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September 1, 2010

Canada’s Health Care fiascos


Now about the abortion of adults, seniors… Too many doctors, nurses, medical staff  in Canada in reality they do not do all they can to help a sick persons and do instead let them rather suffer, die due to the incompetence, neglect, laziness, indifference   of the medical workers, unions, self regulating medical societies.

Harper’s government ignores the looming health care crisis Vancouver Sun – – ‎Aug 31, 2010‎  While it is largely a provincial matter, Ottawa is heavily involved in its funding and the Conservatives will pay a political price for ignoring it.  The Harper Conservatives have taken a different approach, emphasizing health care is a provincial responsibility. They’ve avoided becoming involved in any health-related debate, be it about Quebec’s new user fees or mushrooming private clinics in Quebec and Western Canada.  While it’s true that health care is provincial, Ottawa foots the bill for a significant portion of health spending, administers the Canada Health Act and plays a role in overseeing and coordinating the health system. Harper knows difficult decisions lie ahead with respect to medicare and that potentially divisive debates on the sensitive subject could force the government to pay a heavy political price. Certainly not the sort of thing the PM wants to see in advance of a fall parliamentary session when people are musing about a possible election.  The current policy of avoidance makes for cunning politics but extraordinarily bad planning.

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More funding for Aging at Home services Hamilton Spectator  Seniors’ services in the vast Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) area are getting $29 million more a year for programs aimed at reducing seniors’ emergency room visits and hospital stays and keeping them in their homes as long as possible. 

Cash no cure for nursing home gridlock Ottawa Citizen

 Funding helps North’s seniors Sudbury Star – Exchange Morning Post – Kawartha Media Group – 580 CFRA Radio
To: Sylvie Théroux   O/Ref.: 09-19389  Information Officer   Pcitoyen 
Deal now properly with these bad people.. RSVP Thank You.
Let me be very clear to you those liars, the Hospital Ombudsman, those mostly still   imposters, pretenders this year at the McGill Royal Victoria Hospital, at the Montreal west Island Hospital and now those at the Montreal Verdun General Hospital none of them in 6 months have handled any of many many written complaints properly, they all rather they lied, covered up my detailed and witnessed medical inadequacies in there hospitals,   the Hospital Ombudsman all to date   were all overall totally useless in their verbal and written replies to me  and none, none of this was is, acceptable. What was the point of having these all lying, useless and  pretentious ombudsman now?
No one can  deny the wrong doings I have seen at this hospital and now have detailed to all many times in writing too. but what good will you do about it still. And what part can you not understand, read, but the whole world can read it on the net..
WHEN IT COMES TO MY PERSONAL HEALTH OR ANYONE’S I RIGHTFULLY DO NOT ACCEPT PRETENTIOUS, INADEQUATE MEDICAL SERVICES.  All it takes for bad persons to continue to do their wrong doings is for good people not to do anything. Now ask each Hospital  at the McGill Royal Victoria Hospital, at the Montreal west Island Hospital and  those at the Montreal Verdun General Hospital for a copy of all of my written complaints to them and then see their useless replies as well and fire all these ombudsmen for a start ASAP too.
Please also do note that after having written dozens of letters of complaints to both of the Ombudsman this year
– at the Montreal West Island General Hospital this year in regard to my father, and also other patients now too, 
– and at the Montreal McGill Royal Victoria Hospital now too in regard to my father and myself now too specially about their medical inadequacies, unacceptable patient abuses that I had witnesses and detailed in writing on the net too now at this hospital as well   I also next still never got one decent, fully reply  to my letters from both of the Ombudsman I dealt with and this also was never acceptable.
– the Montreal medical establishment had falsely, criminally, immorally failed for the last 3 years in my witness to provide adequate medical care to my senior father   as I have rightfully  detailed to them in writing and to all of you many times.  
– the doctor at the Montreal Verdun Hospital emergency department had incompetent failed to deal adequately with the  infections this year on my feet the last few months, an infection that I still do have and when I complained to the useless pretentious Hospital Ombudsman face to face C. Dion she told me she was not required to provide me proper medical services and if I was unhappy I can go elsewhere. Unaccepable.
PS: Thank you for contacting Health Canada. Your message has been received. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Actions speak louder over mere lying words still too

  Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 3:02 PM 
To: Pcitoyen Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Subject: The clearly pretentious incompetent Quebec ombudsman

Attention: Quebec Premier Jean Charest

 Quebec’s totally still unacceptable Medicare services, Pretentious, inadequate Ombudsman Sylvie Théroux   O/Ref.: 09-19389  Information Officer, Quebec Ombudsman   

 The clearly pretentious incompetent Quebec ombudsman I have talked to by phone directly today at 2:45 pm, with the clearly inadequate Ombudsman Sylvie Théroux  who visibly   is looking to bass the buck to elsewhere, and does not read my correspondence to her even,  still  she also wants me to do her work, plus  she wants from me a more simplified complaints for my father  months of being abused by the inadequate Montreal Quebec medical establishment, while he was even a ward of the state, abused by the doctors and nurses, social workers  at  3  hospitals and 2 old age convalescent homes. What an unreality dreamer, ostrich she is now who fails to admit that their own  poor past house cleaning now  has led to existence of more of  these detailed inadequacies now as well. She now says someone else will get back to me. I had already told her to contact all three hospital ombudsman, to get their poor, unacceptable  replies to my complaints and fully review them too.     Now I have detailed already many times now all this in writing many times too before to all of  the Hospital ombudsman, to the convalescent home directors, my local Liberal MP, my local Liberal Member  of the legislature, to  the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to the Quebec Health, social services and Justice ministers, to the Quebec Ombudsman  as well  and also to Canada’s major news editors as well  the last 7 months even.   Now let it be clear I have written many many times my complaints to the Ombudsmen, ministers and I have yet to get one decent review on these matters this year.. and I still do want to know what rightfully and specially was done about each one of all of these past rightful complaints. Let them do the adequate work there are all  being paid to do as well. RSVP Thank you.

Copy to Health Canada | Santé Canada

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Liberals pull even with Tories: EKOS poll – Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals have pulled into an end-of-summer dead heat with Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, according to a new EKOS poll.

One of the too many false reasons too many patients die in Hospitals is that almost none of the medical staff feel any personal, real, negative repercussions themselves.  That also includes the too many bad cops we seem to have now too, and bad civil and public servants too, bad politicians..
One of the best way that I have discovered to get to know what a  person is really like, is work with him  just for one whole day,.. and   what   you now saw next.. lying, bullying, control freak..

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