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January 26, 2015

*Useless CRTC

on their expense accounts, for  trips abroad
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Why does it takes months  and months even  for the CRTC to deal with a clearly open and shut case 

where to date  Acanac has lied, abused me, not provided their promised internet services. Well?

Clearly the CRTC is a waste of Taxpayers money. Form letters, excuses, buck passing is not what we need but real, visible, viable results here too.
“Acanac’s High Speed Internet DSL Service  DSL 5.0 mbps   is available across Ontario and Quebec .  Acanac is one of the very few companies in Canada that offers a truly unlimited service at a reasonable price. As a customer of Acanac you will never exceed an artificially imposed monthly allowance of usage . That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them. ( Lies)”

Here is just some of what others have also said about them that reflect my dealings with them too.


Absolutely horrible customer service, they are there to take your money and not provide any support at all.   “  ”  Speed is not stable and tech support is very slow. I’ve used Acanac for more than 5 years, rarely have issue with them but once there’s one, it takes weeks to resolve it. very disappointing.”  “ STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!! This is the worse service I have ever been given in my life.” “ But the customer service is really disappointing.   “  “. Speed has been on the slow to very slow side and I have had my connection lost completely 3 times.   “   “ I used this service for almost 3 years, and wana say that Acanac service becomes the worse and worse, so I cancelled my contract with it. Reasons: 1. Low speed, 2.I didn’t have the entrance to the Internet during several hours almost every day for the last half year. 3. When I tried to reach their technical support service it was a real headache for me. I think they simply ignored my request, but they answering me immediately when I sent the cancelation notice to them. I have to state that Acanac doesn’t care about it’s customers.  “  “  -Service was good, until your service slows or or stops working and you have to reach out for help.  “  “  Finally get useless support email 16 hours after sending in my ticket suggesting I check the cable to the demarc etc etc. Issues continued for a week, customer service never improved. “ “  absolutely terrible customer service. “ “ Acanac has made my life a living hell. Telephone wait times are 45-50 minutes if it is your lucky day or no one answers. Even if someone answers you will quickly realise the guy has no clue or has no inclination to help you. Once the guy was dumb enough to ask me “why did you not send us an email?” Duh!!! I do not have internet?!!! SO PLEASE, PLEASE BE WITHOUT AN INTERNET THAN SIGNING UP WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE HORRIBLE. “  “ However, when you need technical support, you could be put on the phone waiting for hours..  “   Much is promised when inquiring by their sales people, however tech support is non-existent. DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU ENJOY SUFFERING. Tech response is hidden behind a very primitive email service.  DSL connection speed is no better than dial up. “  “Internet goes down at least 4- 6 times a year. You have to call them to get good customer service. Their email and text service is the worst, specially the email response is just a copy and paste , they don’t even read what your problem is.” “  After 2 years, I have had enough – Never again, and I will make sure I tell as many people as I can to never give this company any business “


By slowing down my speeds and capping my downloads as well and as not immediately dealing with my many Acanac internet problems too . undeniably Acanac has been guilty of misleading false advertisements and also violation of my annually renewed contract agreement with them. 
Imagine that  Acanac-Bell has been in Business for many years and was, is still too often, wrongfully guilty now clearly of misleading advertisements, fraudulent and unacceptable business practices, not living up to their contractual obligations, as I now have PERSONALLY WITNESSED, EXPERIENCED  and undeniably detailed to even Acanac-Bell and many others and  many times too now . I had Paid for a   DSL 5.0 mbps  high speed unlimited download service but that is not what I got next. I got low internet speed at a high price. With Acanac-Bell you have to check your actual delivered speeds , “internet download and upload speed test” continually too cause Bell wrongfully seems always  to change it to suit themselves..  they do not, did  honour my contract agreement.
Basic Contract law – Basic Contract law – Basic Contract law- Basic Contract law
Next here is basic legal, valid  understanding, terms of a valid contract, contract  law for all of the managers, president of Bell and all of  Bell employees too. Not just for any customers. Bell had, has definitely detailed, advertised it’s Internet services to all with their  terms, limitations and any customers who enters into mutually agreed upon terms, agreement with their services now forms the  essential mutually legally binding contract..
1: A contract is a legally binding exchange of promises or agreement between competent two parties, persons of legal age too, that the governmental court, the law of the state or province , or country next will enforce. Contract law is based on the Latin phrase pacta sunt servanda (pacts must be kept).  Anyone can enter into a contract, except minors, certain felons and people of unsound mind.  It’s important to know that not all contracts details even  have to be in writing., for instance, certain agreements can also be made and accepted orally and still be legally enforceable. While the contract agreement doesn’t always have to be in writing, all the other elements of a valid contract still have to be met, included, , fulfilled by law. The bottom line is that  the parties generally come to transactions in good faith, mutually trust and understanding, and not a one way approach, one way demands, one way relationship. All valid  courts, will not enforce, accept as valid  any contract to perform an accepted illegal act. A contract to kill some is invalid clearly too.  A person who pays for bad drugs that aren’t delivered can’t next seek the help of a court or the police in getting the money back. Unbelievable some people still do try to do this too. A valid contract also always requires the mutual parties’ consent, which must be freely made, not forced consent,  and clearly communicated to each other. Consent is not free when obtained through duress, menace, fraud,  lies, undue influence or mistakes, serious errors were presented.  Consent isn’t mutual unless the parties agree on the same thing in the same sense, a clear “meeting of the minds. One party now  presenting only their own  their terms, conditions, without the other parties approval, consent, free will   clearly is still not a valid contract.  In order for an acceptance of an offer to be effective, it must be made while the  sales, specific, fixed service offer is still open. Any  person can changes the conditions of an initial offer in responding to the offer, the old offer is clearly now rejected and the changed conditions constitute a counteroffer and that now becomes part of of any subsequent agreed upon contract. I did that with Bell now too. Once there is next a final, written contract between the parties, the parol evidence rule forbids the introduction in a court proceeding of any previous agreements between the parties on the subject matter of the contract.Only certain contracts aren’t valid unless in writing. Generally, they do deal with real property, certain specific loans, debts, money exceeding a certain amount, or contracts concerning the sale of goods worth more than $500 or one that   include  objects that won’t be performed within one year or within the promisor’s lifetime. Bell now being unable to supply me a promised high speed internet but only a low speed one is still a good example of an invalid contract even if was a written one originally from  Bell – Acanac.
2: The Specific parties. The contract must always include,  identify who the agreed upon specific parties are; usually names are sufficient, but sometimes addresses or titles may be used.   Bell – Acanac and the specific customer. Me in this case.
3: The agreed upon object.  The Offer,  the thing, the value, the  services being agreed to is also known as the object or subject  and it itself not only  must be lawful, possible but it must be a definite, fixed, measurable amount specially now even by the laws of Quebec too. For instance Bell promising to deliver a customer a 6 meg download high speed   internet service, where they know they only have a 3 meg line capacity is not legal or legally binding contract. Bell – Acanac promising to supply their” best services “or “up to 6 megs services” is not legal as well for it is  is not really an agreed upon  fixed  object, rather the object is not definite and most customers have take that to mean 6 megs anyway. . The object of the contract does have to be very specific and measurable. It is Bell – Acanac obligations now to to clerk up any ambiguity on the contract as agree upon by the comer now too. So if Bell – Acanac is  promising a 6 megs internet services, and Bell – Acanac by law  next has to deliver 16 megs to meet their promise that is also now part of the contract too. A specified length of time, such as one year does not mean the contract is still valid if Bell has not lived up to the agreed upon previously contract terms.
4: The outcome, or the considerations. All contracts require consideration, meaning each party must gain something fixed, tangible. It may also be something that is or isn’t done or given.   When a party agrees to do something (such as I will paint your house) or to not do something (I will not  sell my  house to anyone else for 30 days) they next also must gain something in return toy make this a valid contract, they must receive  agreed upon   fixed payment, a fixed reward. Generally, if I say I’ll paint your house, and you haven’t promised me anything in return, you can’t sue me next for not showing up because I will not receive  any consideration firstly”. Once a contract has been created, it can be determined if there are any issues that call into question of  its validity too.
5: Termination of contracts.  Breach of contract.  Breach of contract is recognised by the law with applicable penalties now too.  Contracts generally can only be terminated if mutually agree now by both parties as to what the terminations terms included. Parties to a contract may mutually agree to rescind the contract. In that case, the parties may agree on the duties and responsibilities of each party after the rescission. Bell still expecting  me to pay for their internet when they do not keep their promises is a breach of the contract, an invalid demand of me.   Now is the contract  price set, are promised quantities specially  determined, and is the time for performance clearly  stated? There should be enough information contained in the contract  always  that, if needed, the courts likely next  would be able to enforce the contract or determine the appropriate damages. Unless it is mutually agreed upon before any subsequent court demanded decision action,  is taken.  Fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of an important issue of the contract. The presence of fraud in a contractual proceeding makes the contract voidable by the party upon whom the fraud was perpetrated. The contract always still now binds both parties, and not just the customer to the terms, conditions of the contract agreed upon now as well.  Once it is determined that there is a contract, it it  still can, must be determined whether there are any defenses that call into question the validity of the contract.
Bell –  Acanac Changing horses, making changes, additions to the contract in midstream is invalid, a breach, still not allowed, especially without the subsequent, and pre consent, approval of both parties now still too and is a breach of contract rather. That includes Bell capping of my bit torrent downloads too on my unlimited download account
Yes a   contract also may end because of a breach by Bell – Acanac.  A breach occurs when a person, or a firm  does not fulfill his or her, their  responsibilities as promised in the contract. A breach may be minor or major. A  major breach is one that does affect the subject matter of the contract and does  affect the outcome of the contract.  Bell not having sufficient equipment, capacity in place to meet my high speed internet, is a breach of contract. This is also known as a breach of a material issue. When there has been a breach in a contract, the question of damages is raised. The damages due to a party when there is a contract breach depend on many factors, including: which party breaches, and what damages were incurred. In most cases when an injury results from a contract breach, the injured party receives money damages. Such as I have in Dec  2007 from Bell.  Bell itself has unacceptably cause now in the last many years many unacceptable breaches in our contract that I have clearly even in writing not accepted and have objected too and demand restitution of as well rightfully.Go back to a good school firstly Bell – Acanac if you cannot understand and keep all of this now too.
“Despite precedents that show that contracts substantially favoring the party with the greater power often are deemed unconscionable (so unfair as to not be enforceable), lawyers stiff draft them and companies still like them.   Lesson learned: Make deals that are balanced; contracts that distribute risks and responsibilities fairly. Such deals will be honored by courts and your businesses wealth and reputation will benefit over the long term. “  
In Real Estate specifically , there it is a requirement at Law that contracts be written down in usually lengthy legal forms to avoid uncertainty, ambiguity and to be binding “.   When I asked Bell – Acanac to confirm the contract I had with them in writing they next always had refused to do so.. this speaks for itself..
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July 21, 2010

Bell is still undeniable guilty of bait and switch, false misleading trade, advertising practices.

Choose Bell and get more value from your TV service. Digital television you can count on. The best HD. Stunning picture quality . Over 100 HD channels, the best receivers. A free Free HD PVR & digital receiver for three years. How well our services perform is as important to us as it is to you is a blatant lie. Faster interent download speeds and the fastest uploads .The largest fibre optic network in Canada is not available in all parts of Canada firstly. Supposedly Reliable access with proactive speed monitoring and optimization and of course the capping of your downloads is included, so are the too often disconnects. When you choose Bell Internet, you get free wireless home networking, security features, and a complete and customized installation, all on the most advanced fibre optic network in Canada but certainly not in the world. It gives you faster download speeds up to 25 Mbps and the fastest upload speed in the market – up to 7 Mbps. Note the term up to, does not mean a minimum speed still but only a potential maximum speed at Bell’s origin and certainly not at your place. The serious degradation of the speed at your place is a fact now too.
  Bell was and is a king in misleading others. When Bell advertise something is free, it is not free forever, or when Bell advertise a very low price, it is generally always too good to be true, for what Bell gives with one hand it soon takes away with the other hand.. Bell’s fixed contracts are a one way deal, fixed for Bell’s purposes only. Readily and often changed to suit Bell’s purposes mostly and changed without the customer’s prior approval now too. It is what Bell does not tell you that also now counts and can be really negative upon you and your Bell services.. Their support services are undeniably too often really bad when you need them. But we all seem to know next the hard way that you cannot believe what you hear and read these days especially in advertising, or even in the news or from Ottawa too.


I guess the Canadian federal and provincial governments do still feel, do even demonstrate by doing nothing good about it  that the Canadian citizens are here to be taken advantage off, to be abused daily even by their allowing the false misleading, corrupt business practices like that of the Canadian Bell. Mind you we do often also know already that when others lie like Bell does Bell itself does not hesitate to complain about it.
ONCE A BAD GUY, ALWAYS A BAD GUY IT SEEMS.. OTTAWA – The federal cabinet has been asked to referee an increasingly nasty, litigious dispute between Telus Corp. (TSX:T) and Bell Canada (TSX:BCE) over a $213-million Defence Department telecom contract. At one point in late 2008, Telus accused its competitor of deliberately sabotaging the changeover, an accusation Bell denied.



” Technology Bell Canada takes heat from clients for limiting online speedFile-sharing customers fire up complaints as giant extends limit to resellers Roberto Rocha , The Gazette Published: Wednesday, April 02, 2008 “Hands off my Internet” is the message Bell Canada is hearing from Canadians this week and last. Alarmed by the company’s decision to limit Internet speeds when using file-sharing programs, customers are treating Bell to a public relations storm, and asking the government to intervene if necessary. The issue is what is known as “traffic shaping” or “throttling,” the slowing down of Internet speeds for certain types of data. Bell Sympatico said last November that it slows the service of people who share files on peer-to-peer networks like BitTorrent and LimeWire. But the final straw for Internet activists came last week, when Bell said it will do the same for Internet providers that resell Bell’s service under another brand. “It’s certain that it disturbs us a lot. We’re talking millions of people that will be affected (in Canada),” said Jean-Philippe   que, president of ElectronicBox, a Bell Internet reseller in Montreal. “We don’t know what technology Bell is using to throttle. We’re wondering if our other services, like Internet telephony, will be affected,” he said. Now   other third-party resellers have hundreds of Canadians rushing to their defence, gathering on Facebook groups decrying Bell and writing letters to the CRTC, to the Competition Bureau and to Industry minister Jim Prentice. One of these is Steve Anderson, a masters student at Simon Fraser University and co-ordinator of Campaign for Democratic Media, an association of lobby groups. “Our main goal is to raise awareness. When people know that Internet providers are trying to shape what applications they can use, they’re naturally appalled and take action on their own accord,” Anderson said. His Stop the Throttler Facebook group, marked by a malicious-looking beaver chewing through a phone cable, had 535 members as of yesterday. Another group, Stop Bell From Throttling DSL Resellers, has more than 1,000 members sharing news items and tales of contempt for Bell. “Throttling without telling customers is just bad PR,”In the U.S., peer-to-peer throttling is a major issue that is receiving Congressional attention. A bill was introduced in February in the House of Representatives to order the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to investigate the practice. In Canada, the topic of so-called Net neutrality has not reached household status. However, observers like Ottawa law professor Michael Geist, believe Bell’s actions will intensify the debate The CRTC, which is also a target of letter writers, said this week it had not received any complaints. Regardless of the intention, third-party resellers like Béïque fear this tactic will backfire for Bell and its partners. “There will be people who will migrate to other technologies, like cable,” he said. ”…


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May 7, 2010

The big bad CRTC Approves New Bell Internet Billing Rates Increase

The big bad  CRTC Approves New Bell Internet Billing Rates Increase, Plans.
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has approved a plan to bill Internet customers by the gigabyte. Bell Canada and Bell Aliant can now charge both retail and wholesale customers based on how much they download each month. The plan, known as usage-based billing, will apply to people who buy their internet connection from Bell, or from smaller service providers that rent lines from the company, such as Teksavvy or Acanac. The CRTC also approved an additional speed option. The CRTC is letting the service providers introduce the pricing plan to its customers, called usage-based billing, whether a customer gets Internet access from Bell or from smaller companies that get their access through Bell’s lines. Some Internet Service Providers that get wholesale services from Bell had opposed the plan, initially presented last fall, saying they could not differentiate their product offerings from Bell’s under such a scheme. The CRTC noted that it also received a number of individual comments, mostly opposed to the proposal. Usage-based billing is seen by providers like Bell as one way to control or manage demand on their networks, often caused by heavy downloading or so-called P2P traffic. For more information, visit 
Why  are the prices always going up for Bell and the customers instead of down overtime? The CRTC clearly is either incompetent or corrupt. We’d like to be billed in accordance with the contract that we had signed with Bell. Didn’t realize that Bell  could just change the terms of a contract any old time Bell  wanted. It does not take a genius to know that the CRTC have given Bell a license to steal more money from the consumers, customers and Bell providing very little in return back to the customer, Bell still provides lying,  lousy customer services, including the slow down of email and their capping of the downloads too.. Computers, networking hardware, all the tech stuff needed to get the Internet to your door gets cheaper every day…. Hard drives used to be thousands of dollars for 5 megabytes…. now they are pennies on the gigabyte(1000 megabytes)…. Yet Rogers and Bell seem to keep on raising the prices…. they are greedy for a start.

October 21, 2009

CRTC delays usage-based internet billing


CRTC delays usage-based internet billing .  The CRTC is holding off on implementing an order that would allow Bell Canada to charge smaller internet service providers based on how much their customers download each month.  The regulator on Wednesday ALSO announced that ISPs would only be able to use network management measures such as traffic shaping and slowing if economic measures, such as infrastructure investment and usage limits, failed to curtail congestion. The regulator on Wednesday said it needs more time to consider comments submitted by Bell, MTS Allstream and a group of smaller ISPs on its earlier provisional ruling, made in August. That order was supposed to take effect Nov. 10, but will be delayed until the regulator has had a chance to assess all the comments.The CRTC did not say when it expects to make a final decision.  Bell is without a doubt the worst company I have ever seen. I will never do business with them. Voice your opposition to the CRTC’s net neutrality ruling allowing traffic shaping.  I agree , get rid of the CRTC, what a money hole! lets just allow Bell (and Rogers for that matter) to charge us more instead of trying to improve our internet service. I read that report ranking countries and their internet service….Canada didn’t do very good, and this kinda thing isn’t going to make it any better.  When is Canada going to get legit internet, cable and mobel phone competition and end this monopoly?

Top 10 reasons why Ottawa must reverse the CRTC decision:

  1. Bell, Telus and the large cable companies now control 94% of the residential internet services market in Canada. This dominance stands in stark contrast to the competitive dynamic and choice that existed when internet access was first emerging. In 1998 competitors had 47% of the residential market however as high speed began to emerge competitors’ market share began to drop dramatically and is now virtually non-existent because the former monopolies have denied competitors fair economic wholesale access.
  2. In the late 90s Canada was also leading the world in broadband deployment and state-of-the-art networks. Now Canadians pay more than all other G8 countries and get less.
  3. Canada needs the latest and best technology solutions in order to stay competitive. If we allow more monopolization and less competition, there will be no pressure to innovate, and the Canadian economy will suffer.
  4. Bell and Telus were subsidized by taxpayers to build their networks, and we all did that because we wanted the networks to help serve the public interest, not just the private interests of the telephone companies. The networks should continue to be regulated to ensure they serve the public interest, since we helped foot the bill to construct them.
  5. Canada should be leading the world and Canadians should be receiving the innovation and choice that vibrant broadband competition would bring. This will not be achieved by allowing, as the CRTC is doing, the unregulated former monopolies charge retail customers what they want and to use their network dominance to eliminate competitors.
  6. The evidence is clear from the past….when we have competition in broadcast and telecom markets, consumers get more and better services, at lower prices. Turning back the clock would produce exactly the opposite effect.
  7. The US tried the approach the CRTC is advocating and it was a disaster. Estimates are that the cost to the US economy were $66 billion and 234,000 jobs.
  8. If the federal government lets Bell and Telus have the power to harm competitors, smaller towns and rural Canada will suffer most. We need to stand up for all parts of Canada.
  9. Bell and Telus, like most companies, offer more attentive service and more attractive offers when they know you have a choice.
  10. The past rules have not harmed Bell and Telus on the contrary, they are among the largest and most profitable companies in Canada.


September 9, 2009

Skype, Magic Jack

Skype finally hits iPhones in Canada.  Skype is finally releasing a downloadable application for Apple’s popular iPhone in Canada,   Iphone and iPod Touch owners will be able to download it to their device for free, whereupon they can use Skype’s internet-based calling service. This is the beginning of the end for the telcos. Sell your Rogers, Bell, Telus stock today. As free WiFi continues to spread there will be no need for voice or data plans. Who is going to drop 100/month when the exact same service is available free? see  “Wireless carriers have so far prohibited the application from using the iPhone’s cellular internet connection to make calls, because doing so means customers could drop their voice plans altogether.” The companies want control, control, control. The (very bad) CRTC will stand up for the rights of all big businesses to push consumers around and deliberately remove features that people want, leaving no alternative.. I took a MagicJack * option and for about $100.00 I have no more phone bills for any calls in North America for six years and that included the hardware as well.  With an American number (mine is out of Seattle) and wireless connectivity everywhere and anywhere in the world there is an open network; MagicJack is not subject to the same whims and requirements of the myopic Canadian regulators… let alone the needs of law enforcement.  Plug any phone into MagicJack Never pay a monthly phone bill again! Free local and long distance calling in the USA and Canada. 100% Risk Free 30 Day Trial )   
Skype for iPhone is now available in Canada :)  and download it now (opens in iTunes/App Store).  Skype released an upgrade version 1.2 for the iPhone last Friday that added features such as call forwarding, the ability to send SMS (short message service) messages and improved quality of computer-to-computer calls, which are free. Skype [free – iTunes link],  is finally available for iPhone and iPod touch users in Canada. 
 For iPhones right out of the box you can…
-Sign up for SkypeOut credit to make Canadian/USA long distance calls for 2 cents/minute.
Sign up for a Skype subscription plan and make unlimited calls to Canada/USA for $3/month.
-Download Skype from Canadian iTunes instead of going through US iTunes
iPod nano 5th Generation Teardown Popular Repair Guides
Skype – Make free calls and great value calls on the internet With Skype you can make free calls over the internet to other people on Skype for as long as you like, to wherever you like. It is free to download, Skype (pronounced /ˈskaɪp/) is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Skype-to-Skype calls, video calls and instant messaging are free, any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world. Call phones from Skype Save money when you call landlines and cell phones around the world at low, per-minute rates. Or, buy a subscription for unlimited calls.* Download Skype to get started You need Windows 2000, XP or Vista to run Skype. Skype is costing money to run,  in much the same way that YouTube has become a financial burden for Google. Both companies have wrestled long and hard to monetise these businesses to a point where they become cash flow positive. There is no question that Skype is a popular service and that it offers a great set of features to users. It also has great appeal to small businesses and sole traders, allowing users to run their entire business from a laptop. Skype is not a replacement for your traditional telephone service and cannot be used for emergency calling.
* Magic Jack – Not A Bad Gadget for Free Calling But Forget About Customer Service if a Billing Error is Made  All the Clear Calls You Want – But Little Customer Support on Mistakes They Make in Charges, just like most firms it seems anyway.. Magic Jack is a tiny gadget that plugs into the USB port of your PC. Any phone can then be connected to Magic Jack, and – voila – all the free domestic calls you want (and prepaid International calls can be made for .02 a minute). When purchased by calling the number shown in the infomercial Magic Jack, itself, costs $39.99.  System requirements include Apple/Mac, Windows XP or Vista, as well as a high-speed Internet connection. I do not recommend ordering the device over their automated phone order-processing. It is too easy to have an error occur at the end, when they ask if you want priority shipping, the second year, and any additional devices. They do have their website, where orders can be placed and where, perhaps,  errors may be less likely to occur. MagicJack is now being sold at a number of retailers (which is very different than when I purchased mine).  In view of the guarantee on the device, I, personally, don’t see how anyone can go too wrong with it.
Telus unable to sign new mobile customers… “poor customer service from telus is news?  That’s a “Mickey Mouse” Provider anyway.  Am I am supposed to feel sorry for them? Does this warrant coverage? Karma someone said.. Wait, people are still signing up for Teuls? You can’t speak to anyone……and when you do it’s like talking to your dog…….the only difference is you get a responce from your dog. .. their high speed internet services are also terrible. Poor customer relations as well as trouble getting thru technical support.  Telus probably went over thier bandwith cap or even better..they are throttled… by Bell or Rogers?  Maybe telus should find a better service provider. Telus uses a lot of Dell equipment which should be all you need to know.  this couldn’t happen to a better gouging, money hungry corp. Their record of poor service and arbitrary contract fees, etc has finally caught up with them. My most common telemarketing call: Telus, of course. Desperate fools, I’m NEVER coming back. I’ve had satellite with Bell (terrible service), I’ve had a cell phone through Rogers (nightmare) and both internet and landline through telus (clunky incompetent service)… None can I say went smoothly.  Is anyone happy with any Canadian provider? ”
I really do love to read the news comments at the CBC or the Globe & Mail.. they are very hilarious too.

Do always  check your actual ISP speed  check for the blatant theft-corruption on a daily basis and ask them to fix it immediately as well..

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August 19, 2009

Phone companies internet at disadvantage


Telling the truth to all is the best way to deal with any matters now still too.. bad customer services included now.

Internet Cable can be modified cheaper and faster to attain higher speeds over the phone lines

Now “The cable providers have a significant speed advantage over most of Canada’s major phone companies, which provide internet connections over phone lines. Bell and Telus, the two biggest phone companies, are offering speeds with a current maximum of about 15 megabits at a cost of $60 and $53 per month, respectively. In Quebec, Bell has been hemorrhaging phone and internet customers to Videotron, which offers better speeds and prices.

Many of the cable companies are using a network technology known as DOCSIS 3.0, which actually lets them offer speeds higher than 50 megabits.

Canadian internet providers have been criticized for being too slow in rolling out next-generation super-fast internet speeds, and for charging too much for existing services.

A study last week by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development found Canada had the second-highest rates for high-speed internet services ranging between 12 and 32 megabits per second, next to only the Slovak Republic. In Japan, ultra-fast connections of 100 megabits per second are being sold for just over $50 Canadian.

Rogers, Cogeco and Videotron are, however, offering faster speeds than just about every American internet provider.  Rogers Communications is boosting internet speeds in the Toronto area, but will charge a premium for the service. The company announced its new Ultimate High-Speed Internet service with a top download speed of 50 megabits per second, up from 18, and a monthly usage allowance of 175 gigabytes in select parts of the Greater Toronto Area. Customers who currently subscribe to the 18-megabit service will see their speed automatically boosted to 25 megabits at no extra charge, Rogers said.

The new service is considerably faster than the best offered by Rogers’ chief rival Bell Canada, which has a maximum speed of 16 megabits per second, but at $150 a month it is also more expensive than comparable services offered elsewhere in the country.”

” Probably the fastest in Canada? It’s also probably one of the most expensive and slowest compared to other countries. “

“More ISP/Telco lies.  What they are saying is “up to 50MB” and then they’ll throttle your apps to 30k. “


 “a monthly usage allowance of 175 gigabytes” At the speed of 50Mbit/sec you would use up the 175 GB of allowance in just over 9 hours for downloading…” and what do you do the rest of the month?”

” I think it is misleading for the article to talk about these speeds without pointing out that they are all theoretical and that they have nothing to do with the actual speeds that you will get. It doesn’t matter if Rogers has equipment that is capable of a zillion Mbps if they over-subscribe so you only get a trickle during busy periods.”
“The headline should really read “Rogers Offers 50MB Download and Will Finally Deliver the 10 You’ve Been Paying for All Along”  I have never seen my connection at the full amount I’m paying for. I don’t care how fast they *say* it can go, I care how fast it *actually* goes.”
” Why bother upgrading to 50Mbps when u cap, & throttle us we pay for 50mbps u give us 70kbps /sec on our torrents, rogers, bell, aliant & telus u can go …”
“In Stockholm you can get a 100Mbps symmetrical connection (upload and download at 100 at the same time) for about $12 a month.”
” So they throttle their users, steal back bandwidth so they can offer a premium service their customers will never see…. These guys are so badly over-subscribed I’d be amazed if users saw a quarter of that speed.”

The Liberals are just as bad as the Conservatives in not dealing in Canada  with the lying, price gouging communication firms..  The federal, provincial governments, the CRTC, Conservatives, Liberals  unfairly maintaining  archaic, monopolistic telecommunication firms, that are often   bloated, cost ineffective, incompetent, over staffed, un-competitively managed as well is the main reasons consumer costs falsely keep on going up now.

In its first year, 2007-08,  CCTS was still unable able to resolve about 40  per cent, of the complaints according to its own website. What a very high failure rate.  About one-third of the complaints were related to wireless services. 40  per cent, that is about the number of unhappy Customers with Bell’s Internet services too
Subject: Re: CCTS #02010400029439
Thank you for your poor reply, lies, buck passing. But my complaint is still only with one specific firm Bell Canada that I have had a contract for many years and Bell had breached falsely my contract and falsely had disconnected my internet services and I am asking 2500 dollars in damages FROM BELL FOR THEIR INADEQUATE SERVICES HERE  TOO.. NOW  DO FULLY DEAL WITH IT AND THANK YOU. 
Yes it is true that Bell Telephone is still  always seeking news ways by hook or crook as well  to make more money cause it undeniably still loses it’s dissatisfied customers faster than it can gain them.  Bell itself now is always lying for years has always told me it is someone else’s fault for the internet problem and not Bell’s. “Do note that my Bell internet services profile, download speeds  varies, varied from 1 megs, 2 megs, 5 megs, 6 megs, 7 megs, depending on the weather, the day of the week, etc.,  and now all  contrary to Bell’s promises, advertisement of a steady High speed system too, etc., or Bell’s past advertisement that ” Bell delivers reliable Internet access, assuring consumers that they can get on the  Net when they want to and stay there as long as they need”…is also clearly a lie….” Bell’s advertised “Choice of consistent super fast speed” is also a lie for the speed undeniably was slow and varied and too often…  Bell’s advertised “Best price” is also a lie.. and please all do  still deal with Bell’s false capping of my bit torrent too.. on my unlimited download Bell account in Canada.”  Bell for certainty cannot be trusted, it can only be trusted to lie, Bell along with many DSL ISP undeniably lied in their past Internet  ADDS for many years about the advantages of  the internet DSL over Cable too. “The speed advantage of DSL over cable is much higher”, ” DSL-based services results in the ability to guarantee the bandwidth provided by the high-speed DSL connection” ” Cable service providers usually don’t quote absolute performance numbers like the DSL vendors” In real fact Major Canadian DSL vendors like Bell never met their promised speed CONTINUOUSLY or reliably now too anyway and most of the time they were far short of it tooThere was, also is a need for regulatory Government intervention of Bell, ISP providers practices, advertisements too. There has been a lot of evidence, allegations about Bell’s bad  managerial practices,  and it’s motives. It’s mostly been  warranted. Bell  wrongfully sees itself as the sole judge of disputes in their contract obligations too. ..  Sadly AT&T for a start is not the only carrier that doesn’t have presently  adequate  existing bandwidth to support all of their customers, iPhone users  using  an “unlimited” data plan  and that would now include Rogers and Bell? who are clearly already capping their existing customers and others to over come this serious shortcoming,   and in spite of what they do all  promise now they might have in the future I really rightfully do not believe them.  I TOO NOW have been discussing, detailing on the net Bell’s inadequate pretentious, poor services, internet and customer services, specifics included now for many many months.. even in October 2007   
What started as a simple phone call by me in January 2007 to Bell tech help line to determine why my internet services were so slow and sluggish next had  become a major farce, cover-up on the part of Bell Sympatico. I was next lied to for months as to the real reasons Bell they rather had offered me their poor internet services to me and  to many others in my city for years now too.. and then Bell had even  lied to me some more, had also breached their contractual obligations to me many times too, had allowed me even to be slandered, abused on the Bell customer forums now too.. and why? so  that clearly greedy Bell can continue stay in business to make more money.. and so who really cares now about the customer’s good welfare in reality? now? What not Bell itself, not the CRTC, not the federal government, not our Prime Minister Stephen Harper, not  the the federal Minister of Consumer Affairs, Jim Prentice..  not  any provincial consumer affairs Minister, but only the citizens, the news media, and the NDP party care about the citizens  good welfare really it seems. Not acceptable for sure too!
Imagine that Bell has been in Business for many years and is still guilty now clearly of misleading advertisements, fraudulent and unacceptable business practices, not living up to their contractual obligations, as I now have PERSONALLY WITNESSED, EXPERIENCED  and undeniably detailed to even Bell and many others many times too now . I Paid for a high speed unlimited download service but that is not what I got next. I got low internet speed at a high price. With Bell you have to check your actual delivered speeds , “internet download and upload speed test” cause Bell seems to change it to suit themselves..  ( Acanac Inc.  , and do  see their speed test ). BELL EXECUTIVES HAVE BEEN  TOO CHEAP, AND STINGY TO SPEND THE NECESSARY MONEY TO DO THE MUCH NEEDY UPDATES TO BELL’S INTERNET WHICH DO LACK FULL CAPACITIES TO SERVICE ALL THE PRESENT CUSTOMERS, NEVER MIND ALL THE FUTURE ONES, SO THEY HAVE TO THROTTLE THEIR SERVICES
 More and more, Bell, Sympatico Internet users are finding Web browsing a lot less fun these days for  it took a little time to load the pages, there is continual internet connectivity problems for their Bell ISP provider is totally unreliable, dishonest, inadequate too.  
Bell has always had it’s spin doctors spin, lying..  Now this Mis-advertisement of the actual speeds attained  also reflects the common  problem we tend to  have also in Canada with the false, misleading advertising, trade practices by Bell, Rogers, Videotron in regard to the speeds of their iPhone and DSL, ADSL, cable internet services. These Communication, ISP firms amongst others are known to inflate, advertise substantially higher speeds than the consumer will actual get next get on the average, and the  next related internet congestion cause web connectivity problems, and also reductions of the downloads speeds too..
Bell firstly has also not been transparency about it’s internet capping as well now..  Major Canadian DSL service providers commonly employ bandwidth / speed caps for residential customers. Bandwidth caps place an artificial limit on the maximum speed a customer can achieve by monitoring their indCOMPENSATION as soon as possible.ividual traffic flow and throttling network packets .Providers concerned about the capacity limits of their network  implement a cap so that they can accommodate more customers, and make more money and undeniably  do not do this for the sole benefit of the consumer but mainly their own. But I have said much of this before for many months now too already even that Bell will lie, divert the truth and basically try to say that the customers are all still stupid, and the customer’s own computer’(s) are at fault,, they are lacking sufficient processing power or memory, cache and they  cannot keep pace with a high-speed Internet connection. Or the spyware, viruses on the computer when that rarely is the case now too for the slow internet speed,s but rather it is mainly due to Bell’s own faulty, and poorly maintained and poorly serviced equipment…  Bell is one of he biggest liar that I have personally dealt with too..  I had written 300 letters to Bell trying to get simple, straightforward satisfaction, appropriate payment,  answers from them and of course they dishonestly refused to provide any answers.. all they Sasha Rollins,  did eventually is double bill me and next cut of my internet for complaining too much to them.. real perverse people. Nevertheless I posted a full log for about 2 years on the net, too all of the major news editors, major politicians now too  for all to read, and Bell undeniably now did not try to deny it too, as to how crooked they were and how poorly they had actually responded to their false breach of my internet contract too. I now do realize that I have been told many times now by Bell on the phone, on the net that my internet account matter now has been escalated to the Highest level at Bell, specially Bell executive care services, and that as usual I  have been lied too. Bell should pay for internet throttling, Breach of contract too. Telus says Bell should pay for internet throttling dispute: Telus Corp. is supporting consumer groups and small service providers in seeking legal costs from Bell Canada Inc. in a dispute over the throttling of internet speeds. Telus had said it agrees with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and the Canadian Association of Internet Providers, who say that because Bell started the whole argument over throttling, the company should be liable for all the costs whether it wins or loses the dispute.
 Bell Sympatico now even  wanted an extra payment of 75 dollars if I do not return ASAP their high speed modem as soon as possible, conveniently forgetting that they themselves had wrongfully had breached my ISP contract, and also that they had falsely refused to refund me for an  overcharge of an  extra 55 dollars, to me for this  high speed modem that I had never even requested from Bell Sympatico in the first place, and they too easily seem to forget that  fact they Bell Sympatico had falsely also now tried 4 times to withdraw, steal my  money from my bank account even during the time I as supposed to have  free 6 months high speed unlimited internet as well. An agreement they too had falsely breached now too. Now Bell Sympatico’s executive care  Sasha Rollins had  complained to me in writing 3 times back that in the last 18 months I have written 280 letters of rightful complaints to Bell about their inadequate, pretentious, services, even their false breach of their contract obligations. Me I am even next still even rightfully complaining to Bell Sympatico now that I had even firstly to to write any of these 280 letters of complaints to Bell Sympatico, and I as a direct result do even rightfully still do demand full payment of 2500 dollars from Bell Sympatico NOW  for all my wasted time in even having now to do so now as well, plus further payment for the many years I had paid for a high speed internet services but never got one from Bell Sympatico as well. And I rightfully still expect this rightful  2500 dollars payment to me now from Bell Sympatico ASAP AS WELL , and  so also  NEXT  I too will demand an extra 250 dollars in payment  if they do not pay me my 2500 dollars<>;

 Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 1:12 PMSent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 9:04 AM  Subject: CCTS #02010400029439

Dear sir,

Thank you for contacting the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS). The CCTS is an independent agency with a mandate to receive, facilitate the resolution of, and, if necessary, resolve eligible consumer and small business complaints relating to certain retail telecommunications services.

The scope of CCTS’ mandate is set out on our website:

Unfortunately, this matter is not an Eligible Complaint within the meaning of our Procedural Code and is therefore not within the scope or mandate of the CCTS. The CCTS handles complaints on a specific case by case basis.  Your complaint pertains to the market of the internet service by all the service providers in Canada. This matter is not within the definition of an “Eligible Complaint” with regards the CCTS’ Procedural Code section 1.1(j).
Therefore, the CCTS cannot process your complaint.  The Procedural Code can be found at:

You may wish to contact the CRTC at 1-877-249-2782 or the Telecommunications Service Provider (TSP) of your choice as they may be able to assist you with this matter.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your complaint, or anything contained in this correspondence, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CCTS P.O. Box 81088 Ottawa, ON K1P 1B1


Sincerely, CCTS Assessment Team


do see also

August 15, 2009

CRTC is clearly in Bell’s bad pocket again



 Online Petition Stirs Commentary with Calls for End of CRTC mediacaster A petition calling for the dissolution of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, (CRTC) says the regulator has become a burden on the Canadian public, and should be replaced with a new regulator

Dissolve the CRTC !

Toronto Star – Neoseeker – – Dslreports

Dear Minister of Industry,

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) was created for the purpose of ensuring broadcasting and telecommunications systems serve the Canadian public and ensure that Canadians have a wide variety of options to create and view works of media or communicate across the country and the entire world.

We, the undersigned, believe that the CRTC has become a burden on the Canadian public and are failing to perform their duties in the interest of the Canadian public and that of a fair and unbiased telecom policy.

Scrap the CRTC, petition urges  An online petition to dissolve the CRTC  . The petition, at   and on   Facebook and Twitter,  was started Saturday by Mike Lerner, a 23-year-old Ottawa software company employee, who was frustrated by a decision to allow Bell Canada to institute usage-based billing on its wholesale internet customers. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission last week provisionally approved Bell’s request to require independent companies such as TekSavvy and Acanac, which rent parts of its network to supply their own services, to charge customers by how much they download.Independent providers typically offer customers hundreds of gigabytes of usage where Bell’s most popular service allows only 50 gigabytes a month. Smaller providers now say they have just under three months to migrate their customers on to similar usage models. Once those plans are implemented, they say, their services will be indistinguishable from Bell’s.  The CRTC, the petition says, is failing in its mandate to protect competition and look out for the interest of Canadian consumers and has for the past three years shown “undue preference in the interest of commercial entities and their preference for traditional business models over competing models that would create competition.” “We, the undersigned, believe that the CRTC has become a burden on the Canadian public and are failing to perform their duties in the interest of the Canadian public and that of a fair and unbiased telecom policy,” it says.Lerner told CBC News the government needs to replace the current regulator with a body that is staffed by people who are in touch with the new technology and competition models being introduced by the internet.”You need some people who have experience with telecom but you also need some people who understand the new types of competition. They just don’t have any experience in that field,” he says.


This is all really unacceptable. Monopolistic, big bad Bell is allowed to violate basic  contract laws as well again.

 “Want to know why this happens?  Wander around the building in Gatineau where the CRTC offices are. Nothing but hundreds of middle aged women who have never used bittorrent, never downloaded a software update, and never used an open source application.  People completely out of touch how technology is used today!   What DO they care about? Their Big Pension Countdown!”
If the CRTC isn’t going to do their job, then we at least need to examine Bell’s anti-competitive practices under consumer protection laws. They all need to be brought down a few notches. I’m convinced the CRTC is hindering the advance of technology and broadcasting in this country.”
The CRTC’s time has come! Enough pandering to big business interests. I urge all Canadians to support this initiative. The consequences of not supporting this and net neutrality will diminish the online experience for all Canadians for years to come. ” 

Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Shaw, Telus  all only care about one thing.. maximum profits.. motivated by maximum greed.. finding an excuse to charge the customer for more.. and that they have done with their regulating, capping… and no one cares about what the consumer thinks, the CRTC or the federal Conservatives as well included. This consumer price gouging perversity has got to stop. I asked the Liberals and Iggy to rightfully speak out against this, and I am  still waiting to hear from them? Why are they not talking about this as well?

Sadly to many of us are like sheep, we do what we are told, because we are fearful of negative consequences, sheep are often afraid of their own shadows as well.. but unfortunately we do not have the luxury of being abused, whether it is verbally, physically, mentally, or what ever.. cause the abusers tend not to stop their abuses upon us unless they themselves do feel some real , personal negative consequences in reality. I too have found when being abused that screaming rape in a loud voice in public, full public exposure and calling the police, demanding the appropriate rightfully prosecution works the best.. sadly the too often lazy, pretentious, inadequate police, watchdogs  themselves can be a real part of the problem and not the solution, so I next expose the bad cops and all the bad watchdogs, politicians  readily as well.

see also

“Bell to charge small ISPs by usage

Last Updated: Thursday, August 13, 2009 | 11:45 AM ET  By Peter Nowak, CBC News

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has approved a request by Bell Canada to implement usage-based billing for its wholesale internet customers.

The decision, made on an interim basis, could result in lower download limits for customers of smaller companies such as Teksavvy and Acanac that rent portions of Bell’s network to provide their own internet services.

Smaller ISPs, which typically allow customers to download hundreds of gigabytes a month, may be forced to lower their limits to Bell levels. Bell’s most popular plan allows customers to download 50 gigabytes a month.

The CRTC on Wednesday also approved a request from Bell that will allow the company to charge small ISPs 75 cents for every gigabyte over 300 that their customers use.

Smaller ISPs had fought the requests and said if granted, their services would become indistinguishable from Bell’s. The CRTC last year also allowed Bell to extend its traffic management practices, where certain uses of the internet such as peer-to-peer file-sharing are slowed or “throttled,” to smaller ISPs.

Independent companies are therefore required to throttle their own customers as well.

Although the CRTC ruled in favour of Bell during the throttling dispute, it also launched an inquiry into the larger issue of net neutrality, or how much control internet providers should have over the connections they provide to customers. The regulator is expected to make a ruling on net neutrality by the end of the year.

Consumer concern

Internet experts said that with usage-based billing, the CRTC has once again ruled in favour of Bell at the expense of consumers.

“It raises significant competition concerns since it suggests that independent ISPs will further lose their ability to differentiate their services,” University of Ottawa internet law professor Michael Geist said.

“It also calls into question Bell’s claims during the traffic management hearing that they can’t differentiate between providers since the implementation of [usage-based billing] would mean much more detailed info about end users.”

Mirko Bibic, head of regulatory affairs for Bell, said the company’s network-management technology is capable of differentiating between wholesale customers for accounting and usage-based billing purposes but not for traffic shaping, a fact that was made clear in its filings during the CRTC hearing.

“Our statements to the CRTC were and have always been accurate,” he said.

Bell stopped offering unlimited downloading to its own retail customers a few years ago. Throttling and usage-based billing are key parts of its strategy to fight congestion on its network. Critics, however, have said that Bell has so far failed to prove its network is congested.

Rocky Gaudrault, head of Teksavvy, was angry with the CRTC’s decision and said it will limit his company’s ability to offer new services such as television over the internet and could see an increase to customers’ bills of $10 to $20.

“Today’s decision has to send a clear picture to those the CRTC have to answer to,” he said.

“Someone needs to step in and audit how these lawmakers come to their conclusions as predatory tactics, which last I checked were not allowed in Canada, are being allowed to march through the regulatory gates without any resistance, all while laughing in the face of both Joe competitor and Joe public.”

The CRTC has given small ISPs 90 days to prepare for the implementation of Bell’s usage-based billing.”

” Today the CRTC just proved they are corrupt. Only a person of an IQ of less then 80 could not tell this is bad for consumers, Indy ISP’s and small home run businesses.  One of the board members of the CRTC is a former bell and rogers employee, I wonder how much he is taking under the table in cash or stocks.”

“Unbelievable! The CRTC should be dismantled immediately and/or there should be an inquiry into it’s board members. The CRTC does not represent or protect the best interests of Canadians or any company other than the already established monopoly.”

“The CRTC screws Canadians.. AGAIN. This agency is rapidly wearing out its welcome. When Bell is wholesaling access to its system it has NO BUSINESS even knowing anything about the usage of individual customers of another company! It need only know the total usage by Teksavvy (or whoever else) and bill accordingly. Even the wording used by the CBC in this article is slanted. By expressing the issue this way “Smaller ISPs, which typically allow customers to download hundreds of gigabytes a month, may be forced to lower their limits to Bell levels. Bell’s most popular plan allows customers to download 50 gigabytes a month.” CBC is taking sides in a much more complex issue than this paragraph describes. Net neutrality NOW. “

” “Someone needs to step in and audit how these lawmakers come to their conclusions as predatory tactics, which last I checked were not allowed in Canada, are being allowed to march through the regulatory gates without any resistance, all while laughing in the face of both Joe competitor and Joe public.” Brilliantly put. Our internet privileges are slowly being stripped away from us for more and more profit, and the CRTC hasn’t done a thing about it.  Crooks.”

” I find it incredibly ludicrous that the CRTC is made up of ex-Bell cronies! How in the heck is THAT fair and unbiased? Whatever Rocky has been cooking up to deal with the throttling fiasco, he had better shift into high gear and really start researching his options on a fail-safe plan to rid the TekSavvy name from Bell’s medusian gaze forever. Or its out of business for his family for GOOD.  Bell doesnt want you using Usenet, P2P, Torrents, FTP, VOIP or YouTube HD without forking over 50% of your paycheck. Who else in this world has those kind of markups? Answer: The Mafia.  Time to change tactics with Bell. Writing angry letters is not going to cut it anymore.”

“The members CRTC should be investigated. These bunch of crooks are really the public enemies.” ” Canadian Regulators Send Another ( Pornographic) Love Letter To Bell”

I have just renewed a one year unlimited download contract with Accanac/Bell.. I rightfully oppose to Bell. CRTC putting any caps on my downloads. My tracking number is: 0010400029439


CBC had said “ Bell stopped offering unlimited downloading to its own retail customers a few years ago. Throttling and usage-based billing are key parts of its strategy to fight congestion on its network. Critics, however, have said that Bell has so far failed to prove its network is congested. ” SPECIFICALLY AS OF AN 1,2008 THAT IS NOT REALLY A FEW YEARS AGO BUT ABOUT 1.7 YEARS AGO..  and the move was clearly made to allow Bell to offer rental of  it’s own movies, to provide internet phone for iphones, and to encourage people to get Bell TV  as well


Bell is always seeking news ways by hook or crook as well  to make more money cause it undeniably still loses it’s dissatisfied customers faster than it can gain them


PS   Australia biggest ISP admits to lying Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | 11:15 AM ET Last week saw an interesting revelation from Telstra, Australia’s biggest phone and internet provider. New CEO David Thodey admitted to a court that Telstra had lied to block rival internet service providers from accessing its network. Under previous CEO Sol Trujillo, an American, Telstra had told other ISPs that several of its downtown telephone exchanges were full so they couldn’t install their own equipment and thereby provide customers with their own services. There was, in fact, plenty of space but Telstra was playing dirty tricks to cut its competitors off at the knees.

” These things ARE happening, perhaps not to the extent of demolishing bathrooms, but the lying about full areas definitely occurs. In fact, some small ISPs have had such problems with this that they advise potential new customers to sign up with Bell for a month (no contract) and then migrate over to the wholesaler. This is because when wholesalers put in the line request, they are often told that the customer can not receive DSL or that the customer will receive a much lower speed profile.

In regards to the Competition Bureau, our Bureau consciously ignores all anti-competitive behaviour from Bell. When Bell started throttling its retail customers, they lost a large number of subscribers to DSL wholesalers. Bell then unilaterally and magically decided that their network was congested because of wholesaler traffic and started throttling their wholesalers. This was an unbelievably anti-competitive move. However, how did the Competition Bureau respond? They referred all complaints to the CRTC, claiming that all telecommunications issues were the responsibility of the CRTC. Fast forward a few months. An association of small Canadian internet providers, the CAIP, files a tariff application with the CRTC asking for access to Bell’s new upgraded network. The CRTC agrees and gives Bell notice to submit their expected costs from this move. What does Bell do? Bell ignores the CRTC order and instead submits a proposal to impose Usage-Based-Billing on all wholesalers, with absolutely ridiculous overage fees of nearly $1 per GB, with no maximum penalty. The CRTC recently granted this proposal on an “interim” basis. This, despite the overwhelming submission of comments against the proposal. The CRTC even acknowledges that the proposal discriminates against wholesalers, but claims that it is not “unjust discrimination”? Huh? It is worthy to note that Bell Retail is NOT included in this proposal, and Bell only just today added a new $5 for 40GB insurance plan to its offered internet services. Smells like anti-competitive behaviour to me.” 

see also

July 7, 2009

CRTC’s Farcical hearings on Internet speed control


Ten things your internet provider does not want you to know.
First  test your Internet connection.
The smartphones demand  has clearly surged, but they use as much as 30 times as much bandwidth as regular mobile phones to run the applications, or “apps,” that make them so popular. This  surge in traffic triggered by video and other apps has led to more dropped calls and choppy service. As video on smartphones becomes more popular, it is leading to more congestion, and forcing the reluctant carriers to spend billions to upgrade their antiquated networks and also to  buy more wireless spectrum. Kind explains why Bell also had to dishonestly cap the regular downloads capabilities on it’s networks to make way for the smart phones. And why Apple’s phones, ipods  are reluctant to  to use video, cameras ..  Just cause you got a Smartphone does not mean it is going to work properly.

Many Other citizens have agreed with the truths that I have written even  that the ISP providers themselves are the main reasons the internet is congested and that they the ISPs are also guilty of false, misleading advertising to get customers too.   “They would rather lower your speeds than spend the cash to upgrade their crappy networks and just bank the cash as profit.” I have often wondered as to why so many communication corporations are so stupid unrealistically gambling, thinking they can abuse their customers and they will come back for more? Believe me most customers will do without next or look for a better alternative instead.   
Ministers ignoring the near-monopoly state of the market. Where customers rarely have more than one or two choices, ISPs can behave with impunity, raising rates, providing lousy support, and — yes — discriminating against content they disfavor. After all, consumers have nowhere else to turn. Only rigorous government intervention can ensure that Internet service providers serve the public good by maintaining the Internet as a free-flowing marketplace of ideas. And only a free and open Internet can protect our democracy in an age of frightening media consolidation.
Harper’s staff, civil and public servants do not reply to the citizens letters any better over the lieberals too. Prior to the introduction of the copyrights bill, there was already substantial public consultations about copyright issues but the bill Moore introduced ignored many of the public’s stated concerns and why was that? No Doubt whose bed the Minister is sleeping in.. Asking for Consolations when it is quite clear he has already made up his mind where it will go is ludicrous approach, a big lie still.. ” He basically chucks out the result of public consultations in favor of a bill written by the entertainment industry, and he calls OTHERS absolutists” Useless, pretentious Minister Minister James Moore’s remarks demonstrate yet again the Harper government’s disdain for the Citizens of Canada. The Lieberals are not any better. It is the same reasons the telecommunications services are poor, and the prices are high in Canada, they all favour big business being allowed to be greedy, over valid consumer protection, concerns. Such immoral, double standard, law and order concerned MPs hypocritically of course would also not want, allow their expense account checked for the lies, dishonesty. By the way Hollywood who is asking for protection is already known for it’s tax evasions but who cares what they do? No political parties in Canada thus will have a majority government if they continue to cleanly show their lack of concerns for the citizens over and over again too.
While the pretentious Canadian Liberal and Conservatives governments, are presently engulfed in the  Quebec mafia scandals too, hiding the MP expenses,  while they  clearly do not care about the average citizens, about their consumer protection, yes the ordinary citizens  concerns too, but they all  wrongfully it seems to care only about big businesses making  more money at any costs, the reality of this is all  evident by the fact this  page has become the most read post of mine.. and do see also 
Canada must follow Europe’s example and implement open-access rules that will force internet network owners to share their infrastructure with smaller competitors if the country is to compete in the digital age and greedy, immoral, lying, price gouging Bell itself must be forced to diverge itself of any of  the internet business which is clearly a conflict of interest here too.  Their infrastructure was paid for by the taxpayers through government subsidies and grants. In other words, they are a PUBLIC UTILITY and must be shared freely for everyone’s benefit. And  it’s really sad that Estonia has better digital infrastructure than we do.  Read more:  
 Canadian broadband blasted by Harvard study – Canada has some of the poorest high-speed internet service in the developed world and is an example of what not to do from a policy perspective, according to a study by Harvard University.   Canada was 22nd overall out of 30 countries surveyed by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Canada ranked 16th on broadband adoption, 20th on speed and capacity, and 25th on price. Japan, Sweden and South Korea headed up Harvard’s rankings, while the United States placed above Canada at 13th overall… we have been paying the big ISPs “boat loads” of money for a decade, yet they have spent little on upgrading and maintaining their networks. with rogers i paid about $50 a month for a 5MB down 800KB up connection which was then traffic shaped down to a 200KB down 50KB up connection; you don’t see a problem with this? this is because rogers, bell, etc. have spent only a fraction of their profits on upgrading their networks. they pocket most of the profits and spend the rest on massive advertising campaigns telling us how great they are. this lack of investment on infrastructure means they are unable to actually provide the speeds which they advertise, hence traffic shaping must be employed… And I always thought that the CRTC was adopted to protect Canadians. I guess the truth is finally coming out. Finally, confirmation that all Canadians are being screwed by the CRTC, cable companies and telco’s. No competition, no choice from tv signal service providers (DTV), dictatorial CRTC regulators, throttled networks and ridiculous pricing is screwed the Canadian consumer out of $$ billions $$ of dollars every year. Excuse me, I have to go now and watch the 500th re-run of Top Gun and Tommy Boy now. Nothing else on. Canadians are being charged for the same unimmaginative repetitious programming over and over and over again. It’s sad, corrupt and theft as far as I’m concerned. Bell Canada bribes customers who threaten to leave.  Bell Canada throttles customers (their own AND the Indie ISPs customers).  CRTC gave Bell Canada permission to implement Usage Based Billing, not just on their own customers, but on the customers of the Independents.  This means the Independent ISPs will only be able to offer Bell Canada pricing. The same service we get now will cost about double when UBB is implemented. Canada will lead the world with the highest priced service.

FCC Study: Open Access Spurs Broadband Growth eWeek

WHO REALLY LOOKS AFTER ALL OF THE CITIZENS BEST INTEREST IN REALITY.. CERTAINLY NOT HARPER AND HIS CROONIES!   Canada is  far behind the rest of the world in providing affordable broadband to the majority of its populace and here the definition of affordable depends solely on the greedy big 5 Shaw, Rogers, Telus, Bell,  Videotron, and it still  does not relate to the internet actual service or actual speed now as well.  The false, misleading advertised internet service and speeds  are still never attained in fact firstly. Canada  lags in broadband innovation because the Corporate shareholders  are greedy for profits.  While the wire line, wireless and satellite broadband is available to  most of the country and most subscribers have a choice of only a few providers the prices are clearly rigged, fixed, colluded for they are all nearly the same high prices with the same extras too. They all sleep in the same bed, pig stall, and all try to gouge the customer for all  they can   Only 70 per cent of households are signed up for broadband. and 30 per cent of Canadian households not on the Internet? Price Affordability…
 AS TO WHAT BELL DOES NOT TELL YOU WHEN IT LIES WHEN THEY TRY TO SELL YOU THEIR SERVICES.  “Canada has some of the poorest-quality broadband among advanced countries, according to a study of global internet infrastructure. Canada placed 25th out of 34 countries in the University of Oxford’s ranking of innovation economies, far behind top-rated South Korea and just ahead of Australia and the United States. This is because the Companies (Bell & Rogers) are far more interested in profit than service to their CUSTOMERS.  No kidding and the CRTC hasn’t been any help whatsoever so what are they there for when they have impeded the country in becoming wired.” This is what happens when something as vital as communication is left to the private sector with it interest in high profits rather than service. A Canada wide hi speed broad band network should be considered in our national interest!  Both the Liberals and Conservatives have dropped the ball on this one 

Canadian broadband  : ISP-funded report. I can not  believe the report from the people who cannot straighten out my cable bill after over a *year* of repeated phone calls and escalations and also the people who think it’s OK to charge for incoming text messages, think that system access fees are fair and that 100GB internet usage per month is terribly  excessive. This is quite a pathetic attempt to counter the non-biased  study done by Oxford. Who do they think is going to fall for this one? “About 30 per cent of households still have not chosen to take up  broadband, a phenomenon that the report says cannot be fully explained as of yet.” They can explain it, they just don’t want to say that prices are too high for the crap service they give. If these internet providers  had “world-class broadband” there would be no need for their ridiculous  traffic shaping practices. So which is it?  ‘ll bet the CRTC is backing this study too. We pay more than most other countries for service that  doesn’t begin to reach the same speeds. Yea, Rogers started offering 100  MBPS, but actual line tests really provide only 40 MBPS, and the cost is  nearly $150/month. Same service in the US is almost half that price. We need some regulation in the market to stop the 2 ISP’s in Canada from continuing to rip us off. In other news…  Major IPS  firms say Canada  is doing very well in broadband availability,  AND Tobacco companies say  smoking is good for you! THEY BOTH ARE KNOWN TO BE LIARS

First check your actual ISP speed  check for the blatant theft-corruption on a daily basis and complain to your ISP
Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Shaw, Telus all only care about one thing.. maximum profits.. motivated by maximum greed.. finding an excuse to charge the customer for more.. and that they have done with their regulating, capping… and no one cares about what the consumer thinks, the Conservatives, Liberals, the CRTC included.  Do send a copy to
The truth the news media does not publish. A few years ago, Canada was ahead in the internet field. Then Bell and the CRTC sat back and let the world pass us by, while the Conservatives lacked the will, vision to notice, admit  this was even a problem. Harper’s Conservatives, DO NOTHING! 
Canadians are also now still paying some of the most expensive internet prices in the world. We should be in the Guinness book of records for internet fees. Many  say let American companies provide full, unlimited internet services in Canada for under $25.00 a month, provide real competition in this country. We pay way to much for all telecommunications here compared to Europe or almost anywhere. Many see very little difference between the government, CRTC, Bell, Rogers, Telus and organized crime still! “these flipping companies are the same ones who also monopolize telephone, mobile, and television services, and they make BILLIONS a year on them.  It’s clear Bell and Telus have friends in the government and CRTC.” Bell I hope all of people now can see how poorly in reality you care about your customers, consumers.   There are only 3 general options available from them all  to customers , and they’ve all made their plans/deals nearly the same. Yes the same services, same price. That is called price rigging, restricted and unfair  business practices, price gouging.   Collusion and bribery are only a crimes in other countries; but in Canada, it seems it is considered good business practice in Canada by our law and order federal Conservative government now too. Who is being fooled by all of this now too? Not many Canadians. ”If it wasn’t for the fact I have no choice (either deal with them or be without the services I need) I would have jumped ship quite some time ago. Somebody needs to dismantle these huge corporations who’s monopolies span over SEVERAL INDUSTRIES in order for this to stop. Bell owns TV, Satellite, Mobile, AND internet. And so does Telus in the west.” Do get real competition in Canada now here too. “Get rid of the pimp CRTC who are there only to protect the large telecoms/cable companies not the people.”
Many many people who use computers heavily now are upset, not the politicians though and why is that? Many people are upset that there email has slowed down, their downloads have also slowed down, but not most of the politicians now and why is that still too? They mostly still don’t use the computer, all they care about wrongfully is their money, their income it seems. They the politicians tell you they care about you only at election time and in reality really act like they do not give a dam about you the rest of the time. That is why this post is so popular  cause it tells the whole truth to all. All the federal government does is fight amongst themselves about meaningless smear campaigns while the REAL issues of this country, the citizens and their concerns  are ignored.

We need “legitimate” regulations.  It is pathetic that  the likes of Bell, Rogers & Telus only want de-regulation as long as the rules are only in their favour and not rather  the citizens, consumers favour.     

Australia to split up phone giant Telstra but here in Canada we prop up monopolies. This should have been done with Bell, Roger’s and Telus years ago.  Australians are ripped off blind, left right and centre by “Telstra” and it comes from a monopoly who uses police like powers to charge exorbitant rates. Australians are charged outrageous amounts for internet and mobile phone.   – the government of Australia exists to benefit the people of Australia, not shareholders of some monopoly. Yes, ending monopolies hurts rich people who benefit from them, so what? That’s not a compelling argument against breaking up the monopoly.,,, imagine if the government legislated Bell, Rogers and Telus into separately owned phone, cell phone, Internet and cable operations?
MTS Allstream is petitioning the CRTC to scrap an order that will allow Bell Canada to bill internet customers based on how much they download each month. Rogers already does this. I was charged extra for downloading too much on my “Unlimited” account.
MTS, small ISP take internet fight with Bell to court – MTS Allstream and independent broadband provider Acanac are asking a court to overturn a CRTC decision that grants Bell Canada the right to impose new internet charges on wholesale customers. MTS Allstream says the CRTC made an error in law by allowing Bell to charge wholesale internet customers by how much bandwidth they use. In their filing, MTS and Acanac say the CRTC is bound by the Telecommunications Act to ensure that rates for services it regulates are just and reasonable at all times. But since Bell doesn’t have to pay itself those rates, the filing says, they are in fact unfair.  MTS and Acanac are part of a campaign started last week to overturn another CRTC decision, which limits wholesale competitors’ access to the broadband infrastructure owned by the likes of Bell and Telus. MTS is looking to have that decision, which the CRTC made last December, overturned by cabinet. The Coalition for Competitive Broadband seeks to muster public support for the appeal, which cabinet must act on by Dec. 11. The government can overturn the CRTC’s decision, and send it back to the regulator for a review, or reject the appeal… The CRTC is beyond corrupt and the Harper government is in the back pocket of the Telcos. Bring on the election so we can take back Canada for the people instead of corporate industry. Harper’s government with the corrupt Tony Clement as Industry Minister is destroying Canada for Canadians. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!Make this an Election Issue ! sign the petition
Many many people who use computers heavily now are upset, not the government though and why is that? Citizens are naturally here to be abused? Canadians are also now still paying some of the most expensive internet prices in the world. It is unbelievable how the CRTC tries to increase a monopolistic corporate  service, rather with a no win solution..
The government of Australia works to split up phone giant Telstra but here in Canada we prop up monopolies. A split up in Canada  should have been done with Bell, Roger’s and Telus years ago.  yes the government  exists to benefit the people and  not shareholders of some monopoly. Yes, ending the monopolies hurts solely the rich people who benefit from them, so what? That’s not a compelling argument against breaking up the monopoly.  Imagine if the government now had rightfully legislated Bell, Rogers and Telus into separately owned phone, cell phone, Internet and cable operations? 
That  is the negative realty of these relationships as well MTS Allstream and independent broadband provider Acanac cannot provide real positive services to the consumer in the first place, cause they are at the mercy of Bell or Telus. Any customer of ACANAC has to still deal with Bell and Bell can still lie again, by saying  the whole problem is in Acanac’s supplied  modem, when it is not for sure.. Bell now  itself had previously changed my modem 8 times and I still had bad download capacity , and so Bell also  refuses falsely  to deal with the problem, and basically all ACANAC can do now mainly is still nothing? Just like big bad Bell mostly did as well..
Any buck passing, false diversionary proposed solutions by anyone in reality have clearly nothing to do with the clearly evident, stated problem of Bell’s oresent traffic shaping and Traffic capping..   
My related years of experience tells me that again too.. posting my complaint in full next on the net for all to read seems to work better  next.. some how this always gets them all motivated to actually deal with it.. funny!   A bad usless Conservative MP now is no use to us anymore than a bad usless  Liberal MP too..

CRTC not enforcing internet ruling A CRTC order issued nine months ago that requires phone companies to give wholesale customers access to faster internet speeds is in limbo as the regulator is still puzzling out whether or not it should be enforced.  The order, issued on Dec. 11, 2008 in response to a complaint from Cybersurf, a small internet provider based in Calgary, required big phone firms such as Bell and Telus to make all the internet speeds they offer to retail customers available to wholesale companies as well, if requested.  Those wholesale companies, which are typically smaller internet providers such as Cybersurf, Teksavvy and Acanac, rent parts of the phone firms’ networks to provide their own customers with service.  The CRTC gave the phone firms 45 days from the issuing of that order to file the fees they intended to charge wholesale companies for the faster speeds. The prices were to reflect the actual cost of the service, plus a reasonable markup.  The CRTC has received at least two separate requests to obtain a court order to enforce its decision and is effectively giving Bell and Telus a free pass, he added. The regulator, however, doesn’t want to take the matter to the courts until it rules on requests from Bell and Telus for a stay on the order. “We’d rather deal with the stay before going into enforcement,” Carmel said.  Chris Peirce, head of regulatory affairs for MTS, said the CRTC is showing a pattern of giving in to “bullying” from the likes of Bell and Telus.   This is simply one more proof that CRTC is a complete failure.   Telco’s that won’t supply equal speeds for resellers should be sued. There’s no need for a CRTC ruling.  The CRTC seems woefully technically incapable of understanding the very industry they are regulating. This leaves them open to the usual snowjob by big telco. One more reason that some radical but necessary change is required at this commission. Solution is simple. Write the rules of the game (price with corresponding service value) and enforce them by reasonable date: January 01, March 31 or June 30, 2010.  Claim by Bell and Telus that destruction of small ISP’s is required in order to compete with Cable companies may be true if not for a fact that Cable companies also must provide access to their networks to small ISP’s.  Destroying small ISP’s will only slow the development of new technologies and would surely lead to increase of prices to the end user.  Australia just forced Telstra (their equivalent of Bell) to break up its wholesale and retail operations to stop exactly this kind of bullsh*t. We should do the same. Oh, and Rogers too. CRTC’s role as a regulator looking out for the public’s interest, but that support is now fading fast.  Right now, you are giving Bell the opportunity to use predatory tactics to protect its de facto monopoly, you seem to have no respect for the standard of net neutrality (with your support of throttling practices), and you are allowing mobile phone companies to charge the highest rates in the world. What is the CRTC doing to help the Canadian Public? Nothing!  Why make rules if they are not enforced?  Disband the CRTC now. It does absolutely nothing in the way of helping consumers. 



The Conservative Government and the CRTC has obviously lost touch with the people they’re supposed to represent and the people they’re supposed to regulate. They are clearly in Bell’s pocket and likely just as much in Rogers’ pocket. They not only need to be knocked down a peg, but removed entirely from the equation.  Do these Bell crooks expect us to forget that the TAXPAYER paid for this infrastructure ages ago, only to have the big business flunkies in gov’t sell it to private interest for a song? Do they also think we are so stupid not to know that most of problems we’re having now stem from spending money on shareholder profits INSTEAD of upgrading said infrastructure?  Upcoming election who and what now? Which one of the candidates is making a stand on this?
Canada is one of the most expensive place on the planet for cell phone and internet access. this must change. The solution:  1. Regulate internet access price  2. Nationalize ALL telcom infrastructure (phone line and cable)  3. Resell access to ISP, everyone gets a competetive  price 

Five Questions to Ask Your ISP
1.) What is the contention ratio in my neighborhood?

 2.) Does your ISP’s exchange point with other providers get saturated?

 3.) Does your provider give preferential treatment to speed test sites?

 4.) Are file-sharing queries confined to your provider network?

 5.) Does your provider perform any usage-based throttling?

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