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February 22, 2009

Windows 7, Vista Computer operating systems


Vista has been giving me personally so many problems with it many updates, the adobe flash player compatibity problems, crashes with  multiple tabs in internet explorer problems,  window live mail problems that now even for the first time in decades I wanted to stop using the computer.
 To the dismay of Microsoft , who seems to like to make money on the back of others, buying or copying the great innovation, ideas of others too.. 70 percent of computer users are still using XP as their operating system..

There has been much discussion as to whether upgrading from windows XP is essential, profitable, profitable at least for Microsoft and software writers, every time one upgrades the operating system one seems to have to upgrade the related security and utilities, program software as well

I for one have tried to be up-to-date on each operating system even since the first one dos 1.1 and over the years there has been a significant improvement changes, all paid by the users, consumers of course.. Not all the operating systems have been now that great some have been renegaded already to the dinosaur area.. and Windows Vista has not been all that great otherwise there would not be a serious need for more changes, revisions, supposed improvements as in Windows 7. The latest operating systems tend to have as many problems, learning difficulties, consumer more computing power, increase the costs  next as they supposedly solve and is a basic reasons many stay with the XP operating system

It seems everyone is trying to make a big profit from the computer users, including computer manufacturers, computer, magazines  telecommunication companies, Internet services providers, even software sellers and pornographers,  hackers too. The clear one group seems not to care at all to do anything good here is the Government of Canada.. it let’s other people do it’s job of consumer protection in these areas now too.
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And I even  have no guarantees it will be any better with Windows 7 for Microsoft has a no money back policy of course.
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