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September 24, 2009

How many real jobs now are being created by the Conservative Harper?


  OTTAWA–Liberal research suggests only 12 per cent of the $4 billion set aside for immediate job-creating infrastructure projects has actually flowed so far – a far cry from the Harper government’s claim that 80 per cent of its economic stimulus plan is being implemented. Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal infrastructure critic, says that means a maximum of 4,800 jobs has been created since the infrastructure stimulus fund was created in last January’s budget. And that barely makes a dent in the 5,800 jobs that have been lost each month since the budget. Even though the work on the projects is badly behind schedule, Kennedy said yesterday the government has ratcheted up its “propaganda” machine in the last few weeks to promote its efforts to battle the recession, including a $34 million advertising campaign. When he unveiled the stimulus fund in the budget, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said he wanted to get money flowing within 120 days, in time to make the most of the summer construction season.  But Kennedy said as far as Liberals can figure out, “there was not a single job created” by Flaherty’s self-imposed deadline of May 28. And the number of jobs created since is a fraction of the 40,000 that were supposed to be generated. 

Liberal research also concluded the money has gone disproportionately to Conservative ridings. The average Conservative riding got 13 times as much money as the average opposition riding in British Columbia, 2.7 times as much in Quebec. In Ontario, Conservative ridings got 11 per cent more than opposition ridings.

But we already knew that Stephen Harper has been a spiteful, hateful, uncaring, unloving person who discriminates, shows false partiality.. all not the true behavior of a real, genuine, valid Christian too…  and any criticism that Canadians are being fleeced for Harper’s political self-aggrandizement is not without foundation… Even right-wing commentator Gerry Nicholls decried the campaign as “an abuse of tax dollars,” describing the ads as “clearly partisan, clearly Conservative propaganda” but  all Conservative SUPPORTED  Canadian media corporations  wish to thank taxpayers for the new $34 million in advertising revenues.

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The Conservatives were never really interested in job creating through infrastructure spending because it goes against their ideology. In their minds, it’s socialism. So it comes as no surprise that they haven’t done anything.  They are, however, not above buying votes. So what little money they’ve spent was to reward their supporters.  Once again, the Conservatives are the most hypocritical government in modern history. 



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