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November 11, 2009

Exemplary – mostly the wrong type of example..

I really hate these types of replies.. 

“ Now I would like to acknowledge receipt of your concerns. Due to the large volume of correspondence we receive, it may take some time before we can respond, but please note that your thoughts are always appreciated and taken into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to write   I will be out of the office Nov. 11, 12 and 13, taking the rest of the week off, nice long weekend,  and will return Nov. 17.  I am using up my expense accounts..  Bemefits of being a public servant. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.  If you would like information concerning the work of our team  and our latest policies, please visit our website. For emergencies please call..  Thank you,  

Next Delivery to the  following recipients had failed…


Exemplary, rather you mostly still do mean the wrong type of example.. All of our leaders were to set examples not merely to farcically, hypocritically prosecute  all the other wrong doers.. It seems we are too often still hearing that too many our civil and public servants are abusing others, only pretending to be doing their work, stealing, cheating, lying, even guilty of drunk driving and none of that is acceptable.. and we just see the tip of the iceberg

And everybody else does it is also still never a justifiable excuse..


Because the guilty persons are wrongfully not being punished, terminated, fired, they continue to do their wrongs too..

PS: All letters, articles, comments, and other material submitted for publication may be published, distributed and stored by The Globe, its assignees and its licensees in whole or in part, in print or by any other means, including but not limited to electronic, worldwide and in perpetuity, without compensation to the author.  We  too mainly serve ourselves?

Do see…
We can often know too often our civil and public servants, governments. Medicare now are pretentious and none of that is very acceptable still as well, especially when they take their pay form the taxpayer’s money but show little good for it still too.

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