat all of it’s rivals, the Commodore, Apple, etc? When selecting an iphone you need to take some serious considerations. Price, availability, overall costs, available software applications and not just the name brand now are important.

When T-Mobile launched the very first Android-powered handset – the G1 – back in 2008, the app library to go along with it looked like a minimart beside Apple’s Walmart. But the past few months have been kind to Google. The recent release of several new high-profile Androids handsets like the Motorola Droid, HTC Hero and Motorola Cliq have turned that initial drizzle of apps into a torrent. Now with over 10,000 apps and counting, Google’s Android Marketplace offers applications for just about everything – sometimes making it difficult to choose.

Any iphone is still dependent on the telecommunication provider too, who still tend to lie as to how reliable they now are too.. Now many persons still are complaining about their iPhone service. “This is the thing that kills me. Here we are with the technology of the future and I can’t even use my phone,” The data problems compound complaints  where  users are complaining of network failure and the inability to send Internet data from their iPhones at times. A spokesman for US  AT&T, which provides service exclusively for the iPhone, said the large numbers of people using smartphones at CES clogged up the network. “ Reminds me many users have the same problem with their ISP such as with Bell when they try to use their internet access during peak times.With some rather shoddy customer service feedback

BIG AL’S  I like the little blurb about the BC mom warning about the changes to her plan from the time she signed the 3 year contract. I have had similar problems with BELL. As far as I am concerned, the contract should be null and void, but the fine print allows them to do it.


 Choosing the right carrier is about getting the service you need, and one that’s not only right for you but works for you, and ‘works’ is the key word here. I personally am on my third cellphone service carrier or provider, on my third try I’ve finally found one where I can get a call while I’m in my house. So it’s really trial and error as to coverage of cellphone providers, unless of course you wish to pay roaming fees. Companies do offer coverage maps to indicate coverage area of their service but these aren’t exactly accurate, and honestly it’s just a marketing ploy, providers are not going to tell you that you might not have great service in your area, they’re basically just saying that there is service there, be it good or bad. Companies today usually lock you into a contract for a certain amount of time, be it one year or two, yes there are some that allow month to month service but in the long run they are usually more expensive overall. The problem with these contracts is the early termination fees, most companies charge you a fee plus a certain percentage of your contract if you wish to leave them before your contract expires. From experience I also have found that cellphone providers will not tell you when your contract has expired so you can find another provider if you wish or need to, they’ll just let you go on paying for service on a month to month basis after your contract has expired. My advice about this is not to believe the company, after all all they really want your money, the best thing to do is talk to people and look around for other customer experiences with the providers in your area to see who may have the best coverage that’s right for you.

Unlike free online tools options like ,  and , which let users input how they’re expecting to use their phone and then spit out a list of comparative rates, Save Cell will actually negotiate the deal for you, making the necessary changes to your account at the same time. Related: A guide to Canada’s phone plans Get out of your contract early? You can do it, but you’ll have to pay an early termination fee of as much as $400. Phone companies maintain these contracts are used to recover the costs of delivering phones at discounted rates and they protect them feverishly. But shrewd negotiating can sometimes pay off, particularly if you’re leaving the country altogether. More often than not, the company will try to steer you into a new calling plan rather than see you go, Chadwick warns, “but there’s not much wiggle room on contracts if you’re really determined to leave.”

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