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December 2, 2010

Civil and public servants, cops who do too often abuse the Citizens tax monies are unacceptable


Follow  the money trail one of the oldest rule of good journalism. That includes the waste and theft of our tax payers monies by any, and all of our civil and public servants, politicians cops, RCMP firstly. But it is clearly visibly the police wrongfully and too often  do not do so even cause they themselves it seems too often do similar bad things  here in Canada too.
Is the federal government expenditures  now realy cost effective? Are they now  good manager of the tax payer’s money?  And what Proof do we have of this? Can one also  really call ex civil servants now as cost effective private consultants, professionals or just more greedy persons escalating the costs? On top of that we have continual revelations in the news as to how abusive the governmental consultants are when it comes to claiming the tax payers money expenditures.
 Financial and personal Accountability is mostly a non existent world here too.. 
And for decades I have been writing that it is always the taxpayers mostly burdened, and the poor people programs firstly falsely cut by spendthrift governments.   
For  decades now I have rightfully writing about, complaining, even cartooning now as well  that the promotion oriented, anxious Civil and  public servants, cops, RCMP, the management included Canada wide in many provinces now too, when faced with high living costs these bad  civil and public servants too often falsely resort to drastic measures to supplant their incomes such as empire building, increasing the number of subordinates to try to justify their getting a raise and/or stealing directly from the citizens
Too many Federal departments,  Provinces, Municipalities are  falsely  increasing their spending above the absolute minimum essential rate. It is not just the professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants who too often also do pad the bill to supplement their incomes. Now enough is enough.. we always still do need rather proper governments, proper ministers, proper civil and public servants doing their essential jobs in all areas prudently as well. Anywhere I go I can easily encounter the corruptions in business. governments now as well, the cheating, lying, misrepresentations.. and the false  buck passing in the governments civil and public services now too. Who sets the bad example? the MPs firstly do not want to reveal their expense accounts details still too..
 I had already not only stated beforehand that using a federal stimulus program that gives dollars to the Municipalities monies  to spend  was a wasteful and ineffective approach, even under the previous federal governments and most citizens still do think this has not been a effective program. Survey say stimulus cash had little impact and Stimulus cash didn’t create many jobs, budget watchdog concludes .
The Board of Audit’s Special Investigations Division punishes civil servants who cheat and waste the taxes 
 “Canada’s $4-billion infrastructure stimulus program was launched with a single focus in mind: jobs. Now, after surveying those who actually received the federal cash, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page gives the program poor marks on that goal.”
Too often especially the municipalities themselves now are also addicted to overspending and  it’s always unfair to taxpayers who  do endure tax and fee hikes far exceeding any pay increase and the poor people whose programs, services are cut back to compensate..  yes the taxpayers are paying for the spending increases in more property tax hikes  increases in user fees, taxes..  Sadly much of the spending increases are paying for big wage and benefit increases for municipal employees Read more: 
“Basically, your police, fire and engineering services are the three largest departments for operating and they are all totally dependent on taxation. And I’m not seeing an appetite from anyone to cut back on police, fire or engineering services,” Read more:
Millions Bracing for Cutoff of Unemployment Aid?
They likley are on social welfare now and do not show up in the unemployed section as a result….  Canada’s job market perked up slightly in November, adding a modest 15,200 jobs after a two-month dry period that produced a small net loss. But even though the unemployment rate enjoyed a dramatic drop to 7.6 per cent from 7.9 the previous month, the improvement was more apparent than real. About three-quarters of the decline was caused not by new jobs but by discouraged workers simply exiting the job market -and therefore the unemployment rolls.


Here still  is what I cannot understand about the inadequate federal job creation programs carried out under both the liberal and conservative governments, is the necessity it seems to give most of the stimulus money firstly to the cost inefficient  municipalities, as though they have a direct effect on voters.. Nothing can be farther from the truth for  neither the police themselves, nor the municipalities have a significant vote as to how the citizens will vote on election days. The only group  that can likely have any effect on the voters are citizens. pastors, and priests in fact.
Reality Still! The majority of the taxpayers are not being fooled, rather they are upset at the taxpayer’s money abuses.

The confirmed tax payer’s money abuses, wastes wastes even on the G8,  as the G20 tab comes as no surprise to me even.

2009 Budget of the Canadian Federal Government … Total revenue, C$224.9 billion‡. Total expenditures, C$258.6 billion. Program Spending, C$229.1 billion . Debt payment, C$29.5 billion …. The federal budget included $40 billion in stimulus and $20 billion in personal income tax cuts.[2] even $7.8 billion to build quality housing, stimulate construction and enhance energy efficiency.

In Budget 2007, the Government announced a seven-year, $33 billion plan to fund projects such as roads and highways, public transit, bridges and sewers. Federal funding for infrastructure in 2009 will rise to a record $6 billion–double what it was last year.  Expanding and accelerating the recent historic federal investment in infrastructure with almost $12 billion in new infrastructure stimulus funding for roads, bridges, broadband internet access, electronic health records, laboratories and border crossings across the country. Of this C$12 billion, just under a half is going to upgrading and replacing infrastructure. In 2010 Canada’s FAILED $4-billion infrastructure stimulus program was launched with a single focus in mind: creating jobs.

.The federal government last year spent $8.2 billion, 4 % on professional services, from architects to lawyers to engineers to management consultants. Although professional services account for about one-third of all federal money spent on goods and services, the budget line has been expanding rapidly: up 132 per cent between 1998 and 2010. Federal spending on other suppliers increased 61 per cent during the same period. The federal government has purchased goods from the private sector for ages, but the practice of hiring people to do government work and supply services didn’t really accelerate until the 1980s.

I also now knew as well even beforehand that the police unacceptably would abuse the G8, G20 budgets beforehand and simply why is cause they have always done it, the Police and the RCMP itself are not cost effective. 
With all it’s lying promises, the new federal Conservative government and it’s related civil services are both still unable and falsely even unwilling to to hold any one accountable, starting with the MP’s too,  for the abuse of the taxpayers monies starting with all of the civil and public servants, the police, RCMP and also now the medical workers as wellPeople in leadership office do have to face higher penalties as an example now too.
 What no one seems to want to admit is how politicians tend to not just too often to be  liars but even  bad managers cause they too often seem to  make their short term decision based on their getting corporate donations, and being reelected mostly and not cause they care about the long term  citizens good welfare. It seems even the Provinces now too they managed the health care system expenditures very badly as well.

It is clearly established, accepted fact by most people that those in leadership civil and public servants cops, teachers, ministers, politicians included  are always to be exemplary in behavior,  conduct and they do need to maintain their high standards even out of their working hours, thus to do so they are also to be exemplary  judged, prosecuted  for their own wrong doings with a higher standard over those of us ordinary folks.

They are too often still covering up for their own again. Decades and decades later the police are still covering up for their own again and again but the police are not the only bad professionals who do this these days as well, so do the Hospitals, doctors, nurses, civil and public servants, governments… When it comes to dealing with the rightful needs, complaints of the ordinary citizens our Canadian civil and public servants, politicians and their representatives too, and most church pastors now too, they are still mostly unacceptable liars and PRETENDERS, LAZY, GOOD FOR NOTHING PERSONS, and that has been mostly my undeniable experiences the last 4 decades now too.. What should not come as a surprise to anyone in Canada is how many of the cops still do drink and drive drunk next still.. RCMP included, and why so many cops do not prosecute any other drunk drivers even all year.. and what else in the unacceptable perversities?



OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper personally approved a $7,400 tab for (Alcoholic) “refreshments” for public servants about three months before his government announced a crackdown on hospitality expenses. Harper’s signature appears on an Aug. 26 approval form asking him to endorse the refreshment expense for a meeting of staff from the Privy Council Office, the prime minister’s own department. The so-called town hall meeting was held the morning of Sept. 13 at the posh Westin Hotel in downtown Ottawa, where a meeting room for the affair cost taxpayers about $5,000 an hour. Town halls for Privy Council Office staff were inaugurated by the Conservatives in 2006 and have rapidly risen in cost over the years from $19,000 to $42,000, the bill for the latest gathering. “Canadians have had to do a significant amount of belt tightening themselves as they’ve gone through these last couple of years, and they expect governments to do the same,” Day said on Nov.  24   Harper is not the first Conservative minister to sign a large hospitality bill for the benefit of public servants. Peter MacKay, then foreign minister, approved a $16,800 hospitality bill on March 2, 2007, to buy lunches for 400 Passport Canada employees doing weekend shifts. . 

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