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November 18, 2011

I wrote for about 2 years even on the net that the Quebec government allows the abuse of the seniors

MPs call for national palliative care strategy Montreal Gazette

Elder abuse a ‘hidden crime,’ MPs say Toronto Star OTTAWA—A criminal crackdown and greater public awareness are needed to combat the growing problem of elder abuse in Canada, which leaves thousands of seniors “wounded and frightened” every year, a new study says. (blog)570 (press release)Canada NewsWire (press release)

I wrote for about 2 years even on the net that the Quebec government allows the abuse of the seniors, the Quebec Liberal government is undeniably soft on crimes, frauds, drug abuse, tax evasions, bad civil and bad public servants, bad cops, bad medical workers, bad hospitals..
Lassiez faire attitude of theirs stinks

November 16, 2011

CRTC rejects Bell plan for wholesale Internet billing, CRTC helps to rob consumers

Rogers has promised to stop throttling internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, in response to an investigation by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Rogers has promised to stop “throttling” internet traffic on its network by the end of this year, IF YOU BELEIVE THESE CONTINUAL LIARS WHO LIED THEY WERE NOT THROTTLING ALREADY.. AND ROGERS IS NOT T MUCH BETTER THAN BIG BAD BELL..

With the Help of  the bad CRTC, now Bell and the majors, force a serious struggle even for survival for the independent Internet service providers who have already been struggling hard against giant telephone and cable companies. The CRTC was to improve competion in Canada and not rather to help the big firms to jack up the profits, prices, make loads more money  and to put the other smaller firms out of business 

TORONTO — The country’s independent Internet service providers were hit Tuesday by a regulatory ruling allowing major network owners such as BCE Inc. to charge “significantly” higher rates for wholesale Internet access. Though affecting less than 10% of Canadian retail Web users, the decision holds broader implications for competition in the sector if some smaller Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot afford the hikes and are squeezed out of the market.

GATINEAU, Qc – The federal telecommunications regulator has rejected a controversial plan that would have allowed the big phone and cable companies to impose a usage-based billing model on Internet service resellers, a system that the Conservative government and many consumers had opposed.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s decision on Tuesday instead gives the companies a choice of either charging the smaller Internet providers a flat rate per user or selling the ISPs a specific amount of capacity on their networks.

“The net effect of it is that there will be no caps, no limitations, no metering of use for retail customers as a result of this CRTC decision,” CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein said Tuesday.

The issue also led to debate about how Canadians should be charged for Internet services and how much bandwidth they use.

But the CRTC focused only on the wholesale prices independent Internet providers pay for network use — not the monthly retail rates they charge their customers.

It is about time the consumers are protected from greedy ma Bell too and we get real Competetion, close down the useless CRTC  too.

OTTAWA — The federal government says it will review this week’s decision by the country’s telecommunications regulator to allow large Internet providers to use new capacity-based billing for independent service providers. “We will study the CRTC’s decision carefully to ensure that it meets our objectives of encouraging competition and network investment and enabling consumer choice,” Industry Minister Christian Paradis said in a statement following Tuesday’s ruling. “Canadians have been very clear in expressing their concerns about earlier UBB decisions,” Paradis said.

-Pay more? You have got to be kidding me! Canadians are already living in the dark ages in terms of high speed ]service, which by the way we already pay way more for then pretty much every other country on this planet!

-How about…..why is Rogers now getting into BANKING….you think they are doing o.k.?

How about the fact that Bell media had exploded and is buying up huge chunks of our country??

How about the fact that the CRTC is holding open the door for these extortionists to bleed us for all that we can stand

-I believe in getting what you pay for but that’s never been the case with this industry.

It’s infuriating to think I’ll end up paying more for a service that  never delivered what was advertised in the first place. The worst part is, there is no other option.

-Congratulations CRTC on your major contribution to line the big corporate pockets & scewing us but good. Crooks in bed with crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-You didn’t actually think the CRTC was on the side of the avergae Canadian consumer did you??

-Disband the CRTC now and start with a leaner more competitive-friendly regulator that is not staffed with the same out of touch people it currently employs in Gatineau

November 14, 2011

as usual you can count on the RCMP to do a realy bad job still..

Multiple RCMP errors let Pickton keep killing, inquiry told BCLocalNews – RCMP officers made critical errors in their investigation of serial killer Robert Pickton that likely delayed his arrest until 2002 and let him continue murdering sex trade workers, the Missing Women Inquiry heard Wednesday. Vancouver Police Department Deputy Chief Doug LePard, testifying last week on the findings of his review of the Pickton case for the VPD, said Mounties wanted to interview Pickton in the fall of 1999 about the vanishing women but inexplicably agreed to delay the interrogation when the pig farmer’s brother Dave urged police to wait “until the rainy season.”

Mulgrew: Pickton inquiry highlights ugly police blundering‎ Montreal Gazette
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RCMP refused to share Pickton information with Vancouver cops  Vancouver Sun – Neal HallVANCOUVER — RCMP failed to share information with Vancouver police about the prime suspect in a serial killer

RCMP botched interview with Pickton: inquiry‎
Pickton’s brother shooed RCMP away‎ The Province
Details of Pickton interview never shared, inquiry hears‎ Ottawa Citizen
Montreal GazetteCFJC TV Kamloops
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RCMP are known to be unprofessional as well as  cost ineffective.. even alcoholics and so are many other police forces in Canada now too. I have dealt with the RCMP 6 times and rigthfully have no respect left  for the incompetent,  lying , pretentious RCMP. In fact I  had been abused  by the RCMP in Canmore Alberta  twice and next I saw firsthand how the RCMP  lied, covered up their own..

Say no to an RCMP police State

Demonstrators demand for justice in police shooting death of Alvin  Vancouver Sun – Evan Duggan–  The VPD and the RCMP have now asked the Office of the Police Complaint Hannon has filed a civil suit against the RCMP and the solicitor-general seeking A large group of demonstrators appeared today in front of RCMP headquarters  in Vancouver calling for justice after the police shooting death of 22-year-old  Alvin Wright last year in Langley. Wright’s family and friends say they’re not satisfied with the Vancouver  police investigation into its fellow police force.  Last week the VPD announced there was no basis to charge the Langley officer  who shot 22-year-old Wright after his wife Heather Ashley Hannon called 911 to  report a domestic disturbance at the home in the 5200-block of 203rd Street in  Langley, in August 2010.

Still seeking answers‎ MetroNews Canada
Family wants justice in son’s fatal police shooting‎
Family protests officers cleared in deadly shooting‎ News1130
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November 12, 2011

Say no to an RCMP police State

As Tommy Douglas called for probe of RCMP surveillance, Mounties spied on him The Canadian Press – OTTAWA – “Newly declassified records from the early 1960s show that even as Tommy Douglas called for a probe of RCMP spying, the Mounties were actively investigating the national NDP leader’s political sympathies.

Douglas pointed in April 1963 to the case of a Regina woman who was regularly interrogated by the RCMP, noting the top Mountie had dismissed her story as fiction. He pushed for a special Commons committee to look into the matter.

“The tendency to label innocent people as Communists or bad security risks without any opportunity for them to be heard has gone far enough,” he declared.

That very month, the newly disclosed pages show, RCMP intelligence officials were drafting secret memos casting suspicion on Douglas’s own activities — including the politician’s correspondence with the Communist Party of Canada in Saskatoon.

Just weeks earlier, a Mountie constable quietly investigating the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians in Vernon, B.C., cited Douglas’ recent visit to the city, apparently drawing on details from an informant who drove the NDP leader to an event at a high school auditorium.

Library and Archives Canada, which now holds the Douglas file, fought for six years to keep the pages secret. They were disclosed to The Canadian Press after a federal judge ordered the archives to review the nine-volume intelligence dossier with an eye to releasing more.

The fragmentary pages help flesh out a key chapter of the RCMP security branch’s long-standing interest in the trailblazing Prairie socialist.”

The RCMP managers, many of whom are cost ineffctive, alcoholics, need all to be kicked out now!

November 11, 2011

Quebec cop arrested for drunk driving, hurting someone in accident

Quebec cop arrested for drunk driving, hurting someone in accident A Sûreté du Québec officer is accused of drinking and driving an unmarked patrol car, then hurting someone in an accident. He faces charges of impaired driving causing bodily harm. Christine Coulombe, a spokeswoman for the force, said the unidentified man was arraigned Friday in Gatineau, Que. The officer was involved in a collision with another car near Gatineau shortly after midnight. A car swerved into a lane occupied by another vehicle and smashed into its right side before going into the ditch. The female occupant of the car that was hit had to be pried free by firefighters using the jaws of life before being transported to hospital. Gatineau police gave their suspect a breathalyzer test before arresting him. Coulombe would not confirm if the officer was on duty at the time of the accident.

Bad cops and Crooks are all around us and they do need to be stopped.

November 10, 2011

RCMP managers abuse their employees and get a ridiculous punishment for it next too

Female Mountie alleges sexual harassment, calls for union or support group Winnipeg Free Press -VANCOUVER – A female British Columbia Mountie who was the force’s public face for some of its most high-profile cases says the RCMP is accountable to no one for the treatment of its employees and a union or similar organization is needed to protect them from a culture that is badly broken.Cpl. Catherine Galliford, who was the spokeswoman on the Air India and Robert Pickton investigations, has come forward in recent days to detail shocking allegations of persistent sexual harassment during her 20 years on the force.Galliford says in an interview that she experienced six to 10 incidents of harassment or sexual harassment, including one occasion in which a superior showed her his genitals. She says a union-like organization would give RCMP officers who come into conflict with their superiors some support in pursuing complaints.

Second woman accuses RCMP of harassment Edmonton Journal Another woman has come forward, claiming she was sexually harassed while serving in the RCMP.Krista Carle, a former constable, said she wants to speak out about her experience after Catherine Galliford, who was once the spokeswoman for B.C. RCMP, spoke to the CBC about suffering sexual harassment from senior officers.Carle said she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in 2004 after being sexually harassed by colleagues for years. She applied for medical discharge in 2009 due to stress. She and four other officers claim they were sexually assaulted by Sgt. Robert Blundell during an undercover operation in the 1990s.Nothing was done when she reported the incidents to her superiors, Carle said. She and several other officers sued the RCMP, alleging Blundell sexually assaulted them.The case was settled in 2007 and Blundell was docked one day of vacation.

CBC.caGlobe and

RCMP managers abuse their employees and get a ridiculous punishment for it next too
One of three remaining candidates for commissioner of the RCMP job was accused of helping an officer at the centre of a sexual misconduct scandal, CBC News has learned. Deputy Commissioner Peter German was alleged in a statement of claim to have aided Sgt. Robert Blundell, who was facing allegations he had assaulted and sexually harassed four female Mounties. The court document alleged that German gave Blundell copies of the internal investigation file before Blundell was interviewed by investigators.

November 7, 2011

It is not revelation news that bad civil and public servants, bad politicans still abound

Ottawa mayor ‘disturbed’ at video of bus driver ‘swearing’ at mentally ill …
National Post – a video of a bus driver swearing at a mentally ill passenger.  OC Transpo is investigating and Mayor Jim Watson is “disturbed” after a video was posted on YouTube.
We need more videos taken.. to shame everyone into action..
 Fire the Mayor and the bad Managers of OTC firstly as well…

November 3, 2011

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario struck by Shit disease

OTTAWA — Three cases of the C. difficile virus infection are being reported at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa. The hospital says it is working closely with Ottawa Public Health and taking all the necessary steps to stop further spread of the infection. Of the patients with C. difficile, one came to the hospital having acquired it in the community, and two acquired it in hospital C. difficile is a bacteria ( human shit) that causes severe diarrhea and other intestinal disease

Seniors and Children are more seriously affected, even die as a result

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Get real!!!! Everyone now must act now to get hospitals reporting C. difficile and deal with the problem too.

We do not live in the dark ages for shit Diseases is caused by poor cleanliness, poor hygiene, poor sanitation at the Hospital, who have been hiring NOT ONLY LAZY BAD employees but they have FOR AN UNACCEPTABLE DECADE NOW TOO AND MANY THEY been cutting back on their MAINTENANCE COSTS and this has been unacceptable


Some things seem to never change, such as cold calloused, pretentious governmental Ministers, Health Ministers and their subordinates especially  included, mostly all  who really do not care if the others live or die, as long as they alone survive  it seems still too.

Hospitals in Canada are mainly still here for the good care, safety, health of the patients. But this is not happening too often.

Read more here about the shit disease here too..

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A long-term care home employee faces a criminal negligence charge

The head of a Quebec City long-term care home says the staff has been shaken by a criminal negligence charge laid against a former orderly. Last year, 87-year-old Geneviève Saillant died after falling in the bath. On Tuesday, police charged the orderly caring for her with criminal negligence causing death. The family is now suing the home for $1.6 million. The orderly allegedly neglected a basic safety measure during the bath.

It is about time, for the Quebec government has been too soft on crimes domes by civil bad public servants.. Quebec coroners even  have not been examining all the dead bodies of seniors who had died in hospitals to determine how many died due to medical errors, hospitals diseases.

MONTREAL — A nurse at Maisonneuve-Rosemont who was on duty when a mother died just after giving birth three years ago pleaded guilty to negligence Monday at a Quebec Order of Nurses disciplinary board hearing. Anne-Marie Couture was one of several nurses who were charged with caring Christine Sasseville on Aug. 14, 2008, the day she gave birth to her son Demba and died from preeclampsia – or hypertension in pregnancy. However, the punishment agreed upon by both sides – a two-month suspension – was not upheld by the head of the disciplinary panel because it was deemed too severe considering the unfavourable working conditions Couture was facing that night.

The Quebec government itself now for decades is also too soft on crime and is wrongfully reluctant to punish any of the bad guys, even bad doctors and bad nurses too,  cause they would likely have to start also with themselves.

The Rich get richer, Bell included

OTTAWA – BCE Inc. on Thursday reported better-than-expected earnings as its new media unit give it a revenue boost, as did money charged for wireless data.The Montreal-based parent company of Bell Canada said net income was $642 million, or 83 cents a share, in the third quarter. That was up from $454 million, or 60 cents a share, a year earlier. “ Revenue was up 8.7 per cent to $4.9 billion. Much of the gains were driven by its new Bell Media unit, created this year following its acquisition of the CTV television network. Wireless revenue was up 6.1 per cent, which included 34.1 per cent more in wireless data sales.

We can all easily remember when Bell was crying poverty, that it was not making enough money even with their IPS, broadband services so it has to resort to capping the users.. that did not stop Bell from generating larger profits next. TV, Cell Phones rip offs

Montreal Gazette: Bell and Videotron alone do not a competitive marketplace make  Only in Canada, would you have increased competition resulting in higher prices. That appears to be exactly what’s happening as Bell Canada Enterprises and Videotron battle for turf in cell phones, Internet and television service.

Let there be no doubts, Bell lies, steal, does everything it can to get richer and richer at the citizens consumers expense and it needs to be regulated for the good of all Canadians
“At the CRTC’s recent hearing on Internet metering, a lobbyist from Bell stood up before the Commission, looked each member in the eye, and suggested Canadians don’t mind a pay meter on their Internet use. I asked him afterwards how he could say such a thing—nearly half-a-million Canadians revolted against Internet price-gouging by signing the Stop The Meter petition this year. The Bell lobbyist responded with a simple statement: “It’s notpersonal.” I was stunned. Can you afford to have new fees added to your Internet bill each month? I know I can’t. Being price-gouged is personal, especially in these unstable economic times. We at are cautiously optimistic that the CRTC will do the right thing and let indie ISPs provide unmetered Internet access. But we know one thing for sure: big phone and cable companies are working behind the scenes to undo the progress we’ve made. We can’t let them get away with this.”

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