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December 7, 2009

A serious warning for Quebec’s Premier Jean Charest too.

UNPROSECUTED BAD CRIMMINALS ABOUND IN QUEBEC  CAUSE CLEARLY OUR BAD LEADERS, ADMINSTRATORS THEY DO NOT WANT TO PROSECUTE THEIR BAD ASSOCIATES.Ongoing Montreal Corruptions while the Police , RCMP and the Federal, Quebec Governments did nothing about it.. Exemplary Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves very ones best interest… too often still missing in the PROFESSIONAL BODIES, EVEN IN THE RCMP, police   forces, churches, ALL GOVERNMENTS  as well it seems too.


Jean Charest the bad Quebec Premier did not listen to good advice so he lost his relection, and even lost his own seat.

Quebec is known to be too soft on white collared crimes,

Racial profiling  also is a serious problem in Quebec and more needs to be done to address it, the province’s human rights commission said.  A recent investigation, focusing mainly on young people’s experiences, was launched after the commission said it had received 100 complaints involving allegations of racial profiling since 2005. More than half of the cases involved police — and seven of those are currently before the province’s Human Rights Tribunal.


It is not just what you do that next can haunt you, but also what you had wrongfully failed to do as well. Things can change rapidly for the worse as well now.. Many, many people falsely still do think that bad things happen only to the others and will not happen to them next as well. The federal Liberals had in the past failed to adequately deal with the issues of adequate law and order and paid a big, big price for it, and who is next now?  The bigger they are the harder they next can fall as well…Seriously note this law and order alone is not enough, it has to be supplemented by decency as well. Indecent law and order leads to a police state, something the New Conservatives are rather like .. and here is what many politicians, crooks seem to fail to see as well, the problem with public exposure with wrong doings, is that you cannot take it back after it has been dispersed, and some people have long memories next too.

Follow the money. It’s the oldest rule in journalism. The truth? It’s all about money, as it always generally is.  Together, Liberal British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec speak for three-quarters of Canadians OR FOR 100 PERCENT OF THE BIG CORPORATIONS?

  The latest survey of voter intentions, conducted in November by the Léger Marketing firm, showed the Parti Québécois pulling ahead of the Liberals in popular support.. The Léger poll, commissioned by Le Devoir, had the PQ up to 41 per cent support to 37 per cent for the Liberals, the best PQ showing in more than two years. It was consistent with a survey by the rival, and equally esteemed, CROP firm at the end of October, which also had the PQ ahead, though with a slimmer margin of 40 per cent to 39 for the Liberals.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest,   seemingly impenetrable ship has been taking on water in recent weeks.  Charest’s headaches began with shocking allegations of corruption involving construction companies, municipal politicians and the Italian Mafia.  Those scandals didn’t involve his government but they became his problem when, in the face of widespread demands for a public inquiry, Charest steadfastly declined to call one and sustained daily attacks for his refusal.  Attacks on his government intensified this week, when an opposition investigation suggested the province’s iconic $7-a-day childcare plan was being used in a pay-for-play scheme to benefit his Liberal party.  The Parti Quebecois found an astounding number of contracts — up to 70 per cent in one region — had gone to registered Liberal donors, and in some cases these people only became contributors after getting a daycare permit.  There was also a provincial auditor’s report that found Quebec’s regional venture-capital funds hadn’t complied with conflict-of-interest rules.  Instead of an inquiry, Charest has moved to tighten rules for political fundraising and construction contracts, and has created a $26.8-million police investigation unit. With the legislature now on its winter break, his Liberals will soon discover whether the daily demands for a probe might die down.
The pot calling the Kettle Black. The new federal consumer government being concerned about Consumer protection, only when it suits them undeniably certainly has not done anything about the  undeniable false misleading advertisements by Rogers, TELUS and Bell  or the bad RCMP for that matter or the two tier health care system with have in Canada.. Nor have the Liberals
Health Minister pushing for consumer protection  Toronto Sun –  OTTAWA – Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is turning up the heat in her battle to reform Canada’s consumer protection law, accusing senators of siding with industry over consumers.


 and don’t you dare get sick and go to a Hospital you might have to find out what the doctors, nurses, hospital and Medicare are really like now too 

For a start see also


Emergency  Wards in Hospitals can be a deadly place.. many people pick up all kinds of sicknesses there too.. shit disease included..

My local Quebec MLA’s seem to be so busy chasing the mighty dollar they say they are too busy to talk to me and seem too often to forget about me often, they had not even replied my last letter to them about bad Bell Canada now too,  and in the process they now had by their poor management even lost 30 percent of the Quebecers  pension fund.
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 12:38 PM
Subject: Problems with Quebec’s health care systems
Attention: Clement Gignac Ministre du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation Député de Marguerite-Bourgeoys
 It is unbelievable that after I had written about it now to our Quebec even Health Ministers, Premiers, major news media too,  too even for many years later 15 years even  I can go to most local Hospitals or Convalescent homes in Montreal Quebec and there too easily see the typical and mostly poorly supervised doctors, nurse, medical care workers and when I write to you my own member of the legislature too about it, ( hand delivered it as well)  what neither you or your staff now  do not even bother to acknowledge  my emails, correspondences, never mind act upon it and why is that? She was today again too busy to talk to me.. my local MLA’s representative
Do I really now have to write to everyone, all the news editors too,  about his next too and post it it on the net before I will now get a satisfactory result too from you? RSVP
 Now no one by now, absolutely  still no one should underestimate me or get complacent with me as  I do not hesitate to fully expose to all, to demand full prosecution of all the guilty absolves persons I do run into still to all. I do not accept inappropriate actions lightly too.. It should be obvious to  all also that I merely do not  write to you too now for the fun of it and not only do I  also   post my unresolved complaints eventually on the internet even for the whole world to read, and I have been doing this for the last few decades too. I do expect seriously, full appropriate actions on the matter of all of my complaints,  and so I do send copies of all of my complaints to key members of Parliament to all of  Canada’s major news editors as well now for their further notice and appropriate actions too.

Post-budget Liberals plummet in popularity Montreal Gazette –  A Léger Marketing poll conducted for Le Devoir and published yesterday establishes the level of dissatisfaction with Premier Jean Charest’s government at a record high of 77 per cent.

MONTREAL – A former Quebec justice minister has levelled a stream of bombshell allegations against Premier Jean Charest’s government, accusing it of serious ethics violations. Marc Bellemare says the Liberal premier was well aware of them.  Bellemare suggested the governing Liberals routinely flouted fundraising laws and also took orders from party bagmen on whom to appoint as judges.  He says he was pressured, on three occasions, to name a judge requested by influential donors. Bellemare also says stacks of cash were forked over by construction company bosses and funnelled into party coffers.  In the interview, Bellemare never used the word ‘illegal’ to describe the practices, preferring to describe them as ‘irregular.’ But Quebec’s landmark fundraising law, introduced by Rene Levesque’s Parti Quebecois government in the 1970s, forbids donations over $3,000.  Bellemare says he warned the premier after witnessing those big cash transactions – and says he was ignored.  He says he also confronted the premier twice – in the fall of 2003 and the spring of 2004 – when pressured by influential financiers to make appointments, including judgeships.  “I asked, ‘Who names judges? The justice minister – or this guy and that guy who’d raised lots of money,”‘ Bellemare said in the interview.  He says he ultimately wound up naming those judges.  “Because it was an order by the big moneymen of the party – and the premier was in agreement with it,” he said.  “I complained to the premier. But that, apparently, was the way things went.”

In yet another allegation, Bellemare says even the government’s legislative agenda was shaped by its fundraisers. He says certain bills were killed at their request.  Bellemare says influential moneymen “expected payback” for all the cash they pumped into the Liberal party. The premier’s popularity has plummeted spectacularly in recent months, partly due to allegations of ethics violations.

An unpopular budget loaded with tax hikes compounded those problems, with tens of thousands of protesters now regularly taking to the streets. Two newspapers had front-page pictures Monday of protesters holding up signs saying, “Damned liar.”  One poll listed dissatisfaction with the Charest government at a whopping 77 per cent. Just a few months ago, Charest was seemingly on cruise control, basking in the height of his popularity and frequently being cited as a possible future prime minister of Canada. That was before the first controversies broke. The troubles began with a scandal about Mafia involvement in the construction industry, and that industry’s influence over political fundraising at the Montreal municipal level. Radio-Canada reported that construction companies colluded to jack up the cost of public works contracts, shared their profits with the Mob, and intimidated rivals. Word that those same construction companies had helped raise money for political parties rocked Montreal’s mayoral race last fall. But Charest steadfastly refused demands for a public inquiry, when almost every major player in the province was asking for one.

Bellemare left politics only one year after the Charest Liberals were first elected. He says his abrupt exit stemmed from those ethics violations. “It disgusted me – and that’s why I left in the spring of 2004.” As for rampant rumours that construction bosses illegally pumped cash into Liberal party coffers, Bellemare says the allegations are true. The premier shouldn’t feign surprise today at word of fundraising irregularities, Bellemare said. “I can tell you he (Charest) was very well informed.”

The way normal business is supposedly being carried on also by by the Liberals in Quebec, it is no wonder my local Liberal MLA and the others too never write  back to me or acknowledge  any of my serious, critical, important letters  to them still. So what I  too do now have to first give a large donation to the Liberal party before my MLA will next consider reading any of my complaints?  It sure seems so!!!

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