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November 16, 2015

Funny the Canadian News media did not mention this.

Australia, Canada and Japan vs Russia

Australia, Canada and Japan were unexpectedly  blocked by the Russians  from attending a diplomatic summit in Vienna last week which laid the groundwork for a possible future UN Security Council resolution, ceasefire and transition government in Syria,   blocked from attending a diplomatic summit  due to  their one sided support of a US vs Russia power  play. A proxy state of war between America and Russia now exists. So far, Putin has now  outwitted Obama in Syria.
Australia has also  been critical of Russia’s handling of the MH17 disaster. The former prime minister, Tony Abbott, took a hard line against Russia after the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine last year, illustrated by his threat to “shirtfront” the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, at the G20 meeting in Brisbane. Australian fighter jets have been carrying out airstrikes against Isis targets in Iraq since late last year. Peter Tesch, a former ambassador to Germany, is to  become Australia’s top diplomat in Russia from January. The appointment comes  “at a challenging juncture in Russia’s relations with Australia  seeks to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine and Syria and pursue justice for the victims of MH17”.
Syria was excluded from discussing its own status and future. It has still a  final say on anything agreed on.

The majority of Canadians oppose the government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees  as most of them are still Muslims.


Why the Islamic wars today?

About 1,300 years ago after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, a succession crisis divided Muslims; and the widening schism continues to play out today. The dispute over how to replace Muhammad as the leader of the Muslim world after his death in 632 — and increasingly after the deaths of subsequent leaders — led to competing iterations of the Islamic faith, diverting followers into two major branches — the Sunni and the Shia with doctrinal distinctions created the schism. In History we also did have the non violent Catholics and the Orthodox split.


The Islamic split began very early history of Islam. Those pushing for selecting successors as caliph of the Islamic State and as the religious authority only from among the family of Muhammad became known as the Shia, from the Arabic for “the followers of Ali,” a reference to Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali ibn Abi Talib. Those pushing for a selective process based on seeking the most qualified from the wider tribal context became known as the Sunni, from the Arabic for “people of the tradition.” This was really a political dispute, but that political dispute early on over who should continued over centuries and a theological sectarian split. A study in 2009 by the Pew Research Center says there were more than 1.57 billion Muslims around the world, about 23% of the world’s population. Of those, 10 to 13 percent were Shia and 87-90 percent were Sunni. It is largely where those Shia live that has become important. The majority of Shias (between 68 to 80 percent) live in just four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq. In many other countries in the Persian Gulf, Shia remain a minority within Sunni dominated states. That makes theology increasingly also  political.


The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), follows a distinctive variety of their own Islam whose beliefs do differ from the regional Sunni-Shiite tensions They literally want to over throw the world and replace it with their own Islamic view of the future.  In 2014, after taking control of territory in the Sunni heartland of Iraq, ISIL proclaimed itself a caliphate, calling other states illegitimate and placing itself as the exclusive authority over the Islamic world, as if the world was the same as it was 1,300 years ago. ISIL targets Shia Muslims as well as the West as it imposes its strict interpretations within territory it controls. ISIL wants to convince everyone the struggle is one epic clash of civilizations between the false Western religions and the Islamic World — with themselves as the true  representative of the world’s Muslims and as their religious authority — their caliph, the scholars said. The ISIL also carves its bloody notion of a new Islamic State world wide  lashing out at targets both within the Muslim world and in the West. They claim they do  have restored the Islamic empire called the caliphate as they believe that the caliphate is required in order to properly implement Islamic law and Islamic governance. They consider other systems of governance, even if there’s a Muslim sitting at the top, as illegitimate as long as the caliphate is absent. Members of the two branches if Islam, Sunni and the Shia had originally lived together peacefully and intermarried, but this highly politicized, the divide also becomes next “very heated” and now lead to calls for excommunication from the Islamic faith. In the current context of the self-declared Islamic State, that means death to all, even the Sunni and the Shia Islamists

The notion of Shia now  being the dangerous iteration shifted through fundamentalist Sunni groups such as the Taliban, al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also referred to as ISIS). For a while, exploiting the Sunni-Shia split served the interests of nations controlled by either branch. Saudi Arabia, is also guilty of forcefully exportating it’s Sunni Islamist ideology. The ISIL, Shia-Sunni split is  important when the major backers of each branch are dominating influences in the same, sensitive region: Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The ISIL, Iran and Saudi Arabia has  aquired  loads of money and are  now also able to acquire, and to finance many ISIL recruits.



September 5, 2014

Robbed by Banks and credit card companies


Merchants have already  sued Credit card networks for alleged conspiring with banks to fix high swipe fees,  fees which are charged to businesses when consumers pay with credit or debit cards  which the Canadian government,  Finance Minister Joe Oliver ,,  claims are among the highest in the world. Credit card networks  and Banks  also are allegedly conspiring to fix  borrowing fees, which leads to the high consumer  borrowing costs! Canadian, Consumers do need real  protection now, ASAP

February 1, 2010

Mismanagement the Key word in Canada’s civil and public services today?


Is Mismanagement the Key word in dealing with Canada’s civil and public services today,  or is it rather still a pretentious management where the politicians, supervisors get paid for promising to look after the good welfare of all Canadians but in reality it seems pass the buck by doing mostly nothing about it?.
Look we have had in Canada and Canada wide for decades abusive Police officers, abusive, insulting, unacceptably bad  rather internal police reviews and yet nothing has been done about it by the rather pretentious, incompetent it seems police managers themselves and the elected politicians too, justice ministers. 
Both the cops and crown lawyers are even the perevrts now..  TORONTO-A panel of three Ontario Court of Appeal judges was urged on Monday to order a new trial in a double murder case because of secret vetting of potential jurors by the Crown and police.  “This is a case about the Crown cheating. This is a case about the Crown breaking the law,” said defence lawyer Greg Lafontaine during the appeal court hearing Monday morning. Mr. Lafontaine was arguing on behalf of Ibrahim Yumnu, who was convicted along with two other people of first-degree murder in 2005 by a jury in Barrie in the slaying of two people suspected of taking money from a marijuana grow operation. Local police services in the Barrie area searched confidential databases to uncover information about hundreds of potential jurors, which was passed on to the Crown in the Yumnu prosecution and dozens of other cases. The information was kept from the defence. The broad background checks of potential jurors, which was contrary to the provisions of the Juries Act, was first reported by the National Post last spring. An investigation by the Ontario Privacy Commission revealed that one-in-three Crown offices engaged in improper jury vetting since 2006. Mr. Lafontaine stressed that the state is not permitted under Canadian law to use police databases to try to gain an advantage during jury selection. “The prosecution was controlling the investigation of potential jurors, using a powerful information machine in the hands of the police. The playing field was not level,” said Mr. Lafontaine. Justice Karen Weiler asked whether it might be okay for police to conduct background checks, as long as the Crown did not obtain the jury lists until 10 days before jury selection, as allowed by law. “Don’t open the door to large scale inquiries,” of potential jurors, responded Mr. Lafontaine. “Shut it down.” There are at least a dozen other outstanding appeals in Ontario where jury vetting took place, including the case of a young man convicted of killing a police officer, all awaiting the outcome of the Yumnu case. Crown attorney Michal Fairburn is scheduled to make her arguments Monday afternoon. But the Crown is downplaying the significance of the secret checks, in written arguments already filed with the court. “The Crown was executing its responsibilities to ensure juror qualifications,” writes Ms. Fairburn, a senior lawyer in the Ministry of the Attorney-General. “Jurors with criminal records are not simply an abstract concern,” she adds. None of the 800 people investigated by police in the Yumnu trial were found to have a conviction for an indictable offence, which would have made them ineligible to serve as a juror.  
 Ont. top cop pushed for charges against protester   Tuesday, February 2, 2010 | 6:16 PM    CBC News  OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino encouraged his officers to lay charges against a protester — before there was any evidence the man had committed a crime — during a clash between natives and residents of Caledonia, Ont., in late 2007, according to emails made public this week in a court case. “At some point McHale has to go,” Fantino wrote Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis, a half hour after a protest began on Dec. 1, 2007, referring to Gary McHale of Richmond Hill, Ont., who was leading a campaign to hold the OPP accountable for its policing decisions. On Feb. 28, 2006, native protesters occupied disputed land in Caledonia, next to the Six Nations reserve. Ensuing clashes with Caledonia residents led to a standoff that has continued for almost four years. Gary McHale is still banned from Caledonia under bail conditions imposed after he was charged by the OPP with counselling mischief, not committed. (CBC)When a native woman attacked McHale during the Dec. 1 protest, claiming that he had assaulted her, the police were almost giddy in their email exchanges that they finally had what they wanted. “There is a hidden gem here,” officer Rick Barnum wrote to OPP Supt. Bob Goodall. “It appears on the ground the sentiment is that McHale may have pushed a female FN [First Nations] lady who was close to him.” Another officer reported to Barnum: “Gary McHale viciously beaten by [native leader Clyde Powless]. He appears hurt.” McHale went to hospital but Fantino, who was kept abreast of every action at the scene, was mistakenly told that McHale had been arrested. Fantino wrote to Goodall: “I want every avenue explored by which we now can bring McHale into court seeking a court order to prevent him from continuing his agenda of inciting people to violence in Caledonia. “We should be able to prove to court that McHale’s forays into Caledonia have been planned and executed for purposes of breaching the peace which today also resulted in violence. We can’t allow this vicious cycle to continue to the point where time and again we have to expend an inordinate number of police resources to keep people from killing themselves,” Fantino wrote. OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino is to appear in Ontario Superior Court on Feb. 3 in Cayuga to answer to a charge of trying to influence politicians. (Canadian Press)Although Fantino was told the Dec. 1 protest was organized by Caledonia resident Doug Fleming to challenge an illegal native smoke shop on disputed land, the OPP commissioner was preoccupied with McHale, claiming his visits to Caledonia led to $500,000 in extra policing costs.  Still banned from Caledonia McHale submitted the emails, which he obtained through disclosure, to a court on Feb. 2 in an attempt to review his bail conditions on an obscure charge of counselling mischief, not committed. More than two years later, his bail conditions still prevent him from setting foot in Caledonia. McHale has also filed a private prosecution to instigate a criminal charge against Fantino for trying to influence Haldimand County Council and its treatment of him. Fantino is to appear in Ontario Superior Court Feb. 3 in Cayuga to answer to that charge. “It’s taken two years to get emails that clearly show the officers were told to arrest me, regardless of the evidence,” said McHale, adding he was disturbed, but not surprised, to find the police focusing on him. On Dec. 2, 2007, a day after the clash in Caledonia, Fantino wrote an email to his deputy commissioner to say he was slow to respond because he had to “cool off.” “What are we doing in Caledonia? … If it isn’t us being told what to do by feeble Crowns, it is our own lack of fire. It seems to me we are reactive to the point that McHale is the orchestra leader while we are almost captive to his nonsense. Ahh, I can’t believe this!!!!!” Fantino wrote. Lewis sends this message to his officers: “I’m with the boss [Fantino] at dinner tonight and we’re discussing McHale. He’s enquiring (sic) about the timing of charges. Is there any way that charges could be laid sooner than later?” Based on his correspondence, Fantino wanted to be informed as soon as possible so he could pass on the news to Deborah Newman, then Ontario’s deputy minister of community safety and correctional services. He even wrote he would like to emulate an infamous Los Angeles police chief who made arrests “and go out and arrest the goof myself.” Police disappointed As the week wore on, police became disappointed that they could not charge McHale with assault. Supt. Ron Gentle weighed in on Dec. 3 in an email to the deputy commissioner: “The assault of McHale by Bullet [native protest leader Clyde Powless] was caught on all kinds of video as people turned the cameras on when the action happened. Unfortunately, the alleged assault committed by McHale, to this point, is not on video. The best we have is the victim claiming verbally to have been assaulted on at least one tape. We have witnesses on both sides that say he did and didn’t commit an offence. “We want to ensure, when we arrest and charge Bullet we do the same with McHale to eliminate any of the usual issues.” It was up to Goodall to pass on the bad news to Fantino: “McHale did not assault [Camille] Powless. She assaulted McHale and then committed public mischief by making a false report to police. Charges pending. “McHale tried to set us up in that he anticipated that we would charge him with assault and then he would release a videotape showing him being assaulted by [Camille].” Goodall told Fantino police could get McHale with an obscure charge for counselling mischief, not committed. Police also wanted charges against Clyde Powless for assaulting a police officer and assaulting McHale.  Powless was never charged with assaulting a police officer. McHale told CBC News on Feb. 2 that Fantino was ordered by a court in October 2008 to turn over his emails, but it took him more than a year to do so. “Why are they hiding this stuff when there’s a court order?” asked McHale, who said he has about a dozen outstanding requests for disclosure. “It leads me to wonder: How much more material are they hiding from me?” Fantino did not respond to requests for an interview. .. Put him out to pasture, he was good for a while, but he’s become some sort vigilante, judge and jury eh. He got TOO BIG for his chair. Time to turf him! Inside view of when the cops want to railroad someone. Deserved or not (maybe he deserves it, but we need to get rid of these crooked cops that are willing to do whatever they want). Why the double standard? I lost faith in Mr. Fantino. He was a good cop back on Toronto. Now he seems to be a puppet for the government.  Shame on the OPP for not enforcing the law. Remember, they took an oath to uphold the law and protect ALL citizens. Those that sit back and watch illegal activites unfold without doing a thing should be ashamed of themselves. “OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino encouraged his officers to lay charges against a protester — before there was any evidence the man had committed a crime”  This in itself is a criminal code offence. If the crown does not file additional charges, then it is time for the rest of us to stand up to this putz, and get a writ of mandamus to force the corrupt AG to do his job. Another sneaky cop story. What are we averaging nationally? About 1 a day? Fantino has to go. He has gotten too big for his britches.
In Canada and Canada wide for decades now also we have had unacceptable poor medical services from our Hospitals, doctors, nurses and I know I have been writing about it now for about 20 years too to all as well  and yet nothing has been done about it by the rather pretentious, incompetent it seems medical managers themselves and the elected politicians too, Health  ministers.

January 29, 2010



Hey I often have met people who thought only of their own self importance,  the professionals and politicians, cops now included, and who think that no one can touch them, they cannot be made to face any negative consequences for their immoral acts, lies, tax evasions, abuse of others, and boy they quickly do turn even white with fear, pale pale, are shocked, when one day real negative things happen to them such as public exposures, job dismissals too.


The straw that broke the Camel’s back. The Conservatives have seen a precipitous and sustained drop in their popularity since Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Dec. 30 that he was suspending Parliament to recalibrate the government’s agenda.


ROB NICHOLSON  AND STEPHEN HARPER SAY THAT the Liberals HAD made them do it . Do what? LIE as well..




Isnt it nice that I can still choose who my friends are and I can still choose my friends wisely too.. I do not have to associate with the bad guys still too.

Clearly the prime minister has abandoned election promises of transparency and merit-based public-service and judicial appointments ..


Record doesn’t support PM’s claim that Liberal senators have blocked crime bills – Yahoo! Canada News cp OTTAWA – Stephen Harper is appealing to Canadians’ fear of crime to justify the appointment of five new Conservative senators.   “Our government is serious about getting tough on crime. Since we were first elected, we have made it one of our highest priorities,” the prime minister said in a statement Friday announcing his latest Senate picks.  “The Liberals have abused their Senate majority by obstructing and eviscerating law and order measures that are urgently needed and strongly supported by Canadians.”  With Friday’s new additions, the Conservatives finally outnumber the Liberals in the upper chamber, although they are still just short of an absolute majority. That new dominance, the Harper government asserted, will finally enable the Tories to speed their tough-on-crime agenda through the Senate and make Canada a safer place.  Then again, maybe not.  Records compiled by the Liberals suggest the Senate has not actually posed a big obstacle to the Harper government. Indeed, Harper himself has done far more to delay his own crime legislation, by proroguing Parliament and other stalling tactics, than Liberal senators have ever done. FEDERAL CONSERVATIVE LIARS -ROB NICHOLSON  AND STEPHEN HARPER   During the last session of Parliament, the government introduced 19 criminal justice bills, 11 of which were still wending their way through the House of Commons when Harper suspended Parliament on Dec. 30, essentially wiping the legislative slate clean.  Technically, those bills could be reinstated where they left off, but only if the opposition parties consent. They appear to be in no mood to co-operate given the partisan beating inflicted by the Tories.  Of the eight bills that actually made it as far as the Senate, four were passed by the then-Liberal dominated chamber.  Two were still being debated or studied at committee at the time of prorogation. And another – a bill orginating in the Senate to scrap the long-gun registry – was being deliberately held back by the government, which has opted instead to back an MP’s private member’s bill that would accomplish the same goal.  One other bill – C-15, which would impose minimum mandatory sentences on those running marijuana grow-ops – was passed by the Senate but with amendments that would leave some judicial discretion in cases involving fewer than 200 plants. The government claimed the amendments would gut the bill, an impasse that was unresolved at the time of prorogation.  At a celebratory news conference Friday, accompanied by two of the new senators, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson was asked repeatedly how he can blame Liberal senators for holding up his law and order agenda when the prime minister is the one who actually wiped out the bulk of it with his decision to prorogue.  Nicholson insisted the record shows “the Liberals are soft on crime.” He accused Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff of making a show of supporting tough legislation in the Commons but then allowing Liberal senators to “obstruct, delay and gut some of our most important measures.”  But he could point to only three specific bills: C-15; C-26, a bill to crack down on auto thefts; and C-25, a bill to end the practice of crediting convicts with two days of time served for each day spent behind bars before trial.   C-25 is not, perhaps, the best example for the government to dredge up. After a mere 19 days in the upper chamber (compared to 36 days in the Commons), the so-called “Truth in Sentencing” act was in fact passed by senators last Oct. 21. It received royal assent the following day.  Yet, after all the badgering of supposedly foot-dragging senators, cabinet decided it could wait four months – until Feb. 22 – to actually bring the law into force.  “They could’ve made it effective the next day,” Liberal Senate leader James Cowan said in an interview.  “If ever there was an example of the facts differing from their rhetoric, that’s a pretty good one.”  On C-26, Nicholson complained the bill has been “stuck” in the Senate for six months.  But the six-month tally doesn’t take into account the fact that the bill was handed over to the Senate just before Parliament broke for the summer. By the Liberals’ count, the bill had actually been before the Senate for 38 working days by the time of prorogation – four days fewer than it took to get through the Commons.  Indeed, the Senate has regularly spent far less time examining and voting on bills than the House of Commons, which has taken as much as 95 days on some crime legislation that never got beyond second reading debate.  Given the government’s own foot-dragging, Cowan questions whether Harper is really serious about passing his criminal justice agenda, or simply wants an excuse to keep reintroducing measures that allow him to bash the Senate and accuse the Liberals of being “soft on crime.”  “It makes you wonder if they’d rather talk about it than actually do it.”


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Being nice to the con guys, the bad people is a complete waste of time, unless they do first experience real negative personal consequences they will have no valid reasons to change their past, present  bad behaviors, and they too like all the rest do next find out that a good name was,  is worth more than all the silver gold, prestige, power you can acquire.. and don’t you hate it too when you know everyone else is rather mostly talking bad about you, despising you and there is nothing you can do about it too.. nor can you change it.. take it all back.
and how many lying broken and unkept promises is PM Stephen Harper himself now guilty of  and the best he can do is lie, slander, divert it to the bad liberals.. and how much better is he really now.. not at all!

Salary for a senator (non-hockey playing) is $133,000 per annum. The average gross salary for Canada is around $41,000. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has just appointed five new Conservative Senators, something he said he’d never do during his campaign. Baloney! When will politicians at every level of government stop lying to us? George Pearson, Richmond


PM Harper’s government record on everything women including equality is very poor



Our prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to help women only as baby-makers while ignoring all the other Millennium Goals to end Poverty by 2015 on the international agenda, including “environmental sustainability.” Harper does not  mention anything about women getting educations or achieving economic parity.   “None of the spectrum of women’s rights and issues is encompassed ”  Stephen Lewis It doesn’t include sexual violence, child marriage, sexual trafficking, female genital mutilation, economic autonomy, political representation, land rights or inheritance rights. It includes none of the panoply of women’s issues which consign women to subordinate positions around the world.” Hardly surprising considering Harper’s government record on everything  women  including equality.–harper-s-plan-helps-women-only-as-baby-makers

“I almost choked on my breakfast when I read Stephen Harper’s pronouncement that Canada would be championing the cause of women and poverty around the world. Aboriginal Canadians have an infant mortality rate three times that of other Canadian babies. They suffer from tuberculosis infections four times more than their fellow Canadians. With women’s rights being systematically eroded under his watch and an unemployment program whose motto runs something akin to “Get a job!” Harper’s statements only serve to underscore his dismissal of women and the poor here at home. ” David Kemker, Janetville,–women-s-causes-ignored-here
And it is true that the Conservatives under Harper have failed over the years to attract a majority of female voters. So it is hardly surprising that the Conservatives want to appear to be championing the cause of women. What a bunch of lying pretenders they still are rather..

Speaking of Women, more and more elderly persons are facing the prospect of living in an old age home alone, men and women, likely though the women will outnumber the men cause the north American women tend to live longer over men. One of the most tragic things I have seen is elderly persons sitting in their rooms, corridors, at the elevators, recreation rooms waiting for a visit from a loved ones.. which mostly never happens these days too.. But thank God for all those Volunteers, who are mostly women who help in Hospitals, convalescent and old age homes, who brighten up the elderly persons lives

And I have often seen it myself, too many nurses and doctors wrongfully in no hurry to help the really sick persons. Now some of these clearly bad persons  who still cannot face the negative reality about themselves, the ongoing especially bad nurses and doctors, lie and try to divert my  truth by saying I hate doctors and nurses, so well let me make it very clear I do rightfully hate all bad, pretentious, lazy, no good doctors and nurses who are not doing their jobs properly and  are causing other people to continue to suffer   as a result.. so should we all..   and they should always be fired ASAP.. Hospital administrators included. Is that clear enough for them now? That includes now also all bad cops, bad politicians, bad church pastors now  too..
Tory MP doesn’t believe he was target of office building fire west of Toronto The Canadian Press –  MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – A Conservative MP says he doesn’t believe a fire outside his office in Mississauga, Ont., is related to him.

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January 10, 2010

Problem: Civil and Public servants are depressed

Problem: Civil and Public servants are depressed
Solution :Tell the leaches  to go find a decent, honest job for a start?
Everyone should know by now that self worth, self esteem is a direct product of how you see yourself, or how others see you, do treat you but it is also related  directly to what you do.. which can lead to One’s depression.
Now do nothing at all or do mostly bad things and you will feel guilty, you will have a low self worth.
Let someone one oppress, abuse you and it can drive you next in reality  to personal insanity now as well..
Recognition of the problem is a major part of the solution here.. In older adults, symptoms of depression may also include signs of dementia like memory problems and confusion, feelings of extreme irritability or anxiety, pacing and fidgeting. Depression can show itself in headaches, back or muscle aches, racing heart rates, stomach or other gastrointestinal upsets, which can be alleviated if the physical symptoms are prevented or managed with treatment. Other health conditions including heart attack, stroke, hip fractures, and macular degeneration are known to be associated with development of depression. Older women are at a greater risk for depression, and women in general are twice as likely as men to become seriously depressed. Depression is not a normal part of aging, it tends to be a consequential apsect of one’s life. Depression often is an untreated sickness.   Undiagnosed and untreated depression often has serious negative personal consequences
First find out if you are personally responsible for your depression
and next start doing good things instead like eating properly, stop consuming drugs, alcohol and cigarettes too, try  getting enough sleep, and managing properly your purchases, expenditures, etc. During the winter season, it’s normal to get the “blues” and to feel as if the weight of the world is closing in all around. Part of the “blues” stem from a lack of routine or exercise, little or not enough light, and less interaction with others.  Most people still do possess the ability to bounce back from the blues and start new with a fresh burst of energy.  80 percent of older adults recover from depression after receiving appropriate treatment, actions.
or next  find out  if someone really is responsible for it.. and when you do know who that someone is do call the police, do loudly object, oppose all human rights abuses, do now expose that criminal to all.. stop the abuse. Shout the sin from the Housetop.
Camouflaging the depression with doctors, pills will not help much in the long run.. * see note below
Now as far as the civil and public servants they seem to be some of the biggest liars, crooks, thieves, incompetents, pretenders, human rights oppressors I encounter and of course they deserve to be depressed for it.
A recent study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses found that workers in 39 of 49 occupations in New Brunswick collected more in the public sector. Combining the difference in wages and benefits (including pension benefits), the advantage enjoyed by public employees was estimated to be nearly 29 per cent. Based on salary alone, the earnings gap was 14 per cent. Taxpayers are already covering the cost of generous civil service wages and benefits, including the payroll deductions invested in employee pension plans.

Depression among public servants Canada’s biggest ‘public health crisis’: expert   , Canwest News Service January 9, 2010 OTTAWA — Depression among Canada’s public servants is the country’s biggest “public health crisis,” says a leading mental health expert.  It’s an affliction among the country’s nurses, teachers, police, military and bureaucrats at all levels of government, undermining innovation, productivity, quality of service, policy-making and even the relevance of our democratic institutions, said Bill Wilkerson, founder of Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Mental Health. Stress, burnout and depression is evident in all workplaces, especially in times of economic turmoil. But few employers have as profound a problem as the federal public service where the health effects of mental distress has been termed an epidemic.  “The public service is a tsunami of distractions — meetings, everything questioned, delegated, people moving … and no one is really in charge,” said Wilkerson. “It’s the most transient, fluid, unsettling work environment on the planet, so why wouldn’t people be anxious and in distress? They are human beings.” Disability claims in Canada are climbing and between 30 to 40 per cent of them are for depression. In the public service, mental health claims doubled between 1991 and 2007 and now account for 45 per cent of all claims. Meanwhile, the number of other health claims has dropped. Studies of federal executives found three quarters felt on the verge of burnout or extreme fatigue. More startling was that 15 per cent of the top executives and one in four entry-level executives who felt “verbally harassed and tormented.” Executives in the private sector typically feel less stress because they have more control. Wilkerson argues an inertia and paralysis have gripped the public service that’s compounded by an “ambiguity” around who is in charge. Such an environment takes its toll on people, many whom leave work every day frustrated and feeling they have accomplished nothing. And he pins some of the blame on the cascading effect of the diminished role of Parliament, MPs, and cabinet ministers, which came with the massive centralization of power in the office of the prime minister. On top of that, partisan politics has become factious, “vicious and emotionally violent,” among MPs, all of which trickles down to the workings of the public service, he said. Prime Minister Stephen Harper put mental health on the agenda when he created the Mental Health Commission, headed by former senator Michael Kirby, to help develop a national mental health strategy. Harper spoke about its ravages and the need to break the stigma of depression and mental illness at the funeral of former MP David Batters, who committed suicide after a battle with depression.  The public service is heading into uncertain times. Speculation is rife that the public service will be the first place the Harper government turns for spending cuts when wrestling with its mounting deficit. There are rumblings of changing or cutting public servants’ generous pension and benefits plans. But Wilkerson argued the big savings will come by reforming management in the public service, which will go a long way to reducing disability claims. He said the across-the-board cuts that government’s typically resort to will only eat into the public service’s productivity “Pension reform and benefit reconstruction will not save the government money until it creates a work environment that protects mental health and the disabling effects of job stress and depressive disorder. Depression is the public health crisis in the government of Canada. Period.” 

 Reality- Mid Life crisis, depression. This syndrome is a familiar one. BOTH MEN AND WOMEN AFTER a certain age — and it is not almost always men — do wake up one day and do realize  that they still are no longer the center of the universe THAT THEY HAD WANTED TO BECOME. IT IS DEPRESSING. Others  fail to look their way, co-workers don’t scurry to fetch them coffee and bosses stop thinking of them a long time ago as someone on the rise. Mommy’s spoiled child rather. Overly self serving, self centered, overly Ambitious. So they consider the alternatives, such as recalibrations, adjustments, or a career changes, clothing style changes,  and/or using their jobs resources even  to attain their still rather unattainable goals, or by developing a new strategy.. but mostly none of it tends to work, it merely continues their self defined fiascos, for their PERSONAL DESIRES,  goals were unrealistic to start of with. So they continue a life of vanity, hubris, malice, even violence, anger, envy, jealousy, rage as well too often, plus their still false  arrogance and conceit .  They next  still hold on to  their false notions. They have their own developed, defined strategies. And to anyone who disagrees, it’s dam-you, for you’re nothing, you’re a nobody, you’re pathetic LOSER. If we do now open our eyes we all can see it in Canada daily  over and over, everywhere too. Losers making it all worse for themselves because they naively refuse to live with the reality of who they basically are still too. Reminds me of a crooked lawyer who often had lied on his resumes and who next wanted to be a judge desperately. We do not need  any more perverse judges, we have too many of them already to start of with. This also sounds to me that our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in a depression, facing a mid life crisis himself
 The notion that the Canadian government, all of it’s civil and public servants  should be at work, dealing with all of the problems of the country, Canada,  has a lot of resonance with most of the people. Parliament for  them still provides an important mechanism of democratic accountability. Stephen Harper’s Proroguement represents a blatant attempt to subvert this avenue of promised even accountability. PM Stephen Harper and his  government seriously underestimated the strong negative reaction to the decision to prorogue, for now things appear to have backfired for the Conservatives, with a surprisingly strong public awareness and outrage over the decision to prorogue, 63.6 per cent of those polled agreed that “suspending Parliament is antidemocratic and the government had slid from 42 per cent down to 35 per cent support as the Afghan detainee issue festered related to an issue of fundamental trust, accountability, disclosure, and too many people were worried there was a cover-up going on .Harper’s prorogue decision is really aimed at shutting down all parliamentary committees, particularly the special committee which had been investigating allegations that prisoners handed over by Canadian soldiers to Afghan authorities have been routinely tortured. Harper’s  use of proroguement sets a dangerous precedent, as it is being used to shut down debate and avoid confidence votes that threaten to bring the government down. It makes MPs even less able to hold governments accountable than they already are. Clearly Harper’s  pollster or someone in the Prime Minister’s Office made a very bad call.  ” Harper is  closer now to losing his government than  to winning a majority,”   Canada’s “intelligentsia” are particularly offended at proroguement. The Web 2.0 generation, such as the over 100,000 who joined the ‘Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament’ Facebook group, clearly has become politically engaged.  And another Facebook group that grew rapidly is  the one opposing the sale of NB Power to Quebec. The  sleeping giants have been awakened and they are not about to go back to sleep.
* I am not without sympathy, understanding for elderly or troubled people who do suffer depression.. Note this  the basic vitamins found in our common foods that help also to reduce one’s personal stress and anxiety.. now next   not eating properly one becomes more stressed and anxious as a result, and manifest depression as well.. and what the classic treatment for depression is time, healing, by giving them proper nourishment, and proper rest and sleep.. in this case supplemented by proper pain killers, not improper pain killers  and likely given proper sleeping pills too.
 Which also reminds a lot of the over the countered medicine does not do what it’s advertisers falsely do claim, and  also they tend to have negative side effects that they have omitted to tell us all too..
“Experiencing next a panic attack has been said to be one of the most intensely frightening, upsetting and uncomfortable experiences of a person’s life.  When panic attacks occur, you might think you’re losing control, having a heart attack or even dying. A panic attack is a response of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). The most common symptoms may include trembling, dyspnea (shortness of breath), heart palpitations, chest pain (or chest tightness), hot flashes, cold flashes, burning sensations (particularly in the facial or neck area), sweating, nausea, dizziness (or slight vertigo), light-headedness, hyperventilation, paresthesias (tingling sensations), sensations of choking or smothering, and derealization. Panic attacks are distinguished from other forms of anxiety by their intensity and their sudden, episodic nature  They are often experienced in conjunction with anxiety disorders and  panic attacks are not always indicative of a mental disorder. Panic attacks were once dismissed as nerves or stress, but they’re now recognized as a real medical condition. Although panic attacks can significantly affect your quality of life, treatment — including medications, psychotherapy and relaxation techniques to help prevent or control panic attacks — is very effective. the symptoms of a panic attack appear suddenly, without any apparent cause. They may include  •racing or pounding heartbeat (palpitations);
•chest pains;
•stomach upset;
•dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea;
•difficulty breathing, a sense of feeling smothered;
•tingling or numbness in the hands;
•hot flashes or chills;
•dreamlike sensations or perceptual distortions;
•terror: a sense that something unimaginably horrible is about to occur and one is powerless to prevent it;
•a need to escape;
•fear of losing control and doing something embarrassing; and
•fear of dying.
A panic attack typically lasts for several minutes, is one of the most distressing conditions that a person can experience, and its symptoms can closely mimic those of a heart attack..”


Clearly now I got really tired of being lied to and abused by much too many professional bullies, perverts that I encounter too often in life now still,  so I next started to openly, personally expose them and to make them reap real personal negative consequences rightfully here too..  Here is another simple fact of undeniable truth of life.. All of us seem to spend a lot of time trying to find our personal happiness in life, and many seem to fail at it, so we then tend to try to blame our failure here next on being the fault of others..  The problem firstly now here often starts with one’s false definition of happiness. Happiness generally, firstly is doing a job well that you like to do and so  many people are unhappy cause they are also unrealistic, and lazy.  Most persons also next do not become deliberately despots or perverts in life from birth, it is a decision they generally do on their own make later in life.. Our self-worth, self esteem is a direct result of the good things you do , have done.. do the bad things and you will have a low self worth, poor self acceptance, and it is a waste of time thus to blame it mostly on the others.




January 9, 2010

Tories didn’t like CCL’s message or its independence, Free speech and accountability demands


For the Tories in Canada are known to be  self centered dictators..

Here’s the truth: Ottawa didn’t like the CCL leading the call for national standards for our postsecondary system. Didn’t appreciate, either, hearing the council plead for more accountability around how billions of dollars being poured into our universities are being spent. For more information about our universities in general.

Meanwhile the RCMP itself sends confusing messages as well.. HYTHE, Alta. – Religious Anti-oilpatch activist Wiebo Ludwig has been released from jail after being arrested in connection with pipeline bombings in British Columbia.  Ludwig’s lawyer, Paul Moreau, says the RCMP have not given any reasons for why they released Ludwig after arresting him Friday. Moreau indicated at the time of the arrest that his client would be charged with extorting pipeline company, Encana, the target of the bombings. Now he says no charges are pending and he wonders what changed in the last 24 hours for the RCMP to change their minds.  Moreau said from Edmonton that Ludwig is glad to be out of jail and is on his way home to his Trickle Creek farm near Hythe, Alta. The RCMP also  is known to hate religious people especially and loves alcohol..

” I strongly doubt whether Ludwig had anything to do with the latest attacks. He’s old and has learned his lesson. The fact that he still speaks out against the oil & gas industry is no reason to harass him. There have to be hundreds of people out there that are fed up with the continued expansion by Encana and other companies. Eventually some of these people will take the law into their own hands. Until you’ve lived in their shoes you can’t understand how mistreated they’ve been.And, just wait until the Olympics begin. The RCMP are going to enact a police state. I believe that is half the reason Harper shut down parliament. While the police state is in effect, the establishment does not want to answer any embarassing questions. This just shows how desperate and inept the RCMP have become.  The only thing that they seem to be good at lately is making fools of themselves. Another black eye for the RCMP. What this story fails to mention is that the oil companies in Alberta have the legal right to run dangerous gas pipes across your property , dig up your land looking for minerals , and generally make a right royal mess of your property. 
And they don’t have to clean it up.
And they don’t have to pay you a dime.
And you don’t get to say no.
And if you protest they give you the middle finger and tell you to go play with yourself.   What are these oil companies doing ???? LIke …wow… how can they get away with that ?  But they can. And in alberta it’s all nice and legal. “

“THANK GOD FOR OUR CHARTER OF RIGHTS, YOU CAN’T JUST ARREST SOMEONE ON SUSPICION. ANOTHER KNOCK AGAINST THE MUCH MALIGNED RCMP. ” The RCMP had a reason to take Him in for questions! Clearly they the RCMP are incompetent, grasping at straws,  and the RCMP have no real leads and so they the RCMP now to all look foolish, stupid, fools.. and they the RCMP arrest the first persons who might fit the Bill and Canada is an ongoing    RCMP Police state as a result.. and you might be next!!! Simple. “The gestapo has arrived in Alberta compliments of the Alberta government /Industry/Judiciary? What is wrong with this picture ? The judiciary allowing this unprecedented invasion of property and person rights based on Lies and Inuendo from a corrupt police force. Figure it out. Maybe bring in security scanners and ensure all have passed the I am naked test. The judiciary have failed in this example and need to be accountable to the highest level for rights discrimination.” “The Gastapo type raid on the Ludwig farm is just another photo op for the RCMP who are in public trouble with the killing of the Polish immigrant which shows how the’ve gone to a brutal ninja force. They are desperatly trying to perceive that they are still on the oil patch case and have nothing to show except more brutal force with fot no reason. The whole organization needs a overhaul starting at the very top. Front line officers are muzzled and threatened to go with the flow. If the force is so corrupted that it’s beyond change then we need to scrape them all together and start building a new police force in Canada.  Alberta is already doing it by stealth with the hwy constables taking over RCMP duties with more officers added monthly.”  ” Why does the press continue to call Ludwig an eco-terrorist and eco-vandal? He made it clear in a CBC interview that he is not an environmentalist; his concerns were for his livestock and the health of his family, not for the wider ” environment””.   Once again anyone questioning the actions of big oil is subjected police harassment. It would really be nice if the police spent as much time investigating big oil’s pollution of our lands, forests and air quality. ”

Alberta is a police, dictatorial state..

Public Mobile files suit against Globalive decision supported by Bell, Rogers, Telus too..

Public Mobile files suit against Globalive decision supported by Bell, Rogers, Telus. etc., too.. Public Mobile, a low-cost wireless carrier with plans to launch in early 2010, said it asked the Federal Court to overturn the cabinet decision that permitted Globalive Wireless Management Corp. to launch last month with significant foreign backing.

Are any of you still also one of those stupid fools who does not realize that the big, bad crooks seem always to demand that you firstly respect the laws, play fair, pay by their rules too so you can always lose? When these big giant crooks start to play instead  honestly, fair, decently, stop lying, abusing the customers too, then and only then would I start to listen to any of their complaints even in the Queen’s courts now too..
YES THE BAD  TYPE OF ACTS, BEHAVIOR ON THEIR PARTS   is just more unacceptable manure, crap only.. this is just another form of the deadly Hospital shit diseases we hear about so  often these days still too..
TELL THEM ALL TO CLEAN THEIR OWN  WASHROOMS FIRST NOW.. starting with all of the justice ministers

January 7, 2010

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “naked self interest.”

Prorogation?or rather more likley provocation! It is widely felt that Stephen Harper is shirking his responsibilities to avoid difficult questions regarding the Afghan detainees. In what a pollster called a “stunning turnaround,” Canada’s ruling Conservatives are now barely ahead of the opposition Liberals three months after having enjoyed a 15-point lead. “The movements in public opinion seem to be driven more by repulsion to Conservative tactics than attraction to Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party,”
“Canadians clearly see the anti-democratic nature of this crass political move to dodge accountability on several fronts: worsening economic news and torture inquiries. They clearly see Harper’s pattern of contempt for parliament and its committees; when the going gets tough [last year, this year], Harper prorogues parliament. This much we can count on. He has reneged on EVERY political principle and promise he promoted as a Reform / Alliance leader. His only goal is power and he is willing to sacrifice everything to get it, including fundamental respect for our democracy”.” “I certainly have no love for the Liberals but the thought of Dictator Harper getting a majority terrifies me.:: I’m no big fan of the Liberals but, I’ll be glad to see the Conservatives gone.”
The CANADIAN conservative federal government itself rarely it seems takes the proper lead, leadership now too. Prime Minister Stephen  Harper has never formed a majority government yet Canada’s prime Minister himself Stephen  Harper,  Harper has been drooling for his majority now for many  years, the leader claims to have a majority government and he now disregards the majority of the Members of Parliament, and the citizens of Canada’s wishes, desires too,  he is still  running his minority Parliament as if he were the leader of a majority, tends to bury religious beliefs to win a hopeful real majority government not surprisingly thus  failed again in an attempt to  win a majority government.  As we are well aware, mo one is are not going to form a majority federal government with the majority support of the citizens of both Quebec and Ontario also now. You next cannot hope to have a majority government as Harper keeps on finding by failing to look after the good welfare of all the citizens of Canada. Beating on minorities really doesn’t make a majority government more   possible. Harper fools only his own supporters as to what he is realy like, a bad Prime Minister who discrimnates, shows false partiality, gives jobs to his friends.

Dictatorial Recalibration Prorogation reduces  PM Stephen Haper’s  support in Canada. Taxpayers are really upset that they pay good money for the expenses of the rather pretentious, useless, unemployed members of parliament.. “Why should the MPs get a holiday for the Olympics while the rest of us Canadians continue to work our butts off? Shame on you, Harper!” “I’m not an Ignatieff fan, but Harper has got to go. We have to stand up for democracy if nothing else. ” I don’t understand the tit for tat come back “O but chretien did this” Yes he did, but he also had something that Harper will never have, a Majority!
Majority condemn Harper move, poll finds Toronto Star Prime Minister Stephen Harper has put the brakes on Parliament for the second time in 12 months. OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper was wrong to suspend Parliament for what many Canadians believe were selfish reasons, according to poll done for the …  
“ Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton calls Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s move to have Parliament suspended “a real disrespect for democracy”,” simply wrong” and said it stops the “good work” Ottawa was doing.
Voter anger over Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to have Parliament prorogued is costing the government heavily in public support. The Conservatives, who were flirting with majority-government popularity in the fall, are suddenly tied with the Liberals, or headed in that direction, according to two polls released .  A poll by The Strategic Counsel shows the Conservatives with 31-per-cent support, a full 10 points down from October, when the firm last polled voters
“Let Prime Minister Stephen Harper reflect on this protest, and on the fate of Charles I, who also tried to do without Parliament”. Robert Tittler Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus Concordia University Montreal
Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper  has clearly stepped into the manure with his latest fiasco too..  OTTAWA – The Economist, the influential British magazine that once deemed Canada “rather cool” and later dubbed former prime minister Paul Martin as Mister Dithers, is not amused by Stephen Harper’s recent parliamentary tactics.  The magazine’s print edition has published both a critical story about the suspension of Parliament and a scathing editorial denouncing what it calls Harper’s “naked self interest.”  The editorial likens Canadian ministers to hapless former U.S. president Gerald Ford “who could not walk and chew gum at the same time.”  Harper’s government, says the magazine, “cannot apparently cope with Parliament’s deliberations while dealing with the country’s economic troubles and the challenge of hosting the Winter Olympic games.”  It suggests, tongue in cheek, that Harper should simply shut down Parliament altogether until the economy is running at full throttle.  The editorial opines that Harper may in fact be correct that “Canadians care more about the luge than the legislature, but that is surely true only while their decent system of government is in good hands” – and Canadians “may soon conclude that it isn’t.”
Harper government draws fire for suspending Parliament  and how many times have I rightfully said that the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s managerial skills are one step forward and two steps backwards, and I can always count on him to shoot himself and his party in the foot.
Canadians Against the Proroguing of Parliament:  

The” Eh! Oh! Canada Go!” chant is a national embarrassmentDon’t listen to any of the detractors, participating in protest through social media can and does make a difference. Each of these groups are dedicated to expressing resentment for an elitist oligarchy thinking they can subvert the will of Canadians. Prime Minister Harper and the Pepsi Corporation are both banking on your apathy. Social Media can help the truth cut through the Conservative spin. The anti-prorogation facebook groups, twitter and blogs are helping keep the story of Prime Minister Harper’s erosion of Canadian Democracy front and centre in the mainstream media.

PM Harper was hoping that people wouldn’t care because of the holidays, hockey and the Vancouver Olympics. Stephen Harper has now been criticized in the Economist and the Guardian. The Prime Minister doesn’t want people to realize that he is cowering behind obscure parliamentary procedure, thankfully social media has drawn national and international attention to his scurrilous actions.

If you have facebook I strongly recommend joining both of these groups and reading as many articles as possible on the Harper Holiday. Kady O’Malley has a great article where she catalogues which bills will be killed by Prime Minister Harper’s suspension of parliament. This is a very important fact that all Canadians should be made aware of. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly accused Liberal Senators of “stalling” his regressive and harmful “crime” billa (or “Doing their job by providing oversight” as a truthful person would say.) The PM still has gall to make this assertion even though his unilateral decision to suspend parliament killed 57% of the legislation passed during the last parliamentary session. The Liberals will be going back to work in Ottawa on January 25th. My hope is that this wont be a stunt but a sincere attempt by Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party to lay out their plan for Canada to the Canadian people.

Send the “Do Nothing Conservative Government” and Prime Minister Harper a message by joining the Anti-Prorogation Facebook Group!

Empty House makes for angry Canadians Interlake Spectator – Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament until March has been met with about as much hostility as it can take, and about as much as
Why 2010 might not be a lucky year for Tories Globe and Mail (blog)

Using courts to enforce ideology Toronto Star Greens see red over prorogued Parliament Northumberland Today


Montreal Gazette – Sault Star
We now  know all can tell that Parliament is closed for a holiday because the New federal Conservative Canadian  Government even their local constituent offices do not bother to acknowledge emails, letters send to them including ; ; ; ; all while they all still do even get paid for it too.. or what they too do need PM Stephen Harper’s permission to do so as well?

How the Olympic flame could burn Stephen Harper  Globe and Mail (blog)   ‎Jan 15, 2010‎Three leading national opinion polls – EKOS yesterday, Strategic Counsel a day before and now Harris-Decima – show Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Mr.

Prorogation tightens gap between Tories, Liberals Adam Dodek: A tale of two prorogations National Post (blog)

Sudbury Star – PEJ News

Shhhh! Stephen Harper is ‘recalibrating’ Globe and Mail – ‎Jan 8, 2010‎Twice during his interview with Peter Mansbridge, Stephen Harper used the word “recalibrate” to describe what the Prime Minister planned to do now that he’s



Travers: Why quiet is good for Stephen Harper Toronto Star


Harper has one thing going for him: Ignatieff Montreal Gazette


Globe and Mail – Globe and Mail



Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 4:31 PM
 Subject: Stephen Harper shuts down Parliament

On behalf of Michael Ignatieff, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your recent email regarding Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament.

The Conservatives have forced the shutdown of Parliament to avoid accountability for their handling and cover-up of the Afghan detainee torture controversy.  This is just the latest example in a consistent pattern of cynical behaviour by Mr. Harper – whenever he gets into political trouble, his first impulse is to steamroll over democratic institutions that get in the way.

Now, the Conservatives are trying to hide behind the Vancouver Olympics as an excuse for stifling dissent, even though other democratic host nations continued to have functioning Parliaments right up to or during their Games – including Canada in 1988.

The fact is Canadians care about the health of their democracy, their Parliament and how they are governed.

The sooner the House comes back, the better.  In the meantime, while the Conservatives are taking an extended vacation, Liberals are working. 

Next week, Michael Ignatieff will go on a cross-Canada tour to college and university campuses in order to engage our next generation of leaders in an exchange of ideas for building a more prosperous and fair Canada.

On January 25, when Parliament should have resumed, Liberal MPs will be back at work in Ottawa – hosting working sessions on the issues Canadians care about.

Please find a link to a copy of an op-ed that Michael has written regarding the shut down of Parliament:

Thank you for taking the time to write to the Leader of the Opposition.


The Office of Michael Ignatieff, MP
Leader of the Official Opposition

Websites of Interest:

QUEBEC, ONTARIO AND Nova Scotia premier says provinces must be consulted on Senate reformThe Canadian Press –  The NDP premier says he’s worried that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s renewed focus on revamping the upper chamber will be unilateral.

A bad Liberal is the same as a bad Conservative now still too,,

 OTTAWA — Parliament’s ethics commissioner has dropped an investigation into allegations by a Liberal MP that the federal government used taxpayer dollars for advertising programs that were thinly disguised attempts to promote the Conservative party.  Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson concluded in a “discontinuance report” released Wednesday that federal conflict-of-interest legislation did not apply in the context of a complaint made by Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay.  “This decision flies in the face of the very purpose of the Conflict of Interest Act,” Hall Findlay responded Wednesday.  “We are concerned that the ethics commissioner is constrained by the current atmosphere of intimidation by the Prime Minister’s Office. The commissioner declined to pursue this matter based entirely on a technicality. She has not addressed any of the substance of the allegation.”
The biggest hoax and cruelty of the last decade in Canada was played upon us all by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the new Conservatives themselves who had initially promised to be fiscal responsible, open, transparent and who rather quickly degenerated to lieberal themselves .and almost all of us know can, see. It sill becomes too apparently clear with anyone who encounters, deals with the governments, civil and public servants, functionaries, at the federal, provincial, municipal levels, Medicare included now, that the related wastes, losses unnecessary are amounting up to 60 percent of the tax payers money too often. Better management can easily recover most of this waste and allow a much needed 30 percent increase of support to the poor and needy persons, seniors  who wrongfully are being robbed, deprived of their much needed aid, assistance,  help because of the pretentious, incompetent governments. This unnecessary cruel, despotic waste can be recovered by better management of all the resources, since “management” is clearly a mostly non existent  act in the governments of Canada today, the only thing  mostly our wasteful, incompetent, immoral politicians seem able to do is to raise more taxes falsely now too. Unacceptable as well.

January 6, 2010

Amen to that! A Politician jailed


Ex-N.L. cabinet minister Jim Walsh gets 22 months in jail in spending scandal The Canadian Press –  ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – Bankrupt and with his reputation in ruins, a once prominent Newfoundland and Labrador politician was led from court in handcuffs to start a 22-month jail term for fraud. Former Liberal cabinet minister Jim Walsh was sentenced Wednesday and ordered to repay $144,000 for his role in the province’s constituency allowance spending scandal.  The sentence of 22 months for fraud over $5,000 and one year for breach of trust, to be served concurrently, didn’t play the middle ground. The prosecution had requested at least 18 months in jail, while the defence argued for six to nine months.  Walsh “abused his position” as a privileged politician and used it for his own benefit rather than the public good, provincial court Judge David Orr said.  “He has never taken responsibility for his actions.”  Walsh was convicted last month of overspending his constituency allowance by $159,317 between 1999 and 2004. He was acquitted on a charge of influence peddling after Orr cited a lack of credible evidence.  Defrauding the government, the judge said, is equivalent to stealing from citizens.  Walsh is among four former politicians from all parties to be ensnared in a scheme that shook political foundations in the province.  In 2006, the provincial auditor general raised alarms about spending by the four men from their taxpayer-funded constituency allowances. The claims in question totalled about $1 million. Such funds are meant for expenses such as office rentals, supplies and miscellaneous costs

It took Newfoundland And Labrador to set forth an accountability standard even over the FEDERAL Conservative PM Stephen Harper now too

Now there are many other Canadian politicians at the federal, provincial municipal levels who should also join him ASAP, and quite a few crooked corporate executives, even bad Hospital administrators, bad cops, bad RCMP  and bad civil and bad public servants now too

January 4, 2010

Drunk drivers in Ontario for a start

 Drink Alcohol and Die « The non conformer’s Canadian Weblog   Drink Alcohol and Die or Kill is fast becoming Canada’s preoccupation, main goal, slogan.. Alcohol and alcoholics the unacceptable main cause of vehicular  accidents, domestic violence, and so many other ills… DRUNK DRIVING  KILLS AT LEAST 5 TIMES MORE PERSONS OVER SPEEDING FIRSTLY
 In February, SGI’s annual report on traffic accidents in Saskatchewan showed the total number of collisions involving alcohol in 2014 was the lowest it had been in five years. However, the number of fatal accidents involving alcohol didn’t follow that trend, with 17 more people killed in crashes involving alcohol in 2014 than in 2013.


 In Ontario there is a  Jump in Alcohol Related Deaths on Eastern Ontario Roads Monday, January 4, 2010
WHEN YOU COMPARE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE KIILED IN ALL CANADIAN TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS IT IS VERY VERY INSIGNFICANT NOW  in direct comparison  as to how many persons,  about 225,000 Canadian patients a year suffer from hospital-acquired infections that substantially extend their stays, and note this  between 8,000 and 12,000 people in Canada die annually as a result of  infection with common but dangerous infections – C. difficile, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) – The infections   C. difficile, MRSA and VRE – are not airborne, but spread by contact. But still yet the police make a lot of noise about number of   deaths caused by vehicular speeding..why?  It seems the Police would be better used in Hospitals instead.  Yes likely the main reason that Hospital roommates increase the risk of infection is that patients share a washroom. (The mantra in infection control is: One bum per toilet.) Another likely explanation involves inadequate handwashing by patients and health professionals alike; doctors and nurses  sometimes don’t wash their hands between patient visits in a single room. in the meantime, there are things we can do: We should be cleaning our hands, and we should really scrutinize how we clean our hospitals.

Ex Toronto police chief Julian Fantino is one of those bad apples and we know we do  have too many bad cops  in Canada too.. HE HAD LIED AS TO THE REASONS MANY PEOPLE HAVE CAR ACCIDENTS, HE SAID FALSELY IT WAS SPEEDING AND  HE LEFT OUT ALCOHOL AND WHY? TOO MANY COPS ARE ALCOHOLICS?


Speeding is not the major cause of car accidents  road rage, impaired driving is, but speeding is a hidden tax, a good, easy money generator



Ontario Provincial Police report a 50 per cent increase in alcohol related deaths on eastern Ontario roads in 2009. Because more people drink alcohol these days too.. 12  people were killed in alcohol related collisions last year, up from eight in 2008.


OPP Sgt. Kristine Rae says there is no reason for the increase. Rae tells CFRA News residents are aware that drinking and driving is “not acceptable.” and yet alcoholics still like to drive their cars…. so the  laws have to be enforced all year too..


The OPP does report the number of fatal collisions on eastern Ontario roads have dropped by 28 per cent since 2007  and have all these fatal collisions been caused by drunk drivers too? or by bad drivers, road rage, speeding, cell phone users, icy roads..



Now let the police give us real, valid figures..

– The total number of accidents caused by alcohol had led to how many deaths in Ontario last year?

 – OPP  had  laid   how many impaired driving charges last year.
– and how many drivers received a three-day licence suspension and how many drivers were handed administrative licence suspensions for drinking and driving.
– The spot checks also resulted in   how many other charges that fell under one of three categories — Liquor Licence Act, Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code violation.
and how many police officers were also now charged fo drunk driving?
and the main reason the police cannot give us all the real statistics figures on the total number  of the accidents and causes is the lazy, pretentious OPP police have not done detailed accident reports in each accident, but they still took the pay for it?
Here also   is what I also cannot understand, real alcoholics are alcoholics all year and drive all year too impaired.. so why does the OPP police not target drunk drivers all year like they target speeding drivers all year ? 
Ontario Provincial Police officers checked more than 1.1 million vehicles in Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (RIDE) spotchecks across the province during the Christmas season only.
 A total of 5,329 charges were laid from Nov. 27 to Jan. 4, 298 being for impaired driving, blowing over, or refusing to provide a breath sample. The balance were for other Criminal Code, Highway Traffic Act or Liquor Licence Act offences.

A total of 709 driving-licence suspensions were issued to motorists who had a blood alcohol concentration in the .05-.08 range.

 During the same period in 2008, 884,729 vehicles were checked. A total of 319 arrests were made for Criminal Code alcohol-related offences.

and the figures for the rest of the year??? are where?

It has been a great disappointment to many to find out THAT the provincial Liberals are not any better over the Conservatives

January 2, 2010


It is stupidly amazing how many crooks, clearly bad persons  are still so unrepentant that they do think that all they have to do is just lie some more, bully some more of their accusers and they will next get away with it.. well they can dream on but there is eventually a limit to the amount of lying, abuse many will take.. The provincial  Liberal government iself does not much good here too. Why? Scared of the cops?  and what do they have to hide? 

An Ontario Superior Court judge has ruled OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino can be charged with trying to influence municipal officials by means of threats. Justice David Crane’s decision overturns a ruling a few months ago by a justice of the peace who argued Caledonia activist Gary McHale’s attempt to lay a private charge against Ontario’s top cop did not meet all the required qualifying elements. McHale, who received the court ruling  said the ruling would set a standard for others laying private prosecutions.

In September 2008, McHale filed an order of mandamus stating Fantino should be charged under Section 123 (2) of the Criminal Code of Canada, which constitutes “influencing or attempting to influence a municipal official … by means of threats” as an offence. This was in response to an email Fantino sent in April 2007 to Haldimand County Council telling the mayor and councillors not to attend McHale’s rallies.
TORONTO – A summons was issued Friday against Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino on allegations that he illegally influenced elected officials in Caledonia, Ont., the site of a long-running aboriginal occupation.  Activist Gary McHale has been pressing to have Fantino charged after the commissioner sent an email allegedly telling the mayor and councillors in Caledonia not to attend McHale’s rallies. McHale led a number of rallies to protest what he called two-tier justice in the policing of the land occupation in the town south of Hamilton.  The Ministry of the Attorney General confirmed a justice of the peace “issued process” against Fantino on one count of influencing or attempting to influence municipal officials. Issuing process was a legal step required before the charges could be officially laid and court dates set.  “I’ve been advised by the Ministry of the Attorney General that a process was issued late this afternoon by a justice of the peace,” Insp. Dave Ross, a provincial police spokesman, said Friday evening. “At this particular time we haven’t seen the process nor has the commissioner been served with any process.”  The ministry said it had sent a letter to McHale, but refused to release the contents.  However, McHale sent the media copies of the letter, signed by lawyer Ken Campbell on behalf of Attorney General Chris Bentley, which said the Crown will move immediately and assume prosecution of the case.  It also assures McHale a special prosecutor will be assigned from the Justice Prosecutions Unit, which was set up to handle cases involving police or other justice officials and is made up of senior Crown counsels with extensive experience in criminal cases.  Ministry spokesman Brendan Crawley said when a private prosecution involves an indictable offence the Crown must intervene and assume the prosecution.  McHale said Friday he was informed by the court in Cayuga, Ont., that a judge signed a summons on the criminal charge of influencing or attempting to influence municipal officials.  Influencing or attempting to influence a municipal official in municipal activities is an offence under the Criminal Code and carries up to a five-year prison term if convicted.  In an email to The Canadian Press, McHale said Fantino is summoned to appear before criminal court in Cayuga on Feb. 3 at 10 a.m.  An Ontario Superior Court justice ruled last week that Fantino must face allegations brought forward by McHale.  A justice of the peace who heard McHale’s complaint refused to issue a summons or warrant for Fantino but Superior Court Justice David Crane ordered the justice to issue the order.  The case is not the first time Fantino and McHale have squared off in court.  McHale faces charges of counselling mischief not committed and Fantino testified during a preliminary hearing earlier this year that he told subordinates he would have gladly arrested McHale himself for inciting civil unrest in Caledonia.  McHale is representing himself in that case as well and questioned Fantino on the witness stand.  During one exchange Fantino told McHale that his repeated visits to Caledonia, already tense over the lengthy aboriginal occupation, dangerously inflamed the situation.  The commissioner called McHale a “lightning rod to the conflict” during his testimony and added police saved McHale from “grievous bodily harm numerous times.”
Fantino says he’ll defend himself against illegal influence allegation The Canadian Press –  TORONTO – Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino says he intends to strongly defend himself against an allegation that he illegally influenced elected officials in Caledonia, Ont., the site of a long-running aboriginal occupation. “I intend to vigorously defend myself and the OPP against this allegation and have the utmost confidence in the judicial system,” Fantino said in a statement Saturday.
AND IS HE GOING  TO WASTE MORE TAXPAYER’S MONEY FOR THIS NOW TOO? fire  him now, it is cheaper and better
Now about 225,000 Canadian patients a year suffer from hospital-acquired infections that substantially extend their stays, and between 8,000 and 12,000 people die annually as a result of  infection with common but dangerous infections – C. difficile, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) – The infections   C. difficile, MRSA and VRE – are not airborne, but spread by contact. yet the police make a lot of noise about number of   deaths caused by vehicular speeding.. It seems the Police would be better used in Hospitals instead.  
Yes likely the main reason that Hospital roommates increase the risk of infection is that patients share a washroom. (The mantra in infection control is: One bum per toilet.) Another likely explanation involves inadequate handwashing by patients and health professionals alike; doctors and nurses sometimes don’t wash their hands between patient visits in a single room. in the meantime, there are things we can do: We should be cleaning our hands, and we should really scrutinize how we clean our hospitals.
In 1982 I drove to Edmonton Alberta and sat directly in the Albertan Minister of Economic Development, and the Albertan Minister of Manpower, Career development, and I had asked them face to face what they were doing specially to diversify Alberta’s economy and to help to create more  jobs for Albertans.. but these useless twits still did did nothing, and they both lost their reelections, and their workers too had  let the party caucus decide what to do and so today  Alberta is in a real big big mess today.. with home prices a dropping,  home sales are going doing, many many people getting laid off, and their Alberta  government revenue is going down fast too. Alberta is in a big mess these days still too.. The Albertan politicians, leaders now  were another bunch of know it all who did not want to listen to any one else.. and such History repeats itself.  
Now what are we all now really doing about many people dying in all Hospitals unnecessarily these days too? Actions speak louder over mere words

I too am open, straightforward and readily give an explanations here often on behalf of all Canadians as to why I too often find our lying, no good, self serving, pretentious, immoral justice Ministers, civil and public servants, even too many politicians   so despicable. They and their bad friends now too should be rightfully, readily fired, dismissed, lose their jobs, pensions and not be given any bonuses, raises, or severances now  too.
Some naive news editor wrote back to me last week and he lied and he said no one reads my blog cause of the spelling mistakes and the grammar errors in it, well people care more about the subject content in reality.. I have a hundred thousand readers so far.. cause I write honestly and I do not write to please a crowd, to be politically correct..


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