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February 27, 2013

high-profile executives involved in the construction of the McGill University Superhospital are charged


McGill University’s medical school is on probation. One of Canada’s most prestigious medical institutions, it received a failing grade by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical schools for not meeting 24 of the 132 accreditation standards.   McGill has 18 to 24 months to fix some of the problems identified by the committee


Quebec’s anti-corruption task force suspects Porter and four high-profile  executives involved in the construction of the McGill University Superhospital  were part of a massive fraud conspiracy.UPAC issued arrest warrants Wednesday morning for Arthur Porter, Pierre  Duhaime, Riadh Ben Aissa, Yanai Elbaz , Jeremy Morris. UPAC confirmed  Wednesday that Elbaz – the former associate director general of the MUHC – is in  custody and will be charged Thursday. Duhaime — the former CEO of SNC-Lavalin – will turn himself in to Surete du  Quebec headquarters Thursday morning, He has already been charged with fraud. Ben  Aissa — another former executive at SNC-Lavalin — has already been arrested  and questioned by police for his possible role in other plots. All five are wanted for fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and related charges.
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Cleaning one’s own house first is in order even here too..  Too many McGill administrators, doctors are already known to be bad managers, money hungry while the university too readily takes our tax dollars now too and too allow falsely often abuses us too.. McGill is already very unpopular amongst the majority of Quebec French speaking persons.

Not much of a surprise? The tip of the iceberg is being revealed only as  the overall depth of corruption will take much more time apparently to uncover, corruptions that likely permeates the whole project. Birds of feathers tend to flock together. And no one should tell us that  these initial suspected persons, now  were even  just isolated individuals acting on their own without the vast help and knowledge of any others now too. Higher education never insures one’s good moral standings.

The McGill administrators in reality very likely run their hospitals and patients the same way.. very poorly and inadequate. At least that has been my own rightful complaints often here too

“Now we have the developing case of another Harper appointment that raises questions about the PM’s judgment. The PM appointed Porter to health advisory boards and then, oddly, recommended to the Privy Council Office that Porter be named to the Security and Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC). Harper’s record for associating with  undesireables just keeps getting better and better. Now we have the developing case of another Harper appointment that raises questions about the PM’s judgment.  The PM appointed Porter to health advisory boards and then, oddly, recommended to the Privy Council Office that Porter be named to the Security and Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC).Less than two years later, Porter found himself chair of our spy services oversight committee, a position in which he had access to all of Canada’s intelligence secrets. He was appointed to the Board of Air Canada and made a Queen’s Privy Councillor.  Porter also was connected to self-described arms-dealer and former (alleged) Israeli intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe. The two were involved in a dubious business deal involving a $120 million investment by Russia in “port development” in Africa.  It turned out that Porter was also claiming to be ambassador plenipotentiary of Sierra Leone, one of the most corrupt countries on earth — an obvious conflict with his SIRC role.”

And former adviser to PM Stephen Harper  had “grave doubts about putting people in jail” because of  child pornography …

Politicians who land in hot water need help managing the crisis and protecting their reputations. Lucky for them, the Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE TOO MANY BAD APPOINTMENTS OF PM STEPHEN HARPER, Duffy over the past several weeks, offered a master class in how to get through the worst of it AND NOT IN A NICE WAY TOO.  Lie, Belittle, Blame. Dodge, Deflect, Flee, Admit very little..  as clearly he is learning from his boss the PM.. And were all previously promised a better Government and this now is it?

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January 14, 2013

Shit disease, C. difficile-related deaths highest in recent years is still totally unacceptable




 Some things seem to never change, such as cold calloused, pretentious governmental Ministers, Health Ministers and their subordinates especially  included, mostly all  those pretentious, bad persons too who really do not care if the others live or die, as long as they alone survive  it seems still too.  Never mind what the big lying spin doctors say! Just cause some doctors and nurses think they are Gods, falsely do refuse to wash their hands, to stay clean does not mean they are right, it only means they are merely still murderers.  

Contracting the superbug C. difficile in the hospital often is fatal or at least increases a patient’s stay by an average of six days, putting serious financial strain on Canada’s health-care system. Seniors and Children are more seriously affected, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

C. difficile is a bacteria found in feces that causes severe diarrhea. It’s extremely common in hospitals because people usually contract it after taking antibiotics, which can kill good bowel bacteria and allow C. difficile to grow. What’s more, the bacteria can spread through surfaces like toilets, handles and bedpans, and hospital staff can spread it by not wearing gloves or washing their hands. It’s the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in hospitals, and one in 10 patients who get it will die, regardless of how sick they were beforehand. And according to the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, it’s filling up already-crowded hospitals and draining the health-care system. U.K. doctors David Enoch and Sani Aliyu say the rate of infection can be cut by making sure heath-care workers practise good hygiene and don’t overprescribe antibiotics.


We do not live in the dark ages for shit Disease is caused by poor cleanliness, poor hygiene, poor sanitation at the Hospital, who have been hiring NOT ONLY LAZY BAD employees but they have FOR AN UNACCEPTABLE DECADE NOW TOO AND MANY THEY been cutting back on their MAINTENANCE COSTS and this has been unacceptable CLEARLY LEADING TO their criminal murderous acts OF THE CITIZENS. Do take ALL OF THE HEALTH MINISTERS KNOW BEFORE A FIRING SQUAD AND SHOOT THEM, for THAT WOULD BE A RIGHT START TOO.


A study by Quebec’s public health research institute (INSPQ) shows deaths related to clostridium difficile infections in 2010-2011 were the highest they’ve been since 2004. A total of 619 Quebecers died from C. difficile over the course of 2010 and 2011. And one death is always still one too many here too.. C. difficile is most often acquired in hospital, and  the disease is highly contagious. According to the study, the McGill Montreal General had the fourth-highest incidence rate of C. difficile infection in the period studied, with 15.4 cases per 10,000 patient days.  The McGill Jewish General Hospital was even harder hit over that time period, with 16.9 cases per 10,000 patient days. As I had here seen it firsthand.. It also pops up whenever a house cleaning isn’t rigorous. The causes are are well known. There is a false reluctance to prevent it’s spread by doing more active cleaning as it costs money to do this.


September 19, 2012

Finally Police probe McGill hospital contract


Not much of a surprise? The tip of the iceberg is being revealed only as  the overall depth of corruption will take much more time apparently to uncover, corruptions that likley permeates the whole project. Birds of feathers tend to flock together. And no one should tell us that  these initial suspected persons, now  were even  just isolated individuals acting on their own without the vast help and knowledge of any others now too. Higher education never insures one’s good moral standings.
Quebec’s police task force on corruption is probing the billion-dollar contract for McGill Montreal mega-hospital awarded to a consortium led by Montreal engineering giant SNC Lavalin Group Inc. SNC-led consortium had won the McGill University Health Centre contract. Police raid the McGill University Health Centre . Up until six months ago, the hospital project had been overseen by Riadh Ben Aissa, a former head of SNC’s construction division, and also a central figure in an ongoing scandal. One of SNC’s original subcontractors in the project was a company controlled by construction magnate Antonio (Tony) Accurso – a controversial figure who now is also facing fraud and corruption charges. The hospital deal was put together under the watch of the previous chief executive of the health centre, Arthur Porter who left his own job under a cloud late last year. Arthur Porter had been appointed chair of the federal government’s security-intelligence watchdog agency, when his African business dealings with an arms dealer were revealed. Dr. Porter stepped down from both jobs. The Quebec government has earmarked $2.35-billion for an effort to reconstruct Montreal hospitals, the lion’s share going to the McGill University Health Centre campus. “Quebec’s anti-corruption unit has put several high-profile figures in its crosshairs since being established last year. It has arrested construction magnates such as Mr. Accurso and Paolo Catania, as well as Frank Zampino, a former city councillor who was the right-hand man of Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay.”

MONTREAL – A second investigation has been launched stemming from the Police raids at the MUHC’s headquarters. According to a search warrant filed with the Quebec  courts, there are allegations  that former MUHC Director Stella Lopreste may have defrauded the McGill  University Health Centre out of as much as $1.6 million over 10 years.It is alleged that the money was used for the purchase of personal  items. Lopreste left the MUHC in 2011.


NASSAU, BAHAMAS — For more than a year, reporters have tried without success to reach Arthur Porter, a mysterious figure who occupied important, sensitive positions in Canada before controversies erupted and forced his resignations. He left the country, leaving serious questions and allegations unanswered.An oncologist by trade, Dr. Porter was appointed by Stephen Harper’s government in 2010 to chair Canada’s Security and Intelligence Review Committee, which oversees the national spy agency, CSIS. He was also in charge of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), one of the country’s largest public health agencies where, it was recently disclosed, a number of financial irregularities occurred during Dr. Porter’s leadership. This week, the National Post found Dr. Porter working inside a private cancer clinic that he owns and operates in this sunny Caribbean city. Would Dr. Porter, 56, ever return to Canada? “What for?” he replied curtly. “It’s a question that I don’t choose to answer at this time.”


Dr Arthur Porter  it seems to gain sympathy has indicated recently  he has cancer and is being treated for it in his own hospital.. well I do not believe him.. he has clearly been a con man and a liar much too long time.

“Executives at engineering giant SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., won’t comment on allegation $22.5M payment linked to MUHC super hospital project. Leslie Quinton, an SNC-Lavalin spokesperson, was quoted in the La Presse  as presently not wishing to confirm or deny that $22.5 million of the questionable payments that surfaced earlier this year involved the super hospital contract.” The persons at the receiving end of the bribe as well is yet to be fully confirmed..

Here is what I have found interesting.. Now for decades I too have known that association with money tends to tempt and to corrupt people, the Judas syndrome, and follow the money trail, the oldest rule of Journalism.. and I have even decades ago  written that it is still  an understated fact that the corruption most often exists firstly  in the purchasing, procurements departments even  in Corporations, Governments, Hospitals, Public and Civil Services and yet  no many persons has been  arrested, exposed for that. until recently in Quebec, at least.  Now as per  the Major Montreal Hospitals  and  the City of Montreal I too do still just cannot believe that less than a handful of civil and public servants   were , crooked in the procurement, tender departments now even for decades.. all an unbelievable unblemished record.. and why was that now realy?

Kuwait deal uses MUHC doctors and nurses  A private Montreal company with close ties to the McGill University Health Centre signed a five-year, $86-million hospital-services agreement with the government of Kuwait in 2010, a deal that makes regular use of MUHC doctors and nurses.. Under the deal, the MUHC is to be paid by the private company, Montreal Medical  International Inc. (MMI). However, an accounting of those funds has never  appeared on any MUHC annual reports or other public document. The Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec is investigating the business model  of Medical Second Opinion to determine if it confirms with the Quebec medicare  law, as MUHC doctors are providing therapeutic advice to patients who have  private insurance.


He claims he can be a competent premier but  Dr. Porter’s relationship with Dr. P. Couillard, who was Quebec’s health minister  and now the Premier of Quebec too, at the time, appears to be far more extensive than previously thought.  Couillard, claims he did not know that his long time business partner was a crook must have really really bad jugdement  or is lying.  Not only did Couillard and Porter go on fishing trips when Porter served as chief executive officer of the MUHC, he says, but Porter claims that Couillard phoned him every day for political advice.

but the same person Dr Couillard could not spot a crook even as he worked with him for years..  but I can work with a person one day and likely tell you if he is a crook, immoral or not..  and that is why I tend to spell Liberals as Lieberals..

PS The penalty for while collar crimes still tends to be ludicrous.. A judge has sentenced a bookkeeper to two years in prison for defrauding a family-run Toronto business of $653,000. Christine Trotter started crying Tuesday when Justice John McMahon told her he could not agree to the conditional sentence recommended by her lawyer after she pleaded guilty to one count of fraud over $5,000.–bookkeeper-jailed-2-years-for-defrauding-toronto-firm  just 2 years?

Seriously I would now still investigate all purchases made at the McGill University Health Centres Hospitals..

Now how about my complaints  also about the too often perverse Quebec and Hopsital Ombudsmen, Hopsital administrators who falsely  tend to turn their blind eyes to the inadeqaucies, wrong doings of their assciates and subordinates  coming along too?
Quebec is also known to be too soft on crimes

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August 30, 2012

Quebec Taxpayers money and Brain Drain from Quebec

55 per cent of McGill MDs who finished their residency in 2009 were practising in Quebec as of July 2011, according to figures from the Canadian Medical Association. That compares with 91 per cent of Laval University medical grads who were still in province, 90 per cent from the University of Montreal and 76 per cent of Sherbrooke University trainees. The largest portion of departing McGill MDs — nearly half of those who left Quebec — went to Ontario. Tuition is heavily subsidized at the province’s universities, with the Quebec Education Ministry estimating it costs taxpayers upward of $160,000 to train each doctor.

A Quebec government under the Coalition Avenir Québec party would use the long-dormant notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to try to keep doctors who get trained in the province from leaving, CAQ leader François Legault says. “It doesn’t make sense that from McGill, after five years, half the doctors have left Quebec.”Legault, also has said med students from McGill University are especially guilty of exiting Quebec once they’ve finished their education. McGill makes money from Med students for foreign students that taxpayers pay for.

The question as to why they leave Quebec? is answered by the fact they basically had no initial intention of staying here, they used McGill’s reputation as a stepping stone for their career elsewhere.We should thus stop subsidizing their education.  François Legault had gotten copies of my blog too..

By the way we still need better supervision still of all of our doctors and nurses in Quebec too, and stop the illegal 2 tiered medical care system now too.

We all do deserve to get better and to get real medical services. People often complain to me they received poor medical care from a bad charge card happy doctor, and I know it is true, cause I have experienced it many times.

I have often seen it myself, too many nurses and McGill doctors wrongfully in no hurry to help the really sick persons. Now some of these clearly bad persons who still cannot face the negative reality about themselves, the ongoing especially bad nurses and doctors, lie and try to divert my truth by saying I hate doctors and nurses, so well let me make it very clear I do rightfully hate all bad, pretentious, lazy, no good doctors and nurses who are not doing their jobs properly and are causing other people to continue to suffer as a result.. so should we all.. and they should always be fired ASAP.. Hospital administrators included. Is that clear enough for them now? That includes now also all bad cops, bad politicians, bad church pastors, bad news reporters now too..
The McGill Montreal General Hospital cardiac Unit is a good caregiver but I tend to always to get better services at the University of Montreal Hospitals over the other McGill Hospitals.

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.. too many at McGill they clearly lack people skills due to the LOVE OF MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

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October 26, 2011

McGill administrators likley run their hospitals the same way

The McGill administration’s conduct doesn’t match its lofty words The strike by McGill University’s non-academic workers (members of the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association) has been the subject the news media attention lately . In both internal and public communications about the strike, the university’s senior administrators have been at pains to insist that they welcome an open debate. In a recent internal email, principal Heather Munroe-Blum said: “I urge all of us to move forward in our long-standing McGill tradition of respectful and civil discourse, where people are free to speak, to disagree and voice their views without harassment, intimidation and insult.” I would like to take up this invitation. The McGill administration’s tactic has rather been intimidating and harassing and breaks those basic rules of ethical conduct. The strike has been overwhelmingly peaceful, so the administration’s frequent public complaints about supposed harassment and violence create a false impression that the strikers are out of control. Vice-principal Di Grappa’s expression of surprise is disingenuous, at least, and a blatant admission of the administration’s failure to understand and address the root causes of MUN-ACA dissatisfaction. If the vice-principal wants to be less astonished, he might compare the low-end MUNACA annual salary of $29,594 that he quoted in this newspaper (Oct. 18) with the salaries paid to some of his senior administration colleagues, such as the former dean of medicine, who was paid approximately 17 times that amount. Meanwhile, as the administration seeks to silence the striking workers, it uses the bully pulpit of McGill’s internal communication system to present its one-sided view of events. At every opportunity, the administration trumpets McGill’s standing as a worldclass university – a university that, in the principal’s oft-used phrase, punches above its weight. Why then is it not attempting to pay its workers a world-class salary, The spin doctors in Mc-Gill’s administration have cast the workers as the villains and themselves as the pure defenders of all that is good about the university. This is the same administration that took a decade and two task forces to address inequities between salaries for non-tenured academic staff at McGill For many of us at McGill, the current administration has been considerably less than world-class in its performance. Its attempts to discredit striking workers are shameful. Read more:


Threats, injunctions and allegations fly. What’s next? Two members of McGill University’s student government face a disciplinary hearing related to a rally in favour of striking support staff. One of them says he wasn’t even there…. the pair is accused of contravening two sections of the university’s code of conduct, which state: “No student shall, by action, threat, or otherwise, knowingly obstruct University activities,” and, “No student shall, contrary to express instructions or with intent to damage, destroy or steal University property or without just cause knowingly enter or remain in any University building, facility, room, or office.” Both dispute the charges.



It seems all the McGill adminstrators, negotiators can do is to make problems worse or call the Police


The McGill  administrators in reality very likely run their hospitals and patients the same way.. very poorly and inadequate.


McGill University Health Centre has made public information on medical accidents and incidents. MUHC “microsite” is mum on the types of accidents that have happened – whether they might be medication errors, accidental falls, hospital-acquired infections or surgical mistakes. What’s more, the MUHC is silent on the severity of accidents and whether some patients might have died as a result of a medical error. It notes that the number of reported accidents increased from 5,528 in 2008-09 to 5,658 in 2010-11. That works out to an average of 15 medical accidents a day.In 2004, a study published in the Canadian Medical Associal Journal estimated that between 9,000 and 24,000 patients die each year from “adverse events,” the term for a medical accident.


Canada’s spy watchdog mired in controversyAn oncologist and hospital administrator federally appointed to head Canada’s Security and Intelligence Review Committee was reportedly involved in a business deal with a Montrealer allegedly connected to coup plots and arms deals in developing countries, the Globe and Mail reported on Tuesday. SIRC’s chairman Arthur Porter allegedly wired $200,000 to Montreal-based consultant Ari Ben-Menashe for him to secure millions of dollars in infrastructure investments in Porter’s native Sierra Leone. Though the deal is neither illegal not an obvious conflict of interest, it does reflect at least bad judgement by a federal appointee with access to highly classified information held by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. In a further development bound to raise eyebrows in Ottawa, the National Post reported today that Dr. Porter offered Canadian Senator David Angus the position of honorary consul general to Sierra Leone in casual conversations. Angus is chairman of the McGill University Health Centre, a role that essentially puts him a notch above Porter, who is the organization’s chief executive.


McGill University Health Centre to hold emergency meeting on Arthur Porter’s  Montreal  Gazette

The decision to hold the meeting comes amid concerns about the financial  health of the MUHC as well as revelations reported in The Gazette this week  about Porter’s increasing absences from the 12-000 employee organization. On Thursday, Porter resigned as head of Canada’s Security Intelligence Review  Committee (SIRC) after two reports in the National Post disclosed his business  relations with an international lobbyist based in Montreal for an infrastructure  agreement in his native Sierra Leone that ultimately fell through‎


Spy watchdog’s business dealings raise eyebrows Globe and Mail A doctor appointed by the Conservatives to scrutinize Canada’s spy service admits he didn’t do his homework before entering into a business arrangement with a Montrealer infamous for alleged roles in coup plots and arms deals.  Opposition politicians say the arrangement raises questions about judgment. “This is casting a shadow on the agency,” said NDP public safety critic Jasbir Sandhu. He said it falls upon Prime Minister Stephen Harper to order an investigation into the SIRC chair’s business dealings.

Vancouver SunCBC.caToronto SunAFP


Wife pleads guilty to laundering money for former spy watchdog Arthur Porter

The wife of Arthur Porter, the accused fraudster and former head of the federal spy watchdog, has admitted to laundering millions of dollars stolen from the public purse. Yet Dr.  Arthur Porter, and Dr. P. Couillard,  still insist the whole event is a lie, perverse fabrication, they are  not guilty of any wrong doing…

Hundreds rally at  Montreal’s McGill University to decry use of riot police Montreal  Gazette -MONTREAL — Shame on McGill University. That was the message as hundreds of students and staff gathered outside the  James Administration building at McGill University in downtown Montreal on  Monday afternoon to denounce the administration’s perceived heavy-handedness  during a standoff on campus last week. Last Thursday, riot police were called after a group of students ended a  provincial demonstration against tuition-fee hikes by occupying McGill’s  administration building. Students and staff described an ugly scene, charging  that violence and pepper spray were unnecessarily used on students during the  confrontation. “There’s never been anything like this here in recent memory,” said doctoral  student and course lecturer Lilian Radovac. “There have been a number of moves  to limit people’s freedom of expression and it just reached a boiling  point.”

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.. they clearly lack people skills.. THE LOVE OF MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

October 18, 2011

How to deal with the bad doctors

People often complain to me they received poor medical care from a bad charge card happy doctor, and I know it is true, cause I have experienced it many times.


There are many good ways to deal with this issue:
– One of the best thing you can do is to take someone else with you, a loud mouthed friend to see the doctor, he or she  likley will not abuse or neglect you in front of a witness.
– Most doctors also do want to be well respected in the community and they are associated with a local pharmacy.. so I have often gone to the local pharmacy and told them directly that  such and such a doctor is incompetent and he or she had provided me a very poor medical services.. the pharmacy employees do gossip as well.. and it eventually gets back to the bad doctor and he is made ashamed
– I often tell the doctor face to that when I leave his office I do write a letter to the health minister stating what kind of medical services I got from him, and in one case the medical services next improved ten fold.
– Or I tell the doctors staff that I truly will write a report on the net about my experiences with the doctor… that works well for me too.


I even do lodge in writing many complaint against hospitals all the time still. I WRITE A LETTER OF COMPLAINT AND I HAND DELIVER TO THE HOSPITAL OMBUDSMAN and I also so mail them to to every legislative member and to every MP, major news editor stating that I cannot get the proper medical care.. for in Canada medical care is a right and according to the doctors oath they cannot refuse to treat you..

I disregard everything anyone says to me, on the phone included, I put my complaint in writing..

I still wrote a letter to the Quebec Ombudsman and they appointed a lawyer to review the matter..

Incidental they have a security guard in every hospital and I hand delivered the letter of complaint to him and he passed it on to the right party.

Now somehow I seem to be able to get by all the obstacles, cause I persist  it in writing!

We all do deserve to get better and to get real medical services.







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.. now lets get real medicare

PS: If a doctor now cannot get adequate medical treatment in Ontario then how about everyone else?

The Ottawa doctor at the centre of a public health investigation that has thousands of patients wondering if they inadvertently contracted hepatitis or HIV under her care is the plaintiff in $3.3-million lawsuit claiming she has “limited ability” do her job because of chronic back pain. Dr. Christiane Farazli and her spouse allege wrongdoing by the Ottawa Hospital, two other doctors and a nurse.She claims the medical staff misdiagnosed back pain she was experiencing starting in December 2007. The statement of claim was filed in Ottawa Superior Court in 2009 and amended this year.

April 6, 2011

If you are a senior do not see a doctor alone


I have had the unfortunate task of too many times of being a personal security guard, a witness, a facilitator with senior patients  while they were in the hospital,or in old age homes or with their doctors.. and what I have seen now is too often pretentious medicine, doctors and nurses now  too doing as little as possible cause not only do they still get paid out of sight next is out of mind.. and cause the pain of others tends not to hurt the doctors.. I can say that the medical services drastically, exponentially improves when I do make I known that I do fully expose, and prosecute all bad medical services I do see. By the way I am realy tired of those pretend, incompetent doctors, the nurses who have such a basic rudimentary medical   knowledge that it even

tends to be useless, and they tend to go overboard with it as well…. so they too often have  have become pretenders, imposters, fools..

it all  tends to be very useless….  and that is always unacceptable.. always do have a loud mouthed witness for a threat of a law suit tends to make doctors and nurses work better..  a lot better..


Tories will let health care fail, Layton warns as he rolls out plan in BC  Globe and Mail –  NDP Leader Jack Layton says Canadians should be very worried about leaving the renegotiation of the federal health accord with the provinces in the hands of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

Canada’s health care system in jeopardy under Conservatives: Layton Toronto Star


……………….. Manage better now the health care system

David Dodge is again urging an “adult conversation” about how to confront rising health-care costs, warning that even in an optimistic scenario the quality of care will suffer without some combination of deep cuts to other programs, higher taxes or patients footing more of the bill.“The prognosis is not good, even if we are incredibly successful in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery,” Mr. Dodge, now a senior advisor at Bennett Jones LLP in Ottawa, co-wrote with colleague Richard Dion, a former Bank of Canada economist. “But the spending disease must be managed. It is now up to Canadians to have an adult discussion about how to manage it.” Indeed, not only does Canada face higher spending by patients and employers for health services that aren’t insured by the provinces, the authors argue that the country will need to decide on some combination of unpalatable options. Namely, finding other services that can absorb deep cuts to maintain current healthcare standards, raising taxes to finance rising healthcare costs, tolerating poorer-quality care and longer wait times, or Canadians contributing more out of their own pockets, through co-payments or by governments covering fewer services. “Even under an optimistic scenario,’’ the report says, “private citizens will have to devote an increasing share of additional income to private health insurance, direct out-of-pocket expenses on healthcare services, and long-term care, assuming no change in the private-sector share of total healthcare financing.”

Now we all tend to hate bankers and have so little view for them especially even when they now evn do say that our Chronic Healthcare Spending is a Disease that is critical so all Canadians must make a tough decision to save the medical standards in our health care by privatizing it. An Ex-central banker now even warns on the need of curbing Canada’s public  health  care spending.  But don’t be mislead by this crap the problem is not that medicine has become costly the problem is that it is not being managed cost wise as well. what we need is not more useless doctors and nurses but firstly realy to get the existing doctors and nurse working better. More money in this too often medicare cesspool of what they call  a buck full of holes is  not the answer.. rather do plugs all of the holes first.. and that is real economic sense as well.

.. all bad doctors and bad nurses need to go to a jail

March 23, 2011

Canada’s medicare

Yes many Quebecers seem to rightfully believe, do  presently feel, that  the Quebec Liberals have allowed too often the misappropriation of tax payers money in Quebec, even due to corruptions, bad management , they now do try to  balance the budgets  at the expense of the suffering , citizens, especially the sick , elderly, and do now still have a bad medical care.
In addition there’s not only still an inadequate number of family doctors available to all of the sick patients, but  even too many existing family doctors are firstly overworked, thus they are not giving proper time, attention to all of their patients even. Many patients are waiting too  long of a time  to see a doctor too. And just cause you have a family doctor it still does not mean he or she are doing a good job now even  as well.
Plus there is still an unacceptable long waiting time to see a medical specialists, or to access further medical tests. Hospital qualified Doctors working only weekdays 9- 5 is unacceptable when patients are sick 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
McGill University has figured out that it can generate more of it’s own profits, revenue by training more foreign students  at a higher, extra costs, since an education in Canada still is generally less costly over  an education in the US and this is not only    an inadequate use of the Canadian tax payers money, needed for the additional training facilities, resources needed to do so,  but it is also  not much help to the local sick persons. Hospitals, triage using trainees, interns as substitute doctors too often is another general waste of time, and a a bad approach.
 Hiring more incompetent even nurses to try to do any of  the doctors job is another unacceptable existing absurdity as well.
The lying spin doctors do not fool everyone as to what they are now too.KILL PATIENTS EVEN WITH THEIR NEGLECTS, ERRORS.


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