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April 26, 2010

Even why up to 30 Somalis murdered in Alberta

Alberta has become the devil’s belt and it is no longer the Bible Belt or God’s country, already has long been known to be a racist, red necked province that too readily hates others.. it also still has a high misrepresentation of natives arrested now as well.. It’s letter of the law oriented  law enforcement community, justice systems  are known to be bigoted as well even in my own direct experiences.  Incompetent, want-a-be Police rejects looking for a raise, promotion is too typical of the bad police enforcements in Alberta.. and so many of them too.. Stay away from Alberta!!!

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FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. – Alberta’s Somali community is which is mostly Muslim is  accusing the province’s justice minister of playing political games by refusing to set up a task force to find out why so many young Somali-Canadians have died violently in the province. A 19-year-old who was facing drug charges became the latest Somali murder victim on the weekend in the oilsands town of Fort McMurray, a hotbed for the illegal drug trade.  Abdinasir Ali had moved to the province from Toronto to find work in the oilpatch. Police have identified him by a different name: Abdinasir Abdulkadir Dirie. The Canadian Somali Congress has partnered with Edmonton’s Alberta Somali Community Centre to push for a province-led task force to investigate up to 30 Somali deaths in Alberta since 2005. But Mahamad Accord, director of the Somali Community Centre, says  “How much are the lives of 30 people worth?” “There is a political game being played here.”  plans to continue a campaign to pressure the Alberta government to change its position. So far, 1,500 signatures have been collected on a petition calling for a task force and Accord says demonstrations and legal action are also being considered.    A second part of their petition demands that more police and judicial resources be put towards solving “all the outstanding cases before they turn cold. Community members say that not all of the people slain had criminal connections, though drugs are suspected to be at the root of some of the slayings. Over and over again, Canadians of Somali descent have ended up dead in Alberta as a result of violence. The fact that most of these persons of Somali descent are also Muslims may have a bearing on it too..   Freedom of religion does not apply to Islam, cause it is a cult, it demands blind loyalty, obedience to it’s false teachings. FORT McMURRAY, Alta used to be one of the friendliest  places in Canada, I know as I  had worked there too..


“what do expect from Texas oil country north, a land that has lost most of its social fabric to greed and individual pursuit of a God given right to profiteer from the Earth. Same government tried to denounce a doctor concerned about high rare cancer rates north of the tar sands in Fort Chip”


So vehicular  speeding is no the major cause of accidents, deaths but drugs and impaired driving and yet the Alberta police like to go after speeders, over the drunk drivers still and why was that?


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