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October 12, 2011

Exemplary Pubic exposure and prosecution of the guilty

What has now oftem amazed me is that I have often met not only immoral professionals, bad civil and public servants but visible crooks who would regulary attend a church now too and for whatever reason.. Crooks are all around us and they do need to be stopped.

Follow the money trail and you will get to a supposedly another previously unseen big iceberg of lies, thefts, deception.. the vices are all much more common over what we are lead to believe clearly as well.. for too many people do often steal to get richer by any means they can.. even executives, business persons, corporations, professionals and housewives it seems.. and the civil and public servants, politicians are not excluded here.

No such thing as a little bit pregnant when it comes to taxpayers money abuses now as well..

Exemplary Pubic exposure and prosecution of the guilty serves everyone’s best interest, it may help to reform the crooks as well.


 Most marriages tend to end up in divorce becaue of one spouses inability to forgive, laziness, unrealistic expecations, uncontrolled sexual lust amongst other things.. These days it is very likley that you get divorced as likley as you will get cancer or a heart disease.. and many divorces are ALSO caused even by outside influences.. such by the input of bad persons too… demons such as lawyers, bad judges, relatives and the  bad pastors too..

Civilians should probe police shootings: activists Montreal Gazette – MONTREAL – Police shootings in Quebec should be investigated by a review board composed entirely of civilians, say Quebec’s Ligue des droits et libertés and an organization that protects the rights of the homeless.The call for an end to one police force being assigned to probe shootings committed by another comes four months after a homeless man and passerby were fatally shot by Montreal police in a failed attempt to subdue the former. Ligue co-ordinator Nicole Filion said that while Public Security Minister Robert Dutil was open to changing the present system of investigating police shootings, the suggestion that a review board include police and civilians was off the mark. Filion argued that lawyers could serve on the board and not be a part of “the blue brotherhood.” “It could be (staffed by) lawyers … but civilians could also be trained. If police can be trained to conduct investigations, civilians can, as well.” The Sûreté du Québec investigated the shooting. Its findings were turned over to the province’s bureau of criminal prosecutions two weeks ago and are being studied to determine whether charges are warranted.

Ex-PMO aide Carson left Calgary school with debt.‎ Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former senior adviser, Bruce Carson, charged thousands of dollars in personal expenses to the federally funded think-tank he headed for just over two years. Carson is already under investigation for possible influence-peddling and illegal lobbying last year in a failed attempt to land federal contracts for a shady company employing his then girlfriend, a former escort. While no one is saying exactly what personal expenses got Carson into hot water, one source says a lot of the charges to the credit card were for travel.Documents show Carson owned homes in Ontario with various girlfriends most of the time he was working at the Calgary-based institute. Carson’s history of money problems dates back more than 30 years.A lawyer until the early 1980s, he was convicted of defrauding clients, disbarred and sent to jail. He was convicted again in 1990, that time for defrauding a rental car company, and given a suspended sentence.He declared personal bankruptcy in the early 1990s, and was in serious trouble with creditors almost continuously over most of the past three decades. It remains a mystery how someone with that kind of track record could make it through all the security screening ordinarily required to become one of the prime minister’s closest advisers

Quebec ex-family minister charged with fraud‎., the former family minister in Premier Jean Charest’s Quebec cabinet, The Montreal-area legislator who was the most scandal-prone minister in Charest’s scandal-plagued government, has been slapped with three criminal charges in the latest ethics embarrassment to befall the government. Tony Tomassi faces charges of fraud and breach of trust. They stem from accusations that he accepted material rewards from a company that had received government money. Last year, he was forced to resign amid accusations that he had been using a credit card supplied to him by a private security firm — a firm that had received millions in government grants. In the weeks before his departure, Tomassi had also been battered with allegations of cronyism in the awarding of contracts for public day-care permits. The charges against Tomassi stemmed from the work of that provincial anti-corruption unit,

and how many thousand more are there now too..

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