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September 25, 2009

The Albertan Way of Government management is dictatorship also

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Alberta Bill 50, controversial legislation that passed last month, includes building “critically needed” power lines but omits a regulatory requirement for the Alberta Utilities Commission to hold public hearings on whether the lines are necessary. The bill pushes ahead with five major transmission projects worth $8.1 billion. “Ed, your tenure as Premier is “a bunch of crap.”  :Time to put the fear of the people back into politics”,  “we have to throw these arrogant, lying politicians out next election!” “there are very few Albertans so ignorant and stupid as to not realize that Premier Stelmach is operating on behalf of foreign interests.  its becoming obvious that the only way to deal with these extreme right wing business-criminal style governments is through the courts and the electoral process.  ” My main concern is the agenda of building a transmission line directly across the Alberta Montana border so that some companies can sell electricity directly to the U.S. This will have SERIOUS consequences for Albertans. Particularly, it will mean a SIGNIFICANT increase in both Electricity and Transmission prices and DECREASED control over our own resources (not that we have much left). ” “It is sad but true that Alberta’s Conservative government is a runaway train of a government. It would actually surprise me to learn that much of anything was done truly ethically in this province at the government level right now, so it is no surprise that others would be accusing the government of being unethical, that is their normal operating procedure here.   The opposition in this province is so inept that it gives voters little choice, but the Conservatives have become so grossly incompetent that I would accept a group of completely uninformed dreamers in their place at least for a few years. At least dreamers would have good intentions and could be managed. Unfortunately none of the opposition parties have managed to find creative minded people to support them. We are doomed unless the voters kick the Conservatives out for at least one term to remind them that they too must look after the public interest and not just their own.” “Don’t forget to tell the Alberta tax payer who will be stuck paying for these unnecessary lines for decades that it’s really to help 40 Alberta companies, Ed’s special friends who use up a whopping 50% of our daily generated power now and who’s appetite for future power will be always increasing. Why don’t these 40 companies each grow a pair and man up and pay 50% of the cost of the new lines Ed, they use up 50% of the available power between them?” “This entire deregulation issue is such a mess here now all trust has been lost on both sides – the poor consumer does not know who to believe anymore. All thanks to the industrial power consumers and Ralph Klein. The only viable option left to bring stability back in and lower rates is to establish a provincial electrical utility and merge all these private individual power companies into one. The Saskpower and Manitoba Hydro utilities are having the last laugh along with their customers”

Bill 50  centres around the province’s plans to build new transmission lines from Edmonton to Calgary.  Any talk public hearings  of province wide transmission lines  and a third-party regulator to sign off on any plans has been scuttledby the Albertan Government. The Progressive Conservatives  Government wants to allow some of Alberta’s energy giants to move forward on six major transmission corridors without a public hearing or regulatory approval, a move that could cost as much as $20 billion and make energy bills soar. Enmax says the cost to consumers will be about $200 -300 a year or more for the next 20 years to pay for the project just to build the power lines. The premier dirtied Ed says the transmission lines should fall under the same rules as critical infrastructure, like roads, and be able to move ahead without public input on upgrades if necessary.

All “sounds pretty simple, Alberta companies want to export the electrical  power to the USA but they don’t want to pay to create the power lines needed.  This an 8 billion dollar gift to the Corporations, all sounds pretty nice to them, and what ever happened to non profit  public owned essential utility companies? 

Using a public relations campaign with the taxpayer dollars. or using taxpayer’s money to allow a series of multibillion-dollar transmission lines in Alberta to be built with only ministerial approval, where the  customers will bear the costs to ensure a handful of large companies profit are both unacceptable.  Enmax CEO Gary Holden  says the cost for the lines would be paid for by taxpayers, while benefitting only a few companies and their shareholders. He claims the extra power lines would be used mainly for shipping power out of the province to be sold to the U.S. Local price of electricty will be kept high to be able  make more profit from the Americans as well. He says Enmax is currently constructing several power generating plants and when built the extra power lines would not be necessary.

The government of Alberta tries to maximize  profit from the energy shortage, electrical included,  in the US, and makes the Albertan citizens pay for it.. since the Albertan government has to sell  energy to the US at the same costs it sells to it’s citizens too, unfortunately this all backfires cause the high costs of electrical electrical energy in Alberta further discourages many new industries from moving into Alberta?

Citizens of Alberta are only importtant during an provinical, municipal election vote. So what else is new? A Dictaorial Conservative management approach is not!

  “Albertans First” is just another one of those typical bad politicians cons to make people Born in Alberta falsely believe they are being properly looked after, and are better of than the rest of Canada too, all very contrary to the actual reality. It is clearly the politicians and civil and public servants who are firstly looking after themselves mainly here too..






” These lines ought to be funded by the people that will be receiving the electricity. I hope us Albertans get outraged over being taken advantage of all the time, personally I can see we get taxed too much. Its because of these kinds of projects.
“ You morons had many opportunities during the last four years while we were swimming in cash as a province to pay for this with our surpluses. Now we are temporally sucking the hind teat economically and it’s “NOW” you want us to pay for it on our monthly bill for the next 40 years. Are you insane? You have squandered our surpluses and our chance to use these surpluses to pay for this.”
“De-regulation of Power (Utilities)  Albertans were told de-regulation would bring down the power rates in the future.  Did our Alberta Government tell us lies?,  Ralph Klein certainly did “
“I always thought that the fairy tale about the “Golden Goose” was just fantasy – but apparently we ( Albertans) are the golden goose and every company in this country and those from abroad also see us ( consumers) as the golden goose – they keep coming back to us year after year and demanding even more from us – enough is enough – start to find your extra money from within your corporations – start with your over paid CEO’s and their salaries and bonuses- why are we dedicating so much money to an old technology while the rest of the world is using and developing new forms of energy production and distribution.”
“ there is a way for the transmission and power companies to recoup the cost, rather than having taxpayers cover the bill: charge the power consumers more. In that way, people who use more power pay more, and those who use less pay less (and those who use none don’t have to pay at all). The power consumers won’t pay more?  ”


With all that supposedly extra surplus income as advertised in  Alberta the local citizens were now to live better off than elsewhere, instead of now continually being gouged with extra costs, and the hidden taxes.. the electrical costs now included..  for Alberta really does not have cheap hydro generated electricity but relies mainly on polluting coal fired generating plants..  and what else next?

The city of Calgary, Edmonton too,  will be gouging its citizens. No discount on the downtown parking. The Big spenders at City hall need to keep the tax increases up after they spend the kitty, some of it for their useless out of town travelling expenses too.


Bill 50

The ENMAX group of companies (and its predecessors) has been a trusted energy provider in Alberta for more than 100 years.It is for this reason we cannot stand by and watch as the approval of billions of dollars in transmission projects is moved behind closed doors.If the transmission lines being proposed are approved, Albertans will be forced to foot the bill for these projects which, according to our calculation, will see transmission costs for residential and business consumers triple!You don’t deserve to be left in the dark about major decisions affecting the future of electricity in Alberta.Together we can encourage the exploration of more environmentally friendly, cost effective alternatives to the proposed transmission lines.      ….. learn more

Contact Your MLA
Take action by contacting your MLA before October 26, 2009 when the Legislative Assembly reconvenes. …learn how to contact your MLA.
It has always confounded me as to why the liars, crooks, deceivers, abusers  too often do still do think they can get away with now, next and forever.



Sign the Petition
Take action by signing a petition that will be presented to the Alberta Legislature. Or start your own! …. learn how you can sign the petition.

 Stop the false opressions..

Now in 1982 I drove to Edmonton Alberta and sat directly in the Albertan Minister of economic development, and Albertan Minister of Manpower, Career development, and I had asked them what they were doing specially to diversify Alberta’s economy and help to create more  jobs for Albertan.. these useless twits still did did nothing, and both lost their reelections, their workers too had  let the party caucus decide what to do and Alberta is in a real big big mess today.. home prices are dropping,, home sales are going doing, people getting laid off, and their Alberta  government revenue is going down too. They were another bunch of know it all who did not want to listen to any one else.. and such History repeats itself.  ..

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