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Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.


I lived in Canada most of my life, I went to school, church, university, courts, hospitals there now too,  and I also worked only in Canada.  So I am truly Canadian. I am now retired but I do still purse my favorite pass time, writing on subjects like free speech, religion, governments, politics, and crooks such as even the bad RCMP too.

I am transparent and fully  honest now too. Even if the bad guys do not like it. I do like to write about Christianity Truth, Freedom, Free speech, regulations, Transparency, Accountability, the government and the laws, Law and order with real justice, and gun control now as well. and the truth about Ukraine too..

I have been told one should not talk about sex, politics, religion.. cause these are touchy topics.. well I do not talk about sex often… but I openly do state that I do not approve of adultery, divorce nor does God. He and I also do not approve of tax evasions, lying, cheating stealing, bullying, abusing others, slandering others, or any of the too often crooked  professionals including crooked pastors, cops, lawyers, accountants, civil and public servants, politicians too. They still will one day reap full;y what they have sowed undebiably too.. Is that clear? 

I am retired and I have a Engineering degree, Concordia University , Montreal 1968, and I had worked as a Re/Max Realtor in Calgary too but in my decades of real life experiences, witness in Canada the still too often unenforced existing laws, regulating societies, governments clearly did not stop too many SO CALLED PROFESSIONALS IN CANADA, the Realtors, Lawyers, Pastors or even the cops now, Corporations too, SUCH AS Bell too from cheating, stealing, lying to the customers, others. It all still does not mean that I too do have to accept it quietly  too. Well I do not as you can read here..  

I too for decades have been reading newspapers daily in Canada daily to notice, to know for sure that in the News media the liberals undeniably have been the biggest Bullies, hypocrites, but also  the Conservatives undeniably have been the biggest bullies, false people abusers clearly now especially in the net too.. 

I also do dislike the Conservatives in Canada firstly for too often being like the Liberals for their often lies, pork barreling, hiring their friends into office still,  with their hidden agendas, hypocrisy etc.. I have stated that many times in writing too to all,

And me I am transparently honest, open I make no hidden disclosures about what or who I support and why. I serve a good political party that serves fairly and equally all the citizens of Canada and not mainly themselves, so that seems to leave out any existing political parties..

We firstly do need to regulate the police as well as all of the bad politicians, and all the guns too and the Arts now too. And too often in real life I do rightfully also dislike rightfully the immoral, pretentious, cost ineffective RCMP and the too often bad Canadian Police now as well

Garbage in means garbage out.. As a person who watches TV and films too , and often there is much too junk, garbage out there now too.. and much too much. There are always clearly good and bad films, programs, books and good and bad people who as well, and yes the really bad people need to be put into jail too, till they repent too.

But these people who oppose any, all censorship, or censorship of the arts, films are clearly absurd, for fair, proper, enforced regulation is a fact of life, and yes we demand and do regulate the quality of air we breathe, the water we drink, food we eat, the speed we drive any cars at, and we have a police to do this as well, but yet I support the Liberals generally and not the Conservative, for they used too look after the good welfare of all citizens, but clearly not now!

We need some regulation of the arts clearly now as well.  “I think this shows there’s something profoundly different about what these Conservative members of Parliament are saying behind closed doors and what they’re saying in public,” said Peter Julian, the NDP MP for the Vancouver riding of Burnaby-New Westminster. “You have to question Stephen Harper’s judgment in making them parliamentary secretaries or, in this case, bringing them into cabinet. It underlines their hypocrisy.” I may agree with this but the NDP are no better..Why? they all allow liars, crooks, alcoholic in their midst too..

And there is a need to regulate even the type of people we even do let into Canada now for sure.. Thieves, liars, tax evaders, trouble makers, people abusers, children abusers, drug users and pushers, terrorists, religious extremists, sex maniacs, violence prone people should all for a start too be kept out.
Although I have written on many topics it seems like the readers like mainly these topics
1 Divorce and remarriage issues..
2: Alcohol and alcoholics
3: Medicare
4: Federal government
5 Provincial governments- Seems there is no province  that has a really great government too.
6 Municipal  governments Montreal, Toronto seem to be popular for complaints..
7 Police, RCMP
8 Canada’s mostly bad telecommunication firms 
9: Other 
10: Justice
And we do need to regulate now even Bell Canada, all of the big 3 major telecommunications firms, plus  all the acts of bad people, Professionals, Business persons, liars as well.
In spite of the spin , the spin doctors, in reality Telus, Bell and Roger’s customers will have the same types of difficulties, problem next with the wireless system too after all they are dealing with the same inadequate pretentious firms.. they seems firstly to treat customers, citizens as dirt.. with disrespect clearly.. like the New Conservatives and the Liberals seem to do as well in Canada.. Unacceptable 

Bell targets ‘bandwidth hogs ‘The Gazette (Montreal) – The last few weeks haven’t been kind to Bell . The Internet service provider has been attacked from many sides by those angry with its traffic-shaping policy. This whole issue of throttling was brought to light when some customers who have the tools to measure their bandwidth noticed changes in their speeds.  


It was in July 2007 when for the first time I measured the speed of my internet services on a Bell recommend site  and when I found out the answer I next contacted Bell and all of the major newspapers editors, major MPs now too and rightfully complained Bell had deceived me, mislead me about the Speeds it was giving me.. Bell had broken my contractual obligations On top of that “On throttling, the Bell folks deny that such a slowdown exists, and if it does they say it is not from traffic shaping. But customers of Bell Canada have reported that they are experiencing a loss of as much as 90 percent of their normal bandwidth and speed. Devil’s Advocate said, in April 9th, 2008 at 5:50 pm I used to think that regulation was a bad thing. Bell has singlehandedly corrected that thinking, at least where a monopoly is involved! Bell has been such an evil dictator to everyone for so long now. But, somehow, I knew there would come a day when Bell would have to answer for all of it. Between the neutrality issue, the anti-throttling petition, and the anti-competition suits, Bell (and Rogers) has clearly demonstrated there is a blatant need for communications giants to be held accountable. Canada is far behind in their internet technology compared with Europe…where they have speeds of 20MB….compared to my current service with sympatico hoovering about 2MB…on a good day. This is not due to P2P applications as it is to poor infrastructure…IMHO.”  


Bell says it has problems with their phone lines, equipment for years now too. Just do an internet search and you will see the same complaints for years now too from customers. That was one reason they Bell are switching over to wireless and putting their money there now. Yes on my site I had displayed the truth about Sympatico Bell’s connectivity, and the deliberate capping problems as I now know it. This major problem of Bell’s inadequacy is likely Canada wide, and it will costs millions of dollars likely to deal with, All money they Bell do not want to spent apparently to deal with these problems, and it will likely not be solved as they have not been solved in my case. Bell they are spending the money on the new wireless system now as I have said. I have told all people the truth of Bell as to how I as a Bell customer have experienced it the last 15 months, as well as telling it to the news media, government, and it has to be followed up at a much higher level clearly even likely in the Queen’s courts, CRTC, Consumer affairs, federal cabinet.. There is the video cable alternative, others too… Well at least the major news media is exposing Bell now too and the NDP, plus hopefully others too. Check your Bell internet speed at  regularly and let us all know what it is really like .. and it should be at least 6300 kbs or more as I had (temporarily) gotten it.. Law and order, Public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons serves as the best solution, deterrent to all now still too. What else do you want me to do about it too? I have asked ma Bell to give a credit to all its customers who were ripped of too. Even me.


A Full Conservative Brian Mulroney inquiry is still needed otherwise serious doubt will remain and Brian Mulroney and the Conservative party will remain on “the most hated list”. Yes a Full Mulroney even a police inquiry needed “. A narrowly focused, partially secret public inquiry into the Mulroney-Schreiber affair, as recommended by Primer Minister Stephen Harper’s special adviser David Johnston, will miss the two most crucial aspects of the exercise — being public and being an inquiry. The twisted tale already served up to Canadians through the Commons Ethics Committee should be reason enough to convince the government that only an open and comprehensive inquiry will ever get to the bottom of what occurred during those years when German lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber circulated among Canada’s most powerful. It wasn’t just opposition MPs on the committee who suggested there was more to the story than learning why Mulroney was paid either $300,000 or $225,000 in cash. Mulroney and Schreiber both hinted that the dealings went back many years, to even before Mulroney took control of the Progressive Conservative party. Suggestions that a foreign government might have financed the ouster of Canadian political leader Joe Clark cannot be ignored. The suspicion that there’s a need to delve deeper than Johnston recommends is enhanced by Mulroney’s refusal to provide access to his tax records and his ready agreement to participate — as long as a public inquiry is shackled by the suggested restrictions. Johnston’s argument isn’t helped by the circular logic he uses to conclude there is no need to expand discovery into the past. He points out that the RCMP already looked into the Airbus affair. But that investigation apparently failed even to uncover the envelopes of cash being exchanged between Schreiber and Mulroney. Clearly an inquiry is needed — one in which the commissioner must have the right to follow the evidence to its logical conclusion — and it should be done in public.”

Now it is not just the bad Politicians, but  even the Police forces have now too often done similar bad things too in that they wrongfully now have false obstructed justice, transparency, accountability and now what is being done that nothing like it is going to happen again as much as possible anywhere in Canada too?

The RCMP has done an about-face and decided to release more information about Taser use two weeks after a wave of criticism over secrecy about the electronic stun guns   “Thu Apr 10, 8:18 PM By Jim Bronskill And Sue Bailey, The Canadian Press OTTAWA – . Const. Pat Flood, an RCMP spokeswoman, said Thursday the force planned to disclose additional details of Taser firings in response to requests under the Access to Information Act. But there were early indications the Mounties would continue to withhold crucial points, including injuries to people hit with Tasers and the exact dates the incidents occurred. A release planned for late Thursday was suddenly delayed without explanation. Liberal public safety critic Ujjal Dosanjh said he hoped the Mounties were taking extra time so they could prepare to make even more details public. But he expressed concern that would not happen. “They should have actually been releasing this information the whole time. They’re now releasing more – that is very good. They are still not releasing enough.” The RCMP said Thursday the latest batch of data would contain details of injuries to officers, but not the burns, cuts and bruises suffered by people jolted with the powerful stun guns. “We want to know how many people are being injured per year in the use of the Tasers. Tasers are a dangerous, serious weapon,” Dosanjh said. “Canadians have a right to be able to judge for themselves whether or not the continuing use of Tasers is appropriate.” The RCMP, stung by criticism from MPs and human rights advocates, decided late last month to rethink stripping Taser reports of key information. Commissioner William Elliott ordered “a further review” of recently released copies of forms detailing use of the electronic weapons “to determine if additional information” should be disclosed. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day had sought and received assurances the RCMP would review the matter. The Mounties denied their hand was forced by the minister, saying they had already decided to take a second look at the Taser forms. The controversy unfolded after a joint investigation by The Canadian Press and CBC found the Mounties had begun censoring basic elements that must be recorded each time officers draw their electronic weapons. The force no longer revealed whether Tasered suspects were armed, the precise dates of firings, and whether the device caused any injuries. As a result, Canadians now know much less about who is being hit with the contentious 50,000-volt guns and under what circumstances. Advocates of more openness said the names and addresses of suspects are already struck from Taser reports, making further deletions unnecessary. Another RCMP spokesman, Insp. Troy Lightfoot, has said internal analysis of the forms concluded the painful weapons were being used correctly. Scathing newspaper editorials and opposition critics said that amounts to a “just-trust-us” approach. Last November a Canadian Press analysis of 563 cases between 2002 and 2005 found three in four suspects Tasered by the RCMP were unarmed. Several of those reports suggested a pattern of stun-gun use as a convenient means of keeping drunk or rowdy people in line, rather than to defuse major clashes. Twenty people in Canada have died soon after being Tasered. Manufacturer Taser International stresses that its device has never been directly blamed for a death, although it has been cited as a contributing factor in several cases. “

WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID ABOUT THIS ABOVE NEWS STORY Liars.  POSTED BY: Muset on FRI, APR 11, 2008 12:25 AM -0500 It doesn’t matter what the RCMP says. They are known liars and conspirators. Watch “unfair dealing” on youtube

It was also my great shock about 30 years to find out often next too often in Alberta what big liars the RCMP were, and next to see the same thing in BC, Sask, Manitoba, and in twice Quebec as well. 80 percent of RCMP officers I talked to did not hesitate to lie to me. And what other bad things do they still do too? RCMP officer cited for contempt Globe and Mail Update April 10, 2008 at 1:39 PM EDT TORONTO  — The House of Commons voted Thursday to find RCMP Deputy Commissioner Barbara George in contempt of Parliament. The vote was held shortly after 10 a.m. EDT Thursday and supported by all four party House leaders, said Liberal MP Shawn Murphy. The parliamentary procedure to cite Deputy Commissioner George for contempt was launched in February when the 12-member public accounts committee voted unanimously to recommend her for contempt, asserting that she deliberately misled MPs.

The bad acts for the RCMP now are not unexpected even but also not acceptable.. hey did you forget how same RCMP mickey mouse mountiies also stole money in Alberta during their security watch there.. and what about in the past big Liberal scandal now too?

Law and order, Public exposure and prosecution of the major guilty persons serves as the best solution, deterrent to all now still too. Professionals, Politicians, police included now too. Where are the Justice Ministers really when they are needed? Elsewhere? Where? at their happy hour Bars..


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  1. Drunk drivers, in Canada are the most dangerous drivers, still form a majority of the murderous, killer drivers.

    My view is that the the lazy no good cops are not doing a good job of focusing on real criminals, especially punishments of the too often bad cops firstly. Since it seems you do not know many cops, otherwise you would have known what liars, hypocrites, pretenders, no good persons they tend to be themselves.

    Most persons definition of law and order are personal and depend on their religions, inclinations as well.. Rigid Conservatives as opposed to free liberals tend to have different views on laws, speeding, safety.. idiotic extreme conservative law and order persons would tend to ban all driving for being dangerous..

    My views on road safety is a good car makes safe driving but junky cars do not…. and safety depends on the traffic density as well.. Driving faster when you are all alone is clearly a lot less dangerous over trying to drive at the same high speed when there is car to car traffic.. and you must include the road designs, road conditions.. example driving fast in a snow storm is dangerous at any speed.

    Comment by thenonconformer — July 7, 2010 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

  2. Well I approve of free speech, the right to be heard, yours included..

    Comment by thenonconformer — May 28, 2012 @ 10:19 pm | Reply

    • Hey, I’m sure you would like my videos. I’m a non-conformer too, from Edmonton. check out my video when I tell off Edmonton Police Internal Affairs:

      Comment by Kris Szczepanski — October 9, 2013 @ 9:37 pm | Reply

  3. […] About me, just a plain nobody […]

    Pingback by The Non Conformer rides again | thenonconformer201 — August 16, 2013 @ 1:20 pm | Reply

  4. I agree with alot of what you say. I think Canada sucks and is becoming more and more of a fascist Police State every day with everything overly controlled, banned, and regulated with less and less rights, privacy,and freedom.

    Comment by Pogue Mahone — November 14, 2014 @ 11:27 am | Reply

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