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September 1, 2010

Big bad Mother Bell is still so greedy

Bell she wants all the money for herself. But you already know as to how bad Bell is if you did  read my blog here.

Big win for small Internet providers Vancouver Sun  The country’s major Internet providers, such as BCE Inc.’s Bell Canada and Telus Corp., will be forced to lease network space to smaller competitors at matching speeds to ensure competition for broadband services, the telecommunications regulator said in a key ruling Monday. The decision, delivered after hearings last spring, is a critical if only partial victory for independent resellers like TekSavvy Solutions Inc. and Telnet Communications, which will now be able to keep pace with incumbent offerings. Yet for Telus and Bell, it is a big blow in their fight to gain television share and slow phone line losses against rival cable companies Shaw Communications Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc. Limited bandwidth capacity the pair would rather use for new Internet TV products must now instead go toward wholesale services under regulated prices and fixed returns. In the decision, Konrad von Fickenstein, chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, acknowledged that big providers are investing in network infrastructure, but regulated access was still required to foster “more competition and (to better serve consumers).” Third-party resellers’ business model depends on set prices for wholesale network access, which is then resold to customers.
Bell slams CRTC for rebates ruling Toronto Sun

Rural high-speed Internet, phone rebates on the way Winnipeg Free Press
Toronto Star – Victoria Times Colonist – Montreal Gazette – Reuters

Telus, Bell must repay customers, CRTC rules Vancouver Sun – Urban customers of Bell and Telus will receive a rebate of up to $90 after Canada’s telecommunications regulator on Tuesday ordered the country’s major telecom companies to repay overcharges to

CRTC orders phone rebates


Montreal Gazette – Reuters – Toronto Sun – Wall Street Journal
Liberals pull even with Tories: EKOS poll – Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals have pulled into an end-of-summer dead heat with Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, according to a new EKOS poll.

November 8, 2009

Bell’s lies vs reality again




 I can’t believe it decades later some sick control fool still tries to give me orders, tries to enslave me, walk over me, and why do they think they can even do it… My logo name alone should have warned them –  thenonconformer. The best way to deal with any of these false slave drivers is to shout rape loudly to all persons, and let everyone know what is being done. the News media is not the only one that can shout sins across the housetops, so can we  all with the internet now too. The past once nobodies like Apostle Paul, Marlin Luther, Martin Luther King all had learned the pen is mightier than the sword.. once the truth is exposed, the proper informed persons tend to deal with the matter, and with those involved next anyway.. but too bad the bad guys did not repent when they had a chance, for next it is often really too late to avoid their coming  real negative  consequences..  Now I have been OFTEN writing to news editors for the last 30 years.. MAILED OUT EMAIL TO THOUSANDS EVERY MONTH TOO,   in all that time less than a dozen important people asked me not to write to them any  more, and less than a handful news editors now too.. many of these politicians who  how had written to me had lost reelection next.. and do note that all of the news editors that wrote to me and said do not write to me anymore their firms are financially broke today, and even some gone out of business.. like the Montreal CFCF. You see they broke the first law of successful management.. you do not despise, mistreat, abuse others and hope to get their vote, support,  but  now they also broke the other rules next.. and you do not abuse others for you do not know who their  friends are now  are too.. These bad CONTROL FREAKS WHO TRY TO ENSLAVE, DOMINATE OTHERS ARE SICK PEOPLE NEEDING still PROFESSIONAL HELP IN REALITY.. We also do all know that most persons  still  tend to take an ostrich denial approach to their own faults, shortcomings still and thus hasten their own downfall as a result too.. When a business’s profitability is severely reducing, dropping, the top  management often fails to admit the truth, the real reasons as to why,  and they also tend to falsely among many other things
– lie some more
– raise their prices to try to try to increase their profitability, making themselves more uncompetitive
– cut back on customer services, clearly making matters even worse
– resort to costly, false, misleading advertisements again
– blame their employees , and have a high employee turnover, making matters worse
– blame other facts for their own management failures,
– really do not provide a positive, competitive  service
– generally fail to replace all of the bad top executive, middle managers with good personnel
 Many can see clearly that Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Shaw, Telus all only care about one thing.. maximum profits.. motivated by maximum greed..  mostly finding an excuse to charge the customer even for more.. and yes that they have done with their lies, distortions … and no one cares about integrity or  the citizens, consumer, the CRTC or the governments now included. 
Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons seems to be most effective way that works for everyone’s benefit in dealing with the bad acts of others still.

Bell launched their HSPA network on Tuesday and 3 days after we’ve been informed that an new issue has popped up. It’s regarding select Canadian customers on their HSPA network who are getting billed for roaming while in Canada. Apparently, as experienced with EVDO devices, the HSPA devices may be picked up by a U.S. cell tower and those customers are being billed US roaming rates.

The spin doctors, liars were at it again, also telling you that iphones sales were recession proof and that many, many people in Canada were buying the cell phones now,  but the real reality was, is that Canadian Mobile Phone Market had stalled in Q3, thoid quarter of the year.  The projected  Canadian mobile phone market growth now  did not occur again. The market rather receded 8% in the third quarter of 2009 (3Q09), which also had marked the third straight sequential decline, according to preliminary results from IDC Canada’s Mobile Phone Tracker. Handset makers had also shipped 4% fewer units to wireless service providers and other channel partners in the third quarter when compared to the same quarter last year. Some analysts  now  attribute  the weaker-than-projected  performance to the actual tepid Canadian economy, which is still in a recession, and the shrinking traditional phone segment, plus whatever. It’s all also a step backwards when compared to the market performance in the second quarter of this year – the third quarter shipments had declined 1.7% compared to 2Q09.. reality contradicts the liars again.

Now here is something most active computer internet users do also know and have also complained about.. Did you also now  notice that none of the Canadian news media will confront Bell or the CRTC about any of this, Bell’s immoral acts and now why is that? Do tell us all. They want to get Bell’s advertisements? or they too have something to hide? which one is it?  Well when you do rightfully tell the real truth like I  do, next there is nothing to try to hide, to deny, to cover up, and  it makes life much more easier too. I do not have to threaten anyone or threathen falsey to sue them now too.

False misleading advertising has long time been made by Telus, Rogers, Bell and others in Canada whole the Ostrich federal consumer dperantmt, government did nothing.. I even wrote to you about THIS ISSUE  too and what it takes the courts to deal with everything now, AND so why do we need the  government 

CBC did not mind writing about New conflict unearthed at Ontario Health … but what about the other bad guys like Bell now too? If you have a tip, please send us an email at yournews@cbc. 
 Firstly real Life mainly is not about the Government, the news media, anyone else to be here to help  the selected few, big business mostly to make more money and to get richer in fact. Life it is about all of us helping to meet the basic, essential needs of all Canadians, note all, young and old, male and female, white collared or blue collared, professionals, unprofessional, natives or non natives too.
It is an established, undeniable fact that at least 40 percent off Bell’s present, past customers have  been dissatisfied with the actual customer support they have received in Canada relating to cell phones, internet services, billings, etc. That is why many of them have gone elsewhere even to Videotron, Acanac, etc.
Bell spin
Bell’s New Network Fastest And Most Reliable  MONTRÉAL – Canadians can now access the country’s largest, fastest and most reliable wireless network with Bell Mobility’s launch this week of its highly anticipated HSPA network and a range of new HSPA smartphones and turbo sticks.
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The bigger they think they are the harder they do fall next too.. It is really not what you think you are that counts, but rather how the other people mostly do see you now.. they are sadly what laughing at you too? People always do watch how you do treat others, cause they know they likely will be treated the same way next too. Do you treat everyone else the  way you treat me too?

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Do also  Note the bad CRTC is my number 2 most read post to date …
My Top posts the last few years..

Divorce And Remarriage In The Christian Church
CRTC’s Farcical hearings on Internet speed Internet
l care.. CANADIAN HEALTH CARE medical Health care
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Church
Christian and Missionary Alliance Corporation

I do not need to pay for a Poll to know what many Canadians are interested in…
Now as a CBC publicly owned  investigative reporter are you willing to take a full closer look at how big bad actually Bell operates now and abuses many of it’s customers undeniably, if not why not?

From: paul kambulow
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Will you please get another job  first.. for the CBC is also still Canadian tax payer’s supported..
Our personal  free speech right to now write to any news editor in Canada is undeniable now too,
or do you now want to specially debate that now with me on the whole net for the whole world to see and read? I gladly will discuss it,
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Please confirm your present job status at the CBC and who your immediate supervisor now is as well.  After all the CBC is now also to be transparent and accountable. Thank you

From: paul kambulow
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I learned long time ago that merely telling the truth to some people will not work, they have their false idols, false lies they still want to handle, and they will take the Ostrich approach to the truth, but hopefully the truth will next still help some people.”

Please do first reply to me, please do answer the question or quit the CBC first.. it is as simple as that.. you like to write about corrupt eHealth officials but not about corrupt Bell employees? I do not work for you, I do not take your orders.. you work for me, all the Canadian citizens.. I send out hundreds of these to elected representatives, others  and only one, you did not like it… why was that?

Remind your Boss also in full I have a right of free speech in Canada, whether you likese  it or admits it or not.. and don’t bother sending the police to my home about my letters, cause they have come and gone many times, sent by other crooked political masters too,  and yes many of whom next lost their re-election next too, and I am still writing the last 3 decades even  to all..

Now I would rather you deal with the issues I write about and rightfully now too

Paul Kambulow
Copy to the net too..

Bell does not discriminate, show partiality, it seems ready to abuse anyone.. ROGERS AS WELL NOW FOR THAT MATTER
Telus sues Rogers over advertised claims    Telus Communications Co. is suing Rogers Communications Inc., claiming Rogers no longer has the right to call itself “Canada’s most reliable” or “Canada’s fastest” network.  So if Rogers wants to continue with this claim, they should cover all of Canada and all their customers. Not just the ones that happen to live in a major city centre. Nationwide coverage??? Not even close.    I currently have Telus “high speed” Internet service. On numerous occasions, this Telus service has been slower than my old 56K dial-up service. That is why I am canceling my Telus service as of next week and going with the competition (just to see if they are any better).   Telus is in no position to be taking legal action based on Rogers engaging in misleading advertising. Telus does it too, with its advertised claims of high speed internet access. If Telus is advertising high-speed Internet service, it should be high speed 24/7, and not just when the network is not busy.   And this is not just my computer or modem being slow, as I have had numerous others tell me that their Telus “high speed” Internet service is very slow at times.   A perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black   Just another couple of corporate crybabies looking to gouge the customer.
Telus Communications Inc. (T-T33.500.200.60%) launches legal action against Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B-T33.00-0.14-0.42%) for allegedly misleading ads claiming Rogers provides “Canada’s fastest network.”  In documents filed in B.C. supreme court, Telus says that since a Nov. 5 upgrade, a network run by Bell (BCE-T27.640.431.58%) and Telus offers faster and more reliable service than the Rogers network.  Telus says Rogers advertisements introduced in 2007 and continuing after Nov. 5 that claim Rogers provides “Canada’s fastest network: two times faster than any other,” are now false and misleading.  Telus also claims similar advertisements that Rogers provides “Canada’s most reliable network,” have also been false since Telus’ upgrade.  Telus is seeking a declaration from Rogers that its advertisements breached Canada’s Competition Act, in addition to injunction from distributing the ads, damages and compensation. Canada’s wireless telecommunications industry, in which Telus, Bell and Rogers control about 90 per cent of the market, is set to become more competitive as Telus and Bell introduce Apple’s coveted iPhone, which Rogers has offered for more than a year.


Telecom New Zealand’s Australian arm, AAPT hails as Australia’s first ISP to launch an ADSL 2+ plan with limitless downloads, no capping and no throttling. It has initiated with the offering of unlimited ADSL2+ broadband service to customers who are interested to sign-up for two years for around a $99.95 per month. However, a dozen ISPs offer unlimited downloads as part of their broadband Internet plans, but most of them facilitate reduced speeds while others charge fees for extra downloads. AAPT Chief Executive Paul Broad quoted, “As consumers, we all have a moral responsibility to ensure recording artists receive the royalties they rightly deserve and by offering our Entertainment Bundle we’re encouraging Australians to do the right thing”. In addition, AAPT has also undergone a deal with music label EMI to facilitate an online music service with the offer which will include $50 worth of song downloads and unlimited streamed content.
Quebec-based internet service provider Cogeco Inc. has stopped advertising its services as the fastest in in two Quebec cities after the Competition Bureau ruled the ads were misleading. The federal agency said the misleading claims about Cogeco’s services services in Drummondville and St-Hyacinthe had been clarified, but didn’t didn’t provide details on when the ads ran or say if its probe was spurred by a consumer complaint. The bureau said consumers had no way to compare the speed of Cogeco’s services with those of all of its competitors in the two cities, and it was therefore impossible for Cogeco to claim that they offered “the fastest” service. Cogeco’s CEO Louis Audet defended the ad campaign, saying the firm at the time had used an internet site that rates broadband speeds globally.  Cogeco is now using another method to compare speeds with them. Audet said he considers the Competition Bureau’s investigation to be minor. “I think what we were doing was rather benign. We advertised ourselves as the ‘fastest’ which is really the platform that we use across all of our territories where we compete with Bell and Telus,” he said


Claims about speed and reliability are becoming issues of dispute among Canada’s major wireless companies, too. They are fighting legal battles over those issues as they position themselves for more competition as more players enter the cellphone market. On Wednesday, a B.C. court ruled that Bell Mobility could not claim it was Canada’s “most reliable network” after Rogers challenged Bell’s ads as misleading.  Last month, a B.C. court brought an injunction to force Rogers Communications to stop claiming it was Canada’s most reliable network. That was the result of a complaint by Telus.

As the CBC’s Lynn Burgess knows first hand I seriously challenged Bell’s claim of being the most reliable network, as I have often posted on my sites this fact as to how unreliable they rather were . I have often rightfully said it is a very common unacceptable Canadian practice to lie in business and we keep on getting new news media evidence of this now as well..



September 21, 2009

Bit Torrent – P2P sites -network traffic -Network Neutrality

“Canadian officials are taking part in negotiations for a top-secret copyright treaty that could see families barred from the Internet for a year if someone in the household is suspected of illegal downloads.Under the worldwide rules of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), Internet service providers such as Bell and Rogers in Canada would be required to become copyright police and filter out pirated material from their networks, hand over the identities of customers believed to be infringing copyrights and restrict the use of identity-blocking software.ACTA would employ a three-strikes policy. People believed to be regularly downloading copy-protected material, such as movie and music files, could have their Internet connection severed for up to 12 months and forced to pay a fine. “It’s incredibly disproportionate. Three unproven allegations of infringement will cut off Internet service for a year for an entire family,” said Michael Geist, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and e-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa.”It’s not based on the individual user, it’s based on the connection,” added Geist, who said he has received details of the proposals from people closely associated with drafting the agreement. The treaty, which is being pushed forward by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, closely mimics the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that governs copyright issues in the U.S. It puts in place measures that would make it illegal for consumers to make backup copies of DVDs or other media with built-in copy-protection technology. Other provisions could make information on iPods, laptops and other personal electronic devices illegal and force travellers to prove to border officials that the content on such devices was acquired through legal channels.
“All of the computer internet P2P growth we’ve seen over the past several months is in the torrent community,” Free Bit Torrent usage still  soars as Bell, Videotron and others have  put caps  against P2P USERS, sites.  Both the music, movie industries  and many of the big Internet Service Providers now all do see P2P file-sharing of movies, films, TV shows,  pictures, wallpapers, music, books, magazines,  games, software, other, etc., as a very real threat to their maximum profitability. Greed and profitability clearly has overtaken them.. Bit Torrent TV Documentaries, History, TV shows themselves are increasingly becoming popular world wide , and are being bundled into multi-episode packs. “Many People are migrating towards three packs, six packs, and even whole seasons,” Bell and Videotron themselves now are in a false conflict of customer interest cause they rent movies, games too.
All of the  governments should now step in given the justified rising anti-competitive, anti monopoly sentiment nation wide, curbing their monopoly sectors from grabbing, gouging  exorbitant profits from the customers,  and preventing these monopoly sectors from taking advantage of their market position to overcharge consumers.  Encouraging real, valid competition, for example, is the ultimate way of breaking up monopolies. But the government some times instead  sticks to price controls or no controls to tackle the monopoly problem. The governments can deal  with monopolized interests only if it gathers adequate political will.  
Broadband campaign spurs 20,000 letters to MPs. A public relations and lobbying campaign launched by small internet providers for government intervention in the broadband market has spurred more than 20,000 letters to MPs, the companies say. The Coalition for Competitive Broadband, a group led by Winnipeg-based MTS Allstream and made up of more than 50 small internet providers and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, launched a website two weeks ago to muster support against several recent regulatory decisions. I think its time it [the Internet] became a public utility like power and water.” A campaign for government intervention in the telecom market as well… I think most of us is sick of “paying among the highest cellphone bills in the developed world”.  CRTC is not protecting regular Canadian’s interest. Competitive Broadband website
The United States is moving toward enshrining a free and open internet with six proposed rules designed to prevent telecommunications companies from interfering with how people use their connections. The rules are needed because American internet providers have interfered with internet traffic on a number of occasions and they must be prevented from doing so in the future, said Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski.   Long overdue in Canada. The Hydro company does not check what brand of appliance I plug in to determine my power consumption.  Telecoms should not be “packet sniffing” to determine my connection speed. Canada needs some net-neutrality guarantees as well to prevent the telecom oligopoly from their dirty tricks. The CRTC needs to start working for us instead of the big companies. They should also put in some guidelines on acceptable marketing strategies for ISP’s. The “up to 10 Mbps” is really misleading when all you ever see is 500 Kbps. It should be based on the average expected speed and we should be getting a credit if we do not get those speeds. It takes American law to show our government what Canadian people have been asking for years.
The peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic is a dominant type of Internet traffic today, consuming up to 30% of all Internet backbone traffic. P2P applications consume a lion share of ISP network capacity, consuming the ISP  bandwidth . The Pirate Bay bragged that after a Danish ISP was forced to block its subscribers from accessing the Swedish site, traffic spiked. TPB attributes the increase from the publicity surrounding the ISP’s action. Those new to P2P seem to be jumping on the BitTorrent bandwagon.  “All of the growth is in the torrent community, which maybe suggests that the audience for traditional P2P is mature.”
Consumers are readily able to access freely any of the many  torrent sites day and night, and totally freely  download at will now too, no  initial or ongoing costs too, even sites like the all free   TV Team, EZTV,  BTARENA TorrentBoxTorrent Reactor,  Torrent Hound,  Summo ,  Your Bittorrent Pirate Bay, etc..  But you’ll need a free  BitTorrent client like uTorrent before .torrent links on any site would work. Great free torrent download software now has made it all possible.. the software like the free µTorrent which is the world’s most popular BitTorrent client. Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet).
Recently  a press release was issued   suggested something quite startling — HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, aka Web traffic) had for the first time in four years overtaken P2P. The   WWW web surfing is outpacing file sharing. Ironically, this growing is due the popularization of tools that allow users to share the files via www, tools like YouTube and Flicker. However a new article from Slyck disputes this, and contends that P2P remains the bandwidth heavyweight.   P2P (which is a class of applications, not a specific protocol) was created to deal with huge files)    Another  report based on data from   US and European ISPs claims P2P traffic has mostly dropped to around 20% of all Internet traffic,   down from the 40% two years ago  likely due to continued, widespread ISP P2P capping and MOST CONSUMER HAVE NOT BEEN HAPPY ABOUT THIS NOW AT ALL TOO. .
Do always  check your actual ISP speed  check for the blatant theft-corruption on a daily basis and ask them to fix it immediately as well..

Today, there are four main ways  to address P2P network traffic growth –

 • ISP Pricing and Policies – modifying subscription plans from unlimited to usage based pricing which is very unpopular too, it seems doubtful that subscribers used to unlimited plans will tolerate new pricing. Competitive disadvantage compared to ISPs offering flat-rate pricing

Purchasing Additional Bandwidth – buying transit bandwidth to accommodate network growth from increased P2P usage unfortunately ISP suppliers are trying to gouge the customers here too

Traffic Shaping – utilizing deep packet inspection devices to throttle or completely discriminately block P2P traffic and rightfully the customers, users see his as harassment, a contract violation and shaping P2P traffic limits future ISP revenue opportunities from more P2P services.

P2P Caching – utilizing P2P caches to cache and serve P2P content- Content caching is a well-known and established technology used by ISPs primarily for acceleration of Web content delivery. It Generates bandwidth without additional backbone investments but an Upfront investment is  required.  P2P caching, similar to Web caching, temporarily stores popular content flowing into the ISP network. If the content requested by a subscriber is available from a cache, cache satisfies the request from its temporary storage, eliminating data transfer through expensive transit line. With estimates of over 75% of P2P content is requested multiple times, P2P content responds well to caching, manifesting high reuse patterns. Once a P2P Cache is established, the network transparently redirects all P2P traffic to a cache which either serves the file directly or passes the request onto a remote P2P user and simultaneously caches that file for the next user. Estimates are that P2P caches have seen an amazing 80% byte hit ratio, meaning that 4 of 5 files requested via P2P can be served by the cache. This is significantly much higher than http/web caching. P2P Caching is the only solution that enables ISPs to fully and affordably embrace P2P on their networks. Instead of growing bandwidth to meet increasing demand, or limiting P2P usage through policies or traffic shaping, P2P Caching lets ISPs simultaneously serve the needs of P2P and non-P2P users without negatively impacting either audience. In fact, P2P Caching provides an improved experience for all subscribers – P2P users whose file sharing is improved through using the cache, and non-P2P users who experience better performance from networks un-congested from P2P traffic.

The Canadian cellphone and internet speeds, rates are unacceptably among world’s worst, Canadians are being hosed for more and more money for their access still too.   Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Shaw, Telus all only care about one thing.. maximum profits.. motivated by maximum greed.. finding an excuse to charge the customer for more.. and that they have done with their regulating, capping… and no one cares about what the consumer thinks, even the  politicians, governments, the CRTC included.  No companies provide a FULL  service or an adequate  product it seems these days…. all they provide mainly now is more profits for themselves hopefully. And as long as we allow them to do so, by letting companies and industries run roughshod over the governance of the country, then also the corprote bad service, lies, price gouging  will continue. Good Products and good services falsely are a distant second in offerings in relation to corporate profits. 

do see also


Free public domain photos, wallpapers
 “Canada lags in wireless service …   … and what should be done about it   By Michael Geist, Citizen  August 25, 2009 Where does Canada stand with respect to the cost of wireless services?  the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development released new figures that ranked it as the third most expensive developed country.  Given that consumers have a hard time making sense of the different plans, options, and hidden fees offered by Canada’s big three wireless providers (Rogers, Bell and Telus), it should come as little surprise that comparisons of wireless services across dozens of countries is exceptionally difficult. Some countries charge consumers for both incoming and outgoing calls, while many others do not. Moreover, hidden charges such as Canada’s system access fee — which can add as much as 25 per cent to a monthly bill — are often excluded from cost calculations. While the debate will continue to rage, few currently hold Canada up as a model of wireless leadership.
If not pricing, what should policy makers and politicians be focusing on? Four main issues come to mind.
-The first is competition, particularly among GSM providers. While this will change later this year, for the moment Rogers is the only GSM provider in the country. Since GSM has emerged as the dominant global wireless technology, this has had big consequences for consumer choice and marketplace competition. Most new devices, such as the popular Apple iPhone, are available only for GSM providers, meaning that Rogers has enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the hottest devices.  There is another spectrum auction on the horizon that holds the possibility of opening the door to further competitors, particularly if Industry Minister Tony Clement is willing to revisit foreign ownership restrictions.
-The auction also provides an opportunity to address the second issue — wireless net neutrality. The current “walled garden” approach adopted by Canadian carriers, in which they frequently control the applications that run on their networks, has already attracted the attention of the CRTC. It has ruled that new regulatory requirements are needed to counter the resulting competition concerns.
-Transparency in pricing should also be addressed. Canadian carriers continue to levy system access fees as a separate charge, despite the fact that they are nothing more than an additional cost to consumers. Moreover, carriers often bury significant usage restrictions in the fine print, leaving consumers without a true sense of the cost of their mobile phones. Clear guidelines on disclosures would enable consumers to better choose among providers.
-Fourth, the length of consumer contracts further stymies competition. Canadian wireless carriers attempt to lock consumers into contracts for far longer than virtually any other developed country, with three-year contracts considered the norm. Several years ago, Canada instituted wireless number portability that allows consumers to keep their numbers when switching providers. While designed to fuel greater competition, the policy has largely failed, owing to the combined effect of a single GSM provider (meaning consumers often lose their device when switching providers) and long-term contracts.
 Canadians should be focused on competition, walled gardens, pricing transparency, and a cap on contractual terms. “
Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. He can reached at or online at www.michaelgeist.ca

On Monday, the US FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski  outlinined  plans to turn the agency’s principles for open Internet access into official regulation.  In addition to making sure that network operators cannot prevent users from accessing lawful Internet content, applications, and services of their choice, or attaching unharmful devices to the network, Genachowski wants to add two more rules.   The first would prevent Internet access providers from discriminating against particular Internet content or applications, while allowing for reasonable network management. The second principle would ensure that Internet access providers are transparent about the network management practices they implement. But the regulation that Genachowski is proposing will not apply to just wireline broadband networks, such as DSL and cable modem service. It will also apply to wireless services. Wireless carriers shouldn’t be allowed to block certain types of Internet traffic flowing over their networks.

 FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said wireless carriers should be subject to the same “open Internet” principles that the agency has begun to apply to home broadband providers. The FCC is already investigating the state of competition in the wireless market. Even though there are four major nationwide carriers–AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile USA–the majority of the market is controlled by two carriers. And their dominance is increasing.  And the US President Obama’s anti-trust cop Christine Varney is now also  reviewing, a Bottleneck Monopoly,   the Telecom  wireless companies’ exclusive handset deals–most notably AT&T’s monopoly control over Apple’s iPhone. The US  Congress is starting to wonder whether it’s fair business.  It’s the first step in what could be a regulatory road; one that could result in major shake-ups inside the cell industry. Congress is bringing this up now because rural cell phone companies have complained that exclusivity agreements are unfair to small carriers. When the national bullies have exclusive rights to a phone, the rural cousins do also  have to peddle inferior devices. The Justice Department may also review whether telecom carriers are unduly restricting the types of services other companies can offer on their networks.  The Australian government raised pressure on Australia’s largest telecommunications company Telstra Corp.  to surrender its market domination by splitting its wholesale and retail businesses and what is Canada, the CRTC doing as well? Nothing good!

WHAT SPIN DOCTOR BELL ALSO DOES NOT TELL ALL OF IT’S CUSTOMERS .Canadian cell phone carrier, DAVE Wireless, announced  that it had signed a licensing agreement with Bell Mobility, allowing it to attach wireless transmitters to Bell’s existing cell sites. What most citizens do not realize is that wireless phones are digital based too, operating on Bell’s internet services too  AND IT FURTHER EXPLAINS WHY BELL HAS TO CAP IT INTERNET CUSTOMERS’ USAGES, DOWNLOADS OFTEN TOO, TO MAKE THE ROOM FOR THE WIRELESS PHONES AS WELL . BELL REALLY DOES NOT HAVE EXISTING ADEQUATE CAPACITY FOR BOTH, NOT EVEN FOR THE HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICES IN ALL AREAS OF CANADA. IT IS CLEARLY TOO CHEAP TO SPEND CAPITAL TO DO THIS?
It has always confounded me as to why the liars, crooks, deceivers, abusers in governments, churches,   institutions, corporations   too often do still do think they can get away with now, next and forever.
While the pretentious Canadian Liberal and Conservatives governments, are presently engulfed in the  Quebec mafia scandals too, while they  clearly do not care about the average citizens, about their consumer protection, yes the ordinary citizens  concerns too, but they all  wrongfully it seems to care only about big businesses making  more money at any costs, the reality of this is all  evident by the fact this  page has become the ALL TIME most read post of mine..
The federal, provincial governments, the CRTC, Conservatives, Liberals  unfairly maintaining  archaic, monopolistic telecommunication firms, that are often   bloated, cost ineffective, incompetent, over staffed, un-competitively managed as well is the main reasons consumer costs falsely keep on going up now.
TORONTO – The office of Canada’s auditor general says it’s perfectly OK – and much appreciated – if websites link to reports on its government site, but warns they should not be hosted elsewhere. Advocates for copyright reform expressed concern Thursday when the auditor general’s office demanded the Globe and Mail newspaper remove a copy of a report that had been attached to one of its online articles. The Globe was displaying the report with a web application called Scribd, which allows large documents to be embedded on a web page without the need for an external program like Adobe Reader. It also keeps readers on the same web page, rather than sending them off to another site to read the document. Beth Stewart, a lawyer for the office of auditor general Sheila Fraser, said the document was ordered off Scribd’s servers because of concerns with the website’s terms of use. It was her understanding that users of Scribd documents are permitted to alter the files and use them in other ways, Stewart said.

July 15, 2009

I cannot trust you, FOR you lie to me all the time


I heard firsthand one teenager saying to another teenager yesterday, “I cannot trust you, you lie to me all the time” and this next had made me reflect upon the reality that the average person lies 3 times in every ten minutes of conversation, and it also reminded me with my past years of undeniable dealing with Bell related to my internet download problems, they too had  lied to me all the time, by not admitting the truth first that there was a problem, nor next honestly admitting the cause of the problem. It seems that spin doctoring, misleading, lying to others is a very major part of not just the lawyers, used car salesmen, but a regular part of the sales, advertising, corporate way of doing business with consumers these days Canada wide now as well.
Now take this statement for example.. about the CRTC’s Farcical hearings on the regulating of the interent speeds, the Internet upload and download speed controls..
“Currently there is no regulatory commission. Over Internet Service in Canada. Whether it be quality or privacy period.  I wrote a letter to the CRTC myself. About a breach of contract of server. Reply; Due to the lack of internet servers.. Have taken no stance in regulating them. Realizing the need for Canadians to have internet services available. you may try. Office of Consumer Affairs. Consistent quality, and privacy. As stated by contract agreement. Must be upheld. By Whom? ”

 ” I came across a Canadian Press release yesterday talking about the poll and it really bothered me. No, the results are NOT valid. The only thing the poll showed with any accuracy is that everyone is ignorant on the subject. I say that those polled should be educated about traffic management practices and what the future may hold for Canadians if the big ISP’s are allowed to have their way, then they take the poll again. Bet you everything I own that the results of that poll will come out completely different than it did the first time.”  “But, even though “Most Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic management,” only about one in five of those surveyed had even heard of it, says the Winnipeg Free Press  And, “Interestingly,” blogs Michael Geist, just prior to the release of the survey, “one of the people who was called over the weekend (the survey was conducted July 9 – 12th) contacted me to report”.  What was the substance of the poll?  Questions about traffic shaping, “could be roughly summed up as ‘Did you know that your neighbour’s movie downloading is slowing down your Internet’?” – said the  informant.  “This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence about some of the poll results,” says Geist.  But then, nothing about the inquiry or the various ‘fact-finding’ processes surrounding it inspires confidence.”


“OTTAWA – Most Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic management as long as all users are treated fairly, a new poll suggests.”
Meaning that Most Canadians would support the ISP, internet service providers breaking their promises, contracts as long as they do the same thing to everyone else… wow, that is a complete absurdity.. get real… and if that is how THEY all now conduct their  dishonest polls then no wonder so many people think THEY are con men, liars  rather.. In reality even here unless you know and fully understand firstly the exact questions being asked. The Poll wording itself can very much influence the outcome, example do you still beat your wife, yes or no? This even falsely implies everyone bats their wife. That’s a crude example, but it makes the point. ” What “60% of Canadians” think is completely immaterial, about as significant as what I think about the arrangements of the airbags in a Rolls Royce. What counts is, what the paying customers think of cartel like arrangements by the providers of having their services “throttled”.” Will give you a very different Poll answer.. Amazing how many non technical Canadian news reporters skirt the truth and distort it here too. 
And the American public is likely similarly confused on the topic. Valid Education on the issue is a problem.  Over 54 percent of Canadians had  said that they did not understand the topic and how the issue affected their use.  Only 15 percent said that they understood that were affected (or would be affected) by such actions. 22 percent voiced strong opposition, saying such practices were wrong regardless and if you mention internet throttling on a P2P forum that is generally composed of more technically minded computer nerds and you’ll instantly evoke  strong emotion opposition. The Survey  shows public’s overall ignorance of the effects of traffic management on their connections for the majority of average Joe or Jane in the public, the issue is poorly understood and falsely not a worry at all. 
NOTE: This really is a hypocritical and dishonest poll firstly  again.. for the basic truth, reality is that most Canadians firstly still do not EVEN yet know for sure if they are actuality getting their promised internet upload and downloads speeds FROM THEIR ISP..  even because they still  firstly do not even  know how to measure the speed.. so  now their polled opinion realtedly does not count much when their real ignorance FACTOR IS TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. Here is what you all do need to first do to to check the computer’s network speed at
Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Shaw all only care about one thing.. maximum profits.. motivated by maximum greed.. finding an excuse to charge the customer for more.. and that they have done with their regulating, capping… and no one cares about what the consumer thinks, the CRTC included.
Many Other citizens have agreed with the truths that I have written even  that the ISP providers themselves FIRSTLY  are the main reasons the internet is congested and that they the ISPs are also guilty of false, misleading advertising to get customers too.  
“It’s time for our ISP’s to refund us for the speed that they claim to provide but we are unable to get. Let’s see… I should be getting “up to” 10 Mbps and I am only seeing 500 Kbps… it’s time for Rogers to cough up! Anything less than 80% of their claim should be considered as misleading the customer and the ISP should be held accountable for this infraction.”
” what about just giving me what I pay for. How can our government let them charge us for a service and then not provide that service?”
“The BEAN counters will be in the back room checking to see how they can squeeze another 2 cents out of any decision coming from this meeting.”
“Internet throttling benefits customers: Rogers, Shaw – I cannot help but notice that Big Business in Canada wants ALL the power. Power to limit what Consumers can and cannot access on the Internet. They throttle our speeds at their whim, they want to inspect every data packet we upload or download and they want to make criminals out of us all, while at the same time charging us extra money to purchase blank media for copying . Yet at the same time they fill our inboxes with Spam. 9 out of every 10 emails I get are Spam trying to sell me something or con me out of my money. They fill websites with Bots to follow every click of our mouse to “better tailor our individual likes & dislikes”, while completely removing our right to privacy without threat to prosecution or fines. We have far too much to lose people if we let these Corporate archaic monopolistic behemoths win this one.”
“Of course the Rogers would say this. Their only interest is controlling access, gouging customers, lying about speeds, eliminating competition and holding onto their monopoly. Anything a Telco/ISP has to say should immediately be taken as the exact opposite of what is good for the consumer. We need Net Neutrality and we need it RIGHT NOW” 
– CRTC Neutrality hearings begin with conflicting claims that their exists adequate capacity by the ISP,  or they do really lack capacities, to allow everyone unrestricted, unhindered download access presently?
– Quebec to end automatic cell phone contract renewals, surprise fees  and what about the Internet service  providers, who are the same firms doing the same bad things there too to the customers, well? 
 Ever wonder besides viruses that as time goes by you notice that   your computer net is slower, and slower, well it is no  secret Bell, Rogers, and others cannot handle the continually the increasing demands caused by computers and iphones now too. So their systems break down, have failures too often, are over used, in over capacity mode.. and these carriers seem to  have been to cheap to rectify the problem, update, modernize their communication equipment..
Sadly AT&T for a start is not the only carrier that doesn’t have presently  adequate  existing bandwidth to support all of their customers, iPhone users  using  an “unlimited” data plan  and that would now include Rogers and Bell? who are clearly already capping their existing customers and others to over come this serious shortcoming,   and in spite of what they do all  promise now they might have in the future I really rightfully do not believe them.  ..  why Rogers and Bell, others  are always a LOSER. Always looking for some way to SOCK IT TO  their customers over  and over again and find another excuse to make the customers pay more. If they all knew the whole truth the Lower subscriber usage means smaller revenues for carriers like Rogers , Telus Corp  and Bell, BCE Inc so they lie to get more customers..
I have openly rightfully shared with the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper’s office that Bell Sympatico undeniably is one of the most dirty, immoral, abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. One that even falsely suppressed my complaints against it, my right of free speech as well. Because Bell Sympatico has UNACCEPTABLY TOO often HAD breached my ISP contractual agreement and NEXT Bell Sympatico had forcibly falsely disconnected my ISP service with them too thus next I have been forced to switch over to the Canadian -Residential High Speed ADSL without any Limits and No Blocked Ports or Traffic Shaping, plus Unlimited Downloading 100 GB of Online Storage Up to 5 Mbps Download and 800 Kbps Upload $18.95 per month
Here is 2 very popular past helpful posts of mine for Still Many Consumers do not know how to choose firstly an ISP provider, and what their options are too.

a:  The Internet suppliers (ISP) promised Internet speed is in fact generally a false one, for it is generally only a theoretical speed, and not even the true average speed, an optimum speed under the perfect conditions only, for it depends on many other factors, such as the conditions, type of the connected cable, phone lines, branch services, other equipment. It is in fact like me promising you that you can have all the money in my bank account, but meanwhile I let many other persons collect from it as well.


b:”Canada’s leading telecommunications carrier, BCE Inc and  Kevin Crull, president of Bell Canada’s residential services division, is asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet to reverse a CRTC, which was reaffirmed by regulators on March 3, 2009, ruling requiring the company to offer the same bandwidth speeds to wholesale ISP customers as it does to its own subscribers. The CRTC ruling according to Preexisting regulations already rightfully requires incumbent phone companies (including BCE) to rent network access to smaller internet service providers, so as to foster competition and keep the cost of basic internet service at a reasonable level. This is a very reasonable demand too. Monopolistic  BCE naturally argues that the December decision  will cut into it’s own revenues  nevertheless the Conservative government for the good of all Canadians now, should not listen to the falsely abusive companies like BCE, and not remove these regulatory barriers  ”  


Imagine that Bell has been in Business for many years and is still guilty now clearly of misleading advertisements, fraudulent and unacceptable business practices, not living up to their contractual obligations, as I now have PERSONALLY WITNESSED, EXPERIENCED  and undeniably detailed to even Bell and many others many times too now . I Paid for a high speed unlimited download service but that is not what I got next. I got low internet speed at a high price. With Bell you have to check your actual delivered speeds , “internet download and upload speed test” cause Bell seems to change it to suit themselves..    Dealing with Bell is absurdity filled with problems. In spite of their adds, promises Bell Sympatico services are all mostly very poor, they also mostly break their promises to me too and they too Cleary do not honor their contract obligations, their own 2 days respond promises now too. As I have detailed many times elsewhere they Bell have never given me my one year reliable, steady, continuous high speed internet services too, have never kept their contract obligations I have been with Bell for many years. Note since Day one of even Jan 2007 I have hundreds of email that I had sent to Bell about their bad internet services too.. and I had sent copies the news media , to the Major MPs, for the last 15 months. I have a High speed unlimited Internet download contract with Bell since day one and they Bell next even had tried many times to have me up change from my 6 meg download account to their new Bell higher speed plans, and I had clearly refused saying back to them as to why should I go the higher speed plan when they could not even deliver me the promised 6 meg downloads, and also I had specially also said that if I had changed download plans I would lose my unlimited download plan, so I made no changes, authorized no changes to my contract with Bell the last 15 months. On top of all my many complaints about dealing with Bell on April 3 2007 by phone and in writing I specially also had asked Bell to give me simply a full detail listing of all my monthly payments, a full account statements specially for the last 15 months, and I told them I cannot seem to access my online Billing, something I have complained to them about before too, and they so far have refused this simple request too and the Bell have not done so to date. This is absurd, ridiculous and unacceptable in this computer age when they can spit out my legitimate request in a second. Bell Sympatico is quick to phone you and to harass you to demand their payments, but Bell Sympatico in return is very slow to deal with the customers, requests, problems in my 15 months experiences. To get proper services from Bell it is like mating elephants it has to be done at a very high level with plenty of thrashings and noise. Unacceptable. Reality- Dirty Dirty Bell Sympatico .the most abusive Corporation, firm I have dealt in Canada in my lifetime. Sadly there are other bad firms now too..  ‘

– CRTC to look at how Internet traffic is managed to avoid congestion – THE TRUTH, REALITY? is that Bell seems firstly to have some of the CRTC personnel in their back pocket so this hearing is a farce?


– CRTC to look at how Internet traffic is managed to avoid congestion-  Bell Canada’s major ISP  ongoing  lying distortion to the news media, CRTC, others , undeniable breach of their past contractual obligations to it’s own customers too,  that their need for  capping the internet downloads was due to  the internet congestion traffic it now still faces as an internet service provider is now due solely to the vast P2P , Torrent,  downloads is still a A FALSEHOOD, A FALSE SCAPEGOAT, A LIE AND NOT THE REALITY, NOT THE TRUE FACTS. In fact BASICALLY  Bell’s congestion problem was due to BELL’S OWN FAULT, due to the fact that Bell had lied, and had oversold FROM THE START, INITIALLY  their OWN internet capabilities services to ALL OF it’s customers, others. Because Bell NOW even had obtained many of it’s customers under lies,  false statements, false pretence, Bell also now should not  even be  allowed to keep all of it’s own customers it now had obtained as well. Bell’s congestion problem was initially, undeniably, really due to the truth that   it’s own internet system initially were never adequately, fully designed, upgraded to be used as a high speed internet system to all the customers as advertised, rather Bell’s ISP in general was and it is still mainly a low speed internet system Canada wide. Bell needs to be forced to disclose fully, in  the truth to all persons in Canada about it’s actual internet capabilities, even telecommunications, iPhone  in all areas now as well. You really cannot continue to grow a business based on lies, distortions, falsehoods, even if it is Bell. Additionally Bell monopolistically, falsely is capping all of   the internet downloads is to allow the future expansion usages of iphones, and for downloading of customers movies rented from  Bell.
–  The government ( s ),  federal and provincial, should first look at the many, undeniable practices of false, misleading practices by persons like Bell selling their ISP services.. if Bell had firstly told the whole truth about their actual capabilities , they Bell would not have had next a major  traffic congestion problem because few people would have initially even  taken their ISP services over cable in fact, for in truth the cable ISP  can even now be more readily, quickly, and  less costly expanded too!!! Bell knew that and so it lied about it’s ISP capabilities to all.. still does as well..


– The governments, CRTC, etc,  falsely do allow the corporations to lie because because THEY LIE THEMSELVES AND OFTEN…. who is being lied to when I have posted all these truths facts on the net, to many now too.. it just confirms who the liars now are still  too.


 No matter how the lying weasels spins the facts, tries to weasel out of the truth, the truth is still know by many too..






– There are some legitimate still reasons for the ISP’s high  costs. one is the fact that the telecommunications companies tend to be undeniably  very poorly managed, have too many cheap, incapable, incompetent personnel



“If you (Bell) were half as good at running a company as you were at lobbying,  maybe you’d have a better network,”  Quebecor executive vice-president Luc Lavoie who took a shot at the quality of Bell Canada’s cellphone service: .
Bell’s bad acts are Not acceptable, 
I too at least am known for telling the truth and that is worth much too… Bell is a known liar and that is not worth much..

 The big corporate do prefer no outside regulating bodies,  they want to to deal with each customer individually, divide and conquer approach, for they are afraid of massive class action suits, and there are many now against Bell even


Quebec’s pension fund IS NOW IN REAL TROUBLE   “The new head of the fund is Michael Sabia, former head of Bell Canada Enterprises, who took over in March of this year.” QUEBCERS AND THE Quebec’s pension fund IS NOW IN REAL  TROUBLE,  JUST LOOK AT THE BAD EFFECT THE SAME PERSON SABIA  HAD ON BELL, WHOSE STOCKS, SALES, SERVICES, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  HAVE GONE DONE DRASTICALLY. I HOPE THEY ARE ALL NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO LET HIM INVEST OUR MONEY INTO BELL AS WELL. Now also add to this Quebec’s Minister of Finance, Monique Forget, who always seemed to forget me too,  her  sudden resignation  from politics and thus who will not be around to answer what she also knows about this affair.. It sure looks like a cover-up…

Almost since my first job after graduating from university I had learned that in the real world many people are not to be trusted, they do need to be supervised, and major corruption still exists in construction, universities, municipalities, governments, corporations, amongst professionals and politicians as well.

Here still  is what I cannot understand about the federal job creation programs carried out under both the liberal and conservative governments, is the necessity it seems to give money firstly to the municipalities, as though they have a direct effect on voters.. Nothing can be farther from the truth for  neither the police themselves, nor the municipalities have a significant vote as to how the citizens will vote on election days. The only group  that can likely have any effect on the voters are pastors, and priests in fact.
 Here is what I know for sure in Canada proper policing, management ,  supervision  human rights commissions are a real fact of life, society, in schools, life,  in churches, governments, commerce, institutions, civil and public services, professional services too,  and elsewhere, even on the net,  for you will always have those 30 percent at least of the persons who will try to cheat, lie  , steal, bend the rules, falsely believe they are above the laws, Self  regulation alone is too often pretentious, farcical, often not applied as well. That applies especially to the professionals, civil and public services, police, municipalities, politicians, corporations  now as well..
do see also

May 23, 2009

3 of Canada’s Top News Stories relating to the court, justice



Cops seem to have it too easy in Canada, they do what they want, they abuse citizens and tend to get away with it too. Too many COPS, persons distort  the LAW. it’s meaning still too.

The specific  Laws are created for a reason and given a certain set of conditions and circumstances.  When the circumstances or situation are not present then the law is basically not applicable. (2 Cor 3:6 KJV)   for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

WE ARE NOT TO WALK  “Not of works, lest any man should boast.”  Ephesians 5:9 

Jude 18-19 “”How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.”

Stephen Marche says the main question of the Oliphant Inquiry at this point is which of Brian Mulroney’s internal demons drove him into the company of Karl-Heinz Schreiber.. THE LUST OF MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.



OTTAWA – Brian Mulroney’s explanation of his financial dealings with businessman Karlheinz Schreiber is filled with “inconsistencies and half-truths” and can’t be believed, the head of a public inquiry was told Wednesday. Richard Auger, the lawyer for Schreiber, used his closing arguments before Justice Jeffrey Oliphant to mount a frontal attack on the credibility of the former Conservative prime minister, contending that his testimony on major points has been unsupported by documentation or independent witnesses. “For the most part we are left with Mr. Mulroney’s word on the key issues in this inquiry,” said Auger. “Mr. Mulroney’s word alone cannot be accepted. . . . Mr. Mulroney’s story lacks every-day common sense.” 


A tale of two taxpayers – one rich and lucky, one not Vancouver Sun – By Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun May 23, 2009 So I’m sitting in my office trying to figure out how Brian Mulroney pulled it off. I’m no expert, but I know a bit about tax policy and the Canada Revenue Agency.


Mulroney’s legal bill to cost taxpayers $2M Toronto Star – ‎May 21, 2009‎ Former prime minister Brian Mulroney shakes hands with inquiry counsel Richard Wolson at the end of his sixth day of testimony on May 20, 2009. For six days, former prime minister Brian Mulroney gave his version of events surrounding his controversial

Former diplomat casts doubt on Mulroney’s testimony Toronto Star – ‎May 21, 2009‎ Former prime minister Brian Mulroney reviews a document as he is questioned by lead commission counsel Richard Wolson at the Oliphant Commission in Ottawa. (May 19, 2009) OTTAWA – A former Canadian ambassador to China today cast doubt on Brian  

In Canada the powerful few SEEM TO  too often to abuse public trust, offices   obviously. Six days of Brian Mulroney testimony  from  a man who rose to Canada’s highest elected office only to plunge to the depths of pocketing suspect cash gave the honest  law-abiding, taxpaying citizens morbid facts about the abuse of the legal, tax system again in Canada.. Brian he destroyed any of our remaining public faith in public officials, and our false   assumption that we all equally share the burden of paying income tax. It would be unwise for you to tuck $225,000 in household safes and a bank deposit box, keep silent about it for six years and then expect to pay taxes on only half. And yet this is what Brian Mulroney admitted to doing and he was wrongfully  given a tax break for doing so as well.” Brian Mulroney paid income taxes on only half of the $225,000 he received in cash from German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber, a public inquiry has heard. Next “The most disturbing of those deals – and the one now most likely to trouble Stephen Harper – is the decision to pay Mulroney $2.1 million to settle a lawsuit over the 1995 letter Canada sent to the Swiss about the RCMP Airbus investigation. What the federal government didn’t know when it wrote that cheque was that Mulroney’s relationship with lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber went well beyond the occasional cup of coffee to three memorably large cash payments.’ Now on top of all that  Mulroney’s legal bill to cost taxpayers $2 M Brian Mulroney’s six days of testimony have left taxpayers on the hook for $2 million in legal fees. Taxpayers will again pay Brian Mulroney’s legal costs.  



 >>Bell Canada, with the tacit approval of the Stephen Harper government, is trampling roughshod, over its own customers, including smaller ISPs.
TO BE FAIR THE LIBERALS ALSO GO ALONG WITH BAD BELL. I had spoken and asked directly Quebec’s finance minister Monique Forget to deal with bad bell but she was hesitant to and I wondered why till I had next read  that the new head of the Quebec’s pension fund is Michael Sabia, former head of Bell Canada Enterprises, who took over in March of this year.
>”all people such as myself with a Bell telephone line but use a 3rd party ISP for high-speed Internet sue Bell in a class action lawsuit! This is simply based on contract law, I have a Bell home phone line that I pay strictly for local calling  . When I switched from dial-up Internet access many years ago to high-speed, I went with a 3rd party ISP,  and my ISP contacted Bell on my behalf to get my local line connected to Bell’s high-speed line. So then in my next Bell bill under monthly services a new item appeared it said: 1 High Speed-up to 4.0 Mbps and there was no extra charge for this service!” .. Just because Bell connects its residential customers to its high-speed service so that these consumers may use 3rd party ISP resellers of Bell’s capacity; does that give Bell any legal right to sift through this private data, set parameters of access to Internet speed based on the type of data being sent/received and set predetermined time frames in order to restrict the flow of data?”

Therefore I have a contract with Bell and I can sue them for interfering with my phone line. But why do we need a government and pay taxes if we have to fend ourselves?


Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 6:37 AM
Subject: RE: Internet Management Ruling ‘Well-Considered’ Bell Maintains
Thank you for your comments.
Many many Canadians are intelligent and insightful.
Lee Rickwood
Business Information Group
Broadcaster Magazine
Mediacaster Magazine

Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 12:51 AM
To: Rickwood, Lee
Subject: Internet Management Ruling ‘Well-Considered’ Bell Maintains
I can assure that many many Canadians consider this as mere ma Bell crap

so what does IGGY say about all of this?



 More trouble for OPP officer on bail in corruption scandal Toronto Star –    The senior Ontario Provincial Police officer at the centre of a judicial corruption scandal wiped tears from his eyes yesterday when a Justice of the Peace told him he would be granted bail. The charges, filed in court yesterday, include careless storage of firearms and ammunition, possession of an explosive substance and possession of prohibited weapons. These allegations relate to two rifles, crowd control grenades, shuriken throwing stars, nunchuka chain sticks and brass knuckles that police allegedly found on property he owns in Caledon and elsewhere.   


OPP officer charged with obstruction faces more offences –  TORONTO – A veteran member of the Ontario Provincial Police, already charged with trying to defraud Bombardier Inc., of $15 million, now faces a number of new allegations.

Slew of new charges for OPP officer  Globe and Mail – Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Michael Rutigliano, accused of participation in a wide-ranging obstruction of justice and breach of trust case that has shocked the province’s legal and police communities, is facing a slew of new charges.

OPP sergeant now facing guns, weapons charges  Mississauga News – May 22, 2009 06:17 PM – A veteran OPP officer from Mississauga, who’s already accused of large-scale fraud and attempting to influence the outcome of a sex assault case, is now facing gun charges. As a result of an ongoing investigation by the OPP

Hey look at all those prosecuting municipal lawyers, cops who are claiming to be serving the public and now we get a good example of how really corrupt they themselves firstly are now..   What appears to have started out as a simple investigation of a fraud at Bombardier Inc. has broadened to become a sweeping probe with allegations that a senior Ontario Provincial Police officer, a Toronto Crown attorney and accused criminals were in cahoots to fix charges.The allegations are contained in a public document called an information filed by OPP in Brampton court. Earlier this week,  OPP officers executed a search warrant upon Crown offices at the College Park courts, and Brendan Crawley, a spokesman for the Ontario Attorney-General, confirmed last night that the province has brought in an out-of-province special prosecutor to handle the case.  Charged with nine counts ranging from fraud to obstructing justice to breach of trust is veteran OPP Sergeant Michael Rutigliano, 49, who served as manager of the force’s “court case management” for the Toronto area. Sgt. Rutigliano has an office at the Old City Hall courts downtown. The breach of trust charge relates to “his duties as an OPP officer” and alleges that he was “dishonestly abusing his position to gain corrupt advantage for his associates charged with offences.”  What appears to have started out as a simple investigation of a fraud at Bombardier Inc. has broadened to become a sweeping probe with allegations that a senior Ontario Provincial Police officer, a Toronto Crown attorney and accused criminals were in cahoots to fix charges.The allegations are contained in a public document called an information filed by OPP in Brampton court. Earlier this week,  OPP officers executed a search warrant upon Crown offices at the College Park courts, and Brendan Crawley, a spokesman for the Ontario Attorney-General, confirmed last night that the province has brought in an out-of-province special prosecutor to handle the case.  Charged with nine counts ranging from fraud to obstructing justice to breach of trust is veteran OPP Sergeant Michael Rutigliano, 49, who served as manager of the force’s “court case management” for the Toronto area. Sgt. Rutigliano has an office at the Old City Hall courts downtown. The breach of trust charge relates to “his duties as an OPP officer” and alleges that he was “dishonestly abusing his position to gain corrupt advantage for his associates charged with offences.” Though Ontario Superior Court Judge John Hamilton found him not guilty, he said that he found the evidence of both Mr. D’Angelo and his accuser credible. Mr. Mavroudis is a 50-year-old former resident of Georgetown, Ont., who just last January pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud over $5,000 and was sentenced to four years in jail. According to newspaper reports at the time, he admitted taking $370,000 from ticket buyers who thought they were buying premium seats for Toronto Maple Leafs games. Arrested on May 3, 2007, he was released on bail and scheduled for a court appearance last November, but never showed up. A Canada-wide warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was eventually tracked down in Vancouver on Dec. 7. Sgt. Rutigliano is accused of helping him avoid prosecution in Ontario during that very same period: between Sept. 1 of 2007 and Dec. 8 of last year. Named in a so-called “no-contact” order are Sgt. Rutigliano’s co-accused and a handful of other prosecutors and defence lawyers.  The 49-year-old officer has been suspended from duty.  
Family of man killed in police shooting on Sask. reserve calls for public inquiry Wed Jun 10, 11:06 PM  REGINA – The family of a man killed in a police shooting on a Saskatchewan reserve is questioning the RCMP’s response to the tragedy and calling for a public inquiry.
bad apple
Bad apples =Prime Ministers, lawyers, cops, justice ministers, corporations..
B.C. Attorney General watches Taser inquiry to see if new evidence arises Tue Apr 14, 12:46 AM  VANCOUVER, B.C. – RCMP officers who testified at the inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport could still face charges after the inquiry but so far there is nothing to suggest that might happen, B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal said Monday.
Clearly all 4 RCMP officers now  lying to a judge, being guilty of obstruction of justice, perjury to the courts,  wrongful  use of force, excessive use of force, disrespecting a  persons rights, incompetency, are  not a punishable offence now even because all the justice ministers, too many politicians seem to do it regularly..  and again in reality the majority of the citizens now do know, do see the RCMP as very guilty but the bad BC justice minister cannot? Get real. I hope he now loses his reelection .. he Wally Oppal does not deserve to be reelected.

B.C. Attorney General Oppal loses seat to Independent after recount  VICTORIA, B.C. – British Columbia’s activist attorney general, who defied more than a decade of legal opinion to charge polygamist leaders and initiated an inquiry into RCMP use of Tasers, has been defeated in this month’s election following a recount.”  You all do know that I had specially put in writing the reasons why he should not be elected too… Good riddance to bad rubbish

Oppal loses in recount; judicial review to come  Globe and Mail -Vicki Huntington is the first Independent MLA to be elected to the BC legislature in 60 years, Elections BC announced Tuesday. The narrow victory of just 32 votes will be subject to a judicial recount that is expected to take two weeks, but for now,

Huntington defeats Oppal in BC election recount AOL Canada

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Dirty Canadian cops, dirty Pastors, dirty  Cabinet Ministers are all fair discussions, topics for me too.. Any kind of professional abuse of the citizens is also unacceptable.. Any kind!!! I DO NOT HIDE THAT MOST COPS TOO READILY LIE, ABUSE OTHERS IT SEEMS.. RCMP INCLUDED. MANY LAWYERS LIE AND WHEN THEY NEXT BECOME JUSTICE MINISTERS THEY CONTINUE TO LIE, ARE IN REALITY POOR, GENERALLY PRETENTIOUS MINISTERS AND CANADA WIDE TOO NOW. NOW THE BC JUSTICE MINISTER CLAIMED HE WAS LOOKING INTO THE  JUSTICE MATTERS HAD TO NEXT RESIGN HIMSELF CAUSE HE BROKE THE LAW TOO MANY TIMES HIMSELF. BC Public Safety Minister John van Dongen’s driver’s licence has been suspended for speeding.


B.C. premier names new 24-member cabinet. There are nine new faces among the 24 members of the B.C. cabinet named Wednesday afternoon by Premier Gordon Campbell, after his Liberal Party won a third majority in May. Mike de Jong is the new attorney general, as well as government house leader, filling the position vacated by Wally Oppal, who lost to Independent candidate Vicki Huntington in the Delta-South riding after two recounts.  Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed a Newcomer takes on the role of solicitor general and public safety minister. .John van Dongen resigned from the position in April following revelations that his driver’s licence had been suspended for speeding. Van Dongen was re-relected on election night. Colin Hansen remains as finance minister but adds deputy premier to his titles.

and will Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed the new BC solicitor general and public safety minister cover up for his bad Police buddies too? And there are still concerns about Liberal candidate Kash Heed and his former role as West Vancouver police chief and his unexpected retirement from the force less than two years into his contract, “There’s still a lot of anger about a $40,000 severance payout even though he voluntarily quit in February, leaving many unanswered questions about his status on the force,”  to supposedly avoid legal prosecution too. “The cops have a responsibility to follow moral leadership and let me tell you, the cops do not have that here [in Abbotsford] “NDP candidate for Abbotsford South, Bonnie Rai. These are all valid issues, concerns too.


and what about also in fairness arresting the drug users…

Vancouver Sun – ‎2 The drug sweep, dubbed Project Spring Clean, was the result of warrants issued following an extensive, five-week investigation. Officers said there were significant arrests for marijuana grow-ops and crack houses; 12 crack houses were shut down, …

Police arrest 120 in drug, gang sweep Globe and Mail

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 Monday June 15,2009 Canadian Press  VANCOUVER — A judge has decided the inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski will be allowed to make findings of misconduct against the four RCMP officers involved. The officers who stunned Dziekanski with a Taser at Vancouver’s airport challenged Commissioner Thomas Braidwood’s authority to make findings of misconduct against them. Braidwood had warned the officers he would consider allegations made at the inquiry — that they acted improperly and then lied to cover up their actions. The officers claimed those allegations amount to criminal offences, which public inquiries can’t do. They also argued that federal police officers are outside the jurisdiction of a provincial inquiry. But Justice Arne Silverman rejected those arguments, which means the inquiry can resume as scheduled this Friday with closing submissions. Now go after the rest of the bad cops now too.

also do note

Lots of announcements, but little money flows in federal stimulus
Tories tumble in Quebec poll Ottawa Citizen – ‎May 25, 2009‎  Satisfaction with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s leadership is even lower. The poll shows that only 10 per cent of Quebec voters think he is a good leader,
Tories tumbled in the Ontario polls too.


February 10, 2009

So it seems liars will still say anything to get elected..


Pie in the sky before the provincial election leads to pie in the face after the election
So it seems liars will still say anything to get elected..
and which clearly reminds me of our PM Stephen Harper who said there is no recession before the last recession and next said that Canada was facing the worst recession after the election he on too.
“YES, I can quickly sum up my political experiences in Canada.. for decades now most people in Canada  seem to elect liars and alcoholics for politicians, and we have had now much too many of them elected as well.. Of course  it seems natural for alcoholics to lie, they seen to often lie that it is is ok to drink alcohol in the first place, and it seems natural for many lawyers who run for political offices, and many want to be politicians to lie to get elected.. Yes most people elect liars who tell them the things they want to hear.. we all know that had Stephen Harper told the truth that Canada was going into a major depression next, he very likely would have never got elected. so he said there was going to be no election or recession, he clearly lied. After he was elected he admits Canada was facing a big recession of course, how could he deny otherwise. I openly express the truth that we should stop electing any liars and alcoholics, even in the police forces, civil and public services now too,  and when it is confirmed that they are thieves, cheats,  liars or alcoholics they should be immediately fired, recalled.. as simple as that too. Some professing ostrich evangelical totally deny that the professing Christians drink alcohol, they have a problem with the alcoholics rather and not me I merely reported the truth, facts, that many professing Christians drink alcohol and falsely try to justify it as well.. Alcohol does a lot of brain damages, negatively affects your ability to work, to live normal, alcohol is a major cause of car accidents, tends to destroy your family life, so of course I have no use for alcohol or alcoholics anywhere. Neither should any of us not just MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. and a  bad immoral Conservatives is not better than a bad immoral Liberal, especially firstly the alcoholic ones. “
Conservative party had also  helped piece together Duffy’s activities for RCMP  Now that is what next happens when a pretend professing Born again evangelical, alcohol abstainer, hire someone in the Happy Hour bar ..They all need to look in the mirror and deal with their own shortcomings firstly too as it seems we still select big liars for politicians
” Measures designed to protect the private interests of families and children, persons involved  ought not to be used to prevent me or the legislature, Parliament now rightfully highlighting, reviewing what I do believe is to be shortcomings in the applications of  laws. The lack of rightful prosecutions of persons who make perjury before the courts even.  “
“Remember those too typical pre-election Conservative Politicians lying words  even about holding now real people in the civil and public services, governments  accountable now for their wrong doings.. well how many new persons have been prosecuted, held accountable since the federal election? how many?? “
“Now Jason Kenney, Stockwell Day, Vic Toews, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper we are still waiting for you to show us all how you fully hold a guilty RCMP officers, and their bad superiors  fully accountable for their own wrong doings.  Putting criminals into jail serves a useful purpose but that now also includes the bad civil and public servants, the bad cops, bad RCMP officers and bad politicians … and not mainly just the bad citizens.. so now how many bad civil and bad public servants, bad conservatives has the new Conservative federal government put into jail this year.. please do tell us all the truth, list it for us… and rightfully install fair, honest, decent police commissions to protect the citizens and then not so many people will want to assault the police too.. we already know how abusive and crooked the too often lying cops, their sergeants, superiors  and their commissions tend to be.. what real practical good besides mere cheap words, unfulfilled promises are you all going to do about it as well?  Once again the Conservatives easily show to all what big liars they are when it comes to holding to accountability one of their own too.
” You can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time but not all the people all of the time, and those people will next still set the others straight.. “

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