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June 10, 2015

This week in Stephen Harper’s Canada


This week  in Prime Minister’s Stephen Harper’s Canada; the economy shrank, 30 cases of fraud and breach of trust were found in the Senate, and Canada Post pushed ahead with unnecessary and ill-advised cuts to home mail delivery.  Harper is out of the country.


” Canada is on the verge of a new recession. The first quarter GDP numbers were released by the Bank of Canada and they showed that the economy shrank by 0.6% between January and April. The report was full of bad news and showed that economic growth in March was weaker than February and growth in February was weaker than January. This shows that the negative effects of the oil price collapse are accelerating and voiding any positive benefit we may be seeing from lower gas prices. –


Canada’s Auditor general cites lack of oversight for Senate spending mess.   A fishing trip, contracts for professional services and one senator’s own 50th wedding anniversary celebration are some of the ineligible expenses filed under the guise of parliamentary business,  Auditor general Michael Ferguson’s comprehensive audit of Senate expenses,  spans a two-year period and names 30 senators, including nine whose files are being recommended for referral to the RCMP.  Members of Canada’s Senate improperly spent almost C$1 million ($810,000) in just two years, according to a report released on Tuesday. Ferguson’s investigation uncovered C$992,663 in irregular spending and expense claims made by 30 current and former senators. Eight of those senators were appointed by Harper too.   Ferguson said he was “struck by the overall lack of transparency and accountability” exercised both by the institution as a whole and by some individual senators.  80,000 claims investigated at a cost taxpayers $23.5 million .


Harper is a very poor  manager.  We can  all realize that the emperor has no clothes. Two of the 30 senators in question are Leo Housakos, speaker of the chamber, and Claude Carignan, government leader in the Senate.Both are Harper appointees, as is Senator Mike Duffy, who is on trial facing charges of bribery and improper spending.  One of the two sitting senators whose cases will be examined by police is Harper appointee Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu. This scandal makes a mockery of the promise Harper made when he took power in 2006 of more honesty, transparency, to increase accountability and clean up the Senate. “The responsibility for this scandal continues to go back to the prime minister of this country who promised reform … We deserve better,”

List of senators named in expenses audit and money that’s in dispute



“Massive cuts to Canada Post are set to hit home as the Crown Corporation has announced plans to end home mail delivery to all residences and businesses with postal codes beginning with P7A, P7B, P7C and P7E early in 2016.  , Canada Post is a national institution that has generated a profit of $951 million for the federal government between 2005 and 2014. Yet, for some reason, and in spite of its significant yearly profits, the Harper Conservatives plan to make Canada the only G7 country without home mail delivery. ”


Stephen ‎Harper  again  renews  his attack on Russia’s Vladimir Putin. “Harper ‎said the Russian economy has little in common with western ones.” In reality the biggest threat to Canada and the Canadian way of life is firstly is Harper not Putin.   The more he articulates it, the more Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s speaks  on Russian President Vladimir Putin the more Harper is weird.  Harper now  why do you want to keep poking the big Russian bear with a small  stick?


Harper gains no kudos from me for stealing money from the poor native Canadians and then handing that money out to the billionaire oligarchs in the Ukraine. It is quite telling that Harper seems focused on denouncing Russia’s economy and claims they are not the same as “Western values”.   What is a “western value” economic system, Mr Harper?  gays?   “Mr. Putin runs an entirely different system … he runs an economy that is dominated by oligarchs and criminal syndicates.”  Strange comment from Harper. It’s very good description of North American “systems,” too .  Harper,  he is trying to deflect the media away from covering the Auditor General’s findings, the economy, the Duffy trial, his vacating Ministers… In short, everything that is important to Canada.  Which is why he is, was on the other side of the world…hiding!  He should return to Canada and deal with all the problems we do have at home. Until Harper learns how to keep his own house clean, he has no business criticizing Russia. There is nothing Harper will not politicize to get a vote. What a sad and pathetic sense of leadership. Harper is the last person who should be bad mouthing Putin as  a Dictator.   All coming from the man who wrecked Canada. Harper doesn’t have a clue about Ukraine, or much else:


“I just can’t get past the elections fraud and bribery.”  Mr. Harper and Co. have stolen the half billion or more of the former Canadian Wheat Board which rightfully belong to farmers. He is in the process of giving (not selling) these assets to the Saudi Arabians who are anything but democratic. Harper have spent $578 million on Ukraine so far, $400 million of it are loans that he knows Ukraine will never repay. Now it looks like Harper closed our veterans offices in order to pay for the Ukraine neo-Nazi government that is waging war against its own people.


Harper is an embarrassment to Canada. Who likes to keep his dealings and negotiations with China and other foreign interests secret. Who uses public service institutions, like CRA to intimidate opposing voices. . Harper thinks attacking Putin is a sure vote-getter, instead it just makes him look like a hypocritical fool. All I can say is Mr. Harper, will you please shut up!  The last ten years at the helm Harper has only been   plotting on  how to stay in power. Harper is as bad as Brian Mulroney.  Interesting how Israel is accomplishing their goals through Canada/Harper. If you also do think Harper is a Christian, then I’m an alien from outer space!!  Harper has no values.  He’s just a hypocrite spewing talking points .


The only difference between Russian ‘Democracy’ and that of the ‘Western democratic world’ is that in Russia, Putin controls the Oligarchs. In the west, the Oligarchs own and control the politicians/puppets. Harper should apologize to Putin and then go on medical leave for professional help.  Harper is an embarrassment to Canada and a danger to world peace.  Harper a US, NATO, Jewish  puppet . Stephen Harper has Russaphobia.   What he’s really trying to cover up is that after using the cease-fire to once more regroup, rearm, resupply, and train new fighters, assisted by the US and its co-conspirators, his regime is preparing to undertake another expanded, US-backed military campaign to eliminate the Ukrainians opposed to what’s happened since the Ukrainian coup,.. Their first act upon seizing power in the coup was to eliminate russian language rights (the language of most of the eastern provinces of Ukraine).  .  The western oligarches  still do own  the media.


Are these the bad Western Values Harper Supports


The bad guys can keep Harper,  as decent Canadians  do not  want him back as PM.   He has now a reputation of being a big liar.  PM Harper lies and lies . I heard firsthand one teenager saying to another teenager , “I cannot trust you, you lie to me all the time” and this next had made me reflect upon the reality that the average person lies 3 times in every ten minutes of conversation . It seems that spin doctoring, misleading, lying to others is a very major part of not just the lawyers, used car salesmen, but a regular part of the sales, advertising, corporate way of doing business with consumers these days Canada wide now as well.


What are Harper’s MAJOR accomplishments for Canada…. a strong oil sector with pipelines to market? a strong diversified economy? record job growth & low youth unemployment? a strong auto sector? better health care? a cleaner environment? senate reform? a democratic beacon for the world? improvements for First Nations? NONE of the above?..

canada 50


Harper is a threat to Canadian democracy.   Harper’s talks tough, then hides in closets when the firing starts.   A peacekeepers job is to get both sides in Ukraine to agree..  Yet, the small minority of  Jewish backed troublemakers  including Harper  is blocking this cause.. Not to mention the fact that even highly respected scholars say that the USA  and Canada under Harper, since he’s really a GOP puppet are oligarchies.  Harper has indeed humiliated Canada and made us irrelevant. We were once respected , Having Harper next to our Flag is a Disgrace and a Disrespect to our Flag.  Only the Canadian Media gave him any notice, coverage at the G6 too. No one else world wide did. Not even the US.


  The Conservatives  like the Liberals have both shown what they are capable of and it wasn’t pretty. , not nice…  Most Voters no longer trust the Conservatives or the Liberals


The NDP   Thomas Mulcair is  poised for clear shot at becoming prime minister as NDP surges in polls ..  All of this follows in the wake of the latest good news for the official Opposition: a Corporate Research Associates poll that shows the New Democrats resurgent in Atlantic Canada – from 14 per cent to 29 per cent in the past three months – at the expense of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, who sagged from 56 per cent to 43 per cent.  But what really matters is Quebec, where there are strong signs that Mr. Mulcair may be able to repeat the late Jack Layton’s miraculous breakthrough of 2011. An Ipsos poll released last week has the NDP at 41 per cent in Quebec, with the Liberals far behind at 25 per cent.



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December 7, 2009

A serious warning for Quebec’s Premier Jean Charest too.

UNPROSECUTED BAD CRIMMINALS ABOUND IN QUEBEC  CAUSE CLEARLY OUR BAD LEADERS, ADMINSTRATORS THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROSECUTE THEIR BAD ASSOCIATES.Ongoing Montreal Corruptions while the Police , RCMP and the Federal, Quebec Governments did nothing about it.. Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces, churches, ALL GOVERNMENTS  as well it seems too.


Jean Charest the bad Quebec Premier did not listen to good advice so he lost his relection, and even lost his own seat.

Quebec is known to be too soft on white collared crimes,

Racial profiling  also is a serious problem in Quebec and more needs to be done to address it, the province’s human rights commission said.  A recent investigation, focusing mainly on young people’s experiences, was launched after the commission said it had received 100 complaints involving allegations of racial profiling since 2005. More than half of the cases involved police — and seven of those are currently before the province’s Human Rights Tribunal.


It is not just what you do that next can haunt you, but also what you had wrongfully failed to do as well. Things can change rapidly for the worse as well now.. Many, many people falsely still do think that bad things happen only to the others and will not happen to them next as well. The federal Liberals had in the past failed to adequately deal with the issues of adequate law and order and paid a big, big price for it, and who is next now?  The bigger they are the harder they next can fall as well…Seriously note this law and order alone is not enough, it has to be supplemented by decency as well. Indecent law and order leads to a police state, something the New Conservatives are rather like .. and here is what many politicians, crooks seem to fail to see as well, the problem with public exposure with wrong doings, is that you cannot take it back after it has been dispersed, and some people have long memories next too.

Follow the money. It’s the oldest rule in journalism. The truth? It’s all about money, as it always generally is.  Together, Liberal British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec speak for three-quarters of Canadians OR FOR 100 PERCENT OF THE BIG CORPORATIONS?

  The latest survey of voter intentions, conducted in November by the Léger Marketing firm, showed the Parti Québécois pulling ahead of the Liberals in popular support.. The Léger poll, commissioned by Le Devoir, had the PQ up to 41 per cent support to 37 per cent for the Liberals, the best PQ showing in more than two years. It was consistent with a survey by the rival, and equally esteemed, CROP firm at the end of October, which also had the PQ ahead, though with a slimmer margin of 40 per cent to 39 for the Liberals.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest,   seemingly impenetrable ship has been taking on water in recent weeks.  Charest’s headaches began with shocking allegations of corruption involving construction companies, municipal politicians and the Italian Mafia.  Those scandals didn’t involve his government but they became his problem when, in the face of widespread demands for a public inquiry, Charest steadfastly declined to call one and sustained daily attacks for his refusal.  Attacks on his government intensified this week, when an opposition investigation suggested the province’s iconic $7-a-day childcare plan was being used in a pay-for-play scheme to benefit his Liberal party.  The Parti Quebecois found an astounding number of contracts — up to 70 per cent in one region — had gone to registered Liberal donors, and in some cases these people only became contributors after getting a daycare permit.  There was also a provincial auditor’s report that found Quebec’s regional venture-capital funds hadn’t complied with conflict-of-interest rules.  Instead of an inquiry, Charest has moved to tighten rules for political fundraising and construction contracts, and has created a $26.8-million police investigation unit. With the legislature now on its winter break, his Liberals will soon discover whether the daily demands for a probe might die down.
The pot calling the Kettle Black. The new federal consumer government being concerned about Consumer protection, only when it suits them undeniably certainly has not done anything about the  undeniable false misleading advertisements by Rogers, TELUS and Bell  or the bad RCMP for that matter or the two tier health care system with have in Canada.. Nor have the Liberals
Health Minister pushing for consumer protection  Toronto Sun –  OTTAWA – Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is turning up the heat in her battle to reform Canada’s consumer protection law, accusing senators of siding with industry over consumers.


 and don’t you dare get sick and go to a Hospital you might have to find out what the doctors, nurses, hospital and Medicare are really like now too 

For a start see also


Emergency  Wards in Hospitals can be a deadly place.. many people pick up all kinds of sicknesses there too.. shit disease included..

My local Quebec MLA’s seem to be so busy chasing the mighty dollar they say they are too busy to talk to me and seem too often to forget about me often, they had not even replied my last letter to them about bad Bell Canada now too,  and in the process they now had by their poor management even lost 30 percent of the Quebecers  pension fund.
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 12:38 PM
Subject: Problems with Quebec’s health care systems
Attention: Clement Gignac Ministre du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation Député de Marguerite-Bourgeoys
 It is unbelievable that after I had written about it now to our Quebec even Health Ministers, Premiers, major news media too,  too even for many years later 15 years even  I can go to most local Hospitals or Convalescent homes in Montreal Quebec and there too easily see the typical and mostly poorly supervised doctors, nurse, medical care workers and when I write to you my own member of the legislature too about it, ( hand delivered it as well)  what neither you or your staff now  do not even bother to acknowledge  my emails, correspondences, never mind act upon it and why is that? She was today again too busy to talk to me.. my local MLA’s representative
Do I really now have to write to everyone, all the news editors too,  about his next too and post it it on the net before I will now get a satisfactory result too from you? RSVP
 Now no one by now, absolutely  still no one should underestimate me or get complacent with me as  I do not hesitate to fully expose to all, to demand full prosecution of all the guilty absolves persons I do run into still to all. I do not accept inappropriate actions lightly too.. It should be obvious to  all also that I merely do not  write to you too now for the fun of it and not only do I  also   post my unresolved complaints eventually on the internet even for the whole world to read, and I have been doing this for the last few decades too. I do expect seriously, full appropriate actions on the matter of all of my complaints,  and so I do send copies of all of my complaints to key members of Parliament to all of  Canada’s major news editors as well now for their further notice and appropriate actions too.

Post-budget Liberals plummet in popularity Montreal Gazette –  A Léger Marketing poll conducted for Le Devoir and published yesterday establishes the level of dissatisfaction with Premier Jean Charest’s government at a record high of 77 per cent.

MONTREAL – A former Quebec justice minister has levelled a stream of bombshell allegations against Premier Jean Charest’s government, accusing it of serious ethics violations. Marc Bellemare says the Liberal premier was well aware of them.  Bellemare suggested the governing Liberals routinely flouted fundraising laws and also took orders from party bagmen on whom to appoint as judges.  He says he was pressured, on three occasions, to name a judge requested by influential donors. Bellemare also says stacks of cash were forked over by construction company bosses and funnelled into party coffers.  In the interview, Bellemare never used the word ‘illegal’ to describe the practices, preferring to describe them as ‘irregular.’ But Quebec’s landmark fundraising law, introduced by Rene Levesque’s Parti Quebecois government in the 1970s, forbids donations over $3,000.  Bellemare says he warned the premier after witnessing those big cash transactions – and says he was ignored.  He says he also confronted the premier twice – in the fall of 2003 and the spring of 2004 – when pressured by influential financiers to make appointments, including judgeships.  “I asked, ‘Who names judges? The justice minister – or this guy and that guy who’d raised lots of money,”‘ Bellemare said in the interview.  He says he ultimately wound up naming those judges.  “Because it was an order by the big moneymen of the party – and the premier was in agreement with it,” he said.  “I complained to the premier. But that, apparently, was the way things went.”

In yet another allegation, Bellemare says even the government’s legislative agenda was shaped by its fundraisers. He says certain bills were killed at their request.  Bellemare says influential moneymen “expected payback” for all the cash they pumped into the Liberal party. The premier’s popularity has plummeted spectacularly in recent months, partly due to allegations of ethics violations.

An unpopular budget loaded with tax hikes compounded those problems, with tens of thousands of protesters now regularly taking to the streets. Two newspapers had front-page pictures Monday of protesters holding up signs saying, “Damned liar.”  One poll listed dissatisfaction with the Charest government at a whopping 77 per cent. Just a few months ago, Charest was seemingly on cruise control, basking in the height of his popularity and frequently being cited as a possible future prime minister of Canada. That was before the first controversies broke. The troubles began with a scandal about Mafia involvement in the construction industry, and that industry’s influence over political fundraising at the Montreal municipal level. Radio-Canada reported that construction companies colluded to jack up the cost of public works contracts, shared their profits with the Mob, and intimidated rivals. Word that those same construction companies had helped raise money for political parties rocked Montreal’s mayoral race last fall. But Charest steadfastly refused demands for a public inquiry, when almost every major player in the province was asking for one.

Bellemare left politics only one year after the Charest Liberals were first elected. He says his abrupt exit stemmed from those ethics violations. “It disgusted me – and that’s why I left in the spring of 2004.” As for rampant rumours that construction bosses illegally pumped cash into Liberal party coffers, Bellemare says the allegations are true. The premier shouldn’t feign surprise today at word of fundraising irregularities, Bellemare said. “I can tell you he (Charest) was very well informed.”

The way normal business is supposedly being carried on also by by the Liberals in Quebec, it is no wonder my local Liberal MLA and the others too never write  back to me or acknowledge  any of my serious, critical, important letters  to them still. So what I  too do now have to first give a large donation to the Liberal party before my MLA will next consider reading any of my complaints?  It sure seems so!!!

December 2, 2009



Canada’s economy goes into reverse Montreal Gazette –  Canada’s economy declined in July for the first time in more than a year as the country’s recovery faltered

( Bring down the price of rent; food; down. Stop taking raising the taxes and maybe they will have a chance. With Toronto’s David Miller taxing us to death to support his ill concived plans and fattening the unions, and Dalton McGuinty wasting that money on bribing unionized teachers, ehalth etc, and the rest of the governments with fat and overpaid bureaucracy what money is left for others? there will be A LOT more poor families in Ontario. )
Here is what the Canadian Press reports too
Canadian Stocks Post Biggest Drop Among Developed Markets on Gold’s Plunge
Almost all stimulus cash committed: Harper CBC Prime Minister Stephen Harper released the government’s fourth quarterly report on its economic recovery plan to reporters shortly after arriving in China on Wednesday On Monday, Statistics Canada reported that the economy expanded 0.1 per cent in the third quarter, the first quarterly gain since the third quarter of 2008. The 0.1 per cent figure reported by Statistics Canada is in quarterly terms. On an annualized basis, the economy grew at a 0.4 per cent pace in the July-September quarter. More like $62-billion shot in dark. Building bridges only give contractors jobs. Building water-mains and sewers only gives contractors jobs. Building roads and infrastructure only gives contractors jobs and civil, public servants.. but what about the rest of us? Committed does not mean SPENT! Time and time again we’ve seen governments promise to do something and even make provisions for it in the budget, but fail to carry through and actually do something. and how much of that stimulus money is going to non CON ridings.. only $ 18 Billion at most ( if all spent ) is  stimulus. The other $ 40 Billion is Harper  cutting GST & corporate income taxes and his  general mismanagement of public funds.  All of the news should report some real facts along with the PMO press releases they merely parrot.What I don’t understand is why more people are not more alarmed by his refusal to explain how much has been put out the door. He only ever comments on how much is committed, and refuses to give numbers on the amount spent.He even refuses to give the numbers on the amount spent to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the man Harper appointed to examine this kind of program to ensure that it was being done efficiently and in a transparent manner.Just another example about how the Conservative “accountable and transparent” only refers to other people. I sure hope that the 850 thousand that are unemployment get jobs …Over the past few weeks many more have also become unemployed …..Lots of worries for these folks ..
The Canadian economy in reality supposedly crawled out of the so called by the Conservatives a  no recession in the third quarter of this  year but remains weaker than most had  been falsely predicted, expected and the jobless rate is expected to continue rising for months to come. The Canadian government spending pledged after the economy dropped into recession is a  two-year C$47 billion  stimulus package, and infrastructure projects  account for C$16 billion of the total If all funding for these initiatives has not been allocated by this date, the government will reallocate funding to other initiatives or allow funds to lapse,” the Department of Finance said in its report. It did not say what other projects the money might be spent on. Funds have been committed on more than 12,000 projects, and of those, 8,000 have begun, it said. The government considers a project underway as soon as it has been put up for tender; it does not mean work has physically begun. The Liberals say that, as of September, only about 12 per cent of the stimulus projects had actually started. The federal government must negotiate funding with provincial and municipal governments and estimates that when all levels of government spending are included, the funding committed for stimulus measures will total C$62 billion per year for 2 years. ,” Liberal finance critic John McCallum said  that “The government won’t tell us how many jobs have been created … presumably because with only 7 pct of the projects under way, very few jobs have been created, “Just because over 90 per cent of the money has been committed, doesn’t mean people are actually at work,”  “They do not tell us how many jobs have been created. We know they know, because the municipalities are required to submit that information, but they won’t tell us.”  Government officials have said they do not track the number of jobs created by the stimulus program, even though one of the key goals of the program is to put people back to work. But the Liberals have produced documents showing that the government does collect such data – it just hasn’t released it. The federal stimulus program is comprised of some permanent measures such as tax cuts, along with temporary ones such as infrastructure spending and providing liquidity to unlisted financial institutions. An independent investigation by The Canadian Press has shown that stimulus money was not targeted at areas of high unemployment. Rather, it has favoured ridings held by Tory MPs. The Harper administration has staked its fiscal reputation on the ability of the stimulus plan to quickly create or maintain almost 200,000 jobs across Canada but most of these will be in the civil services firstly  it seems.. Under an agreement negotiated with the Liberals last spring, Conservative Finance Minister Flaherty is obliged to submit quarterly updates on how the stimulus program is working.   But the parliamentary budget officer has complained that the updates released so far are so lacking in detail and inconsistent in their format that they are not very useful.


Stop. Note. Being unemployed in today’s recession is still a very serious issue, it means  a possible loss of one’s health next as well, it means spending one’s savings, it means hardships in reality.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of jobless Ontarians, Albertans, etc. struggling on inadequate employment insurance and welfare benefits … One in eight Ontario children live in families that can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables every day, or can’t afford to replace a broken appliance or share the occasional meal with friends or family.

Rise of EI claims in BC among highest in Canada Vancouver Sun – The number of beneficiaries collecting employment insurance in B.C. in September jumped by 11,280, or 12.8 per cent, to 99,360. That total number of recipients is now 130 per cent above this time last year, the second-biggest rise in the country, according to a report released Tuesday by Statistics Canada. Nationally, the number of people collecting EI jumped more than seven per cent in September. Regular EI recipients grew by 54,300 to 818,020 during the month, with biggest increases coming in Alberta, B.C. and Ontario. EI beneficiaries in Ontario increased by 22,520, or nine per cent, to 271,680,. National and provincial data is seasonally adjusted, while data from cities is not. The national September total is up 63.5 per cent since peak employment in October 2008. The biggest increases in September EI benefits were among young people under 25. Since October 2008, Canada has lost 400,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate has risen to 8.6 per cent.  Employment started to grow again in August and September — adding a total of 57,700 positions — but that growth came to an abrupt end last month when another 43,200 jobs were chopped.NUMBER OF EI RECIPIENTSTraditionally the  lay offs tend to be around Christmas, at year ends, before the next years’ Corporate budget is started. The actual unemployment rate is higher, since the new people on social aid are not included as unemployed..

Beneficiaries as of September, with increase from August:

British Columbia 99,360 +12.8%

Alberta 71,910 +25.0%

Saskatchewan 14,580 +12.3%

Manitoba 16,630 +14.0%

Ontario 271,680 +9.0%

Quebec 209,840 +1.1%

New Brunswick 37,740 +1.3%

Nova Scotia 34,450 +1.4%

P.E.I. 8,800 +1.6%

N.L. 43,410 unchanged

Canada 818,020 +7.1%

Source: Statistics Canada
Yes, actions speak louder than words. It’s time we stopped pretending that Stephen Harper is a “Conservative” like Canada’s authentic traditional “Tories.” They are not behaving at all like the party of John A. Macdonald, John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield or even Brian Mulroney.  In fact, they are an oil company-sponsored adaptation of Alberta’s Reform Party with a few former “Progressive” Conservatives (REJECTS) who had no where else to go.  Canada’s genuine Progressive Conservatives would never sabotage a global climate change agreement or try to remove equal funding for other parties. They believed in a vibrant democracy and a Canada that is truly a “model for the World.” ” D.S. Barclay, Georgetown

“The federal Conservative Party and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario have both shown a distain for their respective houses that has reached an all time low. Let’s look at the prime minister first. We have the possible torture of Afghan prisoners after we handed them over to the Afghans. Instead of taking a serious look at what was happening, the government decided to attack and discredit the messenger. It went on a campaign to smear the reputation of Richard Colvin who was brave enough to report his concerns. Stephen Harper also went after opposition parties, accusing them of not supporting the troops because they dared to question the government over these allegations. This is when they hit an all-time low. Harper is quoted as saying (while talking to some troops surrounded by Canadian flags), “when some in the political arena do not hesitate before throwing the most serious of allegations at our men and women in uniform, based on the most flimsy of evidence, remember Canadians from coast to coast are proud of you, I am proud of you and I stand beside you.”  So, if you dare to question the government on its handling of issues in Afghanistan, you don’t support the troops? He is ducking behind the troops, using them to make his tenuous point, trying to deflect us from the issue at hand. It is a disgraceful, cowardly way to make a point.” I hold faint hope that we will return to the days of all parties being concerned about Canadians, instead of their antics to maintain and get power at all costs. It’s disheartening.

PM represents a fundamental shift in priorities – Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a “values” and fiscal conservative, shares the Thatcher-Reagan goal of reducing any and all forms of taxation on business. The goal is to use the state/corporate nexus to generate rather than redistribute wealth even if this results in ballooning deficits and debts. What is at stake over the HST is the redistribution of taxing powers between the federal and provincial governments. Harper’s goal is to reduce federal spending on health and social programs by transferring full control over these programs along with taxing revenues to the provinces. Ottawa will then use its reduced taxing and spending powers to focus on defence, infrastructure renewal, and to fund the expansion of corporate Canada. This is a clear example of this neoconservative shift of priorities from the well-being of individual Canadians to the well-being of corporate Canada.




October 31, 2009

Canada and the recession


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he will to do the public’s business in a transparent and accountable way, as he rode to power in 2006 on a wave of promises to govern differently from the entitlement-minded Liberals who’d worn out their welcome with Canadians over the ad scam fiasco but what happened next? But with Mr. Harper’s second-term Conservative government going even further than its predecessors to erect an opaque barrier between itself and citizens employing  a “communications stranglehold” on the bureaucracy clearly to suppress accountability and transparency rather. It’s no wonder that groups that range from the Canadian Newspaper Association to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Association take now serious issue with Harper and his cronies.  Opposition parties  rightfully now also accuse the Conservatives of spending more time and money on partisan stimulus advertising than informing Canadians about H1N1 or ensuring a smooth, adequate vaccine supply. Awkward as well as revealing is the fact that the federal payroll is growing many times faster than inflation to try to compensate for the clearly inadequate, pretentious civil and public servants now as well. Following a decade-long unacceptable  trend, the number of public employees grew even under the Conservatives last year by 4.5 per cent, or about 9,000 jobs. But it’s still also unacceptably evident too that  this Conservative government and civil servants weren’t properly prepared for the fore known H1N1 flu even. Still upset to the recent flack around Conservative MPs affixing the party logo to oversized government cheques for photo ops, many taxpayers are taking issue with Conservatives continuing unnecessary mail-out flyers too. All a clear indications of a rather really bad Conservative management. Not what we had been let to believe we would have now instead. The Conservative reality stinks. “Recession still rippling through businesses.” This Conservative government is far better at announcing programs than in following them up and ensuring valid results.. cause they are bad, bad managers.   Doing one’s best and falling is never good enough.. real competency is always needed still.
Reality! What real governing skills does it take for anyone merely to spend the taxpayers money? None! But now also making sure it is properly spend and not stolen firstly still requires valid managerial skills.  The civil and public servants remain remarkably unruffled, even as Ottawa and the provinces rack up close to $100-billion in new debt this year also. For the Public and civil servants in Ottawa but also those   in Ontario remember their   raises profoundly but not rather more the poor work they too often do . For most of them, it was the raise they alone also  do  think still they deserve the raise. If you’re a Stephen  Harper fan or Dalton McGuinty government , yes you’ve seen them given more money to public employees at a time of deflation, fear, market panic and widespread carnage in the private sector  Most of Ottawa’s Ontario’s budget winds up in the hands of municipalities, school boards and hospitals and health authorities, which makes it harder to track who’s getting it too and to know now know much of it was rather abused too.. Anyone reading the news lately has heard not just about the too often useless civil and public servants but also about the mafia connections on porkjects that raises the taxpayers costs up to 40 percent now as well even in Quebec. We all already  could be facing much more taxes, severe service cuts as a direct result while  the federal  and provincial governments  do brace  some more for a “long, slow grind” to economic recovery that included already unacceptable government wastes,  high deficits that even will take years to overcome. All, all of this is unacceptable!


Rather  also now what real effort has been made to work with the private sector to stimulate more valid, effective new job creations programs, that just do not benefit the often corrupt, incompetent municipalities and related contractors?
The Conservative government’s economic stimulus spending spree that is pouring billions of tax dollars into road construction projects and infrastructure is just not good enough.. Real employment, and  our actual economic outputs are the much better, practical  gauge of Canada’s, our present well-being.
 What about having  a valid,  real Federal economic development, job creation programs instead?  for  It is not surprising that the same Civil servants under the federal  Liberal government had suggested next again  a federal job creation program that would provide cash stimulant firstly now to their fellow buddies, the civil and public servants at the provincial , municipal levels, but what was rather surprising that the Conservative politicians had gone along with it.
And it is also an undeniable fact now  that too many Politicians in Canada, both Members of the provincial legislatures, and members of parliament, do lie, they make false claims that they the servants of the people, they thus are mainly looking after the needs, concerns of the citizens of Canada  but mainly instead wrongfully do now use tax payer’s money, do use governmental resources and personnel  to distribute  unsolicited material to others to promote firstly their own re-ELECTION and TO PROMOTE  their own political party as we clearly all have seen the New Conservative Ministers wrongfully also now doing OFTEN NOW as well. 

 Our real employment, and  our actual economic outputs are the much better, practical  gauge of Canada’s, our present well-being.  In reality to judge by the latest economic data out of Canada , this country is creating very few long term, well paying jobs, and even shows  little recovery of economic growth but what else is new . But to get elected and re-elected in politics, the liars know you have to lie, to tell the people what they want to hear still..


The incompetent economic analysts, the spin doctors, the false prophets, the Conservative cons do still abundantly  abound in Canada during this major recession now still.. Now the Bank of Canada  being itself Confident that the recession in Canada ended in the summer, the central bank last week raised its economic forecast for the July to September months. But its rosy prediction that the Canadian economy will grow at a 2-per-cent pace for the third quarter seems increasingly at odds with reality again. A monthly report from Statistics Canada, released Friday, showed that the gross domestic product, a measure of all goods and services produced by the economy, posted a decline of 0.1 per cent for August. That followed a flat result for July. All of it was unexpected and disappointing. What also the clearly false and bad  analysts had projected, expected now this to be Canada’s turnaround quarter from recession to growth now seems fated to be again vanishing,  very weakly evident. Canada, now also with a rising dollar and heavy dependence on the sickly auto sector, has seen our exports fall, and we see still the sluggishness in petroleum and mining. Manufacturing was also weak, down 0.7 per cent .  A decline in manufacturing and wholesaling also led to a drop in the trucking industry.  Over the coming months, however, the likely growth rate of Canada cannot be accurately predicted. It’s all still a worrisome trend, Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he’s concerned that private sector isn’t doing enough  to boost Canada’s economy, and  Canada’s Finance Minister Flaherty now says any improvement in the economy so far is “fragile and tentative”. The Canadian economy is still in recession and needs tens of billions in stimulus spending during the next few years to recover, so the Conservatives continue to try to justify their giving  more of our tax money to the Conservative ridings,  and their friends, supporters.. But what about using the tax money to create real lasting  jobs, or what no one still knows how to do it in Ottawa?  In contrast, the third-quarter U.S. data,  this week showed their healthy economic growth of 3.5 per cent, suggesting that conditions south of the border are much more robust than here even though our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper had once predicted that Canada would lead the recovery.. Canada’s recession has been much worse than originally believed and may last longer than the too many had before forecasted, or rather mainly lied. It looks as if Canada’s economy is still not exiting the recession. No Surprise here.

“We are still in recession. It’s not a question of weak recovery or slow recovery. There ain’t a recovery,” said Jim Stanford, economist for the Canadian Auto Workers. “That has all the implications for employment, consumer sentiment, for government finances. If we’re waiting for business to kick back in to pull us out of recession, I think we’re going to be waiting a long time.”

But here is one thing you know for sure, the Police, RCMP, public and civil servants, politicians will cry they are underpaid even for the little good they do and will demand more money.. count on it..
The federal government preaches accountability, but is being only selectively transparent about its own spending activities.  Compare this cloaking to Stephen Harper’s boasting about his stimulus package. Even here, there is less transparency than meets the eye. Considerable work by opposition parties and the media, including this newspaper, have shown patterns of spending to favour Conservative ridings, and suggest that less money has flowed to actual construction projects than the government would like the public to believe.
It really causes us to think as to what is the federal Conservative government wrongfully hiding here from us all as well… The Conservative government was accused Thursday of playing an elaborate shell game to prevent Canadians from following the billions of dollars being spent on federal infrastructure stimulus. New Democrat Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) told a parliamentary committee the government has done everything possible to hide how much of the $12 billion earmarked for infrastructure has been spent or how many jobs created.–tories-blasted-for-secrecy-on-stimulus-cash?bn=1 
Liberals and New Democrats together could unseat Harper   The Prime Minister’s divisive partisan tactics have diminished the public’s respect for politicians in general. In just four years, he has changed the tone of media coverage and public discourse, shifting the mood of the nation toward cynicism and selfishness.
The more simple, practical solution is to arrest Prime Minister rightfully on abusing the taxpayer’s money.. many world wide prime ministers have been successfully tried and convicted for their wrong doings  world wide.

Forget the crap that the Canadian Governments, especially municipalities are serving the public, including all of their civil and public servants, in reality they are mostly self serving, and basically not at all trying to control the tax payer’s costs, as a result major rampant uncontrolled money abuses, thefts,  corruptions,  etc continues occur Canada wide too..

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Canada’s building permits down 16% in Feb. –  Canadian companies took out 16 per cent fewer building permits in February, according to new numbers released Monday. Statistics Canada said the dollar value of permits issued by municipalities reached $3.7 billion in the second month of the year,



March 25, 2009

295,000 Canadian job losses

While Statistics Canada reported on Tuesday March 24, 2009 that 560,400 Canadians were getting regular employment insurance benefits in January, 104,000 more or 22.8 per cent more than 11 months earlier and 23,700 more than in December. Opposition parties demanded Tuesday that the government improve benefits to the unemployed, saying the current program covers less than half of the unemployed. He noted that of the 1.3 million officially unemployed, only 560,000 are collecting benefits. Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, said 80 per cent of individuals who pay into the system qualify for benefits. Many part-time workers and the self-employed do not qualify for EI and of course, there are cases where they do not have sufficient hours,” 295,000 job losses of the past four months are just the beginning and that more Canadians will be thrown out of work this year. Every member of Parliament has been flooded with calls from constituents complaining about delays in receiving their benefits. Liberal, NDP and Bloc Quebecois MPs attacked the government for failing to prepare adequately for the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs in the past four months and hundreds of thousands more expected to join the ranks of the unemployed this year. They have called for major changes to the system because many part-time workers and self-employed workers are not eligible for benefits. But while the government expanded unemployment benefits a maximum of five weeks during the Jan. 28 budget, it is clear it did not foresee jobs disappearing as quickly as they have. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said   “Obviously, the unemployment numbers are getting worse.”
ALL THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT  CHANGE FROM HARPER’S ORIGINAL PAST STATEMENT THAT THERE WILL BE NO MAJOR RECESSION IN CANADA MONTHS AGO. Opposition parties say thousands of Canadians are being denied needed employment insurance benefits because the federal government was slow in getting the system ready for the massive demand. Stephen Harper and the  federal Conservatives themselves have been unacceptably  very slow to deal with the negative impact of the recession in Canada in reality.



Flood of EI claims overwhelms staff Toronto Star –  OTTAWA – Employment insurance claims jumped by almost 24000 in January, a spike that has sent the Conservative government scrambling to hire more staff to handle the flood of claims.






Vancouver remains Canada’s wealthiest city

March 24, 2009

A toll-free number to help QUEBEC businesses



“And as of April 1, 2009, a new toll-free number is being introduced to help businesses. Quebec Employers will get special attention through what’s described as “regional intervention teams.” They will bring together several government departments which will work together to provide support for a business or a manufacturer.  “The idea here is to have a special team if a business requires some help,” Jean Charest said.  The Quebec premier also promised to invest more money in the program if the demand increases.  ”

I trust that this support services including sales, marketing consultants, helping to target new products, product, services diversifications, and help in finding new sales areas, opportunity  as well?  

 Quebec  Premier Jean Charest also says Ottawa is finally doing something to help workers and companies in Quebec weather the tough economic times.  Charest confirmed on Monday the federal government is providing 80 per cent of the funding for a $518-million provincial job-support program. The goal of the two-year plan, which was announced in last Thursday’s Quebec budget, is to retrain workers and help companies that may be running into problems staying afloat.  

March 23, 2009

Canada’s economic health worsens: Mr Harper note this.


Canada’s economic health worsens: report  Financial Post March 23, 2009 9:02 AM Statistics Canada said Monday its composite leading index fell 1.1% — the biggest monthly decline since 1981 — following a revised 0.9% drop in January, with nine of the 10 sector components losing ground. Most economists had expected a 0.9% drop in February. OTTAWA — Key indicators of Canada’s economic health fell more than expected February, as activity continued to weaken in the housing and auto sectors as the economic downturn deepened and stock prices tumbled. Statistics Canada said Monday its composite leading index fell 1.1% — the biggest monthly decline since 1981 — following a revised 0.9% drop in January, with nine of the 10 sector components losing ground.  Most economists had expected a 0.9% drop in February. “The housing and stock markets continued to post the largest declines, while losses in manufacturing steepened as the auto industry began to implement extensive shutdowns at the turn of the year,” the federal agency said. The biggest decline was in the housing index, which dropped 8% as “as an upturn in home sales was outweighed by fewer housing starts in February,” it said. The stock prices indicator fell 7.5% and durable goods were down 1.4%.  “The three manufacturing indicators declined in unison,” the agency said. “New orders fell 4.8%, with the weakness in autos intensifying and spreading to other industries like iron and steel. Inventories fell for a seventh straight month, but not as fast as sales, reducing the ratio of shipments to stocks.” Statistics Canada said money supply was the only component to rise, rising 1.8% in February from the previous month. “The stimulus from monetary policy also was a major factor behind the slower rate of decline in the leading index for the United States,” it said. Ian Pollick, economics strategist at TD Securities, said “this is undoubtedly a weak report.” “We know that there exists a good correlation between the level of this index and real GDP in the same month, as such, we see further evidence that February GDP will be quite soft,” he said.

Food prices eating in to Canadians’ pockets.  Rising gas and food prices made 2008 a tough year for Canadians and their wallets, according to a new report from Statistics Canada. The year saw consumer prices as a whole rise slightly faster than the year before, the agency says, but that gradual increase “masked” big fluctuations at the pumps and in grocery stores.  Overall, consumer prices rose an average of 2.3% in 2008, slightly faster than the average increase of 2.2% the year before.  Within that, gas prices climbed by 12.7% on average over 2008, producing the largest annual increase since hurricanes Katrina and Rita wreaked havoc on the oil market in 2005. However, there is good news. Gas prices dropped as the year went on. Pump prices in December 2008 were 25.8% lower than in December 2007, Statistics Canada says, marking the largest year-over-year drop since the gasoline price index debuted in 1949. But in the aisles of their grocery stores, Canadians faced the opposite trend. Store prices on food rose 3.9% in 2008 and the annual increase in prices has been accelerating over the last five years.  In particular, the price of staples such as bread, rice, flour, milk and eggs rose “sharply” in 2008, due in part to higher transportation costs, rising commodity prices and increased demand for food in emerging markets abroad.

With this very serious downturn in Alberta too I next do not expect as many Albertans to vote for you Mr Stephen Harper. It is very evident on the Alberta net that many, many  Conservatives are not happy with Mr Harper.




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