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April 28, 2010

in regard to toughest impaired-driving laws in the country


New laws target drinking drivers Victoria Times Colonist -Victoria, BC – The BC government moved Tuesday to establish what it says are the toughest impaired-driving laws in the country. Under legislation that critics say will “decriminalize” drunk driving, police will have new discretion to immediately ban a person from driving and impose a fine — even if their blood-alcohol level doesn’t break any criminal laws. People who blow a “warn” on a roadside screening device will face a $200 fine and a three-day driving ban. At present, they would only receive a 24-hour suspension for registering a blood-alcohol level between .05 and .08 per cent, the level at which it becomes a criminal offence to get behind the wheel. The new penalties escalate to a $300 fine and a seven-day ban for the second “warn” in five years, and $400 and a 30-day ban for the third.  Those drivers who “fail” a roadside test because their blood-alcohol level is over .08 could now receive an immediate 90-day driving ban and a $500 fine in addition to any criminal charges. There is currently no administrative penalty and the driving ban doesn’t take effect for three weeks.

BC to up drunk driving costs Metro Canada – Vancouver Montreal Gazette – Global BC – News1130 – 24 Hours Vancouver
and why is there here too no single cohesive drunk driving law for all of Canada, not just piece meal laws in every different province? A national approach  would be much more effective than 10 provinces all trying to cut their own laws.  The federal government has been strangely quiet on this subject too. It’s time that changed. Tell them so now too.
Majority of accidents are caused by the drunk drivers firstly still. Police do not regularly, actively, year around purse them and why?  More people die from alcohol, drugs, hospital neglect, and yet more money is being paid on catching mainly the  speeders.. Police do not mind harassing still the ordinary folks with revenue generating  traffic, parking, speeding tickets though

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