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February 17, 2014

Canada’s negative reality


Canada’s negative reality is not solely the self serving pretentious government, leaders at  the federal, provincial municipal levels but it is till also includes the still much too many  bad professionals such as bad Police services and bad medical personnel.

Go to a Hospital  and 30 percent of you shall acquire a serious Hospital acquired, sickness, disease  leading even to death for may of you too..

It will likely include

1: the shit disease, c-difficile, caused by unwashed hands when you got to the toilet and passed on to others.

2: Food poisonings often disguised by another medical term..

3: Medical errors, including wrong prescription pills..

So demand our paid  civil and public servants do a better job of taking care of us..

HOSPITALS OR THE POLICE ARE NOT THE ONLY POORLY MANAGED PLACES.. SO ARE OUR CITY HALLS, PROVINCIAL CORPORATIONS.. The Quebec Charbonneau Commission is putting out a call for public input on stopping corruption in Quebec.

“Well,  the first thing that needs to be done is to make the justice system more effective in discouraging corruption.  At the moment, most of the key players who were involved in the corruption schemes will probably get away with no punishment or, at worst, a tiny penalty representing a modicum of the amount stolen. The current justice system is sending a clear message that, indeed, it pays to be crooked and corrupt!  The law should be, in my view, that those caught, as a given, should be stripped of their assets, including those transferred to spouses and relatives. The guiding criteria should be that the higher the crime the higher the punishment!  We have seen in the last few years a number of public inquiries that cost more than the derived benefits. It seems to me that despite all such enquiries, corruption appears to persist unchecked, simply because the law did not prosecute vigorously the main players to the degree to discourage them from further corruption  or to discourage others from engaging in such corruptive activities. It is a joke, for example, when a main player in the Federal sponsorship scandal was charged 10 years later, after the fact,  when he was in his 80s! The public is not encouraged to do its part, even if it could, unless the public has confidence  in the justice system, and based on the latest poll question on this site, the public clearly does not have confidence in the justice system.  When it was reported in a well respected magazine that Quebec was the most corrupt province,  the public officials at every level denounced the article. The author of the article in question was a French Canadian and member of the public trying do his civic duty to expose something that was not right.  So, why should the public be motivated to help, if the system is screwed up at the very core of a society, the justice system?   Dominic ” Read more:


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February 6, 2014

and it is about time…




Finally what the Lieberals had wrongfully failed to do…

Cracking down on fraud

The new legislation would also look to regulate immigration consultants in an effort “to hold them to higher professional and ethical standards.”

The bill would make it an offence for unauthorized individuals to represent or advise a person on a citizenship application or citizenship hearing for a fee.

In an effort to crack down on citizenship fraud, the government would increase the fines and penalties for anyone misrepresenting themselves as a paid immigration consultant with a fine of $100,000 and/or up to two years in prison.

The proposed new penalty for individuals who commit a fraud offence would run up to a maximum of $100,000 and/or five years in prison.


Do see also March 10, 2009   ”  THE POLICE, RCMP, MINISTERS, GOVERNMENT CONSULTANTS THESE DAYS, IMMIGRANT CONSULTANTS TOO  IT SEEMS , SEEM TO BE ANOTHER WORD FOR ABUSERS, THIEVES, LIARS CROOKS. SO WE ALL NEED TO DEAL WITH IT MORE EFFECTIVELY NOW TOO. Mr. Jason  Kenney, Minister, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, and the federal government need still to focus on this important issue  to  protect all of the present prospective, and past  immigrants from the serious problem of the existence of the much too many unscrupulous, unethical  immigration agents, consultants offering their immigration services.  THERE APPEAR TO BE THREE MAIN REASONS many of the so called Professionals have  DEGENERATED in their morality, EFFECTIVENESS  SO VISIBLY. THE SAME REASONS THAT WOULD BE APPLICABLE TO MOST PROFESSIONAL BODIES NOW AS WELL.. including the police forces;  -The first is the too often inadequate, bad  initial employee, managements hiring,  selection process. Police forces tend to have common bad criteria of their personnel selections. – The second clearly is  the clearly  inadequate promotional mechanisms within  the force.. which seems too often to reward AND promote incompetency.. the froth, scum tends to rise to the surface firstly, AND TO ME THIS EXPLAINS WHY POLICE CHIEFS, POLICE MANGERS TEND OFTEN NOW  TO LACK MORALITY, CREDIBILITY, ETHICS TOO. – The third is the internal self regulating aspects.. WHERE self regulation is another word for masturbation too often, not the real thing, not adequate but the mere pretentious act.

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