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November 16, 2015

Funny the Canadian News media did not mention this.

Australia, Canada and Japan vs Russia

Australia, Canada and Japan were unexpectedly  blocked by the Russians  from attending a diplomatic summit in Vienna last week which laid the groundwork for a possible future UN Security Council resolution, ceasefire and transition government in Syria,   blocked from attending a diplomatic summit  due to  their one sided support of a US vs Russia power  play. A proxy state of war between America and Russia now exists. So far, Putin has now  outwitted Obama in Syria.
Australia has also  been critical of Russia’s handling of the MH17 disaster. The former prime minister, Tony Abbott, took a hard line against Russia after the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine last year, illustrated by his threat to “shirtfront” the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, at the G20 meeting in Brisbane. Australian fighter jets have been carrying out airstrikes against Isis targets in Iraq since late last year. Peter Tesch, a former ambassador to Germany, is to  become Australia’s top diplomat in Russia from January. The appointment comes  “at a challenging juncture in Russia’s relations with Australia  seeks to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Syria and pursue justice for the victims of MH17”.
Syria was excluded from discussing its own status and future. It has still a  final say on anything agreed on.

The majority of Canadians oppose the government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees  as most of them are still Muslims.


Why the Islamic wars today?

About 1,300 years ago after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, a succession crisis divided Muslims; and the widening schism continues to play out today. The dispute over how to replace Muhammad as the leader of the Muslim world after his death in 632 — and increasingly after the deaths of subsequent leaders — led to competing iterations of the Islamic faith, diverting followers into two major branches — the Sunni and the Shia with doctrinal distinctions created the schism. In History we also did have the non violent Catholics and the Orthodox split.


The Islamic split began very early history of Islam. Those pushing for selecting successors as caliph of the Islamic State and as the religious authority only from among the family of Muhammad became known as the Shia, from the Arabic for “the followers of Ali,” a reference to Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali ibn Abi Talib. Those pushing for a selective process based on seeking the most qualified from the wider tribal context became known as the Sunni, from the Arabic for “people of the tradition.” This was really a political dispute, but that political dispute early on over who should continued over centuries and a theological sectarian split. A study in 2009 by the Pew Research Center says there were more than 1.57 billion Muslims around the world, about 23% of the world’s population. Of those, 10 to 13 percent were Shia and 87-90 percent were Sunni. It is largely where those Shia live that has become important. The majority of Shias (between 68 to 80 percent) live in just four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq. In many other countries in the Persian Gulf, Shia remain a minority within Sunni dominated states. That makes theology increasingly also  political.


The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), follows a distinctive variety of their own Islam whose beliefs do differ from the regional Sunni-Shiite tensions They literally want to over throw the world and replace it with their own Islamic view of the future.  In 2014, after taking control of territory in the Sunni heartland of Iraq, ISIL proclaimed itself a caliphate, calling other states illegitimate and placing itself as the exclusive authority over the Islamic world, as if the world was the same as it was 1,300 years ago. ISIL targets Shia Muslims as well as the West as it imposes its strict interpretations within territory it controls. ISIL wants to convince everyone the struggle is one epic clash of civilizations between the false Western religions and the Islamic World — with themselves as the true  representative of the world’s Muslims and as their religious authority — their caliph, the scholars said. The ISIL also carves its bloody notion of a new Islamic State world wide  lashing out at targets both within the Muslim world and in the West. They claim they do  have restored the Islamic empire called the caliphate as they believe that the caliphate is required in order to properly implement Islamic law and Islamic governance. They consider other systems of governance, even if there’s a Muslim sitting at the top, as illegitimate as long as the caliphate is absent. Members of the two branches if Islam, Sunni and the Shia had originally lived together peacefully and intermarried, but this highly politicized, the divide also becomes next “very heated” and now lead to calls for excommunication from the Islamic faith. In the current context of the self-declared Islamic State, that means death to all, even the Sunni and the Shia Islamists

The notion of Shia now  being the dangerous iteration shifted through fundamentalist Sunni groups such as the Taliban, al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also referred to as ISIS). For a while, exploiting the Sunni-Shia split served the interests of nations controlled by either branch. Saudi Arabia, is also guilty of forcefully exportating it’s Sunni Islamist ideology. The ISIL, Shia-Sunni split is  important when the major backers of each branch are dominating influences in the same, sensitive region: Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The ISIL, Iran and Saudi Arabia has  aquired  loads of money and are  now also able to acquire, and to finance many ISIL recruits.



September 1, 2014

The managers should be made to pay for their mismanagement and not the employees

1- quebec-flag


Now when it comes to the province of Quebec and the pensions of its municipal employees the most reasonable, practical solution to pay of the heavy debt in Quebec is for all the politicians and manager’s salary to be cut by 50 percent as well as their related pensions after all it was under their leaderships  that the debts have arisen… and not the employees, Notice that the Municipal managers are still giving themselves big raises ..  Top managers at the Montreal Transit Corporation, (MTC), or STM in French, are getting big raises for the 3rd straight year.  The average increase for this year was nearly four per cent and the average salary for the top dozen or so bosses is pegged at more than 200-thousand dollars while salaries have increased, but not the quality of service. The MTC’s own yearly report says metro service interruptions due to mechanical reasons soared more than 20 per cent last year over the year before.


The Workers are  not to blame for the Quebec pension problem:


Stealing from the employees pension fund to pay off the debts is immoral.


Municipal workers rightfully do stage rallies against Bill 3 as hearings on the immoral  legislation get underway.


Quebec, and  Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard,  is falsely trying to snatch back promised pension money by fiat through its proposed Bill 3 pension reform legislation, without the  legal process of bankruptcy. The bill would override existing contracts, and force a restructuring of some 216 different defined benefit pension plans in 1,100 municipalities across Quebec. The bill would give municipalities the power to suspend indexation of any workers retired as of Jan. 1, 2014.


FTQ’s secretary general Serge Cadieux said  “The government is focusing all its attention to the demands made by certain mayors without considering any other suggestions made by the unions representing salaried municipal workers,”


The Montreal Police Brotherhood said that police officers will have to double their pension contributions.  “There will be no police officer who will want to come to work in Montreal,” said the brotherhood’s president Yves Francoeur.


August 12, 2012

The Alberta newspapers, News Media they now themselves too are perverts, patronizing criminal accomplices


Now you yourself can quickly note the dual morality of the Alberta News media, their hypocrisy, for they do not oppose   speeding tickets, but were quick to cry foul about the drunk drivers getting arrested and losing the use of their  cars.

Between Friday and Monday, Alberta authorities issued 5,140 tickets for a variety roadway offences ranging from impaired driving to speeding. The previous year, about 3,290 tickets were handed out.  Only 250 were related to drug and alcohol related charges


Now see also
The Alberta newspapers, News Media and Governments too they now themselves too are perverts, patronizing criminal accomplices when they agree with Alberta’s false, high money generating traffic quotas, money grab agenda.
Imagine this Canada’s clearly perverse Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Alberta Ministers go along with this perversity, teh false letter of the law approach in the very sad province. They all under they pretense of caring about highway safety the money hungry, promotional oriented, perverse cops do now go overboard in Alberta even for decades, they are criminals, vultures in fact..
It’s undeniable that even minor traffic tickets can lead to very significant  higher insurance premiums very profitable for the insurance industry.  
But in reality still  it is an undeniable fact that speeding causes less than 15 percent of serious accidents, but impaired driving causes the majority of the accidents, 70 percent, .. Now  if the majority of the accidents are caused by drunk, impaired drivers then the majority of the tickets should have been failry  issued to them now too..
by the way how many drunk cops were also arrested for  driving home drunk for the tavern, an undeniable continuous occurrence too… what none?
copy to:; ; ; ;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ;
 .. who says crime does not pay???
Short yellow light times at intersections have been shown to increase the number of traffic violations and accidents. Conversely, increasing the yellow light duration can dramatically reduce red-light violations at an intersection.Some local governments have ignored the safety benefit of increasing the yellow light time and decided to install red-light cameras, shorten the yellow light duration, and collect the profits instead. AND WHAT JUST BY ACCIDENT ONE OF THE CITIES WOULD BE IN ALBERTA TOO?

April 14, 2011

Free News on the internet where the CBC was one of the best

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A new study has found most Canadians think the internet is their best source for news, but they would not be willing to pay up if websites started charging them to read their stories online. When asked whether TV, newspapers or the internet provided news and information that was most interesting to them, 52 per cent of respondents said the internet was the best source.   The University of British Columbia survey of nearly 1,700 Canadians reveals 81 per cent say they won’t pay to read news on the internet, and 90 per cent would find free alternatives if their preferred news websites started charging for content.

The news on the TV was, is  free and so this study should come as no surprise..


..  keep up the good work but Canada is a professing Christian country yet the CBC falsely promotes gays and unacceptable talks very little about Christianity even which for the last 200 years has rightfully opposed gays..


Canada is a professing Christian country yet the CBC bashes the Christians and  falsely promotes gays and unacceptable talks very little about Christianity even which for the last 2000 years has rightfully opposed gays and gay marriages.. The CBC is FALSELY anti Christian or  why then  is the CBC giving so much publicity, programming rather  to the  Jews, Muslims too as  even the CBC spy series X Company is full of  Jewish Propaganda, where they have to bash US ALL  with the Jews being persecuted over and over on our heads , but  how many non Jews, the Christians  were killed by the NAZIS, Jews  and are still being killed by the  Muslims today.  DOES THE CBC HAVE A MAJOR  SHOW ON THIS TOO . CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS? NO!



October 28, 2010

*Bell’s Consumer complaints , abuses and their increase was so predictable

Have you noticed that when it rains your Home  internet  speed reduces drastically?
 Bell still needs to be regulated, and prosecuted for lying too.  They lied, Mislead about the internet speeds one gets at home
Bell lying does not tell all of  the customers that it’s ISP is lousy beforehand..
Bell has been doing local upgrades or reducing the internet  speeds  so they can have more capacities for cellular phones  for the last ten years and yet still LYING SAYING ALL THE ISP FAULT IS ONLY  IN MY HOME TOO.

 And  note the term up to.. the speed can drop by 90 percent by the time it reaches you  A 2013 study by the Ottawa-based Public Interest Advocacy Centre found that most Canadians think they can expect to receive the maximum speed advertised for the internet package they subscribe to..

However, the study also found that internet service providers didn’t know what speeds customers actually get and there is much  evidence that the maximum speeds customers get are much  lower than advertised. So who does anything good about this in reality and how often?   NO ONE! 

Bell and Acanac NEXT tells me I have a high speed internet, even an optical one, but yet I continue to have an internet connectivity problem still.. and   low speeds
When I on my high speed computer, with a large hard drive, an adequate memory now too, I try to view an internet video, on different internet sites too with no other software applications running in the background as well  during the weekend, the peak hours the video now still is extremely choppy or it fails to load at all or It stops every 5 seconds!clearly due to inadequate  connection speed or congestion in the internet.  The same video next  runs well during non peak hours. This is still totally unacceptable.
Why does it takes months  and months even  for the CRTC to deal with a clearly open and shut case. .. where to date even  Bell- Acanac has lied, abused me, not provided their promised internet services. Well?

Your actual slow speed on your computer end may be a result of your local line quality or distance from a DSLAM. It is entirely possible the full problem is on Bell’s end with their infrastructure, or lack thereof, and/or rarely your own homes line. DSL and Cable both are  cumbersome,  finicky technology. Prices often are first 12 months, and then it jacks up to double or more? Those that might disagree, I would also ask how much real help at the Bell DSL support centers any time of the day?

A Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM, ) allows telephone lines to make extended  connections to the Internet. It is a network device, located in the telephone exchanges of the service providers, that connects multiple customer Digital Subscriber Lines (DSLs) to a high-speed Internet backbone line using multiplexing techniques  By placing remote DSLAMs at locations remote to the telephone exchange, telephone companies can extend   DSL service to locations previously beyond effective range, but not all areas are covered or get a good Bell access still.

Accanac had mentioned on their internet site that they do not cap their downloads.. but they conveniently had forgot to also say to all of the potential customers on their site that they lease their services from Bell and that Bell itself still regularly between 4 pm to 2 am caps their downloads.. when confronted with this they Acanac Inc do reply that they do not cap or throttle their downloads but Bell does.. what a misleading play on words. What else do thye lie about too now? The CRTC are not bowing to the whims of big business – they’re approving Bell’s throttling, but rather thye must stop the   throttling,


So when will I rightfully get from Bell what I had promised and paid for, decent, reliable high speed service for I have not seen it the last ten years.
Yes I have seen for years, including this week, many many Bell employees working at the local substations.
Now firstly Bell STILL measuring my Internet systems reliability at the initial maximum speed at Bell is an immoral, absurd, ludicrous approach.. so do more honestly measure rather the actual final speed, reliability at the customer’s destination, my home.. the actual minimum Bell speed provided… and it does next greatly varies and differs. Bells advertised speeds are thus falsely misleading to all consumers. But even speed does not compensate for the actual reliability of the internet service provided.
-NOW why is it as it happened to me yesterday that when it comes to weekends I have major connectivity problems still.. never mind the excuses when can I have a decent promised paid for service?
I UNACCEPTABLY HAVE HAD BELL’S PROMISES to me broken all the time too now!  and why do you think I have asked the  useless Cons, the federal government to regulate Bell now too?
Bell’s Consumer complaints , abuses and their increase was so predictable because Canada’s too often major telecommunications companies, the 3 Stooges, for they  too have not changed nor their abusive behaviors Bell included now. Bell (TSX:BCE), Telus (TSX:T) and Rogers (TSX:RCI.B) “lead the ladder in terms of complaints”. In total 3,747 complaints were  received in the 2009-2010 monitoring period, up from those in 2008-2009. 
Bruce Cran of the Consumers’ Association of Canada said he believes the statistics could be even higher because the No. 1 complaint he receives is about cellphone contracts. “Consumers deserve a whole lot better deal,” Cran said from Vancouver. “I think consumers are being oversold on their cellphone contracts. I think they’re deliberately made over complicated, certainly by the big three,” Cran said referring to Rogers, Bell and Telus. A nagging problem for many consumers was when they asked to take their telephone numbers from one service provider to another and then had problems with billing or service. “This surprises consumers considering that the industry heavily promotes the ability to change providers but keep your phone number, and the portrayal is one of a simple and smooth process,”  “We just think it’s wrong that if you have the right to go to another provider, you should be able to do that without essentially being double billed for a month,” 44 per cent of complaints involved billing errors and 35 per cent were related to contract complaints. 
Consumer complaints about wireless service on the rise  Toronto Star -Canadians are registering more complaints about cellphone contracts and billing information because of a flood of overly complex or confusing options and company errors, according to a new report.
Billing errors top list of telecom complaints Toronto Sun

Wireless Carriers Now Draw Majority of Telecom Complaints

News1130 – Globe and Mail – – Canada NewsWire (press release)

Are you also frustrated with your service provider? You’re not alone for sure.


Which reminds me my Bell internet services is still disastrous, unreliable, I have connectivity problems even as of lately periodically when I have no downloads even, I have email sending problems as well.. and what Bell does not know how to fix this still and it wants more money? dream on..
It is absolutely pathetic, disgusting that I have to fight with Bell, be  threatened with a lawsuit, all  to get my rightful  matters settled in the end.. and next bad history with Bell likley repeats itself still too.. Do all  consumers have to go through this process now as well?
People often ask me where is the Consumer affairs ministers in all of this still? sleeping too, who with?
They Bell do  fix one problem and they seem to create another. Here is the reality Bell’s existing Internet system in still not totally  adequate, it has defects, shortcomings, something they never seem to admit or tell others.  Plus in the process of upgrading, modernization, creativity Bell continuously makes changes to it’s internet supply services, which next cause significant connectivity problems with some of their existing, non compatible equipment,  as well as major problems for their related clients, major ISP problems. Major Problems  that Bell dishonestly covers up, lies about  and  tends never to admit  to, for fear of any negative repercussions, and for fear of being likley held financial responsible of any damages of course. This approach of Bell is all inexcusable still.. 


About a month ago the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications (CCTS) released their annual study and found that 51% of the total telecom complaints (3,747) were regarding wireless. Billing errors (44%) and the contract disputes (35%) were at the top of the list.


The CCTS  created in 2007   is an independent and industry-funded agency that customers can dispute issues such as billing, contracts and service regarding telephone, wireless and Internet providers.


Now  the CRTC declared   that effective January 2011 all Canadian telecom service providers must join the CCTS.


It’s probably a good move for us customers? Now do not count your eggs yet. I have already used their services services twice,.


I recently filed a complaint with the CCTS-CRTC and TWICE they gave me a useless response the last one  justifying Bell’s bad acts. This was not the kind of honest service we expect from them 

> I can’t connect to the Internet through a broadband Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable connection.

Make sure that:

Your modem is turned on.

The Ethernet cable is plugged correctly into the Ethernet port on the modem and on your computer. 

The phone line is plugged correctly into the modem and the phone jack.

You are not using a DSL filter between the phone jack and the modem

Check the lights on your modem. These can sometimes indicate the location of the problem—whether it is the Ethernet connection, the power to the modem, or the DSL or cable connection.

Save your work, turn your modem off, and then turn your computer off. Wait 10 seconds, and then turn the modem and the computer back on.

Turn your router off, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it back on.

Winsock corruption can cause connectivity problems. To fix this, open Network Diagnostics:

Click to open Network Diagnostics.

For more information, go to How to determine and recover from Winsock2 corruption on the Microsoft website.

Ask your Internet service provider (ISP) to verify that:

Its servers and lines, EQUIPMENT AND CARDS are all presently functioning correctly. 

 and so I rightfully even did that now TOO many times too..
and Bell next here seems always to  lie  and says there never is anything wrong with their internet system, the problem is elsewhere,. I have about a decade of bad experiences on this with Bell now.
Bell’s  phone lines are reliable cause they are not as complicated as their internet systems..
Normally my internet is on 24 hours per day but this week next my internet access problem started when I logged off the internet and next tried to log back on.. I was unable to do so. I would occasionally get DSL access but no internet access. In the past reaccessing the internet has also been a very slow process.
If you check with the  Bell  files you will note that in the last decade I have already rightfully detailed, mailed at least 270 letters of complaints about Bell poor support services, their false lies, diversions including blaming firstly the customers or others for all of their own  internet inadequacies.. that is both immoral and absurd.. and for me nothing has really basically changed here the last 10 years with the Bell support personnel too.. .
The length of time, days, weeks and NOT 24 hours to service a customer ISP problem NOW by both Acanac / Bell  is also still unacceptable, and many new potential customers would be really rightfully displeased if they are made aware of it too.
Sadly lately the support services from Acanac DSL department has not been much better over THAT OF  Bell’s, both seem to predictable : they both lie, buck pass and are uncaring about the customers’ needs,concerns. Acanac  tech personnel even twice lied to me on the date that the replacement Acanac modem for testing purposes was sent.. now they claimed it was sent on the 16  Nov  in fact it was sent 2 days later on the 18 only.
Bell also still maintains that only their Bell high speed modems can effectively handle their internet systems and that the Acanac supplied  modems are all  inadequate to do so, and are the cause of my problem solved by me switching over to Bell or buying a Bell high speed modem.  Now Bell this week says again to me that Acanac supplies inferior, inadequate defective modems to their clients, as well and is this the reality? They Bell are clearly also working hard to discredit Acanac  and  to put Acanac  out of business by the dissatisfied Acanac customers.
Bell now is claiming that they are doing their best to fix the problems, fools can do their best too, but the their best is still inadequate, and  I only care about the end result rightly that they fix the problem immediately not any of their excuses..
Bell had also had  sent  me a mickey mouse technician this week who CLEARLY did  not know what to do for he had to continually phone BY CELLPHONE the office for instructions as to what he should do next, AND he admits to me  that there is a BELL  internet synchronization problem, and  a problem with a fiber optics conversion card at the local substation as well, plus that there are presently many other persons in my area with similar problems, but all that information still does me no good if I cannot have my internet working today..
The Bell technical promises to look at the problem elsewhere and to come back if the system still does not work. ne never came back. Bell tries next to say the problem still is solely  the Acanac modem..
– Do tell Bell that them price gouging their costumers by charging a 100 dollars fees for a supposedly unwarranted  service call can only be acceptable if it is balanced by a 100 dollar customer credit for the CUSTOMER  problems if it was warranted as well.. AND IN THAT CASE  BELL RIGHTFULLY OWES ME A THOUSAND DOLLARS ALREADY EVEN. REALITY ON MY STREET CABLE IS MORE RELIABLE OVER BELL.
– Now firstly Bell STILL measuring my Internet systems reliability at the initial maximum speed at Bell is an immoral, absurd, ludicrous approach.. so do more honestly measure rather the actual final speed, reliability at the customer’s destination, my home.. the actual minimum Bell speed provided… and it does next greatly varies and differs. Bells advertised speeds are thus falsely misleading to all consumers. But even speed does not compensate for the actual reliability of the internet service provided.
– Again I semi annually get the same internet phone line problems to my home… and always next  the same lying approach.. the same lies.. they first do also start to blame me, or my phone line, my modem, my filter, my computer, my operating system.. but they next had to look elsewhere.. in Bell itself again and again too. The problem was never my modems, my computers, my caches, my operating systems but solely Bell’s poor and even  lack of local line capacities that was not up to what they had promised,  lied to us all that it was, is. Bell says it is more reliable over Cable.. that presently is not so also  in my area for sure as well.
 Bell who clearly has a monopoly with Videotron in my area where I have no other choices to go to, had refused falsely to provide me presently my adequate internet support services through Acanac?  Was it cause they Bell have now even written to me twice in the last 2 months and had offered to provide the internet service directly through Bell itself and wanted to make Acanac look very inadequate in the customer’s eyes? they succeeded?
As per  this subject of the Lying Bell typical approach is that they next again had phoned me on the Nov 17 and lie and say everything is ok at their end for they firstly refuse to go to the field to check the problem.. they check at their end and the initial signal as ok.. but what happens next at the detonation, my final destination they falsely lie and say it is due  to the faulty  modem.. as usual. Note but while I was talking to the Bell technician on the phone  and Bell  they were testing Internets services   the 3rd light the DSL modem came on, indicating they had a control over it and the problem was not at my end..
The same Bell technician conceded that such problems were coming in fact and related to the weather,  humidity and explained why there was connectivity problems at certain seasons.. he said such problems are difficult to fix.. but who cares how difficult it is fix it Bell for that is your jobs . Bell here says that they want  to consider a separate line for the internet from the phone, but this still will not help if the connection problem  is located at their local  junction boxes outside of my home. 
Bell’s exterior line connections to my home which are already known and next confirmed to be faulty, and inadequate.
And when in the world did you ever hear Bell firstly even admit it was wrong, at fault  in anything, for these definite liars have never ever done so with me even  in my last ten years of semi annually almost complaining about my too many sudden internet problems.. and which always turned out to be the fault if Bell next too in the past.
When will Bell honestly  ever admit is own negative contributions to my ISP problems?
Now also when can I get proper permanent action on all of these matters still?
and what about me not getting caught in the middle of a Bell-Acanac wars,
and or me not being  caught in the middle as to who is responsible to insure myself that my internet services are being adequately provided rather ASAP as well
 I talked on 17 November directly, face to face  to the Cable Videotron local inspector about their present customer services and 5 years ago they had loads of problems, now they reduce the number of customers to 175 maximum on a branch, and they in contrast do have a 24 service hour turn around unlike Acanac  and they Videotron now  do have loads of ex Bell satisfied customers as well.. unfortunately they still do price gouge their customers with their capping as well.
Days later a Bell executive phoned me today Nov 19 to review  a phone survey on Bell’s effectiveness and he said he will issue a new ticket to deal with the all of these  issues. Now they say I will have the problem dealt with by the new year.. do you believe them? I do not.
  >  Chat with us!  This quick and efficient service lets you chat with a Bell representative
> Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm!
> Check us out at – Click on Telephones & Phone
> Service and look for the online chat button to start chatting right away!

>Thank you for having visiting, your business with us is truly appreciated.
> We wish to inform you that we are currently experiencing unusually high  email volumes and we will reply to your email as soon as possible. If  you require a faster response, please use our new CHAT service or contact 310-BELL.
>We thank you in advance for your patience. team    


 IF  YOU READ MY BLOGS YOU KNOW THAT I DO OFTEN RIGHTFULLY complain that in Canada it is bad cops, crooks and liars who seem to be the only one who can have a freedom of speech and they do not like it when you tell the truth about them to others, so they next do harass you, obstruct justice, repeatedly try to threaten you with a lawsuit, even recently. I have been threatened too many times with lawsuits of a long time, from Bell Canada, Royal LePage, others and I told them to go a head, they have more to lose then I have and I do welcome more publicity to all about my rightful complaints about their bad acts.

Now next a word from the Bell liars..
From: Executive Office
Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 2:41 PM
Subject: Re: The non conformer’s Canadian Weblog ? WordPress (KMM21401817I63L0KM)
Thank you for your correspondence received in the Bell Executive Office.
For clarification purposes, please provide your Bell account information
such as the account number and/or the telephone number associated with
your account. Unfortunately, the aforementioned details were not
included in your correspondence and are required to assist you further.
The Executive Office is an avenue of appeal. In the event you have not
expressed your concerns/inquiry with a member of the Call Centre
Management staff, please be advised that upon receipt of your account
details, all pertinent information will be forwarded to the appropriate
Management party for further review and resolution. You will be
contacted accordingly.
Customer Relations Centre Bell Executive Office
 So Every time I talk or write  to Bell they lie, clearly show what fools they are and they falsely ask for more information that they supposedly need to do their work.

 Bell does not like you to put anything in writing.. especially something that next shows to all as to how pretentious, stupid, incompetent they can tend to be.. so they ask you to phone them but  my own  many, repetitive experiences is that even the phone calls  to them are next buck passed, the Bell  persons you are talking to is also still pretentious, incompetent, has no authority to deal with your problem complaint., and often can’t speak English even.. So what is the purpose of Bell advertising this main service number for when you call them as I  did often they act very stupid,  then tell me I have to call someone else.. or do something else too. Talking with them is staill a waste of time..  and Bell still has a high volume of complaints  ehh and they cannot  handle them?? then who can?


Take this clear, open and shut undeiable example. Now because of health problems my father was forced to move into to a government run hospital facilties for seniors. He there had paid a flat 1700 dollar monthly fee for all the services but no phone in his room was provided.. So I called, sent an email to  Bell to install a phone and which they did. When my father’s health condition worsened months later and he subsequently died I as you can see below had immediately    emailed Bell to discontinue their Phone  service and many times I  was was given a run around instead.  They basically had said my dead father had to confirm the cancellation of his services, what they want a seance?  and they next had kept on charging my father who was buried, had moved out of the facilties for months, for the continual use of a phone.  How absurd on their part. Rather visbly incompetent fools.

>Unfortunately, the aforementioned details were not included in your correspondence and are required to assist you further.

Now we also do see  bellow that they Bell also cannot even read.. the Name and telephone number was included (514) 769-1381

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 1:56 PM
Subject: RE: order (KMM20829698I63L0KM)
Thank you for taking the time to email the Customer Relations Center at Bell’s Executive Office.
 Your enquiry will be thoroughly reviewed and we would like to assure you that a member of the team will do our utmost, to reply back to you, within the next 3 business days.
 Please note our hours of operation are from Monday to Friday 8am-5pm (EST). We may be reached by email<> and/or telephone 1-866-317-3382.
>>Subject: BELL order (KMM20829698I63L0KM)
Jim Myers   Senior Vice-President – Customer Experience
How does a Dead man verify that he HAD cancelled HIS Bell PHONE LINE?
Bell already has a big bad reputation for their poor Customer services Canada wide and is already undeniably  known to be one of the worst services too..
Once again Bell Telephone Company continues to shows to all the world how pretentious, incompetent they really are..
I talked to your rep by phone today and she agreed that  I should rather write to you cause she has no  authorization to deal with this account.. Do you?
My father father dies on the 27 July and his room at the Verdun Manoir  old age home was vacated and yet you Bell guys are so still that dumb that that after being notified of it by me in writing immediately you next still  for months continue to Bill him for the phone..
Expect to be paid here? Dream on..
> ————————————————–
>From: “belldirect” <>
>Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 1:08 PM
>Subject: Re: Thank you for your order (KMM20829698I63L0KM)
> Thank you for visiting Bell’s website. My name is Yassir Nour El Hak,
> from the Bell eContact Centre and I am pleased to help you regarding
> your request.
> Unfortunately it is not possible to cancel your phone service online at
> as the information in your file needs to be validated before
> making any changes. ( I got the phone service online)
> To ensure that we have full details to process your disconnection
> request, please contact Customer Service at 310-BELL(2355).
>  I hope you will find this information helpful. Should you
> have additional questions or concerns, please send another e-mail to my
> attention. Your business is appreciated and I look forward to serving
> you again.
> Thank you for using Bell’s Online Customer Care Centre.
> Sincerely,
> Yassir Nour El Hak
> Bell eContact Centre
> Le message d’origine suit :
> ————————
> From: Bell
> Sent: Friday, April 09, 2010 4:27 PM  
> Subject: Thank you for your order
> Please retain for future reference
> Thank you for choosing Bell. We appreciate having you as a customer.
> We’ve received your request to activate the following Bell service:
> Home phone
> Order date
> Order number
> April 8th 2010
> A37L35G3
> Installation address
> Activation date
> Ch-701 5500 Lasalle Bd
> April 10th 2010
> Verdun, QC
> H4H 1N9
 > Bell professional technician visit required for:
> Home phone
> Not required
> Your home phone number
> (514) 769-1381
> > Sincerely,
> Jim Myers   Senior Vice-President – Customer Experience >
 Bell continues  it’s absurdity
—–Original Message—–  
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 11:22 AM
To: belldirect ;  
Subject: Re: yOUR order (KMM21407481I63L0KM)
Don’t be stupid still for my dead father’s phone now was to be disconnected
as requested by me on August 1, at least and not Nov 1, 2010.. so you will
not get paid for those extra months you showed yourself incompetent, fools..
—–Original Message—–
From: belldirect
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 10:37 AM
Subject: Re: yOUR order (KMM21407481I63L0KM)
Thank you for visiting Bell’s website.  My name is Yassir Nour El Hak,
from the Bell eContact Centre and I am pleased to help you regarding
your father’s phone line.
At your request, telephone number 514-769-1381 will be disconnected on
November 1st 2010. The order confirmation number is O44050-210.
Callers to the old number will be advised that your number is no longer
in service.
 I hope you will find this information helpful. Should
you have additional questions or concerns, please send another e-mail to
my attention. Your business is appreciated and I look forward to serving
you again.
Thank you for using Bell’s Online Customer Care Centre.
Yassir Nour El Hak
Bell eContact Centre
—–Original Message—–
From: Executive Office
Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 3:47 PM
Subject: (KMM21448520I63L0KM) 
Thank you for your e-mail regarding your recent experience with Bel
First and foremost, please accept my sincere sympathies for your loss.
I do regret to hear that your father?s services were not disconnected
upon his passing and as per your email request.
I understand that at this time your issue has been resolved by our call
centre and that the account was credited for the period of time that the
service was not in use. The account now stands at a $0 balance. Please
let me know if this is not the case.


Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 9:03 AM
Subject: Re:  (KMM21448520I63L0KM)
Thank you for your kind reply, but actually if you check your Bell  files you will note that in the last decade I have mailed at least 270 letters of complaints about Bell poor support services, and for me nothing has really basically changed here.

Verizon Wireless pays FCC $25M for years of false data charges 

  The Federal Communications Commission said Thursday that it has reached a record $25 million settlement with Verizon Wireless over the company’s wrongly charging subscribers “mystery” Internet fees over the past several years.The payment will go to the U.S. Treasury and is the largest settlement in FCC history. The settlement also ends the FCC’s 10-month investigation into overcharges at Verizon Wireless, the agency said in a news release. An FCC spokeswoman declined to comment on whether the settlement also ends the agency’s other billing inquiries.

With the action, Verizon Wireless’s total costs associated with false data fees reached $77.8 million, one of the largest payouts for false business practices in the communications services industry. Verizon said this month that it would refund about 15 million subscribers $52.8 million for those unwanted data charges.

Verizon Wireless is the nation’s largest wireless service provider with 90 million subscribers. The firm announced its refund amid an FCC investigation into data charges brought from complaints from consumers.

This month, the FCC began an exploration into regulations that would require cellphone service providers to alert users when they are close to going over their monthly allotted voice, text and data limits. In a survey, the agency said 30 million cellphone users said they experienced “bill shock,” with extra charges on their monthly bills for data overcharges and other fees.

and what are they doing in Canada about any of  this.. the watchdog  is sleeping on the job again? or sleeping with Bell? Bad CRTC gives Bell a green lights on usage based internet billing .


  ” Metered internet usage is on the way, with the CRTC handing down its final decision on how wholesale customers can be billed by large network owners. The federal regulator on Thursday gave Bell Canada the approval to implement so-called usage-based billing to wholesale customers — usually smaller internet service providers that rent portions of its network — within 90 days. Under the plan, Bell will charge wholesale service providers a flat monthly fee to connect to its network, and for a set monthly usage limit per each ISP customer the ISP has. Beyond that set limit, users will be charged per gigabyte, depending on the speed of their connections. Customers using the fastest connections of five megabits per second, for example, will have a monthly allotment of 60 GB, beyond which Bell will charge $1.12 per GB to a maximum of $22.50. If a customer uses more than 300 GB a month, Bell will also be able to implement an additional charge of 75 cents per gigabyte. Customers of smaller ISPs such as Teksavvy and Execulink who signed up for service before Feb. 1, 2007, will be “grandfathered,” where their unlimited usage plans will be honoured. The CRTC did, however, give Bell the right to periodically raise rates on grandfathered plans in order to urge customers on to metered services. 

“we already have the most expensive cell phones on earth thanks to the big 3, and starting soon the most expensive internet.” “When was the last time the CRTC handed down a final decision that actually benefited customers? I say dissolve the CRTC. It’s little more than a slave to the big telecoms. “ “ Just like with cell phones, while the rest of the world moves forward, Canada runs backwards! You pay more to get less. Who in his right mind would be for this?  Bent over again by Bell’s lacky the CRTC. How does this do anything but hurt Canadian consumers? Another kick in the teeth from the CRTC…Internet caps in this country are ridiculously low and the rate at which the companies charge on a per gb basis is ludicrous! GB’s at most are less than 1cent in cost for the company to operate and somehow there’s this huge inflation in price. “  “  the profits don’t even go towards bettering the connection! Canada’s tech environment is suffering greatly with this approval. Dump the CRTC, please, for the sake of social advancement.”  ” In the U.S. internet usage by consumers is unlimited, meaning there is no restrictions on how much you can download. The CRTC is a joke and they need to be disbanded.They continue to suppress competition and ignore consumer needs.”  “CRTC just allowed Shaw to buy Canwest’s tv stations. Wasn’t it Bell that just bought CTV? Why is the CRTC allowing the telecoms to take over all of our media? We used to have laws restricting this kind of activity because it’s dangerous to us as a society.


CRTC ruling handcuffs competitive market: TeksavvyGlobe and Mail –  The CRTC has varied one of its decisions on an appeal, which means pretty soon Bell will be allowed to charge wholesale Internet service providers – ISPs, such as Primus and TekSavvy – on a usage-based billing model. Anybody using TV over Internet right now is going to be severely affected by this. I mean, it makes anybody trying to do streaming right now a pretty big concern. Do you keep surfing the Internet? Do you watch TV on the Internet? Just how much gaming do you do because some games now require some pretty big bandwidth?


CRTC eases Internet usage billing ruling CANOE

Canadian Network Operators Consortium Canada NewsWire (press release) (blog) –


Thursday’s CRTC decision granted Bell Canada the ability to charge its customers based on the amount of data they download. All data over the Internet is about to officially become a metered commodity in Canada. Know we all know this is how Bell plans to pay for the CTV network IT HAD RECENTLY  bought and WILL BELL ALSO START TO CHARGE FOR THE PAST FREE TV SERVICES TOO?
“However, unlike traditional commodities, where the market sets the price, there isn’t a clear idea of how much a GB of traffic is really worth. The ISP sets the price, and you have to pay it. “
“We are wimps in this country manipulated by a couple of huge corporations that help each other by following virtually the same insane prices for their communication products. As Rogers did with Bell on the torrent issue, they both work hand in hand to have Canadians paying the highest prices in the world.”” Strikes me as sort of double taxation.  “
”  The biggest problem with comparing bandwidth to other metered services like water or electricity is that bandwidth isn’t a scarce resource. It’s essentially unlimited and continues (and will continue) to become more plentiful, faster and cheaper. Consuming 1 GB today is many times cheaper & faster than it was 5 years ago, and it will be many times cheaper & faster in 5 years.  So with that in mind, why is the CRTC implementing such short-sighted usage caps? And more importantly, why are they protecting Bell?  Bell & Rogers are fighting like cats and dogs for a metered, regulated Internet not because of this apparent lack of capacity that they have (which is garbage), but because they are afraid that what we do with that capacity will cut into their other revenue streams. Every movie I watch on Netflix or rent through the iTunes store is revenue taken away from Bell. And as more people get used to the ease-of-use of Internet-based content delivery, Bell & Rogers’ content services come under more pressure. That’s why they are fighting so hard to keep our Internet use down, and it’s a shame that the CRTC bought their argument. “ “ We don’t pay Bell, Rogers, etc., for the amount of internet we use, we pay them for access to it? These companies only want usage based billing because it is a cash-cow! Do you want to pay a fee for ever kilometre you drive down a road? How about every step you take in a mall, someone’s has to pay to maintain those floors? It is a scam supported by the CRTC! And my reply is “SHAME ON THE CRTC! Your job is to protect the public’s rights, not only the telco’s!”
“ And when hydro says, “Conservation is about protecting the environment!” they are feeding us another line! No it’s not? It’s about guilt-tripping people into accepting every rate hike and expense recovery crap line they have been feeding us for years! Of course, our rate today is more than 4 times higher over 20 years ago, so what are they showing for it? Do we have really cool hydrogen fuel-cell power plants? Nope, instead they close down nuclear plants in favour of (much cheaper to operate) coal! And the majority of the public is guilt-tripped into buying this crap! Now, the link to the telco’s and internet is that this newer industry is learning from their fattened-cow older sibling on how to rape the public and make them feel like it is their fault! So ask yourself, “Do I really expect my house to have any less electronics 10 years from now? Do I really think I will be using less internet and hydro 10 years from now?” If they keep up with these billing practices, the answer will be “yes” because we can’t afford it otherwise…but my bill won’t go down as a result! I will be paying more than I am now and getting much less for it! “
“Bandwidth caps limit innovation, Bell doesn’t have to worry about that because they want to be the content provider and force their service, (ex. IPTV) which is on a non-capped line and doesn’t affect the capped line. What other services are they trying to implement?”
That’s a good one, you do realize that once the fiber lines are laid out it only costs them at most $2-3 per customer a month to maintain the connection right? The data is not and should not be treated as a commodity, they are tricking you all into thinking that bandwidth is some secret resource on our planet. It is not, it is flashes of light going through a line in the ground. That is all it is, you are paying hundreds a month for them to blink a light through an optical cable. If for instance bandwidth was driven by coal burning smoke signals then yes they would have a viable point. Quit being so ignorant, the CRTC by the way is made up of ex Bell/Rogers executives so no wonder they are never going to vote in public favour. “
“ I am very upset that the CRTC continues to support these big companies and ignores the general public. How is it possible that a company with a monopoly on DSL lines is allowed to charge these outrageous prices. Does anyone really believe a GB of data costs 2 dollars? I work in telecom and believe me, these prices are highly inflated. The major cost is from running the phone line to your house and maintaining the equipment, tech support, etc.. A GB means nothing to Bell. Has anyone actually been shown by Bell how this will help their network? Is there network overloaded today? Have they not invested enough in infrastructure?
Internet equipment is still dropping in price, and like computers in general, becoming more powerful every year. The cost of transferring a GB today is much less than a year ago, or 5 years ago.  So, why is Bell imposing this new billing now? Because of Netflix, and other competition to their TV/ pay per view. Its the content they want to control. They don’t want the competition. And if people are naive and say, well, this doesn’t affect me… you are mistaken. Less content providers means less competition. Less cheap internet means less working from home, remote access and other things that are and will become increasingly more used. So sad that this happens in Canada.”
“Furthermore, this ruling is anti-competitive. Bell not only runs networks. They also run the telephone and television networks. The internet is clearly a major threat to both of these two money makers.”
Obviously the CRTC didn’t see that report that pegged Canada as having some of the slowest, most expensive internet in the world. This just makes us that much more screwed. Why does Korea have unlimited internet 5-10x faster than our fastest residential internet, for only $29/month?”
” There needs to be a check and balance to this. Usage based billing is fine, but it has to go both ways. If they’re charging $50 a month for 60gb and I only use 30gb, then I want to pay $25. If they want to run their business like the power or water utilities then do it. People who use power are charged accordingly and you have the ability to cut back on what you use at your own discretion. People can do the same thing with internet.
The reality is that this would never happen because Bell’s business model preys on people over paying for service and knowing their users won’t use what they buy to the max. If every user in Canada bought internet and used 60gb each month Bell would be bankrupt in a month. Their whole business model is built on under delivering their product.”
“This is what you get when you elect a Conservative government.They want to raise the price of every service in exchange for larger campaign donations from the corporations (shaw, bell, rogers, telus).”
“We pay more for internet and cell phone use here than most places in the world by far! What a Joke! They just want to hijack us for more $$$ before more competition finally is allowed.”
“This is daylight robbery and we allow it to happen.GREAT!!”
“UBB or usage based billing, as has been implemented by Bell and has received approval from the CRTC to apply it to their wholesalers, is a step backwards. Our technological advancement has been stunted for so long with companies like Bell and Rogers trying to keep things at status quo instead of trying to be the best in the world. I don’t know where these companies learned their marketing and customer relations values.
While all of the major ISP’s currently do have data caps, their wholesalers (ie. Teksavvy, Acanac, etc) were able to provide much higher caps from 200 GB to unlimited. The CRTC’s ruling in favor of UBB will nullify the unlimited plans for many users on DSL (aka Bell). However, despite Rogers having data caps, they have recognized that they can allow their wholesalers to provide unlimited downloads in order to steal market share away from DSL. So while Bell is busy trying to nickel and dime everyone, Rogers has made deals with Teksavvy to provide plans that are not usage based. Acanac will be coming out with their own cable internet plans on November 1st, so I don’t know what they will have. But both Teksavvy and Acanac have always had good service with very reasonable prices. Ditch the big companies and go with Teksavvy or Acanac. Then you won’t need to worry when you watch a ton of movies from netflix or your kid spent hours watching new movie trailers or youtube videos or gaming… there are endless uses that will eat up your bandwith. Get unlimited.”
Computer users have become a cash cow for many The average, Illiterate computer users are taking a great risk …
It seems everyone is trying to make a big profit from the computer users, including computer manufacturers, computer, magazines  telecommunication companies, Internet services providers, even software sellers and pornographers,  hackers too.
After going through what seems to have been several years without getting hit with a serious virus, this weekend I got nailed with a killer. It was one of those extremely annoying trojan viruses that digs it’s way into your system and causing some serious damage along the way. The fun worst part about this virus was how it would instantly activate itself upon windows starting up, then to make matters worse, it would instantly close out any applications you tried to open and wiped out internet access all together.  The main goal of the virus was to not only infect your computer, but also to make money in the process. On the flip side, there are tons of web sites cashing in on anti virus software without being bastards and having to infect computers with a virus to make their living. Web sites dedicated to providing information on how to remove these viruses are also cashing in. 
ORGANISED crime online has become rife over the last few years with more and more computer and Internet users falling victim to phishing and different forms of viruses and spyware.   we are now entering a new era where viruses are being deliberately developed and spread for potential profit – huge profit. Antivirus software is becoming big business, not only because new viruses are constantly being created or ‘improved’ that can bypass existing antivirus software, but also because people are living in fear of getting a nasty infection and losing all their valuable data. Many people are also even  scammed into purchasing antivirus or anti-spyware software by being made to believe that their pc is infected. There are many ways that any computer connected to the Internet can become infected or accessed by viruses and spyware.  
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September 1, 2010

Big bad Mother Bell is still so greedy

Bell she wants all the money for herself. But you already know as to how bad Bell is if you did  read my blog here.

Big win for small Internet providers Vancouver Sun  The country’s major Internet providers, such as BCE Inc.’s Bell Canada and Telus Corp., will be forced to lease network space to smaller competitors at matching speeds to ensure competition for broadband services, the telecommunications regulator said in a key ruling Monday. The decision, delivered after hearings last spring, is a critical if only partial victory for independent resellers like TekSavvy Solutions Inc. and Telnet Communications, which will now be able to keep pace with incumbent offerings. Yet for Telus and Bell, it is a big blow in their fight to gain television share and slow phone line losses against rival cable companies Shaw Communications Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc. Limited bandwidth capacity the pair would rather use for new Internet TV products must now instead go toward wholesale services under regulated prices and fixed returns. In the decision, Konrad von Fickenstein, chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, acknowledged that big providers are investing in network infrastructure, but regulated access was still required to foster “more competition and (to better serve consumers).” Third-party resellers’ business model depends on set prices for wholesale network access, which is then resold to customers.
Bell slams CRTC for rebates ruling Toronto Sun

Rural high-speed Internet, phone rebates on the way Winnipeg Free Press
Toronto Star – Victoria Times Colonist – Montreal Gazette – Reuters

Telus, Bell must repay customers, CRTC rules Vancouver Sun – Urban customers of Bell and Telus will receive a rebate of up to $90 after Canada’s telecommunications regulator on Tuesday ordered the country’s major telecom companies to repay overcharges to

CRTC orders phone rebates


Montreal Gazette – Reuters – Toronto Sun – Wall Street Journal
Liberals pull even with Tories: EKOS poll – Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals have pulled into an end-of-summer dead heat with Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, according to a new EKOS poll.

July 21, 2010

Bell is still undeniable guilty of bait and switch, false misleading trade, advertising practices.

Choose Bell and get more value from your TV service. Digital television you can count on. The best HD. Stunning picture quality . Over 100 HD channels, the best receivers. A free Free HD PVR & digital receiver for three years. How well our services perform is as important to us as it is to you is a blatant lie. Faster interent download speeds and the fastest uploads .The largest fibre optic network in Canada is not available in all parts of Canada firstly. Supposedly Reliable access with proactive speed monitoring and optimization and of course the capping of your downloads is included, so are the too often disconnects. When you choose Bell Internet, you get free wireless home networking, security features, and a complete and customized installation, all on the most advanced fibre optic network in Canada but certainly not in the world. It gives you faster download speeds up to 25 Mbps and the fastest upload speed in the market – up to 7 Mbps. Note the term up to, does not mean a minimum speed still but only a potential maximum speed at Bell’s origin and certainly not at your place. The serious degradation of the speed at your place is a fact now too.
  Bell was and is a king in misleading others. When Bell advertise something is free, it is not free forever, or when Bell advertise a very low price, it is generally always too good to be true, for what Bell gives with one hand it soon takes away with the other hand.. Bell’s fixed contracts are a one way deal, fixed for Bell’s purposes only. Readily and often changed to suit Bell’s purposes mostly and changed without the customer’s prior approval now too. It is what Bell does not tell you that also now counts and can be really negative upon you and your Bell services.. Their support services are undeniably too often really bad when you need them. But we all seem to know next the hard way that you cannot believe what you hear and read these days especially in advertising, or even in the news or from Ottawa too.


I guess the Canadian federal and provincial governments do still feel, do even demonstrate by doing nothing good about it  that the Canadian citizens are here to be taken advantage off, to be abused daily even by their allowing the false misleading, corrupt business practices like that of the Canadian Bell. Mind you we do often also know already that when others lie like Bell does Bell itself does not hesitate to complain about it.
ONCE A BAD GUY, ALWAYS A BAD GUY IT SEEMS.. OTTAWA – The federal cabinet has been asked to referee an increasingly nasty, litigious dispute between Telus Corp. (TSX:T) and Bell Canada (TSX:BCE) over a $213-million Defence Department telecom contract. At one point in late 2008, Telus accused its competitor of deliberately sabotaging the changeover, an accusation Bell denied.



” Technology Bell Canada takes heat from clients for limiting online speedFile-sharing customers fire up complaints as giant extends limit to resellers Roberto Rocha , The Gazette Published: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 “Hands off my Internet” is the message Bell Canada is hearing from Canadians this week and last. Alarmed by the company’s decision to limit Internet speeds when using file-sharing programs, customers are treating Bell to a public relations storm, and asking the government to intervene if necessary. The issue is what is known as “traffic shaping” or “throttling,” the slowing down of Internet speeds for certain types of data. Bell Sympatico said last November that it slows the service of people who share files on peer-to-peer networks like BitTorrent and LimeWire. But the final straw for Internet activists came last week, when Bell said it will do the same for Internet providers that resell Bell’s service under another brand. “It’s certain that it disturbs us a lot. We’re talking millions of people that will be affected (in Canada),” said Jean-Philippe   que, president of ElectronicBox, a Bell Internet reseller in Montreal. “We don’t know what technology Bell is using to throttle. We’re wondering if our other services, like Internet telephony, will be affected,” he said. Now   other third-party resellers have hundreds of Canadians rushing to their defence, gathering on Facebook groups decrying Bell and writing letters to the CRTC, to the Competition Bureau and to Industry minister Jim Prentice. One of these is Steve Anderson, a masters student at Simon Fraser University and co-ordinator of Campaign for Democratic Media, an association of lobby groups. “Our main goal is to raise awareness. When people know that Internet providers are trying to shape what applications they can use, they’re naturally appalled and take action on their own accord,” Anderson said. His Stop the Throttler Facebook group, marked by a malicious-looking beaver chewing through a phone cable, had 535 members as of yesterday. Another group, Stop Bell From Throttling DSL Resellers, has more than 1,000 members sharing news items and tales of contempt for Bell. “Throttling without telling customers is just bad PR,”In the U.S., peer-to-peer throttling is a major issue that is receiving Congressional attention. A bill was introduced in February in the House of Representatives to order the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to investigate the practice. In Canada, the topic of so-called Net neutrality has not reached household status. However, observers like Ottawa law professor Michael Geist, believe Bell’s actions will intensify the debate The CRTC, which is also a target of letter writers, said this week it had not received any complaints. Regardless of the intention, third-party resellers like Béïque fear this tactic will backfire for Bell and its partners. “There will be people who will migrate to other technologies, like cable,” he said. ”…


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May 7, 2010

The big bad CRTC Approves New Bell Internet Billing Rates Increase

The big bad  CRTC Approves New Bell Internet Billing Rates Increase, Plans.
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has approved a plan to bill Internet customers by the gigabyte. Bell Canada and Bell Aliant can now charge both retail and wholesale customers based on how much they download each month. The plan, known as usage-based billing, will apply to people who buy their internet connection from Bell, or from smaller service providers that rent lines from the company, such as Teksavvy or Acanac. The CRTC also approved an additional speed option. The CRTC is letting the service providers introduce the pricing plan to its customers, called usage-based billing, whether a customer gets Internet access from Bell or from smaller companies that get their access through Bell’s lines. Some Internet Service Providers that get wholesale services from Bell had opposed the plan, initially presented last fall, saying they could not differentiate their product offerings from Bell’s under such a scheme. The CRTC noted that it also received a number of individual comments, mostly opposed to the proposal. Usage-based billing is seen by providers like Bell as one way to control or manage demand on their networks, often caused by heavy downloading or so-called P2P traffic. For more information, visit 
Why  are the prices always going up for Bell and the customers instead of down overtime? The CRTC clearly is either incompetent or corrupt. We’d like to be billed in accordance with the contract that we had signed with Bell. Didn’t realize that Bell  could just change the terms of a contract any old time Bell  wanted. It does not take a genius to know that the CRTC have given Bell a license to steal more money from the consumers, customers and Bell providing very little in return back to the customer, Bell still provides lying,  lousy customer services, including the slow down of email and their capping of the downloads too.. Computers, networking hardware, all the tech stuff needed to get the Internet to your door gets cheaper every day…. Hard drives used to be thousands of dollars for 5 megabytes…. now they are pennies on the gigabyte(1000 megabytes)…. Yet Rogers and Bell seem to keep on raising the prices…. they are greedy for a start.

April 22, 2010

Police working hard to keep up their reputation as bad guys

Officer fired after being charged The Province – A Vancouver police officer was fired within hours of being arrested and charged with four criminal offences, including drug dealing while on the job, said Chief Const.    Chu said Peter Hodson was arrested at police headquarters Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. and “charged with trafficking in marijuana, two counts of breach of trust, one for selling drugs and the other for the illegal use of a police database. In addition, he was charged with break-and-enter with the intent to commit extortion.” Chu noted that Hodson was arrested and charged with impaired driving as well as driving with a blood-alcohol level exceeding 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood while off duty in November. Those charges are still before the court.


British Columbia. officer fired for drug trafficking Ottawa Citizen

BC cop sacked after pot charges Toronto Sun

Vancouver Sun – – News1130
and how many more are there now still like him too Canada wide?

Why do the police not prosecute the drunk drivers all year more consistently now too? “Of the 645 sexual assaults that were reported to our service in 2009, more than 40 per cent were alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults,” A sexual assault is never the fault of the victim. She said no means no the first time, and another drink can’t change that.“ We need people to understand that consent cannot be given if the person is impaired by alcohol: If they’re passed out, if they’re unconscious, if they’re sleeping,”  Supt. Danielle Campbell,   head of the Edmonton Police Criminal Investigations Division. It seems most alcohol-facilitated sexual assault doesn’t seem to be about miscommunication, or misconceptions of consent.  Rather, it is about men who use alcohol to incapacitate women for the purpose of raping them, and who do it over and over again like they know what they ‘re doing and are doing it on purpose. Do even the police do the same thing as well?

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April 19, 2010

Just cause you got a Smartphone

MANUFACTURERS TO launch A NEW PHONE   by Christmas?  or their new tablet and likley touch screen against the ipad.. don’t you hate it when you just spend loads of money for a new gadget it is already ready to become shortly obsolete again too.

“Buying a phone is becoming harder and harder these days. There are so many different options on smartphones that it is hard to keep up with all the latest technology. With phones and tablets almost completely relying on touchscreen interfaces, the screens on these devices are easily the most important part of modern day devices. There are several different technologies behind these screens, and we aim to explain what some of these terms mean. If you’ve ever wondered what AMOLED, LCD, IPS, or TFT mean, you’re reading the right article.
These days you really only have two choices of screens when you are buying a smartphone or tablet, LCD or AMOLED. Many of you probably can’t tell the difference between the two screen types, but both technologies have inherent strengths and weaknesses. LCD has been around for a while, but AMOLED phones are gaining popularity thanks to Samsung and other manufacturers. There isn’t a clear winner at this point in time
The smartphones demand  has clearly surged, but they use as much as 30 times as much bandwidth as regular mobile phones to run the applications, or “apps,” that make them so popular. This  surge in traffic triggered by video and other apps has led to more dropped calls and choppy service. As video on smartphones becomes more popular, it is leading to more congestion, and forcing the reluctant carriers to spend billions to upgrade their antiquated networks and also to  buy more wireless spectrum. Kind explains why Bell also had to dishonestly cap the regular downloads capabilities on it’s networks to make way for the smart phones. And why Apple’s phones, ipods  are reluctant to  to use video, cameras ..  Just cause you got a Smartphone does not mean it is going to work properly. 
Now if a user is asked to choose between an tablet and a netbook, the tablet isn’t an adequate substitute and as smartphones become more powerful, and move closer to PCs, the need for a tablet is greatly reduced.
The iPad Cons
-There isn’t a camera , there’s no  Skype, with all of that power there is no camera on this device.
-No on board memory card support. You must purchase an optional adapter.
-The iPad will have many books to download and also other cool apps, but what if I want to listen to some music on Pandora, while I read, or work on my iPad I can’t. With all the crazy things I mentioned before about all the powerful things  it is quipped with, those powerful components  run hand and hand with the current iPhone OS (Version 3.2). Therefore even on the iPad you can do no multi-tasking at all. I believe it’s a big setback for the device.
-The battery’s life is great as we spoke about, but if the battery dies completely there’s no way of getting at it to replace, its built in.
iPad does not come with Flash.
Adobe CEO states Flash is coming to Android, Blackberry and WebOS. So video  it is already presenting a big challenge to networks.  “If you think that today’s 3G as a browsing experience is a challenge to these data networks, imagine what a video streaming or download experience is going to be as these screens start to look like HD televisions in terms of resolutions.” There is some amazing technologies for compressing everything from web content, documents, and video but all that in reality is still a long way off.
By the way for all those Hollywood companies complaining that their films are being stolen, pirated by others, on the internet before I would even bother to listen to their complaints, I would like to have them all fully reviewed for their too often known, numerous  tax evasions firstly.
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Bell is a large organization that lacks willingness to connect with its customes but doe snot hesitate  to abuse them

THE RELEASE of the Apple  Iphone 3GS has sparked a wave  on the world wide web lately.  As SFGate hack Mark Morford points out, people have suddenly stopped moaning about the fact that the phone lacks a microSD card reader, enterprise capabilities, support for multiple codecs, background processing and a real time GPS, and that it’s slow syncing and has pathetic video upload, a pants camera and a silly single-core processor. Instead TOO MANY FALSE spin stories about the Iphone 3GS “being perfect” have started to become currency. No product however good it is has ever been perfect. The fact that people can say such nonsense is part of the reason I think that the Apple media control machine is worse than any atrocity that Microsoft or Intel ever dreamed up.  The Apple dream is one where ‘perfection’ is defined for you. You buy a slice of that perfection every time you buy a product. It will be perfect until the upgrade comes out and you will have to keep buying or you will not be perfect. This bizarre relationship only exists with Apple and its fans. Microsoft users expect the Vole’s products to go wrong, it is like a running joke. Linux is based on the idea that if something goes wrong the user might be able to fix it. And lots of people have been reporting that their smartphones seem to get too warm if you run GPS stuff on   them.  Moaning that Google will not provide Apple users with its products while at the same time claiming the Apple version is perfect and original really shows up the psychological flaws in most fanboys’ argument. If Safari is so good and perfect why would you want Chrome?  Reality Apple is never perfect..  Apple is a minority operating system. It is bigger in the US, which is a country famous for having more money than sense, and even there only five percent of people use it.   Apple fanboys need to wake up to the fact that they are solidly in the minority and any action from a major IT company to provide them with software and services for their bizarrely obscure proprietary operating system is done out of indulgent charity rather than from any compelling business case.

December 1, 2009



Canada and British Columbia  clearly, perversely has a two tied justice system, one that allows ordinary citizens to be abused, another for the civil and public servants, influential   persons, a legacy from the British influence.. smart RCMP officers seem always to get away with injustice as a result too


The Canadian Press  VANCOUVER, B.C. – Vancouver International Airport, where Robert Dziekanski spent the last 10 hours of his life lost, confused and unable to communicate with anyone before his fatal confrontation with RCMP, has denied any responsibility for his death in its defence of a lawsuit filed by the Polish immigrant’s mother.Dziekanski died on the floor of the airport’s international arrivals area in the early morning of Oct. 14, 2007, after four RCMP officers stunned him with a Taser.His mother is now suing the officers, the airport and the federal and provincial governments. Zofia Cisowski alleges the airport and its staff failed her son at every encounter they had with the man after he arrived from Poland and then tried, unsuccessfully, to find his waiting mother.He was in the airport for nearly 10 hours before police were called, including several hours that he spent unnoticed in a secure customs hall, possibly sleeping. In particular, Cisowski’s lawsuit says airport staff didn’t do enough to help Dziekanski when he became agitated and started throwing furniture, prompting calls to police. She claims airport officials didn’t provide sufficient access to a translator and wrongly decided not to call the facility’s own firefighters after Dziekanski was stunned and lying unconscious on the airport floor. The lawsuit also says staff failed to provide Cisowski with any “meaningful assistance” when she repeatedly tried to find out where her son was during hours of waiting. The airport denies every allegation. Airport staff “followed their training, used good judgment and employed the resources available to them at the time to do their best to assist the plaintiff (Cisowski), Mr. Dziekanski and all members of the public in attendance at the airport,” says the statement of defence, filed on Nov. 20.”If the plaintiff sustained any injury or harm, such harm was not foreseeable by the airport or its representatives.” CisowsKi’s lawyer declined to comment, saying he was waiting for statements of defence from the others named in the lawsuit. The airport is the only defendant so far to file such a statement. The airport’s lawyer, Dwight Stewart, said the airport has extensively reviewed what happened and made changes, but he insisted the airport’s policies and procedures were sufficient at the time. “This was a situation that no one at the airport had ever encountered before,” Stewart said in an interview.  “And while it’s unlikely that this would ever again happen at the airport, the airport looked at every one of those systems and did everything it could to ensure that . . . every passenger – no matter the time of day, no matter their experience with international air travel, no matter their language capacity – had a smooth passage through Vancouver International Airport.” Stewart said he ISn’t legally discuss whether there has been any talk of a settlement, but he said the airport is sticking firm in its position that it did nothing wrong.

 The airport faced intense criticism after Dziekanski’s death and made numerous changes in the aftermath, including improved access to translation services, more signs in different languages and increased patrols to find passengers who are lost or in distress. An internal report produced in the months after Dziekanski’s fatal confrontation with police concluded airport staff followed their training and did nothing wrong, but made more than two dozen recommendations that have been put into place . .At a public inquiry that wrapped up in October, the airport repeatedly pointed to those changes as proof it had learned from the incident, while at the same time denying there was anything wrong in the first place. Inquiry commissioner Thomas Braidwood’s final report is expected to be released next year, and it will contain recommendations to prevent similar deaths.The inquiry also focused on the actions of federal border officers who dealt with Dziekanski before he encountered the police and the four RCMP officers, one of whom used a Taser on Dziekanski within seconds of arriving. Cisowski’s lawsuit is just one of several legal cases connected to Dziekanski’s death and the inquiry. Three of the officers will be in the B.C. Court of Appeal this week to challenge the inquiry’s authority to make findings of misconduct against them; Taser International is suing the inquiry commissioner over the findings of an earlier report that concluded the weapons can kill; and the officer who fired the Taser, Const. Kwesi Millington, is suing the CBC for libel.

Overruling recommendations by a local police force, B.C.’s Ministry of the Attorney-General won’t lay impaired-driving charges after a fatal crash last year involving an RCMP officer who was also at the centre of the Robert Dziekanski case. The ministry’s criminal justice branch announced Tuesday it will instead lay a single charge of attempting to obstruct justice against RCMP Corporal Benjamin Montgomery (Monty) Robinson. The charge stems from an Oct. 25, 2008, crash in Tsawwassen, B.C., in which motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson was struck by a Jeep driven by Cpl. Robinson, who was off duty at the time, the ministry said. After the crash, Cpl. Robinson gave his driver’s licence to a witness and left the scene to carry his two children, who were in the Jeep, to the family’s nearby home, defence lawyer Reg Harris said in an interview Tuesday. Cpl. Robinson has said he’d consumed two beers earlier that night and, once leaving the crash scene, drank two shots of vodka at his home. “He had volunteered that he had consumed liquor, yes,” Mr. Harris said. Cpl. Robinson then returned to the scene of the crash, at which Mr. Hutchinson was pronounced dead. The collision was investigated by Delta police, who in June recommended the Crown lay charges of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death against Cpl. Robinson. But in a statement Tuesday, the government said “available evidence does not establish to the criminal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that at the time of the collision Cpl. Robinson had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit, that his ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by alcohol, or that he was operating his vehicle in a dangerous manner. …” Unlike other provinces where police lay charges directly, British Columbia requires the Crown to approve charges suggested by investigators. Neil MacKenzie, a spokesman for B.C.’s criminal justice branch, was tight-lipped about what the charge of obstructing justice stems from, saying only that it was due to the “alleged actions” of Cpl. Robinson in the hours after the collision.

The Crown has approved a charge of attempting to obstruct justice — but not impaired driving — against RCMP Cpl. Benjamin (Monty) Robinson, who was involved in a fatal accident last year.  On Oct. 25, 2008, Robinson was driving a Jeep in Tsawwassen that collided with a motorcycle driven by 21-year-old Orion Hutchinson, who was killed. Robinson was the most senior of the four RCMP officers involved in a confrontation with Dziekanski at Vancouver airport in October 2007, during which Dziekanski was shocked with a Taser and died. Robinson testified at a public inquiry earlier this year that he gave the order to use the Taser. He was suspended with pay following the crash and RCMP spokesman Sgt. Tim Shields said Tuesday the suspension continues. Shields said an internal code of conduct investigation was ordered after the accident, but that investigation will not proceed until the criminal case has concluded.

The RCMP  itself does not hesitate to cover up, not prosecute one of it’s own historically now as well. Claiming “We have to wait until the court proceedings are over and then we will hold the adjudication hearing where the final discipline will be decided upon,” he said. “It only makes sense to wait until all the evidence has come in during the court process before that final disciplinary hearing is held.” Of course all of the evidence will not be available if the RCMP itself fully does not investigate the matter.

The motor vehicles branch suspended Robinson’s driver’s licence for 90 days following the crash – a suspension he tried unsuccessfully to appeal. The officer argued in B.C. Supreme Court in March that a motor vehicles adjudicator didn’t properly consider his statement that he left the scene of the collision, had two shots of vodka, and then returned to the scene. Robinson is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 8 on the obstruction charge. His lawyer, Reg Harris, said Robinson will plead not guilty to the charge. “Any criminal charge is a significant event for anybody, so it’s hugely significant that he’s now facing a criminal charge,” Harris said. 

More amazing still, the vehicular accident which resulted in the death of Orion Hutchinson and the obstruction charge to Monty Robinson came one year almost to the day of Robert Dziekanski’s death. Corporal Robinson was suspended with pay following the crash, and over a year later that suspension continues. Note that he wasn’t suspended for his involvement in the death of Mr.Dziekanski, but for the drunk driving and obstruction charge in the accident.

Two men are dead as a result of Mr.Robinson’s direct actions. Will there be any justice for either of them?

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RCMP acknowledges public trust eroded after Dziekanski incident  Vancouver Sun –  By Neal Hall, Vancouver SunMarch 24, 2009 VANCOUVER – The RCMP realizes the level of public trust in the force has dropped as a result of evidence emerging at the Braidwood inquiry, which is probing the death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport


Mountie fails to have driving ban lifted The Province – By Keith Fraser, The ProvinceMarch 4, 2009 One of the four Mounties at the scene of the fatal Tasering of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver International Airport has lost his bid to overturn a driving ban he received after he was involved in a fatal KILLING


Cop not certified with Taser  24 Hours Vancouver –  By IRWIN LOY, 24 HOURS The RCMP officer who gave the order to jolt Robert Dziekanski with a Taser stun gun lacked the proper certification to fire the weapon himself, the inquiry into the Polish immigrant’s death has heard. RCMP Cpl. Benjamin ‘Monty’


Unbelievable testimony; unknowable pain Globe and Mail –  Just days after the head of the RCMP asked the Canadian public to “walk a mile in the shoes” of his officers, the mother of Robert Dziekanski attempted to get a member of the force to do exactly the same thing with her. 


WINNIPEG — One target of a major undercover police sting operation was a former Manitoba RCMP officer who gave up the badge and later became a high-ranking Hells Angels associate.  Shuttleworth, 39, was arrested at his Winnipeg home early Wednesday by heavily armed members of the Emergency Response Team. He has been charged with participating in a criminal organization, trafficking a firearm, possession of proceeds of crime and conspiracy to money laundering. Police identified Shuttleworth in court documents as a full-patch member of the Zig Zag Crew, the so-called puppet club of the Hells Angels. The documents said Shuttleworth was an RCMP officer between 1991 and 1994 who had extensive firearm training and “an ongoing interest in firearms.”




November 28, 2009


Public Works  comparisons with private-sector real estate: report. Most construction firms jack up their prices when dealing with the federal government, says a new report.” Private sector companies, who build our projects, are intimidated by our processes and controls and account for their perceived extra efforts in dealing with these through increased construction and management fees,” says an internal document even because  payments may be slow, typical of the civil servants outputs now too.
Save tax payer’s money today, stop the abuses, thefts, crime, corruptions, bribes, kickbacks, tax evasions, expense account abuses, living high on the hog, etc. Report it to the news media, government, call the police today. Insist on Gun Controls as well.
Ottawa bus fare hikes, service cuts proposed.. If one looks at all the major decisions made by Ottawa Cty Councillors in the past few years; you can Only reach one decision…  all the Ottawa councillors are inept! Nice “trick” that the council is pulling on us. Threaten us with an 8% increase to cover next years budget, then make us feel better with just a 4% proposal. The city is becoming unaffordable for an average wage earner to live in comfort. We have the highest tax ..  This city is a joke, and all the jesters are in the court of city hall! The gross ineptitude of this council is criminal! Steal from the poor and give to the rich? Super inflated management salaries and entitlements and perks as well as just sheer numbers of these family or political appointees is disgraceful! How many businesses do you think survive when administration (drift wood) is paid more than production workers? I know what I’ve given up on… having a council and mayor that aren’t idiots. Vote the lying Mayer and the inept councillors out. Ottawa is already the highest property tax city in Canada becuase the waste by this council
Que. police conduct first raids in massive corruption investigation The Canadian Press  MONTREAL – A series of police raids in a town outside Montreal was billed Tuesday as the start of a crackdown in a massive Quebec corruption scandal. They were the first strike by a provincial police unit created to deal with a mushrooming controversy that allegedly involves construction companies, politicians, and the Italian Mafia.A police source described the raids in suburban Boisbriand, Que., as the first phase of Operation Hammer, announced in October in the midst of a controversy that has taken its toll on politicians at various levels. The source said Tuesday’s search warrants involved allegations of election-fixing, municipal corruption, defrauding the government, and buying or selling a contract.Police searched Boisbriand city hall, the municipal public-works department, and a local construction company.  Boisbriand became embroiled in a wider corruption controversy when, in October, the CBC’s French service reported on the murky relationship between elected officials and a company that controlled more than half the city’s construction contracts..   
Quebec Liberals accused of turning famed daycare program into pay-for-play vehicle  QUEBEC – Quebec’s iconic $7-a-day childcare program has become the subject of a pay-for-play controversy.  The famous social program has been used to help fill the coffers of the province’s governing Liberals, the opposition Parti Quebecois charged Tuesday.  The PQ said it began examining who’d received contracts to open the daycare centres, and was startled by the preponderance of donors to the Quebec Liberal party. For instance, it said 70 per cent of new daycares opened in the Laurentian region last year were run by Liberal donors.   The opposition demanded that the file be investigated internally, or referred to the province’s auditor general. But the government minister responsible for running the program, Tony Tomassi, called it a coincidence and said strict rules governed the awarding of daycares.

BC RCMP Police probe hiring of civil servant Man linked to privacy breach suspected of using false identity. “I believe that Wainwright used this false information in order to gain employment with the B.C. government,” Sgt. Andrew Cowan, head of the federal commercial crime unit in Victoria. During the search, police seized equipment suspected of being used to produce fake identity documents, including a laminator, card printer, counterfeit currency detector, scanner and high-performance colour photo printer, according to search warrant documents obtained by the Times Colonist. The documents show that police seized a stamp that read “B.C. Ministry of Human Resources,” with a label on the side that said “mail room do not remove”; a stamp that read “certified true copy of original document”; and an application for a government credit card. There were also numerous computers and laptops, USB drives, a Taser, passport applications, criminal record check forms and about eight credit cards under various names.  The B.C. government is refusing to answer questions about whether employees undergo criminal records checks before they are hired.  
 In British Columbia this supervisor in the Ministry of Children and Family Development, with a criminal record for fraud and counterfeit offences, had been the target of an RCMP investigation into allegations he used false identity documents to obtain employment in government. During the search of the man’s apartment, police found personal records for 1,400 income assistance clients, social aid recipients,  from the Ministry of Housing and Social Development. The employee at the centre of the breach, Richard Wainwright, was fired in October, raising questions as to why and how he retained his job for seven months after RCMP alerted government about the breach. Wainwright has not been charged with any offence. Wainwright’s wife, Gillian, was also fired. She worked as a human resources technician in the Public Service Agency, which is also a focus of one of the reviews. The RCMP also is continuing its investigation into Wainwright. B.C.’s Information and Privacy Commissioner,
 Federal employee caught filing claims for pet  OTTAWA — A federal public works employee is in the doghouse after they successfully filed claims to the civil service’s health insurance plan for their pet, Sun Media has learned. The employee, who made two claims — one in 2008 and another this year — was only caught after another civil servant alerted authorities. After an internal investigation found they had made the false claims, they paid back the money, less than $100.  He really should have been fired instead
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