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October 24, 2009

freedom lost is hard to gain back… Say No to a Police State

Police ‘protesters’ called before ethics panel  The Quebec Police Ethics Committee has ordered a review of the conduct of three provincial police officers who posed as protesters at the summit of the three North American leaders in Montebello, Que., in August 2007. Infiltration by police officers to arrest criminal offenders is acceptable, but all acts committed by the officers towards that end are not necessarily legitimate, the committee said. And people barely raised a peep when this police state action was uncovered. It’s about time. I have nothing against cops posing as drug dealers to catch criminals. I have nothing against cops posing as 12 year old girls in chat rooms to catch paedophiles. What I do take exception to is cops entering into a legal and peaceful protest in order to ‘attack’ the police and thereby justify the police attacking the crowd to maintain law and order.  The bad cops do need to be kicked off the force and their superiors need to be shown the door sans golden parachutes as well.
The bigger question isn’t these criminal cops behavior but how widespread these despicable tactics are used? I think we are barely touching the surface with these thugs behavior. Our entire police system needs a thorough cleansing. This just goes to show how vital a Cop watch program is needed to protect what’s left of our democracy  ..Canada used to be a free country with free speech and freedom of movement. I have heard someone say we are moving into an era of ‘post-democracy’   all the new surveillance cameras in Toronto, police infiltrations in Montreal and military patrolling the streets of Vancouver.  is this the Canada you want ?   freedom lost is hard to gain back… or are you now going to just tell your kids stories of when Canada used to be a free country ?  if you are allowed to speak at all.

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