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September 5, 2012

Quebec’s Liberals gambled sadly instead of providing good leadership

Sep 5, 2012 Shocking news. Montreal, Quebec, Man apperantly tries to  tried to kill also the newly elected first female   Party Quebecois Premier  Pauline Marois, who is  to become Quebec’s 1st female premier ,  Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois during her election rally victory speech. Quebec premier-designate was hustled off stage, just before 1 a.m.. A man in his 40s was shot dead an another critically wounded near where Pauline Marois was giving her victory speech to supporters before midnight Tuesday, prompting a swift response from the Parti Québécois leader’s security team and an evacuation of the downtown Montreal concert hall. A man was swiftly arrested by the police present and a rifle seized. A second man was critically injured in the incident, according to Montreal police. The Gun death marrs the narrow win by the Quebec separatists. The party won a minority government with a weaker-than-desired result, of 54 seats won out of 125, that could severely limit its ability to pursue its independence agenda and likley lead to new elections with the NDP to be fully  involved next as well.The PQ’s 54 seats,fell nine short of the 63 needed for a majority in the 125-seat legislature. The  Liberals had a far better-than-expected result and won 50 ridings, holding onto official Opposition status.  Quebec solidaire won two seats. It was certainly the most tragic, and least jubilant, election win in the PQ’s long history. The PQ’s score in the popular vote was lower than any time it has ever governed, with just 32 per cent. That was just one percentage point more than the governing Liberals, who staved off the electoral annihilation many had predicted. The new Coalition party had 27 per cent.


The stupid, immoral Gamble that did not pay off.. Quebec Liberal  Party leader  Jean Charest placed a big bet and loss his own political seat even in the Quebec provincial election. With all the ridings counted, the Liberals were at 50 to the Parti Québécois’s 54 and the Coalition Avenir Québec party’s 19. Québec Solidaire held the remaining two, the Liberals slid to second place in Quebec’s national assembly, and Charest lost his own seat. PQ Pauline Marois to lead as Quebec’s 1st female premier . Oppostion leader  Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois claimed victory over the incumbent Liberals Tuesday night, winning a minority government in the provicial election.


It happened all because the  Quebec Liberal  Party leader  Jean Charest had  gambled that: an unusual summer election would benefit from voters too distracted by vacations and long, torpidly hot days to be whipped up into anti-government fervour. Quebec Liberal  Party leader  Jean Charest gambled that going to the polls during the second week of university classes would spotlight Quebec’s student unrest, an issue on which his iron hand and unwavering resolve gave him the most credibility among the major party leaders.   Quebec Liberal  Party leader  Jean Charest gambled that it was better to head into a campaign now, before the Charbonneau Commission inquiry into corruption in the provincial construction industry starts its autumn hearings — and potentially exposes nefariousness within the Quebec Liberal Party. Quebec Liberal  Party leader  Jean Charest and  his party now gambled, and they  lost. The Liberal party also lost key MNAs: junior finance minister Alain Paquet went down to defeat, as did junior natural resources minister Serge Simard, Agriculture Minister Pierre Corbeil and Natural Resources Minister Clément Gignac. In the entirety of the greater Montreal area, the Liberals suffered a net loss of three seats, but the PQ loss was higher. The péquistes fell from 28 ridings to 24. Overall, the Liberals held all their seats on Montreal Island, keeping the 20 ridings that went red in 2008. Six of the remaining seats went to the PQ, and two to Québec Solidaire. In Laval, the Liberals lost Laval-des-Rapides and failed to capture the new seat of Sainte-Rose.

Jean Charest: Bio Born: June 24, 1958, in Sherbrooke, Que.

Education: Law degree, Université de Sherbrooke, 1980.

Political career: Elected to House of Commons as a Progressive Conservative MP in 1984. Became youngest-ever cabinet minister in 1986. Federal PC leader from 1995-98. Named Quebec Liberal leader in 1998. Elected premier in 2003, re-elected in 2007 and 2008.


But before his big false gamble the clearly  Bad premier of Quebec Jean Charest had falsely abused his own Quebec University students… and he now had  paid the big price for it too.

The former Quebec provincial student movement leader Léo Bureau-Blouin who had  become a PQ candidate in the Laval riding hadhas   defeated the Liberal junior finance minister Alain Paquet and next  Léo Bureau-Blouin vowed that his  victorious Parti Québécois will   will revoke the tuition hike imposed by the Liberals that sparked the province’s months of student unrest, and will repeal Bill 78 (also known as Law 12), the contentious legislation that restricts protest.”It shows that when youth mobilize, we can do big things,” Bureau-Blouin said of his victory. Bureau-Blouin was a leader of the Quebec student protest movement until his term as president of the FECQ, the federation of Quebec college students, came to an end June 1.

MONTREAL – A PQ ministerial decree cancelling tuition hikes, taken barely 24  hours after Pauline Marois was elected premier, is being hailed as a victory by  the Quebec Federation of University Students (FEUQ). FEUQ President Martine Desjardins considers the decree to be the symbolic  end of a two-year battle but she vows that the work is not yet finished, as the  group intends to make other proposals at the upcoming summit of higher education  promised by the Parti Quebecois.

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