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October 31, 2009

Canada and the recession


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will to do the public’s business in a transparent and accountable way, as he rode to power in 2006 on a wave of promises to govern differently from the entitlement-minded Liberals who’d worn out their welcome with Canadians over the ad scam fiasco but what happened next? But with Mr. Harper’s second-term Conservative government going even further than its predecessors to erect an opaque barrier between itself and citizens employing  a “communications stranglehold” on the bureaucracy clearly to suppress accountability and transparency rather. It’s no wonder that groups that range from the Canadian Newspaper Association to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Association take now serious issue with Harper and his cronies.  Opposition parties  rightfully now also accuse the Conservatives of spending more time and money on partisan stimulus advertising than informing Canadians about H1N1 or ensuring a smooth, adequate vaccine supply. Awkward as well as revealing is the fact that the federal payroll is growing many times faster than inflation to try to compensate for the clearly inadequate, pretentious civil and public servants now as well. Following a decade-long unacceptable  trend, the number of public employees grew even under the Conservatives last year by 4.5 per cent, or about 9,000 jobs. But it’s still also unacceptably evident too that  this Conservative government and civil servants weren’t properly prepared for the fore known H1N1 flu even. Still upset to the recent flack around Conservative MPs affixing the party logo to oversized government cheques for photo ops, many taxpayers are taking issue with Conservatives continuing unnecessary mail-out flyers too. All a clear indications of a rather really bad Conservative management. Not what we had been let to believe we would have now instead. The Conservative reality stinks. “Recession still rippling through businesses.” This Conservative government is far better at announcing programs than in following them up and ensuring valid results.. cause they are bad, bad managers.   Doing one’s best and falling is never good enough.. real competency is always needed still.
Reality! What real governing skills does it take for anyone merely to spend the taxpayers money? None! But now also making sure it is properly spend and not stolen firstly still requires valid managerial skills.  The civil and public servants remain remarkably unruffled, even as Ottawa and the provinces rack up close to $100-billion in new debt this year also. For the Public and civil servants in Ottawa but also those   in Ontario remember their   raises profoundly but not rather more the poor work they too often do . For most of them, it was the raise they alone also  do  think still they deserve the raise. If you’re a Stephen  Harper fan or Dalton McGuinty government , yes you’ve seen them given more money to public employees at a time of deflation, fear, market panic and widespread carnage in the private sector  Most of Ottawa’s Ontario’s budget winds up in the hands of municipalities, school boards and hospitals and health authorities, which makes it harder to track who’s getting it too and to know now know much of it was rather abused too.. Anyone reading the news lately has heard not just about the too often useless civil and public servants but also about the mafia connections on porkjects that raises the taxpayers costs up to 40 percent now as well even in Quebec. We all already  could be facing much more taxes, severe service cuts as a direct result while  the federal  and provincial governments  do brace  some more for a “long, slow grind” to economic recovery that included already unacceptable government wastes,  high deficits that even will take years to overcome. All, all of this is unacceptable!


Rather  also now what real effort has been made to work with the private sector to stimulate more valid, effective new job creations programs, that just do not benefit the often corrupt, incompetent municipalities and related contractors?
The Conservative government’s economic stimulus spending spree that is pouring billions of tax dollars into road construction projects and infrastructure is just not good enough.. Real employment, and  our actual economic outputs are the much better, practical  gauge of Canada’s, our present well-being.
 What about having  a valid,  real Federal economic development, job creation programs instead?  for  It is not surprising that the same Civil servants under the federal  Liberal government had suggested next again  a federal job creation program that would provide cash stimulant firstly now to their fellow buddies, the civil and public servants at the provincial , municipal levels, but what was rather surprising that the Conservative politicians had gone along with it.
And it is also an undeniable fact now  that too many Politicians in Canada, both Members of the provincial legislatures, and members of parliament, do lie, they make false claims that they the servants of the people, they thus are mainly looking after the needs, concerns of the citizens of Canada  but mainly instead wrongfully do now use tax payer’s money, do use governmental resources and personnel  to distribute  unsolicited material to others to promote firstly their own re-ELECTION and TO PROMOTE  their own political party as we clearly all have seen the New Conservative Ministers wrongfully also now doing OFTEN NOW as well. 

 Our real employment, and  our actual economic outputs are the much better, practical  gauge of Canada’s, our present well-being.  In reality to judge by the latest economic data out of Canada , this country is creating very few long term, well paying jobs, and even shows  little recovery of economic growth but what else is new . But to get elected and re-elected in politics, the liars know you have to lie, to tell the people what they want to hear still..


The incompetent economic analysts, the spin doctors, the false prophets, the Conservative cons do still abundantly  abound in Canada during this major recession now still.. Now the Bank of Canada  being itself Confident that the recession in Canada ended in the summer, the central bank last week raised its economic forecast for the July to September months. But its rosy prediction that the Canadian economy will grow at a 2-per-cent pace for the third quarter seems increasingly at odds with reality again. A monthly report from Statistics Canada, released Friday, showed that the gross domestic product, a measure of all goods and services produced by the economy, posted a decline of 0.1 per cent for August. That followed a flat result for July. All of it was unexpected and disappointing. What also the clearly false and bad  analysts had projected, expected now this to be Canada’s turnaround quarter from recession to growth now seems fated to be again vanishing,  very weakly evident. Canada, now also with a rising dollar and heavy dependence on the sickly auto sector, has seen our exports fall, and we see still the sluggishness in petroleum and mining. Manufacturing was also weak, down 0.7 per cent .  A decline in manufacturing and wholesaling also led to a drop in the trucking industry.  Over the coming months, however, the likely growth rate of Canada cannot be accurately predicted. It’s all still a worrisome trend, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he’s concerned that private sector isn’t doing enough  to boost Canada’s economy, and  Canada’s Finance Minister Flaherty now says any improvement in the economy so far is “fragile and tentative”. The Canadian economy is still in recession and needs tens of billions in stimulus spending during the next few years to recover, so the Conservatives continue to try to justify their giving  more of our tax money to the Conservative ridings,  and their friends, supporters.. But what about using the tax money to create real lasting  jobs, or what no one still knows how to do it in Ottawa?  In contrast, the third-quarter U.S. data,  this week showed their healthy economic growth of 3.5 per cent, suggesting that conditions south of the border are much more robust than here even though our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper had once predicted that Canada would lead the recovery.. Canada’s recession has been much worse than originally believed and may last longer than the too many had before forecasted, or rather mainly lied. It looks as if Canada’s economy is still not exiting the recession. No Surprise here.

“We are still in recession. It’s not a question of weak recovery or slow recovery. There ain’t a recovery,” said Jim Stanford, economist for the Canadian Auto Workers. “That has all the implications for employment, consumer sentiment, for government finances. If we’re waiting for business to kick back in to pull us out of recession, I think we’re going to be waiting a long time.”

But here is one thing you know for sure, the Police, RCMP, public and civil servants, politicians will cry they are underpaid even for the little good they do and will demand more money.. count on it..
The federal government preaches accountability, but is being only selectively transparent about its own spending activities.  Compare this cloaking to Stephen Harper’s boasting about his stimulus package. Even here, there is less transparency than meets the eye. Considerable work by opposition parties and the media, including this newspaper, have shown patterns of spending to favour Conservative ridings, and suggest that less money has flowed to actual construction projects than the government would like the public to believe.
It really causes us to think as to what is the federal Conservative government wrongfully hiding here from us all as well… The Conservative government was accused Thursday of playing an elaborate shell game to prevent Canadians from following the billions of dollars being spent on federal infrastructure stimulus. New Democrat Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) told a parliamentary committee the government has done everything possible to hide how much of the $12 billion earmarked for infrastructure has been spent or how many jobs created.–tories-blasted-for-secrecy-on-stimulus-cash?bn=1 
Liberals and New Democrats together could unseat Harper   The Prime Minister’s divisive partisan tactics have diminished the public’s respect for politicians in general. In just four years, he has changed the tone of media coverage and public discourse, shifting the mood of the nation toward cynicism and selfishness.
The more simple, practical solution is to arrest Prime Minister rightfully on abusing the taxpayer’s money.. many world wide prime ministers have been successfully tried and convicted for their wrong doings  world wide.

Forget the crap that the Canadian Governments, especially municipalities are serving the public, including all of their civil and public servants, in reality they are mostly self serving, and basically not at all trying to control the tax payer’s costs, as a result major rampant uncontrolled money abuses, thefts,  corruptions,  etc continues occur Canada wide too..

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