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March 16, 2009

QUEBEC the second largest PROVINCE in Canada holds 75 seats AND cannot be ignored.


Jean Charest the bad Quebec Premier did not listen to good advice so he lost his relection, and even lost his own seat.

Too many people are ignorant about the truth in Quebec especially those outside of the province it seems. The truth about Quebec.. 

I do  write many letters openly Canada wide  to our elected officials, and to say that I get effective replies from them would be mostly a lie… I am lucky if 2 persons out of 1000 MPs, MLA , Aldermen would reply to them. They only take a superficial   at best  interest in us only at election times. But I have to say I have been surprised that the province that responds the least is Quebec. These Quebec officials, Ostriches in denial, are very sensitive to any criticism, and they really cannot handle it at all.
 Quebec  is a nice place to live in, Montreal is a clean city now too.. Better over a lot of other cities in North America too.. They do not lie about the true state of their economy like they tend to do in Alberta. They tell you their is money to be made in Alberta. Then they show you a both working couple with 3 children on the news who now realty cannot afford to live in Calgary, due to the extremely high cost of living there too.

No I do not believe that the corruption in Quebec is worst over any other provinces.. Ontario or Alberta, BC included now.. it likely is all the same. Quebecers also now are friendly when they get their way like anywhere else in Canada. Our government administration in Quebec is no better.. and our Medicare also here needs serious improvement still too. Quebec is soft on crime, white collared ones included now but so is Ontario, Alberta, BC…


I have found it very surprising that Most Canadians are still really ignorant of what Quebecers, Quebec is really like, and they do falsely rely on distorted third party information, myths, and most, actually the majority of English speaking Canadians have not spend a significant time ever in Quebec. To learn more : Culture Québec, A culture that travels the world, from the ministère de la Culture et des Communications. I was surprised how my Quebecers refuse to speak English but have no problem speaking it in the United sates when many go there for their vacations..

About Canada’s constitution A poll showed that 73 per cent of Quebeckers would like to see the recognition of Quebec as a nation in the Canadian Constitution, while only 17 per cent of respondents in the rest of Canada agree. There are twice as many Quebeckers (82 per cent) as people in other provinces (39 per cent) who favour a new round of constitutional negotiations designed to get Quebec’s signature on the Constitution. In addition, 90 per cent of Quebeckers feel that the province’s language law should be enforced in federal institutions in the province, against only 26 per cent in the rest of Canada.

Intro to Quebec, Quebec outwardly is fairly typical of most Western societies in many regards, with, however, a few significant particularities of its own. A French Language, most Quebecers even younger ones do not still speak English , and a Culture of it’s own that has been very significantly influenced by the Catholic Church beliefs.. The influence of the Catholic Church has decreased significantly but has not been removed. While Montreal was once the centre of Jewish culture in Canada this is no longer true, nor visible as much too. Quebec was a major Roman Catholic society until recent years. The Church has maintained itself the protector of the French language and culture. Archbishops of large cities once were very influential at all government levels. In small towns, the influence of the priest was often equal or superior to that of the town’s mayor. Before any political decision could be made, politicians made sure that it would be in accordance with Catholic belief and attitudes. Congregations of nuns controlled and managed the province’s education, social and medical service. Simply put, Quebec was one of the world’s Catholic strongholds. Since the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s, Quebec has become much more secular. Nonetheless about 90% of the population still claims to be Catholic, but few regularly attend services or pay the tithe ** ( See note below) which the faithful are supposed to give to the Church. The strong Consumer protection and close social aspect of the French speaking mostly persons is also very evident , Quebec has the highest percentage of unionized workers in North America. Half of Quebecers do also have strong adversarial relationships with residents of neighbouring English-speaking provinces as well as Quebec’s own Anglophones because they rightfully sense no serious attempt has been made to understand, appreciate or to integrate into the French Quebec culture . Such an attitude stems mainly up to 20th century, when the Anglophones dominated the spheres of industry , commerce, ownership and management and they the Anglophones had falsely tended to favour their own for promotion to management-level positions. EVEN TODAY MOST CANADIAN Anglophones, AND NOTE THIS Francophones as well outside of Quebec are generally STILL INDIFFERENT AND VERY UNFRIENDLY TO THE FRENCH SPEAKING QUEBECERS. One notable vestige of the Catholic Church’s influence of Quebec culture is that francophone curses and expletives are nearly entirely composed of religious references and vocabulary. While the majority of Quebecers still have not been to the rest of Canada, starting probably in the late 1940s and reaching its apogee in the 1970s, many Quebec residents have been known to vacation or spend the whole winter months in southeast Florida, and in Cuba as well. And many Quebecers have obtained jobs in the US and also had moved there as well.. There are as many ex Quebecers in the US as there are presently in Quebec. But in a direct contrast Quebecers have not moved to the other parts of Canada because they have not been treated very nice there as they have been in the United States..

Racial profiling also is a serious problem in Quebec and like in the rest of Canada too much more needs to be done to address it, even the province’s human rights commission said. A recent investigation, focusing mainly on young people’s experiences, was launched after the commission said it had received 100 complaints involving allegations of racial profiling since 2005. More than half of the cases involved police – and seven of those are currently before the province’s Human Rights Tribunal. Yes the MUC cops are too often bigots. .

The Canadian federal Parliament formally recognized Quebecers as a “nation united within Canada” but often fails to act accordingly still too.

OTTAWA, March 17 2009 (UPI) — Canada’s Conservative Party, which leads a minority government, has a 35-31 percent popularity edge over opposition Liberals, a poll released Tuesday indicated. The Angus Reid nationwide online poll of 1,002 adults last week for the Toronto Star said Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives had lost 3 percentage points since January. Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals gained 2 percentage points during the same time period, the report said. The socialist New Democratic Party posted 16 percent support and the Green Party had 7 percent, the poll indicated. The balance was scattered among the separatist Bloc Quebecois or others. The poll had a 3.1-percentage-point margin of error, the report said. The findings are similar to a poll of 2,002 voters published by the Canwest News Service March 10, in which Conservatives led the Liberals 37-33 percent. That poll suggested Conservative support was steady, while the Liberals gained 2 percent support. This was not unexpected since Harper’s recent negative acts, policies have again continued to alienate a lot of people, especially Quebecers. Hold on – politicians are always saying the only polls that count are the ones on election day, so maybe we shouldn’t put too much stock in this report. Or maybe we should? The Conservatives are definitely losing serious ground..

” Whatever love existed between Quebec and the Tories has turned sour. Last week, two different polls showed the Conservatives are in dire straits in the province they used to count on to gain a majority government. Everything is in the numbers. A province that is the second largest in Canada and holds the key to 75 seats cannot be ignored… Of course, from the beginning the Tories were poorly equipped to deal with Quebec. They had a mediocre roster of candidates and a dramatic lack of articulate local leaders – that’s still the case.,,Mr. Harper’s closest adviser on Quebec and spokesperson for Quebec affairs is Dimitri Soudas. Mr. Soudas’s only connections are with the Action Démocratique du Québec, a small right-wing party that is becoming more and more insignificant. (The ADQ received 16.3 per cent of the vote in the last provincial election and its leader, Mario Dumont, the only Quebec politician Mr. Harper was on good terms with, has resigned from politics.) The Prime Minister wasn’t even able to find a high-profile Quebecker to appoint to the Senate. And since the Conservatives didn’t win any seats in the Montreal area, it’s a young neophyte MP from Mégantic-L’Érable, Christian Paradis, who’s in charge of the metropolitan area. Mégantic is 300 kilometres east of Montreal, and Mr. Paradis candidly admits he hasn’t visited Montreal more than a few times in his life.

Instead of looking for a strong, well-connected lieutenant and broadening his circle of Quebec advisers, Mr. Harper naively thought he could handle Quebec himself and that his goodwill gestures toward the province would do the rest. He’s now reaping the results of his own delusion.”

Harper certainly will never get the support of Quebecer by STILL falsely bashing them for a start. Yes Quebecers ARE VERY different, AND they are a separate WHOLE community and they are NOT just more North Americans who speak French. They have a catholic and not a protestant background too, and they clearly do believe in the spirit of the law over the letter of the law, and they are not easily fooled like the Anglophones often are.


Harper is losing it also in Ontario now too. Mar 21, 2009 04:30 AM Liberal support in Ontario clocked in at 44 per cent while the Conservatives have 31 per cent and the NDP 14 per cent, according to the poll, done for the Star and La Presse by Nanos Research.

The Conservatives are down and out in Quebec – and know it Globe and Mail – While Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the spot decision to recognize the Québécois as a “nation” within a united Canada. They betrayed the Harperites’ lack of touch when dealing with Quebec sensitivities, Then came Mr. Harper’s bad attack on “separatists” during the coalition acts last December …

Other Canadians merely in ignorance Bashing Quebec makes the bashers even bigger losers next still too.


How Quebecers differ from the rest of Canada in their views..

Three-quarters of Canadian voters who attend evangelical churches (such as Baptist, Mennonite and Pentecostal) opted for the Conservative Party of Canada. In general Protestants, who nominally make up 30 per cent of the population, tend to split their vote between the two major parties.

Even though a majority of Quebecers don’t attend church on a regular basis, more than 95 per cent still claim some sort of formal religious affiliation.

Following are the latest figures for Quebec, for selected religions. They were collected during the 2001 federal census. Although the last census was held in 2006, questions about religious affiliation are asked only every second census. The next census will be in 2011.

Roman Catholics 5.9 million

Protestants 335,595

Muslims 108,620

Jews 89,920

Buddhists 41,375

Jehovah’s Witnesses 29,040

Hindus 24,530

No religious affiliation 413,185

Note: Among Protestants in Quebec, Anglicans were the most numerous, with 85,475 adherents; members of the United Church came second, with 52,950. For Canada as a whole, the United Church was the leading Protestant denomination, with 2.83 million members to the Anglican Church’s 2.03 million.

The April 2009 poll, by Angus Reid Strategies for Maclean’s, surveyed 1,002 randomly selected Canadians on religion.


– 70% of Canadians hold a positive view of Christianity

– 41% hold a positive view of Hinduism

– 30% hold a positive view of Sikhism

– 45% believe mainstream Islam encourages violence

– 44% Nationally would not want their child to marry a person of Jewish faith. Even fewer would be comfortable with a Sikh or a Muslim. In Quebec, that number rises

– 62% Nationally think laws and norms should not be modified to accommodate minorities. In Quebec, that number rises to 74%.

Across Canada, 72 per cent said they have a “generally favourable opinion” of Christianity. At the other end of the spectrum, Islam scored the lowest favourability rating, just 28 per cent. Sikhism didn’t fare much better at 30 per cent, and Hinduism was rated favourably by 41 per cent. Both Buddhism, at 57 per cent, and Judaism, 53 per cent, were rated favourably by more than half the population

A mere 17 per cent of Quebecers said they have a favourable opinion of Islam, and just 15 per cent view Sikhism favourably. Only 36 per cent of Quebecers said they hold a favourable opinion of Judaism, far below the national average, and in sharp contrast to neighbouring Ontario, where 59 per cent expressed a favourable view of the Jewish religion. ” .., all religions were regarded less positively in Quebec than in Canada as a whole, including Christianity, which 67 per cent of Quebecers view favourably, five points below the Canadian average. Buddhism’s favourability rating of 57 per cent is four points higher than Judaism, . Buddhism was the only religion, including Christianity, for which more than half of people who said they don’t have a friend of that faith held a favourable opinion of it anyway.

When asked if they thought “the mainstream beliefs” of the major religions “encourage violence or are mostly peaceful,” only 10 per cent said they thought Christianity teaches violence. But fully 45 per cent said they believe Islam does, and a sizable 26 per cent saw Sikhism as encouraging violence. By comparison, just 13 per cent perceived violence in Hindu teachings and 14 per cent in Jewish religion. A tiny four per cent said they think of Buddhism as encouraging violence. By far the highest percentage who viewed Islam as encouraging violence was found in Quebec, 57 per cent. Sikh doctrine is mostly likely to be viewed as violent in the province where about half of Canadian Sikhs live: 30 per cent of British Columbians said they think Sikhism encourages violence.

Angus Reid also took that debate national, asking how far governments should go to accommodate minorities. A strong majority of 62 per cent agree with the statement, “Laws and norms should not be modified to accommodate minorities.” A minority, 29 per cent, agreed with the alternative statement, “On some occasions, it makes sense to modify specific laws and norms to accommodate minorities.” Another nine per cent weren’t sure. In Quebec, 74 per cent were against changing laws or norms, the highest negative response rate on the accommodation question in the country

The Angus Reid poll found 51 per cent oppose funding of Christian schools, and the level of opposition soars from 68 per cent to 75 per cent for all other religions. On even hotter-button religious issues, opposition is overwhelming. Only 23 per cent would allow veiled voting, and just three per cent Islamic sharia law-an even lower level of support than the eight per cent who would allow polygamy. There’s substantial sympathy for recognizing religious holidays, 45 per cent, but a solid majority still opposes the idea.

** Still today Quebec’s official welcome to non-Catholic immigrants in addition to the huge crucifix atop Mount Royal in Montreal are wall mounted crucifix and their public prayers.

Quebec’s Catholics special religious rights goes back to the Quebec Act of 1774, and is central to the asymmetrical features of Confederation in the British North America Act of 1867. This The Quebec Act explicitly guaranteed the freedom to practice the Catholic faith. It also restored French civil law alongside the British common law even till today. Furthermore, the Quebec Act allowed Catholics to hold public office, and removed a reference to the Protestant denomination in the office holders’ oath of allegiance to the king of England. It also allowed the Catholic church to collect the religious tax known as the tithe.

The Catholic church collects tithes, but so do many evangelical churches, and some cults too.. even though tithes is applicable only in the Old Testament and to the Jewish persons only too. The Tithe in the new Testament is voluntary, non compulsive.. but the problem also today still is that many of the people who collect the tithe, violate often the OT laws on tithing and do steal from the tithe as well.. the OT had specified 1/7 of the tithe had to be given to the poor.. something the present tithe collectors do not mention, do not preach nor practice wrongfully in reality..

Quebecers alone in wanting to save gun registry: Poll Wed Nov 11, 12:47 PM OTTAWA – A new poll suggests Quebecers are alone in wanting to save the long-gun registry. This is because Quebecers actually are more peace loving persons over those in the rest of Canada, and the Catholic region tends to preach pacifism, love and forgiveness over war mongering.

Harper recent win in one riding in Quebec. It’s an exception to conventional wisdom that by-election results can’t be extrapolated into a broader trend. Stephen Harper’s first attempt to woo small-town, rural Québécois voters was only a partial success. He then stabbed himself and his party in the chest during the 2008 election with maladroit policies on cuts to arts funding and tough youth-crime measures. Since the setback, his Conservatives have offered rural, small-town Quebec a much warmer and tangible second French kiss. Will it be reciprocated? Yes: There’s more than enough circumstantial evidence to conclude his second gambit might do the trick. The Conservatives have reached out with bags of taxpayers’ stimulus cash, as well as more pandering on the language front.Will this let them rout the Bloc in rural, small-town Quebec to help win a majority? It depends on if and how Gilles Duceppe can counter the steady flow of hard cash in rural constituencies that have fallen on hard times. Neither the Liberals nor NDP can challenge the Bloc or the Conservatives in rural Quebec.

Face it like anywhere in Canada, even in Alberta many people can be bought with cash.. something Harper knows and practices now even though he had first lied and said he never would.. the Liberals also used it successfully for years..

Quebec is “the most corrupt province in Canada when it comes to stealing, tax evasions, bad business practises?

MONTREAL – The Quebec government demanded an apology from Maclean’s magazine on Friday . This week’s cover calls Quebec “the most corrupt province in Canada,” The opposition Parti Quebecois has, in fact, protested the cover. But it also says the current Charest government makes it pretty hard for it to defend Quebec, given of its plethora of political scandals. But Maclean’s wasn’t apologizing…. the magazine said, “but we think that the articles should be read and judged based on their own merits of fair and credible journalism.” Two articles in the magazine’s Oct. 4 edition aim to answer the question of why so many political scandals originate from Quebec – looking at a lengthy list of issues that have dogged the Charest government in recent years and also examining provincial scandals since the 1930s. The article makes brief references to the three B.C. premiers who were turfed by scandal within a decade, and to the dozen members of Saskatchewan’s Devine government who were charged in an expense-account scam in the 1990s. But it offers a far more detailed examination of Quebec’s various scandals while pondering the question of why corruption should be so ingrained in one political culture. The article examines the Duplessis reign, the construction scams of the 1970s, the Mulroney era, and the federal sponsorship scandal. It also points to more recent allegations of corruption at Montreal city hall and the current Bastarache inquiry investigating allegations of impropriety in the naming of Quebec judges. “The slew of dodgy business is only the most recent in a long line of made-in-Quebec corruption that has affected the province’s political culture at every level,” Maclean’s Martin Patriquin writes. “It raises an uncomfortable question: why is it that politics in Canada’s bete noire province seem perpetually rife with scandal?”

Well I know that the Governments in Alberta, Calgary are genereally not any better over those in Quebec, Montreal.. but I do prefer Montreal a lot more.. like in most provinces in Canada both of the police forces are iandeqaute still too.

My local Quebec MLA’s seem to be so busy chasing the mighty dollar they say they are too busy to talk to me and seem too often to forget about me often, they had not even replied to any of my last letter to them the whole last year now too..


Firstly all of the governments needs to allot a lot more money for Medicare, heart and leg surgery and for decades now too as well .. and likely this money will be partially abused again as well.. some thing I still do see too often now too.. doctors and nurses even not properly supervised..

Quebec to address heart surgery delays Quebec Health Minister Yves Bolduc is promising to reduce the waiting list for heart surgery in the province after a 65-year-old patient died while on the waiting list for a relatively straightforward procedure. Jean-Guy Pitre, a retired police officer, died Friday after waiting more than five months for the operation to repair a blocked aorta, which was to take place at Montreals Hotel Dieu hospital. Officials at the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM), said it was forced to postpone Pitres surgery because of a lack of beds in the intensive care unit

While Automobile traffic accidents are the number one cause of death for Americans, Canadians ages 3 to 33 ad while Automobile traffic accidents are the most common source of personal injury the real Statistics still indicate that hospital deaths due to hospital acquired sickness, medical errors, medical negligence exceedingly surpass all of these numbers. And yet here not enough is being done about this and why is that?

Anyone stupid to say that the main Medicare problem also in QUEBEC is due to the lack of nurses is a fool.. for the root problem is the fact the Hospitals have a limited annual budget for heart surgery teams overall and for decades now as well, and not just in Quebec. heart surgery at $50,000 plus is a costly undertaking.. so only about 10 percent of the people who need it get it.. and I have been writing that truth now for 15 years now too. In Quebec and in many of the other provinces they do often practice pretentious, token Medicare.. they in the pretentious McGill West Island Health Social Services Centre, McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and in the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM), allow the public to think they have adequate medical services only.. but do not have the staff, equipment, resources for it.. especially now for both heart and leg surgeries now.. and as the population in Canada gets older this is becoming even more obvious too.

The police are not the only ones who stall and wrongfully cover-up for their buddies..

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that people are not to be trusted, need to be supervised, and corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well.

As I have detailed to all of Canada’s major news media, Members of the legislature as well I still never got this year adequate replay, actions about the much too many bad medical services, bad doctors and nurses, bad social workers I had witnessed, rightfully complained about at the Montreal West Island General Hospital and this is still unacceptable.

The clear fact is that the Canadian federal government, federal Member parliament had voted unanimously this year against allowing euthanasia, the Killing of anyone by even medical persons but who enforces it in Quebec. The clear fact is that the Canadian federal government, federal Member parliament had voted unanimously this year against allowing euthanasia, the Killing of anyone by even medical persons and that now included as have also now complained in writing about my own witness of the unnecessary death of Mr. Ploufe at the Montreal West Island Lakeshore Hospital . In my father’s case the medical personnel had not done all they could to save my father’s life the last 7 months before his death and their unacceptable neglect of his medical conditions by too many medical staff caused some persons wrongfully to allow his early death.

My local Quebec MLA’s seem to be so busy chasing the mighty dollar they say they are too busy to talk to me and seem too often to forget about me often, they had not even replied my last letter to them about bad Bell Canada now too, and in the process they now had by their poor management even lost 30 percent of the Quebecers pension fund.

Sent: Monday, March 22, 2010 12:38 PM

To: ;

Subject: Problems with Quebec’s health care systems

Attention: Clement Gignac Ministre du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation Député de Marguerite-Bourgeoys

It is unbelievable that after I had written about it now to our Quebec even Health Ministers, Premiers, major news media too, too even for many years later 15 years even I can go to most local Hospitals or Convalescent homes in Montreal Quebec and there too easily see the typical and mostly poorly supervised doctors, nurse, medical care workers and when I write to you my own member of the legislature too about it, ( hand delivered it as well) what neither you or your staff now do not even bother to acknowledge my emails, correspondences, never mind act upon it and why is that? She was today again too busy to talk to me.. my local MLA’s representative

Do I really now have to write to everyone, all the news editors too, about his next too and post it it on the net before I will now get a satisfactory result too from you? RSVP

And when the citizens ask the politicians to do their jobs better where are they? My very useless Lieberal local Quebec MLA Clement Gignac and his representative they had not even acknowledged or replied even to my last 2 letter to them for they seem to be so busy chasing the mighty dollar, to make up for losing 30% of the Quebecers pension funds they lost. Now they even do say they are too busy to talk me and so they do forget about me, and all of the elderly persons now too it seems.

Now no one by now, absolutely still no one should underestimate me or get complacent with me as I do not hesitate to fully expose to all, to demand full prosecution of all the guilty absolves persons I do run into still to all. I do not accept inappropriate actions lightly too.. It should be obvious to all also that I merely do not write to you too now for the fun of it and not only do I also post my unresolved complaints eventually on the internet even for the whole world to read, and I have been doing this for the last few decades too. I do expect seriously, full appropriate actions on the matter of all of my complaints, and so I do send copies of all of my complaints to key members of Parliament to all of Canada’s major news editors as well now for their further notice and appropriate actions too.

Attention Quebec, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux Alain Poirier

Both the French and English speaking Montreal hospitals are undeniably too often pretentious, inadequate and mismanaged still too, all as simple as that too. Self regulation by doctors is just more unacceptable masturbation too..

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