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January 28, 2012

Fire the Useless RCMP supervsiors and RCMP personnel now still

What a useless apology and much too late.. what about all the persons murdered stil as a direct result?


RCMP apologizes for first time for failures in Pickton case The RCMP apologized Friday for the first time for failing to catch serial killer Robert Pick-ton sooner. “On behalf of the RCMP, I would like to express to the families of the victims how very sorry we are for the loss of your loved ones,


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January 21, 2012

So who realy protects the Canadian citizens from the too often bad cops, bad RCMP

Not only is there rarely any justice when it comes to holding the much too many  bad cops to accountiablity but if there is any it takes years to do so.. and then not much good  tends to happen


Vancouver police are caught in an embarrassing situation in which they’re accused of beating up a man who they thought was a bank robber. Not only was he not the right guy — it turned out no bank had been robbed. Manjit Singh says he had just taken his garbage out the curb of his home near Joyce Street and Kingsway when a police approached him. “He pushed me on the fence,” said Singh, 51. “He said, ‘RCMP, RCMP.’” Other officers then swarmed him and started beating him up, Singh said. “One guy put the knee on my neck, one guy put the knee on my legs,” “They start kicking me … powerful kicks. Left, right, left, right.” 

The case appears to be similar to an incident in 2010 when South Vancouver resident Yao Wei Wu was pulled out of his home and roughed up by two plainclothes officers who mistook him for another man who had allegedly assaulted his wife.

“I need justice now,” said Singh, who suffered cuts, bruises and apparent trauma. “Why they attack on one innocent guy?


The head of the Toronto Police Association says he intends to challenge any attempt to lay disciplinary charges against five officers involved in the 2010 arrest of G20 protester Adam Nobody. 


Ha ha ha what else is new… bad unions and police protecting their own is sad..

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January 4, 2012

Living high on the hog while paid by the taxpayers

Ottawa. The federal staff under the Conservative government are living high on the hog, having a good time on the taxpayers money, even flying around the world to learn about administration. This is no surprise since so many Conservative Ministers, senators, even the RCMP apparently do the same thing often. Meanwhile Quebecers also this year will pay more taxes to the governments. The RCMP also is known to be costly, cost ineffective already.

NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice said s that the federal government’s $2.2 million per year Advanced Leadership Program, which funds international trips for bureaucrats, is “too expensive,” especially at a time when taxpayers are being called to make financial “sacrifices.”

In 2009, the program had several participants visiting 35 different countries around the world including India, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S. and the Northwest Territories,  “Senior bureaucrats are flying around the world on lavish multi-destination trips on the taxpayer dime, all under the guise of ‘leadership training,’ and seeing how bureaucrats handle their jobs in other countries,”  This is not new for too many Civil servants in too any municipal and provincial governments did, do the same thing, even in Calgary Alberta.

Much too many liars, theives, bad managers.. no wonder they cannot even manage properly our heath care systems now too..


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December 28, 2011

RCMP Officers perjury trial timeline frustrates justice and mother

.4 years have passed and another 2 or more to go.. for real justice here..

The mother of Robert Dziekanski says delays in prosecuting the RCMP police officers involved in her son’s death are prolonging her suffering. The Polish man trying to visit his Mom  died after four Mounties used a Taser stun gun to subdue him at Vancouver International Airport in October 2007. Last year, a public inquiry found much of the RCMP  officers’ testimony wasn’t credible, but it will be up to two more years before the four stand trial for perjury. RCMP Constables Bill Bentley, Kwesi Millington and Gerry Rundel, and Cpl. Benjamin (Monty) Robinson are facing the charges regarding their testimony during the inquiry. Thomas Braidwood, the retired judge who headed the inquiry, described some of the Mounties’ testimony as shameful and said they had made “deliberate misrepresentations for the purpose of justifying their action.” That was 2010. It took another year for a special prosecutor to lay perjury charges. Only last week were trial dates confirmed for all four RCMP officers. Mother says 2-year wait ‘is too long’ Each will be tried separately, the first next October, the last a year later, in 2013. Two years is too long to wait. I have to do something again,” Dziekanski’s mother, Zofia Cisowski, told CBC News. Cisowski also said she has had no peace since her son’s fatal confrontation with the RCMP. David Eby, executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, said the delay doesn’t serve anyone’s interest.

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October 17, 2011

besides the police undeniably a new breed of killers and murderers have now emerged

It used to be that impaired driving, driving drunk, or in rage, or under the influence of drugs caused the majority of traffic deaths.. but undeniably a new breed of killers and murderers have now emerged on the highway.. the people who talk and drive..

Neither the Telephone companies will discourage the use of phones, nor will the people who make beer or alcohol try realy to discourage the booze drinker so it is the role of the government, for public safety and the good of us all to deal with it effectively.

and both impaired, drunk drivers, cellphone users while driving, all should be prosecuted the year around

Speeding still is not the main cause of highway deaths, or vehicular accidents

the continually bad RCMP

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None!  We as taxpayers do even pay a significant part of the Policeman’s education, Development, Training and then they too do  falsely try to abuse it to us by their deliberate poor performances. 

I recognize that God is not the abuser; the bad people who misuse their authority are the unacceptable abusers and they all should be directly punished for it now and ASAP. I do not even accept any personal, domestic abuses quietly and rightfully as well…

The abuser too often tries to make the victim look as they are guilty ones, and that too is always unacceptable

Abused! How much abuse is acceptable? None! If you are being abused do not hesitate ASAP to call the police, human rights courts, news media.

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. (1 Cor 13:3 KJV)

Matt 32:29 You shall love your neighbour as yourself.. and that means you will do him no harm now too.

And who else now are these too often and unacceptable abusers? why is is that they so readily abuse others now too? They tend to be persons who have their own value system, and clearly also a lack of love for others, and a lack of love for their jobs now as well. In case you did not notice it I do not accept any physical, verbal, mental, human rights abuses by anyone of anyone and I rightfully do instead demand their full, open exposure and public prosecution now as well and no matter who they are, Prime Minister, Premier, MP, MNA, MLA, MPP, Doctors, lawyers, cops, pastors, etc..

One does now have to fight for one’s rights to be respected , rather you have to complain loudly to all about the unacceptable abuses that you got. Unfortunately complaining once about the bad governmental or police services, courts does not seem to help for too often now it seems they are permanently corrupt, inadequate so many persons do have to even complain many times and world wide now too..

The RCMP itself now here by their own poor actions are again guilty of racial profiling and of homicide, aiding and abetting a murderous act… and the RCMP should now be fully prosecuted by the law for it. I do not accept the abuse of even one persons rights quietly and rightfully now as well. The related RCMP managements itself should be fired, removed from their job as a direct result too.

“On Sept. 18, 2008, a 911 operator received a report of shots fired inside a rural Mission home. A transcript indicated that when the dispatcher relayed the information to the local RCMP detachment, the officer on duty, Constable Mike White, responded, “Six gunshots in a row and a crash,” and then was heard laughing.Constable White went to the home – and three minutes later left without even getting out of his car. (Another RCMP officer and an auxiliary member also attended in a separate vehicle, but did not get out of their car either).Four days later, the Mounties were called to the home again. Inside, they found one man dead and a woman alive but barely clinging to life. She died en route to hospital.The parents of the dead woman, Mark and Rosemarie Surakka, lodged a complaint with the RCMP concerning the conduct of the senior investigating officer – Constable White. They contended that their daughter, Lisa Dudley, would likely be alive today had the officer done his job properly and gone inside the house the night the shots were fired.The officer, now a corporal – he was promoted less than a month after the incident – faced a disciplinary hearing this year for his actions in 2008. The hearing came about mostly because of pressure put on the Mounties by the Surakkas. It lasted less than an hour. The officer was formally reprimanded and docked a day’s pay. And that was it.”

The death of a citizen clearly does not matter to the RCMP unacceptably, and clearly the bad police were, are afraid of gunshots, so they do not act.. but still the constable could have saved a life had he just done his job.. he did not do his job so he should be along with the others be dismissed from his job permanently

Self Masturbation are still the main approach of RCMP internal reviews.The RCMP must still go!

July 20, 2011

Another RCMP, Mountie charged with assault? too many rotten apples in the RCMP now!

Opinion250 News

RCMP Constable Chris Emon was charged with assaulting a hospital patient and do note he has been charged with assaulting a restrained hospital patient but the same RCMP officer will still get meanwhile  his full pay etc.. ..
Meanwhile the BC Civil Liberties Association will present findings of their Small Town Justice report in Prince George tonight.

Three names top list for RCMP commissioner’s job Vancouver
– ‎Jul 18, 2011‎  Lt.-Gen Andrew Leslie is considered one of three top contenders for the job of RCMP commissioner.


The RCMP are a big joke these days….

Retired RCMP blood-spatter expert pleads guilty to perjury Montreal Gazette  Jul 25, 2011‎ Spenard, who was an RCMP officer for 32 years and  testified at the trial of serial killer Robert Pickton, had initially claimed the report was written by another police officer. But under cross-examination by defence lawyer Matthew Nathanson, he admitted to misleading the court.


Did the RCMP have grounds to spy on Northrop Frye?  – ‎Jul 25, 2011‎ The RCMP Security Service once spied  on famed literary scholar Northrop Frye, the Canadian Press reports. According  to newly released archival records, Canadian intelligence used a secret  informant to compile a 142-page file on the


June 28, 2011

It’s time to replace the RCMP

Just when one thinks we’ve reached the final straw of frustration and upset with the RCMP, the national police force finds a way to produce another straw.

The list of Mountie misdeeds in B.C. is as notorious as it is lengthy — the botched Air India inquiry, the length of time it took to catch serial killer Robert Pickton, the airport Tasering death of Robert Dziekanski (and the upcoming perjury trials of the officers), the upcoming trial of Kelowna RCMP Const. Geoff Mantler for allegedly using excessive force in two arrests — and that’s just some of the examples.

Now, four senior RCMP officers investigating the Surrey Six murders have been charged with obstruction of justice, breach of trust and fraud, including one who allegedly had an affair with the ex-girlfriend of one of the killers.

B.C.’s policing contract with the RCMP expires next year and it is time for provincial politicians seriously to consider not renewing that contract.

Many British Columbians have lost faith in the RCMP and for good reason. B.C. should establish its own provincial police department and return some honour to policing.

Read more:

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..hire decent cops rather and also..

Pimm resigns from BC Liberal caucus after domestic dispute

Globe and Mail – ‎Jun 27, 2011‎ St John RCMP cells. RCMP spokesman Corporal Dan
Moskaluk said no charges had been laid as of Monday. If police do recommend
charges, a special prosecutor would be assigned to handle the case because of
Mr. Pimm’s status as an elected official.
.. not again…

June 22, 2011

When the police in Canada’s major cities tend not to be any better

When for decades even the poorly managed RCMP have also lied, stolen , misappropriated taxpayer’s, governmental funds, and took false advantage of the overall system, they all next realy now cannot be trusted, and they are not even cost effective thus so why should we  all now be surprised that even  the Police in Canada’s major cities including Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Toronto they also  tend not to be any better nor it seems the related justice ministers in fact..


Canada’s Police too often they also tend to like to arrest anyone ASAP and next even falsey claim they have done their job well.


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At the G20 police fisco, the RCMP, OPP, and the Toronto police were involved, assisted by officers from several Canadian cities.


Police under fire as fresh statistics show charges dropped in 59% of G20 cases

Toronto Star- ‎Jun 20, 2011 Farrah McBride went to the G20 protests in downtown Toronto, upset by news of vandals smashing windows. But the assistant manager at a restaurant supply store was transformed from spectator to prisoner when police arrested virtually everyone in front of the Hotel Novotel on The Esplanade on the night of Saturday, June 26, 2010. She says she was held, handcuffed, at the temporary Eastern Ave. detention centre without adequate water, food or her correct anti-anxiety medicine. She suffered a severe anxiety attack before she was released without charge after 18 hours. It opened my eyes. I never imagined this would ever happen in Canada,” says McBride, 29. “I totally lost respect for police. I can’t even look at them now.”More than 1100 people were held over the Toronto G20 weekend, the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Only 317 people were charged with summit-related criminal offences.And of those, 187 have seen their charges withdrawn, stayed or dismissed, according to statistics released by the Ontario attorney general’s ministry Monday. Just 24 pleaded guilty.“It’s a classic example of police overcharging,” says lawyer Clayton Ruby,Nathalie Des Rosiers, General Counsel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, says demonstrators were targeted while simply exercising their democratic rights. Emilie Guimond-Bélanger rode on a chartered bus from Montreal to demonstrate peacefully for economic and women’s rights. Instead, she spent two cold, sleepless nights in custody, struggling to go to the bathroom out of sight of male guards, enduring two strip searches and begging for enough food to counter nausea. Peter Gill, 25, a Vancouver support care worker, says Ontario Provincial Police officers roughly arrested him as he walked away from a peaceful demonstration. He was handed to two Toronto police officers, who threatened to beat him up and drove fast in their squad car, slamming on the brakes so the handcuffed prisoner banged his head on the transparent divider, he says.They would say: “We’re going to pull over here and beat the s—t out of you and pretend you were resisting arrest.”Gill was charged with possessing explosives and weapons. But all he carried were harmless items like snacks and ear plugs, he says. Charges were withdrawn five months later.
Bad cops are never, never acceptable …

June 21, 2011

Alberta ‘s RCMP fiasco as well.


Anyone who has been even  to a traffic court especially in Alberta can too often visibly see that the justice system, the police, judges, prosecutors are all stacked against the accused citizens, for the justice officers are in cahoots… it is perversity and professional abuses.

On Nov. 7, 2009, Kropielniski stopped a suspected drunk driver on the main street of Bonnyville, a town of 6,000, about 200 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.Kropielniski arrested 21-year-old Eric Oullette, an oil-field worker from Cold Lake. Oullette blew 0.14, nearly double the legal blood-alcohol limit and was charged with drunk driving.Oullette admits he was unco-operative with Kropielniski and repeatedly goaded the officer by criticizing the quality of policing in the town.There is no sound on the video, but Oullette can be seen sitting on a chair in a detachment hallway. He gestures once with his arm toward Kropielniski who is standing over him, effectively facing the wall-mounted camera.Kropielniski suddenly grabs Oullette with both arms and pushes him sideways off the chair to the floor. He then appears to hit Oullette’s head against the cinder-block wall, then picks him up by the front of his shirt and pushes him up against the wall. The two men are face to face.“He’s trying to intimidate me, trying to get me to agree with him.” Oullette said. “And I must have said something wrong. He pretty much loses it on me.”While an auxiliary constable grabs Oullette in a chokehold, Kropielniski delivers two elbow hits to Oullette’s head. Oullette is then bent double by the two officers.“Basically, I was just trying to stay on my feet, because if I hit the ground I don’t know what is going to happen,” Oullette said.once local Bonnyville prosecutor Jeff Rudiak viewed the tape, he dropped the drunk-driving charge. In the prosecution of Bonnyville RCMP Const. Shawn Kropielniski for the assault of Eric Ouellette.the RCMP continued to support Kropielniski and a criminal record would not affect his continued employment with the force.After accepting the joint submission, White sentenced Kropielniski to a one-year suspended sentence. Despite two charges of assaulting prisoners in custody, the RCMP put Kropielniski back on active duty in Bonnyville. But after CBC began its investigation, Kropielniski was assigned to desk duty, where he remains while he awaits an internal disciplinary hearing. “The police are professionals.They’re supposed to have more self-restraint and be more in control of their emotions than the average citizen.“So if they’re not, and the department of justice of the province of Alberta views this as a minor matter to be minimized instead of to be presented honestly to the judge, then I think that is a deep concern. The problems may not be just one rogue RCMP officer and one incompetent or duplicitous Crown attorney. The problems may be more systemic.” Schaefer said Alberta Justice clearly applied a double standard in this case. If a citizen had committed such an assault, “there would be very serious consequences.” University of Manitoba Prof. Arthur Schaefer, an expert in justice ethics,

… The RCMP legend again  has gone down the toilet. and so have the justice ministers..

June 15, 2011

The Top posts read here for the last year

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and Missionary Alliance Corporation C&MA

vehicular manslaughter while texting

Councillor Adam Giambrone lies

second largest PROVINCE in Canada holds 75 seats AND cannot be

top police force the RCMP still too often covers up the sins of it’s own

deaths account for half of deaths annually

immoral Bell Canada lies, misleads, is crooked

A serious
warning for Quebec’s Premier Jean Charest too.


By the way all of Canada is much too soft on crime, crimminals, and not just Quebec now..


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June 7, 2011

Justice applies to the police, and all corporations now as well

Want to reduce our tax bills, and save vast amounts of money that can be used to help the poor people? Start first by firing all the bad supervisors , managers now everywhere…
Now if the evil persons are not directly punished for their wrong doings, they will continue wrongfully to do them, and this applies to the corporations and the bad civil and public servants, cops now as
Being nice to evil, corrupted, persons is a complete waste of time for they still have no incentive to change from their wicked, evil ways
Public exposure and exemplary prosecution of the wicked bad persons, bad corporations serves everyone’s best interests.
It seems clear to me we have hired too many incompetent managers even for our civil and public services, the police now included, not surprising this likley is a direct result of inbreeding or hiring one’s close friends as managers.
Recently a person told me directly he is very suspicious of civil and public servants including the RCMP, Revenue Canada, Health Canada, Consumer Affairs who often have to use Media, Public relationship advertisement approach to indicate they are supposedly doing well their job because it is not regularly, systematically obvious to most persons.. and realy why? because these same very poor departments as well are clearly cost  ineffective, wasteful, inefficient, pretentious, etc..
Take the case where 4 police officers shot and killed a homeless person near the Montreal St Luc Hopsital and they had even killed an innocent hospital worker who was passing by.. it is really hard for anyone of us to believe that the same 4 policemen could not tackle, disarm now one homeless person and they rather had to shoot him and because they the police had already made up their mind to kill him? the tip of the iceberg of bad cops.. bad managers, bad justice ministers!

Violent police cases need outside eye, Quebec told “ – ‎Jun 10, 2011‎ Patrick Limoges  was killed by a stray police bullet Tuesday. Radio-Canada Ombudsman Raymonde Saint-Germain said civilians must be included in investigations involving such incidents to eliminate the appearance of bias. “

 Reminds me of the RCMP fiasco at the Vancouver airport..  Many people already do know that the internal police reviews are scams, whitewash, absurd.
Ever notice also how the also clearly perverse firms like Bell, Rogers, Primus, Virgin Mobile etc., do now demand immediate Bill payements but are so slow to reply to the customer  concerns, Billing queries.
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