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May 31, 2011

Healthy eating and healthy living


Too many persons still do falsely still do think they can eat whatever they want, or do what they want personally and next they will not reap any negative Karma, they will not reap what they had sowed. Dream on! Guess why so many people are next sick now too..


In Canada hundreds of thousands of persons do annually die from heart diseases, cancer, diabetes still and why Is that? is it from smoking cigarettes and their  drinking alcohol too much? or what else?

The reality is that most people are still busy even doing their own thing, the professionals, doctors and nurses included now, they themselves do know very little about healthy food, healthy eating, or what basically causes cancer, heart diseases, diabetes. etc…

And too many persons still ignorant do mainly and wrongfully attribute diabetes solely to sugar consumption neglecting many other essential factors as well. The most common nutrition myth is probably that sugar causes diabetes. The main risk factors for Type 2 diabetes are not eating regularly, not eating smaller portions of food more often, or a diet high in calories, being overweight, and an inactive lifestyle. If you have diabetes, you still do need to watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake, with the help of your Registered Dietitian, to properly manage your blood sugar level. Fortunately, the complications of diabetes can be prevented, delayed, or slowed by controlling blood glucose levels to as close to the normal range as possible and this still does involves eating more regularly, and eating more proper foods as well.For all persons even a diabetic skipping meals is a bad disruption. It is important to not skip meals because it disrupts the blood sugar regulation. Some oral diabetes medications (like Metformin a first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes ) should always also be taken with meals. Since most oral diabetes medications don’t work immediately (like for example a pain medication), but rather they have a cumulative effect to be therapeutic. It has been shown that keeping blood sugars as near to normal as possible helps reduce the long-term complications of diabetes. As a diabetic, you should not skip meals nut should take the oral diabetes medication everyday at approximately the same time. By skipping one’s medications as well, one is not getting the full benefit of them. Not skipping meals allows the body to achieve a steady blood sugar level in the body. For example, if a diabetic skips a meal their blood sugar could drop, which is called hypoglycemia which can lead to more serious medical aspects too..

In reality Canada’s major personal sicknesses, major causes of personal deaths are still mainly related to even the  basics of one’s bad food intake, or to one’s  lack of sleep, or a lack of exercise and even due to taking  bad drugs and one’s alcohol consumption plus also one’s personal failure to reduce or to deal properly with ones inadequate negative personal stresses that we all do too often encounter in real life.

10 Diet & Nutrition Myths Debunked
1 The most common nutrition myth is probably that sugar that mainly causes diabetes, first look elsewhere rather..
2 Myth- All Fats are bad It’s a long-held nutrition myth that all fats are bad. But the fact is, we all need fat.
3 Myth- Brown Sugar is better than White Sugar. The brown sugar sold at grocery stores is actually white granulated sugar with added molasses.
4 Myth- Brown Eggs are more nutritious than White Eggs Contrary to a widely believed nutrition myth, eggshell color has nothing to do with the quality, flavor, nutritive value, cooking characteristics, or shell thickness of an egg
5 Myth- Avoid seafood to lower blood cholesterol In fact, the dietary cholesterol found in seafood and other meats has little effect on blood cholesterol in most people.
6 Myth- Avoid carbohydrate to lose weight or that the carbohydrates promote insulin production
7 Myth- Avoid nuts as they are fattening, but if you can restrain yourself from overeating them, nuts can be a part of a healthy diet.
8 Myth- Eating for 2 is necessary during pregnancy
9 Myth- Skipping meals can help lose weight. The People who think skipping meals means weight loss do not understand how our bodies work.
A better approach is to eat smaller frequent healthy meals and snacks to keep your blood sugar balanced.
10 Myth- Red meat is bad for health. It is true that some studies have linked red meat with increased risk of heart disease, partly due to the saturated fat content. In fact, even chicken can contain as much saturated fat as lean cuts of beef or pork. Instead of excluding red meats, choose leaner cuts of beef and pork. For beef, choose eye of round, top round roast, top sirloin and flank; for pork, choose tenderloin and loin chops.

Myth 11 Brown sugar is healthier over white sugar.. basicaly they are the same.

Here is another sad truth, if you do not want to listen to the common sense, established health facts you can always find a liar who  will support your views but nevertheless you will reap what you sow in your health now still too

In a new report, a large group of American doctors urge kids and  teens to avoid energy drinks and only consume sports drinks in limited  amount. Florida pediatricians described cases of seizures, delusions, heart problems and kidney or liver damage in people who had drunk one or more  non-alcoholic energy drinks — including brands like Red Bull, Spike Shooter and Redline.

While it is true that all people do need to be energetic and not hyperactive, melancholy rather as well but first when we have learned to help ourselves we next can also help others.

Here are some more  important truths related to being healthy

1 Good food and good eating habits will even let you sleep better, and also help you you get a proper night sleep. Too many persons now do suffer as a result of their lack of sleep which affects negatively their health  and bery serioulsy

2 In the real world and in the ideal world your own mother, and not someone else firstly should have taught you how too even eat the proper food, plus as to what food is good and appropriate for you to eat, and even how to properly prepare it. Unfortunately as it is too often the case if your mother is not a good dietician or a great cook and/or she is also very ignorant on the subject so next will the rest of the family unacceptably be as well.

Now also our general education system itself still often fails to deal with the topic of staying healthy, what is good food, on good eating habits as well adequately. Kind of explains why so many doctors, nurses, professionals themselves do not eat the healthy, or proper food.

And we are next left to governments and big corporations, the big money hungry corporations who too often have hidden agendas and as a result they do present half or distorted truth, health facts and do not tell is all that we personally do need to know.

Ezek 34:4 The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them. 5 And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were scattered. 6 My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did search or seek after them.

3 Too many persons also do fail to understand, fail to realize the importance of a proper, adequately working food digestion system now as well. They firstly do fail to realize the importance of basic water consumptions in helping all of our food intake to digest and they do not drink enough water, or wrongfully consume caffeine, alcohol that causes more dehydration even, as well which leads to both digestion and heart, cancer problems often too. Knowing how your digestive system is supposed to work will help you.

Even before you eat, when you smell a tasty food, see it, or think about it, digestion begins. Saliva (say: suh-lye-vuh), or spit, begins to form in your mouth. Your digestive system started working even before you took the first bite of your food. And the digestive system will be busy at work on your chewed-up lfood  for the next few hours — or sometimes days, depending upon what you’ve eaten. This process, called digestion, allows your body to get the nutrients and energy it needs from the food you eat. So let’s find out what’s happening to that pizza, orange, and milk. When you do eat, the saliva breaks down the chemicals in the food a bit, which helps make the food mushy and easy to swallow.

Now also next we have to understand what products do cause dehydration, such as coffee, alcohol, the products that do affect the stomach juices and one’s ability to properly digest foods and rather which can have a very negative effect on our heart, health.

4 Now add to this the fact that too many people fail to understand what is that it leads to one having diabetes next as well.. and the issue is not just your sugar consumptions. I am shocked as to how ignorant people are when it comes to the aspect of sugar consumption and how overboard they do also go..

Most People also do still fail to see  also still that salt is bad for you since it retains water in the blood  and increases one’s heart stress as a direct result.

5 Next we relatedly too often have the religious inclined discussions, and a lack of understanding on the danger or benefit of fat, meat, good and bad cholesterol.. or vegetarians versus non vegetarians. Here is the reality skinny persons too often die as much as fat people due to the major sicknesses too.. You need fats to survive and be healthy, but you need to choose the right ones.

There are also both good and bad fats and good and bad sugars. Also Sugar alone does not lead to diabetes, but rather one’s poor eating habits, eating meals irregularly or skipping them ..

Fat vs. Sugar – Which Is Worse?

The website for the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois states that fat is crucial for “normal growth and development, energy, absorbing certain vitamins, and maintaining cell membranes.” The United States Department of Agriculture now recommends that fat make up 20 percent to 35 percent of daily calorie intake, and some nutritionists encourage an even higher percentage of fat consumption. Heather Fleming, a nutrition consultant for Conscious Nutrition, recommends two servings of healthy fat per meal, for a total of six servings per day. Ms. Fleming says that healthy fats are essential and are like “oil for the body…Our cells are made of phospholipids, and that’s where the healthy fats…go to reenergize the cells.”

Still we all do need to deal personally with all these aspects and to get, have a proper understanding here now still as well and not just absurdly say Any fat or Sugar Is Ruining Your Health or say that one can eat whatever one wants.

also do see my health blog for more info.. or

.. get a healthy life and not a sick one.

Three of the clearly sad aspects of Medicare, medical care in Canada too often are that
1: Too many of the sick patients have spend a lifetime getting sick and they seem next to want an immediate instant, permanent cure, even without any effort, work , inconvenience,pain or fuss on their own parts. Here they do too often unrealistically expect rather the pretentious ambulance doctor to even come to their home and find, and next to deliver an instant medical cure for their major ailment.
2: Also they do all mostly fail to realize that the family doctor he or she cannot basically help them when they develop a major sickness, in the 20 minutes allotted to him or her every 3 months for he or she firstly basically cannot realistically help the patient, they thus really cannot discover their major sickness for he or she does not have the time, resources to do so. Hiring more nurses receptionists helps nothing here
3: Only the overcrowded already major hospitals have the staff, resources, equipment to help people who have a serious sickness and they tend to have their own schedules, priorities. They work weekdays 9-4 only.

And Fourthly even the generally over priced price gouging, often not fully medically competent pharmacist, pharmacies, and the dermatologist included are basically no help in what they recommend, prescribe if you have a major illness to.. for example a major unknown foot disease..

Now with Canada rapidly aging seniors population medical care will certainly only get worse based on how pretentions and our still mostly useless our health ministers, politicians too tend to ne in all this too.
Canada is already known for having bad pretentious civil and public servants that do not care about others good health too.  


PS: Doctors are not Gods.  Even the good Doctors are not Gods, they do not  know it all, some are rather still stupid when it comes to effectively  helping  a sick person.The professional quality of a medical doctors lies not just in his university and clinical training but it also lies in the degree of his or her  actual  field experience and   being kept updated with the medical advancements. Kinda of explains while some doctors have not been initially able to  help me with my severe medical problems and thus they have too often wrongfully forced me to seek the expertise of many other doctors next too. Doctors are not Gods, some rather are still  very bad sinners who do for billing purposes now  lie and pretend that they are good doctors still too. Self regulation of the bad doctors too often is still mere masturbations. We need an enforced  federal Bill that will tighten the  regulation of doctors and clarify the obligations of the medical and law-enforcement communities to report, communicate, act upon all of the suspected physician misconduct and patient neglect,  abuse.


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April 25, 2010



 The spate of  several allegations over potentially illegal fundraising dogging the Charest government, allvery embarrassing scandals has already   sent the Liberal Quebec Premier Jean Charest’s popularity spiraling downward in recent months.The opposition  want a public inquiry that would examine the fundraising of a governing Liberal party they call corrupt. They also want more details on the $75,000 separate salary that the Liberal party has paid Charest for years, including information about how that money is raised. The Opposition says the premier should earn his living from the government alone – and not from party donors. One reporter, during a news conference  , asked what the difference was between the Quebec family minister  MNA Tony Tomassi using a corporate credit card and Charest collecting a separate salary that the Liberal party raises from donors.
Embattled Quebec Premier Jean Charest and his bad government are embroiled in a series of controversies over influence-peddling now have held a rare all smoke and mirrors Sunday cabinet meeting to officially adopt a  false austerity measures, even to clearly try shift debate away from the too many  scandals that have plagued this Quebec government . By 2013-2014. the government said it will cut operations and administrative costs by 10 per cent in departments and agencies. It will also immediately slash advertising, training and travel costs by 25 per cent. The meeting took place amid rumours of an impending cabinet shuffle. The also still useless province’s economic development minister Clement Gignac, my own local MLA has yet to even reply to a single related mail of mine.. Several recent polls have shown the Quebec’s government’s approval ratings rigthfully as hitting  rock bottom, due  also to  the allegations by former justice minister Marc Bellemare that Liberal fundraisers had a say in nominating provincial judges and Jean Charest ‘s  party’s bad  ties to the construction industry scandals, corruptions still and the Quebec’s government’s allocation of subsidized day-care spots, which the Opposition claims tends to favour Liberal donors. Immoral Quebec Liberal Finance Minister Raymond Bachand has promised the Quebec government will be raising revenues through a series of tax and fee hikes, including a $200 annual health deductible making the poor people pay heavily for this Government’s ministers poor acts, incompetence.
 Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty is one of the best approach serving everyone’s best interest too.  
People in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too. It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks. Too many police officers are now too often guilty of their most serious neglect of public trust and their duty. The related truth is that neither an independent police investigation, a new police commissioner,  a promised provincial or federal investigation, or just more politicians promises too often still   will not bring the much needed justice. All of the governments can prohibit the initial and further employment of any known racists for any jobs, and can  punish them for their racists acts, views. Police managers continue to promise the reforming of bad cops and the bad cops keep killing, abusing  innocent persons. The possible retaining of bad  police officers is always anyway a false myth. What thus is always needed is the real  the dismissal, criminal prosecution, of the guilty cops. So where is it? Speeding is not the main cause of car accidents, impaired driving is, but too many cops are alcoholics it seems who wrongfully do sympathize with drunks and as a result do not arrest drunks all year
Besides the interns, medical doctors and nurses in training the rest of the doctors and nurses are never supervised, they tend to be free to do what they want and are rarely held accountable or cost effective by the hospital administrators themselves who do too readily give themselves even large raises and perks, nice offices.. and then the government says it is concerned about the rising health care costs, that are for sure running away, when the clearly still useless Health Minister, in Quebec as well,  all he can do, suggest is to raise taxes again and again.. AND this is what is definitely known as really bad management, the governments putting more money into pail full of holes still!

MONTREAL – A police probe into Quebec’s construction industry has made its biggest arrests so far. Three people were detained today — including the former mayor of the Montreal borough of Outremont. The accused face a variety of charges including fraud, breach of trust, falsifying documents and conspiracy. Among them is Stephane Harbour who resigned as Outremont’s mayor in 2007 after a spending scandal. Police say the alleged crimes occurred between 2005 and 2008.The accused must appear in court March 6. Quebec has been rocked by allegations of criminal collusion in a scandal that involves the construction industry, politicians, and the Mafia.Premier Jean Charest’s refusal to call a public inquiry is one of the reasons his popularity has taken a beating. 

 Since I clearly, openly do not write to win political or any popularity support I know you will also  find some shocking truths in my expose of Canadian Life in reality even how the immoral, cheap  Quebec government wrongfully  allows elderly patients to die by not force feeding them or providing them any depression counseling.
I personally in Montreal Quebec now  have the last 4 months dealt directly with the Quebec social service workers, in regard to even my elderly senior father and real workers and you cannot call them that at all, try useless functionaries, fraud artists, incompetents, pretenders..
“Shortly before her death in 2004, retired music teacher and Richmond resident Phyllis Taylor had Lawyer David William Blinkhorn draw up a will to distribute her $260,000 estate.A niece was supposed to get $5,000, while a second person, a young woman, was to benefit from a $25,000 education trust fund. The rest of the money was to be shared between the Richmond Hospital Foundation, the SPCA, the Salvation Army and a scholarship fund for students “of British, Scottish or Irish descent who reside in Richmond. ”The Phyllis Taylor Scholarship Fund, as it was to be named, was supposed to be funded with a minimum of $100,000 from the estate. Instead, according to the audit, most of the money ended up in Blinkhorn’s own bank accounts. The two people named in her will got what they were entitled to and the hospital foundation received $25,000. However, it appears there was no money for the scholarship fund, the SPCA or the Salvation Army. By January of 2006, there was only $6.62 left in the Taylor trust account. When a divorcing couple deposited $58,000 from the sale of the family home in a trust fund controlled by Blinkhorn, he used the money to pay himself and other clients instead.  A teenager who suffered disfiguring scars in a motor vehicle accident never got the $21,000 in ICBC settlement money from a Blinkhorn-controlled trust fund.  Blinkhorn also took money from a visually impaired client, $9,000 that was supposed to help pay a loan for renovations to make the client’s home safer for a blind person.”
Lawyer David William Blinkhorn,   has been disbarred,  banned from being a lawyer and fined $37,000 for professional misconduct, taking money,   stealing from clients,  from HIS client accounts AND for  lying. tHE  Law Society of B.C., the body that regulates and licenses all lawyers in the province, calls Blinkhorn’s conduct “disgraceful and dishonourable.” The law society panel  also said Blinkhorn admitted he knew what he was doing when he did it, and that he knew it was wrong.Over a period of seven years from 1999 to 2006, Blinkhorn moved money from client bank accounts without telling them and without keeping records of the transactions, the society ruling report says.    A forensic accounting audit ordered by the society shows several client accounts were repeatedly raided by Blinkhorn. “…stealing and lying is exactly what he did, repetitively, for an extended period of time,” BUT DID HE STILL RETURN THE STOLEN MONEY?
AND WHAT ABOUT THE HEALTH MINISTERS, PREMIERS WHO DO ALSO Allow our taxpayer’s money to be abused still AND should they not be banned too ASAP? WELL?

Two more arrests in corruption probe  Montreal Gazette – A police task force probing corruption in the province yesterday arrested two Montreal-area businessmen who are alleged to have tried to bribe a city worker to grant construction permits.

Quebec corruption probe nets 2 more arrests

 Quebec minister denies she’s focus of funding probe
Vancouver Sun – – CJAD

Quebec’s elections chief probing Liberal Party contributions Globe and Mail – Quebec Transport Minister Julie Boulet reacts to the auditor general’s report, Wednesday, Nov.18, 2009 at the Quebec legislature in Quebec City.

Charest Liberals now face fundraising probes
Quebec’s Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis trying to fight off the attacks of the Parti Québécois and the Action démocratique du Québec opposition over the opposition accusations of him interfering with provincial police , allegations he helped a generous Liberal Party contributor, BCIA Inc., the private security, to  acquire a firearms licence by agreeing to meet the BCIA  owner Luigi Coretti after the Sûreté du Québec refused Coretti a permit to carry a handgun in 2008. Coretti gave about $8,000 to the Liberals in recent years.  After a meeting with Dupuis, then with the minister’s chief of staff Jocelyn Turcotte, and a phone call from Turcotte to the provincial police force, Coretti did get his handgun permit.  Dupuis said that as minister of public security,  he did not know Coretti had government contracts and didn’t know why Coretti wanted to meet with him. Sounds like a very poor security minister even. As I know firsthand even my local Quebec Liberal MNA often gives priority to the  business persons too.. The disgraced former Quebec Liberal minister Tony Tomassi  himself was fired by Charest for using a credit card furnished by the BCIA security firm. Police are now investigating whether Mr. Tomassi received an allowance from the National Assembly for travel expenses while at the same time having the expenses covered by the BCIA-owned credit card.  BCIA filed for bankruptcy last month. It had received several million dollars in government agency contracts and subsidies since 2008.
Finance Minister Raymond Bachand found himself answering questions about his hard-to-miss appearance at Monday night’s Canadiens-Penguins nail-biter playoff game. Bachand was right behind the Habs bench, a guest of club president Pierre Boivin. Seated beside Bachand, who is minister responsible for Montreal, was one of the country’s most influential bankers, BMO president Jacques Ménard. It seemed the whole world noticed
HOW MUCH OF A FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION DO I first still now HAVE TO MAKE TO THE LIBERAL PARTY FIRST FOR THEM MY MNA Clément Gignac also now as well as the justice minister TO REPLY TO ME? and to adequately deal with the issues detailed to him? As I know firsthand even my local Quebec Liberal MNA often gives priority to the  business persons too..

All pharmacists do note – Why do we pay so much for drugs?


 Even if for billing purposes they too often do lie here the reality that is, the too often inadequate, pretentious  doctor or a pharmacist or a nurse, a medical technician as them now supposedly  being  all knowing, experts too but still they  are not infallible, and they can only help you now according their their judgment call which is limited by the amount of direct knowledge,  direct experience, expertise that they  do have. 
Now I have had a skin rashes  on my hand and I have been to 2 hospital emergency departments within the last many months and yet none of them were able to help me, I had consulted even a pharmacist often in the matter. So what had helped me the most next was was off the counter medicine that  I get in a dollar store, by reading the labels on the medication I was able to choose myself an appropriate medicine.
 Now we all know how cumbersome and costly the Medicare- pharmacy system  are.. One doctor has to refer me to another doctor who tend makes a costly  prescription for two weeks and I have to return back to the doctor… and the medical establishment,end basically here was the sole one that prospered the most..More medicine should be available off the counter in non pharmacists stores.. since we can  all  know that the pharmacists too get rich with their price gouging profit   margins of 1200 percent or more.. 
 Those price gouging, pretentious pharmacies crying wolf, crying that they are not getting enough profit.. and what a ridiculous approach. When you are a senior like me who has learned that if you take your medicine you will next live longer, and who has also learned that in real life we cannot hope to live adequately without medicine and doctors, I also have had plenty of time to shop in too many drug stores too. I thus  have undeniably have noticed the serious, big price differences for the same items in tpp many stores. And I know that my local pharmacy has often a 700 percent price mark up on many of  their goods .. yes kinda of  greedy..  I heard the owner recently  of a pharmacy bragging that he was buying medical accessories for 7 dollars and selling them from 70 dollars in his store.

Generic drug costs can be cut: report – Canadians spend too much for generic drugs but there are ways to reduce the costs, according to a report released Friday. The Health Council of Canada’s discussion paper calls for greater transparency on generic drug pricing as provincial governments

Canadians pay too much for generic drugs: report Vancouver Sun

Reforms will make drugs more affordable Standard Freeholder

Canada NewsWire (press release) – Irish Times – Irish Health – Irish Independent

Why is Ontario, the largest buyer of drugs in Canada, one of the largest in the world, paying the highest prices? When I go home, and talk to my neighbours — many of them seniors on pensions who’ve worked hard for thier money all their lives — they too do want to know. Why do we pay so much for drugs?  Here’s an example: Ranitidine. Ontario pays 40 cents per unit wholesale. In the United States 18 cents. Metformin, for diabetics, nine cents in Ontario, one cent in the United States. When you compare our prices with Europe, it’s the same story. Where’s the logic? So what does Shoppers Drug Mart — which by the way made half a billion in profits last year — do? They very strategically target London, home of Deb Matthews, Minister of Health, and they curtail drug store hours. I call that holding patients hostage. Sandra Pupatello  MPP for Windsor West and Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development .

 No one denies that innovative pharmaceutical products play a key role in ensuring improvements in our health. We’re talking about the price. Is it possible to get the same or better outcomes while spending less?  Quebec, too, has a problem with high-priced medications. There are reasons to be sceptical about the high prices charged by the companies which develop our new medications, but there are even more reasons to wonder why copy-cat companies, which pay for no R&D, should charge so much for their versions. Prescription drugs now make up the second-largest element in health spending in Canada, reaching 16.4 per cent, or $30 billion last year. Drug pricing is complicated, especially in Quebec. This province has made special concessions to the pharmaceutical industry – including buying full-price brand-name drugs for the first 15 years a drug is on the market, not the usual 10 years. In return, Quebec-based pharmaceutical companies carry out up to 45 per cent of all Canadian research on and development of prescription drugs. 

All pharmacists do note it’s important always to talk  about reasonable, fair drug prices and to work with us all to determine better prices for all consumers.

Generics now are prescription medications whose patent has expired. They can usually be produced for a few cents per dose.  In most parts of Canada pharmacies charge huge markups on these products WITH NO JUSTIFICATION TOO.. And  whatever the technique, the results are the same. We THE CITIZENS get hosed with greed and high pricing..  The real scandal is why all this need price control by the governments now   has taken so long. There have been calls to action for more than a decade, but falsely still very precious little to show for them. In 1987, the federal government established the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. The agency controls the prices of all patent (i.e., brand-name) drugs in Canada. And it does a great job. Canada’s patent medicine prices are the envy of our neighbours. That’s why so many Americans shop for drugs here. But the board is only mandated to control brand-name products. It is not allowed to regulate generics. I should be as well. A national approach along those lines would be much more effective than 10 provinces all trying to cut their own deals.  The federal government has been strangely quiet on this file. It’s time that changed. Tell them so now too. A billion and a half dollars saved to the taxpayer is scarcely chump change. And stop now  all those kickbacks too. 


While an acrimonious showdown between Ontario and its pharmacists over ending generic drug rebates continues to fester, other provinces are watching, curious whether a similar prescription could help them control drug costs. Health ministers across Canada will watch what happens in Ontario, Manitoba Health Minister Theresa Oswald said in an interview yesterday. “In the absence of a national strategy, as provinces are trying to find their way in controlling prices, we’re going to be looking at what others are doing.” Quebec has mused about following suit with a similar policy of its own on generic drugs. A spokesman for the B.C. Ministry of Health Services wrote in an email that British Columbia is in negotiations with generic drug makers, and added, “British Columbia appreciates Ontario’s efforts to share information and keep other jurisdictions aware of developments in Ontario.” At least some provinces are blaming the federal government for a breakdown in a multi-year effort to create a National Pharmaceutical Strategy. While that process is stalled, provinces are talking at the regional level about how to join together and force drug prices down. The Western provinces are working on a common purchasing plan, while the Atlantic provinces have begun discussions of their own with regard to a co-ordinated drug buying strategy.  And the provinces must target the price of drugs in general, and not just generics.

  Mon May 3, 7:57 PM CALGARY (CBC) – An appointee to an Alberta advisory committee on health has stepped down following revelations she is a registered lobbyist for drug company, Eli Lilly.  On April 29, the province announced the start of consultation on the province’s new Alberta Health Act and named the nine advisory committee members who would assist the chairman, Fred Horne, a Edmonton Progressive Conservative MLA. In the news release, Patricia Bayne was identified as a “community member” but did not disclose that she is the senior manager for policy and government affairs with Eli Lilly. Last Thursday, the Alberta NDP announced it had also found Bayne’s name on the province’s lobbyist website. On Monday, the party took credit for forcing her to resign. Mason called the government “deceptive” for not disclosing Bayne’s affiliation and said her inclusion was part of a push to privatize the province’s health care system. Bayne was also a member of the Minister’s Advisory Committee on Health last fall.

April 5, 2010

Canada’s rapidly increasing aging seniors
Diane Ablonczy   Minister of State (Seniors) a member of the Evangelical Missionary Church in Canada. I have met her personaly too.. She is a typical perverse evangelical, so heavenly minded that she is still not a true servant of the people, she rather is no earthly good, self centered, who still never replies to any of my letters so I write many many more for all to read world wide the truth still. The federal health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq she is no better too.  
Seniors, persons over 65  in Canada as well too often get abused, robbed from, neglected, mistreated still too. And the number of Canadian seniors is expected to double over the next 25 years. Between 2015 and 2021, the number of seniors is expected to surpass the number of children in the Canadian population.
Firstly now too  medical doctors themselves too often give the wrong medications pills to many persons, seniors in and out of hospitals now too, pills that can cause severe and harmful  side effects. All Patients and their families, pharmacists themselves  still do need to be able to check their pills they get for possible dangerous side effects on the internet as well. It’s also  good idea for competent pharmacist  to sit down with each patient  and to review fully not only all of  their prescription medication and non-prescription medication, which is rarely ever the case.  It should also help the patients  understand what they’re taking, why they’re taking it and how it should be taken. Some pharmacists already provide a tip sheet but do not do an interactive pill analysis. Most hospitals and old age homes wrongfully still also do not give the patient a detailed list of what medication they are taking for a start. Doctors are reluctant to cancel any drugs even if they are harmful, unnecessary  given by another doctor to the same patient in reality now as well. So a patient can even be unnecessary  given 2 separate pain pills, two separate sleeping pills or what ever.. Certain pain killers and sleeping pills are already known for example to cause permanent brain damage even.  Nearly two-thirds of seniors take five or more prescriptions, recent survey suggested. And the more pills, the more chances there are for problems such as conflicts between medications, for all persons. “There’s one study that shows over 12 per cent of visits to the hospital are because of medicine misadventures,” 
Nearly two-thirds of seniors in six of Canada’s provinces have prescriptions for five or more drugs, according to a new report on drug use among this country’s older residents. The number of drugs seniors are claiming through their public drug programs has been on the rise, the Canadian Institute for Health Information study indicates. Of the six provinces studied, 62 per cent of seniors had claims for five or more kinds of drugs – up from 58 per cent in 2002 – and 21 per cent had claims for 10 or more, while another five per cent had up to 15 or more claims. And with an aging population and rising costs for pharmaceuticals,  the study raises important questions about the essential drug neglect  is  among seniors. One stops taking essential medicine is often next  fatal for many senior, sick persons already. Using multiple medications also at a time now increases also the risks of adverse events and poor drug interactions. One seriously needs to note any personal changes, due to the possible drug side effects of old and new drugs. The report indicated the highest proportion of spending was on drugs used to lower cholesterol, followed by drugs used to treat acid reflux.( Lack of eating fresh vegetables,  greens is likely the cause)  Cardiovascular drugs accounted for a third of all expenditures and spending on arthritis, Diabetes medications is also growing quickly, the researchers discovered. There aren’t a lot of studies out there on seniors prescription drug use and their related affordability among all of Canadian seniors and much more is needed here too… about 300 dollars per month too often too..
– Wait times even for for long-term care beds have tripled during the past five years. Having just spent a few months almost daily visiting the emergency rooms, old age homes I can say they are too often still badly managed, mostly job creation programs for doctors, nurses, medical staff and not any kind of decent  patient care and as a result the hospital beds were taken up by patients waiting for long term care or other community
– People, seniors  in Canadian old age homes, Hospitals  too  often are really seriously sick and even do suffer in pain for hours, days, etc.,  The law undeniably stipulates it is a criminal act to abuse a minor, any child, and to withhold, deny, to not provide proper medical aid as well and the very same law in fact legally now applies now to the abuse of any senior by any medical professional..
– People, seniors  in old age homes often are really seriously sick and suffer in pain for hours, days, etc., .. and So what?    THEY GENERALLY ARE ONLY GIVEN ACCESS by appointment only too to a too often pretentious  MEDICAL DOCTOR  ONCE A MONTH ONLY.     NOW THAT IS ABOUT AS BAD AS A BAD CHURCH PASTOR NOW TALKING TO YOU DIRECTLY ONLY 15 MINUTES A MONTH, SOMETHING YOU CAN RELATE TO AS WELL.  Now you can rightfully stipulate a new enforced law that seniors do get full access to a qualified medical doctor any time they ask for it.
– Now I have also witnessed this often with my senior father who  suffers from continual chronic pain, so he now by a doctor’s prescription is  is  allowed to request a serious pain killer 4 times a day from the on floor nursing staff first at 3 separate old age homes but he my father mostly does not get it, a blue pill. Why? Cause mainly the staff have to go through a lengthy procedure to get the pain killer! And the nursing staff instead did, do often lie to me and my father in that they say to both of us that they had given it to him already, when I am sitting in the room with him all day, and I never saw it happen. NOW I AM SURE THEY DO THAT TO MANY OTHER PATIENTS AS WELL cause we all do know by now MOSTLY THESE DAYS TOO neither doctors or nurses they are not supervised. None of it is acceptable. None of it.  In case you did not know now nurses do  lie often. I married a nurse so I know the reality firsthand.
I have detailed to you all and on the net often  how I had often witnessed nurses and doctors who did not provide adequate medical care to elderly persons in the Old Age homes, Hospitals. Including the reality the head nurse on the 3 floor of a convalescent home now had on her own authority changed the pills given to father, and had refused to give the pill that the Doctor had prescribed from the LGH hospital. Now this in fact is a too common occurrence even if it is illegal and who in reality enforces, and prosecutes such bad nurses too? I personally sat down for one hour today with the qualified, compassion head nurse, an old age home nursing director, to try to insure that my own father gets adequate pain killers 24 hours a day and specifically even four times a day as the doctor had prescribed. But she next wanted to negotiate, negotiate it now down to 2 pills a day only and why??? all cause it interfered with her nursing schedules, wow, basically it has nothing to do with the patients own good benefit or pain. Many  many people I  talk to do often complain that seniors get abused, neglected, in old age homes and hospitals and thy tend to get poor medical services and poor pain management. So what good are they   all now really doing about it all?  and also helping to insure they get adequate pain management? Honestly, they just do give out more anti depressant pills to the patients.
– Recently the executive administration of al old age home in started a full inquiry, investigation into a possible employee usage of a sick patients personal phone and their employment possible termination Management employee policy Cleary forbid this and the offence is on record, too evident.  And yet in the very same old age home, the executive management  make no such investigations, they  are generally not undertaken when an employee is alleged to have stolen money, goods from a patient, or when an employee has abused a patient or they had failed to give them a proper medication?
The lack of nurses is too often a false excuse for the whole system’s malaise..  mostly bad, pretentious supervsiors.
 – A sexy good looking nurse working hard? A very very unlikely reality. I myself now  have too often seen nurses reading magazines on their working desks as well as phoning their family members on the job. It has been also my experience that because of the too many,  too often, or mostly unsupervised or   mostly poorly supervised bad nurses, bad nursing assistants, bad nursing supervisor who are not putting in their fair share of work, that as a result the other hard working nurses have  a much too big workload. Too many bad nurses do work hard trying not to do any more work over the absolute minimum in reality still.
– I personally in Montreal Quebec now  have the last 4 months dealt directly with the Quebec social service workers, in regard to even my elderly senior father and real workers in you cannot call them that at all, try useless functionaries, fraud artists, incompetents, pretenders.. Since I clearly, openly do not write to win political or any popularity support I know you will also  find some shocking truths in my expose of Canadian Life in reality even how the immoral, cheap  Quebec government wrongfully  allows elderly patients to die by not force feeding them or providing them any depression counseling.  
– I had detailed to you all and on the net  how I had witnessed a patient for 5 days lying next to my father in the Montreal west lakeshore hospital deliberately allowed to die of starvation cause no one would feed him, counsel him.. Imagine this I next saw the very same thing a year later when I was with my mother in another Hosital even. The murder continues.
– Now when a senior  person goes into a retirement home it seems that in 50 percent of the cases a family members will try to steal their assets. money from them and all such persons should be charged in a criminal court for wrong doings and not in a civil court rather . Some bad family members even get a power of attorney over them and theur assets under false representations too.
– The Canadian Institute for Health Information released its report  finding 44 per cent of seniors in residential care have symptoms of depression.   and if you had read my blogs on the actual  care of seniors in Quebec this year  I had said the same thing even that depression counseling is not being provided  in Hospitals or old age homes not even by the Quebec social services.
A 68-year old woman who runs a seniors care facility in south Edmonton has been charged with assault. Police say Jeanne Marie Hackema is now charged  with one count of global assault, which means the assault may have been  ongoing for a period of time.  An investigation began after a complaint  surfaced about a former resident of the facility being  assaulted. 

“I thought I  have seen the worst of Canada already, Crooked lawyers, crooked accountants, bad cops, bad judges, bad politicians, bad pastors and bad church elders.. but now the last 4 months I have seen directly seniors sickness, death, dying, loss of memory.. One thing I these days too often have  encountered are those criminal medical workers who have become falsely indifferent, calloused to the pain of others…  My elderly father   had asked to be taken to the hospital again because he had severe pain, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, he just recently had congestive heart failure. When he arrived a the hospital on a scale of one to ten his pain was ten. The emergency staff went immediately through their routines, x-rays, blood pressure blood tests, etc.. even some useless ones.. and the actual test results would be next a few hours later as the medical staff paced itself slowly for for a hopefully slow evening  ahead of them. A variety of problems were considered, infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, water on the lungs.. and needless to say my hungry father was forced to skip his meal as well.. a few hours later with no visible medical actions my father’s had even pain doubled.. I called for the nurse on duty but 15 minutes she did not come cause she was too busy elsewhere. So I demanded immediately to see the doctor now and explained to them all that he was in severe unacceptable pain. Immediately next a variety of simultaneous solutions were incorporated but solely after my demand now, including  nitro glycerin spray, a morphine based pain killer, antibiotics. a diuretic pill to remove possible excess water on the lungs as well. Clearly the emergency medical staff here even needed to be better supervised to produce the much need serious results next shown. My father today was admitted to the emergency hospital because of severe pain and breathing  problems, turns out that no one at the LGH  after this congestive heart failure had firstly even told my father or me that he had to limit his drinking water to two cups a day, a very standard medical advice.. my father was drinking at least 6 cups a day, and even a very young doctor here had quickly discovered the problem now when forced to upon her first serious examination, and she was also able to prescribe an immediate pain killer, morphine base that solved his pain.. and we did not have to wait hours or months for a suitable pain killer too.  Doctors and nurses sadly often  tend not to care about the other people’s pains, only their own sadly.”


Matthews wants hospital execs’ pay tied to quality Toronto Sun –  Queen’s Park Bureau Chief Hospital executives would have to meet quality improvement targets to earn their full pay under new provincial legislation introduced Monday.


Ontario begins health-care system overhaul

Nurses who work with doctors often tell me that the  type of medical services you get really depends on the doctor himself, for there are some really good doctors and some really bad bad lazy doctors. A medical degree from any university too does not  insure that any  person now is a good doctor. Even doctors need to be supervised.  I have to admit I am still too often amazed when I do personally encounter good doctors,  and good nurses, to me they seem to be the exception and not the norm these days still.. 
For a too typical recent example, one I have often seen too, my elderly father is spending a week in a major decent hospital and he next also develops diarrhea, so he now even shits in his bed, and he gets his linen dirty, all cause he had firstly ranged the bell for the nurse for a whole  hour at 8.00 am even, and no one came to help him get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Bad enough a half an hour later they also do let him lie in it.. untill I show up.. me the supervisor.. So I next personally dump his dirty line on the floor.. now the passing nurse sees my presence and my acts so she calls for others to come, and quickly they all come, the floor cleaner, the orderly, the nurse too.. to do their work they are being paid for too.. and what where they waiting for? A supervisor like me to come and to make them work otherwise most of them still they try their best not to work, and this is a common fact of life and not a rarity.. so now do not leave your loved one alone in the hospital, visit them often to insure they are being properly looked after
 On top of that My father has now even been robbed twice in his room, cash was taken from his wallet by the hospital staff in 2 separate hospitals now  too. If we cannot trust the staff not to steal money then how can we trust them to provide decent medical services now as well?
Thu Apr 15, 9:36 PM  WINNIPEG (CBC) – The Manitoba NDP government is being criticized for a sharp rise in cancellations of heart surgeries and cardiac-related tests over the last three years. Opposition health critic Myrna Driedger said on Thursday that between 2006 and the end of 2009, the number of cancelled heart surgeries has risen dramatically. “There were 116 cancellations in 2006, but in 2009, that number more than doubled to 262 including 43 cancellations in the month of December alone,” Driedger said in a statement. The Progressive Conservative MLA said she has spoken to front-line doctors who say bed shortages in the cardiac intensive care unit at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg are to blame. The average wait time for cardiac surgery in February was 36 days, Driedger said, adding that patients needing elective surgeries can wait up to two months. Patients needing heart stress tests and other diagnostic measures are also subject to months-long waits, Driedger said. A spokeswoman for Manitoba Health confirmed that Driedger’s numbers were correct but said factors such as the annual increase in the number of patients with cardiac disease were to blame. The 43 cancellations in December were an anomaly, the spokeswoman said. By January, the waiting list had dipped down to 18.
Life expectancy for seniors over age 65 has also been rising. On average, a 65-year-old man could look forward to 18.1 more years of life in 2005-2007, up 2.0 years from a decade earlier, while a 65-year-old woman could expect to live an additional 21.3 years, an increase of 1.3 years.
CANADA’S POORLY SUPERVISED MEDICARE 500 patients get warning about chance of infection from testingVancouver Sun – Patients on Vancouver Island could be seeing more of their doctor for other types of testing after contamination was found on endoscopes at Victoria General Hospital.
Further more it is a sad estimated fact that less than 1/3 of medical workers do actually a full day’s pay of real, valid  work.  Face it, the  actual medical worker productivity depends on the worker you have hired, a bad worker does a lousy job compared to a good one and the  bad supervisors do tend to hire still mostly bad workers now as well, and they both should be fired ASAP. Especially in Hospitals, Seniors homes.
More serious studies are also now needed still  to see the reality as to how they the seniors now are being treated in fact when they do get sick in the Hospitals and in the old age homes.
One certainly cannot believe here the too often lying hospitals and governments who tend to falsely deny, cover up most seniors abuses, even the causes of hospital deaths.
It is also an undeniable, unacceptable Canadian fact of life that if a young person, teen, young adult goes to a hospital seriously injured, sick, they the younger persons  next would get quicker medical services over the seniors.. and so also would the hospital employees and their families, sports stars, celebrities, politicians, influential persons, wealthy donors.. the average seniors tend to get shoved over to the end?

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Proper medical care and not pretentious Medicare is still our Canadian right.
And anyone who denies it needs to be incarcerated!
Doctors, Nurses, hospital administrators, Premiers, Ministers included.
People over the age of 65 currently make up 12 per cent of the population; that number is projected to grow to 20 per cent by the year 2020 their medicalcare isgetting worse now. I rightfully still do expect them all to be arrested and charged criminally too  for their abuse of the elderly persons, of my father included. and you can write to anyone you want NOW, NEXT and see that it happens now too.
“Star lawyer calls for criminal probe into Winnipeg emergency room death City police will review evidence surrounding the death of double amputee Brian Sinclair after a national legal expert lambasted the force for its “shocking” failure to investigate why Sinclair was found dead after 34 hours in a hospital emergency room. Renowned criminal and human rights lawyer Clayton Ruby criticized the Winnipeg Police Service on Wednesday, saying he believes charges of criminal negligence causing death and failure to provide the necessaries of life could be laid against Health Sciences Centre and medical staff in charge of its ER.”
9:47 AM on March 28, 2010 This red-headed worker, her administrative supervisor, and the senior hospital executives who have been given any previous complaints about the worker will be subject to strong and aggressive litigation. Research and perfection of this wide spanning legal action is under way. The gazette will be keep appraised only to the extent allowable under Quebec Law. If you know of persons injured or dead as a result of malpractice actions on the part of this specific social worker, or the Lakeshore hospital please send your stories and contact information to the author of this story. Our legal action is well funded and we are interested in additional case evidence.”
Unnecessary B.C. hospital deaths Wed Apr 7, 9:02 PM  VANCOUVER (CBC) – Two patients at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital have died after an outbreak of the C. difficile bacterium. Thirteen other patients are also infected with the so-called superbug, according to the Vancouver Island Health Authority. The authority said Wednesday that the two patients who died were elderly and had underlying medical conditions. The latest death occurred Tuesday and is suspected to be due to the bacterium, while the other patient died April 1 from a confirmed C. difficile infection. The bacterium causes flu-like symptoms and severe diarrhea. This is the third outbreak of C. difficile at the hospital in the past two years. Hospital staff are now wearing protective clothing such gloves and gowns, and cleaners are using stronger disinfectants to try to contain the outbreak.
Now this still too common dark ages shit disease spreading in Hospitals, elswhere is mainly due to the poor housekeeping, the bad cleaning of the hospital toilets, their not washing their hand,  and any one using a contaminated phone  too. Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) is the one of the leading pathogens causing hospital-acquired infection . It may cause diarrhea, colitis, sepsis and lead to prolonged hospitalization and death.
Besides the related shit diseases deaths what I do rightfully also do  hate also is the smell of shit in the halls when  the patient has done a big job in their diapers and no one has yet cleaned it. I smell it too often too.
Now all of the  heart problems are for sure caused genetically, or by the food you eat,  or by lack of physical activities, exercise, or old age and also by unbeneficial stress, and  even medical neglect.
Having now personally met at least a hundred doctors, I know firsthand that when it comes to the really serious sickness, disease treatment, recognitions now too, most of the doctors still cannot tell the difference here between a patient’s ass and their elbow in reality, and they the doctors on their own cannot diagnose a disease properly, for they do mostly all rely heavily on external medical tests generally done in the emergency departments of the local hospital, which still tend to be the one place best equipped to do so too,  and when any of the doctors do even prescribe a medical test, of the common half a thousand available, they next tend to only do 1 or 2 tests and they do thus too often neglect many of the possible serious diseases the patient may have. On top of that do rest  assured that 40 percent of the medical patients in Hospitals will now next get sicker due to medical errors, medical neglect, medical incompetence and hospital acquired diseases too.

When you get old, over 65 here in Canada,  a rather poor medical services is what most of us can expect to see, now to get, in terms of valid medical treatment too, and even decades later after when I had first encountered it too in the Hospitals and in the old age Convalescent homes . Having now spent recently 4 months visiting, seeing many patients in Hospitals and old age Convalescent homes I again can certainly tell you what you can clearly expect to get and what I saw, and also as to what the difference between them the Hospitals and in the old age Convalescent homes tends to be beside my now seeing too many persons dying there.


1 – Firstly for  the  seniors in both places,the Hospitals and in the old age Convalescent homes, they do  tend to provide mainly second rate doctors, or doctors in training, either young, inexperienced doctors or those who have retired and are out of the medical loop. Not the kind of doctors I would even want to see even if I was healthy now. The doctors in Hospitals they do rather come and see the patients once a day and only during week days, and the doctors in old age homes they tend to see the patients  once a month.


2 – Now in both of these places, in the Hospital and medical convalescent old age homes, they do tend to too often have the worst, inexperienced, unqualified, persons as medical and support workers  who are undeniably unqualified, and they also are even undeniably short staffed now on weekends, holidays and night shifts as well. Even though the sick  people tend to be sick any 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Forget now also about seeing any doctors here during this period even. Never mind a decent nurse too.


3 – It amazes me how they all the Hospitals and in the old age Convalescent homes do tend to receive the same government funding but the quality and the amount of food, portions given out to the patients does tend to  significantly vary now too from one institution over the other. Some places try to feed patients who are unwilling to eat, others do not bother at all!


4- It seems no matter where you go the Nurses still undeniably do have a very  difficult time in giving the patients their proper medicine on time. and in one place your 8:00 am medicine can be given at 10:00 am or 11;45 or not given at all .. and yeah they got their false excuses.. coffee break.


5- Then there are the too common male sex maniacs in wheel chairs in old age homes that  I often see, saw who do pry about looking for a helpless single, all alone female, even in a wheel chair, and they do try to sexually force themselves upon her, do rape her. Generally there is not enough medical, or supervisory staff to insure this does not happen.


6 What they call now the recreation programs for seniors, for which some dummies, fools are being paid for too,  beside sitting at the boob Tube all day is worse now over them being in Kindergarten as well.


Recently an aged senior was in his local hospital the LGH because of Bronchitis, and firstly he managed to pick up a second hospital disease, VRE, and next he had tried to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, he had called for help, rang the buzzer but no one came to help him, so when he tried to walk on his own to the washroom he next had slipped and fell onto a chair hurting his ribs. Although the hospital staff was told immediately next morning that he was now in pain there too, and what had happened, even the nurse and doctor on duty now included, it took three days of coaching by me and him for them to do an x-ray of the this patient’s rib, something that should have been done immediately too
And you should see how disturbed both the new immigrants and also the very  educated people, even university professor now too, do get when they read my own medical services witness blogs about the Lakeshore General Hospital  for they are aghast,  shocked.. One of the many things that have shocked me was the admission, confession of many hospital workers of their now becoming totally indifferent to the needs, even the many deaths of the patients. And they do falsely claim, cop out, an invalid justification for  this  callousness that it is a direct result of them being on the medical  job now for a long time,  thus  them now getting used to the dirty aspects of the environment.. or rather in truth them succumbing to the negative reality that they were still bad medical workers to start of with. There is still never an acceptable excuse for anyone to accept the neglect, the abuse of one sick person and no matter what their age is as well now.
Here is what I find amazing, I live in one of the largest cities in Canada and in the local hospitals I still rarely can find, and talk to a really competent dietician, dermatologist, or pharmacist.
Convalescent homes tend daily now to dispose loads of pills to their seniors and yet they tend to  not have an adequate pharmacist or doctor on their staff to check the pills side effect, as I have recently even found out firsthand too.
The union, representing 55,000 nurses across Quebec, has sought a reduction of mandatory overtime hours, and limits on recruiting nurses from private agencies. Some nurses report regular double shifts, especially those with less seniority but anyone who goes into nursing expecting 9-5 hours, week day hours is a fool.. for many people are often sick 24 hours per day, and seven days a week and require permanent nursing care in hospitals and old age homes included.
and speaking of pain management … here is what I too have clearly noticed other peoples real pain does not bother too many medical staff cause it is not their own, and so they still do not care to do much about it.
 S.o heavenly minded and no earthly good still too. Too many nurses I have encountered are busy playing doctors instead of giving out the pills, if they want to be a doctor go to a medical school for 12 years first.
SASKATCHEWAN (CBC) – A newly released study suggests a third of Saskatchewan seniors who live in nursing homes have been given the wrong medication some time over a one-year period. The report from the Saskatchewan Health Quality Council, released this week, looks at a variety of different aspects of health care, including post-heart attack treatment, asthma care and the drug management of seniors. It said there has been “modest improvement” in recent years, but more work needs to be done to reduce the rates of wrong drugs given to seniors. “Potentially inappropriate high-risk medication” was given to more than one in three seniors in long-term care in 2008, the report said. About 21 per cent of nursing home residents were dispensed the wrong drugs over an extended period. The rates are somewhat lower for seniors living in their own homes about 15 per cent were “chronically” dispensed high-risk medications they didn’t need. The dangers of improperly medicating a senior are something Judy Vermette is well aware of. The wrong drugs nearly killed her 82-year-old mother five years ago when a care home nurse mistakenly gave her medication meant for someone else. “You could not wake her and you couldn’t get any sign from her at all,” she said. “The doctors even admitted she might not pull through.” Fortunately, her mother later recovered, Vermette said. The Health Quality Council is also concerned about how often prescriptions are written for benzodiazepines, a class of medications prescribed for anxiety and insomnia that has been shown to increase the risk of falling. “Sometimes these medications are maybe even short-term fixes, such as the benzodiazepines, which help to control behaviour and that kind of thing, and yet have long-term ill effects,” said Health Quality Council spokeswoman Marlene Smadu. Kim Schmidt, an operations leader at Sherbrooke Community Centre, says one problem is that many residents arrive on medications they shouldn’t be on. She also says care facilities must change some practices, like prescribing drugs too quickly. “We need to look deeper than just what is showing on the surface as a symptom,” she said. Vermette agrees, saying fewer mistakes would happen if staff had the time to review their actions. The Quality Health Council is a provincial agency that collects and analyses data on health system performance, including patient satisfaction.

Metis health study results troublingCANOE – WINNIPEG – Manitoba Metis residents are 21% more likely than others in the province to die before the age of 75. That’s among several troubling findings about Metis health in a study conducted by researchers at the University of Manitoba.

Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:40 AM
Subject: Re Canada elderly deaths.
Now seeing these dead people dying unnecessary has been one of my most ugliest, unwanted, horrid experiences in my life one I really cannot easily forget.
Sent: Friday, February 19, 2010 4:06 PM
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On behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, I wish to thank you for your Internet message of February 13, 2010. Please be assured that the matter you have raised will be given proper consideration. Yours sincerely, Lucie Christensen Correspondence Liaison Officer



Many of these persons now are seniors as well and what you really believe it is much better in many other provinces in Canada now too?


 A potentially deadly strain of fungus is spreading among animals and people in the northwestern United States and the Canadian province of British Columbia. The airborne fungus, called Cryptococcus gattii,  “This novel fungus is worrisome because it appears to be a threat to otherwise healthy people,” The new strain appears to be unusually deadly, with a mortality rate of about 25 percent among the 21 U.S. cases analyzed,  “Between 2003 and 2006, the outbreak expanded into neighboring mainland British Columbia and then into Washington and Oregon from 2005 to 2009. The spore-forming fungus can cause symptoms in people and animals two weeks or more after exposure. They include a cough that lasts for weeks, sharp chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, fever, nighttime sweats and weight loss. It will likley soon hit all of Canada too.


Charest’s popularity has sunk to an all-time low in the wake of several scandals and an unpopular budget that included new taxes and fee hikes. he next was kicked out of office as well do know by now..

Family Minister Tony Tomassi has been besieged by allegations of cronyism in the awarding of daycare contracts.


Meanwhile, Justice Minister Kathleen Weil has had to cope with the allegations of one of Charest’s former justice ministers that he was pressured to name Liberal-friendly judges to the bench. Recently, however, Weil seems to have taken over from two other cabinet colleagues Christine St-Pierre, the minister responsible for the status of women, and Yolande James, the immigration minister as the government’s spokesperson on the difficult debate over the accommodation of religious and cultural minorities.


Newspaper reports have been critical of the performance of Health Minister Yves Bolduc during recent months when concerns were raised about hospital wait times

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