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February 4, 2010

Our politicians file “excessive and unreasonable” claims Canada wide now too?

“No one is above the law. No one can spend public money without accountability,”  First major casualty of the NS spending scandal. A member of the Nova Scotia legislature  Richard Hurlburt who became a central figure in a spending allowance scandal has resigned his seat for the riding of Yarmouth on Tuesday.   Richard Hurlburt  served the province,  the people of Yarmouth  over the past 10 years.
 HALIFAX, N.S. – Clearly now Very Likely Guilty of wrong doings themselves the Leaders of Nova Scotia’s opposition parties, including the Conservatives  say it’s not their duty to identify members of their caucus whose expenses were deemed inappropriate or excessive by the province’s auditor general.
Look it is very clear to most Canadians that crooked Politicians  should be forced to resign and face criminal charges, as well as returning the stolen, abused tax payer’s money.. a hypocritical excuse, apology, returning the money is not at all enough, satisfactory. In the private sector they would have been fired at least.
Nova Scotia’s auditor general slammed the province’s expense system Wednesday and said  some politicians had filed “excessive and unreasonable” claims, in part because of inadequate spending controls. Nova Scotia MLAs are entitled to spend $45,000 a year in payments that require no receipts. Some examples of excessive spending include $13,445 for custom-made office furniture, $2,499 for a television and $738 for an espresso coffee machine. Nova Scotia Liberal Premier Darrell Dexter  was among those singled out by Lapointe for his spending practices. The office of Premier Darrell Dexter spent   $2,150   on a digital camera and $5,501 for two laptops also items that Lapointe only now had agreed, said were excessive. Natural Resources Minister John MacDonell,  agreed with the report’s conclusion that spending over $13,000 on custom-made office furniture was excessive. He said he had paid back the money for the furniture.  MacDonell also spent $2,600 on an office printer had purchased the “Cadillac of printers.”  Certainly is guilty of incompetence and mismanagement now too in other areas. And they for sure even would have not admitted, revealed their mismanagement, crimes if the report had not come out.  Nova Scotia’s deputy premier Frank Corbett  speaking out as a legislative member and not on behalf of the government said   he is sorry for inappropriate and excessive spending, wasting the taxpayer’s money, by other politicians flagged in a report by the provincial auditor general  while the rest of Nova Scotia’s public is being asked to do “hard things” as the province struggles with a $525-million deficit.  “It’s one of those things that whenever tax dollars’ money is not used wisely” but absurdly even.  

HALIFAX, N.S. – Richard Hurlburt a Conservative member of the Nova Scotia legislature who apologized last week for spending nearly $8,000 on a generator also charged taxpayers over $3,000 for the purchase and installation of a television.  No such thing as a little bit pregnant here too.

 N.S. deputy premier apology to taxpayers for excessive spending by it’s piggish members  is meaningless and so was the auditor general’s report.. The immoral and stupid auditor general Jacques Lapointe said he  he found no criminal wrongdoing was focusing on the need for better rules and accounting procedures. How stupid does he think all of the people now still are. Abuse of tax payer’s money is still theft, and theft is always  criminal offence!
 And where else has the Premier and the rest of them now  gone overboard with the abuse of the tax payer’s money spending now as well? He clearly needs to be closely watched, better monitored as well.. It seems they all need to be better controlled, serioulsy monitored now!
 And where are the RCMP, too often still, useless  bad cops when you need them here too?
Two tier Justice.  Imagine that NS  MLAs are entitled to spend $45,000 a year,  tax free income too, in payments that require no receipts while the average Joe Blow is late on his phone bill payment,  tax payment, traffic ticket  is financially penalized immediately or even jailed quickly..
Clearly all of this is just part of the unacceptable tip of the iceberg revelations, corruptions.
Do  consider  the odds of the bad, crooked, politicians being exposed or stopped by the others who seem to also do it often now too,  so it very obvious to most people that when you do read or hear about it in the news it is very  likely also only the tip of the iceberg.. 
 NB justice minister resigns over privacy issue  Justice Minsiter Bernard LeBlanc resigned Thursday after being accused of violating the privacy rights of a Fredericton-area woman. There have in the last few months been too many other NB cabinet Minister’s resignations now as well.. LeBlanc is the fourth minister to step down in the last seven months.  Former justice minister Michael Murphy and former environment minister T.J. Burke have also left the Liberal cabinet. 


Liberals defend handling of N.B. bridge contract  CBC – Thu Feb 4, 7:05 AM   A Quebec-based consortium a joint venture between Frank Catania Construction and Structal-Bridges told CBC News last week that it was unfairly disqualified in the bidding even though its bid was the lowest and was unconditional.  The Department of Transportation is again defending how it handled a contract for renovations to Fredericton’s Princess Margaret Bridge.  Progressive Conservative MLA Claude Williams demanded why Britt Dysart, the president of the New Brunswick Liberal party, was working as the government’s lawyer in the bidding process. I am concerned, as New Brunswickers should be, because there were no lawyers from the Department of Justice at that meeting. That is strange
B.C. Liberal government accused of secrecy and stonewalling  CBC – Thu Feb 4, 6:29 AM VANCOUVER (CBC) – Critics are airing complaints of provincial government secrecy and stonewalling at hearings this week looking into B.C.’s Freedom of Information Act. “I want to speak to you about a culture of secrecy and a culture of denial,” anti-abortion activist Ted Gerk said at the hearing Wednesday. Despite repeated attempts, he could not get information about the number of abortions performed in B.C. hospitals, Gerk said.
“When the Queen of the North Ferry sunk, the families of the two who went down with the ship couldn’t sue because BC ferries is sponsored by the govt (but keeps all the profit). The two citizens couldn’t afford to sue because they would have to pay for everything (at least until the case was over). They would of had to pay for witnesses, lawyers, etc. Meanwhile BC ferries has all fees paid for by taxpayers (including the two who should have sued).  Funny how a corporation has all the same rights as a human being, but does not have to follow the same moral and ethical obligations the rest of us do. ” If you are in the “right”, the party at “fault” should be responsible for your costs. The way things are now, companies and associations and governments can easily win in court by “outlasting” the other person by delaying and appealing till the person runs out of money… Just goes to show that our “rights” only go so far as our bank accounts can pay for them. Makes sense, deny a man his civil rights and then make him pay to reclaim them. Clearly ‘supreme’ is not making reference to the court’s intelligence.
Canadian Citizens are facing Police fines for using their phones while driving while Bus drivers often drive a bus and talk on the Phone in Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere. I saw one yesterday even doing a crossword puzzle while driving passengers . Montreal west island Bus Route 202

Fire all the expense account abusers. Jesus himself now how said that if a person  cannot manage effectively a small amount of money then how can they even next be really trusted with any large amounts. So when they abuse their expense accounts they show to all they need to be fired, dismissed, removed from the job for they are clearly very incompetent at any money management now still too.



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