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December 9, 2009

New Conservative Accountabiility report


One of the too many false reasons too many patients die in Hospitals is that almost none of the medical staff feel any personal, real, negative repercussions themselves.  That also includes the too many bad cops we seem to have now too, and bad civil and public servants too, bad politicians..
One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a  person is really like, is work with him  just for one whole day,.. and   what   you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..

Just another bunch of thugs and crooks? Conservatives hold only slim lead: poll  The Conservatives have retained just a slim margin over the Liberal Party, according to a Nanos poll released on Monday.  The survey has the Conservative lead shrinking in the eight prior weeks from more than 9 percentage points to 1.7 points. Other polls have shown the Liberals slightly ahead. The Conservatives had been as much as 15 points ahead in the autumn, after the Liberals tried to bring down the government and force an early election. When the Liberals backed down, the margin began to shrink and then it virtually collapsed when Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper arranged at the end of December for the temporary suspension of Parliament until after the Vancouver Olympics. The opposition charged that he was trying to evade accountability.

” Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has paid out nearly $7 million to political staffers who have left their jobs over the past two years. The amount of “separation pay” that was doled out at the discretion of cabinet ministers is more than twice the amount of “severance pay” the Conservatives were obliged to pay departing political aides under government guidelines.

Under the government’s guidelines for ministers’ offices, political staffers are entitled to two weeks of severance pay for each year of service — regardless of whether they resigned, were laid off or dismissed.


Those who had previously worked for a member of Parliament or for the public service could be entitled to an extra week of severance pay for each year of service in those roles.

However, cabinet ministers also have the discretion to pay departing staffers separation pay of up to four months salary on top of their severance pay.

“When they are letting go staff, they are treating the public purse like it was a Conservative candy store,” he said. Liberal finance critic John McCallum, a former cabinet minister who posed the original written question to the government, also found the total high.

Kevin Gaudet, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, called for the government to scrap the system of discretionary separation pay.

“It’s a sugaring-off account because the staff know where the bodies are buried.” “
Harper’s Conservatives had promised they  would be better than the previous parties.. they now are  certainly better at abusing the tax payer’s money on their  friends, associates too…. this is what was elected.. another bunch of thugs and crooks?

I get a big chuckle of the hypocritical Albertan, Western party, Reform- Conservative supporters, who  loudly advocate democracy, more freedom of speech, less censorship,  less human rights prosecution too… meaning they still do delete negative anti Conservative, Anti Harper messages on their sites… so much for the free  speech right of others.. typical police state Conservatives still..
 Conservatives for me tend to be imbalanced persons,  the Bullies, the persons overly assertive, and unsubmissive


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