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February 23, 2011

The man who was kicked in the face by an RCMP officer


Kelowna politicians support RCMP oversight committee concept

A Kelowna, B.C., man kicked in the face by an RCMP officer had the charge against him stayed Monday and a senior Mountie has apologized to him for the way he was treated. Buddy Tavares was arrested Jan. 7 in Kelowna for firing shots at a golf course where he is employed, he says, to scare away geese using blanks.RCMP Const. Geoff Mantler was suspended from duty over allegations of police brutality in connection to the arrest, which was caught on video and showed what appears to be an unprovoked boot to Tavares’ face. A charge of assault causing bodily harm has been recommended by Abbotsford police and has yet to be approved by the Crown. In court Monday, the Crown stayed the charge of careless use of a firearm against Tavares because there was not enough evidence, said his sister Angela Behiels. As well Monday, Tavares received a house visit by RCMP Assistant Commissioner Peter Hourihan who offered an apology on behalf of the force.  
when it comes to asking the police to investigate any matter, the police do tend to first find false reasons why they cannot handle the matter, or they try to pass the buck to another group as rather them being responsible to deal with the issues, such as Bank investigators, the civil Courts, etc..
The RCMP themselves now are not Angels…  Liars- Mounties ‘misleading everyone’       
Vancouver Sun – Questions are being asked about why a man who was driving near Calgary with an abducted 10-year-old girl was allowed to leave an RCMP traffic stop last week. CALGARY —

Justice shouldn’t be political Ottawa Citizen – … National Parole Board of Canada by the Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews, raises important questions about the appointment process to administrative boards and tribunals in Canada. Of the eight new appointees, five are former police officers. …



“Why aren’t things happening?” Opposition MPs accused the FEDERAL government Tuesday of dragging its heels on creating an independent board to oversee the RCMP. Four years ago, a federal task force on the RCMP called for major changes to the structure, independence and oversight of the Mounties. It urged creation of a management board that would oversee financial affairs, resources, services, property, personnel and procurement… explain why the government hasn’t created a management board for the force.


and we all can readily know the really bad reputation the police Canada wide do have for decades now too!  THERE ARE MUCH TOO MANY BAD COPS IN CANADA   



I still do not trust any politician to do what he says..


so Quebec promises more English instruction?

Education and jobs are among the top priorities for Quebec’s Liberal government in the second half of its term, said Premier Jean Charest in his speech that launched a new legislative session on Wednesday. Charest laid out five priorities: education, employment, sustainable development, resource development and health care.The big promise is equal time for English and French instruction — Grade 6 students across Quebec will spend half of their school year in intensive English training, Charest said.“Our language is our identity, it’s our strength,” he said. “Our language is an instrument of freedom,” he added, earning a sustained ovation from his caucus. 
I still do not trust any politician to do what he says.. actions speak louder than words…  in Quebec the English right has been undeniably downgraded especially in Hospitals where too many Quebec French nurses too often do mock senior English speaking patients for not speaking French.
Furthermore the Quebec government in Montreal Hospitals is training new nurses, many new immigrants to Canada who cannot speak French, never mind even English  and these nurses do too often now only pretend they understand and comprehend French firstly as I have also witnessed many times and I have detailed before too. Never mind them learning to speak English..
Many Montrealers  firstly cannot even find an english speaking family doctor..

Any wise person will check the prescribed medication on the net. I do!

Any wise person will check the prescribed medication on the net. I do!

VANCOUVER — Look up Lipitor online in the United States and the first Google result outside of the ads will take you to the government-run National Library of Medicine’s information on the drug.


Google Lipitor in Canada and you’ll find yourself at, a website run by the drug’s maker, Pfizer.


The same thing happens to Canadians who search for any generic or brand-name prescription drug on the Internet — they get either industry-sponsored sites or an Internet-user-generated Wikipedia entry.


By comparison, thanks to a partnership drawn up last year between Google and the National Institutes of Health, Americans find solid information on the NIH websites that top their search results.


The wide discrepancy in U.S. and Canadian search results could lead to serious health problems for Canadians, say University of B.C. researchers who authored a study on the issue published this week by the Annals of Pharmacotherapy.

 “If people aren’t getting good information about drugs with serious side-effects, I think there could be a potential problem,” said Michael Law, lead author of the study and an assistant professor at the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research at UBC.


Law said the U.S. has recognized the importance of providing consumers with independent information through the Google-NIH partnership that provides searchers with National Library of Medicine information.


“In the United States quite clearly they have seen this as an important thing,” he said, adding he’d like Canada to take similar steps.


“I think it would be good practice for people who regulate drug information in Canada to get unbiased information in front of patients,” he said. “There is no doubt people are looking up drugs online.


“I think that might be a good idea to try and make sure when Canadians look online they get objective and evidence-based information.”

Law said previous research has found significant problems with manufacturer-sponsored sites and the user-generated Wikipedia, meaning that the top search results Canadians get could include less-than-reliable information.

“In a study a few years ago that looked at the content of industry-sponsored sites, a third of the time the sites didn’t list a major adverse event.”

A spokesman for Health Canada said he would follow up Thursday on questions raised by the Vancouver Sun regarding the study.

Read more: 


I rightfully do not trust anyone to do what is right… not even the nurses, doctors, pharmaceutical firms.



Bell needs to be regulated, legislated


Tony Clement says Ottawa will force change in Internet-fee ruling   Vancouver Sun  Industry Minister Tony Clement says his government is still determined to overrule the CRTC on Internet billing. EDMONTON — Industry Minister Tony Clement is determined to promote Canada’s digital economy — and if that means overturning last month’s CRTC decision on usage-based billing for small Internet providers, so be it. “We asked (the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) to review their decision and if they come back with the same decision, the cabinet would overrule it because it wouldn’t be consistent with government policy . . . promoting competition and choice,” Clement said Wednesday, following a forum at the University of Alberta. “You can’t have competition and choice if you allow a major carrier to force its business model onto an independent service provider.”

There’s no evidence bandwidth hogs are slowing down the Internet in Canada, said  Industry Minister Tony Clement, and so far there is nothing to prove that usage-based billing would even help the network congestion if the problem did indeed exist.  “No one’s proven to me that there is congestion,” he also had said. ” Many Canadians would be concerned if bandwidth hogs are affecting their use of the Internet. But no one’s proven that’s the case.” Clement has maintained that usage-based billing, or UBB, would instead stifle competition and innovation in the telecommunications marketplace. “The CRTC decision on UBB on wholesale ISPs is simply the wrong way to proceed,” he said.The CRTC had ruled earlier this year that large Internet providers such as Bell and Rogers could force small companies that leased their bandwidth wholesale to place caps on the plans they sold to consumersbut next the fderal government had ordered that the CRTC should  go back to the drawing board on its UBB ruling following a major  outcry from many consumers and the small Internet companies affected by the billing changes. UBB was slated to come into effect March 1 but was put on hold as the CRTC reviews the ruling.

Majority of Canadians they just want  all pricing to be fair — and Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have been anything but.

Industry Minister says consumer remains king with digital economy


Usage Based Billing: CRTC Complaints Department

Posted by Laurel L. Russwurm on September 2, 2009

No Usage Based Billing No Usage Based Billing

FIRST: I mentioned in Psst… Pass It On: Stop Usage Based Billing that everything in the Stop Usage Based Billing blog was in the public domain. It occurred to me that it might help to make this announcement a little more formal. So I have now officially registered this blog with a Creative Commons CC0 listing to place my Stop Usage Based Billing blog in the public domain. This will allow everyone the right to borrow any bits of this blog they may find useful. For letters of complaint, for example. You’ll find the creative commons badge at the bottom of this post, but applies to the entire Stop Usage Based Billing blog.

Of course the downside of registering a Creative Commons CC0is that supporters of Usage Based Billing people may attempt to use material provided in this blog in their continuing misinformation attempts.

You might ask: who in their right mind would support Usage Based Billing?

Sadly, the answer to that one is easy, the main pro-UBB lobby is of course those who expect to profit from Usage Based Billing. That is to say primarily Bell Canada, but can include everyone and every company associated with Bell Canada, including CTVglobemedia and every one they can control either through economic plums or economic sanctions. I’m sure that this type of manipulation is a lot easier during a world wide recession.

The only others supporting UBB are those who have bought into the misinformation being spread and promoted by pro Usage Based Billing lobby. There is no shame in that, after all you can’t beat the talented writers and advertising folks employed by CTVglobemedia. It’s even conceivable that some of those talented people don’t really understand the jargon and might not realize why this is such a big problem. I’d expect controlling the jargon would make it a lot easier to put your own spin on it.

I know we think of a lobbyists making a big noise to sell their cause, but when you’re lobbying for acceptance of something like Usage Based Billing which can’t possibly be supported by any rational argument, lobbying for a silence would certainly be the way to go.

If you’ve already signed the online petition, and are looking for something else to do to try and stop UBB, as a concerned Canadian it is always within your rights to make a complaint to the CRTC.


Even if you have already submitted your comment or complaint to the CRTC specific to CRTC Ruling File Number # 8740-B2-200904989 – Bell Canada – TN 7181 to protest the CRTC’s extremely bad decision to allow Bell Canada to implement Usage Based Billing, you are still well within your rights to place another complaint through the CRTC complaints page I’ve just stumbled across on the CRTC website.

These pages offer you advice and explain the complain procedure to make it easy for Canadians to submit specific customer complaints to the CRTC in the areas of :

  • television and radio (Broadcasting complaints: TV and Radio | CRTC),
  • phone (Telephone service: making a complaint) including both land lines and cell phones, and
  • internet service in Canada (rates, quality, access, legal actions and complaints)

I would venture a guess that a completely different group of CRTC staffers deal with the complaints made through this web form. In fact there would probably be different CRTC complaints staff sections to deal with each of the three different areas the CRTC is supposed to regulate.

At any time you can go to the CRTC online complaints department and submit a complaint here:

Ask a question or make a complaint
Send us your question or complaint about television, radio, telephone, cellphone, Internet or other services. CRTC responds to most questions within 10 working days. Find out more about how we handle complaints for Television and Radio, phone and internet.

1. Make a Complaint about Broadcasting

Perhaps you might wish to make a complaint about broadcasting. The CRTC first recommends that you complain to your broadcaster before complaining to the CRTC. This is reasonable. So first you should contact CTV and ask them why they are not covering Usage Based Billing. Remember, the CRTC first announced UBB in April, but just approved it in August. In all that time, why has CTV not covered Usage Based Billing? My most recent CTV web search came up with this:

Screenshot: CTV Usage Based Billing Search Screenshot: CTV Usage Based Billing Search

The fact that more than six thousand Canadians have already signed the online petition calling for the dissolution of the CRTC– in spite of the apparent news blackout of Usage Based Billing– hasn’t raised a single microphone at CTV. Isn’t that a strong indication that Canadians are very are interested in the CRTC Usage Based Billing decision? Six thousand concerned Canadians would trigger CTV coverage of any other story. Yet CTV is not covering Usage Based Billing. Why?

CTV is covering the CRTC and CTV is covering news about the Canadian Internet. Here is an example in a CTV online article about the multi-billion dollar revenues generated by Canadian internet services CTV: Telecom Growth. But they are doing it selectively.

Could it be that Bell Canada isn’t allowing CTV news to cover this news? You can ask CTV news yourself. Send in your questions directly:

When that doesn’t work, you may send your complaint along to the to the CRTC about the fact that CTV is only selectively reporting the news to Canadians.

2. Complain about the Telephone Company

It would not be unreasonable to wonder about Bell Canada’s “confidentiality of customer records” I certainly would not trust any company who read their customer’s mail without permission, which is essentially what Bell Canada is doing with its internet “deep packet inspection”. Maybe they really are only reading the bits that say what kind of packets they are. Personally, I wouldn’t take Bell Canada’s word for it.

(Actually, its even worse than just reading their customer’s mail, they’re interfering with it too.)

Like everyone else in Canada, I’ve had issues with Bell Canada over the years. Even though they were incredibly high handed in the days of monopoly, the influx of competition seemed to make them ease up. After all. Bell Canada has always been there. Why not trust them?

Hmmmm. Not too long ago I had a problem with Bell Canada, and I ended up talking to someone in their “loyalty” department. To smooth my feathers he fixed the problem and gave me a $30.00 discount on my next bill. Then he actually told me that if I called back in three months and asked for the loyalty department and said I was going to switch to a different telephone carrier, they would give me another $30.00 discount. He also told me that Bell Canada would give me this “discount” every three months if I kept calling back.

What kind of business is Bell Canada running? I think that policy is twisted. In the first place Bell Canada is essentially bribing customers from switching to the competition. Class action suit anyone? Adding insult to insult, Bell Canada has such a low opinion of Canadian consumers that they don’t even trust us to stay bought.

If Bell Canada can afford to do this it strikes me that they are making too much money already. Lets look at this as a business practice. The first thing that really bothers me is that the Bell Canada Loyalty department is actually penalizing Bell Canada’s loyal customers. The granny who would never dream of switching doesn’t get that annual $120.00 savings because she is loyal to Bell. Call me crazy, but I just can’t figure out why Bell Canada doesn’t just improve service? Reduce charges? Compete fairly? Maybe they are so sure that they are going to get to be a monopoly again that they would rather bribe customers piecemeal as needed than clean up their act.

Personally. I would rather not deal with a company that treats its customers so shabbily. I’m going to be switching my land line to Teksavvy. The savings (yes, in fact they offer better deals than Bell Canada for telephone service too) will help my family budget for the increased internet costs that Usage Based Billing will cause us.

Warning: If you decide to do the same, make sure you call Teksavvy or whoever your new carrier is going to first. Arrange with the NEW CARRIER to arrance the transfer of service. If you do this, you will be able to port your existing Bell Telephone number to the new service. If you call Bell first and tell them you want to cancel, they are likely to disconnect you before your new service is in place, which means that you will not be able to keep the same phone number. (Just another way Bell Canada likes to mess with us

So, after you’ve talked to the phone company, you are supposed to go to the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) and find your telephone companytheir list on , you are supposed to deal with them in an effort to clear up the problem.

If you don’t get satisfaction through this process, or if your company is not on the list, you can always go back and make your complaint to the CRTC.

3. Complain about Internet Service

I wouldn’t think there would be any limitation on how many complaints any one citizen is allowed to submit, so long as the topics are different. For example you could reasonably complain to the CRTC about:

  • the fact that CRTC is allowing Bell Canada to implement Usage Based Billing at all 
  • the fact that the CRTC would rule in favor of Usage Based Billing in the absence of any meaningful public consultation 
  • the fact that the CRTC would rule in favor of Usage Based Billing without making sure that the Canadian public was informed of this sweeping change before the fact 
  • the fact that CRTC is allowing Bell Canada to charge you for Usage Based Billing if you (like me) are not a Bell Canada internet customer 
  • the fact that CRTC’s ruling will allow Bell Canada to increase your costs in accessing the internet 
  • the fact that CRTC has jeopardized your privacy by allowing deep packet inspection of your internet usage, and
  • the fact that CRTC is allowing Bell Canada to “throttle” internet use by inflating customer bandwidth, and
  • the fact that this CRTC decision to allow Usage Based Billing will allow Bell Canada to fraudulently bill internet users for the Bandwidth which the customer has not actually used but which has been deliberately inflated through Bell Canada “throttling” 
  • the fact that CRTC is allowing Bell Canada to implement Usage Based Billing in addition to what customers are already paying without providing any additional service to the customer to justify this increase 
  • the fact that CRTC is allowing Bell Canada to implement Usage Based Billing in spite of virtually unanimous opposition from the public (the small segment of the public that found out about UBB) 
  • the fact that CRTC allowed Usage Based Billing will make Canadian internet the most expensive in the world, and therefore unreasonably expensive, which is the opposit of &ldrquo;affordable&rdquo’ 
  • the fact that CRTC allowed Usage Based Billing which will make internet access less accessible to Canadians due to these excessive new costs 
  • the fact that CRTC allowed Usage Based Billing will damage the Canadian economy by limiting Canadian internet access for purposes of education, technology, art, music, writing, resarch, film, science, research, business etc. 
  • the fact that there does not appear to be any good nor auditable way vouched for by Measurement Canada of measuring the usage in order to assess “Usage Based Billing” charges. 
  • the fact that CRTC allowed Usage Based Billing will interfere in the internet consumer market to the extent of eliminating the independent ISP’s ability to compete, and
  • the fact that CRTC allowed Usage Based Billing will interfere in the internet consumer market to the extent of forcing Bell Canada’s (Sympatico) competition, the independent ISP’s, to break contractual agreements with their customers, and which will certainly damage and possibly destroy these companies, which will
  • effectively neutralize and wipe out all Bell Canada (Sympatico) competition

CRTC would like you to go through the same process as with the telephone complaint, where you try to resolve the problem with the service provider. So if you are in fact a Bell Canada (Sympatico) customer, you can direct your questions and complaints directly to Bell or the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Inc. (CCTS) first.

Of course my problem is not with my ISP, my problem is with Bell Canada’s interference in my business relationship with my ISP and with the CRTC’s ill advised approval of Usage Based Billing. So for me, it is a case of going back to make your complaint to the CRTC. Perhaps if enough Canadians ask enough questions we will actually get real answers. Perhaps if enough Canadians complain, the CRTC will be clever enough to quash the Usage Based Billing regulation, and then consider actually adhering to their mandate.

It should be more difficult for CRTC to ignore these complaints as these complaints are supposed to be handled by a staff member within ten days. THESE consumer complaints are supposed to generate a human response. Perhaps if we help to use up their budgeted resources they might be able to grasp why it is bad to allow implementation of Usage Based Billing which will certainly affect the budgets of the Canadian citizens they are supposed to be looking out for. Maybe then the CRTC wouldn’t be so eager to completely ignore the wishes of the citizenry, as did in making this bad decision in the first place.

To the extent possible under law, Laurel L. Russwurm
has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Stop Usage Based Billing


Virgin Mobile Canada  screws up a simple cell phone and the related cell phone number cancellation procedure. Virgin Mobile Canada Customer services again  told me  today by phone that they have no power, control over the Virgin Mobile Canada billing , account procedures. statements. refunds, departments.. Now even months later from Feb 15, 2010 Virgin Mobile Canada  has not even kept any of their many last Virgin Mobile Canada promises to escalate my Virgin Mobile Canada billing statement, money refund  and on April 13, 2011 Virgin Mobile Canada BECAUSE  clearly is so incompetent they Virgin Mobile Canada that they do continually   do on the phone make useless Virgin Mobile Canada promises . Next Virgin Mobile Canada again informed me that  there is nothing else they can now even do for me cause they are the  Virgin Mobile Canada customer billing  inquiry representative and they are are only a basically useless, powerless Virgin Mobile Canada Customer billing, phone representative, and so they  Virgin Mobile Canada do not know when I will next get my due Virgin Mobile Canada credit,  my money,  my Virgin Mobile Canada cheque, my Virgin Mobile Canada final bill  in the mail, they Virgin Mobile Canada do continue to send me for moths the wrong bills, and it takes Virgin Mobile Canada 4 to 6  weeks to next  correct them so, but over 2 months had passed and they Virgin Mobile Canada have missed their original promised deadline too to do so.. so  they Virgin Mobile Canada continue to lie to me all the time.. they Virgin Mobile Canada do in writing promise you a good Virgin Mobile Canada customer service, they Virgin Mobile Canada claim they have got an award for 5 years for the best customers services, but the reality as I see it differs now  .. Now I get a new Virgin Mobile Canada promise i will get my Virgin Mobile Canada cheque 3 to six weeks from the first  week of April 2011 when my Virgin Mobile Canada account was now supposedly closed.. Virgin Mobile Canada they cannot  DO ANYTHING GOOD FOR ME HERE..The next  Virgin Mobile Canada final statement will only be billed to me on the 16 of April, plus it will take at least another 5 to 9 days and then it may be shipped to me? The Virgin Mobile Canada customer service by Virgin was, is stated to me today as being  the best in the world according to the last 5 years but my own undeniable witness and reality is that Virgin Mobile Canada statement itself as well is all crap. stating lies,  mere  useless words.. having to me no evidence of such a fact.


Clearly too greedy Bell, Rogers, Telus. Primus, Virgin they all  needs to be stopped..


Thanks to the nearly half-a-million people who signed the Stop The Meter Petition, the CRTC is now reviewing its decision to impose new fees on nearly all Internet users. 
Industry Minister Clement told Parliament he will not allow the same decision to be passed by the CRTC, but has not specified whether he will accept a watered-down version of that decision. We know a Big Telecom-friendly compromise is being pushed behind closed doors. If we don’t speak up now we could end up back where we started: gouged.
The easiest and the most effective way you can help right now is by sending comments to the CRTC at
We need to get 100,000 letters to the CRTC now so the Commission, Clement, and other key decision makers know that we will accept nothing less than a fundamental change in the way phone and cable companies operate. 
The CRTC has set up the review of usage-based billing so it avoids touching the root cause of this price gouging. They’re limiting their review so that many Canadians still end up with a pay-metered Internet. We’ve come too far to accept this. 
We’re working with some of the best public interest lawyers, citizen groups, content creators, indie ISPs, and online service providers to push the CRTC to address the underlying stranglehold big telecom companies have over communications in Canada. 
We need to back up our policy work with an undeniable show of support from the Canadian people. Please help us get to 100,000 letters of support by sending your comment in HERE.
The Internet is a bastion of Canadian culture, democracy, and innovation. Lets not let it slip away. 
For the Internet, 
The OpenMedia Team


The unacceptable realities

We can all readily supervise the expenditure of our tax dollars, and all of our civil and public servants, including the reporting of their inadequacies. There are also the good and bad civil and public servants and there are also both good and bad ones now that do need to be properly exposed, dealt with as well.
As a normal, decent, honest citizen here is what I have unacceptably found now most of the time in my  dealing with the civil and public servants, the police, ombudsmen included now
1 – when it comes to asking the police to investigate any matter, the police do tend to first find false reasons why they cannot handle the matter, or they try to pass the buck to another group as rather them being responsible to deal with the issues, such as Bank investigators, the civil Courts, etc..
2 – Now in the lest few years  I have dealt with prevalent administrative bodies of 5 separate Hospitals, related CLSC and it is quite apparent to me that the effectiveness of the administrators, personnel is a direct function also of the local political representative and needless to say here too there are both really good ones and really bad ones.
3-Now I have been also surprised to experience that almost all of the related Ombudsmen do not represent ever, at all the good interest of the complainers, the citizens but instead they now are wrongfully, falsely and unacceptably now are still covering up for the inadequacies of the Quebec civil and public servants, the related Quebec governments.
I  do also have a full free speech right to complain about the unacceptable abuses, inadequacies that I have witnessed in Quebec even in the last two years and the further rightful expectation that   all my detailed complaints Quebec Ombudsman, the Hospital Ombudsmen are to be rightfully dealt with in full now as well, and I do rightfully still do await this and proper requested   full review of all of these matters now too.
 Specifially I have spent now about a whole year witnessing and detailing in writing even to you, , the Quebec Ombudsman, most of Canada’s major elected federal and provincial representatives, the Canadian news media too, all of  my own witnesses of  the inadequacies of the Quebec nurses, doctors, ombudsman, administrators now even at 3 hospitals, and specifically the Verdun Hospital, the Pointe Claire Hospital, the Royal Victoria hospital and 2 Montreal convalescent homes as well.
I rightfuly do still expect a  review   of all my complaints   even for all the proper bodies to  honestly review them now too. So where is it?
Now the 3 ombudsmen at these hospitals had all also  failed to deal with my written complaints to them so per my right I had now asked the Quebec Ombudsman to deal and review next thus all of these matters, not just one or two complaints from one hospital only as well, and so far the Quebec Ombudsman could not even do that now properly as well. This is realy unacceptable.
Quebec Ombudsman  also you did not even review the undeniable fact the all 3 separate Hospital ombudsmen had firstly had failed in their duties to fully reply and to deal with all, note all of my complaints to them  and which rather was what you firstly should have done even.
1 Still in regard to your review solely of the Verdun Hospital alone now your own next overly simplified conclusions, distortions of the truth as well now, truths and details  that a:  my father was given adequate pain medications is a gross lie because he and I had continually complained, detailed, undeniably  as to how the nurses had mostly all failed to give to him the adequate doctor prescribed pain medications every 4 hours and for months now too..
2: Next Quebec Ombudman and the Verdun Hospital ombudsman  had deliberately omitted to state the truth that b: the Verdun Transfusion Nurse giving the blood transfusion to my father herself now had admitted to me and my father she had not followed the doctor’s full instruction, for she had not pre heated the blood as requested by the doctor himself because he had never done it before, and she has also falsely refused to turn of the room air conditioner so as a direct negative result my father next got pneumonia..
Now the same nurse for the second liter of blood transfusion now had started to read the instructions manual in our presence as to how to preheat the blood transfusion. Never mind her past training for she had clearly failed to do what the doctor had told her with serious negative consequences on my father. This truth the Quebec Ombudman and the Verdun Hospital  ombudsman clearly had deliberately left out in their reports of the matters. This was all unacceptable as well.
3: And Quebec Ombudman  undeniably had not even addressed my other 6 major complaints against the same Verdun Hospital never mind  also now the other 2 separate  Hospitals, their related bad ombudsmen. This also was very unacceptable still even for them 
And if that is how poorly they  do the rest of the reviews, clearly very unprofessional as well,  they all   do rightfully rather need to be dismissed from  their offices, jobs now .
All rightfully as  simple that too.
I do also still await a full proper reviews of even these my added complaints.
Too many of the hospital ombudsmen, health ministers, medical supervisors, workers are in false denials, are guilty of obstruction of justice, lying, cover up by their denial that very few actual medical errors, omissions, neglects ,inadequacies now exists as well or by them saying that they are being properly looked after. A too common lie we often hear these days is that someone, a professional, minister has done their best, has done all they can is never acceptable as well especially when it comes to the health sector now as well. Now there is no acceptable level, percentage of neglect of insuring adequate medical care. Failure to deal with even one preventable death alone as well is unacceptable shortfall as well..
Not only are there many forms of lying still  but there are much too many lying civil and public servants in the public sector, governments, politicians now too  these days as we all tend to know already and they are always unacceptable and they all should be readily fired. The Canadian federal government itself is still clearly lying by passing the buck when it says that  health care is a provincial responsibility, and that it now has given adequate money to the province are still both big unacceptable lies. . Putting more money into a bucket still full of holes is still an unacceptable abuse of the taxpayers money as well. Money alone is no substitute for the government’s additional responsibility of the successful managing our health care system, of insuring adequate management,   insuring adequate professional and enforced standards and also the real enforced supervision in the medical sector. Doing one’s best is also never enough for they \are all being paid for doing an adequate job for a start.
 Specifically I have spent now about a whole year witnessing and detailing in writing even to you, , the Quebec Ombudsman, most of Canada’s major elected federal and provincial representatives, the Canadian news media too, all of  my own witnesses of  the inadequacies of the Quebec nurses, doctors, ombudsman, administrators now even at 3 hospitals, and specifically the Verdun Hospital, the Pointe Claire Hospital, the Royal Victoria hospital and 2 Montreal convalescent homes as well.
I rightfully do still expect a  review   of all my complaints   even for all the proper bodies to  honestly review them now too. So where is it?



We all now do need to deal not only with the the corruptions in our local governments.

Now there has been real valid concerns about the corruptions in our local governments but that is not the only place unacceptable perversities, corruptions are being carried on now as well.. Sadly significant unacceptable theft has been, is also being carried out in the non profitable agencies, organizations, even those who now claim to be helping the poor and needy persons but they are now rather mostly self serving, or friends, job creation empires evident by the little good that they actual do now and also as to how costly they do it as well now. While they are freely receiving donations, goods next, they tend to distribute them a at high, costly price .Some of the items are sold at an absurd,  ridiculous prices even. That unacceptably includes now organizations like the Salvation Army, Fripe Prix, Rennaissance,  and Value Village all who seem to have lost track as to whom they were supposedly to be helping, and that means not just helping unacceptably mainly themselves of course.

February 16, 2011

For decades the police have had a file on me and likley you as well


Canada’s still too often abusive, unacceptable, bad  cops.


Four years later, suspended RCMP officer finally off the payroll November’s departure of Const. Trent Richards may have cost taxpayers close to $300,000 during his paid suspension prior to a final decision being reached.


Unpopular by the RCMP William Elliott is quitting as the commissioner of the RCMP , a long-time bureaucrat who became the first civilian RCMP leader in 2007, is leaving behind a police force still in need of reform, including a new oversight system. better accountability and management of the tax payers resources included.

the fourth RCMP-related shooting in less than a month, the second to take place in the Bow Valley. On Jan. 10, a robbery suspect carrying a replica handgun was killed by police on Railway Ave. in Canmore.

Bad cops at it again..  THERE ARE MUCH TOO MANY BAD COPS IN CANADA -FIRE THEM ALL NOW  No cop is above the law. Too bad for them they are paid to work still too. Police still fail to catch most of the real criminals including the car thieves, and the Fraud perpetrated over the Internet which still is a growing citizen concern in Canada and throughout the world. The police always claim they lack resources, they will never have enough resources if they reuse to do a decent days work for their pay.

So for decades even the Alberta police forces already have had a file on me and likley you as well if you complain about the bad guys, the police and the bad politicians  included. Canada wide Police brutality, suppression of rights,   or the excessive force against non white males, females is also not new.

 Needless to say police resources are often misused where even the mayors do instruct the police to find out all they can about their opposition members too.  ” and it all is still unacceptable! Free speech is a right for bullies, crooks, abusers only it still seems in Canada now. Police already have arrested me for complaining about the Calgary Police in the Calgary Police chief office even.. the charge was talking out loud in a public place.. Many people are shocked to discover free speech is not being allowed too often in many places in Canada,  on the net, in churches, letters to governments, to the news editors too… the police have visited me or objected now at least 7 times in response to my writings.. still decades later I  am still rightfully openly complaining about the much too many bad police supervisors and the too many bad acts of the so called professionals, the police included. The abuse of the citizens is not acceptable anywhere.

“A new Alberta police database will track citizen’s every interaction with police, and it can be used without a warrant or even a supervisor’s permission”.. they had an old system already do doing this too..



There are still too many dirty, bad  cops in CANADA I oppose rightfully all abusers. …. the corrupt cops, all Governmental corruption, all  civil and public servants, the bad professionals as well.. yes I  too do rightfuly oppose the bad Pastors, all bad Doctors and bad Nurses, not just the  the bad RCMP, bad cops now, but also the bad Corporations like Bell too.. so should we all. All it takes for the bad guys to continue to do bad things is for the others wrongfully  to do nothing about it. 

February 15, 2011

Political corruptions is still a Canada wide event



Look we already can tend to know that many have gone into politics expecting to get rich and are not there to serve the good welfare of others and political corruptions is still a Canada wide event.. and the best solution still is to put the crooks into jail captiously and Canada wide now too.. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest, the tax payers and the crooks included..

Charges against politicians rock Nova Scotia perks system Globe and Mail – Nova Scotia was once known as a province where vote-buying and personal enrichment by politicians was accepted, even expected. Liquor handouts were an easy way to grease election campaigns, and public employees could be fired en masse when the …

 Deeper MLA probe needs more evidence: NS auditor

Former integrity watchdog in Florida Ottawa Citizen – The disgraced and “evasive” former public-sector integrity commissioner is in Florida and has contacted a lawyer, a parliamentary committee heard Tuesday.


Secrecy blinding Parliament on budget, watchdog warns

Toronto Star – OTTAWA—Parliamentarians are losing their ability to assess government measures because of the Harper government’s secrecy, says Canada’s budget watchdog.


We can all readily supervise the expenditure of our tax dollars, and all of our civil and public servants, including the reporting of their inadequacies. There are also the good and bad civil and public servants and there are also good bad bad  news media personnel now as well.
Speaking of inadequacies such as those paid persons who clearly fail to clean the snow of the sidewalks adequately. But we all still do know how to readily city hall also is to give out revenue generating  fines,  tickets to the citizens and not to the bad civil and public servants who do too often deserve it.
What about the undeniable fact that too many of our civil and public servants do their own personal business, travel, entertainment or are guilty of budget misappropriation even at the tax payers expense, or those who go home early and do not do a full day’s paid work too? Or what about those false costs saving measures where the speedy sanitary workers spill the garbage they are collecting onto the streets?
Too many of our bad and civil servants are still being paid, even are being given significant raises for doing a bad job and this is never acceptable for they rightfully should rather be firstly fired, removed from work. There is no doubt about it too that our taxes at the federal, provincial, municipal levels  falsely keep on increasing because too many of our civil and public servants and their expenditures are not being generally fully, properly supervised.
You can now also  easily spot the no good, lying , pretentious news media, for they like to falsely praise what good news reporters they now are but also to put a false positive spins on the negative realities and in the process falsely justify, cover up the acts of the no good, wasteful  civil and public servants.
Of course there are always still  those sensationalized glory hunting desperate news reporters who also like to make mountains out of mole hills even because  they are too lazy , afraid to deal with serious, important issues…so some issues never get reported like when was the last time you heard about a bad nurse being disciplined, punished?

Rescuing the perishing, caring for the dying

The need of Returning or Showing love towards others or Rescuing the perishing, caring for the dying.
Many of us have had to take on the additional essential, important role of being an unexpected care giver  towards  others. It may be helping now  a sick person who is bed ridden and needs to be looked after, or a senior parent who is no longer able to fully look after themselves, a person unable unable to fully represent themselves. This role has required us to house sit for them, buy them groceries and goods, even to take them to the doctors,  hospitals,  cook for them and  do housekeeping for them.
In the process of looking after others we generally do also encounter other professional care givers,medical ones included.. such as doctors, nurse and here we tend to find out that not all of them are even adequate, some are merely imposters, liars, pretenders, hirelings who are taking the tax payer’s money for a mostly pretentious and very inadequate services. Now sadly these unacceptable  hirelings have also included even lawyers, notaries, bank managers, police, and civil and public servants. I personally and rightfully here next  have not hesitated to detail, exposé their wrong doings to the proper authorities, news media included. Public exposure and legal prosecution of the guilty persons, their dismissals serves everyone;s best interest still too.
Now over six months I have detailed the witnessed  unacceptable negative acts, unacceptable  behaviors of bad nurses, bad doctors, bad social workers in the Montreal wests Island General Hospital, Pointe Claire, Quebec,  and a convalescent home, Dorval’s Maison Heron as well
 and I have yet to see, receive one positive acts even from the federal or provincial government, Quebec Ombudsman on these matters from anyone and why is that? This is still very unacceptable.
 and I have yet to see, receive one positive acts even from the federal or provincial government, Quebec Ombudsman on these matters from anyone and why is that? This is still very unacceptable.
It is also very unacceptable that the Canadian federal government is so readily to take credit for any of it’s programs but it falsely passes the buck when it hs to be held accountable especially for medical inadequacies, or police inadequacies too.
La nécessité de scrutin ou affichage de l’amour envers les autres ou la rescousse du périr, les soins aux mourants.
Beaucoup d’entre nous ont dû prendre sur le essentielles supplémentaires, le rôle important d’être un donneur de soins envers les autres imprévus. Il peut être maintenant aider une personne malade qui est garder le lit et doit être pris en charge, ou un parent personne âgée qui n’est plus en mesure de pleinement s’occuper eux-mêmes, une personne incapable incapables de se représenter. Ce rôle nous a obligés à s’asseoir à leur maison, vous pouvez acheter les produits d’épicerie et des marchandises, voire de les prendre pour les médecins, les hôpitaux, cuisiner pour eux et faire le ménage pour eux.
Dans le processus de s’occuper des autres, nous font généralement également rencontrer d’autres fournisseurs de soins professionnels, des sanitaires inclus .. comme les médecins, infirmières et ici nous avons tendance à trouver que tous ne sont encore suffisantes, certains ne sont que des imposteurs, des menteurs, des prétendants, des mercenaires qui prennent l’argent du contribuable pour un service essentiellement prétentieux et très insuffisant. Maintenant, malheureusement, ces mercenaires inacceptables ont également inclus même les avocats, notaires, gestionnaires de la banque, la police et des fonctionnaires et du public. J’ai personnellement et à juste titre, ici à côté n’ont pas hésité à en détail, exposé leurs fautes aux autorités compétentes, des médias Nouvelles inclus. l’exposition publique et les poursuites des coupables, leur licenciement au service de tous; l’intérêt supérieur est encore trop.
Maintenant, plus de six mois, j’ai détaillé les témoins inacceptable des actes négatifs, les comportements inacceptables des infirmières mauvaise, les médecins mauvais, mauvais travailleurs sociaux dans le Montréal occidents l’île de l’Hôpital général, Pointe-Claire, au Québec, et une maison de convalescence, de Dorval Maison Heron ainsi http //
 et je n’ai pas encore vu, recevoir un des actes positifs de même que le gouvernement fédéral ou provincial, le Québec médiateur sur ces questions à partir de n’importe qui et pourquoi? C’est encore tout à fait inacceptable.
Il est également tout à fait inacceptable que le gouvernement fédéral canadien est si facilement prendre le crédit pour l’une quelconque de ses programmes, mais il passe la balle à tort quand il hs être tenus responsables en particulier pour les insuffisances médicaux, ou les insuffisances de la police aussi.
MONTREAL – A hospital emergency room might not be the best place for the sick  and elderly. The risk of acute infection – mostly respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses – following a trip to the emergency room is three times higher among the  elderly, according to a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical  Association Journal. Long-term care patients who spent a few hours in an emergency facility were  more likely to get sick in two to seven days after returning to their nursing  homes.
MONTRÉAL – Une salle d’urgence peut ne pas être le meilleur endroit pour les malades et les personnes âgées. Le risque d’infection aiguë – la plupart des virus respiratoires et gastro-intestinales – après un voyage à la salle d’urgence est trois fois plus élevé chez les personnes âgées, selon une étude publiée lundi dans le Canadian Medical Association Journal. Patients en soins de longue durée qui ont passé quelques heures dans un service d’urgence étaient plus susceptibles de tomber malades en deux à sept jours après le retour dans leurs foyers de soins infirmiers.

Greedy, immoral Bell Canada lies, misleads, is crooked


The liars at Rogers also now have promised to stop throttling internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, in response to an investigation by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission


Rogers has promised to stop “throttling” internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, IF YOU BELEIVE THESE CONTINUAL LIARS WHO LIED THEY WERE NOT THROTTLING ALREADY.. AND ROGERS IS NOT T MUCH BETTER THAN BIG BAD BELL..

Undeniably in my years of dealing with Canada’s largest, most greedy  telecommunication firm Bell, even as detailed on the net by me, Bell they too often do  lie, distort the truth, mislead,  and are guilty of not honoring their promises, word, contracts, use an immoral switvh and bait approach.. and they need to be fully regulated.. why do they Bell have to advertise so much of their services, it is still cause they have many many unsatisfied customers.. at least 20 to 30 percent.. who said  lying does not  pay.. just look how rich Bell got..  they bought CTV..

The consumer abuses also by   Bell, Rogers, Virgin, Telus etc. they all should be an election issue..

Majority of Canadians they now still do  just want  all pricing to be fair — and Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have been anything but.

SaskTel does not plan to charge wireless Internet customers based on their …  REGINA — SaskTel president and CEO Ron Styles says the Crown corporation has no plans to charge its wireline Internet customers based on their usage, unlike other large Internet service providers (ISPs) …
My own first complaint about despotic oriented Bell was that it has a one sided, false and misleading  contract with it’s customers, and it is immoral, heavily one sided contract that is still basically illegal even and if you do rightfully complain about how crooked Bell is despotic Bell will cut of your services.. so much for the subject of their corporate ethics, integrity, accountability, honesty,  democratic rights, free speech rights to.. if you want to see the details as to why I despise Bell just read Big Bad Bell
Now lately undeiably Big Bad Bell has resorted undeniably to sheep stealing, It has been contacting it’s past  customers now with the other  existing telecommunications firms, Such as Primus, Rogers, Acanac, Videotron,  and behind their backs trying to win back these past dissatisfied customers by using a misleading door to Door to door  survey approach such as a  typical commission salesmen representing Bell shows up uninvited to your door and says”We are here to help you to reduce your phone bill costs and would like to talk to you about it”.. or they say” We are doing a survey to find out how customers are actually satisfied with Bell or Telus customers” , etc.. or they mail you and invitation to go to back to Bell.. 
Consumer backlash grows over usage billing – Usage-based Internet ruling draws fire  -Internet usage fees draw anger  –Seeing red over metered Internet  – Download caps allowing ISPs to crush content competition -Internet ruling sparks howls of protest– Canada regulator to reconsider Internet ruling  –
Giant telecoms stick to guns on charging heavy Internet users more -OTTAWA – Canada’s big Internet providers are sticking to their demand that they be allowed to charge heavy users more than other customers, even if the controversial usage-based billing system is not the answer.

CRTC Internet decision gouges users With the recent CRTC decision, Canadian consumers and businesses that are already paying the highest costs for the Internet in the developed world will now also be paying inflated usage rates.That translates into poor international competitiveness, poor productivity, reduced investment infrastructure, stifled innovation and consumer choice.

MONTREAL, Feb. 15 /CNW Telbec/ – Colba.Net Inc. (CNSX: CB), a leading telecommunications company in Quebec announced today that it would continue to offer unlimited high speed Internet downloads usage and access to its clients within its adsl2+ footprint despite a recent Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”) decision regarding the implementation of usage-based billing rates (“UBB”). As a result of public pressure and concerns recently expressed, the CRTC announced on February 3, 2011 that it would delay the implementation of UBB for wholesale customers by 60 days and that it would launch a review of its previous decision to verify that consumers interests are protected, heavy Internet users pay for their excess usage and small Internet Service providers retain maximum flexibility.

Bell Canada Wanted Usage-Based Billing. Too Bad It Couldn’t Accurately Keep Track Of Usage!  “Please note that we have identified an issue that may cause Internet usage shown on the site to be overstated in some cases. In order to ensure we provide reliable information to all our clients, the usage tracker will be unavailable while we resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.” And Bell Canada wonders why so many people hated the idea of usage-based billing?  Not that it matters now, with the Canadian government having since backed off the idea, but the above admission should serve as a warning to usage-based billing: it patently doesn’t work. How can you charge someone by the gigabyte when you have no idea how many gigabytes they’ve downloaded? It boggles the mind.You’ll recall that the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission had announced plans to implement a usage-based billing regime for the country’s ISPs. In a perfect world (from the perspective of the ISPs) you would pay X-Amount per month for Internet access, then you’d be charged for every gigabyte past your allotted tiny bandwidth limit. It would have made using things like Netflix and Steam all but impossible in Canada, with dire implications for the future of the country’s Internet competitiveness. Then Canada flipped out, causing the government to realize what a silly idea usage-based billing truly was.And then there was that Bell Canada admission, made to a newspaper there last week. A sort of, “You know how we wanted to charge you by the gigabyte? It turns out we had no accurate way of measuring that! Oops!”This was said during the height of the usage-based billing debate (not that there was much of a debate), but how about instead of figuring out how to artificially limit people’s downloads you instead try to figure out how to increase bandwidth capacity? Stop claiming that all these evil downloaders are causing the ruination of everything. It’s not like Internet-based services are going away any time soon. Oh, wait, there’s no immediate payoff to that, right. Gotcha.  

Canada’s usage-based Internet billing debate to date National Post  ‎Feb 10, 2011‎ Still far from over, so much has already transpired in Canada’s debate over usage-based billing for Internet service.

Bell pulls web-use counting tool  Montreal Gazette – ‎Feb 10, 2011‎ Bell Canada has removed the tool its uses to monitor consumers’ Internet data usage and started reversing charges to some customers amid one of the biggest consumer backlashes in the company’s history.

Small-business owners speak out against usage-based Internet billing  Globe and Mail –  ‎Feb 9, 2011‎ Norm Tomlins’s six-person company in Oshawa, Ont., is like many small businesses: Its disparate parts operate via an Internet connection. His company, Voice Network Inc., installs VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone lines and custom designs …

Bell pulls the plug on download tracker   Toronto Sun – ‎Feb 9, 2011‎ By QMI Agency Bell has removed a widget on its website that allows customers to track their Internet usage because it was faulty. The move comes as a national debate on Internet fees in Canada heats up. At the centre of the controversy is whether large …

Usage-based billing: Have you ever been overcharged by your internet service … – ‎Feb 9, 2011‎A screenshot from Bell’s customer site taken Wednesday shows a message indicating the company’s internet usage tracker may not be accurate. (Bell) By CBC News Bell’s internet usage tracker may overstate the amount of bandwidth its customers use, …

Software glitch triggers inflated data usage for some Bell customers Globe and Mail – ‎Feb 9, 2011‎ The Bell Canada software that helps customers calculate how much bandwidth they’ve used each month has gone offline in the middle of a national debate over Internet pricing. As the furor grows over so-called usage-based billing — a regulatory change …

CRTC billing about-face Vancouver Sun – Feb 9, 2011‎CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein said he had already told a Commons hearing that theimplementation of the UBB decision would be postponed for 60 days. The CRTC is going back to the drawing board. …

Shaw puts brakes on usage-based web bills Calgary Herald –  ‎Feb 9, 2011‎ “We were just in the process of starting to educate customers about the fact there is usage and there are different tiers of services we have,” said Shaw president Peter Bissonnette.

This week, after intense media coverage, the Conservative Party announced that they would overturn a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) – if the CRTC didn’t overturn it first – that allows the big Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to impose metering on the companies that purchase their bandwith to resell it to consumers. The CRTC knuckled under pretty quickly and on Feb. 3 announced they would review their decision of a year ago. This high level opposition to metering (or UBB for Usage Based Billing) should be applauded. All the major political parties came out against it, which goes to show how important it is to the Canadian people. It would have killed small ISPs, online services like Netflix and online gaming at the same time Canada is working to attract video game companies, small businesses that rely on the web to operate, families that use lots of bandwith, institutions like libraries and universities that provide bandwith for free, and various other high bandwith users of the Internet.

 My being used to producing engineering designs, reports, cost control reports I am used to put it into writing but I am next realy surprised how many persons in the governments, telecommunication industry find an excuse not to write back, ask instead to talk to me by phone, cause they do not want any evidences of their wrong doings in writing firstly. Just for example ask your phone company to send you a copy of your specific contract, your latest agreement details with them  and you will see jowl they are all reluctant to do so now. While they will even on the phone promise to do so they will next not do so generally. These people too often do know that they can lie on the phone without facing negative consequences, SO I LIKE TO FOLLOW UP ALL PHONE CONVERSATIONS, AGREEMENT  IN WRITING TO THEM 


The consumer abuses by   Bell, Rogers, Virgin, Telus, Primus etc. they all should be an election issue..

Majority of Canadians they just want  all pricing to be fair — and Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw and Videtron etc., so far have been anything but.
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February 3, 2011

Snow Removal

To say that Montreal or Canada now overall has had a shortage of snow the last few years is clearly an understatement. For those of you who are much older now you also can remember the good old days where we had the too often snowfall measured in many feet and not inches too 
 I would think that the city of Montreal itself would have saved loads of money these days from the budget  reduction of their snow removal alone that they could have been put to better use elsewhere. Especially like cleaning the sidewalks so elderly persons can easily walk, and anyone who is elderly experiences leg pains, walking difficulties and it realy does not help when the city of Montreal wrongfully fails to clean the sidewalk well even after a very small snow fall especially,  and it all now wrongfully makes it still very difficult for the seniors to walk now too, like in the district of Rosemont where   a lot of seniors do live now as well.
Maybe they can fire all those city hall employees we seem too often to see driving around in their city supplied trucks in the summer doing nothing and instead  use them rightfully  to clean the sidewalks in the winter ?
How is the  snow removal on your streets?
And what

Unacceptable ABUSES by the PROFESSIONALS even

Just  cause a person now has an University or a  College degree it does not mean now even that  he or she is a saint, even godly or moral  for that matter. I have already encountered myself now too many crooked lawyers, crooked accountants, bad doctors and bad Nurses, to believe that most of them are saints.
When you get older, over 45 you  do start to appreciate the value  of medicine  for your pains, ailments, sickness and you do thus spend more time at the local pharmacies. Not by any personal choice now as well.  
Now every one can readily know that to get customers these days the big firms tend to lie too often, for they promise, do make claim they care about the good welfare of the customer, they provide a decent, honourable , reliable service  which is too often now nothing like the reality, not  the truth as well. That includes the major telecommunications firms like Telus, Rogers, Bell, Primus or what ever, if you here don’t believe me do try to complain about something, especially about your billings, and see how in fact they do respond.
But a very bad customer services too  often these days come unacceptable from the Big Pharmacy chains now as well , even  firms like Jean Coutu and Pharma-Prix, Shoppers Drug mart  both are know to be amongst the worst, realy bad. Now this bad services comes from both the male and female pharmacists.. for  it seems some of these young college graduates do seem to wrongfully  think that just cause they finished a college now  they themselves do not have to be kind, decent, respectable to others anymore, that they are above us other folks, college education what makes them superior in some way?  
Now I recently went to many a drug store to get a refill for an off the shelf medicine Solu Net that was kept behind the dugs counter, and 2 drugs stores pharmacists next had  refused to even serve me, yes both a Pharma Prix and a Jean Coutu. The fact that I had bought the same medicine 2 weeks ago for $2,99 did not matter to them, they were not interested to sell it to me right now and the Pharmacist at Pharma prix now  told me to come back next week for it.. Dream on.. I loudly asked to speak the   store manager to find out why he the pharmacists was so lazy that he could not give it to me right now, the previous pharmacists had not problems selling it to me… I said out loud that was not going anywhere till I got my medicine too,  and subsequently they quite readily gave it. sold it   to me and the same bad pharmacist now had an embarrassed look on his face. Why could they all not be so nice in the first place.Why? because the  selfish, self center  bullies do too now still do often exist  in the Banks, Civil and public services,  and in the medical fields, including too many cops, receptionists, Nurses and Pharmacists who themselves now wrongfully are used to order other people around, force them into submission, a common negative behavior that I rightfully do not accept and expose it for what it is, unacceptable perversity. Professional Resect has to be rightfully  earned still in my book.
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