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March 5, 2009

Most Old media, Management Twits failed to adjust to the new reality

CTV bought by Bell because CTV has been losing value, populairty too.. other media firms are also being bought out..
Managers of the news media still tend to put profitability over providing  real service to it’s readers, customers and then wonder why they are going out of business so fast. A number of Canadian media organizations have announced layoffs and the United States has seen newspapers close altogether as well as layoffs.
“The Canadian media industry is at best in a state of flux, while others would argue in a state of turmoil. With the advent of the internet, media is changing and going through a “correction period”. Media outlets have to change with the economic times and the new technologies. Like any industry, it’s unfortunate so many people are losing their jobs. There are major job cuts all over. CanWest (which owns the Regina Leader Post, Calgary Herald and Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Global television stations) is on the brink of bankruptcy; CHUM Radio and TransContinental have had major job cuts; TorStar (Toronto Star) posted a $211.2 million fourth quarter loss; CTV has cut jobs and is closing some television stations.  With all of that happening, the fat cats at CBC are begging for more funding from the Conservative government. Apparently a billion dollars doesn’t cut it … to help pay for expensive trips for executives etc. Just read up on vice-president for French Services Sylvain LaFrance who apparently racked  up $80,000 in entertainment, meal and miscellaneous expenses. Sure, maybe big private company executives do this, but those companies aren’t funded by taxpayers.”
Now  firstly like you I am sorry anytime a person  anywhere loses his or her job, except for : the crooks, realtors, used and new car salesmen, computer dealers, bad cops, bad civil and public servants, bad lawyers, bad accountants, bad doctors, bad nurses, bad pastors, politicians and their aides, and seriously any job loss  it is a great tragedy for many too, one  that is not to be underestimated, a job or career changes are debasing to one’s health, as well as one’s family and one’s finances too..
Secondly I happen to know a little bit about the news media, the telecommunication industries, etc.,  even by the sad true fact that some of them they really in the past did not care really about consumer welfare or  interests but mainly  their own agendas.. people who do not learn fail the grade in real life..  and because now they were solely self centered, self interested,  so  me too now I have thus been no fan of the RCMP, CRTC, Bell, Sympatico, Rogers, CTV, National Post,  Global, Regina Leader Post, Calgary Herald  Saskatoon Star Phoenix , TorStar (Toronto Star), the Suns, even basically  cause firstly they did not appreciate my own personal email alerts and some had wrongfully told me so…  Well I am still writing and they on the other hand  many of them now are really  going to the desert where they can have more time and  mediate on their own past  mistakes.. even conceit, and concede inflexibility, a  lack of foresight, lack of people skills..
Thirdly it was predicable the impact that the computer net would have on the the newspapers, and decades, decades ago I told the Calgary Herald in writing to plan ahead for it.. I did..  How come Google though was smart enough to see the trend and to make loads of money from it and the others were inflexible , doing their own, the same old thing and so they  lost out?

I also had a decade ago cancelled my newspaper subscriptions, especially the Gazette, which had old news copied from other news sources mostly too, and I had also now stopped my watching boring TV News stations and programs,  as per Microsoft’s  Mr. Bill Gates own advice , and instead I solely use,  used my computer for all of my multi media needs..
For my choice I still do like the Globe & Mail, the improved CBC news, ,  Canadian Press, Google news , CNW group and some others….
The new age- The Internet and the word “free” are so entwined when it comes to getting news and information online from mainstream media outlets that consumers aren’t going to want to give it up, Anyone born in the 1980s the computer age now  doesn’t expect to pay for news. Advertisers have to pay for it.
Amazon Inc. has recently unveiled its newest version of the Kindle e-reader, a device that allows users to digitally view and read books, newspapers, magazines, and documents. Although print versions of books and newspapers are still profitable, many experts predict their decline in favor of digital documents.  The new device offers easy access to digital versions of various texts – books, newspapers, and even regular PDF documents. According to Amazon, the company has signed deals with three leading textbook publishers to put their content on the electronic reader. Reportedly, Amazon has struck deals with the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Boston Globe to feature their editorials on the device. 
On with the news…
New Democrats Move to Extend EI To Those Who Need It  includes news media, entertainment personnel.. Bell next too..
MP Stockwell Day alleges protectionism. Says U.S. businesses use security as way of controlling market. Some American businesses are using security concerns as an excuse to try to keep Canadian goods out of the U.S. market, says Canada’s trade minister. So what real good is he now doing about it besides talking about it? Ever notice how many news media still do even lie and say their still often pretentious, usless MP is the best? I look at the results… not the mere words.
WASHINGTON — Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Canada needs further assurances from General Motors Corp. and other struggling automakers that the industry remains viable over the long term, and that any federal bailout will not be a “waste of taxpayers’ money.” The federal government announced in December it was prepared to offer $4 billion in aid to the automakers, including $3 billion for GM Canada and $1 billion for Chrysler Canada. General Motors, in a proposal submitted last month to Ottawa, is seeking $6 billion in Canadian aid as part of a restructuring plan that also proposes sharp cuts to employee pay and benefits for retirees. Still the General Motors Corp.’s auditors have raised “substantial doubt” about the troubled automaker’s ability to continue operations, and the company said it may have to seek bankruptcy protection if it can’t execute a huge restructuring plan. The GM auditor’s report “leads us to the same conclusion that we had before, namely that we have to review their plans very closely and make sure they make sense” for Canadian taxpayers. I shed no tears for the bad executives, managers of GM. My new Buick had a busted transmission straight from the factory even, next the replacement Buick had brake problems,  and was the last GM car I bought too.. so they GM  are reaping what they sowed  too..
Canada- The useless RCMP pretentious, inadequate watchdog says he lacks the powers to check whether the Mounties have made changes to prevent another Maher Arar affair. Paul Kennedy, chair of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, told a Commons committee today he can provide no assurances the government has enacted the Arar inquiry’s recommendations or also the Taser recommendations or whatever? Fire him too ASAP along with all of the RCMP. Undeniable images of Dziekanski’s horrible death, and the undeniable reality of  the glaring contradictions between the officers’ statements and what really happened. Many people are in jail because the Queen’s courts had relied on what they believed to be accurate accounts of events by trained RCMP officers, supported by their notes made at the time. The Dziekanski inquiry is rightfully raising troubling questions about the reliability of that RCMP evidence presented . The contradictions and inaccuracies in the evidence of the three officers who have testified suggest undeniably the RCMP officers  were incompetent or more likely dishonest. Their accounts were showed before all to be wildly inaccurate and self-serving. Under a video evidence, and  the lawyer’s cross  examinations, the RCMP officers changed their initial written down accounts of the Vancouver  airport Taser death details, clearly showing that these RCMP  officers now should be personally as well pursued for lying to the courts, obstruction of Justice. Their RCMP superiors as well who had initially wanted to hold the same video for 2 years and not give it back to the owner. 
The federal and provincial governments are reviewing bailing out the automotive manufacturing industry in the midst of a recession. They obviously better think twice about it too. Now that more Canadian and US cities have Metros, electric railway cars, many people have now  put their old cars away for good. Many people have stopped buying new cars, meaning also many people have stopped leasing a car, car leasing sales have dropped by 2/3. Employees Salaries alone are not the reasons all cars are expensive, for the salaries make up 7 percent of car costs. The costs of oil and gas, car maintenance, tires, parking, storage, and car insurance contribute to the expensive  ownership costs of cars as well.
CBC: A Health Canada study of canned pop has found the vast majority of the drinks contain the chemical bisphenol A, a substance that imitates the female hormone estrogen and is banned in baby bottles. Out of 72 drinks tested, 69 were found to contain BPA at levels below what Health Canada says is the safe upper limit. However, studies in peer-reviewed science journals have indicated that even at very low doses, BPA can increase breast and ovarian cancer cell growth and the growth of some prostate cancer cells in animals. 
The Most Dangerous Cities in Canada according to MacLean’s clearly seem to be in the WEST, which also has the highest divorce rates,  and they all next get likely worse because of the present recession and drugs? Predictable even these are the get rich quick, boom and bust  places where many persons now who had left their PARENTS  back EAST.
Unhappily married women are more likely than unhappily married men to suffer high blood pressure, obesity and high blood sugar, putting them at greater risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes, say U.S. researchers. While both genders are just as likely to feel depressed in strained marriages, the similarity appears to end there. And yet next  many women foolishly still do  think a quick divorce will bring them next  riches and happiness next, and significantly more women file for a divorce over men, but it almost all of the cases  does not go the way they had expected it to go and  in many ways.. they next rather cannot overcome Carma, the fact that they are  reaping  what they themselves had sowed, for  they had initially made a bad choice of a mate firstly,  or were too lazy, and/or had an unrealistic expectation of what marriage was, is. Marriage  it is not just living together, sex.. but a lot of hard work for both now too. Blaming others mainly over personal accountability is the typical crook’s way. Do see this top post
” The whole aspect is treating each other with love and respect and letting the other person know they are loved and respected. Life is to short for lack of consideration for others and the joy caring can bring”
I am working too hard, I have no time to be depressed… I also  try to make the best use of what I have
RED NECKED CONSERVATIVES also  LIE  claiming all of the Canadian news media are lefties. ” The Sun chain of papers isn’t left wing. Baton Broadcasting which is CTV is owned by the Bassets who are bag men for the Tories. Canwest Global’s Leonard Asper introduces Harper during campaign rallies. The Globe and Mail may not be far right but they are a business paper. Talk radio (CFRB for example) in this country is all hard line right wing. Regional media in the is very right wing. The Toronto Star just hired the former editor of the Chicago Sun Times, the most right wing, big city newspaper in the USA. So we’re left with the CBC and Tom Long is changing it to the right. So much for the old claim of a left wing media in this country”. To me an immoral right winger is no different from an immoral leftie as well..
The Canadian Press –  “The newspapers also faced higher pension costs and newsprint pricing in the quarter which accentuated the reduction in profitability.

News Corp announces 97% drop in newspaper profits Press Gazette


Hold the front page: newspapers have a future

Independent –  Yet newspaper executives were not so downbeat this week, and key to their faith in returning the industry to profit is technology.

Why Google won’t put money into newspapers –  He very matter-of-factly describes the old joke that some newspapers have actually been not-for-profit for years. “The reality is that news gathering and

Profits down 47% as Daily Mail owner goes into the red – At Associated Newspapers, the company’s national newspaper arm, operating profit fell 59% year on year to £18m, with revenue down 10% to £455m.

Journalism’s many crises

Australia.TO –  The second is the decline in advertising revenue, which, combined with the first, has badly damaged the profitability of newspapers.

Internet and demand for ‘free’ content posing challenge to

The Canadian Press –  Instead, newspapers will have to keep adapting to the online world and mobile phones to reach potential readers to survive, said Theo Blanco of Sweden’s UNT

Torstar posts $21.4 million net loss in first quarter after

CTV Television Inc., Canwest Global Communications and the publicly funded CBC have all blamed the economic downturn, increasing competition and inroads by the Internet for cuts to staff and local programming.  Recent months have seen CTV slash the local news arms of “Canada AM,” gut staff at its A Channel stations and cancel local morning shows in Victoria, London, Ont., Barrie, Ont., and Montreal. Canwest has been grappling with a $4 billion debt and is trying to sell five E! network television stations, while the publicly funded CBC has said a $171-million shortfall is forcing it to eliminate up to 800 jobs.
No one asked me anything about it.. I have not watched these crappy TV stations for a year now, and there is only 2 Canadian TV programs that  I have watched and one was  was “The Listener” and the other was was “The Border”..


A key part of the Canwest Global Communications Corp. media empire has been granted court protection from creditors. Canwest,  a CONTROL FREAK too, controls The National Post newspaper and Global Television AND many of the largest daily papers in Canadian cities, including the Edmonton, Windsor, Ottawa Citizen, the Montreal Gazette, the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province, the Victoria Times-Colonist and the Calgary Herald. Ironically these are some of the most unfriendly newspapers that I also have dealt with now .. SO I AM NOT SURPRISED THEY ARE HAVING FINANCIAL PROBLEMS

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